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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 49

Mi Shil shot an arrow toward Man and Deok Deok Man right on your chest!
Deok Man fell back into his chair and fainted. All shock. But then Deok man regained consciousness and he pulled the arrow and threw it away. Kim Seo Hyun Deok called Man, Deok Man started strong and stand in front of Mi Shil very surprised, how can you survive? Deok Man issued a dagger owned by King Jinheung Soyeobdo Deok Man charged in his neck.
Dagger that is holding the arrow Mi Shil, it also shows the ancestral protection on Deok Man. Mi Shil was surprised, it was the same knife used to kill King Jinheung tiger, how Deok Man can have it? Queen Maya was indeed Soyeobdo recognize that once saved his life and now her daughter's life.
Kim Yu Shin and stormed into the Hwarang In Gang Jeon. King heard a commotion and he asked the physician, but physicians fear and fled. Kasim came in and wanted to bring the King into hiding. When the eunuchs to help the King, Kim Yu Shin announce its presence, the King startled. Kim Yu Shin asked the King to rest, he assured the king that now they control In Gang Jeon with Hwarang. What about Deok Man? Asked King.
Deok Man shows Soyeobdo to Mi Shil as a sign he had obtained mercy of the King Jinheung. Seol Won Jong Se belari come and ask what happened. Seol Won suggested they should immediately resign, said Kim Jong Bo Yu Shin and Noh have mastered Moon In Gang jeon. Se Jong shock, meaning they lose. Seol Won Mi Shil ruled for escorted out. Chil escorting Mi Sook Shil. Mi Shil throw away his bow and quietly gone under the protection of Chil Sook.
Seol Won motioned to eliminate the existing Captain field. They surrounded Deok Man. The Hwarang forward immediately to protect the Princess. Queen and Princess Man Myeong fear. Al Cheon yell at the troops: What are you doing, stop! Lower your hands!
Captain kill a Hwarang, but then Yeom Jong and pemanahnya troops arrived, they opened the gates and allow Dam Bi, Joo Bang and his men entered. They fought. Bi Dam and his men kill all the remaining soldiers. Joo Bang see Go Do and all are very happy to meet again Joo Bang, Bi Dam secure the situation.
Bi Dam see Deok Deok Man and see what Man injured. Deok Man thanked Bi Dam. Bi Dam: The next time you're doing things that threaten your life again, so I'm not going to come save you!
Queen Maya soon see Deok Man. Deok Man hugging his mother who was crying. Princess Man Myeong hugged her husband, who reassured her. Deok Man asked the King. Joo Bang King baik2 report only, Kim Yu Shin have secured In Gang Jeon. Joo Bang will escort Deok Man to see the King. Deok Man said they should not let Mi Shil out of the palace and soon after him. Bi Dam understand.
Mi Seol Won Shil requested to prepare his departure. Mi Shil went to the basement and noticed a warrant of King Jinheung missing. Chil Sook came in and said they should leave. Mi Shil said is gone, who's been here. Chil So Hwa Sook realize definitely took it. But they must immediately leave. Mi Sook Shil went escorted Chil.
Mi Shil in transit. Bum Seok Kim ran away and said Seo Hyun pursued by troops. Mi Saeng: means a way out is blocked? Seol Won say definitely so, but they must find a way to Mi Shil out safely. No need to word Mi Shil, we passed the main gate, we'll get through this with full force. Seol Won said although they retreated, but they have 10 thousand more troops will defend Mi Shil, Bo Mi Jong Shil shout for, everyone here who is not indebted to Mi Shil to go now!
San Tak said they would die for Mi Shil and all shout together, we will die for Mi Shil! Seol Won: Attack the main door!
Guk San Heun: Mi Shil toward the main door with full force. Deok Man shocked. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon also surprised. Deok Man said what is this diversion, but Guk San Heun stated is true Mi Shil. Deok Man thinks Mi Shil use diversion strategies such us it seems like the slanting not.
