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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 53

Queen annoyed at all, someone who has received his good will "bite" his hands like this. This lowered the mandate received by the Queen.

Seo Ji received notification from the officer that was arrested Wyol Yes. The man said Wyol Seo Ji Ya ordered to flee, he gave the keys to Seo Ji. The man said he would help run and ask Wyol YA hati2 seo ji. Officers carrying out of the ministry Wyol Yes Audit. The guard asked Wyol Ya want to be taken where, to the residence of Bi Dam for questioning. They managed to get out, but were confronted by Yeom Jong.

Yeom Jong asked where he would bring Wyol Yes, to the residence of Bi Dam. Yeom Jong doubt about the truth of this command Dam Bi. The officer confirmed. Yeom Jong understand and let them go. When they would go, tiba2 Yeom Jong directs the sword to the neck guard. Yeom Jong said Bi Dam was meeting the Queen, are you willing to lie to me! Wyol Yes separated from the knot and take the sword of the officer and kicked Yeom Jong and they fled. Yeom Jong ask for help. (Tirzah: I suspect .. I smell something Fishy ..)

Seo Ji also made it out of the room and out of prison ministries Audit Office, he made the guard as a prisoner with a knife. Seo Ji escape. (Ouch .. knp run ..). Officers drove to the horse and Wyol Ya Ya Wyol run. Seo Ji Wyol Yes finally met and got into horses. Yeom Jong chase and ordered the gates closed. One of the guards is Gya Bo Hoe's men, he beat his friend and let Wyol O and Seo Ji ran. Yeom Jong shouted to open the gate and catch up but the guards to close and lock the gate. Yeom Jong kill the guy.

Meanwhile, Dam Bi begged the Queen to order an investigation into the involvement with Bo Gya Hoe. Then Yeom Jong facing a panic and called Bi Dam. Bi Dam asked what was wrong, why bother. Yeom Jong said Wyol YA and Seo Ji escape from the Ministry of Audit. Bi Dam: What? Yeom Jong said the Audit dept infiltrated by mata2 Bo Hoe Gya.

This makes the Queen had no other choice. He gave the order to investigate Kim Yu Shin with Bo Gya Hoe and go with sadness. Al Cheon follow the Queen. Kim Yu Shin looked at the Bi Dam. Bi dam smiled sardonically.

Bo Jong said they sudahmengerahkan officer to oversee the movement of Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yu shin. Yeom Jong said they also oversee Go Do, Guk San Heun, Dae Pung, and that Gil and their closest orang2. Seol Won Rang said there must be a branch within Seorabeol Gya Bo Hoe. They will start looking mata2 Gya Bo Hoe and expelled them from the palace. Then ask orang2 captured. Dam Bi was not too interested in this report. Seol Won asked what he thought Dam Bi, Bi Dam said not apa2. And ask them to run a course that has been reported. Bi Dam asked where Kim Yu Shin, Yeom Jong said he was in the examination.

Kim Yong Chun and all the ministers debated how can Bo Gya Hoe is on all the ministries, ministerial and even audits. Jae Ho said that if they managed to escape, means the whole palace is mata2 Bo Hoe Gya. Kim Yong Chun Yu Shin Kim defended, but the nobles Sueulbu said that indisputable fact, Kim Yu Shin is a descendant of Hollywood. Lord Jujin said today the problem is whether the balance of power will move to where. Kim Yong Chun did not understand, Jujin said, Kim Yu Shin and Bi Dam are the two scales at right and left sides of the balance sheet, would not they are right and left hands the Queen? Now the left hand right hand attack. Kim Yong Chun Bi Dam thinking what are designing something. Lord Jujin laugh, who would know. (Tirzah; well, Kim Yong Chun is actually his half-brother Dam Bi, Bi Dam pro jgn2 he also seems guns .. tp)

Deok chung discuss with the Hwarang, finally Bo Ga Hoe be a backlash for Kim Yu Shin. Im Jong said it is too early to speculate. Phil Dan said although Bi Yu Shin Kim Dam and close friends, but seeing how Bi Dam investigating the case, benar2 weight. Seon Yeon asked how moral defense ministry, Deok Chun said that since Kim Yu Shin was arrested, would not be pleased. From the beginning of the relationship of the Audit Department of Defense and the dept is always tense.

