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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 57

Kim YU Shin took the sword from the hand of the Queen.
Kim Yu Shin Kim Yu Shin .. Sangjanggun be risking his life to fulfill the commandment of His Majesty with all the capabilities servants. But His Majesty servant accused of being involved with Bo Gya Hoe.

Kim Chun Chu said Bo Hoe Gya been dissolved. Shin Yu Chun Chu saw the smile, the Queen also but Bi Dam does not look happy. Al Cheon comes with running, Wyol Ya already entered and waited in In Gang Jeon. Bi Dam look at this conscious act of the Queen and Queen.

Queen to meet Wyol Yes and receive a list of names from her Hoe Gya Bo, and Bo Gya Wyol Ya Hoe kneel before the Queen and pledge allegiance to him. The duke asked how they could trust them. What if they rebelled again. Queen said that from now list style residence has been removed, no matter from where their district there will be no person who is recorded as a descendant of Hollywood. Queen release all members of the Bo Gya hoe from custody.

Queen throws a list of names Gya Bo Hoe into the fire. Bi Dam saw it on fire. Queen declared no longer style and folk style does not exist, they are the people of Silla. Queen asked them to risk his life and save this nation. Wyol Yes vowed to protect the Silla and the Queen. Gya Bo Hoe follow them will unite with Silla. Kim Yu Shin shocked. Queen pleased with the results he finally managed to obtain a fellowship and loyalty Style descent. Bi Dam Queen do not believe that an important mission and more deceived. Kim Chun Chu happy.

Queen and Kim Chun Chu benar2 harmony. They will do anything for the sake of big ambitions. Kim Yu Shin sync with the ambitions that otherwise Bi Dam is not so safe.

Kim Yu Shin and Bi Dam. Bi Dam said in order to save Yu Shin, Queen of risking his life. Shin Yu said the Queen had a great understanding but not to save himself. Bi Dam thought otherwise. Kim Yu Shin did not understand how Bi Dam could be so stupid and not thinking much. Bi Dam change the conversation she heard Baekje forces can take 80 ri. Shin Yu confirmed. Bi Dam said that unless the horse has wings but this is not possible Shin Yu said that this is true witnessed on the battlefield.

Dam Bi was the officer can not predict the conditions at the front. Bi Dam said they should make this clear. This can not be started. Kim Yu Shin asked then why Bi Dam to the contrary, he thought it Bi Dam does not like it when Yu Shin obtain services. Bi Dam said he personally did not expect Kim Yu Shin get services but nevertheless he is more hated Yu Yu Shin Shin if failed. This is for the sake of Silla and the Queen. Bi Dam go.

Go Do and other commanders in discussions. Joo Bang compaction and give them a talisman Pyeok masing2 Chu Muk that could prevent them from arrows and swords. Joo Bang begged teman2nya home safely and they have survived, what they understand? Go Do clutching the talisman.

Kim Yu Shin ordered his troops to defeat the forces of Silla and Baekje and rescue them should be lined up as the troops of Silla. Kim Yu Shin troops cheered and excited again. Kim Chun Chu and Bi Dam seen from a distance. Kim Chun Chu smile while Bi Dam looks wrinkled.

Seo Hyun Kim reported to the Queen, the troops lost in Geumseongsan Jujin and now back to Nam Cheon. Close to Amnyangju. Mi Saeng said after Amyangju, only need one hour to reach Seorabeol. If Amnyangju defeated.

Jae Ho asked the Queen they should make a plan to resist this. Then Bi Dam come. Bi Dam holds rolls of paper and knelt before the Queen. Bi Dam ventured to propose this for the sake of national security. Queen read, Bi Dam Queen wants to move his residence for a while. (Ba Cheon, moved for security)

Queen asked to move? Bi Dam explains this is a report from the Audit dept Silla. When the fortress Daeya fall, they built three lines of defense for prevention and additional plans for the Queen to move to shelters outside Seorabeol. Now approaching Amnyangju Baekje soldiers. Only need 19 hours to reach Seorabeol.

Bi Dam said that they should arrange a secret court in Yul Po Heun (now Ulsan) for the Queen and all members of the administration to move and take refuge there, and Seorabeol Dam Bi will be protected by ministers. (I think that guns could be BD ..)

The ministers debated the proposal of Bi Dam. Kim Yong Chun disagree Queen moved, Mi Saeng, Ha Jong agrees Queen move. Queen headache to hear it. (The Mi Shil certainly pleased the Queen to go from Seorabeol, Mark could find a reason to rule Seorabeol, depending on the motive BD, sincere or any hidden agenda.)

