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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 54

Queen to go, Al Cheon follow. Kim Yu Shin surrender to fate. Queen paused for a moment and say this is true Kim Yu Shin did not know apa2.

Kim Yu Shin handcuffed. Bi Dam questioned Yu Shin, Yu Shin would know where Wyol Yes now. Bi Dam asked Yu Shin said. Shin Yu said nothing. Why go back? If you do not want to disclose the existence of Bo Gya Hoe? Why Yu Shin return to the Queen. Queen come. Dam Bi and Kim Yu Shin stood saluting. Queen asked Bi Dam came out first. When Bi Dam will come out, the Queen said Bi Dam right. Queen said Kim Yu Shin Bo Gya Hoe admitted crimes, but still protect it, Bi Dam out after happy with what he hears.

Queen said this was not very greedy and selfish, what's Kim Yu Shin never thought about how hard choice for decision-making? Queen asked whether Yu Shin wants the throne of Silla. Kim Yu Shin surprised by the words of the Queen, if not why Yu Shin protect Gya Bo Yu Shin Hoe who ask to gain the throne. Authority which will allow organizations like Bogya hoe underground remains. Shin Yu said the Queen has a point about Bo Gya Hoe, but must dipetimbangkan Style descent, if the Queen failed to make the descent Style faithful to her, then the Silla unification will fail. Yu Shin did not want offspring Gaya removed and he also did not expect the Queen will reign Style with hatred. Shin Yu pleaded to the Queen.

Queen said people should integrate with the Silla style but not including Bo Gya Hoe. Queen called Bi Dam. Bi Dam entrance and saluted. Queen ruled Bi Dam to exert power and Bo find Wyol Ya Hoe Gya. Bi Dam agreed. Kim Yu Shin shocked.

Wyol Ya wonder why Yu Shin surrender. Seo ji justify. Wyol Yes annoyed when she can meet people that stupid. Seo Ji then asked what they should do. Wyol Yes instructed to continue monitoring the situation at the palace and all the movements and if there are consequences that may arise they must be prepared. Seo ji understand.

Kim Chun Chu asked what the Queen's decision on Kim Yu Shin. Queen looks annoyed. Chun Chu warned, if Kim Yu Shin did not exist then the balance of power will shift to the Bi Dam and its allies and they should not allow this.

Queen felt Gya Bo Yu Shin Hoe want to make as King, and what Kim Chun Chu thought he was too entrust military Silla on one person. Kim Chun Chu confirmed, but what happens if Bi Dam master the board? Queen say whether Kim Chun Chu understand why he must eradicate Gya Bo Hoe.

Queen said he strongly believes Kim Yu Shin, but the problem is the successor later. His successor must be able to control all, palace, council, military, no matter that Kim Yu Shin or Bi Dam or any other person. Kim Chun Chu is Jingol, although he admitted that he was descendant of Princess Cheon Myeong if Chun Chu did not have the ability to manage this city or the board, you'll be hard to ascend the throne. No matter your hands covered with mud or blood or with Bi Dam and Kim Yu Shin, Kim Chun Chu must master and overcome them so that the seat is safe in his hands.

Queen tells Kim Chun Chu, he had to get out of bayang2nya and towards greater ambition to master the 3 countries. All political intrigue make Queen annoyed because it slows the process of unification of the 3 countries.

During the session the Queen ordered Kim Yu Shin deposed and sent to the border. Namely the Wu San Guk (now Island ulleung)

Jae Ho said although this is very heavy but this exclusion is very hard. Lord Jujin said they should consider military service Kim Yu Shin. Phil And add Yu Shin back and surrendered. Baek Eui said there was no evidence of involvement with Shin Yu Bo Gya Hoe, while Seol Yun said Kim Yu Shin is the Janggun them, so it should be investigated further. Queen said there would be no more investigation. Queen ordered that the Ministry of Audit Gya Hoe Bo cleaning operations and other ministries should provide assistance for Auditor.

