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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 56

Seol Won Rang give an explanation to the Queen, Chung Yoon troops will take the route through Daedeoksan, he prepared a defense to block troop order not to Seorabeol Baekje. Seol Won will withhold their way out and prepare the 2000 troops to pursue fleeing Baekje. They all have to follow the lead Seol Won Rang. They must risk his life, uniting the difference to save the Silla and they have to finish it with victory. Queen seemingly uneasy.

Bi Dam remind Seol Won Rang he must win this war for Silla. Bi Dam said they must end this war in the Chu Hwa Gun (cur Miryang, Gyeongsangnamdo).

Go Do say their troops Kim Yu shin. Yu Shin angry, so-called troop Kim Yu shin? They are the royal troops Queen Seon Deok. Yu Shin said that in every situation they should follow orders Seol Won Rang. Yu Shin wants to see Seolwon Rang.

Queen knew seol Won wants full authority over the Ministry of Defence. Seol Won admit, if he wins the war, the Queen must give it to him. Queen asked what Seol Won use this as an exchange? Seol Won said this is his last chance. Seol Won want to realize the unification of the 3 countries. Seol Won knew Queen hopes to realize the large ambitions. Queen asked whether this proposed requirement satu2nya Seol Won Rang? Seol Won said he would help realize the unification Queen 3 countries and if he wins the battle then he asked that the Queen and the royal wedding Dam Bi.

Queen said her devotion Bi Dam benar2 greatest fear. Queen remembered about King Jinheung, satu2nya error is .. MI Shil. They are loyal not to the Silla but at Mi Shil. Queen asked what Seol Won agree with him, what after the Queen dies whether Bi Dam will remain faithful to the Silla or whether Bi Dam will wholeheartedly devoted himself to the great ambition of Silla. Queen asked the opinion of Seol Won Rang. Seol Won left the residence of the Queen. Dae back met Seol Won and Shin Yu said wanted to meet.

Seol Won met Yushin. Yu Shin explains the tactics used by Baekje, Yu Shin Seol Won hope not look like 10 years ago Baekje. Now they are different. When the Queen of improving agriculture, Baekje enhance development in military tactics and weaponry. Shin Yu said Yoon Chun cavalry could travel as far as 70 R per day (1 Ri = 323 m).

Seol Won Rang Kim Yu Shin asked what he hoped to win this war and the safety of Kim Yu Shin will not be guaranteed. Kim Yu Shin hope Seol Won Rang home safely and the safety Yu Shin will be discussed later. Shin Yu said Seol Won Rang already living in the fighting. Kim Yu Shin said he also received the same life he was also the road on the same path, regardless of rank 1, 2.3 or lower, this is no different, life in war and KimYu shin want allowed to die with honor on the battlefield . (Tirzah, well originally Gen. Kim Yu Shin died peacefully in her room at the age of 79 Th.)

Mi Saeng said how many it takes to deploy an old warrior to the battlefield to achieve victory. Ha Jong felt this golden opportunity and they should monopolize this. Ha Jong said when Seol Won back with a win, then not only military power will fall into their hands and they would return their original place. Mi Saeng anxious, Seol Won had not fought.

Ha Jong said the war already exists in the blood Seol won, maybe he is old but he is still strong and should not be underestimated. Seol Won Jong Ha came and asked what preparations are wrong. Jong Bo is really not worried about what his father had done apa2 now. Seol Won convince her there's nothing to worry about.

Jong Bo asked whether all the preparations are finished, Seol Won shook his head and asked Bo Jong do not talk anymore. Mi Saeng felt something odd.

Ha Jong Won Seol asked why do not wish to reveal their health problems in the chest (such as depressed in the angina pectoris, middle of the chest), Seol Won said this is not apa2. It's just that old. Bo Jong said that although this is the last message her mother, but Seol Won do not need to like this and worked and risked his life for Bi Dam.

Seol Won denied, he is a member of the military and will always fight, even though this for the sake of Bi Dam but he still felt happy and excited since it was he who saved Silla from danger. How great Yoon Chung but if this first, then Yoon Chung is not his equal. Won seol laughed and left.