Deok Man said today they still can not overpower the opponent, let alone Jujin troops have not arrived. Bi Dam understand and Deok Man ruled Guk San Heun collect soldiers there and focus to the main gate. Guk San Heun go. Deok Man said missiles should not be out, he will lead the attack.
Seol Won fight with Kim Seo Hyun troops. Go Do meet Jujin and Kim Chun Chu and convey the message Deok Man. Kim Chun Chu asked what the King and Prince is okay, Dae Pung confirmed they both survived. But now they fought with Mi Shil at the main gate. Kim Chun Chu ruled Yeom Jong and Jujin to go to the main gate immediately because if Mi Shil managed to escape, then there will be no end. Jujin understand and toward the main gate.
Yu Shin and Al Cheon greets and informs that Seo Hyeon Kim has tried to resist but they managed to escape. Now Kim Seo Hyun chase. Kim Chun Chu came with Jujin and Yeom Jong. Chun Chu Mi Shil report escaped. Deok Man asked how many troops Mi Shil. Yu Shin said not much, but troops and Mi Se Jong Saeng will join them. Deok Man ruled Jujin help Kim Seo Hyun pursuit. Deok Man said they must find Mi Mi Shil Shil do not immediately find the hiding and trigger a civil war. Jujin shock as mentioned civil war.
Seol Won said, had now become a civil war. Se Jong: A civil war? Seol Won justify. Mi Shil has made additional plans he has to send a message to Oh Chang, commander of the fort Daeya to make a deal. (Daeya now Hapcheon, Gyeongsangnam Do. In this there is a monument Hapcheon appreciation for the Hwarang who had fallen with the dashing, this monument is on the side of the river Hwang)
Se Jong and Mi Saeng: so castle Daeya .. Seol Won said they did not have time, before the pursuers could attack them from behind, they must get to the fortress Daeya. Seol Won Mi Shil report on them must leave immediately, Mi Shil understand and asked what Daeya fortress had been told, Seol Won said already they're ready for Mi Shil. Mi Shil sighed, Seol Won cheer for not despair and lose hope. (Oh.. I love Seolwon, he .. he I can not hate uterus, just can not) Mi Shil convince them, he baik2 course, but current condition can not be compared with the past, present Deok Man who pursue them.
Deok Man meeting with his war cabinet, first and foremost they must master the palace. Yu Shin justify, Mi Shil has dominated the court with its effect for 40 years. Deok Man agree, get rid of Mi Shil allies at court is not an easy matter. Seo Hyun Kim to announce his arrival, he apologized, Deok Man shocked. Kim Seo Hyun said they almost get Mi Shil et al, but the commander of the fort tiba2 Daeya Oh Chan emerge and prevent them. Kim Yong Chun said, now they are anchored in Fort Daeya? Kim Seo Hyun confirmed.
Fortress Daeya, Jong Ha just arrived and he was delighted because Daeya Citadel fortress has never been defeated and strong. Mi Saeng agree and also quiet with the number of troops. Bo Jong said they were now allied with General Ma of Chil Jung Ji Geo (cur Paju Gyeonggi province), which provides military support to them. Se Jong said if they have to start again, then Fortress Daeya is the proper place.
Mi Shil said that victory was imminent unless he surrendered the victory is theirs. Mi Shil's men began to believe in ourselves again.
Chil Sook ordered his troops to stay focused and alert. Maybe there will be a sneak mata2. Chil Sook asked that troops be more vigilant. Troops understand. Chil Sook Seok Bum will go when asked whether this civil war? Chil Sook confirmed, definitely so. Mi Shil however will still think about good Silla, Chil Sook said today the situation seems to be the opposite. Seok Bum said he did not care about the Silla. Chil Sook asked why, Seok Bum said Mi Shil has been very good to her, people like him are low and with a simple background and give honor to captain in Seorabeol Hwarang and their families have a lot of things, enough food and clothing.
