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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 52

Deok man sobbing over the departure of Mi Shil. Bi Dam leave it to cool off, Al Cheon wonder what the Bi Dam here, but Bi Dam went quickly, Deok Man chased and called Bi Dam. Yu Shin asked what was wrong, asked Yu Shin Deok Man and Al Cheon brings Bi Dam to him. Yu Shin surprise, Deok Man said nothing to discuss with him. Deok Man shouting for them to hold Bi Dam for him. Yu Shin pursue Bi Dam. Bi Dam went by horse and Yu Shin chase.

Won Seol see Deok Man, he was with Jujin and Kim Seo Hyun. Deok Man asked Daeya besides, what's all the surrounding troops had been disarmed, Seol Won Deok Man convincing. Deok Man ordered to take over Fort Daeya Jujin. Jujin understand. Man asked Kim Deok Seo Hyun gathering troops around the area and every check point. Seo Hyun Kim to go with Seol Won Rang. Deok Man said that from this moment on Daeya government and administration will be given to Kim Chun Chu.

Kim Chun Chu asked what happened with Mi Shil. Deok Man said Mi Shil ended her life, now Jujin and Kim Seo Hyun collect all the troops. Kim Chun Chu and Al Cheon will be responsible for the castle and all things about it. Kim Chun Chu asked what he would do Deok Man. Deok Man: I have to meet Bi Dam.

Dam Bi and Yu Shin ran after him. Yu Shin Bi Dam to cut road and each other, and asked why Bi Dam like this. Bi Dam continues to run, Yu Shin stopped him and said Princess Deok Man wants to talk with Bi Dam, Yu Shin asked what really happened. Dam Bi Yu Shin walk again and hold him and they almost fought. Dam Bi has been wielding his sword, just as Princess Deok Man comes with a horse. Bi Dam Deok Man shocked that come tiba2. Deok Man: You're lying to me! Deok Man asked, that night when he asked Bi Dam honest with him why he lied. Deok Man has to believe Bi Dam.

Bi Dam Deok Man asked to answer it now, what is the relationship between Bi Dam owned by Mi Shil? Bi Dam Deok Man asked to speak and will consider it. Bi Dam does not matter and the way to go, this time Deok Man who stopped him. Bi Dam looked Deok Man then went and passed through the arm Deok Man. Yu Shin go after but Deok Man said to wait, he will speak personally with Bi Dam. Deok Man chasing Bi Dam.

Proclaim the death of Kim Chun Chu Mi Mi Shil Shil on the family. all in shock. Ha Jong very saddened by the death of his mother. Mi Saeng not believe her sister ended in this way. Kim Chun Chu said Princess Deok Man has ruled to remove the Mi Shil on his family and that they do all the necessary preparations. Ha Jong asked where her mother now, AL Cheon said there is at the residence of the Commander. Bo Jong Ha Jong and leave immediately. Se Jong Mi Saeng and could only fall back in his chair in despair and wept Mi Shil.

Deok Man Bi Dam to catch up and say they need to talk now. Deok Man've said before, this will determine their future relationship. Deok Man: You say you do not have any relationship with Mi Shil, but now you're crying because of his death. If you're not telling the truth, our relationship end here. Deok Man asked for actual Bi Dam said. What is the reason BI Dam cry because death Mi Shil. When Mi Shil will rebel, why Mi Shil send you away for a few days away from the capital. Mi Shil decision to become king, what is your relationship with Mi Shil. Deok Man pulled armor body menggoncang2 Bi Bi Dam and Dam, Deok Man demanded an explanation.

Bi Dam: He is my mom .. she is my mother. Deok Man Dam Bi shock over the statement. Bi Dam explained, Mi Shil is a woman who gave birth to her. Deok Man does not know what to do.

Kim's men asked for Chil Hyun Sook Seo disarm them. He's here to take over. Chil Sook asked Seju not apa2. The commander still, Seok Bum shouted, Chil Sook has asked and he had to answer. The commander said that Mi Shil's death. Bum Seok do not believe. All troops weeping bitterly. Bum Seok asked how she died, Commander: Se Ju ending his own life. If they want to know the details, they should go to Daeya. Bum Seok took off his gun and sword. Chil Sook drew his sword and cut the neck commander who immediately fell and died. Sook Chil troops raised his gun. Chil Sook told his troops, he would never follow their orders. (Tirzah: Chil Sook deliberately, because he could only live for Mi Shil and he wanted to die following the So and Mi Hwa Sook Shil Chil .. want to die ..)

