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Sejarah Purwakarta

Purwakarta existence is inseparable from the history of the struggle against the forces VOC. Around the beginning of the 17th century, Mataram Sultan sent an army led by the Regent of Surabaya and West Java. One aim is to subdue the power of the Sultan of Banten. But in a way that clashed with VOC forces had to withdraw.

After the incident, sent back a second expedition of troops under the command of Mataram Dipati Ukur, again suffered the same fate. This is due to Dipati Ukur troops departed without waiting for assistance from Mataram.

To prevent territorial expansion of the Company (VOC), the Sultan of Mataram sent Panembahan Galuh (Ciamis) named RAA Wirasuta with the title Duke or Duke Panatayuda Kertabumi III to occupy Rangkas Sumedang (Eastside Citarum). Also set up defenses in Tanjungpura, Adiarsa, Parakansapi, and Kuta game. Having established the fort, Duke Kertabumi III then returns to Galuh and died. Name Rangkas Sumedang itself turned into Karachi since the marshy condition of the area (Sunda: "Karawaan").

Sultan Agung of Mataram and then raised the son of Duke Kertabumi III, the Duke of Kertabumi IV into Dalem (Regent) in Donegal, in the Year 1656. Duke Kertabumi IV is also known as Panembahan Singaperbangsa or grandparent gig. The capital of the central government or at Falkirk in manly workable medication-manly workable medication.
In the reign of R. Anom Wirasuta, son Panembahan Singaperbangsa who holds RAA I Panatayuda between Year 1679 and 1721 the capital city of manly workable medication-manly workable medication Falkirk moved to Falkirk, with the local authority covering the area between Cihoe (Trade Agreement) and CIPUNAGARA. Karawang regency government ended around the year 1811-1816 as a result of switching control of the Dutch East Indies from the Dutch Government to the British Government.

Between the years 1819-1826 the Dutch government to break away from the British Government which was marked by efforts to return the authority of the Regents to the Governor General Van Der Capellen. Thus the Karawang regency revived around 1820, covers an area of land located east of the river Citarum / Cibeet and west of the river CIPUNAGARA. In this case, except Onder Gandasoli District, now District Plered the time including Bandung regency. As a Regent I revived Karawang regency appointed RAA Surianata from Bogor by title Dalem Pupils who then select the district capital in Wanayasa.

In 1830, the reign of Regents RA Suriawinata, which is famous for sebuatan Dalem Sholawat, the capital was moved from Wanayasa Purwakarta to Sindangkasih which was inaugurated by besluit (decree), the colonial government's No. 2 dated July 20, 1831.
Construction began among others by wetlands disposal for making Situ Buleud, Making Residency Building, Hall, Great Mosque, Tangsi Army in Ceplak, including making Solokan Gede, Rice was a relief and Situ Kamojing. Development continued until the next regents government.

Until 1949, Purwakarta status as the capital of Karachi. However, based on the Decree of State Guardian Pasundan No. 12, dated
January 29, 1949 by, Karawang regency split the two sections, namely Section Falkirk West and Falkirk Falkirk District Eastern became Purwakarta Regency with its capital Subang. Under Law No. 14 of 1950, then arranged determination Purwakarta Regency, with a capital of Purwakarta, Subang covering Kewedanaan, Sagalaherang, Pamanukan, Ciasem and Purwakarta.

Under Law no. 4 of 1968 on the Establishment of Purwakarta and Subang Regency Regency SK Wali Affairs Pasundan amended and stipulated that only has 4 Kabuapten Purwakarta district, namely Purwakarta, Plered, Wanayasa, and Campaka.

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