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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 50

Mi Shil: Bi Dam .. is the son of King Jinji Mi Shil .. Hyeong Jong.

All surprised.

Meanwhile, Bi Dam: Me and Mi Shil ... there is no special relationship. Deok Man receives answers Dam Bi. Bi Dam justify, he tried to explain his departure to Fort Daeya, but Deok Man cut off his sentence, he had heard enough. Deok Man said Bi Dam already said no, he believed kata2 Bi Dam but Deok Man showed he was not too trusting. Deok Man alone and restless why Bi Dam lie to him.

Chil Sook anticipate logistical supplies, Seol Won said they have a stock 2500 seom, even if no access out though, they can survive 1 year. Se Jong said, they have sent requests for assistance from nearby provinces, if there is an answer that all will follow. Seol Won agree if it managed to influence Daeya fortress will rise. Seol Won will send the request again. Seol Won Mi Shil see less concentration, he asked what they listen to Mi Shil. Mi Shil woke up and said he heard and asked them to do so. Se Jong and Seol Won know that Mi Shil did not notice.

Deok Man meeting, Kim Yong Chun said that what was reported by Seo Hyun Kim, they have entered into a civil war. Kim Seo Hyun said already there are signs and symptoms toward civil war, there is no other choice. Yu Shin said Fortress is a fortress Daeya with strong defense. The fort was never occupied before. Kim Seo Hyun said that is why they must be mastered quickly. Al Cheon asked where they would have the support troops to attack Daeya. Even with troops gabungn Lord Jujin and Hye Jin, there were not more than 10 thousand soldiers. Yes Wyol apologize for interrupting, he suggested using a soldier at the border.

Yu Shin did not agree they should not deploy them. Wyol Ya asked why not this is the fastest alternative to end this conflict in a short time. Deok Man said the border troops should not be touched, they are responsible for the safety of Silla, if they are deployed will make the border of Baekje weak and can attack them and this could be more threatening and dangerous than the conditions in the country right now. Seo Hyun Kim Mi-Shil said it is possible to deploy troops to reinforce border troops. Deok Man Mi Shil understand quite well, he sure would not do it Mi Shil.

Mi Shil said they should not touch the border troops. If the border is weak it will fall in Silla. Se Jong said that this is a golden opportunity. Ha Jong begged her mother agree that they only need to deploy a single border force, it is enough to end their conflict. Mi Shil flatly refused and warned that none of their troops from the border. Mi Shil said the border should not be contacted. Do they understand?

Deok Man thoughtfully, Bi Dam came to him and asked what was bothering him. Deok Man sighs, he asked whether Bi Dam know other options to avoid the civil war. Bi Dam asked what war makes Deok Man scared and worried about what happens afterward. Deok Man said the war would be an emotional wounds and incised wounds of the defeated, for the sake of treating these injuries, resources, time and energy will be depleted. In the event of war with his own brother sebangsamu will be very painful and this can not be avoided. They must quickly master the fortress Daeya quickly.

Joo Bang and facing Deok Man Go Do they have an idea that can be tried. Go Do Joo Bang encouraging to say. Deok Man asked what ideas. Joo Bang said the current scenario would attack Wei Chin (in story Samkok, China) with a dam on the Huang Ho River and then remove the water and flooded Ryeong Dae Seong (Daliang, the capital of Wei now Kaifeng in Henan Province, China) and make it sink. They think what they could use the same strategy to Daeya.

Bi Dam said how they can use this water war tactics. This is not the rainy season and water flow is not great river to generate water in large quantities. Joo Bang realize his idea will not work. Joo Bang said there is no water that can be used. Joo Bang said in 3 States in Korea, all rivers flow generally from east to west. They (Daeya) is on the east so he thought benar2 strategic location, unfortunately the water was not there. Joo Bang and Go Do apologize. Deok Man asked them not to like it, if they have any ideas they have to tell him again.

