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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 47

Seok Bum and his men surrounded the place Deok Man. Bum Seok Sook shook Chil. San Tak said they had surrounded the place is what they are cur must be signed? Chil Sook forward and shouting, which is in the rebels, they must lower weapons and surrender in the name of the command Majesty the King. Wyol Yes peeked out and said they had been besieged. So hwa said on Deok Man, what should they do? Deok Man thinking hard. Chil Sook shouted again unless they gave up and came out quietly from within, they will go and catch them on command. If they resist then they will die.
Bum Seok suggested they go just as all was ready. Chil Sook said they did not believe the situation inside, who they are and how much is not yet certain. Chil Sook have them ready to attack.
Kim Yu Shin suggested he would open the way for the exit. Deok Man shocked, Yusin conditions are not allowed to fight. Yu Shin asked Wyol Yes bring Deok Man run away from here. Wyol Shin Yu Ya said what was not heard, that beyond it Wonsanghwa Chil Sook. With the Yu Shin cur, it's called suicide. Kim Yu Shin said, there is no other choice. Yu Shin: I'm afraid if they arrest Princess Deok Man all and everything will end.
Deok Man said no way, he would find a way. Yu Shin said they did not have time to look. Wyol Yes look for a second time, there are so many outside forces. Deok Man looks in the direction So Hwa. San No report, no suspicious movements outside the home. Chil Sook getting attacked with full force.
Deok man does not agree, he will not approve and he will not allow this and allow this. So Hwa begged satu2nya Deok Man this just means that they have and Deok Man should do it. Deok Man insists he will not be allowed because it was too dangerous and he would not allow it. So Hwa Man asked her to do so. Wyol Yes admitted only that the bus is an alternative. He asked Deok Man agrees. So Hwa begged and they have to act fast. So Hwa Deok man begged and barked, he would never allow it and do not talk anymore.
So far, Deok Hwa called Man with the title Princess, until eventually So Hwa hold it and call: Deok Man! So Hwa using a tone of motherly and said for Deok Man obedient and according to him, hear what would mother say.So Hwa: Deok Man !!!.. kata2 hear ... your mother!Deok Man: Mother ..So Hwa: kata2 mother heard me .. .. you have to understand. Deok Man finally agrees.
San Tak and his men all ready, Chil Sook govern them here not to arrest but to kill Princess Deok Man. We must make sure there can be no responsible for her death, so shut your faces. San Tak etc to wear masks. One group began to rush in and then they were killed and fell from the top floor and then deserted. Bum Seok said they all died very quickly. What we must send a second group? Chil Sook said someone in a high swordsmanship. Kim Yu shin injury so there must be others who are highly knowledgeable. Bum Seok asked people what they need to reproduce? Chil Sook said the number of lots is only useful in the open, if it's useless indoors. So? Chil Sook said he himself would go. Chil Sook ask the second group followed him.
Wyol Yes and Kim Yu Shin kill invaders. Wyol Ya said he would be the bait but Shin Yu held it, we've decided that I would be pengecohnya. Wyol Ya said: You must stay alive! You belong to Hollywood. For the common good, Kim Yu shin should be safe and ask for attention to safety Deok Man. Wyol Shin Yu Ya said that safety is more important than Deok Man. Wyol Ya said he would take care of them. Shin Yu disagree.
Chil Sook entrance and slipped into the house and saw that 1 / 4 bg house was empty (Tirzah: it's Remain me with the desert scene .. Pls CS hunted young DM). Someone peeked and saw Chil Sook upset because nothing is found. Yu Shin in the next room kill the men and draw attention Chil Chil Sook Sook. Chil Yu Shin Sook saw in the hallway. Chil direct Sook Shin Yu's sword in the direction and they are prepared to fight.
Chil Sook looked around and said to myself Princess Deok Man is not here. Yu shin against Chil sook and obvious he was not opposed to Chil Sook. Yu Shin was thrown through the door and Yu Shin fought with all his strength, then Chil Sook saw 2 of his men dead on the floor and his clothes were taken, Chil Sook remember he saw his men died was thrown from the top floor, then he realizes this is all a trap, he ingested a hoax them.
So Hwa disguised as soldiers who fell, someone approached him and asked what he was not aware So Hwa apa2 and not his friend. Wyol Ya get up and kill the guy. So Hwa Ya Wyol carry and flee. Bum Seok chase. Chil Sook heard a commotion and he thought it would Princess Deok Man. Yu Shin tries to prevent Chil Chil Sook sook but gone. Kim Yu Shin Sook Chil chase and said he could go after stepping over corpses Yu Shin. Chil escape from yu Sook Shin. San did not report them to go, Chil Sook ordered the chase for one of two men is Princess Deok Man.