Kim Seo Hyun mendapatlaporan Wyol Yes and seo ji managed to escape. Guk San Heun justify mata2 who infiltrated the Audit dept mereka.Putri Man who fled what they say Myeong benar2 rebuild Gya Bo Hoe. Kim Seo Hyun said if so, Kim Yu Shin could not menghidar to become targets of suspicion. Dae Pung confirmed that Kim Yu shin now been detained by the Auditor. Princess Man Yu Shin Kim Myeong worrisome. (Yes, once arrested maminya, cur son ..)

Kim Yu Shin said the Bi Dam that he never had the ambition or motive against the rules of the Queen, the fact is, Bi Dam should know and clearly. Bi Dam asked about the motives of ambition ... .. it does not just exist. Kim Yu Shin asked what was meant by Bi Dam, Dam Bi said the problem is not the Yu Shin as a person but the effect is represented Yu Shin, the land which he conquered, and kelompok2 supporters who gave their assistance to the Yu Shin and what exactly their mysterious agenda, this is an important fact. Kim Yu Shin was not sure what was meant by Bi Dam.

Kim Chun Chu asked supporters and groups of power? Queen explains to his nephew that Kim Yu Shin is now no longer just the name of a person but a group representing large force with broad powers. Queen said that this is two different things, he must believe Kim YU Shin as individuals or as representatives of certain power groups. Queen said Kim Yu Shin bound by Hollywood. Kim Chun Chu said that Hollywood is the home of Kim Yu shin and he will not be able to let go, it would not work.

Kim Yu Shin shocked, Dam Bi Kim Yu Shin own wish that crush Gya Bo Hoe? Bi Dam said that if Kim Yu Shin agree, and accept, he will return this issue back to the Queen. Kim Yu shin feels difficult. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin is a descendant of style and leader Bo Gya Hoe has been ascertained is Brig Wyol Yes and he was right of your men. Moreover, he fled. This benar2 big threat. Bi Dam said Kim Yu shin must destroy Bo Gya Hoe with a head as a trophy Wyol Yes.

Kim Yu Shin said what Bi Dam do not think that the head will generate Wyol Wyol YA YA2 another? So the effort to unite the descendants of Queen of Silla style with sheer will sia2. Dam Bi Yu Shin Kim asked whether fear of losing its roots. Bi Dam said, he and the Queen does not want to lose Kim Yu Kim Yu shin shin but should separate themselves from the style and strength of his supporters. And start again from scratch.

Kim Chun Chu said that the problem always lies in the balance of power scale. Queen asked what it was. Now there are 2 strengths of Kim Yu Shin and Bi Dam. Although not mentioned but they salaing check and balance one another, this is actually desirable Queen at first. Kim Chun Chu Mi Shil explain allies now collected by Bi Dam and now can support because the position of General of Audit and the fact the large number of lower-class nobles bound relationship with Bi Dam. Chun Chu said that if they lose Kim Yu Shin, the balance will be broken and will be off the mark with their own agenda Dam Bi. The same thing also if Kim Yu Shin wins, it is certain that the same scenario will happen Bi Dam.

Queen said he should let Bo Gya Hoe and not do anything? Kim Chun Chu said he could not decide. Queen said Chun Chu did not learn about good or bad and continue to argue. Chun Chu said the more he learns, the more blurred the line between right and wrong. Chun Chu said today Kim Yu shin and its strength should be and can not be attenuated. Queen knew the truth of Chun Chu and he knew it was painful.

Yeom Jong meet Bi Dam. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin apa2 not know before. Looks like Bo Gya led by Wyol Ya Hoe itself. Yeom Jong said this would be complicated. hard to find Wyol Yes now. Prisoners Gya Bo Hoe's most hard to find. Yeom Jong said difficult to hold one of them. Bi Dam: Hold? Who says we have to keep Bo Gya Hoe?

