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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 56

Kim Yong Chun Yu Shin did not understand how to work with Baekje. Bo Jong said the Ministry of Audit to investigate on the border and catch Kim Yu shin there, to the west of Bi Sa. Jujin wonder is not sent to Wu Yu Shin Yu Shin San Guk.Jika to mean he was against orders Baekje Queen!

Seo Hyun Kim defends her son, it is impossible Yu Shin mata2 Baekje. This must be a misunderstanding. Sueulbu said Yu Shin is Sangjanggun who was exiled and then violated the Baekje region, this benar2 suspicious. Queen finally cut them all and said he is reducing orders for Yu Shin border check Baekje. All shocked. Yu Shin just do command the Queen. Queen is always one step ahead of them, this is why he is famous wise and hati2.

Bi Dam wonder: Daeya? Shin Yu said Baekje will attack Daeya. Bi Dam said Daeya always face the assault in the past but never fall into enemy hands. Dam Bi Yu Shin asked to be entered into the investigation at the border Baekje. Bi Dam said that what he may believe the story Kim Yu shin. (Ayolah.. Kindness first, ya want war ..) Yu Shin said there mata2 Baekje in Daeya. He who will open the door. Bi Dam repeat: mata2? Kim Yu Shin said mata2 this is one of the soldiers and the name "Heuk" that person is connecting mata2 Dam Bi .. Baekje. Kim Yu Shin justify. Shin Yu said at Bi Dam no time taking care of small problems, they must quickly find mata2 it before it's too late and improve the military.

Bi Dam: Better you think about their own salvation rather than Daeya, your life and salvation. Bi Dam said Yu Shin had escaped from his exile and went to the border of Baekje, is this not a crime.

Yeom Jong came and called Bi Dam. Bi Dam asked what was wrong, Yeom Jong whispered something and Bi Dam shock: Command Queen??!! Jong Bo Mi Saeng and justify. Ha Jong tells how the Queen can send a man who was exiled for a secret mission. Why alienate Yu Shin. Seol Won said the Queen has admitted ordering a secret mission at the trial so that they can not accuse Kim Yu shin as mata2. Mi Saeng asked how things could change drastically. Ha Jong said what Queen do this to protect Kim Yu shin. Bo Jong said he saw along Wyol Ya Yu Shin and Seo Ji. Mi Saeng wonder if so why not say apa2 Jong Bo. Seol Won agree, Kim Yu shin to the Queen of Baekje to carry out orders, but not including Wyol O and Seo Ji.

Bo Jong said, Bi Dam Queen forbade him to report on. Ha Jong Jong asked why Bo does not know what the reason for Bi Dam. Mi Saeng said if this issue becomes chaotic, Queen endanger himself. Mi Saeng asked why.

Seo Hyun Kim gave a briefing about the geography Daeya the Queen. They built a tent around the fort and Fort Gahye (cur Jecheon) and Ji-Bum Cheom (cur Sancheong-gun Gyeongsangnamdo) will deploy troops to Fort Mitasan in Cheon Ju.

Kim Seo Hyun said the deployment will be implemented as soon as possible to be ready for war. According to Yu Shin attack will be carried out within 3 days. They have to get ready. They must find mata2 named "Heuk" Kim Chun Chu said he had asked Im Jong check and will come with the report. Queen asked where Bi Dam. Kim Yong Chun said Bi Dam're talking about logistical problems and plan a common enemy Kim Yu Shin.

Kim Yu Shin wrote detailed plans and Bi Dam reads, Yoon Chung talking about the fast and hard and watch their stock and they only have supplies for 3 days. Bi Dam said then they would attack Daeya within 3 days and asked whether this is true and Yu Shin justify and people with the name "Heuk" will open the gate for them. Bi Dam said that once again Kim Yu Shin has served the country. If Kim Yu Shin did not do this investigation they will not get this important intelligence reports. If this is true the word Bi Dam, it will release Yu Shin because he was once again save the country. Bi Dam will work as quickly as possible based on information Yu Shin to be immediately set you free but currently Yu Shin will feel uncomfortable but he hoped Yu Shin to survive.