Deok Man still digesting, how could a mother Shil Mi Bi Dam. Bi Dam said, it is the same, this is not what he want or expect that he is a descendant of King Jinji that have been derived and their son Mi Shil ... .. Bi dam explain after his mother down the King Jinji because of his desire to be empress failed, his mother felt he was no longer useful to Mi Shil, so he discarded by Mi Shil without guilt or remorse. Then Moon Noh makes himself.

Deok Man asked how this could happen. Bi Dam said there were times when he finds his own truth, but even Mi Shil at the last minute of his life was never acknowledged as his son, but then Deok Man kept asking what the relationship between himself and Mi Shil, Bi Dam should give a definite answer to it. Bi Dam said his birth mother just did not recognize him as their offspring, then I am? What is my right to confess that I was the son of Mi Shil, if he does not acknowledge. Bi Dam explains when Mi Shil will rebel, Dam Bi Mi Shil asked why not kill him but instead sent him away, his decision Dam Bi confusing, it's better to kill me if MI Shil. This will be an easier solution and it will feel more relieved than ever and he can receive it than it is now, it made him miserable and difficult.


Chil Sook told his troops, this is the first and last time he violated the order Mi Shil, in addition to his wish at the last moment of his life, he will execute the command Mi Shil who never could do. He will do now. Chil Sook said he would kill Deok Man, it was the command given to him Mi Shil. Sword Chil Sook still stained with fresh blood.

Chil Bum Seok Sook asked to bring the troops back to barracks. Chil Sook said this time he would meet his death and asked to bury Bum Seok. Chil Sook swear this time he will not fail to meet his end. Chil Sook said he would do this alone and continue this uprising .. Bum Seok do not agree, do not Chil Sook should not be doing it. Chil .. Sook asked Seok Bum said this will be known by rebellion and Seok Bum Chil Sook and they will do this together for the sake of honor.

Deok Man asked why Bi Dam was never told this to him. Bi Dam Deok Man said not to be ashamed because it was removed and he will save it, this benar2 dislikes. Deok Man said, but nevertheless, Bi Dam should at least tell him this. Bi Dam said that if he said it, and tell it .. as a result he will be people who will not be believed or will be used again by Deok Man. Deok Man approached and stroked the hair and pulled Bi Bi Dam Dam into his arms and said must be very heavy for Bi Dam and difficult for his heart. Bi Dam ragu2 but he gradually embraced Deok Man.

Wyol Ya Bum Seok attack and Al Cheon at the castle gate Daeya, Wyol Ya Bum Seok asked to stop. Al Cheon said that all was over and over, do not you realize?. Bum Seok shouted to his men who faithfully that today will be the truth Hwa Rang in the future. Bum Seok attack and the two armies clashed. And Al Cheon Seok Bum fight. Al Cheon said to follow the orders of Mi Shil and why he should lose his life. Seok Bum said because goodness Mi Shil then it becomes Hwa Rang, by Mi Shil and responsibilities as the Hwa Rang is this not an honorable death.

Al Bum Seok Cheon asked what would benar2 risked their lives to this honorable death. Bum Seok said they also do the same thing, they would sacrifice his life for the people they serve. Al managed to beat and detain Cheon Seok Bum with the tip of his sword and asked Bum Seok men to drop their swords and surrendered. Bum Seok stopped and disarmed.

Al Sook Cheon aware Chil not between them. Seok Bum said he had completed what he should do. Bum Seok Cheon Al took the sword and cut his neck and fell to the ground .. dead. Bum Seok's men wept. (Oh no .. I hope Dae Nam Bo did not do the same thing .. tp Bo Jong guns aja ya ..)

Al Cheon conscious daughter Deok Man may be in danger. Bi Dam and Deok Man running again when Chil Sook came and rode among them. Bi Dam Deok Man managed to push aside and avoid the sword Chil Sook. Chil Sook down and chase Deok Man, Bi Dam blocking but he's no match for Chil Sook, Chil Sook dealing with Deok Man who was not armed. Then tiba2 Kim Yu Shin come and shoot an arrow toward the Chil Sook. Chil Sook managed to avoid him, Yu Shin Sook Chil sword but managed to make Yu Shin fell from his horse. Kim Yu shin and Bi Dam protect Deok Man, Chil Sook has dark eyes, he wanted to kill Deok Man. Shin Yu and Bi Dam was no match for Chil Sook. Yu Sook Shin continued to make Chil busy for Bi Dam to kill him, but Chil Sook escaped, but Chil Sook Shin Yu took the sword and Bi Dam and headed towards Deok Man, Yu Shin and Bi Dam prevented, Chil Sook took their swords and plunged it into his own body. Shin Yu and Bi Dam shocked by the actions Sook Chil. Chil Sook draw the sword from inside his body and scream and then fall and the last breath, Chil Deok Man Sook told that this is the end for him, So Hwa, and Deok Man.