In Amnyangju, Lord Jujin Yu Shin briefings on the situation last. Shin Yu asked what speed they reach is correct, Jujin justify, they are able to achieve 80 ri and they can appear anywhere and attack. Wyol Ya asked what they really so cepat.Benar. Particularly their leaders are very smart in formulating tactics and strategy. Kim Yu Shin asked whether people were using helmets. Jujin justify.

Seo Ji check his men were injured and asked what happened. They are ghosts of the soldiers said. Shin Yu Jujin warned not to mention the word "ghost" again. Kim Yu Shin emphasized that in the battlefield are all human. Where can you find a ghost? Wyol Ya still think the speed of their range, 80 ri? Im Jong-in and report any tactical unit that appears. Where Shin Yu asked, they move through yeongido. Wyol Ya said they cut through Sangyujae. Im Jong said Sangyujae is where Go Do prepare a defense.

Sangyujae, Gyebaek wearing helmets attacked, no wonder they are fast, because they use a horse. Go Do see a person wearing a helmet. Guk San Heun asked what they should do. Go Do ask kawan2nya preparing to attack but wait for a sign from him. go do it ambushed the troops they threw their weight down and hear the voices of victims of the Baekje. then Gyebaek shouted back. Guk San Heun asked whether they would pursue them, saying yu Go Do Shin ordered to wait and endure. Go do command to reorder the defense. (Go do wow .. fantastic ..)

Wyol Ya asked what they had to send troops to Sangyujae but according to Yushin was only inducement alone. They should know where their troops in fact, is the most important.

In Sangyujae, Baekje forces appear again. Shin Yu's troops surprised how quickly they can emerge. Gyebaek fell from a horse and faced with Go do. Gyebaek very high knowledge and quick. Go Do carry a weapon in the form of a hammer that requires great strength. Gyebaek faster so that he can beat Go Go Do do and threw to the ground. Go Do surprised and wonder what the man really human. Yang Gil, Dae Pung, and Guk San Heun called Go do that stunned and retreated, they attract Godo is still in shock.

Kim Seo Hyun disagree Queen away from Seorabeol. Princess Man Myeong dared say this might be a strategy Dam Bi and its allies to take over the kingdom. Queen said before they worry there are other strategies, their priority is the safety of Silla and the Queen assured them he would not leave the capital, but ..

Mi Aeng talk about logistics, if Baekje Amnyangju pass, then next time Cheon yeong, will be very difficult to hold Seorabeol. Yeom Jong said he had mobilized the guard to protect the area. Jong Bo Baekje army said however there were 20 thousand people. That's why they had to move from Seorabeol. Ha Jong says they have to convince the Queen.

If Yu Shin fails, then the Queen should get out of Seorabeol and ministries will take care of Seorabeol Audit, and the world will belong to Bi Dam. Yeom Jong and MiSaeng also do not believe Ha Jong think so, at this time to stop the attack Baekje priorities should take precedence. Jong Bo also stressed safety was a priority Silla. But Ha Jong insists this is a golden opportunity and Bi Dam can use this crisis to get their triumph.

Bi kata2 dam in and hear them. Bi Dam said Ha Jong in a situation like this country, Bi dams have no intention of taking any chance. Ha Jong Dam Bi laughs and expressions made him shut up. Dam Bi was also worried about the Queen and her family.

Kim Chun Chu agrees Queen hiding temporarily. Kim Chun Chu will remain in Seorabeol. Queen said he was not going to go, but Kim Chun Chu had to go into hiding. If Seorabeol conquered, and fell into enemy hands then Kim Chun Chu must take command and lead the war Kambali seize the capital. Kim Chun Chu: How can I go through the door while the noble balakang remain in the capital?

Queen said their troops were fighting, how they can run. How to tell them that they fled from Seorabeol ruler. Kim Chun Chu reminded the Queen that his body not his own but belong to Silla. If the Queen is in danger, Silla, too. Queen said Silla still have Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu afraid .. Empress Chun Chu asked what Seorabeol fear will fall into the hands of Bi Dam? Kim Chun Chu silent. Means true. Empress Chun Chu convinced that he is here along with Bi Dam. Queen said he would not leave the City of Kings. Kim Chun Chu afraid if Seorabeol fall she will go down.

