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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 48

Deok Man asked why are they surprised? Come get me! Is not there a command with the seal of King Jinpyeong though I have no relationship at all with attempted murder Se Jong, but somehow he is the person who sought the King and the duty to respect and live without a fight will of the king, so catch me now. But Kim Seo Hyun, Kim Yong Chun, Al Cheon, palace guards, and even His Majesty the King Jinpyeong should be collected for questioning. That the public knows.
Envoys from the Tang nodded in understanding the suggestion Deok Man.
Deok Man said he might be accused on charges of serious crimes but he was still Prince Kingdom of Silla, so he believes if he gave up then they too will meet the small demand. Deok Man asked for Se Jong told miserable experience after being stabbed. For Se Jong manifest themselves.

kadorama-recapsDam Bi was furious when he knew Deok Man entered the palace alone. He asked for confirmation on the Yu Shin and Chun Chu. Both confirmed he turned himself in to the palace alone. Bi Dam interesting collar Yu Shin, you are, you know he went alone, and you let him??!!
Ha Jong Deok Man is crazy, why you came and surrendered. Seol Won said his condition has reached the alarming level, there is no other alternative. Seol Won Deok Man said to be killed. Meanwhile, Yu Shin Bi Dam throws into his chair, and said Deok Man must be killed (He definitely knows Their brain! Wow ..). He entered the palace, would die without a doubt. Bi Dam asked what Shin Yu Mi Shil think will forgive Deok Man? Shin Yu: Mi Shil would not dare hurt Deok Man in public. Bi Dam: benar2 I do not understand what you mean.
Mi Shil said they could not kill Deok Man. Ha Jong surprised. Did not he come to surrender and all charges are stated. Mi Shil said Kim Chun Chu is still there who are still alive and will attack. If they kill Deok Man, all the nobles and aristocrats will search for Kim Chun Chu. Mi Shil said Cheon Myeong from Princess to Princess Deok Deok Man and of Man will return to Kim Chun Chu. The mandate of heaven will continue with them and will not change. Mi Shil said they had to paralyze and Kim Deok Man Chun Chu. An end to this circle and resolve all their trouble, but Kim Chun Chu is still alive out there. Mi Shil Kim Chun Chu repeat .. still living in one place ..
Bi Dam asked what? Kim Chun Chu will be the one who took the throne ..? Yu Shin said that if Mi Shil will harm Deok man and killed him after people heard the mandate of heaven will naturally fall into the hands of Kim Chun Chu. They may be weaker than Mi Shil but they can be 2, namely Deok Man and Chun Chu. While Mi Shil's just alone. Although Mi Shil gathered all his strength but he's just one person. This is their biggest advantage. Princess Deok Man play this advantage to challenge Mi Shil. Bi Dam wake up and beat Yu Shin: Who gave you the right and who are you how you have the guts to place the position of Princess Deok Man as a pawn of chess? (Tirzah; oh .. he got mad Because it May harm the woman he loves, so sweet .. hehe if just political reason alone, he Did not have to be as mad as I see .. That)
Yu Shin Deok Man remembered her conversation with before he went to the palace. Deok Man agrees that time is likely to be harmed, but if he does not go into the palace, with Mi Shil dispute will not end. That is why Yu Shin should be sent to the palace. Yu Shin: How can a subordinate to stay, and seeing his boss to walk through the valley of death? No man who will look and see the woman he loves walking in the road to death.
Deok Man said they are influenced by personal feelings do not deserve to be subordinate or loved ones. Mi Shil was a skilled, intelligent, and genius. He would soon discover his hiding. Mi Shil will take over the country and government. They must have a strategy that will make Mi Shil included in their game and let the nobles to choose and they have no other choice.
Shin Yu said how they dare to use Man and Kim Deok Chun Chu as a pawn in chess? Deok Man said they all exist in history but now they are pawns being played. Yu Shin redo all their talk at the Bi Dam.
Shin Yu said he has no right or reason to prevent the Princess Deok Man found position or responsibilities. People should be afraid of honesty when they change. Bi Dam said this change to be frightening and Yu Shin benar2 benar2've turned into someone who is intimidating. Bi Dam Deok Man Princess asked what no longer exists in the minds Yu Shin. Did you just think of Silla? Bi Dam said no matter who happens to have in mind Princess Yu Shin Silla only with security and prosperity. Shin Yu said just this reason and satu2nya way he and Princess Deok Man can go through together. This only satu2nya bond that can tie them together. This is a bitter reality.