Al Yu Shin Cheon said he was exiled. Al Cheon said the Queen was not believed in the Yu Shin but the Queen was angry at Shin Yu. Queen gives her confidence in Bi Dam and Kim Yu Shin as her hand to carry out the Queen keep the quality of people's lives. Al Cheon said, all these can be destroyed by Kim Yu Shin a hard-nosed. Kim Yu Shin understand stupidity. Al Cheon asked why Yu Shin refuses to get rid of Wyol YES. Kim Yu Shin said that no matter that the Queen or Al Cheon, Yu Shin shame to see them.

Go Do feel this is all nonsense. Yu Shin Kim's men declared their discontent. Im Jong even said that the commander plans to petition the Queen. Go Do not believe the power of the petition. He prefers not understand why the Queen did this on Kim Yu Shin. Guk Dae Pung San Heun and said they must meet the Queen personally.

Princess Man Myeong knelt outside the residence of the Queen. Queen asked what the purpose Princess Man Myeong. Kim Yu Shin's mother begged the Queen to the Yu Shin punishment is too heavy and unfair. Queen asked Princess Man Myeong go. Princess Man Myeong asked how the Queen could be so cruel to get rid of Yu Shin. Go Do, Guk Dae Pung San Heun and come and kneel. Princess Man Myeong ask the Queen to consider jasa2 Yu Shin far. Guk San Heun et al also know exactly Kim Yu Shin would never betray the Queen.

Queen asked what they think he betrayed Kim Yu Shin? Go Do not say it is their intention, but the Queen is .. the Queen shouted at them, Kim Yu Shin was the one who crosses the line here. What only the Queen who must understand the Yu Shin, Yu Shin why do not understand him. Why is Kim Yu Shin refused to surrender them and make them in a difficult position. Queen returned to his residence with anger. Go Do etc. shouted the Queen. Princess Man Myeong disappointed.

Bi Dam came to the Queen who is still upset. Bi Dam asked Kim Yu Shin remain in Seorabeol or Queen might feel too heavy. Bi Dam tried to calm the Queen with his hand stretched out toward the Queen but Queen asked Bi Dam aside. Purpose Queen Kim Yu shin, and not a hand Bi Dam, the Queen said to remember Bo Hoe Gya already messed palace, the Queen asked Bi Dam proposed plan. Bi Dam understand and Queen left.

Go Do Joo Bang meet the upset. Joo Bang entertain the Queen had no other choice. Guk San Heun said they were army Yu Shin Kim, when Kim Yu Shin no longer here there is nothing they remain in the ministries of Defense. Joo Bang yelled at them, stupid! Cover your mouth and stay in place. The atmosphere is chaotic does not need to be added to your ravings. Dae Joo Bang Pung asked what had no heart. Go Do annoyed and asked Joo Bang aside. Joo Bang complain, anak2 did not understand anything. (Tirzah: Joo Bang the wiser .. she knows the heart Queen)

Yeom Jong said the Queen commissioned Dam Bi reorganize human resources in the palace, does not mean the Queen is believed to Bi Dam. Mi Saeng said that this is an opportunity to suggest the marriage bond. Ha Jong said every time the issue was filed, will end with the rejection. Mi Saeng said the man will change with time, who knows and Mi Saeng see Bi Dam (meaning for every Mk propose marriage proposal for BD, BD refuse? Hehe) Bi Dam said they prepare a proposal for replacement of office. Seol Won said, Lord Jujin as Minister of Defense and the Al Cheon as SangJanggun with Phil Dan.

Do Yeol nobles in the castle and the duke of Sa Bi Seong Chun at Fort Hando.

Queen pondered, Al Cheon said Kim Yu Shin will soon depart, what the Queen does not want to see it once. Al Cheon reminded when the fort Ah Mak. When the Queen is still as a cadre, he would not abandon anyone. Al Cheon said that this is the same as Shin Yu. Queen asked Al Cheon stops to persuade him. Al Cheon understand and resigned.