Seok Bum said this is not to Silla, but for Mi Shil who was kind to her and she was very grateful and indebted. Chil Sook asked: Is my gratitude and indebtedness to Mi Shil has exceeded even the goodness and truth. Bum Seok asked him to be forgiven, but this conclusion. Bum Seok realizes this only can he give of someone with a lot of disadvantages such as himself. Seok Bum said if kata2nya offensive Chil Sook, she apologized. Chil Sook go and then turned again he feels the same.
Deok Man still meeting with his cabinet and said even if they do not expect to see this, but in case of civil war, they should immediately reset the Ministry of Defence. Kim Seo Hyun confirmed, so far Seol Won Rang who organized everything. If they do not clean the defense department, they will not win the war.
Kim Yu Shin said, his father and he will take this responsibility to clean up the department of defense. Deok Man agrees. Man ruled Deok Kim Yong Chun and Kim Chun Chu is responsible for the affairs of the King Family with military and government in the palace. They understand. Deok Man said, he and Al Cheon will take over abandoned by Se Jong and Mi Shil in the taxation department. Al Cheon said the situation was like this, what they need to deploy troops surrounded the fortress Daeya. Deok Man justifying, Seo Hyun Kim have joined Jujin and ask them to work together and set the strategy, and moved to the fortress closest to Daeya. And all the check points toward Daeya must be supervised.
Deok Man said if they did not immediately act quickly it will increase the anarchic action. Deok Man asked his cabinet to speed up everything.
Yeom Jong asked to Bi Dam Deok Man why not call him to attend cabinet meetings? (I jg bertanya2, where Bi Dam) Dam Bi with bored flipping through the pages of books, he had no official capacity to be present at the meeting. Yeom Jong: if so you should go and ask for the position. Bi Dam sigh: It's very inconvenient. I like working directly under the orders of the secret and Princess Deok Man, all this time like this. Yeom Jong said that this is not like before, now they've won and they should receive awards for their services.
Bi Dam looked Yeom Jong, Kim Chun Chu Kim Yong Chun supported, while supported by his father Kim Yu Shin Kim Seo Hyun, Al Cheon have important positions in the royal family because he and his father's influential nobles in the council. Then Bi Dam, Dam Bi owned what, you do not have anyone behind you or influence. Yeom Jong said if Bi Dam continues like this, then Bi Dam is not going anywhere, he would not have a place to build its own foundations.
Then Deok Man came in and gave orders for Bi Dam brought his team and went to infiltrate the Fortress Daeya. Bi Dam said he would do it. Deok Man asked for Bi Dam are responsible for finding information on the situation in Fort Daeya and also supervises the presence of Mi Shil. Bi Dam Deok Man asked to lead this mission so that he can be calm and confident in the ability of Dam Bi, Bi Dam Deok Man believes will succeed. Bi Dam Deok Man glad to believe it.
Bi Dam boasted to see what Yeom Jong Deok Man Princess assigned to me. This is because the Princess was trust. Yeom Jong said this was not evident in ministerial positions in the palace. Yeom Jong said they were seen only as messengers, which are always out looking for information. Bi Dam: Why did you ruin kebahagianku .. very complex thoughts. Yeom Jong said he was complex, it is because Bi Dam too long with the Moon Noh then it is separate from the social environment and do not understand how the social environment should be. Bi Dam said he understands how the social environment. Bi Dam stop Yeom Jong.
Captain guards begged forgiveness on Kim Seo Hyun, they are only carrying out orders Seol Won Rang and what they have to die for it, he beg for mercy. Joo Bang, Seo Ji, and Wyol Yes check dokumen2 in office Seol Won Joo Bang Rang and find a list of names orang2 who fought together in battle Pallyangchi Won Seol. (Mount between Namwon Gyeongsangnam Do Jeollabuk and Hamyang)
YES Wyol asked what in the fighting and promote Seol Won them all. Seo Ji also get a list of similar names in the battle Cho Game Ryeong. Wyol Ya reported its findings to Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yu shin. Joo Bang said that if they want to get rid of all this orang2 it will be useless, because Seol Won Rang been in power for 15 years in this department. How many battles, and how many people are already being promoted in the military by Seol Won. Kim Yu Shin said there was no other choice. Joo Bang complaint, Kim Seo Hyun said that if they do not, they can not carry troops to fight Mi Shil. Kim Seo Hyun said, Wyol Yes and Joo Bang only to accelerate their work.