Mi Saeng fro, and asked what their intention to let the public hear the testimony? Ha Jong Deok Man asked his mother to kill and end all. Seol Won said they decided to kill him even though they should think about the consequences. Interrogation tactics with murder or torture would prove they were too frivolous and inappropriate, they should resist public pressure. Mi Shil said Deok Man now enters a public hearing hidup2, life and death Deok Man is in the hands of Mi Shil. Se Jong Deok Man Princess's death would show the errors and shortcomings Mi Shil. Seol Won said this is the reason why Deok Man must be killed while still in flight.
Bi Dam still upset why should Prince Deok Man. If they did have two opportunities to enter the palace why Deok Man, that must be entered is Kim Chun Chu. Shin Yu asked whether Bi Dam Deok understand what kind of person that Man? Bi Dam must accept. Shin Yu said there is no option that they could take and they should play their role and responsibility because this way for Deok Man satu2nya survive.
Bi Dam honorable statement criticizing Yu Shin. Yu Shin asked Bi Dam stop kata2 cynical and sarkatisnya. Bi Dam went to Yu Yu Shin Shin and hold Bi Dam. Kim Chun Chu rise up and intervene, Joo Bang came in and shocked. Dam Bi and Yu Joo Bang Shin aware of the presence and retreat. Joo Bang said they both benar2 already frightened, they are a collection of scary people. Bi Dam asked what the opinion of Kim Chun Chu. Chun Chu did not say anything and benar2 Dam Bi Chun Chu upset with the response.
Chun Chu Kim Deok obedient to the will of Man, he said in what Shin Yu Deok Man Princess begins, he will continue. Kim Chun Bi Da Chu saw and asked what plans the next Dam Bi. Bi Dam although it still annoyed but accepted the decision and asked whether there are other possibilities that perhaps they could do. Joo Bang Deok Man praised his extraordinary benar2 great strategy.
Deok Man preparing to testify in public. In In Gang jeon, King heard about Deok Man and Queen worried what will be done Deok Man. King said that Deok Man sacrificed himself, he sacrificed everything for the sake of big profits. Princess Man Myeong justify, that's why King had to be strong and even if it is difficult to maintain health. Silla had stood for 700 years, no matter what as strong as Mi Shil, the nobles, also Hwarang would be affected by the sacrifice of the daughter Deok Man who would raise their courage. King agrees they should be ready and strong for Deok Man.
Al Cheon received the news that Deok Man surrendered to Shil and Kim Mi Hyun Seo justify. Al Cheon not understand what the daughter why she was risking his life.
Kim Yong Chun: What Mi Shil will receive a request testimony in public? Kim Seo Hyun said they could only wait and see but this is something that should they anticipate and learn all the details.
Dae Pung also heard that this is true, and he swears this is true, he heard the guards say. Guk san Heun said it does not make sense, why Princess risking his life and Go Do believe Prince came to rescue them. Child fruit Al Cheon said for Go Do not dreaming. How Women can be risking his life to orang2 like them. Go Do remind them when the war against Baekje, Deok Man to save Si Yeol, he even ate copy of the warrant. Guk San Heun justify.
The council members discussed what they need to hold a witness in public. They argue, Lord Jujin receive documents from Phil Dan and his son said that the Princess Deok Man only to the father only.
Deok Man: Even though my arm was bitten by the tooth tigers but I can not pull my arm. So the choice is that I will encourage my arm to go deeper into the tiger's mouth, in this way, Mi Shil will take the fight again and at that time Lord Jujin troops would be seen as a threat to Mi Shil and Jujin will lose and give up its forces in Mi Shil, so I believe that the Lord Jujin will make a wise choice, the choice is Mi Shil swallow you and remove your troops from the military or give me assistance. Signed Deok Man.
Lord Jujin said push arm deeper into the mouth of a tiger is to conduct hearings in public. The council members asked what his choice.
Deok Chung said they need to hold a public hearing, it comes naturally. Im Jong said that since Prince was accused, the truth has not been revealed. The Hwarang others said they wanted to hear the truth and the testimony of Prince. Baek Eui said he was surprised by the action Deok Man. Then Jae Ho asked Captain Hwarang all those present agreed to this decision as a whole? All nodded in agreement. Bum Seok just is not present.