Joo Bang entered and saluted the Al Cheon and Queen. Joo Bang said he was told the Queen has been implemented. Queen understood. Joo Bang asked whether the Queen baik2 only. Queen said he did not apa2. Queen said cur Joo Bang is here for him. Queen of the call by dialing Joo Bang "Hyungnim" and asked that Joo Bang do not leave. Joo Bang said that the Queen should think about the situation, why the Queen does not make marriage the Kingdom by Kim YU shin.

kadorama-recapskadorama recapsKim Yu-shin went to exile. Bi Dam sent with a secret, at first glance Dam Bi showed his grief. Morning Bi Dam provides human resources at Queen's reorganization proposal. Queen of view, Bi Dam said Lord Jujin best suited to become Minister of Defense. Dam Bi has moved all the descendants style of government and introduce new orang2 to merevitaisasi council. Queen justify. Kim Yong Chun facing the Queen. Kim Yong Chun, Kim Seo Hyun, Kim Chun Chu entry being called Queen. Queen said after the incident with Kim Yu Shin, they have reorganized the HR in the palace. Bi Dam senyum.Ia feel the Queen approved the proposal. Queen decided that the Yang Gong, Sang Gong, and Dae Gong will be under the command of Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu will take it as Nae Sang and will be promoted at the level of Yi Chan. (Nae Sang = Dept. of Interior, officials tigkat Yi Chan = 2, one level below Sangdaedeung or Prime Minister)

Kim Chun Chu received it and will do his best. For the Ministry of Defence Queen has decided to held Seol Won Rang. Queen release Seo Hyun Kim relieved. Seo Hyun Kim remained in the dept of defense would only be supervised by Seol Won Rang. Kim Seo hyun must accept this decision. Ministry of Audit should continue to investigate Bo Gya Hoe and also adds an investigation on the situation in Baekje and Goguryeo. Bi Dam must swallow a bitter pill. Queen said that from now on, Audits and Defense ministries will report to Sangdaedeung Kim Yong Chun and Shin Kim Sa Nae Sang Chun Chu.

Kim Yong Chun said that ministries were under the Queen's audit. Queen said that time the audit carried out only to control the condition in the session but very efsien audit ministries and the good that exceed what is expected, therefore the Ministry of Audit should focus on the development of Baekje and Goguryeo. (Meaning no longer audit dong Queen, it's called intelligence, CIA, SAS, or MOSSAD so ..)

Bi Dam speak privately with the Queen. Why did the Queen decide like that. Queen says now is more important is the situation in Baekje and Goguryeo. Bi Dam asked what the Queen does not believe it, Kim Yu Shin wrong but why he had removed and set aside. Bi Dam said Yu Shin no longer here but he still can not be in the Queen to serve him. Bi Dam said his loyalty to the Queen sungguh2, what the Queen could not see it.

Queen said he knew, not only that the Queen knew Bi Dam Dam Bi want it and even mengidolakannya. Bi Dam last question? Queen asked whether Bi Dam know what her most jealous of Mi Shil? That's because the Mi Shil never be a ruler. Mi Shil only plays into the feelings of love and bond for the marriage bond so he could increase his influence. But for the Queen, if she wants to do it, he only made the controversy and problems.

Queen asked whether Bi Dam Dam Bi intend to support him to the throne? Queen feels Bi Dam wanted to gain the throne. Queen said it does not mean he does not have emotions and feelings as a human being and would be happy if someone loved him and he can rely on him to calm him and support him, embraced him warmly by the sentimental support or praise him. What Bi Dam did not think he wants it.

Queen said warm touch Dam Bi what he thought the Queen did not feel it, it will make her heart berdebaran. Tiba2 Bi Dam hug Queen who became surprised because Dam Bi reaction. But Queen ragu2 Dam Bi hug and pushed him away. Queen: It is impossible for me .. Why can not I? asked Bi Dam. Direct Queen said she was no longer a woman but he could only be for Bi Dam .. as a ruler.

Previous Raja2 also the same, they sacrifice and give me this important task and this dream. Silla had to be strong must not end, strengthen the royal power and achieve the unification of 3 countries, and before that, the Queen will never be a woman or a "me". Bi Dam asked what love is like to have. Queen asked Bi Dam do not force anyone to choose and not be able to have it as long as he still ruled. Bi Dam looks broken heart because of rejection of the Queen. Bi Dam went with a bit annoyed.