Deok Man examine all records and asked whether there was no record of construction of the palace in Game Ryeong Cho, ragu2 staff. Deok Man asked why. They say all the notes taken by Se Jong and Ha Jong and people who become architects also disappeared in the day Mi Shil left the palace.
Deok Man said, if so, he could not understand that this man satu2nya only people who know about construction and the staff ragu2. Deok Man said because it is a big project that requires huge funds, it is done with diam2 and they were not given the report. Deok Man disperse the staff.
Al Cheon came in and reported that the shipment of weapons from the State of Wa (Japan) has not arrived. Deok Man asked for an explanation. Al Cheon said they sent 50 workers such as carpenters, shipbuilders, and blacksmith to Japan as barter for weapons. Seol Won Rang own oversee the transaction. Deok Man says gun was never reached. Al Cheon already sent people to investigate in the Port Naei (Hae Jin port in the eastern province of Gyeongsang)
Al Cheon Mi Shil said what might hijack the shipment and now in the hands of Mi Shil. Mi Shil to reports that arms shipment had arrived. Mi Saeng confirmed, shipment had arrived at the port of Naei last night and will be sent directly to the castle. They will get the most efficient logistics. Mi Shil asked about the supply of food in storage. Ha Jong said they have seom 1500 and will be sufficient for a year. He asked his mother to calm down. Se Jong said if they had to face a long battle. Fortress sufficient Daeya own food. Mi Mu Saeng Eun-General mentioned already supplying food to the troops and asked for her sister calm. Mi Shil asked whether they had intercepted the message to the King of the governor in Gangju (cur Jinju) and Geumgwan (cur Gim Hae)
Se Jong said already, all will be directly sent to them, so Mi Shil not need to worry. Ha Jong said that all underground work has been done quickly. San Tak came and reported that there is an important message from the district Gwangmun. (Cur Mungyeong, do Gyeongsangbuk northwest)
Mi Shil asked what was in it. San Not reported no major fires occurred in a castle. Mi Shil shocked. Deok Man also got the message about the fire from Kim Yong Chun who said the fire arising from the construction of a fort and fire spread quickly. Deok Man wonder why no notification from the area. Deok Man asked whether there was a message. Kim Seo Hyun said he has not accepted it. Deok Man asked for immediately sent a message to resolve the situation and report it immediately.
Kim Chun Chu said that the departure of Mi Shil has made a vacuum in power, they did not control anything to control internal and external factors of this nation. Who should do what and what to do, they do not have clear guidance on all issues. Kim Chun Chu confirmed that the palace filled with spies and very easy to divulge secrets or information. Al Cheon came and reported that the weapons had arrived in port Naei, but was sent to Fort Daeya. Deok Man shocked and Yu Shin said that they need quickly and take care of this before Mi Shil create new Seorabeol if they allow this any longer.
Deok Man walking outside when Bi Dam approached with a prisoner. Deok Man asked who he was. Bi Dam said this was the bearer of a message that blocks messages to Gwangmun district. Bi Dam seen leaving Daeya, so he seems to catch this guy and he had reported to the Mi Shil. Please messenger forgiven, he was just following orders. Deok Man asked why he had to report to Daeya. The man said Mi Shil is responsible for the construction of the fort, so the governor ordered him to send a report Gwangmun on Mi Shil. Yeom Jong said they requested funds to replace losses. People that beg to be forgiven he had done nothing wrong.
Deok Man said to himself, Mi Shil benar2 influence far and wide. Deok Man asked the hearing be held immediately. Prince Al Cheon execute commands. Deok Man standing in front of the court and said from now on, he will review all the mistakes that have been made in the trial in the past and will not be pressed further, but if one wants to report something about Silla but not me, then I would let him down from his position immediately and include reports from the provinces and the delivery of messages.