Hoe Gya bo hold war exercises. Seo Ji met Wyol Yes and give the remaining list. Wyol yng Ya said it all there in the palace? Wyol Yes burns list of names. He does not care if you have to die or only one that survived. Wyol Ya just have the highest percentage of those who survive. Seo Ji said they've made Kim Yu Shin in big trouble. It must now detained Minister Yu Shin Audit. of course, because Kim Yu Shin had always know about Bo Gya Hoe. Wyol Ya said this was the reason why he should be able to escape without failure. seo ji Wyol Ya surprised and smiled.

Yeom Jong urgent purpose Dam Bi Bo tidk will hold Gya Hoe. Bi Dam: they probably will not catch them. Yeom Jong asked what was in mind Bi dam. Bi Dam: Why Wyol Ya escape? because he is the leader Bo Gya Hoe? If so Bi Dam said, it would make Kim Yu Shin in great danger. Maybe because they want to save themselves. All this for the sake of style. What if the real answer is that they ultimately could determine who will be Lord of Style. Bi Dam asked who would be Lord? Yeom Jong, Kim Yu Shin would not? Bi Dam: Definitely Kim Yu Shin will reject the bid Wyol Yes and this fact I'm sure if Wyol Ya continue to urge Kim Yu shin, then there will be friction between them. Both will boil.

Kim Yu Shin will reject and disagree with the bid but at the same time, the descendants of Style will suppress Wyol Ya. Yeom Jong then why do they still run away and leave Kim Yu Shin in danger? Bi Dam said that if he repeated the question then the answer will present itself.

Seo Ji surprised that Wyol Ya Yu Shin Kim intends to force through difficult times. Ya say current Wyol Kim Yu Shin swear to the Queen and refused to rule his own but now Bo Hoe Gya exposed, so Wyol Ya can run and folk style will surely catch it. Seo Ji asked whether this is to force Kim Yu Shin change his mind. Mind Yu Shin difficult to change, but this situation will force him. The situation will continue over and over if Kim Yu Shin always refused the throne. Seo ji, the situation will be ... Wyol Yes will be prolonged unrest.

Yeom Jong surprised that the situation will deteriorate, it is the method of Wyol satu2nya Yes to persuade Kim Yu shin and forced him to achieve his own dream. Yeom Jong asked what action Wyol Yaselanjutnya ...

Wyol Yes: They must help the Yu Shin ran. If Yu Shin managed to escape from the Ministry of Audit will be a big threat. Seo Ji Shin Yu said seeing the character, what she agrees, even if they succeed, what he will follow their wishes. Wyol Yes laugh he would be killed by Kim Yu shin but either way if once ran Yu Shin, Yu Shin Kim will not be able to return.

Bi Dam justify, Wyol Yes definitely will help Yu Shin ran (he's smart ..), If Kim Yu Shin ran it again will not be able disangkan involvement with Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam said it planned Wyol Yes to Yu Shin. Bi Dam thought it would be interesting.

Queen met Yu Shin in space Ministry of Audit. They sat opposite. Queen said he would provide troops to bring home to her head Wyol Yes. Yu Shin said that if he did that, goodness and service to the Queen during this descent will sia2 Style. Queen said that if he tidk do this, he will lose Kim Yu shin. Shin Yu asked whether they would repeat the history again? That is where Mi Shil tries to force the Queen to sacrifice style descent. Yu Shin said he was now in the Queen because the Queen firm chose the descendants of Gaya, the Queen will still embrace the descendants of Hollywood.

Queen said he did that, but as ruler of this nation, he will not allow the existence of Bo Gya Hoe. Yu Shin said that even if Wyol Yes dead, will rise Yes Wyol other and will make Bo Gya Style Hoe rise and descent will be joined by Bo Gya Hoe.

Yu Shin said Hollywood has suffered a long descent, if they are pressed again it will make the Queen's difficult to accept as their ruler. Queen said Kim Yu shin just thinking about the interests of Hollywood offspring. Shin Yu asked whether the Queen was not thinking about his personal safety and even the Shin Yu ... what ever think about me and what he might think. Shin Yu ana failed to control his men and not a small mistake and Kim Yu Shin could suffer because of the punishment began decreasing status and occupation, confiscation of property, Yu Shin will receive the punishment. Kim Yu Shin said that the Queen may dispose of but must embrace the descendants of Queen's style anyway. Queen was shocked and he sighed.

