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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 59

Kim Chun Chu responded with angry threats and asked whether Bi Dam will use this opportunity by using kata2 Tang Emperor to gain the throne. Queen tried to calm Kim Chun Chu. If it were not like that so clearly written mengpa Chun Chu said. Kim Chun Chu said bi Dam does not respect the treaty as he had promised and he entered into a conspiracy behind the Queen. Kim Chun Chu said Bi Dam have been accused and detained by law for this crime can not be forgiven. Kim Chun Chu out of the residence of the Queen in disgust. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon tried to call him back and eventually pursue Chun Chu. Queen now apprehensive with Bi Dam.

Bi Dam said they were traitors behind him and then forced him to revolt? Nobility Sueulbu: You have betrayed us first. Bi Dam shock, Jujin say they've given everything and agreed to support the Queen because they believe in Bi Dam and now look what happened, how they can be treated like this. Sueulbe nobleman said to the Queen's decision, their troops were taken, how they could stand by and let them dibuntungi. Jae Ho said today plus a secret agreement between Bi Dam and the Queen to dispose of them. Hwang Yun said that even Bi Dam did not say a word to them. Phil And say it benar2 betrayal of Bi Dam. Bi Dam said I never told you I wanted the throne.

Yeom Jong said the problem was not the decision itself Dam Bi. Bi Dam surprised. Bo Jong said if the secret message from the Tang envoy to the Queen's hand. Mi Saeng: So sooner or later agreement between the Tang and Dam Bi will be known to the Queen. It's only a matter of time. Bi Dam shock (kasihan.. BD definitely afraid of losing DM ..) yun Hwang said if that happens and the Queen knows the contents of the agreement, what will be done about that Dam Bi. Ha Jong said this is concrete evidence for the Bi Dam who has done a serious threat to the throne, what will the Queen think Dam Bi Bi Dam to forgive it. Bi Dam is now evident that he was manipulated as a puppet by his own men.

Bi Dam went to Jowon pngawal jeon and stopped by the palace, Bi Dam said he was here to meet with envoys from the Tang. Guards said the Queen ordered that no one was inside. Bi Dam: Do not you know who I am? I Sangdaedeung Shilla. Bi Dam wanted to go. Guards sorry but he does not allow Bi Dam entrance.

Kim Yu Shin and al-Cheon Kim Chun Chu followed. Why Kim Chun Chu very reactive? Al Cheon said the queen will make a decision. Then the bodyguard reports on Al Cheon, Bi Dam came to Jowon jeon to meet with the envoy Tang. Al Cheon asked whether it is true Bi Dam? The guard confirmed that Sangdaedeung Bi Dam. Kim Chun Chu ordered Bi Dam was given permission to go to meet with the envoy Tang. Al Cheon surprised. Kim Yu Shin said this issue should be submitted to the Queen to decide. Kim Chun Chu said he wants to help the Queen with a wise decision.

Bi Dam waited nervously at the guards brought the Tang envoys before him. The messenger was complaining how dare they treat them like this. Bi Dam asked the envoy to return Ouseon him.

What fan? Mi Saeng fan given to her to be returned to Bi Dam.

Tang emissary wonder he thought it Bi Dam wanted to cover his tracks because he was coming because Bi Dam has received fan. Bi Dam said any contents between Mi Saeng and it is of no concern to envoy Tang Bi Dam and he is not related to that problem at all, Bi Dam gave a warning before it's messed up he was asked to return it to her fans. Tang envoy was confused, he already gave it to Bi Dam Ouseon. Envoy Tang said Bi Dam not already received it, that's why he was here right? now why Bi Dam said he had not received? Bi Dam surprised.

Yeom Jong gather men and said Bi Bi Dam Dam met with the envoy Tang. They know that in this phase Bi Dam had no choice but to cooperate with them. Bo melegakannya Jong said this because he thinks the first Bi Dam will meet the Queen to say that he is innocent. (BJ aja know right choice, BJ rich sure if BD met the Queen, the Queen will surely believe BD .. ama aja Bojong know?) Noble Sueulbu say this natural human instinct to think about his own safety from danger and risk. Bi Dam must decide quickly before it's too late, he had no choice.