Deok Man will lose all of the messengers to the Governor if they fail to do it or change it to another place and will enforce to the whole country. Deok Man ruled the Defense Department to control Geoyeol Ju, Daegaya, Chohwagun and all around the fort Daeya. Kim Seo Hyun understand. Deok Man said they had to prevent the information entered into the fortress Daeya and isolate them. Do they understand? All understood.
Deok Man sat down and he remembered Hwa So when they met after So Hwa survived the palace with Joo Bang. So Hwa said the king's palace stamp Jinpyeong entrust to him, but Chil Sook took it. Then he found a warrant for the King Jinheung Mi Shil killed. So Hwa gave King a warrant Jinheung on Deok Man. Deok Man read it and he was surprised.
King Jinheung: Mi Shil was the enemy, kill Mi Shil and restore justice and righteousness in Silla.
kadorama-recapskadorama-recapsDeok Man asked what was written by King Jinheung. So Hwa nodded. King Jinheung give orders to the Hwa Rang to kill Mi Won Shil. Deok Man it's time to ask what she should use that command. Bi Dam Deok Man come and give greetings. Views Deok Man Dam Bi empty and asked what bothers Deok Man, why he looks hard. Deok Man said not apa2. Bi Dam asked if anyone can he help to make Deok Man calm down, if there is .. although it seems he can not help much. Deok Man said: If I arrive at this stage, it was never thought would happen. But if Bi Dam no he did not know what he would do in the darkest saat2nya, is beyond its capabilities.
Deok Man said if Bi Dam said he was unable, because now they face the chaos and lack of disorder but wait until all starting to stabilize, I will give you important tasks and positions. Bi Dam asked what was important assignment .. Deok Man Dam Bi intelligence network and Yeom Jong Deok Man plans to officiate and make it as a tool for the government, which could be called as a secret agent of the palace and no one who can lead this department better than Bi Dam and he believed any secret operation, he believes Bi Dam will overcome them.
Bi Dam happy and he would smile his new assignment. Deok Man said there were times when he saw Bi Dam as a child and asked whether Bi Dam benar2 pleased with the proposal. Bi Dam Deok Man say this because of his ability to trust.
Then Deok Man gave the task to Bi Dam, before he entered the palace, he buried a box under a Ginkgo tree in the temple in Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam: A small box? Deok Man justify and Bi Dam will bring the box to him and no one should know about it. Bi Dam understand. Bi Dam ran with pleasure because Deok Man's secret task entrusted to him. Bi Dam will carry it out.
Deok Man still ponder as Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon came, they report that the command Deok Man has been submitted to the entire country. They could not imagine leaving Mi Shil is leaving a vacuum in power. Deok Man said none of them have experience in running the country the previous administration. But the Mi Shil know how. Although he has a lot of ability but he was alone, he will not be able to work alone. He needs to orang2 help. Orang2 who share the boat with him. This is why this is why it is necessary orang2 very powerful Mi Shil.
Deok Man said he had to follow the ways and Shil Mi no other way. Deok Man should take allies Mi Shil and make it as allies. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man asked what he meant. Deok Man said his mother So Hwa gave him special and precious gift. Actually I do not intend to use the gift but it seemed the right time.
Yu Shin Kim Deok Man asked what he meant. Deok Man says he was ordered to get it for her Dam Bi and Bi Dam will soon be back with the gift. Al Cheon said Bi Dam has left his post in Daeya for this task. Deok Man Bi Dam justify and to return the Palace Guard will replace their duties. Al Cheon understand.
Bi Dam went to dig the box under the tree. The tree is a tree protection in Buddhism.