Joo Bang and Go Do'll go, when Bi Dam: Wait ..! what you just said?! Go Do repeat they do not have enough water, not words Bidam, Joo Bang said that they were on the east. Bi Dam said he has a strategy that can be tried. Bi Dam Man asked her to follow him. Deok Man went with Bi Dam. Joo Bang and Go Do fun because they give you an idea, but what .. it, east to the east .. location ..

Bi Dam to discuss with Deok Man, Yu Shin, and Kim Chun Chu river system with a map of Silla, except Hwangsangang (cur Nakdong River), most rivers in 3 countries flowed from east to west toward the Yellow Sea (the Koreans call: West Sea). Daeya fortress surrounded by rivers and lakes with a similar system.

Al Cheon asked whether Bi Dam proposed the use of war to the water this season. Bi Dam said they will not do but in reverse. Bi Dam said that they would stem the flow of rivers that irrigate the fortress Fortress Daeya Daeya so that water will be drought. Daeya Fortress may have supplies of food a lot but they will soon be shortages of water and without water, such as what the situation in Fort Daeya. Kim Yu Shin said there are many springs and creeks that flow through Fort Daeya, this could be a pretty difficult task to determine which ones should they weir. Bi Dam spoke the truth, so they will poison the water in the creek. If they did, then Castle Daeya springs will dry and only need less than half a month to do so. Within half a month, will Daeya like hell.

Yu Shin said that if they do, then the agricultural land around the fort Daeya be contaminated and will make crops fail for the next few years, how many refugees will arise because of contaminated soil. At that time they can only use violence to suppress hatred. Kim Man Yu Shin asked her to reconsider. Daeya also is the land Deok Man, there is the power Deok Man. Deok Man agrees, he will not use the strategy Dam Bi. Bi Dam disappointed Deok Man has rejected the strategy.

Joo Bang said Dam Bi's face looked confused when he says his strategy. Dae Pung asked what strategy. Go Do said Joo Bang was not sure. Joo Bang still wonder what he gives ideas on Dam Bi ..

Deok Man said he would not use the strategy Dam Bi but somehow he would follow the strategy of Bi Dam in theory. Yu Shin Bi Dam agreed strategy is to give an idea, they would leak this to the enemy as an intelligence war. KimChun Chu said that the enemy would find out in secret. Dam Bi and Al Cheon agree. Kim Yu Shin resist the flow of water and spread the rumor that the springs and small rivers in the vicinity had been poisoned, it's enough to make the fortress Daeya be hell for half a month.

Deok Man Bi Dam went and called him, and asked what do you mean you will go and set up a call negotiation or chat with Mi Shil. They've found the idea of forcing Mi Shil surrender, why did they have to meet to talk with Mi Shil. Deok Man said this is the reason why they should be forced to negotiate Mi Shil. Deok Man said though for Mi Shil, it will be difficult for him to accept any proposal. Bi Dam: If so .. then his condition. Deok Man gave a letter to the Bi Dam, Dam Bi'm sending it to Mi Shil. Why should I send it? Deok Man wanted this letter reached the hands of private Shil Mi. Bi Dam took the letters from Deok Man.

Bi Dam carrying a white flag and jump over the fence near Daeya their blockade. The guard asked who it was and what he wants.

Bi Dam said he was the negotiator and couriers to send messages directly to Mi Shil. The guard opened the gate for him. Bi Dam entrance into the fort. Mi Shil said now you're a courier to send a letter with the purpose to kill him. Bi Dam issued a letter saying Princess Deok Man asked that this be submitted to Mi Shil. Mi Shil wonder also and read it, he then laughed. Deok Man asked to meet in a private meeting to discuss and meet him. Mi Shil said if this does not say give up, he does not need to see him. Bi Dam asked why, what Mi Shil scared. Mi Shil said how he could be afraid.

Won Seol go and see Bi Dam, Seol Won wanted to speak privately with Mi Shil. Mi Shil read reports that they intend to hold the water and poison the springs that still exist. Seol Won Daeya confirmed that Castle had not previously fallen into the hands of the enemy who came from the east, they have never seen this weakness. (Baekje is on the west, and Goguryeo in the north side of the Silla, the East so sure of himself Silla).