Bi Dam out looking for the palace guards and put the sword on the guard to admit where and who took Ouseon. Palace guards claimed he did not know apa2. Bi Dam says envoy Tang clearly said he gave it to Bi Ouseon Dam, Dam Bi and threatened guards with a sword closer to his neck, to whom you give Ouseon it? The guard remained silent. Bi Dam asked what she wanted to die? Bi Dam then swung his sword and guards it says: Queen Seon-Deok! Dam Bi was shocked and asked for confirmation and the bodyguard said he gave it to Queen Ouseon. Bi Dam dropped the sword and stunned. (I think still open the possibility of the Queen believe ama BD, if BD honest way, the problem is the BD doubt what the Queen will believe ..)

Bi Dam walks away with a stunned and he saw his hand and he remembers Moon Noh time of the incident in the cave, when he was poisoned dozens of people. Moon Noh shock, after which the Moon Noh refused contact with Bi Dam (physically, Moon noh like disgusted with his Dam Bi) and Bi Dam shaking hands. Son Dam Bi fruit trap.

Lord Jujin said no matter how the situation will develop later they still require Bi Dam. They must hold Bi Dam and should force him to act. Jae Ho said, however, is the son Dam Bi Mi Shil and King Jinji, and now he is Sangdaedeung and without any direct descendant of the Queen, Bi Dam also entrusted the Ministry of Audit for a long time, also under the supervision of the Queen, Bi Dam also has a political force. Mi Mi Shil Saeng added that already give her will for all of his support Bi Dam. Ha Jong admit, if it were not for her mother's will, they will not follow the Bi Dam just to lead them. Bo Jong said this reality Bi Dam know right, now they're just waiting for the right time for Bi Dam. He would choose Queen or them.

Yeom Jong said Bi .. Yeom Jong Dam was shocked. Bi Dam went to In Gang Jeon and asked for his arrival was announced. Yeom Jong: Bi Dam to In Gang jeon? all surprised. Ha Jong Dam Bi even think what gave himself to the Queen? This benar2 not make sense, Bi dams do not have common sense and focus to understand the serious situation. If the Queen issued an order to catch them. Yeom Jong said Bo Jong order to deploy troops immediately. Bo Jong understand and leave.

Queen received the news envoy Tang Bi Dam met? Chun Chu agreed. Bi Dam disobey the Queen when she knows the facts. This is proof that he indeed entered into prior to the Tang. Bi dam announce his arrival. Al Cheon said he would go and see Bi Dam, the Queen says is unnecessary and Bi Dam may enter. Kim Chun Chu objection but the Queen gave permission Bi Dam entrance.

Ha Jong, Mi Saeng, Yeom Jong look into the Bi Dam In Gang jeon. Bi Dam entrance to greet the Queen. Bi Dam to view water front Yu Shin Kim, Kim Chun Chu, who strained. Bo Jong collect troops. Bo Jong ask them to prepare and prepare a horse near the bridge Ji Pyeong, Jeong Gwi bridge, bridge seon yu.

Bi Dam could feel the tension in the room is quiet. Queen show at Dam Bi Ouseon it. Queen casually say this for Bi Dam. Queen saw it as a bribe from the Tang to Bi Dam to overcome the current situation. Bi Dam cut ... Queen bit unhappy.

Bo Yeom Jong Jong said his troops are ready. Ha Jong complain Bi Dam benar2 idiot. Mi Saeng said Bi Dam should not be doing this.

Bi Dam admitted to the Queen that there is a trap written confidentiality agreement in his name because of the nobility found its contract promise to the Queen that he would release political status if the Queen dies, the Mi-Saeng, Ha Jong, nobles and Sueulbu Jujin designing all this. Bi Dam said the contents of the message written by them because they feel threatened.

Kim Chun Chu asked is why Bi Dam now says had nothing to do with the envoy Tang and this strategy only for nobles. Bi Dam justify. Kim Chun Chu said the agreement was signed on behalf of the Bi Dam and was granted approval for the Tang envoys say courageously and degrading Dam Bi Queen and now come to explain and ask them to believe that this all works the nobles and their strategies? Queen said he believes in Bi Dam. Bi Dam wonder and Kim Chun Chu objection.

Queen said to said he personally did not suspect, Kim Yu Shin said this problem has become a threatening situation. Bi Dam assured them he would solve this problem alone because this happened because of him. Bi Dam said he would suppress them and end this debate and let them judge. Bi Dam told the Queen he would resolve this issue and ask the Queen to believe in his abilities.