San Tak meet Bi Dam and said the Queen call him. Bi Dam Queen said he would not abandon the capital but must accompany Kim Dam Bi Chun Chu towards the protection and he will not go from Seorabeol, and if Seorabeol fall then Kim Chun Chu will lead a military operation to attack. Queen asked Bi Dam to make preparations. Bi Dam said he was not Kim Yu shin. Yu Shin Kim Silla will do everything for the sake of separating the Queen and Kim Chun Chu for a chance to survive but he will not do it.

Bi Dam would not listen and still insists that Queen go and he will stay on Seorabeol. Queen said he was not going away. Bi Dam Queen asked what worried the capital entrusted to Bi Dam. Queen said not like that. Bi Dam asked for an explanation of why the Queen does not see his eyes when he said it. Bi Dam said he was the person who caused the death of Mi Shil, his mother and that was for the Queen. Queen saw Bi Dam in the eye, the Queen asked whether Bi Dam now blaming herself for it. Bi Dam said the Queen had changed.

Bi Dam said when they first met, he tried to trade drugs with Queen handed to the government, then you thank me. Bi Dam does not know or care why the Queen at that time but it was the first time he heard kata2 like that in his life. You are satu2nya people who are not condescending or mocking his actions. Queen said to the Bi Dam in this world what is for Bi Dam courage to say it is cruel queen of the world praised it as the courage and support Bi Dam in the overall strategy. Queen praised him as a brilliant strategy. Today when he lost his mother, Queen question what is causing it is not filled with the blame as it is now but with arms full of understanding.

Queen said, do not talk anymore. Bi Dam and then asked why. Bi Dam asked why he always wanted to make a strategy look like when he just wants to protect the Queen. But the Queen thought like people who just want Seorabeol. Bi Dam said the Queen was no longer able to see sincerity. Bi Dam away, disappointed. Queen sighed. Bi Dam go and thoughtful while the Queen sat in her room contemplating kata2 Bi Dam. Queen remembers saat2nya with Bi Dam, the most fun waktu2 them. Queen read Bi Dam proposal.

Go do treat his wounds and Kim Yu Shin comes. Go Do saluted. Yu Shin asked about the Go Do, he apa2 and Go Do not apologize. Kim Yu Shin bertanya2 about tactical units was a very fast and how much time it takes when they disappear and reappear. Go do say about 15 to 30 minutes.

Wyol Ya said 30 minutes. It takes 30 minutes to circle the mountain, how could so quickly. Baek Eui says is true. Mean speed is 90 ri per day. all were thinking when Yu Shin broke the silence by pointing the floor. Kim Yu Shin shows this is how they disappear and reappear. They hid that is why they failed to trap him. Kim Yu Shin said Baek Eui remember riding ability, he was assigned to lure them. Baek Eui run the command. (Ehm.. Baek Eui riding smart .. well ya .. hehe .. interesting ..)

Kim Yu Shin gives directives on Baek Eui. Baek Eui understand. Kim Yu Shin together and Im Jong Deok Chung will wait here for the ambush. Kim Yu Shin said that when Im Jong infantry attack was a tactical unit, Deok Chung and he will attack the other. Jujin ordered to protect the camp. Kim Yu Shin divide tasks and they understand. Stay Wyol Yes, he asked what his duty, Yu Shin asked Wyol Yes patiently. Shin Yu said in the battlefield there are clear boundaries between victory and defeat, and they should take the opportunity that comes only once, then the troops and troops Wyol Yes Gwoljangnonya will play an important role. Wyol Ya understand.

Baek Eui and cavalry met with a tactical unit of Baekje. Baek Eui ordered retreat and fishing Baekje forces to the location of the mud. Kim Yu shin was waiting with his troops. But Baekje forces retreated in the middle of the road and disappeared. Im Jong asked whether they knew it was fished. Deok chung asked whether they rotate. Tiba2 Baekje soldiers came, Yu Shin et al unsheathed their swords and battle-ready with Gyebaek. Kim Yu Shin called for retreat.

At Camp, Im Jong said they control 90 ri, is because they are fast. Wyol Ya said they do not know how to anticipate them because they continued to appear and disappear, so hard to attack Baekje. Kim Yu Shin Baek Eui asked what was back.

At camp Baekje, Gyebaek open his helmet and received a report that the infiltrate was once the Sangjanggun Kim Yu shin. They were shocked. If they can catch here and beat Yu Shin Amnyangju then Seorabeol will fall in their hands.