Seol Won Rang knelt at the altar Mi Shil. Seol Won Mi Rang said Shil that Bi Dam should not follow the trail leg and hold all the consequences of loving someone. Love should be like the Mi Shil. fly like a flock of birds but this is your last wish, then I will obey and do it. In this war, I would create opportunities for dams and cell Bi Won said he really missed Mi Shil and will see Mi Shil. (Oh.. I just like this .. try Seol Won ajusshi still alive, BD may fall Dlm trap guns Saeng and Yeom Jong Mi, Won seol character would not have allowed this)

Go Do et al greets Seol Won Rang. They cheered and ready to fight. Dam Bi and Kim Chun Chu's departure led troops into battle. Kim Chun Chu commented, Seol Won Rang looks dashing and definitely will come home with victory, Kim Chun Chu asked if this happens, then the expected Bi Dam will be fulfilled. Kim Chun Chu went, it seems Kim Chun Chu playing mind games with Bi Dam.

seol won Rang Kim Yu Shin lead the troops. Yoon Chun and Gyebaek also moving.

Queen walked along Joo Bang who cheer lest too worried because the troops Yu Shin unbeaten. They will be even below baik2 Seol Won Rang. Queen asked Joo Bang said on Al Cheon to check again all the petitions. Queen added last she asked to do something Joo Bang, Bang Joo must immediately do now.

Joo Bang interesting San Tak and asked whether she remembered the last time Joo Bang ask for help. San's no wonder, Joo Bang whispered something and ask San Tak do now. Now??!! now the situation is like this. Joo Bang insisted now is the most appropriate. San Tak still in doubt, he will not get in trouble, Joo Bang convince San Tak. San Tak asked Joo Bang followed. San Tak bring Joo Bang to the Ministry of Audit and San Tak cell provides 15 minutes. (I love the relation Among Joo Bang, Go Do, and San No, they're never apart eventhough They have to serve different masters.)

San Tak opened the cell and let go to meet Joo Bang Chang Gi. Joo Bang Chang Gi ask to hear it, Joo Bang want to put a password in the near Sa Rang Dang. Chang gi said to be associated with Wyol Yes? Joo Bang asked what time and where it is located. Chang Gi said Joo Bang must write on a particular stone. Joo Bang set the password of the stone with a particular formation and then place the message on the formation rock and go, then someone from Gya Hoe Bo took the stone contains the message. (A symbol of style stone formation, 6 eggs, Yuk Hwi Ran, Rong Huang I remembered from the island of peaches from Sia tiaw eng sandi2 Hiong most expert in this kind, one of Hong Toan's men also smart sandi2 Yes this.)

At the headquarters of Bo Gya Hoe, Wyol YA also received information about the movement that reached Iseo Gun Baekje and if this continues then they will get to the Amnyangju. if Amnyangju hit the next Seorabeol. Wyol Ya think and Seo Ji asked why Wyol Yes ragu2. Yes Wyol SeoJi asked what changed his mind.

Wyol Ya said offspring's life style is his responsibility. Then someone is facing and said there are people who want to meet Wyol Yes and send a message. Wyol Ya wonder. Seo Ji and his men set up a meeting location and berjaga2.

Seo ji Wyol ya back and asked all arranged? Yes Wyol asked how many people want to see me, Seo Ji answered 3. Mark saw 3 people. 2 mengnakan hat. Wyol Ya asked who they were, the guards did not know, but one seen carrying a sword and the other does not. Wyol ya understand. The three approached the meeting place, they were surrounded. Al Cheon drew his sword and the two turned out to Queen and Kim Chun Chu!

Al Cheon asked who they were? Queen said he was looking for those people. Queen asked Al Cheon lowered his sword. Al Cheon asked what is referred to the Queen. Kim Chun Chu opened his hat and apologized on Al Cheon, if the Queen says honestly, Al Cheon surely will reject and will persuade him not to do this. Al Cheon said this place is dangerous and harmful to the Queen herself.

Kim Chun Chu asked Wyol Ya ordered his men to retreat, Chun Chu believes Wyol Ya know it's them. Kim Chun Chu asked Wyol Yes exit. Queen opened the hood to show his face. Wyol Yes approached the Queen. Wyol saluted Yes, the Queen smiled. Queen, Kim Chun Chu, and Wyol Ya talk and Al Cheon keep a watch on the situation.