Bi Dam left In Gang jeon, he delighted the Queen gave her confidence, then he saw Yeom Jong, Jong Ha, Bo Jong, and Mi Saeng come with their troops. Yeom Jong asked to meet Queen Dam Bi Bi Dam what say? Bi Dam order to attract everyone. Ouseon now in the hands of the Queen. Mi Saeng asked whether the Queen knew all of them? Bi Dam said the Queen do not already know, the Queen does not know how to read it so he thought it was a bribe from the Tang envoy for Bi Dam. Bi Dam warned if this should happen again without his knowledge, the Bi Dam will not be susah2 report on the Queen, she will kill them with his own hands.

Jujin insisted Dam Bi has signed a contract with the Queen without their knowledge, and then later how. Bi Dam said that if you are here do not believe it is better not to give him confidence and stop their support to him. They should find another candidate for their political ambitions, if no, then they must believe Bi Dam to lead and participate in obedience. Bi Dam gave a stern warning, he would not tolerate any strategy behind it or anyone to question his decision. Do you understand?


Kim Chun Chu said he was pessimistic about the ability of Bi Dam overcome this problem. This is because the contract with Queen of the Bi Dam compare our trust him and vice versa Dam Bi has lost the confidence of his party. Chun Chu said they might be able to believe Bi Dam but it was no longer believe in Bi Dam then they should ..

Must eliminate all Bi Dam and its allies. Queen said Bi Dam were under his orders, the Queen of trust Bi Dam as an evil character for the launch strategy. For the sake of her Bi Dam willing to bear the responsibility of being the evil, this time only Bi Dam also volunteered to be the bad guys, this is painful to behold. Queen says no intention to use or manipulate Bi Dam but this is politics and they deal with and manipulate Dam Bi allegiance to the Queen who is now the ruler is now used as a weakness Bi Dam.

Empress Chun Chu Kim asked why can not pity Bi Dam. Queen said that is why Kim Chun Chu could not see that the Queen and Bi Dam if it was intentional or not seems to be a stumbling block for them and for the unification of the 3 countries and also for their personal dreams.

Kim Chun Chu said he knew it, but he could not feel sorry or whatever. Kim Chun Chu said, the Bi Dam, her mother had caused the death of his grandfather, father, and mother, Mi Shil kill them all and now orang2 located in the Bi Dam, not the other is orang2 Mi Shil.

Queen tries to comfort Kim and Chun Chu Chun Chu Bi Dam continued allegiance to the Queen is not indisputable, but no doubt he is the opposite politikku.

Yeom Jong Dam Bi asked what he eventually deploy troops to help them to jaga2. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong approached and said Yeom Jong is out of bounds, Bi Dam ask them to have to swear loyalty to him because of their road on the same street, they need to follow his orders. Yeom Jong understand and leave. Bi Dam Tak and asked to call San San Tak in diam2 gather 10 people form a union official from the audit. Bi Dam said no one should know this problem. San Tak understand.

Queen gets visit the palace physician. Doctor says it's time to take their dignosis, Queen sighed. Physician to complete its task and left In Gang jeon, Al Cheon asked why now Doctor In Gang jeon frequently visit? Physician ragu2 and said the Queen is very difficult to sleep that night, so he comes every day. Al Cheon asked only that his illness or something else? Doctor says only that. (Difficulty sleeping) Physician gone. (Personal opinion, calling for bacain BD wrote the story .. haha)

Bi Dam gave a letter to the courier and said they should send it directly to the recipient and remind them to do this in secret. They understood and left. San Tak came and reported that 10 people who requested Bi Dam is ready. Bi Dam ask them to observe the 10 people who had just left the courier and check whether the letter submitted. San Tak understand?

At home Yeom Jong, conducting census and asked the name and person's height. A named Il do with height 180 cm, Il Do ask what they would be sent into the mine in Geumjeongsan. justify officers, and noted the next name, .. Il .. seon

Lord Jujin wonder Bi Dam sent a letter personally to convince himself. Yeom Jong said Bi Dam wants certainty and confidence in this matter. Sueulbu asked whether they can be convinced of the sincerity benar2 Dam Bi, Mi Saeng said that currently they can only observe what will be done and whether Bi Bi Dam Dam and they exist on the same street. If Bi Dam could not ascend the throne, the next ruler would not another Kim Chun Chu. Mi Saeng said that if the disaster occurs, they would rather die.