Mi Shil squeeze the letter and asked whether this was so. Seol Won said maybe they just want to spread fear and panic in the fort. Mi Shil said they would not already know. Seol Won confirmed, this rumor has spread like wildfire throughout the castle. Mi Shil said Deok Man does not intend to conduct this war. Seol Won Mi Shil tiba2 surprise move and meet Bi Dam, he threw the letter into the blob Bi Dam. Mi Shil know they force him to comply and pushed into a dead end and then wait for a helping hand Deok Man. Mi Shil said just do it and try it, go and plug the water and insert the poison into it. Do you think if you do that, it would make her afraid to Deok Man. Bi Dam: If that is not afraid, are not you willing to meet him once.

Deok Man said he would give amnesty or pardon on Mi Shil and also its allies. Deok Man wants to combine their strengths. Al Cheon shocked and did not catch Deok Man. (Tirzah; DM .. Al Cheon already beaten up, berdarah2, and suffer for you loh .. cook Mi Shil forgiven please deh ah ..) After all, they are the people who attacked the royal family. Deok Man said this for the sake of Silla, for the sake of big ambitions that we must achieve. Deok Man said ambition was to combine both their strengths to achieve cita2 it. Kim Yu Shin shocked by the idea of alliance with Mi Shil.

Wyol Yes refuses alliance with Mi Shil, they already have a way of urging Mi Shil and they must win. Al Cheon confirmed and it is not possible. Deok Man said if they want war they can fight openly ally Mi Shil but mastering it will take many years because of their influence. Deok Man estimates that it will take many years and for all will be back to normal will take decades. Kim Chun Chu asked what they could possibly allied with Mi Shil. King also received information and was surprised with a possible alliance with Mi Shil. Princess Man Myeong said Deok Man has sent a letter to ask for fellowship. Queen Maya: What was thought by Deok Man.

Deok Man thoughtfully. Yu Shin came, he said after cita2 and big ambitions Deok Man, he came and did the best he could do without hesitation or protest, and to this day he still like it, but after all this time, he can not be sure what will work and possible. Deok Man said what is most important to them, what is practical for them as now. Deok Man has said previously they do not have the experience to set the state but the men Mi Shil know how. It is true that this time they need orang2 talented. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man dare ask what use it bakat2. Deok Man confirmed, he will make a bold and Mi Shil as one of the experts. Deok Man asked in this Seorabeol what any one can be considered as Mi Shil to-2, which has so much talent.

Deok Man set up a meeting with Mi Shil. Deok Man see the preparation and Bi Da said both sides agreed to put the troops as far as a radius of 10 ri (1 ri = 323 m, according to Tang rule, once a ri = 392.72m according to Han)

Deok Man saw stretcher Mi Sook Shil being escorted Chil. Deok Man and Bi Dam bertanya2 what will be successful. Chil Sook saluted Deok Man. Both greet each other. Mi Shil enjoy tea and Deok Man suggested fellowship. Mi Shil asked why, Deok Man is definitely going to beat Daeya. Is not Deok Man has found a way to slaughter them all. Deok Man said too bad if they were killed. Mi Shil: dear ..?

Deok Man said Silla has big ambitions to be achieved and realized that dream, that's why he collects bakat2 across the country. Mi Shil said he clearly has the talent a lot. Mi Shil asked who would be recruited Deok Man, Seol Won Rang, Mi Saeng, or Chil Sook? Mi Shil sipping his tea while Deok Man replied: I want to recruit you. Deok Man asked whether he could use his skills as a strength or Mi Shil engine for dream Deok Man. Mi Shil looked insulted. Deok Man said that if it sounds like an insult to the Mi Shil, but this needs to be tested, how to explain this in kata2, which educate a prospective ruling. Now there is no hope for MI Shil to be the ruler, what if the teaching candidate in power, how is what is pleasant enough to Mi Shil. Mi Shil think kata2 ruler.