Kim Chun Chu said they would fast, Kim Chun Chu said, Wyol ya have to know the Queen gave a lot for the descendant of Hollywood. Note also the family had arranged for tdak discovered that someone from the descendants of Hollywood, until the Queen dies, his successor will do the same. Queen asked them to stop trying to make Yushin as ruler. Wyol Ya asked what he wanted the Queen, the Queen would like a list of names Bo Gya hoe, and then discontinue their Gwoljangno units and Kim Chun Chu added Gwoljangno will be moved in troops. Not under Kim Yu Shin but Kim Chun Chu, Wyol Ya wonder. Queen gives 3 days for Wyol Yes to decide. They will meet 3 more days at the same time and place.

Empress Chun Chu and Kim have secured their position as a ruler, which prevents anyone will accept the consequences. Kim Chun Chu eventually have to deal with because Bi Bi Dam Dam is a threat to his throne (Bi Dam is his uncle Kim Chun Chu, Dam Bi is a grandfather's father Kim Chun Chu) no matter how high the Dam Bi position and loyalty to the Queen. They have to destroy all obstacles. Queen also been felt loyalty to her Dam Bi is a threat.

YES Wyol asked if he objected to what will happen. Queen Kim Yu Shin said it had to die because Wyol Yes. Queen said their patience at an end because he was the ruler, his kata2 is the law and will take effect.

On the way home, Al Cheon angry how the Queen could be so careless and do ha this risk. Queen apologized for making Al Cheon scared. Al Cheon said this can not be solved only with the apology, he trusted the safety of the Queen, without considering how dangerous the Queen herself. Kim Chun Chu said if al-Cheon was told would prevent the Queen. Al Cheon also reprimanded Kim Chun Chu Chun Chu Kim should think about because it involves safety of the Queen. Chun Chu said he had persuaded the Queen. But the Queen managed to convince Kim Chun Chu said. Al Cheon not accept this answer for granted. Safety Queen is a top priority and asked what was more important than the safety of the Queen? (Ck.. Ckck .. Al Cheon my guardian ..)

Queen said that this is what problems they will be able to get Kim Yu shin. Queen said he would never be able to get Yu Shin if he get rid of Style, throw Wyol Yes will make the Queen can not have Kim Yu Shin forever.

Queen said she wanted to change the thinking Wyol Yes. Al Cheon said no matter how important it is to obtain safety Kim Yu shin but Queen .. Do you think those who say who gets the people's hearts will rule the world and think to get people's hearts, whether it's a small matter? Queen resting in his room.

Al Cheon and Kim Chun Chu left the residence of the Queen. Al Cheon asked what they could not be anything to prevent the Queen. Kim Chun Chu said doing so I saw the Queen. Al Cheon: show? To reach people's hearts can not use kepandaianmu own, so for the sake of unification of 3 countries, the queen tied me with Bo Gya Hoe. What does he mean? Kim Chun Chu said Bo Gya Hoe fear, after the Queen died of what was done in the style of Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu would think as the successor to the Queen. That's why they have aligned objectives. Queen show at Bo Gya Hoe who his successor later. People who should they support but not Kim Yu Shin Kim Chun Chu.

YES Wyol thought alone. Then they heard a child crying. They saw it and asked what was wrong. The boy was crying because her mother, and starvation.

Queen wonder how to know the location of Joo Bang Bo Gya Hoe. Joo Bang said he asked the people to follow the movement of Wyol O and Seo Ji. Queen said it was hard to do, Joo Bang said he may look old but cleverness does not rust, and he always did best. Queen knew that. Joo Bang said he was assigned a 7-year-old kid but smart. Wonder Queen was a small child?

Messages come. Queen to receive reports Seol Won Rang defeated. They arrived at Gun Hwa Chu, Chu Hwa Gun been attacked so they do not have time to make a strategy, they immediately end the war they were forced to retreat. Queen ruled Jujin to deploy troops to Iseo Gun. Dam Bi was silent.

