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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 58

Silla troops called out and attacked. Baekje forces shocked, Gyebaek recognize Kim Yu Shin, Yu Shin Kim how to be in camp Silla. But too late, army troops massacred Baekje Silla. Baekje shouted to retreat towards the east sea and then back to Noksangol.

Baekje forces had had escaped from death, they are sure not ambushed or if there is an army of archers, they can not reach. Just as he finished speaking, they rained flaming arrows, Commander said of safe panah2 originated.

It turned out that Seo Ji Gwoljangno troops already prepared with their formation and shoot them. They panic especially when Yu Shin caught up with his troops. Yu Shin: Attack ..!!! They massacred troops Baekje (Silla certainly kesel bgt ama .. Baekje've got fooled because ..) Then Kim Yu Shin appoint people who wear helmets, Yu Shin: You .. I will fight with you! Wyol Yes yelled and attacked with his troops.

Bi Dam to meet the Queen to his proposal. While Silla defeated Gyebaek troops. Im Jong came to help. Kim Yu Shin fought with Gyebaek. Gyebaek open his helmet. Yu Shin recognize it.

Bi Dam Queen read the proposal and asked whether this. The proposal was contained, if the Queen dies, Bi Dam will leave the world of politics and keep the grave throughout his life. Bi Dam said means, as already written. Bi Dam provides 2 copies of the contract agreement on the Queen which he wrote himself (good writing, writing that good guns, especially if pake brush susyah .. hehe ..), and masing2 holding one copy. If the Queen can not do that, he will reveal this agreement before trial.

Bi Dam said this makes it quiet, the Queen showed concern about this issue, and vice versa Bi Dam glad to hear from the Queen. Bi Dam do not think this contract for him, it was not weighed at all, it's easy for him. Bi Dam said Silla without the Queen did not mean for Bi Dam, so he is not interested in politics or Silla again. Queen saw Bidam. (BD is not a true politician .. BD sehrsnya guns entered the palace, BD just ordinary man with love, oh poor BD ..)

Kim Yu Shin and Gyebaek still fighting. They are balanced. While the Bi Dam promises to risking his life to follow what is written in the contract. Kim Yu shin on the battlefield berteiak for the glory of Silla, and Bi Dam said the same. Go Do yell no smoke! Guk San Heun shouted: Lord Jujin successful. Gyebaek saw the smoke, and Yu Shin told him that from the headquarters of Baekje. Kim Yu shinminta Gyebaek Yu Shin resign but will not let Gyebaek life. Gyebaek said he was also the same, would not allow Yu Shin life. He will not resign if Yu Shin was not dead.

Yoon Chung received a report persdiaan burnt food. Silla forces attacked them. Kim Yu Shin and Gyebaek still fighting, they heard a call back, going backwards but Gyebaek Yu Shin will hold and not let him live. Kim Yus hin rule for pursuing them. Gyebaek looked at Yu Shin, they will meet again.

Bi Dam led the first cabinet meeting and said they would use the fort Angang, Cheon Yeong, and Eui Gok as a defense and moved the troops into this benteng2 also to Sangju and Gangju will be under the command Seorabeol. Kim Yong Chun read the report and if they do this they will focus on defense. Queen asked Kim Seo hyun and KimChun Chu asked for military assistance to Goguryeo.

Kim Seo Hyun said he will go to the yul Bo Hyeon Kim to discuss this with the Chun Chu. Bi Dam said they would accept the arrival of ambassadors from the Tang they will arrive at the castle Hang Dang. Bi Dam asked Mi Saeng manage all the preparations. Mi Saeng understand. Al Cheon came and reported that Kim Yu Shin was expelled Baekje forces and get back Iseo and Chu Hwa Gun Gun from them. Mi Saeng relieved to hear that. Kim Yong Chun congratulate the Queen who looks relieved. Bi Dam asked how the Daeya. Al Cheon said they had not yet reached Daeya, but will be camping in the eastern and prepared to attack. Queen happy.

In hiding In Yul Bo Hyeon, reports on Kim Joo Bang Chun Chu, Yu Shin megusir Baekje forces. Kim Chun Chu Yu Shin save Silla happy. Joo Bang justify, the Queen has ordered the Yu Shin to return to Seorabeol. Joo Bang said Queen benar2 accurate.

Kim Yu Shin and his troops went into Seorabeol with a victory. Everyone cheered and congratulated. Even if Kim Yu Shin looks hurt, but they are proud. Kim Yu Shin overlooking Queen together Wyol Yes. Queen said there was no service that can be compared to what we do Sangjanggun. Queen bestows land Gok for Yu Eui Shin, Yu Shin received with gratitude. Queen also bestowed on Wyol Yes as deputy ministers in the ministries of Defense to help Kim Yu shin. Yes Wyol grateful to the Queen.