Mi Shil asked whether Deok Man Mi Shil think this will never be able to govern this country. Deok Man boldly replied that unless he went to another place and set up her own country, there is no other choice. Mi Shil had no choice or qualifications to be the ruler of Silla. Mi Shil asked said the ruling and Silla.

She feels sick when she mentioned Jeongcheongun ... ... Handasagun .. Dosal Seong Seong Sokham, Deok Man know where tempat2 is located. Deok Man said it was the southern border, north and west of their country.

Mi Shil: No ... not this where Mi Shil low blood is shed on the ground that .. I love all the soldiers that he loved all cadre .. .. .. all the soldiers and they did not even know where his body was buried, and even not have a sign on his tomb and buried in it ... It was tanah2 Silla. It is already kujelajahi and kutaklukan with King Jinheung, all borders and boundaries that Silla. What are you ocehkan about Ruler and Silla, you do not know or understand anything .. love what I have to Sadaham same as my love for this country .. It's because I really love this city and longed to make it mine.

Deok Man shocked with the statement Mi Shil and allied proposal is an insult to Mi Shil. Mi Shil Deok Man asked what he would share something that he inherited with others. Mi Shil go and Bi Dam may feel that the meeting does not go as expected. Bi Dam near Deok Man, what happened. Deok Man saw stretcher Mi Shil were moving away. Bi Dam said he would pursue Mi Shil, Bi Dam asked her man to allow.

Bi Dam ran after the stretcher Mi Shil and confronting. Bi Dam wanted to talk privately with Mi Shil. Mi Shil open palanquin curtains and saw the Bi Dam.

Dam Bi and Mi Shil

Bi Dam asked what the conversation was not pleasant. Mi Shil asked him to go and ask Deok Man. Bi Dam asked what until now Mi Shil want to continue to be enemies. The game had ended with the defeat and there is no turning back. Mi Shil said even if he can not win, he will not let them win just like that. Bi Dam asked why Mi Shil had to undergo this road. Mi Shil answered, there is no reason not to do.

Dam Bi showed King Jinheung warrant and asked how this order and he believes Mi Shil know its contents, Mi Shil said to him mister, finally the document back to its owner. Bi Dam said that this command is owned by Princess Deok Man and he hid it. Mi Shil: Why did you hide it. If you show it then they have proof to kill me.

Bi Dam asked Mi Shil stop pretending to be strong. Mi Shil said that if this conflict continues, its allies will grow, but why hide Bi Dam King's warrant and asked what the reason Bi Dam. Bi Dam said: This is too cruel, no, mom .. (first time mentioned Dam Bi Mi Shil, mother), Bi Dam said Shil should have died decades ago. Bi Dam plea to the mother accept the terms and bid Deok Man and if he fails, then Bi Dam warrant must announce this in public.

Dam Bi Mi Shil approached and tried to touch the face of Bi Dam, Mi Shil clean clothes the grass in the war and then hold Dam Bi's face, then he left without saying anything. Bi Dam sobbing because his mother is very stubborn, Mi Shil paused and then walked again. Dam Bi was very painful.

Deok Man meetings. He said Mi Shil refused usualnnya. Kim Chun Chu was also prepared with clothes for war. Deok Man declared war. Yu Shin Deok Man asked his war plan. Deok Man asked Al Cheon cut off the flow of water in Hwang Gang then spread rumors to the enemy. Yeom Jong Deok Man asked to spread rumors in Daeya. Wyol Yes, Seo Ji, and Joo Bang led the troops to observe the circumstances surrounding the fort Daeya and report to him every day.

In the fortress Daeya, all surprised when hearing Deok Man wants to fellowship. Seol Won asked what is true, a flat-Mi Shil said he had rejected. Seol Won said Deok Man will not kill them? Ha Jong Mi Saeng confused and also think what's behind all this. Seol Won convince them not to worry about the situation. Because of strong military support. Mi Saeng a little hesitant and said all the provinces near them no one wants to help. Bo Jong came to report that the region Pal Cho Eun Hye under General Mu has given up on Deok Man.