Ha Jong shocked, the Queen of lowering the degree of Ministry of Audit. Mi Saeng said now they can not directly approved by the Queen. Must go through Nae Sang. Seol Won said the Queen realized after all that happened that the influence of Bi Dam becomes very large. Mi Saeng said they were assigned to clean Bo Gya hoe and if they fail to be held responsible. Yeom Jong said that if they fail then the cleaning will be to .. Seol Won said the Queen would summon Kim Yu Shin.

Ha Jong said what they need back-up plan? Mi Saeng agree, Queen and Yu Shin relationship will not break away. Ha Jong said in times like this mother has always said .. Mi Saeng: "Seol Won .. finish this war alone." Yeom Jong ordered his men to kill Kim Yu shin.

Seol Won Rang see the view from the balcony, when the Queen came and said Mi Shil always liked the view from here. Seol Won justify. Queen said that if it were not for the support Seol Won, he can not do it. Seol Won Rang said without him, the Queen will conduct themselves properly. Queen said Mi Shil benar2 successfully teach the best human resources. Queen asked what Seol Won Rang last kata2 Mi Shil before he died on Seol Won Rang, and the Queen said no matter what it is he strictly warned not to manipulate the Bi Dam. This is the Queen saw, also from the demand Mi Shil.

Yeom Jong came to the border and look for Kim Yu Shin. Someone indicated there is a place remote yan, maybe he was there. Yeom Jong approached the cabin. Yeom Jong feels weird because there are no guards. Yeom Jong came in and was empty. He was very upset.

Yang Gil and San Heun meet Guk Kim Yu Shin. They took command the Queen, the Queen was asked to investigate Shin Yu Baekje forces. Pallyangchi south and this mission should be conducted in secret.

Before Yu Shin out of the palace, he met men who said the Queen had asked them to investigate the border of Baekje. They await the arrival of Yu Shin, but Guk San Heun with regret saying after this mission is completed, Kim Yu Shin must melnjutkan exile.

Wyol Ya heard Kim Yu Shin will examine the border Baekje. Wyol Yes ask Seo Ji continue to report progress.

San No report on Bi Dam, they have mobilized all forces as a reconnaissance troop Baekje. San Tak Dam Bi'm going with Bo Jong and immediately departed. Yeom Jong came to report that Kim Yu Shin is not in exile. Bi Dam asked what Shin Yu to escape and wonder how Yeom Jong know. Yeom Jong ragu2.

Bi Dam asked how he knew and pulled the collar of Yeom Jong and ask for Yeom Jong answer. I went there. Bi Dam wonder to what's there. Yeom Jong just laughed (kill ...!! BD ..!!) uterus and Bi Dam interesting Yeom Jong with both hands why did you get there? Yeom Jong saw a golden opportunity to kill Kim Yu shin. Bi Dam encourage YeomJong who tried to breathe, Bi Dam ponder what this is doing Wyol Yes or Queen?

Yu Shin Kim, Guk San Heun and Yang Gil block messenger Baekje and kill them. There was one who escaped, Yu Shin chase and asked what's her name, Do Yeol from the palace. Yu Shin asked for a password and objectives.

Kim Yu Shin asked what the contents of the message. One of the soldiers had not died, he took the sword when Yu shin and threatened to kill Do Do Yeol Yeol. But people were killed Guk San Heun. Kim Yu Shin examine their bodies for information.

At the headquarters of Baekje. Kim Yu Shin, Yang Gil and Guk San Heun met with Gyebaek in disguise.