Bi Dam find and clean up the dust. Because he wanted to know, then Bi Dam opened the box, in which there is a document and she recognized him, he remembered So Hwa holding it very closely before meeting Deok Man, even when eating So Hwa. Bi Dam wanted to know why So Hwa very carefully. Bi Dam opened it and read it and was shocked by its contents, that it is a royal command of King Jinheung to kill Mi Shil and Bi Dam fell on his knees, lost kata2 and blank. Deok Man waiting for the document but there was still no sign of coming of Bi Dam. Bi Dam just sit with a blank look.
Joo Bang and some disguised cadre and want to know when you first met Man Deok Joo Bang, when he was disguised as a priest? Go Do say they cheat Deok Man several times. Joo Bang said at the time they benar2 fraudsters. But Joo Bang finally realized they had a lot of mistakes, Go Do Joo Bang laughing and hitting his head.
Bi Dam digest the truth. Mi Shil King Jiheung want to die, why did he save the document it until now. Dam Bi Mi Shil keep wondering why all this time and asked for what. Bi Dam leading to the fortress Daeya and not return to Deok Man. In front of the fort all lined up for inspection prior to entry and exit gates. Bi Dam is also visible in the queue, the officer saw Bi Dam and Dam Bi asked what he did, he replied Dam Bi and Bi Dam trade permitted to enter.
Go Do recognize Bi Dam. Joo Bang wonder they would not replace Bi Bi Dam Dam because of the Princess was doing, why he is seen here. Joo Hwa Bang So remember to bring something very important, and Joo Bang once said if it is important let alone keeping Bi Dam which is more secure, but So Hwa said Bi Dam should not have this document. Why ask Joo Bang, so Hwa said this could be an obstacle to Mi Shil. So Hwa insisted that this document has to do with Bi Dam. Joo Bang surprised and he became suspicious of Bi Dam.
Bi Dam made it into the fortress Daeya and penetrate tight guard in Daeya, he had approached the residence of Mi Shil (science ginkang Bi Dam-like Thio Buki hehe .. very light). Several guards passed and Bi Dam is on the roof, they are silent because they feel there is suspicious. Bi Dam jumps and killing them instantly. Bi Dam went to Mi Shil, and Mi Shil not too surprised by his arrival. Bi Dam directs his sword on Mi Shil. Mi Shil officially asked what the purpose Dam Bi come. Mi Shil asked whether Deok Man who ordered him to kill her or because Bi Dam Deok Man worships so he came to seek services for your boyfriend? Bi Dam came because he wanted to know something he could not understand. Mi Shil surprised.
Bi Dam asked why but he showed command of King Jinheung hesitated, then changed the question, the day before the uprising, Mi Yeom Jong Shil asked to take him away. Bi Dam wanted to answer and yell at Mi Shil for immediate answer. Mi Shil said: You are a barrier. Bi Dam said he only obstacle for cita2 Mi Mi Shil Shil. Mi Shil said yes definitely so if you think like that. Bi Dam said he has always been a stumbling block for Mi Shil. So once again it's like throwing Shil Mi Bi Dam, is not it better just kill him Mi Shil. Mi Shil admitted it was his fault really, for this reason, these errors can cause pain and he should end up with situations like this.
Bi Dam does not believe Mi Shil claims he is a mistake. Bi Dam asked why later .. and he will issue a letter of King Jinheung when he heard a voice. Mi Saeng in to report the possibility of an intruder and he saw Bi Dam. Bi Dam directs his sword back to the neck Mi Shil. Jong Bo Mi Shil sword but asked them to stop. Jong Bo Mi Saeng and wonder. Dam Bi Mi Shil said here just want to know something, so Bi Dam is guest. Mi Shil said on Bi Dam she may go. Mi Saeng shocked by the actions of his brother. Mi Shil: let's go fast! Bo Jong mundur.Bi Dam does not understand the actions Mi Shil.