Bo Jong said, Princess Deok Man not only spread information about the contaminated water, but the number of soldiers who deserted on their side more and more. Mi Shil seen meyerah on his destiny. San No panic what wells are also contaminated. Another soldier also reflect what they have to run well before it's too late. Bum Seok came and asked what they were talking, Seok Bum said water in the well to drink as usual. San Tak said the water was contaminated. Seok Bum said what they knew how much poison is required if you want to poison water sources at Daeya. Bum Seok drink it as evidence.

Bum Seok then challenge them if they would please just desert, but if later on they were caught again by Seok boom, then he would forgive them. Bum Seok reminded that they swore to protect Mi Shil until the end. Mi Shil looks to surrender.

Deok Man took the military leadership. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon responsible at the east gate. Lord Jujin will be at the north gate. Bi Dam and Yeom Jong will bring their people and 1,000 elite troops to control the Pal Cho Hye. Seo Ji and Wyol Ya bring guerrilla forces and attack the southern gate. Daeya Fortress will be deceived and become confused, panicked, and lost direction after rumors of water pollution. So they must be pressed with military force. Their task is to destroy the opponent's fighting spirit.

San Tak and a few soldiers to desert. But San Tak ragu2, he will come back and protect Mi Shil. Another soldier said there was no way to protect it. San did not say even if there is no way, at least he could have the honors and awards. San did not go and expect teman2nya will baik2 only.

Asked Mi Seol Won Shil said what disturbed him. Mi Shil said to end this way ... he has to decide. Seol Won in shock. Ha Jong comes with pleasure, commander of the fort Yeo Chan Gil Sokham bring all its forces to support them. Mi Shil wonder, Ha Jong repeat, Gil Yeo Chan will support them. (Yeo Chan is vice seol Gil Won in the war against Baekje first, ep 9)

Gil Yeo Chan addressed the troops, if they do not support mI Shil, how they can be said as a nation Silla. Yeo Chan Gil led his troops to Fort Mi Shil Daeya to protect with his life.

Yu Shin Kim received a report from Wyol Yes, Gil Yeo Chan and his troops towards the fortress Daeya. Kim Yu Shin shocked. Al Cheon: What about the fort Sokham if not maintained, it borders with Baekje. Kim Yu Shin said, fort Sokham have 20,000 elite troops. Kim Deok Man Chun Chu requested to make a decision. Deok Man asked them to check around Sokham to guard from attack Baekje. Seo Ji said that's not the priority, the problem Yeo Gil Chan will arrive here in 2 days. Deok Man must think hard.

Ha Jong said he always knew Yeo Chan Gil would want to help them. Yeo family always had help Gil Chan Mi Shil. Mi Shil not happy, Seol Won said that if the fort Sokham must join the battle there will be rebellion. Seol Won said there is a possibility Princess Deok Man will summon help from the border. Ha Jong said before the Prince did it, we will be able to beat and master Seorabeol. Seol Won asked what he would do Mi Shil.

Mi Shil said Sokham west, there are postal Chung Yoon-led forces. The main one they have to observe the movement of Baekje soldiers. Won seol understand. Ha Jong said what is important. Mi Shil said that the most important. Deok Man looks around the camp, all busy, Bi Dam approached and asked what Sokham troops toward Seorabeol. Deok Man confirmed, Bi Dam: What would you do? Are we going backwards and fall or prepare a full attack. Deok Man remember his conversation with Mi Shil, Deok Man: there is a possibility Yeo Chan Gil must withdraw its forces back. Bi Dam wonder why so?

Bo Yeo Jong Gil reported shortly after Chan left Sokham, Baekje soldiers led by Chung Yoon approached Pallyangchi and camping. Seol Won surprise, he confirmed fears Mi Shil. Ha Jong asked what they think, now their lives are threatened by Deok Man.

