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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 52

Kim Yu Shin: Your Honor, I will give everything to you without help it!
Bi Dam: Your Honor, I will give without ragu2 everything you tell it!

In the Hall of the Palace, the Queen lifted Kim Yong Chun as Sangdaedeung, who formerly held Se Jong, who heads all ministries and state administration. Yog Kim Chun accepted with pleasure.

Queen appoint Kim Seo Hyun as the Great General and heads of ministries of Defense and protect the country. Kim Seo hyun accepted it. Queen said that all that was forgotten past and gather the strength to unite and enter a new era of Silla. All said they would do their best.

Queen in her private session, Yu Shin asked what was meant by Queen pioneered a new era, developing the 4 corners region, whether it's time to realize the dream of King Jinheung? Queen justify. Al Cheon said the Queen did not increase the budget for the military, how they will do it. Whether with farm tools? Yu Shin said he understood the intention of the Queen. Queen calls kota2 Ryeong Maun, Hwang Ryeong Cho, Seong Hang Dang, how do you guys think this region can be controlled by the King Jinheung?.

Queen asked what the weapon, instead he invested in the people. Kim Chun Chu justify, give something to have the people, happy and hopeful. Queen justify. Bi Dam asked what they need to use the land owner. Queen said yes, yes just like that. Queen said that if people own land, they will think it is your land, you have to do our best to protect it, here's how we will retain and have big ambitions for the sake of people's hearts which ultimately will bring together 3 countries.

Queen said that they need pertama2, psychology educate people to make them have a strong determination and make them feel how the material wealth and has the advantage then we discussed the problem of unification of the 3 countries. There are times when one day every citizen will have the land to be enjoyed and protected, and must be implemented somehow.

Queen and Yu Shin, discusses how to develop the country into the 4 corners. Queen need people to be embraced to become the subject, what Shin Yu know who they are. Queen thought it must be people of Gaya. Yu Shin thrilled. Kim Yu Shin said the descendants have suffered for a long time Hollywood and the Queen needs to embrace them. Queen will do it. Queen will make a law to remove all discrimination and suspicion in the offspring of Style and will provide people style alat2 agriculture and provide a position in the offspring of Hollywood talent. Queen said Wyol Gya Hoe Bo Ya and have helped a lot to her and she knew it, but right now Bo Gya Hoe to be dissolved.

Because in the name of Bo Hoe Gya is a big threat. Kim Yu Shin understand and he will discuss. Shin Yu said that the descendants of Style will serve for the glory of Silla Silla and ask for the Queen calmly. (Yu Shin have asked the opinion of Gya Hoe Bo .. ck ck)

Queen looks doubtful, Yu Shin asked whether there is a disturbing thought. Queen said, Wyol Ya might have another opinion. Yu Shin remember, of all who support the Queen, Wyol Yes to agree to support because it has its own agenda. Kim Yu Shin convince the Queen he would persuade Wyol Yes to agree with Queen. Queen asked Yu Shin continue its operations or if not Wyol Yes will turn around with its own agenda. Queen said she wanted all united to achieve this dream. Currently, only he, Kim Yu Shin and a few people who have this dream, then he should explain this to them.

Kim Yu Shin said the Queen's decision on Wyol Yes. Wyol Yes agree Bo Gya Hoe will join the Silla army. Shin Yu said, they have to think outside of Hollywood, and expand their dreams of unification 3 countries, and make everyone in the Goguryeo, Baekje, Shilla, and style into one. Wyol Ya asked what the history pages of this unification, the name of Kim Yu Shin will be recorded somewhere. (Tirzah: recorded with a clear yes .. Om ..) Yu Shin asked what he meant Wyol Yes. Wyol Ya said the Queen had ascended to the throne, is not Yu Shin should plan the next step. Shin Yu said he never had another ambition.

Wyol Ya said he was not told about the ambitions of others, but if Yu Shin intend entered into marriage with Queen Seon-Deok to protect Queen and Shilla. Shin Yu Ya Wyol asked to stop, but kept saying Wyol Yes this is not going to explain the Silla and Gaya to have one cita2 and unity. Kim Yu shin and the Queen does not have a goal to do that. Kim Yu Shin omomng want to finish this blank, he went.