Queen said today for the unification of three countries he wants to achieve with domestic prosperity by expanding and promoting agricultural land, so that the proposed department of defense for procurement of weapons he so often ignore. And the king of Baekje during this strengthening its military with extraordinary, the Queen acknowledged this mistake that caused this mess, but it proved to countries with economic and domestic stability will prevail in the end. Queen said even if delayed, but not too late if they pursue military progress da Baekje in defense. From now on Queen will increase the production of weapons and reduce the production of agricultural alat2.

Queen's reign that the first troops were under Sangdaedeung Bi Dam are moved to the Ministry of Defence. Council shocked. Jujin said his troops now in command and training under the Bi Dam. Nobility Sueulbu say not too late to move forces into the defense ministry. Jae Ho is true when states of emergency, troops can ... Bi Dam forward and said current Seorabeol emergencies.

Bi Dam look at the Queen and said he would move the troops under his command into the ministry of defense. Queen said the last thing he wanted to decide is .. that he wants to hold a Royal wedding soon. Kim Yong Chun surprised and asked who it was? Queen replied: I will marry with Bi Dam. Kim Yong Chun benar2 shock. (Originally Queen actually married one of them with Kim Yong Chun.)

Princess Man Myeong agree this is true, the royal wedding will bring chaos to the lineage for the throne.

Joo Bang does not believe that of all people, the Queen wanted to get married with Bi Dam. Joo Bang feels weird. Joo Bang Chun Chu asked if Kim was aware of this problem. Joo Bang stunned to see chun chu, Chu berkesimpulanChun he did not know this problem. Kim Chun Chu knew the Queen had a plan, but planned to make Kim Chun Chu restless.

Ha Jong said the Queen would marry Bi Dam? But the Queen took the troops Bi Dam. Mi Saeng said the Queen however is not going to give if you do not get anything. He benar2 skilful traders. Yeom Jong said the Queen was not violated prinsip2 truth in this. Jong Bo do not know it's profit or loss (not as smart BJ papinya) Ha Jong-Won Seol said if Duke is still there, he would have to explain to them. Mi Saeng said, if the royal wedding occurs benar2 Dam Bi influence will be greater than Kim Yu Shin.

Kim Yu Shin met the Queen and say congratulations on his marriage plans. Queen knew Yu Shin disappointed. Yu Shin said he was disappointed. Queen Shin Yu asked probably afraid that if Bi Dam will have a greater influence in politics. Kim Yu Shin said she was scared. (Hello.. Queen, Yu Shin nearly killed BD loh ..). Queen: You're worried, but still congratulate me. Kim Yu Shin said, the Queen at least need someone to anchor, Kim Yu Shin benar2 apologized and he apologized that he could not be a place for the Queen to dock. Kim Yu Shin said the Queen for her to go to negotiate with Bo Gya Hoe, otherwise he might not ever able to do the same with the Queen, that's why Shin Yu apologize.

Kim Yu Shin met Dam Bi, Bi Dam said the Queen was believed by Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin said Bi Dam is one who can soothe and embrace the Queen. Bi Dam should devote himself to the Queen, and loyalty Bi Dam should not harm or make the sad Queen. What Bi Dam understand? They continued on, Kim Yu Shin looked at the Bi Dam and congratulate him.

Bi Dam went to the house and look for books Yeom Jong topography 3 countries. He saw it and read buku2 Volume 2 contains maps collected Moon Noh. Bi Dam said his teacher, that eventually all will be back in the right place. The legacy of this beautiful, Bi Dam Dam Bi will be let go and wrap buku2 it. Bi Dam said he had found his dream in excess of that legacy is even greater, the most beautiful heritage. Bi Dam carry topographical books and left. (BD, ordinary men with love .. too simple to exist in the palace)

Kim Chun Chu shown Dam Bi agreements made by the Queen. Kim Chun Chu asked whether this benar2 Dam Bi's handwriting? Queen justify this writing Dam Bi. What Chu Chun does not believe its authenticity. Kim Chun Chu saw the contract was signed on behalf of Sangdaedeung. Kim Chun Chu said he believes Bi Dam sincere when made, but people change, especially Bi Dam has allied himself and he had great power. It could be changed. After the marriage with the Queen, the political influence of Bi Dam will increase and eventually will come when, if he wished to stop him, he will not be able to stop it with his own business. So how this contract can be trusted. If she broke .. (kalo ChunChu, a true politician ..)