Se Jong shocked when knowing Bi Dam come and infiltrate into the room and threatened Mi Mi Shil Shil. More shocked again, Mi Shil let it go. Ha Jong do not understand why her mother always let Bi Dam, does anyone Bi Dam? Seol Won might know something. Seol Won said he did not know. Ha Jong-Won Seol upset definitely know something. We've been like this, this is because the jerk Bi Dam. Bo Ha Jong Jong agree with, his mother let go of this Bi Dam does not look like her mother. Won Seol see Mi Shil and asked what the purpose of arrival Bi Dam. Mi Shil did not answer, Seol Won urgent. Mi Shil said to save the day when Bi Dam Deok Man of the palace, they all must be confused. Dam Bi was also confused and want to know why, why Mi Shil did not kill him and let him live.
Joo Bang Shin Yu reported that the Bi Dam look at the castle Daeya. Go Do Bi Dam said he saw with his own eyes. Yu Shin surprise. Al Cheon said Bi Dam would not be sent to perform essential duties of the Prince and why he went to the fortress Daeya.
Deok Man Bi Dam now restless why not immediately returned. Bi Dam ponder what he should do with the letter of King Jinheung this. Deok Man received a report from Yu Shin, Bi Dam look at the castle Daeya and Deok Man shocked. Kim Yu Shin said Bi Dam entered the Fortress Daeya. Yu Shin Bi Dam asked what task, what should he take it back. Shin Yu Mi Shil said in Daeya. Yu Shin Deok Man asked not to talk anymore. Kim Yu Shin said he rarely suspect someone and he apologized for his speculation. But Deok Man began to doubt.
Deok Man Joo Bang left his room and waited outside. Shin Yu asked what was wrong. Joo Bang said he wanted to talk privately with Princess if Yu Shin did not mind. Yu Shin go. Deok Man asked what was wrong. Joo Bang tells her story with So Hwa, Joo Bang said So Hwa take something from Mi Shil study room that has a relationship with Bi Dam. Deok Man surprised. Joo Bang: That's why he refused to give the letter to Bi Dam, for that reason. So Hwa conceal something. So Hwa refused to say it. Joo Hwa Bang wonder why So make it. Deok Man wonder how the command to kill the King Jinheung Mi Shil nothing to do with Bi Dam ... Deok Man tries to digest the information joo bang. Who actually Bi Dam ...
Bi Dam came to greet Deok Man. Bi Dam Deok Man looks come with empty hands.
Deok Man: The task that I give to you, to bring back the box, did you take him?Bi Dam silentDeok Man: Give me that.Bi Dam: Nothing there.Deok Man surprised by the answer Bi Dam.Bi Dam: I've dug a few holes everywhere, but only managed to find the box .. but it is empty.Deok Man benar2 doubt.
Deok Man: Until now, whatever you say will I trust, without a doubt and suspicion. This belief will be the basic building our relationship in the future .. Is it true that there is no box contents?Dam Bi was not immediately answered. Bi Dam: Yes .. NoDeok Man: Did not you go and hide?Bi Dam shook his head. No.
Deok Man: Then you went to the castle Daeya, what is it true?Dam Bi was not immediately answered.Deok Man: You're going to see Mi Shil?Bi Dam: Yeah ... I do not want to go back empty-handed so I was there and intended to kill Mi Shil.Deok Man benar2 not believe the truth of the story Bi Dam.
Bi Dam: If we kill Mi Shil, all will end is not it? But I failed.Deok Man has lost faith in Bi Dam and he gave one last chance to Bi Dam.Deok Man: I will ask from you for the last time .. Mi Shil and you .. what is your relationship?
Meanwhile, Mi Shil was also interrogated by the allies.Mi Saaeng said this problem has been risking our lives, Mi Shil silent. Se Jong: Se Ju and the Bi Dam, between you two .. what is your relationship?
Back to Bi-Deok couple:Deok Man: Mi Shil and yourself, between you two, what is your relationship?Bi Dam: Mi Shil and I ...
Mi Shil: Children. He's my son.Ha Jong shock with her statement. Ha Jong: What ..? What did mother say?Mi Saeng: Kkkk .. brother.Se Jong shock, Mi Saeng looks like going to faint. Mi Shil just stay quiet with a slightly raised eyebrow.
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