Bi Dam wonder what the Queen meant to be his sword? Queen justify, correct Dam Bi is a sword and a sharp sword, Bi Dam must be a person who root out corruption and irregularities in government. Sword like that. (KPK rich aza ..)

Bi Dam Moon Noh remembered words, that he is the sword without the handle of the sword. Bi Dam smile, so the Queen is the hilt of his sword. Bi Dam is understood he will be a sword to the Queen. Queen said all updates must be done without interruption. Bi Dam asked what activities are being manipulated by market speculation of the nobility will be stopped and punched them, what is it you want the Queen. Queen also asked for domestic and external reports and combine them to report to him. Queen said that this is the responsibility of Bi Dam. Bi Dam convince the Queen she will give you the best. Queen said he believes the ability of Bi Dam. Bi Dam smiled and he asked who will supervise and examine him? Queen said Bi Dam is under its supervision, the Queen will be responsible for arranging Bi Dam. (Yeah.. Yeah ..)

In the market, all the land owners began to pay taxes on the palace, they said his crop was not so good, but they remain unable to pay taxes and debts to the palace. Orang2 said they would have the land owners of the fortress An Gang, landowners say if they could make their land into agricultural land, the land will be theirs, and today he officially is the owner of the land. Another landowner said, once barren land is now a fertile agricultural land. They push the rice into the palace.

Jae Ho notes stocks when the Queen came, landowners knees and saluted the Queen. Queen asked how the development. Jae Ho said the owner of the land of barren soil to send a total of 300 seom. Queen saw the note and he indicated to Kim Yong Chun, Kim Yong Chun asked who was named Bong Gi. Bong Gi raised his hand, the Queen said Bong Gi've managed to obtain the highest yields of the land was barren. Gi Bong said thanks to the generosity of the Queen that this gives a good farming tool that is very efficient for their farms. Queen appoint as Gong Bong Bong Gi Game Sa or Administrator and the Processing of Agricultural Land for land reclamation.

Bong Gi shock by appointment. Queen said to the farmers if they wished as successful as An Gang, the Queen will open the land to them in the country and allow the vulnerability of the people farming on abandoned land and make it into fertile agricultural land so that they will have their own land. Bong Gi Queen thanked sincerely. Kim Yong Chun added crops will be submitted to the Gong Bong Sa Game to be audited and accounted for stock and hope the farmers will try hard to cultivate his land into fertile agricultural land and eventually own the land. All the farmer thanked him and stood and cheered for the Queen, living .. Queen Queen longevity. Queen happy that successful land reform.

A few years later ...

One group of horsemen entered the town, one rider is Kim Chun Chu (wah dah can ride a horse doi ...). Kim Chun Chu greet the Queen. Queen and Kim Yong Chun asked how it went. Kim Chun Chu said this is the victory, the Queen would be pleased to hear that. Kim Chun Chu Sang Jang Gun reports that Kim Yu Shin defeated the forces of Baekje Gyeong-General Chil. (Sang Jang Gun = Major Commander, Major General, Commander of the Main or one level above General)

Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun congratulate Queen. Empress Chun Chu Kim asked how to arrive before the messenger. Joo Bang whispered to the Queen that ..

Joo Bang: Prince Chun Chu, akhir2 enjoys horseback riding.

Queen smiling and pleased with the progress of his nephew. Kim Chun Chu said Kim Yu Shin and his troops are now entering Seorabeol.

Go Do entry he screamed give way! Residents gathered beside the road and cheered. All aging. Kim Yu Shin and Wyol Yes rode alongside. Wyol Ya said Kim Yu Shin increasing popularity of this akhir2. Kim Yu Shin said a military pride is on the battlefield during combat and not the parade at the market, but Yu Shin asked why he did not see Daedaegam (Commander) Seo Ji. Seo Ji should first meet them. Wyol Ya said Seo Ji did not participate, maybe he was hiding because of disappointment.