Chil Sook: This .. .. finally to end it finally ended .. .. .. I .. Deok Man So Hwa
Sook Chil died.

Deok Man on her; This benar2 and finally ended .. Mi Shil.

Deok Man meeting with his cabinet. They have collected all the forces under their command Mi Shil. Kim Chun Chu said they had surrendered. Se Jong, Seol Won Rang, Mi Saeng, Ha Jong, along with Dae Nam Bo (fiuh.. Relief) brought back to Seorabeol. Deok Man said they should speed up business here and return to the capital.

Kasim came with a running head said King Jinpyeong .. Deok Man scared and he rode back to Seorabeol. Deok Man entered the residence of his father and called him. King realized after a couple of times invoked Deok Man. Deok Man: I Deok Man. The king held out his hand toward Deok Man who held it tightly. Deok Man asked his father a speedy recovery because Mi Shil was over and asked the King to recover.

King Jinpyeong: Yes .. now .. the world has become eramu.
Deok Man: His Majesty
King: My Affairs and Mi Shil who have not completed an undetermined lose and win, so we'll meet in another world to fight with him. There Cheon Myeong there that will help me.
Deok Man, His Majesty
King: I'm sorry ... my son
King struggled with his breathing

Deok Man: His Majesty ... Daddy!! .. Daddy!
The king regained consciousness after a hard fought ..
King: Dream the impossible dream ... this .. and keberikan will I give to you to be reached .. What can you do?
Deok Man: Dad ..!
King: Become ruler of the Unification of three State ..

King Jinpyeong died.

Deok Man continues to call his father and no answers, Deok Man and Queen Maya Jinpyeong mourn the departure of His Majesty the King (King of the Silla Dynasty-26)

Deok Man led the funeral service at the temple of King Jinpyeong Palace. All sorrow, all lost loved ones, the Mi-Deok Man Shil and the same. Mi Saeng said at the altar Mi Shil, however, Mi Shil is still his brother and cry how they can do this on Mi Shil. Se Jong: What will happen to us after you left. Ha Jong crying while holding her mother's glass.

Kim Yong Chun said that on day 2 after the funeral, they will hold the appointment and investiture Deok Man. Kim Seo Hyun Deok said before the appointment of Man must work out a deal with the Mi Shil. Kim Yong Chun said that because the state of mourning, they are still under house arrest. After this they are moved to the ministry of defense. Kim Chun Chu said they should be executed in public to restore the foundation of this nation. Deok Man does not agree, he does not want to do it. Deok Man's men saw it. Deok Man: I'm not going to punish them.

HA Jong angry to see Bi Dam came to the residence of Mi Shil. Ha Jong tried to throw Bi Dam out of the room and yelled to get out. Ha Jong attractive collar Bi Dam. Seol Won out, Ha Jong releasing his grip. Seol Won asked whether Bi Dam will have a great respect for his mother. Seol Won Rang Bi Dam led to the altar Mi Shil. Seol Won said, Bi Dam must wonder why the command to kill the King Jinheung Mi Shil remain stored. Seol Won said that Dam Bi Mi Shil hoping it will get orders and Mi Shil .. Bi Dam cut that Mi Shil hoping to give him .. so right. Bi Dam asked why. The letter was to terminate all of them and why. Seol Won said, Mi Shil hope Dam Bi Bi Dam inherit his dream for getting services. This is a decision that made him hold Mi Shil rebellion.

If all does not go as planned, then this is an additional plan. Bi Dam: In the end this so that he realized what the dream mother and after that failed, then I had to pick up and deliver all bullshit.

seol Dam Bi Won interesting clothes and angry because of the humiliation Bi Dam on Mi Shil. Seol Won Mi Shil says that his mother had given mandate for the sky to Bi Dam he inherited it, which is why Mi Shil ended her life and resist all the suspicion and contempt because Mi Shil Bi Dam wanted to give the right to ascend the throne as a ruler, Bi Dam to the throne . Bi Dam asked why Mi Shil give him that right. Seol Won said, this is the same reason why Bi Dam does not give up that royal command on Deok Man or announce it in public. Dam Bi looking at the altar Mi Shil.