Bi Dam exit and in the corridors Bi Dam saw Kim Chun Chu gave the royal command on Im Jong and asked him to investigate a person with a name Im Jong Heuk and asked to meet with commanders Daeya with a secret so that no one suspected, Im Jong understand and accept orders.

Kim Chun Chu looked over and saw Bi Dam in the corridor. Kim Seo hyun prepares his troops. Hwarang prepared. Queen said Baekje has 20 thousand soldiers under Yoon Chung. And mata2 in Daeya. Queen said that they have to get this mata2. Queen ordered the army to destroy the threat and protect the fortress Daeya Baekje. All troops receive orders.

Bi Dam to see the Queen, Bi Dam does not understand why the Queen to send Yu Shin who was exiled for a secret assignment. Queen benar2 admitted this important task, is important for a country that is why he entrusted it to the Yu Shin. Queen believes Yu Shin can do this. Bi Dam said Yu Shin charged with crimes. Queen said to use criminal capable of and allow the criminals are free of charge because of merit in the country is not that the principles of truth and justice? (Tirzah wrote FBI film2 rich, rich Fast and Furius, Swordfish etc)

Bi Dam asked why the Queen can really trust Yu Shin. Queen asked why Bi Dam is hard to believe in the capabilities? Bi Dam said that if the Queen wanted him to believe in people, the Queen does not need to establish audit dept. Queen said: Not the Kim Yu Shin I mean, but I have you believe. Queen asked whether Bi Dam did not believe him and asked whether Bi Dam thinking for personal reasons. That the Queen had misjudged Yu Shin.

Bi Dam said to myself, people who you trusted to meet with Wyol O and Seo Ji, the Queen was asked what she was thinking Bi Dam? Bi Dam said about the last question, he would answer them later. Bi Dam go but he looked again to the Queen.

Ha Jong Dam Bi wonder why hide it from the Queen. Seol Won Dam Bi agree should say to the Queen. Seol Won Jong Bo asked on what really Wyol Yes he saw. Bo Jong asserted right is Wyol Yes and Seo Ji. Bi Dam said he was just waiting for the right time. Jong ha: the right time? Bi Dam wanted to see what the investigation Kim Yu Shin bring good results for this city. If he says now, the achievement Yu Shin will be canceled and he was accused again. So Dam Bi will be waiting for the right.

Gya Bo Hoe practice archery with the formation, they used the target. Seo Ji check the target board and see that the results are different from when using Gwoljangno (Gwoljangno or Cho Ku Nu, can shoot arrows in large quantities and accurate, this is in use against Bi Dam ep 62, when about 30 steps away ...)

Seo Ji said they could beat the style, but we can finally step forward in weaponry. Wyol Yes disturbed by Shin Yu's words in a cave. Seo Ji entered and report that they are very powerful weapons Gwoljangno and see Wyol Ya silent. Seo Ji said they should forget about Kim Yu shin. They do not have the same agenda. Seo Ji asked Wyol Yes to the field to give moral support to the troops. Wyol Ya asked what they do right? Seo Ji stressed Style've suffered for 80 years, they should not believe in Silla.

Wyol Ya said frankly to the descendants of those styles do not have pain anymore, no matter they become subordinate Silla or style, is no different for them. Seo Ji asked Wyol Ya do not lose hope and become weak.

Kim Yu Shin said on Al Cheon, Wyol O and Seo Ji with him during the Baekje. They helped him escape from the Baekje army camp. Al Cheon said it looked like they watch Yu Shin. Al Cheon conscious would not that mean Bo Jong also already know. If Bo Jong know, this would be danger if it expressed more worry .. Yu Shin Daeya. And asked whether there was any news from Daeya. Im Jong riding and back of Daeya. Kim Seo Hyun and his army prepared to fight from Seorabeol. Im Jong reached the palace and reported there are people with names Heuk only he had died a few months ago. Queen in shock.

Ha Jong also shocked, what Shin Yu has been a lie. Yeom Jong said he did not know but forces move because information Yu Shin. Mi Saeng said more Yu Sin is the one who should be exiled ruled by royal command. But Yu Shin incorrect information. Seol Won this when asked what exactly is he waiting. Bi Dam justify this exact moment he'd wait and come sooner than he expected.