Actually Seo Ji was taken and held in Sa Ryeong Mom, Seo Ji shout what one heard it. (Sa Bu Ryeong Public Auditor's office)

Bi Dam and Yeom Jong meet with their troops. San was the leader. Jong Bo ran to Bi Dam and provide documents. Bi Dam took it and read its contents. Bo Jong explained this is a record of ambassadors from Heuk Chi (Philippines) and Minister of Foreign Affairs about their activities and movements in each place visited and orang2 encountered.

Bi Dam asked how the nobility Suelbu. Bo Jong said there examination summons but somehow he was still a member of the board, it would be inappropriate if Bi Dam is to check yourself. Bi Dam agree and will soon be there. Bangsawab Suelbu looks nervously at the office of the Ministry of Audit. Bi Dam came and showed two accounting journals and Sueulbu shocked. Bi Dam said they found 2 different financial statements to each other from the Sa Su or the accounting of expenditures in the Ministry of Service.

Nobility Sueulbu denied, he did not know before. Nobility Sueulbu said hard count of victims of war and there is chaos in the service record and awards for the victims who died. Bi Dam said that at least he could go to the location of the fighting and digging around the grave for verification for accurate recording. Who runs this task, what services the Ministry of embezzling state funds. Nobility Sueulbu say there never was any such thing.

Bi Dam said those who died in war for their country should be rewarded with compensation for his sacrifice for the country and in a way that soldiers will be loyal to the country he defended. Bi Dam said that the reform should start from top to bottom and assistance should start from the bottom up. It is desirable Queen. Bi Dam Noble asked whether Sueulbu clear with this problem. Nobility Sueulbu understand.

Bi Dam meetings with staff auditors. Seol Won Rang reported that they had reported the construction of two new temple project in Gameunsa (located in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbukdo) and Bong Deok Sa (An Seong city in Gyeonggi). They've put the officer to oversee the project.

Gameunsa Temple

Bi Dam asked the two officers had to report the use of construction materials. Seol Won Rang understand. Bi Dam asked about the carrier pigeon from Goguryeo, what has arrived.

Yeom Jong said already, the situation in Goguryeo was unusual. There was a general uprising Daedaero who entered. Bi Dam asked in-depth investigation on these issues.

Bi Dam Seo Ji asked what had admitted anything. Bo Jong said he refused to talk. Won Seol not today asked Kim Yu Shin is back from the war, he will immediately know this. Yeom Jong said they still have not found this new evidence and suspicion. Bi Dam asked where Kim Yu shin today. He wanted to go and congratulated him. Yeom Jong said the Queen was having a big banquet in honor of his victory, Bi Dam should also be present. Yeom Jong (iih.. Annoying people bgt nih ..) add as Kim Yu Shin entrance to the capital, people cheered and welcomed the troops Kim Yu Shin. Dam Bi Yu Shin Kim troops repeat what, how there are forces in the Silla Yu Shin Kim, there is only the troops of Queen Seon Deok. Bi Dam threw her fan and go.

Bi Dam and Yeom Jong Shin Yu met, they saluted each other. Bi Dam given by God for the victory of Yu Hsin and hugged him and said he must be having a difficult time. Kim Yu Shin said otherwise Bi Dam had the hardest task in the care of the state administration. Bi Dam apa2 say it was not and could not be compared with Kim Yu shin, I'm just working behind the scenes. Bi Dam said Kim Yu shin teased. Kim Yu Shin laugh how he can do that.

Bi Dam asked how the situation Baekje forces led by Yoon Chung. Yu Shin sighed he benar2 famous strategist. war with Baekje not be looked down upon. Dam Bi Yu Shin asked what was facing the Queen. Shin Yu said he would meet the Queen today and asked whether Bi Dam will also meet the Queen. Bi Dam confirmed, after a while he would prepare a drink to celebrate the victory banquet Kim Yu Shin and will meet later. Kim Yu Shin agreed. Yu Shin Kim and his entourage left. Relations Dam Bi and Yu Shin began to heat up.