It is difficult for Bi Dam to understand what she was thinking Mi Shil. Why do not people say just what he wants to say with an appropriate sentence rather than playing with a puzzle like this.

Queen Maya was angry with the intention Deok Man. They have rebelled and committed a crime, how it can be forgiven just like that. (Tirzah: Queen of hearts has been bitter for a long time, he had almost died gara2 Mi Shil, sigh ..). Princess Man Myeong also agree. Deok Man said that if they must punish the Mi-Shil dead, then they should be put to death thousands of lives. Perhaps there are about ten thousands of lives that were under the influence of Mi Shil, and they probably are ten thousand talents that are useful for Silla. What we have to restrain and burden them with hatred and suffering. They can be very dangerous enemy. Kim Chun Chu said that if they forgive the men Mi Shil, there is a chance they will work together with Deok Man. Deok Man said he would wear them and will persuade them and bury the difference, is not that better.

Deok Man facing military forces and said he would not punish the Mi Shil. Mi Shil has received proposals and requirements to join Deok Man. Mi Shil had handed over power unconditionally.

But nevertheless there are still not satisfied and want to rebel. Yu Shin asked if Deok Deok Man .. Man confirmed, he will blame this on Sook and Suk Bum Chil. So they will punish the rebels under the Chil sook and Seok Bum, but he would not punish subordinates Mi Shil. Bi Dam knelt at the altar Mi Shil and he asked why .. just to get like this.

Kim Seo Hyun Deok man asked again to weigh his decision. Kim Yong Chun asked how they let this lie tarnish their history. Al Cheon said that they must reveal the truth to the public. And punish the rebels within the law of this nation. Wyol Ya said they do not know when they rise up and become a threat to Silla. Al Cheon agree with Wyol Yes. Kim Chun Chu asked what Prince did not have the slightest resentment at Mi Shil?

Deok Man: Among you who attended, who has the deepest hatred with Mi Shil like him. Since Mi Shil, I removed from the actual status and pursued throughout his life, I also lost my mother, my sister. Do you think I do not want .. for the sake of the suffering my mother, my sister find justice and revenge. Now Mi Shil was dead, the living is only Silla Silla. All must swallow a personal vendetta by Silla. Ago would not be cured anymore but we must go forward for the future of Silla and not cry over the past.

Deok Man meet with the Mi Shil and said they were betrayed to the mutiny which makes Silla Silla in danger and risk to the royal family of Silla and threatened and this is the toughest offense. Deok Man said he would confiscate all the weapons and their troops and will disable their troops from the military unit.

Deok Man added within the next 10 years, they will be watched closely and each of their movements will be monitored by the Ministry of Defence. Allied Mi Shil wonder with words Deok Man. Deok Man said he would forgive them and he would let him. Deok Man said who will be responsible for the Sook and Suk Bum Chil. They will become a scapegoat for your crimes. Conditions to stay alive you just have to work for this country all your life. Seol Won Rang Se Jong followed kneeling, Saeng Mi, Ha Jong and Jong Bo. Seol Won Rang vowed to Deok Man, Deok Man is showing mercy on them, he vowed to spend his life to repay Princess. (Tirzah: Seol Won live only for Mi Shil, he would first want to prepare Bi Dam ..)

Yeom Jong Deok Man's praises in front of Chun Chu. If it is him he'd have to kill enemies. Kim Chun Chu said they disarm allied forces Mi Shil. While this is still difficult for them to fight. Yeom Jong justify. Yeom Jong said, he saw all of this makes Kim Chun Chu little regret about the enemy's mother .. .. .. Kim Chun Chu status smiling, this is only the beginning for him.

A nameplate is placed in Hwa Sa Dang: Silla Hwa Rang Moses (hero) Ah Chan Seok Bum. San Tak who put it. Tiba2 someone tapped his shoulder, turned out to Joo Bang and members of the regiment Yonghwa Do Hyang. Joo Bang took the sign and read it and then give in and ask San Go Do not repeat it. Joo Bang said he knew San It will do this. San Tak said it was not apa2. He just ...

Joo Bang said San Tak is a traitor and how he dared to go to Hwa Sa Dang and put up a billboard to Seok Bum. San No tears, she said during her life seok Bu very proud to be the Hwa Rang and his dream was to get a billboard in Hwa Sa Dang. Joo Bang beat San No, even now San was not able to distinguish good and bad, and screwed up, the San was not allowed to do so, if he continues like this, this will make it die quickly.