Queen thought hard at his residence. Bi Dam announce his arrival. Bi Dam asked whether the Queen had met Yu Shin. Queen justify. Bi Dam said the incident Gya Bo Hoe make a mess and there must palace responsible. Queen was silent. Bi Dam urged the Queen to give an answer. Queen tells Dam Bi, Kim Yu Shin is innocent and has nothing to do with Bo Gya Hoe. Bi And have to say Bo Gya Hoe led by Wyol Yes but the board thinks otherwise and Bi Dam uneasy with this problem that the Queen would be troubled by this problem. Queen said Bi Dam understand his misery but why Kim Yu Shin is not sensitive and aware of the difficulty that his heart is very concerned with this issue and Kim Yu Shin did not care about the feelings that Yu Shin did not understand. Queen said that this is benar2 disappointing.

Yeom Jong asked what they need to move the Yu Shin out of the palace. Bo Jong said that if information is leaked then they would try to escape Yu Shin. Bo Bo Jong said mata2 Gya hoe may still be active in the Audit dept. Seol Won said they akna megeksploitasi this to their interests. Seol Won said that if information is leaked, then they will give the opportunity to transfer this mata2 and Bo Gya Hoe will appear to save Yu Shin, is a good opportunity to catch them all. Yeom Jong Seol Won Rang praised the strategy.

Ha Jong entered in a drunken state and asked what strategies and Seol Won praise indeed a good strategist. Seol Won Ha Jong asked why drinking again. Ha Jong said he had to do with drinking. Bo Ha Jong Jong asked to control himself, Bi Dam will soon come. Ha Jong said that anyone who does not know that the Auditor-General has wide powers in addition to Bi Dam. See it all is Bo Gya Hoe men fear all. Their influence increased after the incident this Hoe Bo Gya.

Bi Dam entrance and Ha Jong Seol Wonminta calm. Seol Won greets Bi Dam. Ha Jong unable to stand properly to give greetings. Ha Jong said he was starting to talk about his plan to offer kindness to Bo Gya hoe.

Bo tries to stop Ha Jong Jong. Bi Dam said do not, I think that's a useful idea. Bi Dam said Ha Jong and her mind have in common. He will offer help on Gya Bo Hoe. Bi Dam asked nama2 mata2 Gya Bo Hoe on their dept and who they are. Yeom Jong mentions nama2, there are 3 people. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong for providing the transfer of Kim Yu shin problems on them. Yeom Jong surprised. Jong Bo asked whether want to eradicate Dam Bi Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam: no akau had not already said will provide services to them. Seol Won asked what services were Kim Yu shin? Bi Dam said the presence of Hoe Gya bo benar2 help ministries Audit. Kim Yu Shin will cross the bridge where there is no turning back.

Shin Yu was escorted out of the palace, he saw the court last time. Joo Bang gave the report to Kim Chun Chu. Chun Chu felt strange why tiba2. Joo Bang say this not because Wyol Yes've managed to get out, so to prevent the escape hoe Gya mata2 Bo Yu Shin, Yu Shin then moved out of the palace. Kim Chun Chu asked how many people. Joo Bang: how much ..? Kim Chun Chu: how many people are governed Kim Yu shin guard? Joo Bang said about 10 people. Kim Chun Chu said then if you are Bo Gya Hoe, is not this is an opportunity to liberate Kim Yu shin.Joo Bang said yes he would do that. Kim Chun Chu suspicious why they only assign 10 people. Joo Bang conscious, what is intended for Gya Hoe free Bo Yu Shin? Chun Chu agreed. Joo Bang was still confused and Kim Chun Chu went with the rush.

Bo Yu Shin Kim Jong guarded. One of the guards opened the handcuffs Yu Shin, Yu Shin alert and asked what he was doing when arrows started attacking them. Bo Jong and his men to face them. Seo ji came and took off Kim Yu shin. Kim Yu Shin angry and asked where Wyol Yes. Seo Ji said there was no time and asked Yu Shin follow. Inevitably follow Seo Shin Yu Ji. Bo Jong saw it and was glad that the goal succeed.