Yeom Jong surprised to know Bi Dam come. Carers reported Bi Dam in and take something from this room and go. Yeom Jong-in and check and then he realized, Bi Dam took the book topography 3 countries. Yeom Jong said why tiba2 Bi Dam what may ..

Queen said to Chun Chu Chun Chu's right, the Queen gave the envelope to Kim Chun Chu. kim chun Chu read and write if the Queen after his death and Bi Dam does not do the deal then the Queen gave permission to kill Kim Chun Chu Bi Dam. Kim ChunChu shocked. Queen confessed, this time he may be influenced by personal emotions and wisdom and might cover the assessment and he might change his mind that's why he wrote it and gave it to Kim Chun Chu Chun Chu Kim for doing this after he died later. Queen also thank Chun Chu for your understanding, the Queen hopes Bi Dam will forever be on his side. But it is not easy, that's why all of this prepared.

Shin Yu Bi Dam meet and hand over books and topographical maps 3 countries. Kim Yu Shin opened it and read its contents, and asked how Bi Dam could have such a precious treasure. Shin Yu asked whether Gukseon Moon Noh has prepared this and left. Bi Dam said his teacher had thought that he might be able to unite the 3 kingdom during his life, then this becomes the purpose of his life. Kim Yu Shin Bi Dam asked then why give it to him. Bi Dam said, it's bribery, to ensure Kim Yu shin to implement in the future. Bi Dam asked Yu Shin learn baik2. Kim Yu Shin said no matter what the motive Bi Dam, he will accept this bribe with a thank you. Yu Shin read the book and Bi Dam said to himself, what's Kim Yu Shin would not be a pawn in chess history, Kim Yu shintidak will never, that's why Moon Noh has said that the owner of this book is Kim Yu shin.

Yeom Jong upset and he was looking back to the residence of Bi Dam. Then Yeom Jong found locked box, Yeom Jong tried to open with frustration, having managed exactly he finds Dam Bi contract with the Queen. Yeom Jong surprised. San No wake mi Aeng and said Mi Yeom Jong Saeng should meet soon. Yeom Jong Dam Bi gather allies and said there are important things because tomorrow they have to hang Dang. Yeom Jong show secret agreements between the Bi Dam by the Queen. Ha Jong and Sueulbu surprised there is such a contract. All surprised by this secret contract.

Joo Bang said that the Queen has made additional plans to hal2 that has not happened. jaditidak need to worry. However after the wedding, the Queen will get these troops benar2 good strategy. Kim Chun Chu said that if it is only for the troops he would not have worried. Joo Bang did not understand, Kim Chun Chu explained that the Queen and Bi Dam benar2 mutually like each other. Joo Bang said the Queen is also human after all, the Queen can not always devote ourselves to the public and state interests. Kim Chun Chu asked what authorities are free to do so? What men, people, even Silla will allow Queen with Bi Dam as they had hoped. Kim Chun Chu said, Dam Bi Queen and their relationship is very dangerous.

The nobles angry after reading the secret agreement between Bi Dam and Queen. All Bi Dam do not receive it on them. Mi Saeng sighed, Bi Dam benar2 into the trap of the Queen. They will not allow this. They will ask for clarification on the Bi Dam.

Yeom Jong said they could not, you know how the character of Bi Dam. Bi Dam does not care about them, the evidence he made a secret contract with the Queen without thinking about them. Jae Ho then asked what they should do, Jujin said there was no other choice they have to force the Bi Dam to join them. Yeom Jong agree, if Bi Dam to join then they will be able to return to the right path. Allied Dam Bi nodded in agreement. Mi Saeng said he had a plan that can be tried.

Queen was dressed in bed but she was still working in his room. Bi Dam came and the Queen to allow Bi Dam entrance. Bi Dam grumbled a bit to see the Queen is still working and not resting. Queen said there he had to finish. Bi Dam interesting Queen's hand to his bed, opened the blanket, and said the Queen had to sleep now. Queen Bi Dam finally lay down and covered him. Bi Dam pleaded with Queen bed. Sebearnya Queen said she could not sleep properly. Queen sat again, Bi Dam sits on the edge of the bed Queen. Queen asked what they should talk with ordinary or this will offend BI Dam. Bi Dam did not mind. Bi Dam asked why the Queen of insomnia. (If you remember her sleep Dam Bi rich kebo ep 34 haha .. oh no I damage your moment of her), the Queen said she did not know because when she lay down, his heart skipped a beat once and made him restless and uneasy. Bi Dam asked why so. Queen said she worried that he might make mistakes or things become chaotic.