Seol Won Rang back to Seorabeol with defeat. Go Do, Dae Pung and Yang Gil san Guk Heun support the crippled, the wounded soldiers behind. People worried, not that Shin Yu troops are not invincible, if they lose how great Baekje forces? Seol Won Rang on crutches to see the Queen and the Queen asked what happened, Seol Won apologize because it turned out really great Baekje army tactics. Queen said there is someone who can control this unit2. Seol Won justify. They are very quick in attack.

Kim Yu Shin surprised, even seol Won Rang also not comparable with Baekje forces. Go Do Baekje forces said to have ghosts that appear and disappear. Kim Yu Shin: Ghosts? Guk San Heun said the man was wearing a helmet and leading the Baekje appear in one place and then disappear. Gil said that was frightening, saying Daepung visible to the eye only death.

Bi Dam visit Seol Won Rang severely injured, and he apologized and asked Bi Bi Dam Dam realize the last hope Mi Shil. Seol Won Rang said Bi Dam could not be risked his loyalty to just one person as a goal to be achieved. It's too dangerous. Bi Dam must embrace the broader goals and greater or Bi Dam would just like him who only became subordinate. Seol Won Rang struggling with his breathing, Bi Dam should remember the last hope Mi Shil and obey. Bi Dam Seol Won Rang clasped hands and called him but Seol Won Rang smiled and breathed his last. Bi Dam wept Seol Won Rang.

San Tak gave Seol Won last letter on Kim Yu Shin.

Seol Won: duke of Yu Shin, reckoning is wrong, Chung Yoon cavalry is not running but 80 ri ri 70. Be careful with the commander who was wearing a helmet, who led a small tactical units, he will appear and disappear in tempat2 that you never thought of before with great knowledge and appropriate.

Mi Saeng etc. mourns the death of Seol Won Rang. Mi Saeng asked whether there last kata2 Seol Won for them, Bo Mi Jong said his father said Saeng smart so do not worry. Ha Jong-Won Seol upset because not think about it even as he faced death.

All confused when Seol Won Rang die, who will lead. Kim Yong Chun Yu Shin Kim insisted that led his forces. But some nobles do not want criminals to lead his troops. Kim Yong Chun said: If Jujin defeated, then the next Seorabeol and they have to think about safety Silla.

Seo Hyun Kim was shocked when his wife preach Rang Seol Won Shin Yu was defeated and the troops also defeated. Princess Man Myeong asked what they should do.

Kim Yu Mi Shin Saeng shock will lead the troops? Ha Jong said that they propose for Yu Shin lead the troops. Bi Dam upset that they suggested people who break the law should save the country. Bi Dam Silla asked whether official dared to propose it. YeomJong came and said to Bi Dam, Yu Shin insisted meet Bi Dam.


Kim Yu Shin studying the map when Bi Dam into the cell. In Geumseongsan, if Baekje reached Iseo the next Gun Geumseong san. After that Amnyangju, they must stop the war in pugunungan. Dam Bi was not listening. Kim Yu Shin grabbed the collar and said Dam Bi Bi Dam If he wanted to die to do it, if Bi Dam would take his troops, but they must save the Silla and then do just what you want. (Wow.. Kim Yu Shin is indeed a big general ..)

Dam Bi Yu Shin took the map and go, Bi Dam view map and choked.

Kim Chun Chu said that the Queen could not leave the Yu Shin granted. Yu Shin must lead the troops and it's not too late. Bi Dam come. Bi Dam said Jujin need to build a defense in Geumseongsan and use the mountains to conquer Baekje. Queen reduce the command to do but Bi Dam saw the Queen looked worried. Bi Dam convince the Queen for not worried he will save Silla any price. Queen does not pay attention and Bi Dam go. Kim Chun Chu called the Queen after Bi Dam gone, the Queen said yes right tonight.

At the headquarters of Bo Gya Hoe, Wyol Yes having difficulty convincing the elders and Seo Ji said why they should be afraid and give up everything. Wyol Ya said was not afraid but he believed the Queen. The elders say Wyol Yes change much after a long work with Silla. Wyol Ya looked to the elders who fought.

Queen, Kim Chun Chu waiting at the rendezvous, and no tanda2 from Wyol Yes. Queen lost patience and he stood up and called Joo Bang. Joo Bang accompanied children aged 7 years. Queen said he would not wait anymore. The boy said he knew where to look for uncle Wyol Yes. Al Cheon worried, he knew the Queen will visit the headquarters of Bo Gya Hoe.