Bi Dam report to the Queen that the pain of Baekje King Buyeo which is more serious than they thought. Uija Crown Prince will succeed to the throne. Queen said Yu Shin also has a concern on the issue. Queen said that they must make strategic planning with military logistics to enhance border security and should be reported to him. Bi Dam receives Queen's command. Bi Dam said he would discuss the audit. Bi Dam said there is a big possibility, that Sueulbu nobility, nobility Jwa Chan Su Yeon and Yi Mun embezzled state funds. Queen asked if there is proof. Bi Dam said there was no supporting facts, but he already gave a warning so that it will suppress them. Queen said to remove it if only 10% of their annual salary, but if it is above 10%, capture them. (Weh.. .. Well good can corruption with a limit of 10% of annual salary, let's count .. hehe 2x) Bi Dam understand, then there is something Dam Bi said that he did not know what to do ... the Queen thought.

Kim Yu Shin celebrates his victory with orang2nya. They talked about the incident Go do in battle, when batu2 fell off a cliff in the mountains .. and Go Yeong Jong Do stop them all as human shields. If it were not for Go Do, they're all dead. Kim Yu Shin toast to the courage Commander Go Do. Go Do thrilled. Kim Yu Shin said no matter the time passed, he was still surprised how quickly a person changes. Joo Bang said it happened on that fateful day, everything changed. Yu Shin Joo Bang welcoming and San Tak. Joo Bang gave greetings and congratulations on the Yu Shin. Yu Shin said they do not need that. Dae Pung gave the chair on or Dae Sa Joo Joo Bang Bang, the official rank 3 (ciee..)

San was asked why only Joo Bang who can chair, how with him. He also audits ministry officials. Guk San Heun says what it means to small officer of the audit .. whatever. San Tak explains important task department. Even if he is at the bottom, but he should not be underestimated. San Go Do not ask for the official greeting. Go Do ask what the military commanders need to greet the auditors. san Go Do not ask why like that. Joo Bang said this because that day.

What day is asked Dae Pung, Joo Bang asked with respect to the Godo, who the people are already "awakened" consciousness Go Do, not when he managed to help the Queen out of the palace with a wooden stick and who is the guy. Go Do try to change the conversation and offer a drink. Joo Bang laugh. Kim Yu Shin asked why Wyol Ya invisible. Guk San Ya Heun said Wyol Seo Ji could not find it to look. Kim Yu Shin drink araknya.

Queen and Bi Dam. Queen asked what was suspicious Dam Bi Kim Yu shin. Bi Dam said except the Queen, he was suspicious of everyone (eventually u ama Queen also suspect it ..) and he also checked himself is not this job. Bi Dam Queen please check it out. Queen said that if the problem is as sensitive as this, must be very hati2 Dam Bi. Bi Dam convinced he had checked with hati2 if he suspected someone. Queen said there must be clear evidence. Bi Dam said today he still does not have it. Queen said if so he also could not give orders but Bi Dam can continue to investigate.

Ha Jong Mi Saeng asked not to drink anymore. Ha Jong Mi Saeng calm, yes definitely Mi Saeng quiet because of his position was not evicted. Mi Saeng asked what he looked like fun and enjoy this, because he has more than 100 children are forced to survive, they all depend on them.

Ha Jong said today is warning the death of his father's (OMG, Se Jong died?), Even if we remain alive, we need to drink to drive away sadness. Ha Jong cry, how they could be like this. Ha Jong said this benar2 suffering. Ha Jong asked her uncle heard thinking even lazy uncle, Jong Ha he complained of the oldest, he is much older than Dam Bi and Bo Jong.

Mi Saeng said there is a saying, the flowers will bloom in 10 days, then how magnificent flowers will experience the process of expansion and will wilt in a short time. Ha Jong complain, saudara2nya not comparable with it. Yu Shin Kim even now Major General, and very popular. Mi Saeng give drink to silence Ha Jong.