Tears would come out and her heart was beating faster and faster. Bi Dam asked the Queen to sleep again and Bi Dam helps Queen lying and covering the Queen again and laid his hands on his chest and asked what the Queen is still pounding, the Queen said no. Bi Dam said he will remain here until the Queen was asleep, Bi Dam Queen, patting his chest and told him to sleep.

Queen said when she was young, every time the heart berdebaran aan sleep. Dam Bi was asked what there is to worry. Not worried but hope what will he see the next morning, an interesting experience what else will he or she would naturally meet people like what, or what the traders who brought fun to play or what will tell uncle that occurred in Gokturk Khaganate, then Bi Dam continued patting the Queen, Queen asleep when Bi Dam gone, the Queen slept soundly.

Kim Chun Chu said that the fort Dang Hang blocked then they will bring this issue to ask for assistance Tang. Bi Dam agree, Tang obviously do not want their trade relations with Silla blocked. Queen's ambassador when asked Tang to come, Al Cheon report they would reach the Hang Dang today.

Saeng Mi Tang met ambassadors. Now Sangdaedeung held Bi Dam. Mi Tang Saeng feel they must memveri military support. Mi Saeng Sangdaedeung are reminded that the true political authority in the Silla, and again he would marry the Queen. Ambassador Tang then asked what they could do. Mi Saeng envoy Tang said if they will support their wishes will be fulfilled. Mi Saeng justify. The envoy asked for a written agreement.

Mi Saeng convinced he would give it. The messenger was understood. Yeom Jong Mi Saeng met. Mi Saeng said they asked for a written promise, how they will take care of it. do not worry, Yeom Jong gave fans at Mi Saeng of raven feathers. What is this, Yeom Jong said this is perfect to convey secret messages. Yeom Jong said Mi-Saeng to write a written agreement and gave the ambassador Tang, Mi Yeom Jong Saeng asked who wrote the fan, Yeom Jong agreed.

Misaeng envoy Tang and enter the palace with a happy because they already have approval. Tang envoy met the Queen and introduce himself, He is the Suji Yan. Envoy Tang speak Gyerim. Queen menanyaan their health and how the state of the Tang emperor. The messenger was pleased and said the emperor they are healthy. Tang envoys brought gifts to the Queen in return for the good of the Queen. They exchanged Ginseng Silla by Pests GWA Tang (pony skin of Tang)

Queen grateful. And want to continue the diplomatic relations between the Tang and Silla. The envoy said Emperor concerned with the battle that occurred in Silla. Queen of Emperor Tang said state security worry that much, he must have great leaders. The envoy confirmed, then he mentioned that the Emperor wanted to continue their friendly relations deeper. Queen asked for an explanation. The envoy said the possibility of why the threat was Silla as led by a woman, that's why the emperor asked what he needed to send the King of Tang into the Silla royal family to ascend the throne as the new ruler and sending troops to protect Silla Tang. It is ordered by the Emperor. The envoy said he would give time to the Queen to think.

Queen stood up from his throne: Chief Al Cheon Guardian!

Al Cheon entrance. Queen requested that this Tang envoy arrested and locked up at Al's office in Jowon Jeon Cheon. Session shocked. Queen ruled Kim Chun Chu to ask for the truth of this message to Tang. Is this really the Tang emperor desired. Kim Chun Cu Queen execute commands. Tang envoys said their delegates to the mission of the Emperor's why they are treated like this. Queen said that if this is true Emperor, the Queen's speech will sever diplomatic relations and trade with the Tang, but if this buatanmu then he will be severely punished and charged with a felony.

Queen asked Al Cheon until they know the real message, envoy Tang and his entourage will be kept under house arrest in Jowon jeon. Al Cheon understand and carry them. The messenger was shouting he was innocent and not worthy of being insulted like this.

Al Cheon bring them to Jowon Jeon. Al Cheon gave the order for them to be dragged into. Al Cheon asked his men to keep all doors and windows. Al Cheon go and envoy Tang shouted. Al Cheon and palace guards securing Jowon jeon.

Al Cheon gave the order does not matter who the position and any position, may not enter or exit the place. They understand.

Queen of the meeting. Mi Saeng said their behavior is very insulting. But the Queen look more objectively, we must look more broadly, Jujin remind Tang came to give assistance to the forces of Silla and trade relations will fail, it would weaken the fight against Baekje.

Benar2 Queen said she was negotiating with them. One of the basic negotiation is to retreat when threatened, then use it for profit then they will be forced to play by their rules. There will be no deal and when they confrontation it will show who organized everything. Mi Saeng worried that this is not according to plan and envoy Tang also had another agenda.