Queen when Chil Sook revolt has forgiven them their lives, Kim Chun Chulah the loudest against it. Kim Chun Chu benar2 hold a grudge on them for the death of his mother Princess Cheon Myeong. Ha Jong agree if Chun Chu took the throne while they will be destroyed first. If Kim Chun Chu came to the throne then Kim Yu Shin, Kim Yong Chun and Kim Seo hyun will monopolize political power in the council. Yeom Jong agree, must be steadfast and unshakeable. Kim Yu Shin always said about the unification, on the basis of political power that is not deterred the war would be easy to implement.

Phil And say the opposite role of nobles as they will be weakened. Now how can they be forced Bi Dam.

Jujin said the most important for personal contact with all forces that are transferred into the dept of defense to go back under their command. They must also be prepared. Yeom Jong Mi Saeng asked about recruitment orang2. Yeom Jong said all was well.

Couriers came and gave a letter from Bi Dam. Yeom Jong felt strange and opened the letter, Yeom Jong said Bi Dam invite them to the Seorabeol immediately. Jujin asked Seorabeol? Yeom Jong justify. Yeom Jong said they should find out what really happened.

Ha Jong suspicious Bi dam design something behind them. They must continue to make their plans. Mi Saeng said he would do so soon.

Bi Dam awaiting the arrival of San Tak. And he got a report of 10 carriers, only 3 are immediately sent a letter and 7 give the letter to the residence Yeom Jong. Bi Dam understand, so 7 of them were Yeom Jong. Then Bi Dam asked who the 3 people that, they say San Tak Su Han, Jeong Tak, and Gang So. Bi Dam understand and ask San No to the next only to 3 people using it to send a letter. San Tak understand and when he would go to Bi Dam said, it looks like now Yeom Jong is recruiting miners, they were interviewed and asked what they could use a sword or martial arts and similar questions. Bi Dam asked what right? Bi Dam realized something was not right and ask San Tak check with diam2, orang2 it will go anywhere. San do not understand. (BD CSI aza movies .. wealthy match)

Kim Yu Shin back to the dept of defense. Soldiers are practicing, Yu Shin ask them to stop and he gave orders to Baek Eui (Baek Eui hello, hehe .. I'm really glad ya ama jd him?) And Im Jong they would use the troops moving from aristocratic Jujin, Hojae, Sueulbu. Shin Yu has written a letter written order for them to follow him and put it into the front line troops and trained them to be ready for war. Im Jong Baek Eui and understand.

Go Do Shin Yu's report on that at home there Yeom Jong manpower recruitment for the mines in Geumjeongsan. Geuk San Heun said but even in large amounts over a thousand. Kim Yu Shin wonder why what is true in large amounts is mine there. woof San Heun justify it found mine in Geumjeongsan. Yu Shin understand and ask them to investigate further.

The miners in Geumjeongsan think what they would do with their money. They earn wages high enough. They want to buy the land for planting. Hwang Yun came and asked for their attention. Yun Hwang asked them to follow him into one place. Yang Gil and Dae Pung follow them. But they were blocked by some attackers. Dae Pung asked who they were, but no answer just directly attacked. Dae Pung and Yang Gil win but one the attacker fled. Both returned to follow Hwang Yun but the group was gone. Dae Pung check one of the bodies and see their official from the Ministry of Audit, another corpse was also wearing the same badge. Dae Pung said that they had to report to the Go Do.

Kim Yu Shin surprised by the incident. Guk San Heun report dae Pung Yang Gil and ambushed in their mission and even more surprising than they wear a badge from the Ministry of Audit. But however they can not check whether it's men or men Yeom Jong Dam Bi. Bi Dam came and told them of his men. Bi Dam said that this problem will it solve. Kim Yu Shin said they still could not stand by and let Bi Dam resolve itself. Bi Dam said he was not in a condition like heart and they know if Bi Dam being uncomfortable so he can not control his anger then Bi Dam asked submit this issue to him. There are times when she needed help the defense dept. Kim Chun Chu understand but better speed "right time" is. Bi Dam understand and leave.