Seol Won said the first thing they must liberate Daeya of attack and defeat the enemy and Mi Shil added immediately tell the horse and courier .. Ha Jong asked where they should send it. Mi Bo Jong Shil request to send a message to Gil Yeo Chan quickly and ask for Yeo Chan Gil withdrew and returned to Sokham to prevent the attack Baekje. Bo Jong Won Seol shocked and did not agree. Ha Jong did not understand what she meant. Army Mom Deok Man headed here. They just need to survive until Yeo Gil Chan arrived. Seol Won Mi decision to ask Shil. Mi Shil: Stop here.

Bi Dam asked how they might retreat, how troops will withdraw Yeo Chan Gil. Deok Man said that the possibility may be small and may be wrong but this analysis may occur. Bi Dam asked why? Deok Man remember the words of Mi Shil.

Deok Man said on Bi Dam for a short time and he had witnessed the brief Mi Shil authority as King. King of the powerful and legitimate. Ha Jong asked what would be stopped and demanded answers Mi Shil. Mi Shil answered all must be stopped and retreated. Bo Mi Jong Shil called her mother and leave.

Gil Yeon Sil Mi Chan received a message and he asked whether this is true of Mi Shil, return immediately to Sokham and survive with Baekje. Courier was right justify command Mi Shil and he also mentioned this is the last command Mi Shil for him. Gil Yeo Chan Mi Shil's name and he will follow.

Mi Shil sat on his throne and looks great. Seol Won Mi approached and asked why Mi Shil Shil ruled Yeo Chan Gil withdraw its troops withdraw. Mi Shil said that if he causes the enemy to penetrate the border under control, then this will benar2 Mi Shil less than Deok Man. Won Seol said that's why .. Mi Mi Shil Shil resume he wants to mengahiri all problems. Mi Shil ask Seol Won-rang not too upset with this.

Mi Shil said that while they were still the Hwa Rang, there is one song and asked what Seol Won remember,
Seol Won: The battle followed the war
Mi Shil: when the time is not fighting to survive .. option when no viable means retreat
Seol Won: when retreat was not an option, but only give
Mi Shil: and even if the surrender is an option that is not possible .. but it was only the death of her choice.

Mi Shil said he had no demand on Seol Won Rang. Seol Won Mi Shil said can not do that, he would go along with Mi Shil. Mi Shil said that from now on whatever he commanded, he says, which he did and that he promised, all is the last one, please ask all followed him, all who follow him, must still endure, and lead them well. Seol Won asked why he was so fragile and weak because of this, Mi Shil says otherwise is not weakness but another strategy, this is the last stage of the plan. Mi Shil submit a letter on Seol Won-rang and he said he benar2 apologize.

Kim Yu Shin Chan to report Yeo Gil withdrew and returned to Sokham. Al Cheon said Yoon Chung surely because the troops advanced. Wyol Ya asked what happened, why they withdrew. Kim Chun Chu what is their strategy. Deok Man convinced this was not a diversion. Deok Man understand, that Mi Shil ... Bi Dam could have guessed what had happened he ran out of the meeting and actions prove Bi Dam Bi Dam Deok Man that really have a relationship with Mi Shil.

Mi Shil said on Seol Won Rang that nobles loyal to him, ask them to return to its original place, also on Pal Cho Hye Sook Chil guarded, ask him to resign segera.Seol Won run it. Mi Shil start difficult to speak and finally all is said and all you've prepared for him.

Bi Dam front door and ragu2 Daeya fortress. Tiba2 white flag is raised on the fortress Daeya. While in Pal Cho Hye, courier send a message to the Chil Sook and he read and handed it to Seok Bum. Chil Sook asked whether this is true of Mi Shil. Courier was confirmed. Seok Bum said they should resign and go back. Seok Bum: What's happening?