Queen said that if they do not speak for diplomacy may speak more than necessary. Why do they insult him directly and as deliberate. Tang seemed to have a specific agenda to Silla. This is what he wanted to know what exactly their intentions against Silla.

Mi Saeng with allies, what is said is true Queen. Mi Saeng said they wanted allied with Silla. Tang wanted to ask for help face the Goguryeo. Queen to know what they mean. Hajong still do not agree they were detained. Mi Saeng said that if the audit dept that deal still could try something, but this is Al Cheon. Nothing can deter Al Cheon. Yeom Jong said they could not say anything.

Al Cheon wonder the Queen would accept bribes Tang. Queen said that if delegates were willing to bribe the guards so be it, accept it but all messages must be brought before the Queen to be checked before being sent out. Kim Chun Chu said they may be contacted Tang merchant who lived in Silla. Queen said that they must learn their true intentions. Al Cheon said that if they want to play the wait there would be no end, what will they do.

Queen was afraid they might not last 3 days. think about how confused they are and this will make them nervous.

Fellow Su Jiyan provide raven feather fan and ask what they do now. Su jiyan said Sangdaedeung men will try to contact them. They fear that if this way they could not persuade Silla send troops in the Tang, they wait and see Mi Saeng fan given to her.

Yeom Jong Jowonjeon frustrated by tight security. Yeom Jong Saeng informs Mi et al, that hard to get into Jowon jeon. Tang envoy also restless. Then Tang emissary to bribe one of the guards and said he should give this fan on Sangdaedeung. Yeom Jong said that they must notify Bi Dam now. Ha Jong agree if they keep waiting, Mark will not know what the envoy Tang. Jujin said they must mmaksa Bi Dam entrance and follow their plan.

Al Cheon submit a letter, and the fan that should be given to Bi Dam. Al Cheon gave the Queen and Queen fan is a fan asked for Bi Dam? Al Cheon said this as a gift for Bi Dam. Kim Yu Shin said maybe bribe for Bi Dam respond to this matter. Al Cheon said this fan seems quite expensive. Kim Chun Chu said that thought is not as expensive. Empress Chun Chu asked what know, Chun Chu said this is called Ouseon. Made of crow feathers. that of the peacock feather is more expensive.

Queen saw it and Chun Chu fan realized something, he asked for it from the Queen fan and see it.

Bi Dam were reports that a secret agreement with its allies do envoy Tang. Yeom Jong said they used the name Bi Dam to sign the letter. Bi Dam Yeom Jong attractive clothes and asked whether he was crazy how he could design something like that. Jujin said they were forced to use this strategy because Bi Dam. Dam Bi Sueulbu say betrayed them earlier. Yeom Jong said Bi Dam had written a secret agreement with the Queen.

Kim Chun Chu bloat fan and Kim Yu Shin mention that this fan can be a tool to convey messages. Kim Chun Chu confirmed, so far he only heard it but he was not sure. Kim Chun Chu put a fan above the paper and they look with curiosity, then there is an inscription that arise slowly.

Meanwhile, the men forced Bi Bi Dam Dam. Jae Ho said that they had surrendered his army to Bi Bi Dam Dam but now write such an agreement with the Queen. Wang Yun asked would not that mean they will lose their political power if the Queen dies. Phil And ask how a failed politician responsible for the allies. Dam Bi was this question because they make an agreement with Tang on his behalf. Bi Dam could no longer control his subordinates.

The secret message that appears, Kim Yu Shin read envoy Tang will declare the impossibility of a female ruler of Silla instead will send 30 thousand troops to the Tang to support the war with Goguryeo. Kim Chun Chu took the letter from the Yu Shin to see the signature ..

Envoy Tang Su Jiyan and Sangdaedeung Dam Bi, Kim Chun Chu: Bi Dam .. Queen in shock, Bi Dam .. and AL Yu Shin Cheon also shocked.

Meanwhile Bi Dam asked: So all the insults to the Queen that the Queen does not match rule is set by you guys? Yeom Jong justify, they just want Bi Dam remains on the same track with them. Mi Saeng said they would take this opportunity and replace the Queen. Bi Dam shock. Jujin agree not intend to become Ruler Dam Bi, Yeom Jong said they were in places where there is no turning back. Bi Dam wrath. (Like I said Bi Dam is just an ordinary man with his love, not the man of politics, sacrifice for the sake of love In an ordinary ruling was actually a power struggle.)

Queen holds the message and said Bi Bi Dam Dam .. how can.
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