Bi Dam gather his forces, he gave orders to arrest them all tonight and every person is given the task by Bi Dam. Yeom Jong-share mark on them. Bo Jong on behalf of the Ministry of Audit asked several people followed him to the Audit office. Bo Jong passing near several captains Hwarang. Baek Eui Jong asked is not that Bo, Phil and justify. What the ministry audit on a night like this. Baek Eui said today the Ministry of Audit as criminals only. Bi Dam violates the good of Queen Seon Deok. Phil Dam said they better not say anything before, it is a wise choice at this time.

Shin Yu Forces exercises at night, when members of the audit carried a soldier. Yu Shin received a report that Seo Ji was detained by the Ministry of Audit. Dae Pung said they do not know why. Go Do said that if the auditor wants to hold someone what they need to state the reason. Guk San Heun justify, their arrogant at all, showing a badge and you're arrested. Yu Shin stop their chatter, the auditor is responsible under the Queen's policies and orders. If the person is not guilty, then he will soon be released. Yu Shin pacify his men.

Al's men for Yu Shin Cheon please speak with the Minister of Audit. Go do justify Kim Yu Shin need to speak privately with Bi Dam. Dae Pung said Minister Audit akhir2 this action is not so clear with them. All agreed. Lt. Chan Gi entered and asked what he missed, they said Seo Ji ditangkan Audit minister. Chan Gi shocked. Kim Yu Shin Gi Chan asks what to know something. Gi Chan said not apa2 and this must just be misunderstanding. Gi Chan goes, but he was detained by officers auditors.

Yeom Jong wait orang2 officers bring the suspect. Yeom Jong said they were being investigated, if found innocent would be released. So please work together. They were dragged into a separate room.

Kim Yu shin meet Bi Bi Dam and asked him not to know the characters Seo ji. What's wrong seo ji that he was detained. Bi Dam'm sorry this is the business of the ministry audit. And he is only responsible to the Queen. He will not say anything to anyone. But Yu Shin Bi Dam assured he will not let innocent people be punished. Kim Yu Shin knows that. Bi Dam said that if the situation is not as expected the auditor will not be holding orang2. Once they believe are innocent, then they will be released.

Kim Yu Shin said he almost let his personal feelings to cover assessment, for ji seo his men then he is very worried. Yu Shin asked Bi Dam understand. Bi Dam smile he also frequently accused of deliberately catch people but what can he do, this is the call of duty. Kim Yu Shin said only that excessive anxiety and ask it his duty to continue Dam Bi and Kim Yu shin go. Kim Yu Shin was not too sure.

Al Cheon see yu shin. Shin Yu asked whether Al Cheon comfortable as chief guardian of the Palace. Al Cheon said his job was made lethargic and no fun and time flies like shuffling stumped. Kim Yu Shin said it sounded like moans of Al Cheon, you'd really miss the battlefield and Al Cheon hope to be back with them. Al Cheon said when Yu shin guard the border because of the threat of Baekje, he was only keeping the capital security is not fun. Yu Shin said Al Cheon complaint will make an extra Queen hati2. Al Cheon silence Yu Shin and Kim Yu Shin said he was only joking and left.

Yeom Jong report on Bi Dam, all suspects are detained and awaiting questioning. Bi Dam asked whether any of them locked up. Yeom Jong justify and wonder what the Bi Dam painting. Bi Dam said it had been so long since he used this letter, now his brain is fuzzy. (BD maminya similar, if more thought must scratch scratch, can paint, or write). Dam Bi was writing using ancient Chinese characters, one of the oldest in Chinese.

Bi Dam said it was over and asked what Yeom Jong like this. Yeom Jong saw it and said it like a secret password. Bi Dam justify and this is frequently used passwords orang2 style to convey a message. Yeom Jong asked how Bi Dam would know that. Bi Dam said he would often wear it. Yeom Jong surprised.

(Bi Dam out of the Moon Noh, Noh Moon was born in 538 children of the kingdom of Princess Mun Hwa Dae Gaya - Hwarang Aspects)

Bi Dam remember when he captured the men Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam said: The game begins. (Exactly maminya ..)