The Captain Hwarang petitioning and shouted for them to convene a hearing at the request of Prince. They scream when Princess Deok Man accused of crimes then the truth must be revealed to the public as a testimony and Hwa troops now asking for authority to meet their requirements. Ha Jong awakened from sleep by their shouts and Mi Saeng entrance.
Mi Saeng: Princess benar2 really make a mess ..
Ha Jong asked whether the Hwarang benar2 petition and request them at the King Jinpyeong, Mi Saeng said why do not they do it? Nothing is stopping them. Mi Saeng Won Seol ask, where mi Shil now? Seol Won said that this is not easy.
Bo Jong comes with a rush, there is a problem King Jinpyeong has .. Seol Won asked what happened to the King? Bo Jong said the king had heard the cries of Hwarang, now the king will give the answer. Seol Won asked what the guards in charge of holding the King? Seol Won rushes off to cool the atmosphere. Mi Saeng know they benar2 in trouble, he also eventually leave. Bo Jong said the Hwarang sit outside, they can not use force. Seol Won asked how the Queen? Bo Jong said they managed to stop the Queen. Mi Saeng ask them to hurry.
King Jinpyeong managed to get out and meet the Hwarang. The Hwarang stood up and saluted. Chil Sook met the King and said that the King is now being sick. King asked for Chil Sook King stepped aside and supported by the eunuchs and the Hwarang approached the king.
King: All Hwarang, listen to my words ...
Seol Won interesting eunuch and he held the King and beg for the king did not do this. King asked Seol Won let go and he tried to break away and meet Hwarang. Seol Won blood pressure in the back streets of King's neck and make the King fainted immediately (Jet Li rich aja ..) and brought back to his residence and the physician summoned.
Mi Shil came and asked what they do and the Hwarang step aside to give way to Mi Shil. Mi Shil said the King was ill, how they dare to come to In Gang Jeon to make a fuss. What is more important than the health and condition of the King. Im Jong said that they only want to submit petitions to meet the demands of Princess Mi-Deok Man .. Shil cut and said he decided to hold a hearing. Jong Im surprised. Mi Seol Won Shil asked to set the date and sends notices to all the Hwarang as well as all officials across the country. Seol Won agreed.
Mi Shil said the allies he hopes to finish without the need to shed a drop of darahpun .. but it seems unlikely. Ha Jong asked when. Mi Shil announce the day and ask for all invited. Kim Chun Chu and Yeom Jong met Lord Jujin, Chun Chu said Lord Jujin must have received notification of hearing .. Lord Jujin to guess what they desired.
Mi Shil said they must consider the nobility in particular that has more than 1000 troops. They must give its troops under the command of Seol Won. Seol Won said that if they refuse orders Shil Mi, Mi Shil said if they refuse, they voted in favor of Kim Chun Chu and they should be killed. Shil Mi Se Jong added that troops and 3,000 troops will secure Seorabeol Mi Saeng under komand Ha Jong. Ha Jong agreed, Mi Sook Chil shi ordered to maintain security in the palace but then ask the Hwarang keep In Gang jeon. Chil Sook said yes. Mi Shil know to stay one more .. Lord Jujin.
Kim Chun Chu understand nobility Jujin doubt, until the day when Jujin hand over his private army under the command of Mi Shil, maybe you will be able to get her trust. But until you submit the troops, what is no reason to give awards Mi Shil. Jujin asked then how about Princess Deok Man, what he can benefit from the Princess Deok Man. Kim Chun Chu said considering that he is middle-class nobles with military support, there would be no position for him to preside over confrontation, even more Jujin troops will be a force for their dream to unite the 3 kingdom (Unification of 3 Hans, Sam Han Il Dong)
Kim Chun Chu asked what Jujin doubt they have the opportunity and ability to defeat MI Shil. If they get a chance it can be a daunting tikuspun like tigers. Kim Chun Chu said he believes Jujin see that Princess Deok Man enters the palace alone. How does that scenario, whether it's a frightened rat or a ferocious tiger. And Phil came and asked what his father had gone to bed, Mi Shil came to visit. Kim Chun Chu vigilant and Lord Jujin received with surprise upon visiting Mi Shil malam2 and requested that they be accepted in the main parlor. Kim Chun Chu realize how close he was with the Mi Shil.