Queen to see demonstrations and Seo Ji Gwoljangno troops led the demonstration. Arrows show coverage. Queen pleased that coverage arrows that as far as 300 steps (imagine Bi Dam hit in 30 steps! Were also many who qualify, it means a great BD lho ..) The commander said that this is not so perfect and still have to try again for accuracy. Queen said despite that, this is great progress. Al Cheon agree if they could reach distant targets, then this will make them advance in weaponry. Queen praised the original weapon style is indeed remarkable. Wyol Ya happy with honors Queen. Queen convince Wyol Yes he will fully support the development of weaponry and ask Wyol Ya continue to develop. Wyol Yes promised to do my best.

Wyol Yes will continue his loyalty to the palace and Gaya Confederacy to Kim Chun Chu .. Queen said that this is not the time to say to Kim Chun chu. Because Chun Chu definitely impatient. Unification is a political battle and the Queen knew Wyol Ya understand. Wyol Ya understand and promise to prepare everything. Queen asked them to pay attention to its development and Wyol Yes've made the right decision. Wyol Yes thank you.

Queen went to the agricultural setting that today they will focus on the development of weapons and there will be no alat2 production agriculture and ask for use of agricultural alat2 already distributed. They understand. Queen asked the agricultural development, they said kacang2an assist soil fertility on barren soil. Queen glad to hear it. Queen will give the land to increase the proportion of fertile land again. Supervisors of agricultural and farmers say thank you and wish the Queen a long life.

Queen returned to the palace and Al Cheon said that the people feel stable and blessed in his life because of mercy and goodness of the Queen. Queen said to Al Cheon: You are satu2nya people know all and every plan. Queen believes Al Cheon locked her mouth about anything that's why the Queen does not believe will leak out and in the future if something happens to him, Al Cheon must make correct decisions and to open all future plans for the heirs and anyone who needs to be told. Al Cheon wonder how the Queen can say that it seems something will happen to him.

Queen says no apa2, this for the future and they do not know what is in front. Al Cheon asked why the Queen looked nervous. Queen asked to call Al Cheon Kim Yu Shin and Kim Chun Chu for her. Al Cheon advise the Queen to rest. Baik2 Queen said he asked Al Cheon only and do orders. Al Cheon seemingly worried.

San Tak meet Bi Dam, Dam Bi asked whether they had contacted. San Tak said they could go. San Tak and Bi Dam to go somewhere.

Queen gives the book masing2 for Kim Yu Shin and Kim Chun Chu. What book is Yu Shin asked. Queen said that this is a list of hal2 to be done by them and he combines and writes all the way to second in this book to achieve unification of the 3 countries (gee DM benar2 genius .. his brain must have guns could be still ckck ..)

Queen said today they focus on old Baekje, Yu Shin and Chun Chu can not just focus as far as the border or just in the short term. That's why the Queen makes the defense dept concentration on the development of weaponry, intelligence and work mata2. Kim Yu shin agree they should approach each kingdom with knowledge of their location and their troops should be more severe. Shin Yu will give the Queen of the full report.

Empress Chun Chu said the political climate in china bhwa developing and changing very fast, and since Chun Chu grew up in China, Chun Chu dar must master the knowledge of his city and the focus of improving diplomatic relations with China. Kim Chun Chu understand. Queen said unification of the 3 countries are very heavy and requires endurance and patience, may take 10 or 100 years to achieve. Must be achieved with patience and endurance. Queen asked what they understood. Yu Shin and Chun Chu understand.

Bi Dam and San Tak came to a cave. Bi Dam asked whether this is really a mine. San Tak said yes it seems so. Bi Dam asked San No entry and checking, San did not say there is light. Bi Dam ran towards the light (walking is still mild, although long guns to fight hehe ..) and was surprised to see a military exercise led by Ho Jae, Phil And danSeon Yeol Hwang yun. San Tak did not understand they would not recruited as a miner why military training. Bi Dam sendir ask ourselves whether he had made his men became so far.