Kim Chun Chu went into the audit dept and he saw San Tak, San was asked what the purposes of Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu asked if Kim Yu Shin escape, San Chun Chu Kim was startled out of this problem. Bo Jong report all according to plan. Bi Dam praised their work and it is time the Queen knows this incident.

Queen asked how this bus Joo Bang happened, it happened during the transfer. All the sudden, also heard that the people in charge move is mata2 Bo Yu Shin Hoe Gya. Queen in shock. Joo Bang said there are 3 guards that are mata2 and it seems everything is predictable. Queen does not understand how this could happen. Joo Bang jga not know and Queen concludes this action and asked where the Dam Bi Bi Dam.

Bi Dam said on Kim Yu Shin deptnya that now is the enemy of the state of Silla. Seol Won said there was no evidence connecting Kim Yu shin with Bo Gya Hoe. but merekasudah kill the guards and carried off Yu Shin. It also has become evident. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu shin is someone who goes to a place that is not no turning back. (Buk Su Bui Ban)

Yu Shin Bi said dam can not do anything. Bi Dam asked what everyone was prepared, Bo Mi Jong said Saeng will collect them for the meeting tonight.

At home Yeom Jong, all the nobleman low-level assembly. Mi Saeng announce the arrival of Bi Dam and all stood saluting. Bi Dam came in and sat down. Bi Dam to thank because they already gather. Bi Dam stated Kim Yu Shin hero Silla has been proven in cahoots with Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam said that at present all the Silla need your support. Bi Dam Jujin asked to consider the defense ministry and asked how Jujin opinions about the proposal that the defense minister. He will recommend to the Queen. Jujin thrilled. Bi Dam said he would propose this morning in the trial. All must be told the Queen the situation is not favorable and Bi Dam will never forget the kindness that you gave tonight. Allied Bi Dam began happy.

In the morning in the courtroom, all attacking Kim Yu Shin. Shin Yu said although Jujin have a great sajarah in war but they can not simply underestimate this. Mi Saeng asks the Queen to declare Kim Yu Shin as an enemy of the state and father of Kim Yu Shin also no longer be trusted to hold the leadership position of the Defense department. and he had to come down from his post. Jae Ho also urged the government position held by descendants of Gaya was taken. Queen urged to immediately make a decision.

Kim Yu Shin interesting Wyol Yes and asked how this could be this bad. Wyol My apologies to Kim Yu Shin of deceit. Kim Yu Shin hit Wyol Yes. Seo Ji wanted to intervene but also caned. Kim Yu Shin asked whether they are sincere and what is the fellowship that is why they can deceive and cheat their own friends. Wyol Ya said this about 60 thousand descendants of Hollywood. Wyol Ya said Kim Yu Shin also has an interest and Shin Yu must be willing to protect and embrace the offspring. Is not his wife had given him alone son. Wyol Ya said if one life is so important, think about 60 thousand life-style descent. Kim Yu Shin then asked what. Is not the Queen was clearly gives all good for them. What ever the Queen to ignore them. Yes Wyol argue, what the Queen will live forever. Who will guarantee that the Queen is not going to change his mind with tiba2.

If only Wyol Yes it might still be able to trust the Queen but what if this belief had miscalculated what would happen with 60 thousand lives.

Wyol Ya do not even doubt the Queen but Wyol Ya need to get ready for an additional plan if any. Kim Yu Shin then asked what he would do now. There is no other alternative states Ruler Style. Kim Yu Shin: you mean me?

Shin Yu Ya said Wyol should be King and no other. Yu Shin said he did not have that ambition. Seo ji and Wyol Yes Yu continues to persuade the Shin. Conversely Yu Shin invite them back to the Queen. Bo deactivate Gya Hoes and accept the punishment and come back to the Silla. Yes Wyol Kim Yu Shin wonder how it could be naive.

Seo Hyun Kim guarded residence of the guardian of the Audit dept and they are under house arrest. Princess Man Yu Shin Myeong believe is innocent. Seo Hyun Kim Bo Gya dizzy because of the fact that Shin Yu Hoe run. Kim Seo Hyun said where they are now already dripping blood and sweat to reach this level. Princess Man Myeong can feel the suffering of Style.

