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Tips for who like to let ML Durable, please read how to let durable when ml below:Tips for Long Lasting Can MLGEDE-LustBig appetite will influence our thinking so we focused on lust, beauty couple, enjoying sex, incredible sensation ... etc. .. basically bro2 on deh kendaliin lust, He was NOT turned on first, which can only inflame first girl, who may be naked first only chick.-Turn your attention.I usually pair it again later nggenjot imagine cave again nggebuk drums ... in the heart bro2 beranda2 beat-beat beat drums as our favorite aja .. do continue, then we will be able to ngalihin attention ... emang hard broo ... let alone in front of us there are beautiful girls Bohay Semlohai ...-SPORTSRunning / Jogging strengthen the muscles of the body, supported by the main machine in fitness, which teutama nguatin thigh muscle in, and the buttocks and hips and waist, akansangat help bro2 to be rocking more intense every day ... try to sway Bro2 ML-like movement, if I'm usually on the ama bathroom if more bad ... on the road, I often little rocking like ML (/ - 5-10 minutes) time can also jalanpun my car shake,,,, but rocking again driving his own right ... heheheSperm-NUTRITIONZinc foods contain a lot of good for sperm production, mutton bleak but parched, as if boiled / fried it could be reduced Zn. Tanbah bro2 diet with garlic, read the recipe a secret cave east (from china) it adds garlic sperm. and also add fast mr. P.BLOOD CIRCULATION-lancarkanThese tips from the WP which I subscribed so, he said if you want great ngaceng, first embarked on the body's blood circulation in general, and the genital and supporters. ML on my reply I ma WP Subscriptions Semok STW, must I first massaged Pantar to heel and groin, and calf deep sac diusap2 penis, perineum dipijat2 P can be ordered in regular contact with baby oil ... 2kali week may,. if I present every day in the Bathroom I use baby oil massage.ARAB-TIPS.mrp sono arab men often wear a cloth wrapped fat camel have been first disteam (evaporated / or steamed), while still anget2 so diselimutkan to stem mr. P ... angat2 tasty blood ... so smoothly, after a rather cool new diurut2 .... Sorted itself alone ... but I still usually a ngurut TTM wuahaha cave ... delicious ...Hembing-TIPS from the TV if you want hard mr. P, or want mbangunin mr. P yg sleepy ... even from a sleeping condition, how to hold the mr. P disposable hand 1, and pukul2kan head mr. P (yg hump it) into the palm of his other hand, why not ... because in the head mr. P that was a collection of nerve stimulation, with diketuk2kan the nerve so the better it works, the more smoothly the blood ... so fast Makin ngacungnya.STOP-START peePee 2 seconds, then Stop 2 seconds, so repetitiveSTOMACH-breathUse abdominal breathing, or when breathing, which enlarges the lower abdominal cavity below the upper belly jelly ***.GOOD-TIPS NYODOKVariation-In Shallow penetration, 9 poke each reps / sets poke into ms. V9 Shallow, 0 In8 Shallow, 1 In7 Shallow, 2 In6 Shallow, 3 In5 Shallow, 4 In4 Shallow, 5 In3 Shallow, 6 In2 Shallow, 7 In1 Shallow, 8 In0 Shallow, 9 InHARD ya bro ML while ngitung?? lakuin aja bro ... because with her ngitung lust turns out we forgot who menggebu2 ... the results I get rid of premature ejaculation .. Now if ML could be between 30 - 1 hour can stand ...
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