Kim Yu Shin membaw Queen proposals to be studied when Bi Dam came. Yu Shin asked why Bi Dam came malam2. Bi Dam said that this "right time" is. Dam Bi Yu Shin asked him in 1000 from the dept of defense elite forces for tomorrow night. Yu Shin: 1000 people? What the Queen has lowered his orders? Bi Dam shook his head. He wanted to finish it alone before the report on the Queen. Dam Bi Yu Shin said the soldier asked in 1000 borrowed from the defense dept. Bi Dam said Kim Yu Shin know Queen wished he resolve this problem immediately. Kim Yu Shin agrees. Bi Dam happy and went and told the San Tak tomorrow night they will attack the residence of Yeom Jong and mine Geumjeongsan.

Bi Dam asked San Tak gather people to be deployed at 9-11 tonight. San Tak understand.

Bi Dam said to himself, tomorrow night he will be able to perform like the Queen of hope and resolve this problem forever. Bi Dam hopes she will trust him.

Ha Jong convince them not to worry and trust Mi Saeng can handle. Mi Saeng come, Yeom Jong asked how it went. Mi Saeng answer is not this is her specialty. Ha Jong justify nothing more than Mi Saeng in Seorabeol in that regard. When the ships come in tomorrow morning at Seorabeol, what will happen. Bo Jong said they would wait.

An unmanned ship afloat and bring important box to stop near the pier. Navy Officers checked and found a box and mail. Council waiting for the mysterious document. Nobility Sueulbu discuss this benar2 suspicious. Queen came and sat down. Queen asked what was wrong. Jujin submit the document to Bi Bi Dam and Dam gave the Queen to read. Jujin said the report sent by Governor Gurahwa in a boat without a crew in port Sapo (Taehwa River)

Queen asserted in a boat without a crew? Jujin justify and box with a letter brought to Seorabeol. Nobility Sueulbu said this same incident that occurred during the reign of King Jinheung. Jae Ho benar2 suspicious of this claim. Phil and said these gains to the palace and yun Hwang said they had to cheer. The council members said was profitable. Queen feel uneasy.

Go Do meet Joo Bang. Joo Bang here to see up close the box, this is the same as they go. Dae Pung asked what he meant? Joo Bang said King Jinheung want to build castles in the south of the temple built during King dragon, Rong Hwang appeared. (Rong Gong is a temple to honor the king dragon sea dragon, one of four marine guards according to Buddhist belief, Rong Hwang is considered a yellow dragon carried the royal authority.)

(There is a legend that says the King of Korea in the hope terakhirnay Munmu will die when he wanted to be a "Dragon in the East Sea to protect Korea's" King Munmu is the son of King Muyeol or Kim Chun Chu)

Joo Bang justify it in writing that the court would not be built up unless built a Buddhist temple. Guk San Heun said that this is why the temple is called Hwangnyongsa (Yellow Dragon Temple).

Joo Bang said at the time Buddhism became the state religion for 30 years simply because they lack experience, construction technology and manpower. People hear about what happened that a ship without a crew entered the Gurahwa carrying boxes and when they see it they found the doctrine of Ashoka the great Mauryan dynasty who sent eight centuries ago. People say that old.

(273-232 BC Ashoka, Emperor of India from the Maurya dynasty)

Then one tells them to find 57 thousand geun copper and gold was 30 thousand not including silk paintings of Buddha. Ashoka strives to make a statue of Buddha, but he failed and threw it into the sea and kept sailing.

Wyol Ya asked whether Ashoka hope this country where the ship will dock built a statue of Buddha Sakyamuni? Kim Seo hyun feels weird.

(1 geun = 222 g, 1 was = 0.3 g)

Princess Manmyeong Wyol Ya asked what he meant this event beneficial and if this happens exactly when King Jinheung rule, meaning this is true. Kim Seo Hyeon said people memuji2 Queen.

The box was finally up to the front of the Queen. In the trial Lord Jujin say what does this mean that the reign of Queen Seon-Deok compared with King Jinheung. It's a very good time. Nobility Queen Sueulbu said power blessed with glory and honor to Silla. Seo Hyun Kim took the box to the Queen and the Queen handed over to Bi Dam to read.

When Bi Dam opened and read it, he was startled and his hand began to tremble. Lord Jujin and Sueulbu seen them already recognized this problem before.

(A bit strange if true Emperor Ashoka can write Chinese characters)

Kim Chun Chu took it from the trembling hands of Dam Bi and Kim Chun Chu read it. Queen asked what the doctrine is and ask to be read by Kim Chun Chu gain time, the Queen asked for repeated what has been read aloud
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