Jujin greeted and asked what the purpose of Mi Shil. Mi Shil said he had ruled Jujin to tiba2 to the capital and he knows there may be discomfort among them. Jujin say otherwise he was happy he can often come together with his son. Then Jujin said he heard from Phil And, Mi Shil agreed to convene hearings. Seolwon justified and if all is ready, they'll let me know. Jujin understand. Mi Shil said, they fear that the Princess Deok Man will hold a resistance for the second time, he worried about Seorabeol security. Mi Shil ask what they can borrow Jujin troops for this. Jujin quickly approve it, he felt tidk problem. Seol Won said he did not have to do it yourself just give it to them a written power of attorney for the deployment of troops and Seol Won who will lead it.
Jujin agreed he would write to them. Jujin asked what Mi Shil plan to Deok Man. Jujin know Mi Shil should gather the troops under his command and it can be justified. Jujin Deok Man says daughter had no other choice but to push his arm deeper and deeper into the throat of a tiger. Mi Shil will understand the concern over this issue, he could not see it. Mi Shil said they had cut the arm Deok Man. Jujin agree with little hesitation.
Mi Shil Jujin leave home and said to Seol Won, the task seems to dominate Jujin failed. Seol Won in surprise. Mi Shil said Deok Man had him down before them. Won seol asked how Mi Shil know. Mi Shil tells the story of a tiger, only he who has the opportunity to share the story with Deok Man. Like when King Jin Heung told him. Mi Seol Won Shil and go, Kim Chun Chu and Yeom Jong watch from a distance.
And Phil said talks between his father and Mi Shil. Mi Shil appointment will promote it as Sangdaedeung and land owned by Mi Shil for him as long as he gave his troops. Jujin asked whether the opinion of Phil Dan. And Phil said that if Se Ju Mi Shil is that he knew before, he will receive his orders without hesitation no matter what the reason. His father asked, but now? Now .. even the Hwarang also doubt what really happened. About how they anesthetize Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun with a drink, then blocking their entrance into the palace council meeting. Mi Shil is now out of bounds of the truth which was once the property of Mi Shil, now seems Mi Shil controlled by something that made him hungry. Then a waiter arrived with a letter from Ho Jae for Phil Dan.
Phil And ran to see Ho Jae and saluted. Why is it called? Im Jong said that he and Jae Ho also received a similar letter and this is why everything here, when they wondered .. Kim Yu Shin and Bi Dam come.
Kim Chun Chu again, Seo Ji and Wyol yes saluted. Cu Chun asked about troops who are deployed from Amnyangju. Wyol diam2 Ya said they were moving outside the capital, Wyol Ya said he had mobilized troops separately. Chun Chu knew that the troops and Mi Se Jong Saeng will secure the capital, then Seolwon will overcome the palace. Wyol Ya say if the number, they definitely will not win, then they must defeat the strategic targets with small groups. Kim Chun Chu said they were not allowed to bring all the troops into the palace. Seo Ji Chun Chu asked for calm, they are the usual militant guerrilla forces.
Yeom Jong Shin Yu asked whether and Bi Dam has not returned. When we act, their role is very important.
Kim Yu Shin and discuss Dam Bi, Bi Dam said if Hwarang impartial Mi Shil it will be a great relief. Shin Yu said they have to persuade hwarang to take their side. Bi Dam asked whether it might be. Yu Shin said that if there is Gukseon, this will work. Gukseon always sided with them, if they sided with Gukseon seen it all Hwarang will follow his orders and will support them. Kim Yu Shin asked to Bi Dam where the Moon Noh and what he did not know? Bi Dam said he did not know. Bi Dam said that every time the teacher left, he never told anyone. Shin Yu said that this is not the time to discuss the matter, they should gather their support, Princess Deok Man will surely die, whether Bi Dam understand.
Bi Dam said Kim Yu Shin was the one who let daughter go and endanger his life, now you charged me and I must go and save the Princess and bothering me. Dam Bi Yu Shin go and think hard. Shin Yu said there is a way but they should look for before that day. Bi Dam said no way.
Bi Dam Moon Noh visited the tomb and put a stone on the mound of soil. (Tradition) Bi Dam said to his teacher, when he left the palace and away from the world, orang2 think Guk Seon has become a god in San Dae Baek Seon Guk and in the end should be a god. Seon Guk never die. Bi Dam asked his teacher how the teacher live so she could live forever in the world as a legend.