Gyebaek was General Baekje. One is the famous phrase "I would rather die than be enslaved enemy." He even killed his wife and family to keep from falling into enemy hands ck .. ck

Gyebaek asked Yu Shin password. Kim Yu Shin said: Bo Cha. Gyebaek asked Kim Yu Shin and his men followed him and they will meet Yoon Chung. (General Baekje other)

Chung yoon Kim Yu shin felt strange faces and asked from where they are unity. Kim Yu Shin Do Yeol he said of the palace guards. Yoon Chung asked what she persons who won the last horse race was held. Kim Yu Shin engiyakan. Yoon Chun satisfied and asked what the message from King Shin Yu. Yoon Chung King asked for a detailed report on the development squad. Yu Shin clearly speak on behalf of the King of Silla:)

Yoon Chung surprised. Chun Yoon Gwan said Gen. Pyeong already reported it to the King. Kim Yu Shin said that as far he is on Sangdansan Yeongun Jend. Yoon Chun said he was definitely wrong, Yoon Chung Kim Yu Shin test. Chung Yoon said everyone was processed as planned and they will talk about and make maps for their operation and he asked Kim Yu Shin leave after 1 hour.

Yoon Chung Gyebaek ordered to prepare a new horse for the courier, Kim Yu Shin invited to eat by Gyebaek, he examined the situation. Gyebaek open the map, Yu Shin view it later turned out to map Daeya Game Heuk Mun.

Gyebaek close the map and see the Yu Shin peering over her shoulder, Gyebaek asked what was wrong. Kim Yu Shin said he saw outside many soil and rock and asked what it would be made. Gyebaek said for the defense. Kim Yu Shin asked whether it is a double formation. Shin Yu Gyabaek benar2 smart laugh. Yu Shin asked who would lead them. Gyebaek wonder why tiba2 interested in this. Shin Yu said he heard this formation to create an escape quickly so he was very impressed. Gyebaek said he would lead. Daeya be attacked. Because Daeya very important.

Yu Shin said to conquer Daeya take a long time, Gyebaek justify why they should be attacked with fast and hard.

Queen review of agricultural land and Bong Gi reported annual crop report. Wheat harvest better than the sorghum. Queen said the research scientist kacang2an Deok Chong that will restore soil fertility was proven and the best way. (Kacang2an can restore nitrogen in the soil.)

Queen ordered to plant kacang2an to make the barren land into fertile and arable. Gi Bong said that if they succeed then the annual harvest will increase two or three times this year. Queen justify. Al Cheon said that the land has been increasing rapidly and there is a significant improvement. Also the number of independent farmers. But why the Queen does not look happy. Queen said he was pleased with the results he was just nervous.

Bi Dam will meet the Queen and met Kim Chun Chu and Kim Yong Chun. Kim Yong Chun asked what the purpose of Bi Dam. Bi Dam to see the Queen does not exist. Chun Chu said the Queen out and review of agricultural land and meets Gong Bong Bong Gi Game Sa. Bi Dam resigned.

Bi Dam will go as Kim Yong Chun said that if one wants Bi Dam was reported to the Queen, she now can report on Kim Chun Chu. Bi Dam reported that Kim Yu Shin is not in place and can not be found anywhere. Bi Dam does not know what Kim Yu Shin right to go there or run away, he is still looking for information. Kim Chun Chu understand. He will report to the Queen. Bi Dam will go, but Kim Chun Chu called him and asked what the Ministry of Audit did not receive a Queen, why the audit dept send people there. Kim Chun Chu remind Bi Dam is not the Queen by giving them clear instructions to cleanse Bo Gya Hoe.

Kim Chun Chu asked where Wyol Yes, Bi Dam msh investigate. Bi Dam said Wyol Yes will know exactly where Kim Yu shin. That's why he sent people to check out Kim Yu shin.

At the headquarters of Baekje, Gyebaek said Chung Yoon will meet with Yu Shin. Yu Shin Yoon Chung asked to give themselves to the King. Yu Shin understand. Yoon Chung asked them to pick and Kim Yu hsin just take the roll of red, it aroused their suspicions, as Kim Yu Shin will go, their sword. Gyebaek said message to the King sent in a roll of black and asked how Baekje couriers do not know that.

Yusin reaction was fast, he took a roll of black-and-run. Shin Yu pursued. Shin Yu Bo besieged but tiba2 Gya hoe shooting at them with arrows. Wyol Yes and Seo Ji came with his army helped Yu Shin Kim, Dae Pung and Guk San Heun.