Go Do pity to see San Tak, he asked for Joo Bang releases San Tak for this time. Bum Seok San No crying.

Se Jong etc shocked when Seol Won Mi Shil expressed desire for Bi Dam. Seol Won justify, Mi Shil already knew and mentioned earlier that Deok Man will forgive and ensure their lives. Mi Saeng said so to serve on the Bi Dam. Se Jong said he would resign and return to his hometown. Ha Jong Mi Saeng and shocked. Ha Jong tries to persuade his father, but Se Jong said he would rather live without a job than to have chewed a little by little like tea leaves. Se Jong requested this matter be given to Seol Won Rang only.

BiDeok couple,

Bi Dam: Just tell me what's on your mind! Deok Man turned to him. Deok Man asked, What Bi Dam gave orders that empire in Mi Shil or just show up at Mi Shil for visits and said that Bi Dam will announce it in public and extort Mi Shil with this threat. (Ck.. Ck bener2 accord DM BD ama bo .. he knew exactly ..). Bi Dam silent, it means yes. Deok Man said so must be true, ultimately the person who made Mi Shil completely changed my mind is Bi Dam.

Mi Shil can take what the world offered to him but he could not fight his son, who threatened to say in public about the royal command, but also feel guilty for making Bi Bi Dam Dam must squeeze Mi Shil, this is what makes Mi Shil change his mind. Deok Man said Bi Dam regret is not small. Deok Man indebted to Bi Dam, Dam Bi he knew to do it for himself.

Deok Man said he would inaugurate a new kemenrian, namely Si Bu Seong general or Audit Department or the Ministry of National Audit and departmental public accountant to examine and prepare a report of independent audit of the Palace and all ministries. Auditor General will report directly to Deok Man.

Kim Chun Chu asked what duties the Auditor General, said Deok Man duties, are responsible for checking the ministries and independent reporting. This Ministry will be directly under his orders because Deok Man elect the head of the department in accordance with the credibility of the Minister. Kim Yu Shin said that what the Minister will be able to control allies Mi Shil. Kim Chun Chu said Mi Shil had mastered the old palace once, what this new ministry will be able to master it. Deok Man said they were right, that he plans to appoint the right person for this position and can master the situation and have a thorough knowledge about these issues.

Kim Chun Chu: The meaning is not ... Deok Man confirmed, he will appoint Seol Won Rang, Jong Bo, Ha Jong and Yeom Jong as its members the Ministry of the Auditor General. Al Cheon asked how they could trust to take care of this orang2 this department. Deok Man said that is why he needs people who can cope with them as its chairman.

Bi Dam outside and she remembered the words of Seol Won Mi Shil Rang that provide the mandate of heaven to Dam Bi Mi Shil .. that has resisted all suffering, and he also remembered kata2 Mi Shil before his death, about love. What is love. and how he must love Deok Man. Bi Dam confused with all his mind.

Staff auditors meeting for the first time. Ha Jong asked how they could work within the department with the traders as a friend works. Yeom Jong asked who will lead this department. Seol Won Rang said they would wait for his arrival. Ha Jong asked who would emerge. Mi Saeng asked whether Yeom Jong know, Yeom Jong shook his head. Then .. Bi Dam signed with the fan over her face like Cu Kat or Zhuge Liang Liang (Sam Kok, wow, so remember Adam Cheng he .. he really old school), then she shifted her fan and all shocked because it was .. Bi Dam. Ha Jong shock! Bi Dam: Let me introduce myself, I am the Auditor General Bi Dam. Yeom Jong smiled.

Yu Shin Kim Deok Man asked how to raise Bi Dam became auditor. Al Cheon said if Bi Dam Mi Shil's child, how can mempercaya Bi Dam to very dominant in the ministry. Deok Man said just because he was a child Mi Shil, it is suitable for controlling the allies Mi Shil. Kim Deok Chun Chu asked what Man wants to suppress subordinates Mi Shil. Deok Man justify and secondly the only Bi Dam is capable of uniting men Mi Shil. Kim Chun Chu said that because of the same lineage be easy to trust and depend on each other and will not see a problem. Deok Man said that there dipihaknya Dam Bi and not a party Mi Shil. During Deok Man wants to get rid of Mi Shil, Bi Dam has provided important assistance so Deok Man success. Deok Man Bi Dam asked what was their loyalty questioned? Deok Man will add something but did not.