Deok Man arrested in his room and Mi Shil also in the room thoughtfully. Seol Won arrange ahead of schedule for security court hearing. Ordered them to keep up to a tikuspun not get out. Seol Won asked them to report the slightest suspicious action.
Kim Yu Shin examine the preparation of attack. They set up the arrow with a message. (Rang San Eui).
San No to send a message to the nobility Jujin, that the hearing will be held tomorrow morning at around 9. Jae Ho also told his father.
Jae Ho Shin Yu remembers meeting with, that when they entered the palace, there will be a command that their troops would be withdrawn, if you refuse then they will have trouble. Jujin see notices and Phil And asked what his father's decision. Jujin said that if he gave the troops at Mi Shil then he will survive but what he had better cooperation with KimChun Chu. Both are facing a dilemma.
Kim Yu Shin discuss with Wyol Yes, they should be able to paralyze troops and Mi Se Jong Saeng and survive outside tembol Seorabeol. Wyol Ya understand. Kim Chun Chu said whether Jujin or other nobles come to provide assistance to them, they should immediately deploy troops to the capital and before that Kim Yu Shin said they should continue as long as they can secure the guerrilla palace, all preparations had been completed. Living Bi Dam, which we now expect whether Deok Man Princess calculations correctly in accordance with predictions.
Won Seol see Mi Shil and submit a schedule for tomorrow. Mi Shil asked about Jujin. Seol Won Seok Bum said he commissioned to observe Jujin. Mi Shil said they must do it perfectly without the slightest error. Seol Won assured him, but he saw Mi Shil looks to save trouble and asked what was wrong. Mi Shil said to up to this stage, they have to try very hard. Seol Won said this is a worthy achievement obtained Mi Shil. Seol Won said tomorrow is a new chapter in the history of this nation. Mi Shil said tomorrow. But he was not too encouraging.
Deok Man holding comb her sister, Deok Man said tomorrow and ask her brother to protect him.
The next day, the capital is very busy with the deployment of troops to it here. Se Jong Mi Saeng and secure situation. Jong Bo told his men they must secure all the post without error.
Kim Seo Hyun, Kim Yong Chu, and Al Cheon heard screaming deployment of soldiers and Al Cheon said they besar2an troops now. Kim Seo Hyun said they would prosecute Princess Deok Man in public. Al Cheon said Prince was moving, he must have a strategy. Kim Yong Chun said Mi Shil will not let a mistake here.
San Tak carrying Kim Yong Chun, Kim Seo Hyun, and Al Cheon out to the location of the hearing. King Dae Nam Bo rest when it comes to invite the Queen and Princess Maya Man Myeong attend the hearing and requested that they go with him. Nam Dae Bo escort the Queen and Princess Man Myeong to his seat. Se Jong Mi Saeng and saluted the Queen who responded to cold. Kim Yong Chun, Kim Seo Hyun, and Al Cheon also brought to the venue. They greet the Queen, Princess Man Myeong shock to see her husband's condition. All Hwarang were also present. Last Princess Deok Man escorted to face the public. Princess with confidence entering the trial and he was saluting at his mother, Se Jong Mi Saeng and salute the formalities. Kim Seo Hyun, Kim Yong Chun and Al Cheon and Hwarang also saluted the Princess.

kadorama-recapsChil Shil Mi Sook invited to attend the hearing. Mi Shil asked about the war and Chil Hwa Sook said they keep the king in In Gang jeon and surrounding areas. Mi Shil asked whether they want to attend the hearing. Chil Sook said they entrusted the safety of King, they showed no objection. Mi Shil closed his eyes briefly and then he went to trial. Seol Won saw the nobles who attended the hearing. Mi Shil entered the trial and Jujin leave his residence, Seok Bum watching. Won Seol came the nobles, they were surprised when I have to leave the army.
Seol Won: Under the command Se Ju Mi Shil, from now on all the nobleman who had an army must surrender his troops under the Ministry of Defence.
Seol Won said that under the order, all the nobleman must surrender his troops to him immediately. And they must write a letter of transfer to the department of Defense announcement. The nobles refused and asked to see Mi Shil. Seol Won said this is a command Mi Shil and nobles refused. Jong Bo came in and cut the dead nobleman. Seol Won asked what made their objections, the nobleman's fears. (This tjd lg in ep 58, when the Queen asked nobleman gave his troops, Sangdaedeung Bi Dam supports the time ..)