YES Wyol should end the debate because he had to meet the Queen. A guard came in and asked Wyol ya out for a while. All shocked. Yes Wyol surprised to know the Queen and Al Cheon entrance to the headquarters of Bo Gya Hoe. They were surrounded, AL Cheon was ready to fight (sorry Al Cheon, dizziness definitely Queen yes committee .. wait .. wait .. my guardian). Al Cheon announced the Queen seon Deok, all should kneel with respect. Wyol ya out and give greetings. Queen shows a list of descendants of style, this residence records, the Queen took the book and burn it.

Kim Chun Chu and Joo Bang meet the children fruit Al Cheon and said the Queen might be in danger. Kim Chun Chu asked Joo Bang to the residence of Kim Yong Chun to say he needs to deploy troops. Queen burn a list of what is yet to make them believe in him. What else should he do to make them believe. If they still insist on refusing the rules then they have to harm Kim Yu Hsin. Kim Yu shin forced him to kill. And make Style extinct due to offspring Silla Gaya had to kill people to survive. Queen asked what they expected.

Kim Chun Chu came to the palace guards and surrounds the Queen, the Queen said she baik2 only. Queen gave this warning last ultimatum. Queen saw the Chun Chu, this depends on you to convince Wyol Yes. If you fail then you, Wyol Yes and the other will not see the dawn sun. Queen to go with Al Cheon and Kim Chun Chu guards left to negotiate with them. Queen returned to the palace with the escort. (Child must be thrown off a cliff eagles to learn to fly, Kim Chun Chu experienced the same thing, cool ..)

Joo Bang report Geumseongsan defeated Baekje and Jujin lose. Baekje soldiers toward Amnyangju. Queen say how negotiations Kim Chun Chu and Wyol Yes. Joo Bang said there has been no news. Queen asked Joo Bang announced an emergency meeting soon. Joo Bang go.

Bi Dam received a report Baekje army toward Amnyangju. Yeom Jong said that 20 thousand troops and it made Seorabeol in danger. In Prisoner of Audit, Kim Yu Shin shouted he wanted to know what happened to the troops Jujin. But no answers. Kim Yong Chun said that they should send troops to Amnyangju soon.

And Phil said that if they beat the next Amnyangju Seorabeol, then Yeom Jong came to report that something happened on page Yongmujang (arena practicing martial arts) Queen knew Kim Chun Chu succeed in negotiations with Wyol Yes.

Wyol Yes and Bo Gya hoe with troops marched into Yongmujang Gwoljangno by Kim Chun Chu stood in front of them, and Bo Gya Wyol Ya Hoe knees and pledge allegiance to the Queen and Kim Chun Chu and will give everything. Kim Yong Chun Bo Gya surprise is not that Hoe. The nobles surprised how Bo Gya hoe could enter the palace.

Kim Chun Chu reported on the Queen he had completed the mission given the Queen, he allied with Bo Gya Hoe and they will be loyal to him. Queen happy.

Queen: Call Kim Yu shin into the trial.

kadorama recapsKim Yu-shin wearing military clothes came in and stood in front of the Queen.

The nobles protested when he knew the Queen would like Yu Shin lead the troops. Shin Yu's troops are defeated.

Queen stood, seems orang2 under the leadership of Yu Yu Shin troop Shin is true. If Yu Shin lead them, they can be justified called Shin Yu troops .. Bring me my sword.

Queen to receive his sword.

Queen: Kim Yu Shin Sangjanggun

Kim Yu Shin: Yes, Your Honor! Kim Yu Shin advanced to the front of the Queen.

Queen: I'm here to pick you back as Sangjanggun and confer with you my sword and give absolute authority within the military and ordered to protect the border and land Silla Silla and rescue from danger.

Dam Bi was disappointed that he could not do it even though he has given assurance.

Kim Yu Shin took the sword from the hand of the Queen.

Yu Shin Kim: Kim Yu Shin .. Sangjanggun be risking his life to fulfill the commandment of His Majesty!

Kim Chun Chu Bi Dam look at that scowl.
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