Yu Shin surprised to know people by name Heuk dead. What no one else. Guk Dae Pung San Heun and say no because they've had a look. Guk San Heun said all think Yu Shin had given false statements. Kim Yu Shin Daeya worrisome. Yang Gil said Kim Seo Hyun was to withdraw its forces.

Queen held a hearing. All said Yu Shin had given false information. Mi Saeng said the Queen to give mercy to the criminals and provide a very important task, how it can terjdi. Kim Yong Chun said Kim Yu Shin has made the wrong assumptions and military mess but this is just human error. He had no evil intentions and ask for the opinion of the Queen.

Bi Dam attend the hearing (similar maminya, come late .. let me note ckck) and agreed that the Yu Shin inadvertently give false information. But Bi Dam asked permission to speak and report on hold when Bo Yu Shin Jong, he was seen with Wyol O and Seo Ji. Queen was shocked and it is not expected (certainly the Queen pingin BD chop once ..) and the Queen must think fast. Jujin asked whether this is true, he said to the Queen is really not acceptable. Jujin said running the secret order Queen only reason for dealing with Shin Yu Bo Hoe Gya.

They asked Yu Shin punished because against this country. Queen cornered and he remembered Bi Dam postpone answering the question when it later Queen realized Dam Bi is the answer to his question. Bi Dam gave him an answer.

Bi Dam Queen asked what she learns about this. Or Bi Dam had known previously from the beginning that meet Wyol Ya Yu Shin and Seo Ji. Bi Dam said how he dared to lie to the Queen, Bi Dam admitted he already knew from the beginning. Queen furious if Bi Dam knows and why he withhold the information and just say it now. Bi Dam said Kim Yu Shin intelligence is very important to them, if Bi Dam reveal this before it will be ignored and there is no point. That is why he waited to check this is true or false and then report to the Queen. (Queen, certainly resentful bgt ya .. ama BD BD one meal times ..)

Queen: What now you want to play with me waiting for the right kata2 to encourage Kim Yu Shin into a corner and the new act. Bi Dam said Bo Gya hoe is an obstacle to the Silla, the Queen does not need to defend Hollywood. Queen: then .. Bi Dam continues, Yu Shin Kim will not let Hollywood go .. said the Queen, the Queen is only one option that is the Queen will be the one leaving the Yu Shin. Bi Dam sincerely plead for release Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam forced the Queen to decide.

Princess Man Yu Shin Myeong visit, what they should do. There orang2 who begged for Yu Shin executed. Shin Yu asked whether there is a strange movement in Daeya. His mother said that this is not the time to discuss Daeya. Kim Yu Shin said, because Daeya then the problem will be like this. Princess Man Myeong asked what would Daeya benar2 diserang.Yu Shin justify why they should remain bersiap2.

Queen of headaches. Chu Chun come and face. Empress Chun Chu asked what would persuade him to get rid of Kim Yu shin. No word Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu said that the Queen could not get rid of Style for granted. Is not there another way to finish this. Empress Chun Chu asked what an idea. Kim Chun Chu smile, the Queen knew Kim Chun Chu had an answer. Yes, and the answer is I Kim Chun Chu. Queen smiled.

Kim Yu Shin drawing on the floor of the prison with charcoal. He drew the castle Daeya and considering the activities in camp Baekje. Kim Yu Shin thinking hard. Queen on the balcony and remember kata2 Kim Chun Chu. Bi Dam to meet the Queen. Bi Dam asked whether the Queen's decision on Kim Yu shin. Queen asked what was the reason Dam Bi him because he wanted to know? Bi Dam said that if the Queen does not get rid of Shin Yu .. Queen said if he is unable to get rid of the Bi Yu Shin Yu Shin Dam will protect but then there will be a petition for Yu Shin executed and will increase before he could do anything while the Hwarang and the troops will start urgent meeting with the Queen with a petition.

Bi Dam said he had to do all he can to stop the petition, the Queen just need to give approval only so he could save the life of Kim Yu shin.