Kim Yu Shin entrance and opened the cupboard and Deok Man is in with a sword. Wyol Yes and So So Hwa Hwa lagi2 run and fall and get up yourself. Chil Chil Sook Sook start over and ordered his men spread out and comb the place. Kim Yu Shin said now safe, but we must be quick.
Chil Chil Sook Sook caught up and shot them with arrows, but it managed to attract Wyol So Hwa to escape and they fled. Chil Sook keep looking. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man ran with them holding hands. Chil Sook with great instincts find Wyol Ya So Hwa. So Hwa fall again. Chil remember the message Mi Sook Shil to snuff Deok Man. Yes Wyol sword to deal with Chil Sook, So Hwa hold cover his face. Chil Sook against Wyol Yes, and he was no match for Chil Sook. So Hwa Sook Chil chase, he thought it Deok Man. Chil Sook remembered the incident when he went after the baby Deok Man.
Chil Sook said now is the end for Deok Man and Chil Sook Hwa So close and cut with a one time attacks. Deok Man slipped and fell. Shin Yu asked whether he baik2 only. Deok Man tiba2 suffer pain in her chest and difficulty breathing. Shin Yu asked what was wrong. Deok Man said he felt something had happened and then see the distance.
Sword Chil Sook Hwa bloodied and lying on the ground So, yes Wyol shouted: Yumo Nim ..! and make Chil Sook surprise because it calls for So Hwa (mother caregivers or Royal Nanny). Chil Sook go see the identity of that person and it was true So Hwa. Chil So Hwa Sook calling names.So Hwa with last breath: Sook Chil rang .. .. .. looks like we are this is the end for us we can not do anything ..Chil sook cry So So Hwa Hwa while struggling with his life.
So Hwa: Over 30 years of struggling with our lives and eventually just had to go back keawal again. So Hwa last breath. Chil sook and cry So Hwa Ya Wyol also been hit with death. Deok Man came to the headquarters Wyol Yes, Kim Chun Chu and Yeom Jong waiting. Kim Chun Chu asked what happened, Deok Man looking angry.
Chil Sook informs that he lost Deok Man & Ha Jong Deok man has fooled them again. Seol Chil Won Sook said would not have found and mastered hiding them? How this could happen. Bo Jong Deok Man Princess asked what was there in that place, Chil Sook nod confirmed. Saeng Mi wonder how could lose Deok Man. Mi Shil can feel there is something going on Chil Sook.
Man Myeong report Princess, Princess Deok Man managed to escape and not apa2. King was relieved to hear that. Princess Chil Man Myeong Sook said that his men had carried away but did not succeed. Queen of relief, but how Princess Man Myeong can go to In Gang Jeon? He bribed the eunuch to enter. If Mi Shil want to punish then this proves that the Mi Shil perform under house arrest for the king. King felt the pain again in his chest, the Queen and Princess Man Myeong very worried.
Al Cheon regained consciousness, and Kim Yong Chun continued to call him and ask what Al Cheon baik2 only. Kim Yong Chun said people looking for Princess is back again. Al Cheon asked then what? Kim Seo Hyun said they were not caught him. Kim Yu Shin also managed to escape.
Go Do teman2nya told they did not catch my lady. Guk san Heun can understand why they are complaining, Dae Pung pleading must protect Princess Yu Shin Deok Man. Al's cadre Cheon said, every day they feel walking on thin ice.
Yes Wyol back and greeted the Prince. Deok Man asked where her mother's. Wyol Ya can not answer. Deok Man asked again where the mother. Kim Yu Shin asked what was wrong. Deok Man repeated the question again and he raised his voice. Joo Bang asked what was wrong, what happened. Wyol Ya said to forgive him and Deok Man Princess filled with fear.
Bum Seok report about the incident and Mi Saeng surprised that they used decoys to fool the troops. Chil Sook after her and kill her because he thought it was Prince but it was not. Mi Shil guess, whether that person is So Hwa? Bum Seok justify. Mi Shil thinking about relationships and So Hwa Sook Chil.