Mi Shil entered the arena of the court and sat down.
Bum Seok follow Jujin, he gave the signal to paralyze Jujin and his entourage with an arrow, while Yeom Jong and his men came to the rescue Jujin and fight with Seok Bum and his army. Seo Ji and Wyol Yes dealing with forces and Mi Se Jong Saeng and prepared to attack, Seo Ji and Wyol Yes pass in front of them, Ha Jong shouted that they were detained, but they escaped.
The Hwarang who maintain at In Gang Jeon slipped into the In Gang jeon. Se Jong Deok Man Princess announces trial opened. Queen looked around and saw the empty chair and asked what this public hearing, where the nobility and other council members. Seol Won view the list and found that of 200 people who registered only 40-50 people in attendance.
Queen Maya protest is not a public hearing, where orang2 another. Mi Shil tries to explain when Bo Jong come and melaor that the nobles who were invited did not come. They do not come, Bo Jong said only 50 nobles in attendance. Mi Shil looked at Deok Man with the view of "what is also done". Mi Shil asked about Jujin.
Lord Jujin facing Kim Chun Chu he knelt down and swore, the commander of troops in Sangju Jeong pledge allegiance to Kim Chun Chu. all the nobleman also pledge allegiance to Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu saw nobility, then threw his sword into the ground and shouted for them to march to the capital and destroyed and revoke those who tarnish their country and save Majesty the King Jinpyeong and hope that the truth will be revealed and lead them to save the country from a traitor for the sake of glory and Silla city honor will always be with us. (Wow.. This cute guy definitely knows how to deliver the speech, a man ... he's a great leader)
All the nobles cheered and Yeom Jong glad he had chosen the right time. Kim Yu Shin Jujin raise their hands raised high and in front of the nobles, Kim Chun Chu Jujin show he really appreciated.
Bum Seok informs Mi Shil, he failed to kill Jujin. Tiba2 they were attacked by a group of people who ultimately save Jujin. Mi Shil look directly at Deok Man who smiled at him. Se Jong asked what they would do now. Mi Saeng asked how they could be so terrible, even kill people just fail. Mi Shil looks very upset.
Mi Shil asked what all the palace gates are locked and muster all the troops and prepared to anticipate. Bum Seok understand. In the Hwarang Ingang Jeon received the arrow containing the message (Rang San Eui) and they read the message signed by Guk Seon. (Revelation. Bi Dam was able to fake the signatures, hati2 checkbook jgn until we fall in the hands of Bi Dam ..) Hwa Rang should follow the path to justice. Hwa Rang asked whether this was a message from Gukseon, what Gukseon appear again.
The Hwarang sure this is indeed the signature Seon Guk and Guk Seon tiba2 in informal dress riding a horse to see Hwarang. (Definitely Bi Dam ..). Kim Yu Shin riding behind him. They say Yu Shin has brought Moon Noh then they say they will follow Pungwolju. Kim Yu Shin asked the Hwarang hear kata2nya and they now will save His Majesty the King and stormed In Gang Jeon. The Hwarang Shin Yu kneel to take orders.
A guard ran to report to Seol In Gang Jeon won that in a state of alert. Bo Jong shocked hearing held closed and all the soldiers were handouts diposisinya then fell again from the sky by using layang2 in the middle of the field trial. All read the leaflet and Mi Saeng provide one for Mi Mi Shil Shil and read it: They've saved Majesty the King Jinpyeong.
Al Cheon said Deok Man has succeeded with his plan. Mi squeeze Shil Kim Chun Chu flyers and marched to the palace with Yeom Jong, nobles Jujin and all nobles who support them. Them with the gallant troops marched to the palace.
kadorama-recapsMi Saeng: Big Brother! ... What can we do now for the best, eh?
Mi Shil stand and then took a bow and arrow and began targeting Deok Man, when he drew his bow and shouted at Mi Se Jong Shil. Deok Man stood up and let Mi Shil shot him. All the surprise and shock over what will be done Mi Shil.
Deok Man: Come on aim and shoot ... You've ended .. Lady Mi Shil
Mi Shil: Yes, Deok Man ... you've won
Mi Shil shot an arrow in the direction Deok Man.
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