Bi Dam examine a soldier who was suspected Jong Geum. Bi Dam put the letter in person before he made secret Jong Geum and asked whether she knew a man named Chan Gi. Jong Geum not sure. Bi Dam said in their organization, they do not know each other? Jong Geum asked why he was questioned. Bi Dam said the letter was written by Chan Gi (astaga.. Seblm BD repent too late .. sigh, he possessed rich ..). Jong Geum saw it and asked what was in it. Bi Dam smile, Jong Geum certainly know how to read it. Jong Geum Bi Dam asked to read it. In the next room, Gi Chan does not know what happened next, when he put his ear trying to hear, he was frustrated.

Bi Dam went into the room and said that Gi Chan Jong Geum has confessed all. Bi Dam repeat the examination, he said in their organization, they do not know each other. Dam Bi showed a letter he made, and said it was written by Jong-geum. Looks like it's over and asked for Chan Gi admitted. Lieutenant-Gi Chan said he did not understand what was meant by Bi Dam. Bi Dam took note and said that Jong Geum already confessed, the article said: O Il Chon Ga, Ga Ya means united.

Bi Dam said that Ga O is one area.

Kim Yu Shin Queen praised for his bravery. All praised the success and greatness of Kim Yu Shin and his army. Shin Yu said that this is the support of all troops who formed the backbone and donate the acceleration in the results. Kim Yu Shin said there is no great truth from him. Queen understands all have experienced major changes, especially Go Do Hyungnim that be like now, benar2 can not be imagined. Kim Yu Shin justify Go Do always made her jump. In battle, Go Do very big contribution. Queen smiled and he called Wyol O and Seo Ji. Kim Yu Shin said they are ready to lead troops into battle and lead their own troops. Kim Yu Shin said they are a candidate for President in the future commander.

Queen ragu2, Kim Yu shin too much trust in them. Kim Yu Shin agrees if he can not fully trust his men, how he can entrust his life to them. Queen asked what was so. Shin Yu asked what the Queen does not agree with this. Queen said how could that be,

Queen: I, Deok Man has great confidence in the nobility Yu Shin.

Jong Geum placed with another suspect who asked whether he .. Jong Geum asks the man silent. Jong-geum makes mark Ran Gwi Yuk, Jong-geum nodded and the suspect was asked what really happened. Yuk Gwi Ran is a symbol of royal style.

Jong-geum asked the man, from Gya hoe Bo branch to which it belongs, man said from the Eastern Market. He does not understand what happened. Jong Geum saying they should give a sign of other members about their problems. The man said one of them must escape. He had an idea and asked what would work. Jong Geum once heard him say this can be tried.

Then Jong Geum said the guard had finished and asked for the door in the open. The suspect was shocked krn defrauded, she further surprised to see Bi Dam and Yeom Jong Jong Geum praise he has been working fine. Jong Geum is mata2. Dam Bi was not dealing with a person he had previously said he did not know apa2, and said: Let us start again from scratch and began questioning him.

Kim Yu Shin leave after meeting the Queen, the Queen looked Yu Shin remotely by Al Cheon side. Al Cheon said Kim Yu Shin is someone who should be trusted and Yu Shin already very mature and his troops are at the core of this nation. Every time Al Cheon remember the battle at fort Mak Ah, he knows time is very influential on a person.

Queen said to Al Cheon, he will go to the Ministry of Audit. Al Cheon surprisingly, the Queen should be resting at his residence and asked what reason the Queen. Queen said he had to meet Bi Dam. Meanwhile Bi Dam finished with its investigation. Yeom Jong asked how they would resolve this. Bi Dam said he would meet the Queen and go. (Still the same mind as well ..)

Seo Hyun Kim to discuss with his family. Bi Dam and the ministry audit is now the talk of the entire city because of gossip and rumor italics. Kim Yu Shin said that since the beginning the queen put Bi Dam in the Ministry of Audit to use resources Mi Shil's men become more efficient and also as a tool to monitor them. Seo Hyun Kim was asked what had hit them or they would become the Bi Dam. Kim Yu Shin said cara2 they might arouse public misunderstanding. Kim Yu Shin convince his parents, that Bi Dam does not have evil motives.