Queen: The life of Kim Yu Shin, what's this about marriage? Dam Bi was surprised that Queen is able to guess correctly. Queen asked whether this is the life of Kim Yu Shin worth with their marriage, is that expensive. Queen said Bi Dam knew it was not worth it, not Bi Dam expect it. Bi Dam mumble confirmed that he had hoped but Bi Dam said he never set the price to switch allegiance to the Queen.

Queen said that without the babble of loyalty that worrisome. Bi Dam asked the Queen if the Queen wanted to reduce the command to forgive Dam Bi Yu hsin. Bi Dam: I'll spare his life, I'll do it for the Queen. Queen said he would not lose command and he asks Dam Bi Go. This must be the rejection is very painful for Bi Dam.

See Dam Bi Yu Shin and stepped on images made Yu Shin. He sat down and said there is a petition that asked for Yu Shin in execution. But Yu Shin sit here and babble that Daeya be attacked. Bi Dam said that because Yu Shin, he was made Queen's stressful and difficult. Kim Yu Shin Bi Dam also create headaches.

Kim Yu Shin said Bi Dam faster, smarter and intelligent than him, but why Bi Dam can not read the situation clearly and take this lightly. Kim Yu Shin said that would happen today, before this day ends, Daeya be attacked. Bi Dam asked Kim Yu hsin stop. Yu Shin said its priority is not safety but the safety of this country and you. If Daeya attacked then the responsibility will fall on the Auditor General who never check the reports that have found me and set it aside.

Dam Bi Yu Shin asked what could convince him with all this. Kim Yu Shin asked: What would your mother at a time like this? Angry Dam Bi, Kim Yu shin is not allowed his mother's name. Kim Yu Shin said that if Bi Dam has half the intelligence and assessment Mi Shil, then look at me, am I afraid of and what I look like people who cause a commotion. (Mi Shil well knew, he can read minds)

Kim Yu Shin said he did not know why no mata2 with Heuk name, and this made him mad, but Daeya be attacked tonight. Kim Yu Shin said Bi Dam busy hunting deer but did not see Mount Taisan. Kim Yu Shin asked Bi Dam to see Mount Taisan, then he'll notice keseluruan story clearly. (This idiom is a Chinese idiom, I remember Tio Beng Chao Sun or kill the dragon from the story once kneeling on Chang SamFeng and apologized for not seeing Taisan mountain in sight, oh .. I missed Chao Ming, she's really cool ..)

Bi Dam went and said to himself Yu Shin is not someone who likes membuat2, Yu Shin always tell the truth. Bi Dam ponder when Yeom Jong called him. Yeom Jong said Yu hsin dig own grave. Bi Dam stop Yeom Jong then said what if Daeya attacked. Yeom Jong asked how it is possible. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong take all reports of their investigations in Daeya and bring it to Bi Dam immediately. Yeom Jong Dam Bi surprised but glared at her and Yeom Jong do it.

Won seol greet the Queen, the Queen looked nervous Won Seol said. Queen said Seol Won had plenty of experience fighting and fighting. And he is the man with the instinct that no ordinary person. Seol Won Yu Shin Kim Rang said benar2 people who can be trusted, no matter what he went through where or what, Yu Shin always do it for the Queen. So the people who make the Queen anxious not Kim Yu Shin. Seol Won Rang said the Queen should remember, the Queen was reminded not manipulate Bi Dam, but the people who now instead Dam Bi manipulate others is the Queen herself. Queen must be responsible for what has been done Bi Dam and all his actions.

Seol Won said for the Queen to calm Bi Dam and give certainty. Bi Dam could provide a better fidelity than others at Queen's Seol Won sure that the Queen is also know for sure the problem was in the liver.

Suelbu said Yu Shin lied to the Queen and he lowered the board. Bo Jong said the Queen said she was giving orders to the Yu Shin and how they will take care of it. They can only wait for the Queen to solve them. Ha Jong said they would force the Queen to make a decision. Mi Saeng said at the time of this importance, why Bi Dam does not exist.

Bi Dam to see the full list of administration and governance Daeya. Bi Dam said nothing but what is seen apa2 Yu Shin there. Yeom Jong Shin Yu said definitely a lie. Bi Dam said Yu Shin would never lie with a problem like this. Bi Dam thinking hard. The minister knelt at depn In Gang Jeon to beg Queen execute Yu Shin. But the military's Kim Yu Shin begged for forgiveness. They competed with each other to petition the Queen.