Gyebaek asked if Deok Man of Silla's gone from Seorabeol. The commander said the Queen had not gone. Gyebaek said for a woman, she benar2 brave. When will they open battle with Kim Yu Shin, Gyebaek say until Silla forces do not yet know the secret behind their 90 ri, other times they will show a speed of 100 ri and then Gyebaek will deal with Kim Yu shin. someone called him and Gyebaek smile.

Baek Eui back, Baek Eui report them through the muddy land as planned. Kim Yu Shin remember the horse that passes through the muddy streets. They've been duped. Baek Eui kuda2 justify it through jalam muddy. Im Jong asked what happened. Shin Yu kuda2 remember that they are not exposed to mud. Kim Yu Shin wonder how Baekje could fool them with deceptive mereka.Kim Yu Shin asked them to call all military officers to the meeting.

Gyebaek greeted by a soldier with a helmet the same, it turns out they have some troops wearing helmets with the same leader. They laugh because it was successful cheat Silla forces.

Jujin surprised that they were dealing with the same two forces are identical? What's this? Yu Shin explained this correctly, they were dealing with 2 identical forces. This is how Baekje deceive us for this. They give the illusion that they are able to achieve 90 seolah2 ri in one day, so every enemy will think they are not unprecedented and make Silla forces fear. In fact all a hoax. The commander was very angry for being tricked by Baekje. Deok Chung been suspicious because of its speed does not make sense was all a trick. Baek Eui Shin Yu said that's why wanted to test his theory to lure them into the muddy road that proved his theory. (One taxable troops mud, net of other forces that's the different, and Baek Eui Yushin love ..!)

Kim Yu Shin said now they can plan strategies to cope with them. Jujin cut the route and then attacked the headquarters and burn inventories. Shin Yu said at least one troop there. The army was not able kemana2. Jujin not understand. Yu Shin said that if one army unit moved, the other forces can not be deployed if not they will damage the ilusinya own. Until they realize that the trick was discovered they could not move. Jujin understand. Yu Shin excited now that they have a plan against Baekje. Yusin ask Im Jong disguised as himself in the camp. Jong Im surprised, and also Wyol yes, it's time Gwoljangnonya Wyol Yes and troops to move. Wyol Ya said they were ready. Seo Ji nodded.

Bi Dam to meet the Queen on the shores of lake Anapji. (Duh.. Want to play there ah ..) Bi Dam asked what the Queen has taken a decision. Queen said in a day could all change, there are times that I have the King's daughter who wants to kill me, then there are who want to protect me, died in front of my eyes and there are many who kneel to him. There are days when Bi Dam appeared in front of him. Bi Dam without cares of this world treat it with casual and she allows Bi Dam resume her usual manner. Only Bi Dam tetinggal a casual attitude to him like some time ago and that's why their relationship has never changed and continue to survive.

Queen continued even after he returned to the palace, Dam Bi bring flowers for her (but DM, BD itukan time mo .. jd investigate the date of birth so he is looking for a reason ..), holding hands with her eyes full of anxiety, concern, even if Bi Dam have other motives, it does not matter to him, only to see the Queen Bi Dam could feel his past in a self-Bi Dam, benar2 a pleasant feeling to be enjoyed. Bi Dam smile that is why now all has changed. Queen said he did not have a name or whether the Crown Prince's daughter, even people in the market have a name but authorities do not have a name for himself. Authority was "His Majesty". Now no one can call his name. Bi Dam said then he would continue to do so for the Queen, calling her name. Queen said that if Bi Dam called his name, that means a big threat. (Yes, really, we call the Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth .. Elizabeth ... definitely captured)

Queen said that even if this is love for her Dam Bi, the Bi Dam wanted to call her name but the world just see it as a crime. Queen say why he changed it is since he lost his name, Bi Dam can only be one of his subordinates. This is because he must feel suspicious that Bi Dam wanted to be king or Bi Mi Shil dam will be another, every time he needs to speculate and make assumptions of that suspicion. Queen said to the Bi Dam, this benar2 hard for her to hold. Bi Dam tried to touch the Queen, she ragu2 but attractive Queen and the Queen said to him what the dam Bi realized how much he really wanted to believe Bi Dam and want his support, whether Bi Dam understand. Bi Dam Queen clasped hands for a moment, then he left the Queen, Bi Dam to see the Queen from a distance.