Bi Dam explains the responsibilities and tugas2 their departments and from now on they should check all the information ministry in the palace, the palace all institutions, and ministries and prepare reports. Bi Dam asked them to report to him every day at around 9-11 am.

Ha Jong Deok Man asked whether the daughter asked to watch them .. Dam Bi Bi Dam said Ha Jong at other times, kata2 about Mi Shil not be expressed again in front of him. Ha Jong upset and wanted to hit Bi Dam, Mi Saeng calm her niece. Bi Dam asked: Who is in front of them now, what Mi Shil? No, but she .. Bi Dam. Because this is not a Mi Shil, but Bi Dam then they must follow his orders, his method, his desire, and all for him. They just need according to him. Bi Dam asked what they already understand and listen kata2nya.

Kim Chun Chu said that the daughter Yu Shin Deok Man tries to give political power to Bi Dam. (This sweety is smart) asked what was meant by Shin Yu Chun Chu Chun Chu said Princess Deok Man did not continue his sentence for what reason. Kim Chun Chu said orang2 like himself, Yu Shin, Al Cheon tried to suppress their influence and remain balanced. Princess Deok Man intend to let Bi Dam to take this assignment and give power to supporting this goal. Yu Shin Deok Man's daughter asked what they wanted to compete. Kim Chun Chu said he would do it, he benar2 and different from everything else. Kim Yu Shin doubted whether Prince will believe Bi Dam. Kim Chun Chu said he would never believe it. If this yesterday, he might believe Bi Dam. But anyway, from now on, not only Bi Dam, no matter who, Princess will not be easy to believe. Chun Chu said Kim Deok Man Princess was walking in the road to the throne, he had started.

Kim Yu Shin said this benar2 sad. Kim Yu Shin said that Deok Man used to be very trusting of his followers and he loved them with all my heart and now he can not do that anymore.

Queen Maya Deok Man came and saluted. Queen Maya said tomorrow adalh coronation day. Queen Maya said if Cheon Myeong can see this, he would be very happy. Queen Maya said in his life, before he went he could be a witness and see this happen, this benar2 great happiness.

Deok Man asked what her mother meant to go. Queen said he could not let the father Deok Man alone down there, he could not bear to see it. Queen Maya will resign from the public. Deok Man shocked and Queen said that from now no one is able to lean on for Deok Man.

Currently Deok Man must protect Silla, its people, and all that he loved. No one is going there that will fight for him or calm him down if he is in pain. Deok Man can not believe or do not trust anyone. Queen Maya asked if Deok Man up to it. What Deok Man can conquer waktu2 when she would feel lonely without fear of what Deok Man will be able to withstand the shunning it. Deok Man soothe his mother that he will be able to and he should be able to overcome it all. Queen Maya nodded and hugged Deok Man for the last time.

Deok Man reflect and remember Mi Shil said he may exploit the will of heaven Mi Shil slightly but not afraid of the sky ... Mi Shil know how cruel this world and he will not give up the pressure .. Mi Shil will rule and see it but he orang2 certainly would never rely on them.

Coronation of Queen

Hwa Rang dance presents the flag with the formation and tari2an. Kim Yong Chun announced the arrival of Her Majesty seon Deok

Kim Yong Chun: His Majesty arrives ...

All the audience stood a great respect for his arrival.

Queen Seon-Deok enter with pomp of a coronation ceremony of King followed the Hwarangnya, Kim Yu Shin and Bi Dam, he passed Yonghwa Hyangdo Regiment. Then he looked toward the stairs to the throne and up the stairs alone. Kim Chun Chu and Queen Maya stood beside him and he saw in his subjects.

Kim Yong Chu: We are entering a new era of Silla ... This is Her Majesty the Queen Seon-Deok!

People shouted: Living Life His Majesty Majesty .. .. .. live and cheer ..

Kim Chun Chu and Queen Maya smiling happy now Deok Deok Man is the Queen seon. Kim Chun Chu received it, he will replace him ascend the throne someday. Queen Seon-Deok raising his hands asking the audience quiet, all knelt before the Queen.

Kim Yu Shin: Your Honor, I will give you all that I have without holding him.

Bi Dam: Your Honor, I will give everything for you without a doubt.

Queen Seon-Deok have them all. Deok Man Princess crowned as Queen Seon Deok or Seon Deok Yeo Wang (King of the 27th, Silla Dynasty, will rule for 14 years.)
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