Go Do yelling they should not be doing this on the Yu Shin. Queen in her living room listening to all the petitions and cries out, Al Cheon standing at his side. Then Joo Bang deliver petitions from the local heap. Joo Bang said all this petition asks for Yu Shin executed, what they should do. Queen closed her eyes and bepikir. Joo Bang said the Queen had to close her eyes, her ears, do not think anything, do not say he needs to save Bang Joo Kim Yu shin and he had to do it. Queen asked why.

Joo Bang said he did not know anything about politics and he did not know apa2, but if the Queen .. get rid of Kim Yu Shin Yu Shin Joo Bang said only say honestly do not even care status. He felt the Queen will be destroyed if doing this. If the Queen knew would be broken then do not do that if it against his heart.

Kim Yu Shin hear all petitions when Al Cheon comes with running, Yu Shin asked whether there was any news from Daeya, Al Cheon said no. Al Cheon said the palace is now a mess, but he believes Yu Shin honest. But the chaotic situation and Yu Shin had responsibility. Kim Yu Shin said now is not safety critical. Kim Yu Shin said it would be no war and they must immediately stop the Baekje forces. Al Cheon Shin Yu asked what Daeya sure to be attacked. Yu Shin said that if the calculation is correct, it will happen tonight. Al Cheon asked why no mata2 with Heuk name, and what Yu Shin confident with what he saw. Kim Yu Shin said he saw only a part, but there is kat Heuk there.

Yeom Jong said there is no apa2, so word must lie Heuk.

Then Bi Dam Heuk conscious about the characters in Chinese. Definitely something to do with a list of letters. (In Mandarin language, the same characters are collected into one, the letters with the same number of strokes will be grouped into one. The number of scratches between 1-17. Heuk in the index was recorded as a character with 12 strokes)

Yeom Jong see a list of names, and he saw that Heuk in the index refers to the name Jeom Yang and Genome Il who has Heuk (12 strokes), one must mata2 it. Genome Il Bi Dam saw duty in the north gate. Yoon Chung received carrier pigeon from the Genome Il who says he will open the north gate tonight.

Bi Dam said they should take care of this themselves, they need to Daeya and hold Genome Il, is not they should kill him. Yeom Jong shocked and Bi Dam order for them to send Bo Jong diam2 to Daeya with the fastest horse. Yeom Jong understand and leave.

Jong Bo rode to Daeya and said they must withhold mata2 Genome Il Baekje by name and kill it immediately. Bi Dam to see them go.

Yoon Chung announced that they have received a dove from the Genome Il that tonight he will open the north gate. They will seize Daeya. All cheered.

Bi Dam to meet the Queen and she drank tea nervously. Bi Dam asked why the Queen call him. Bi Dam asked the Queen gave him a command, what makes the Queen seem difficult. Queen said Seol Won Rang already told him that he manipulate Bi Dam and he does not provide assurance that Bi Bi Dam Dam becomes uncomfortable. Queen asked whether this is true? Bi Dam asked what was meant by the Queen. Queen asked whether Bi Dam in love with her?

Bi Dam just looked at the Queen. Queen said he had asked and Bi Dam have to answer. Bi Dam justify, Yes I do love Queen. Then the Queen asked to Bi Dam, how about the love of Silla. Bi Dam surprised with the Queen and Queen repeat the question: What Dam Bi love Silla or not. Bi Dam ragu2 answer.

Seo Hyun Kim marched with his army. Then a soldier came and gave the news, Baekje soldiers led by Chung Yoon move. They headed Seongju. Kim Yu shin guards shout what's the word from Daeya. They say there has been no news whatsoever, they asked Yu Shin for calm. Kim Yu shin guards asked to go to the dept of defense to find out. The guard said he could not leave his post he apologized on yu shin.

In Daeya, Il Genome open the door north and Baekje troops entered and burned the fort. Jong Bo and San Tak seen from afar. Bo Jong ordered they should report to Seorabeol soon.