Guk San Heun asked what was wrong, Go Do Shin Yu said his business and his life has been sacrificed for style, Bo Gya Silla Hoe and this nation, how can they accuse him of committing crimes. San Guk Kim Yu Shin Heun hope soon again to be able to prove he is innocent. Dae Pung said that even if the Yu Shin back, surely he would get in trouble because now he is the enemy of the state. Guk San Heun said what they just duduk2 was here and saw it pass in front of them without doing anything? Go Do hit the table and left with anger. (Wee.. Scary Go Do ..)

San Go Do not stop and asked where he wants. Go Do said he would be back and ask why. Go Do forward, but the Audit officer arrested his steps. But Go Do dragging them into San Go Do not let go.

Queen thinks and Bi Dam insisted, he thought it very regrettable happening on Kim Yu Shin but this is a matter of national security. Queen said that this is the reason he needs to decide Kim Yu Shin as an enemy state. Bi Dam said the night before the Queen was crowned, they had a discussion about the principle of a ruler and what the Queen had forgotten. Bi Dam remind the Queen that she will always be tight and hard with aides as a sign of a great ruler. Kim Yu Shin So that the world knows as the biggest helper Queen should be prosecuted under the principle and if it is not in accordance with this principle will make Yu Shin as an opponent in court and will calm the people under the reign of the fair.

Queen said Bi Dam true and accurate and all his arguments did not violate prinsip2 truth and refer to it. But prinsip2 it should be considered. They should think about what came out of fear of nobility with the increasing popularity and strength of Kim Yu Shin. Queen asked what the Bi Bi Dam Dam on the matter. Bi Dam said that if any individual's private interests against the principle of it, this is a situation that could be identified. Bi Dam Queen saw the look and they look at a dead end with the tension felt in the air. (Oh come on you two ..)

Mi Saeng said Bi Dam benar2 a great person. Mi Saeng added when victory is at hand Kim Yu Shin, what do Bi dam obvious that he did not want any other person under bayang2. Now reversed its position and to their benefit. Seol Won justify this does not violate the truth and pleased with this result is very helpful in their development. Ha Jong justify, the blood ties that effect.

Im Jong and Phil And kneel in front of the Queen, they do not understand how the Queen can claim Kim Yu Shin as an enemy state. Im Jong said the Queen was the first to understand the character of Kim Yu shin. Deok Chung said that if he was responsible for a mistake, it was only because he is unable to manage his subordinates. Im Jong said what these errors deserve to declare Kim Yu Shin as an enemy state. It's not fair for Yu Shin. Queen ordered them to leave. Queen does not want to hear their petition. Deok Chung, Phil And, Im Jong still continue to appeal to the Queen, in order to consider its decision. Queen visibly angry.

Joo Bang and Kim Chun Chu discuss this problem more chaotic. They understand the position of Kim Yu shin. Joo Bang said just ask everyone who knew Kim Yu Shin, surely they agreed charges imposed on the Yu Shin is very ridiculous and absurd. Chun Chu said that this is severe Kim Yu Shin Bo was rushed member Gya Hoe, not to mention the guards are killed. This is a serious accusation. Joo Bang said Kim Yu Shin spent time on the battlefield throughout his life for the sake of Silla.

Kim Chun Chu said Bi Dam this is a plan that has been cooked and he reckoned with Kim Yu Shin feed into the trap. Joo Bang sincerely ask Kim Chun Chu to persuade the Queen if it is still possible to help Kim Yu shin. Kim Chun Chu said Bo Gya Hoe is an underground organization and Kim Yu Shin allegedly involved and there is now strong evidence. Bi Dam will be seen as people who use the law to try and justify his actions, he was just performing their duties. Kim Chun Chu felt Bi Dam did this on purpose. And there is no way to prove otherwise. Joo Bang feel this is unfair. Kim Yu Shin received false accusations. Joo Bang said Kim Yu Shin has no political ambitions, he just gave his loyalty and sincerity in anything. Kim Chun Chu think the word sincerity. Joo Bang justify it sincerity. Kim Chun chu know now the answer to Yu Shin is his sincerity.