Meanwhile, Bo and San Tak Jong also infiltrated and soldiers disguised as Baekje. They recognize Kim Yu Shin. San was also said people in addition to Yu Shin is Wyol Yes. Bo Jong confused what Shin Yu at the border along with Baekje lebih2 Wyol Yes, Seo Ji and Dae Pung, Guk San Heun. Baekje setting a trap, but Shin Yu Ya da Wyol escaped.

Gyebaek opened fire on them, Kim Yu Shin dropped the roll of black. Yang Gil ask yu fast and Wyol Ya sin as well. Yu Shin went without a roll of black. Go Do and Dae Shin Yu Pung welcome the wounded and asked how it went. Guk San Heun said they dropped the message. Gil said that they should treat the wound Yu Shin, Yu Shin saw a carrier pigeon. Shin Yu said there mata2 in Daeya, because he saw his map. what it says on the map. Guk Mun San Heun said Game Heuk. Kim Yu shin felt that name would mata2.

Someone in Daeya will open the gate for them to attack Baekje and quickly. Kim Yu Shin said that they need immediately to the palace quickly, if need be until tonight.

Go Do and Dae Pung understand. Dae Pung, Yang Gil and Guk San Heun go. San Tak Bo Jong and observe from afar. Bo Jong said they had arrested Kim Yu Shin and Wyol Yes. If they attack here would be at risk, Bo Jong said they will strike when on his way to Silla.

Wyol Ya mad at Yu Shin, Yu Shin was Silla or Style. Shin Yu Ya Wyol asked to choose one. Kim Yu Shin said that Hollywood does not exist. Seo Ji surprised by perkatan Yu Shin. Yu Shin asked them conscious. Seo Ji said now he knows what kind of person Kim Yu Shin. Just for the sake of personal gain he throw style. Yes Wyol asked whether this is due to Yu Shin adore the Queen? Is it because honesty and loyalty to the Queen Shin Yu? Shin Yu said no, he only realistic in the fact that cruel.

Kim Yu Shin said they should accept the reality and can only be a subordinate of Silla. This satu2 way to survive. Seo Ji Shin angry how yu can blaspheme like that style. Yu Shin said their task as a descendant of King of Hollywood, they must be confident that the remaining descendants of style will not suffer by suspicion and discrimination. Do not let descent Style Kim will become extinct which is why Hollywood should be supporting the unification of the 3 countries.

Wyol Yes: for the sake of unification of the 3 countries then Kim Yu Shin was throwing style. Wyol Ya said his fellowship with Kim Yu Shin ending. Wyol Yes and Seo Ji away, disappointed. Kim Yu Shin out. Bo said this saatnya.Kim Jong Shin Yu's men ambushed and besieged Bo Jong.

In the fortress there Daeya changing of the guard. Two new guards opened the door and left the gate open in the circumstances.

Queen was shocked to receive reports that the Baekje will start a war. He rushed to his residence for a meeting. Guk San Heun said Daeya in danger. Queen asked to call Al Cheon Dam Bi, Kim Chun Chu, Kim Yong Chun and told the defense ministry and Seol Kim Seo Hyun Won Rang. Al Cheon said he has done it. Queen asked the courier was sent to Daeya to provide hazard warning attack Baekje. Then make preparations at the castle Bi Sa, Iseo, Daegaya, and ask them to deploy troops to Daeya soon. Al Cheon understand.

The ministers attending the meeting and asked what happened Jujin. Why they are called in session. Queen come in and answer them in a state of war. Queen sitting, Kim Chun Chu shocked. Seo Hyun Kim asked for an explanation. Queen said the army was moving toward Daeya Baekje. Jujin surprised. Why Daeya, why would attack Daeya Baekje. The Queen shouted at the castle there mata2 Daeya and he will open the gate. Queen of scream why not place the Ministry of Audit.

Dam Bi was with Kim Yu shin in his residence and they saw each other. (Hobby really does Mark lihat2an ...). Jong Bo came in and said to the Queen, ministers of the audit was holding Kim Yu Shin. Queen: What's new you say? Kim Yu Shin seen on the border of Baekje, so we keep him because he became suspicious mata2. Queen was upset over allegations that the Yu Shin is mata2. What diocehkan Jong Bo ..
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