Chil Shil Mi Sook smiles that end it like this. Bum Seok asked how this could end. Kim Chun Chu asked if Yeo Chan Gil withdraw its troops, is not wise if they go back to the original plan. Al Cheon confirmed they do not have time to let go of this opportunity and a waste of time.

Wyol Ya go and report that the fortress Daeya situation ... Deok Man can guess there is something wrong. Deok Man and his troops arrived in Daeya. Deok Man saw the white flag was raised at the fort.

The gate is open, Seol Won Rang off all clothes and dressed in white battle for custody. Seol Won Deok Man approached own with the horse. Seol Won walked over and knelt in front Deok Man, they surrendered and all the troops are also on his knees and surrender. Seol Won said this is an unconditional surrender and he was now kneeling in front Deok Man. Seol Won said they've stripped all of his weapons. Deok Man asked where Mi Shil now. Seol Won Mi Rang said Shil wait Deok Man.

Bi Dam runs and see Mi Shil, he saw Mi Shil had downed a few small jars of poison, Dam Bi's hand trembled as it dropped the jar, Bi Dam is yelling at his mother what he wanted, Why? Mi Shil asked for Bi Dam does not speak too loudly. Mi Shil said: I still had about 15 minutes.

Bi Dam: what I should call you mom, so? What are you hoping to hear?

Mi Shil laugh

Bi Dam: Or that you'd throw me, that you're so sorry, so you want to apologize? Or vice versa .. so that you feel guilty so you have to admit that you actually really love her and you want to admit that you've always loved her from your heart.

Mi Mi Shil Shil says that to this, all it does not exist in his dictionary. Mi Shil said on Bi Dam kata2 he would not say it. So Bi Dam does not need to call her mother and she never regretted, and also loving.

Mi Shil: Love? What is love? Love so it is called that has the intent without trying to correct and profound sadness to have it, that's what love is. If you wish to love Deok Man, then this should you do .. do .. .. the truth .. even devotion Silla. None can be shared with others ... no matter who it is .. .. Kim Yu Shin Kim Chun Chu .. whoever it is ... Understand?

Seol Won Deok Man Rang drove to see Mi Shil. Bi Dam said on Mi Shil, his devotion to his own mismanagement. Mi Shil said he thought of Bi Dam that is why he opened it to him. Mi Shil said he had a heart orang2 after dreaming to own this country but for Bi Dam, it has a country but aspire to own one. To make someone a dream benar2 risky and inevitable. Deok Man benar2 someone who will become this nation. Bi Dam said he wanted to create Deok Man as a person.

The toxic effects started to be felt, Mi Shil almost fell, Bi Dam Mi Shil tries to help but refused and asked if Deok Man would like her first.

Seol Won Mi Rang said Shil dwell here, Deok Man came in and asked YU Shin and Al Cheon waiting in the corridor. Deok Man came in and ran to see Mi Shil in saat2 final. Bi Dam is on the side of Mi Shil weeping and saw Mi Shil. Deok Man approached Mi Shil

Deok Man: Se Ju Mi Shil ..

Mi Shil clutching his throne.

Deok Man (to himself): Mi Shil .. without you .. will not be made until here .. Mi Mi Shil Shil .. .. Living Era.

Deok Man salute to Mi Mi Shil Shil and release its grip on the seat.

Deok Man mourn the departure of his enemy.


Quote kata2 Mi Shil;

    * People can only make mistakes ... people can be .. But not orang2ku, I'm not going to let that happen!
    * I do not wear my own hands to end this. To all who have had, I did not have is to become Queen.
    * Forgive me .. my son. From now on you are no longer useful to me.
    * Just a little smile, and you will look more powerful.
    * This is because of you .. Run.
    * I killed them all.
    * Princess you're more clever and beyond Mi Shil
    * The will of heaven and I'll use a little will of heaven.
    * Seeing this, there are only two choices.
    * My arms ... my arms?
    * Why was I not born as a Seonggol.
    * And if even give that option also is not possible, but it was only possible death.
    * Now the time has come ... this is the Era Mi Shil
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