Bi Dam knelt at the altar Mi Shil when the Queen went into the temple and Bi dam stood saluted. Queen said that Bi Dam should remain at his side, but not as a person who always create pressure or make uneasy or lonely people who make it but the person who winked at him (hahaha sorry, but I remember when BD ngedipin DM ..), giving flowers for her, laughing and joking beside her, holding her hand to calm the tension and anxiety, the Queen said to the Bi Dam he must be a person like that.

Queen said he had held it, control it, avoid deliberately and become very cold hearts on BI dam because authorities can not have emotional feelings. Queen wants Bi Dam treat it like an ordinary person or as a woman and she will love it.

Queen asked Bi Dam love her like a lady, not apa2 her but she asked whether this benar2 possible. Bi dam melted his heart, the Queen has admitted the real feelings on the Bi Dam. Bi Dam Queen with a warm hug, and this time the Queen replied to embrace Bi Dam.

Queen to announce his arrival. Queen issued an order to strengthen the country and to deal with problems that arise in the city, the Queen will lose Sangdaedeung Kim Yong Chun. Kim Yong Chun and further shocked the Queen lifted Sangdaedeung Bi Dam as the next. Kim Chun Chu shocked and Queen went on during the war, all troops under Lord Jujin, nobility Sueulbu, Ho Jae, Hwang Seon Yeol Yun and would be moved under the command of Bi Dam. Queen finished reading his decision and announced that he would stay with Bi Dam in Seorabeol to encourage the spirit of the troops and continue to fight against Baekje and Silla rescue. Bi dam happy while Kim Chun Chu looked shocked.

Queen later apologized to Kim Yong Chun because of the displacement. Kim Yong Chun does not matter as long as the most important thing is to take care of warfare. Queen agrees because they currently lack support for the military. Kim Yong Chun said that if the Queen move the royal troops under the command of Bi dam, there would be no opposition. Queen happy to Kim Yong Chun understand. Kim Yong Chun asked whether the Queen believes in Bi Dam. Queen gives a quick answer, I believe him. Queen stressed he believed in the Yu Shin, Bi Dam, and Kim Chun Chu. He believed in their abilities and skills. Queen said he would not abandon Dam Bi, Kim Yu shin or any person, the Queen will not be releasing them. Queen said Kim Chun Chu should be prepared to embrace someone.

Ha Jong asked Bi Dam is Sangdaedeung? Mi Saeng said the Queen was one of the strategies. Bo Jong surprised strategy? Queen said he lowered orders lifted as Sanddaedeung Bi Dam Bi Dam to suppress anxiety and then move the royal army under the control of the Bi Dam, that means at the same time to control and monitor their nobility. Misaeng said it benar2 archery two eagles with one arrow (Il Seong jeon ju)

Ha Jong said Bi Dam benar2 scary but not Queen's second to none. All the nobles discuss what his forces under the command will be transferred to the Bi Dam. They can not argue because it's in a state of war. All decided to follow the orders of Queen and view it later.

Bi Dam knelt at the altar Mi Sangdaedeung Shil in official robes, told his mother that his mother used to worry if he gets to have one's country and also means it needs all the love without holding back. Bi Dam said that he no longer wants to do that, he did not want to win, but began to want to give, do not resist but to give up to achieve something with someone whether it is the way to the eternal throne or ambitions in front of tears, this is only a small keinginan2 and ideas alone.

At camp Baekje. The commander asked if they used this valley to attack, it will only leave one route to run and 2nd commander said that if the enemy ambushed them, they will be defeated. Gyebaek say that the enemy will never catch this area but in other areas. Infantry firing range would be too far away to reach them and there would be no problem. Gyebaek ordered the attack to Amnyangju and catch Kim Yu shin.

Then the attack on Amnyangju. Yushin and Baekje forces fought. Im Jong Deok chung and fight as Kim Yu shin. Gyebaek ask his troops retreat, troops chasing Silla. Then the messenger of Baekje and said Kim Yu Shin pursuing troops tactical units. Gyebaek go to Mi Jae Chil. Gyebaek feel confident it will succeed, they will attack the headquarters of Silla. Gyebaek climbed into the back of a horse and wearing a helmet. Go to the headquarters of Silla.

At night, when the troops slipped into the headquarters of Baekje and Silla Gyebaek go and see the base was empty. No single person in the headquarters. Gyebaek asked what happened, then there are those rained flaming arrows and Baekje soldiers fell. Kim Yu Shin and his troops laid siege to Gyebaek.

Kim Yu Shin: Forces Baekje! ... Killing them all

Silla troops shouting and advanced attack!...
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