Queen Bi Dam understand intentions and if there should be a marriage bond between them, it was not for saving Kim Yu shin or other service. But because the Queen requires Bi Dam physically at his side but for Bi Dam, she just moved with his own affairs, it must be because the power of the Bi Dam wanted royal wedding. But why Bi Dam because it wanted this wedding to make the deployment of forces to achieve this. Queen asked how Bi Dam can be naive and like anak2? In all Seorabeol, Bi Dam benar2 naive.

Bi Dam remember what was said Mi Shil, dream Bi Dam adalahmimpi the most naive .. Mi Shil said no charisma for a man if he only served on a woman, the Queen said .. Bi Dam said he loved the Queen, but her current he could only love Silla. If the Queen has given her love for Silla how he can love another. Bi Dam said that if he loves it Silla Dam Bi will be that of Silla. Queen for Bi Dam is Silla, because my love for the Queen and Silla can not be separated.

Yeom Jong ran to call the Queen and Bi Dam. Bi Dam asked what was wrong, the Queen can guess what happened. Bi Dam said definitely not ... Guk San Heun provide information on the Yu Shin that Daeya attacked and occupied. Kim Yu Shin transfixed. Yeom Jong Kim Yu Shin justify investigation, Yu Shin true. There mata2 Baekje named Geum-Il who opened the gate, there are also named Mo Cheok which burn wheat supplies to signal the Baekje army.

Seo Hyun Kim troops tried to stop but can withstand forces Chung Yoon blockade. The next morning, Kim Seo Hyun attacked. Chung and Baek Eui Deok fought bravely, (Tirzah, Baek Eui um .. it's me a few times hehe .. but more amazed at his gun, spear gun big gun .. cool rich Kwan Kong or Guan Yu in Sam Kok). Seo Hyun Kim had crossed swords with them. seol Hwang Yun-yun and wounded from the battle because their plan defeated enemy. Hyang Yun said benar2 Baekje forces can not be detained.

recapsKim kadorama-chun Chu said to the Queen that the Baekje take the path of the Hwa Chu and Iseo and headed Amnyangju and within a day they will get to Kotaraja. Dam Bi .. go and ask the Queen does not need to worry, Shin Yu troops will not be defeated. Sueulbu nobleman asked whether Bi Dam proposed for Yu Shin lead the troops. Jae Ho Shin said Yu was accused of a crime. Kim Chun Chu asked then how to deploy troops without Sangjanggun Shin Yu. Nobility Sueulbu say they can not let criminals lead the troops of Silla. Kim Yong Chun asked then who can lead the troops?

Jujin asked whether Bi Dam will lead the troops Kim Yu shin? Kim Yong Chun said Bi Dam has no military experience to lead troops. Bi Dam said he had the most fitting candidate. He is very experienced and has a high strategic expertise and experience extraordinary fighter, the person was none other than Seol Won Rang. Is not he still existed. Bi Dam said Seol Won Rang who will lead the troops Kim Yu shin. Won seol come with full armor and he asked the Queen gave orders for this old warrior to rally the troops, if he failed to rescue from danger or embarrassment Silla Queen so he would not return hidup2.

Go Do go and report on that seol Won Shin Yu will lead his troops. How could they have led Seol Won Rang. They are dissatisfied and complain. Kim Yu Shin said that for his men to follow orders Seol Won Rang. Yu Shin said Seol Won Rang very experienced, even though he is old and rarely fight this akhir2 only that which makes Yu Shin anxious. But Yu Shin asked his men to give the latest condition reports and changes in the Baekje army for 10 years (the battle scene always makes me excited, unity, cooperation, strategy, honor, obedience, action, kueren .. musuhpun if war can unite hehe ..)

Bi dams provide documents to the Queen and told her they had designed a defense plan for every fort in the country after the fall Daeya Dlm. Seol Won Rang have designed this plan. Queen of view and Bi Dam explained to him. Queen holding a map with clenched hands. Bi Dam saw it, the Queen's hand shaking. Bi Dam said that if the Queen had chosen that need it the Queen is on her side and not for the sake of Silla, but for him and anyone who is Queen choose must benefit the Silla and this will be done. Bi Dam said he would save Silla for the Queen, and anything that the Queen loved.

Queen: Anyone .. will save this nation deserves.
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