Then Go Do come. Shin Yu wonder why Go Do come malam2. Go Do, Dae Pung, and Guk San Heun saluted and looks worried. Go Do Gi Chan reported that the lieutenant was arrested Ministry of Audit.

Kim Yu Shin shocked. San Guk Gi Chan Heun said had just arrived from the battlefield, this benar2 unfair. Go Do said the ministry audit is too bold. Dae Pung said Kim Yu Shin had to act. Guk San Heun said instead of the defense ministry, but the Ministry of Rates and Taxes, Palace Kitchen, Governor Administration .. they already hold a lot of people. Kim Seo Hyun said he will hold a hearing and examine in more detail again.

Wyol Ya got a report that Gi Chan, Jong Geum, Ilju, Do Geon, Yong Ha was arrested by the Ministry of Audit. YES Wyol asked what their mistakes. Rapporteur does not know, but those arrested seem Wyol Ya .. therefore asked whether Seo Ji was arrested, he thought it was just a mistake. Rapporteur confirmed but now the situation becomes in this direction, do not know what will find something. Wyol Ya understand and ask that person extra hati2. Tiba2 Wyol Ya running and he was ambushed by the audit officer. Yeom Jong appear.

The captain complained to Yu Hwa Rang Yu Shin Shin and asked what was the Ministry of Audit. Deok Chung Dam Bi justify and say abused his power and now benar2 transgressors. Bi Dam may do this to suppress the influence of Kim Yu shin rising. Deok Chung said the Queen should understand this situation and asked what Kim Yu Shin had told the Queen about this problem. Im Jong justify before everything went out of control they have to stop it.

Kim Yu Shin will meet the Queen, when she saw Wyol Yes surrounded Yeom Jong and auditors. Wyol Yes looks angry. Yeom Jong showed a badge and asked what Wyol Ya refused to join the ministry audit. Yes Wyol angry, he is Hwa Jang Gun in the ministry of defense if Yeom Jong want to catch it and request the Auditor-General of the arrest itself. Yeom Jong asked Wyol Yes follow the instructions. (Hwa Jang Gun = Brigadier General)

Kim Yu Shin appeared and asked what happened. Yes Wyol greets Shin Yu. Yeom Jong said they have issued an arrest warrant to bring Wyol Dam Bi Ya to the Ministry of Audit for examination. Kim Yu Shin asked crimes committed Wyol Yes. Yeom Jong said he had no right to say it. Wyol Yes complaint, how this could happen. Yeom Jong said this is the law and if Wyol Yes refuses then he should deal with the Queen. Yeom Jong said that the ministry audit was never arrested innocent people, and convince them if in their later examination proved not guilty then they will be removed.

Bang Joo Kim Chun Chu said that the ministry began arresting orang2 audit. The atmosphere in the palace is very chaotic especially because many are caught from the ministry of defense. Joo Bang said that this incident made the two departments persevere. Kim Chun Chu said they did not know the source, but without the Queen's permission, the Ministry of Audit would not do this.

Kim Chun Chu said that the ministry audit will not be out of the limits of responsibility and Kim Yu Shin will face the same situation. The problem is if both sides do not find fault, why did they create an atmosphere like this. Joo Bang asked what reason the Queen agreed to this. Kim Chun Chu asked Dam Bi and Kim Yu Shin, who will be more trusted Queen?

Yeom Jong escort Wyol Yes. Go do and Im Jong chase them, Yeom Jong calls for help. Yeom Jong Jong Im asked whether the ministry will intervene in the affairs of the audit. Im Jong asked what was the reason they arrested Wyol Yes. Yesterday Seo ji, now Wyol YES. What they are planning. Go Do call for an explanation of the error Yeom Jong what their friends. Go Do cur Commander be the same as Yeom Jong.
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