Al Cheon announce the arrival of Kim Chun Chu. Empress Chun Chu welcome. Empress Chun Chu directly asked opinions on the matter. Kim Chun Chu said that this matter involves issues of state security and public interests. From the perspective of Bi dams and supporters, this is a justifiable reason. Queen: continue. Chun Chu added, however in this final tahun2 no one who has the service and glory such as Kim Yu shin. Not only did he get popularits but also in the defense ministry dn from other ministries and the people really appreciate and respect Kim Yu Shin tiba2 a command but then decided he was an enemy of the state, it will bring chaos consequences that can not be said.

Kim Chun Chu said there are groups of nobles who threatened the popularity of Kim Yu Shin. Not because they want to follow the Bi Dam but more because they want to side with the orang2 who fear the popularity of Kim Yu shin. so if Kim Yu Shin became enemies of the state. So Bi Dam there will be no opponent. Empress Chun Chu asked if Kim had a suggestion, Kim Chun Chu did not have. Queen asked why. Kim Chun Chu said that if Kim Yu Shin did not back then he was the enemy of the state but if Kim Yu Shin back, he will give up and were arrested for serious threat so he had no choice he could not return. This is a great strategy Dam Bi (Geum Gam Gye or diamond strategy, very thorough and no errors)

Queen: The strategy diamond? Kim Chun Chu said diamond or diamond is the hardest stone and without blemish. So this strategy is very great. Queen asked whether there is really no way to solve it. If Yu Shin surrender, there is little hope they can still believe. But it remains difficult. Because Kim Yu Shin also human beings who are controlled by emotions. Queen asked what he meant. Kim Chun Chu said ... Bi Dam and Queen sat thoughtfully and Queen asked Kim Yu Shin .. what no other way to solve this.

Queen entered the courtroom and he sat down. Queen looked at the ministers, officers, and board members. Queen said King Jijeung has given the motto that define this city as a destination. That brought a new era and a dream to master the 4 corners, then King Jinheung also inherit the same dream to unify the three nations into one, including the royal style and blend with Silla. So the Queen in his leadership style will embrace the offspring as his subordinates and eliminate discrimination and suspicion among them. But they've responded by establishing an underground organization Gya Bo Hoe. That's why the Queen decided that the members of Gya Hoe Bo, Commander Brig Wyol yes and seo ji and also Sangjanggun Kim Yu Shin is the enemy of the state before the Queen to continue kata2nya, Al Cheon go screaming and running in the room to report that now at In Gang Jeon .. . Queen shock to hear it.

Yeom Jong enter and report on Bi Dam that Kim Yu Shin is back. Dam Bi was not very interested to hear Kim Yu Shin again to surrender. Kim Yu Shin walked in escorted Go Do and another cadre to In Gang Jeon. Kim Yu Shin knees.

Kim Yu Shin: Your Honor! Sangjanggun Kim Yu shin .. come to accept whatever punishment .. I hope to meet with His Majesty.

Go Do and all cadre shouted they must meet the Queen. Queen came, the gate opened and he walked and Kim Yu Shin stood to salute the Queen. Then Kim Yu Shin knees again, the Queen smiled slightly above the return of Kim Yu shin. Empress Chun Chu Kim kata2 remember, there is no flaw to break this impasse but it would be too difficult because of Kim Yu Shin also human and worried with his future. Kim Chun Chu said sincerity. Only honesty and truth of a sincerity. Kim Chun Chu convince Kim Yu Shin will not be off the mark and continue to follow the right path regardless of any obstacle in front of him. That sincerity Yu Shin. It was said at the Princess Yu Shin Cheon Myeong when they were young.

Kim Chun Chu and remember seeing Yu Shin Joo Bang said Kim Yu Shin never know or have a political interest or ambition .. his actions are always filled with sincerity. Kim Chun Chu said this person will not be confusing political rancangan2 and the Queen added that she always tried to seek justice and sincerity and nothing can shake.

Kim Yu Shin: Your Honor! Sangjanggun Kim YU Shin .. come face to accept whatever punishment .. Please send down orders to the heaviest punishment for the servant of the alleged crime!

Queen: What are you waiting for? Capture criminals Kim Yu Shin soon!

Guards wielding a sword to execute commands Queen. Queen turned and walked away and stopped and smiled.

Queen: appreciation ... and thank you .. Yu Shin.
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