Deok Man ran to see the corpse So Hwa. Deok Man opened the cloth that covered So Hwa. Deok Man called him and could not believe how he let this happen. Deok Man kneeling in front So Hwa and touched his face and said So Hwa cruel to her and asked how he could do this to him. Deok Man asked, in this world where he can find someone like So Hwa? Deok Man asked, in this world, where there are mothers who died twice and asked how So Hwa to do this to him and Deok Man weep and wail for So Hwa wake. All'm sorry and willing to entertain Yu Shin Deok Man he just hesitated.
Yeom Jong watch from a distance all of the incident and sighed. He said the Bi Dam, this is the fate that awaits orang2 like those who spend their time to serve someone and finally this is how they will meet eventually and this is how life .. sigh. Bi Dam to see it without a reaction.
Chil Sook stood at the altar in Dang and Mi Hwa Sa Shil in, Chil Sook saluted. What are you doing here? asked Mi Shil. Chil Sook mention all the Hwarang who had fallen and meritorious: Yi Hwa Rang, Mo Rang, Gwi San Rang, Rang ... even Sadaham, like nama2 it on display here, he might one day his name will be displayed here. Mi Shil asked what was the Chil Sook Expect. Chil Sook said that if not a great thing to be something for the sake of cita2 and dreams of someone who makes life can be lived. Chil sook said, when he was 16 years and taken as slaves prisoners of war by Goguryeo, where they were almost buried hidup2, but Mi Shil and his soldiers came to free them and Mi Shil save his life.
From that time onwards he vowed to give his life just to Mi Shil. Then .. Chil Sook continue after the battle and nearly died because of fighting with the Moon Noh, incidents in the Taklamakan desert .. he even faced a storm of sand. Mi Sook Chil Shil said already many times near death. Chil Sook said he used to believe that he was very lucky because he was still alive. Chil Sook continue but in fact he had failed and could not get a chance to meet his death. Chil Mi Sook said in Shil, other times he would make sure that he will not miss the chance to meet his end. Mi Shil said okay and he will get as he wanted. Mi Shil go.
Before leaving, Mi Sook Shil asked why Chil release Wyol Yes. Chil Sook said: That's because no one is going to bring her body back. Mi Shil said he was doing the best, Mi Shil know and tiba2 choked up with emotion because he has lost to So Hwa Sook Chil. So Hwa Sook Chil already captivating soul in death and take the feelings of Chil Sook who never obtained by Mi Shil.
Deok Man bury his mother weeping and Joo Bang So Hwa. Joo Bang tells Deok Man, this can not happen and what kind of life that how can this setragis, he is very loyal but had to leave the world with the tragically. Joo Bang, "scolded" So Hwa, if he so So Hwa she would run away, because he was weak and too good. Deok Man said his mother was not a weak when compared Deok Man. In the desert, as well as in Silla, for himself and for himself, he was forced So Hwa become stronger. Deok Man braced herself. Bi Dam seen from a distance as Deok Man weep alone. Bi Dam would approach it but to stop Shin Yu Bi Dam. Bi Dam seen from afar and Deok Man sobbing behind a tree and Bi Dam not stand it.
Kim Yu Shin said he also did not bear to see her cry, but Deok Man does not want to show weakness in front of them. Kim Yu Shin said he could not see straight in the eyes Deok Man. Bi Dam said do not say like that, we all risked their lives to flee. Deok Mans finished with ratapannya and wake up to see Shin Yu and Bi Dam.
Yeom Jong says they have to move the Prince to a safer place. Wyol Ya said that the mountains where Bo Gya Hoe is the place to be safe and could be their headquarters.
Deok Man announces: I will not hide anymore. Yu Shin: His Majesty .. Deok Man explained that he would not accept their sacrifice he would seek his support and he will not run again but will move forward. Kim Chun Chu did not agree. Mi Shil will inaugurate its position in 3 days and now the time in their favor, the longer an emergency and a state of war that will lead to suspicions of the people and the nobility. Deok Man asked then? Kim Chun Chu said that although the Princess Deok Man seeking protection they still have time on their side.
Kim Chun Chu requested that the Princess waited patiently. Deok Man look at all: Do you also think the same? Deok Man agrees that Kim Chun Chu true and correct all the analysis but .. all this happened because I was hiding and I could not see everything that happened, with all suffering because of war that make people suffer Silla. All the frustration and disappointment that followed orang2 faithfully. Now they are threatened with death in Seorabeol, who had sacrificed his life to protect it as you all do for me, I can not be silent any longer and see just this happening. Deok Man: I will not run again.
Yu Shin spoke privately with Princess (located near water wheel lo .. hehe .. rich first) Women are not allowed to do so. Deok Man: what Shil Mi can not do, but they can be is the greatest opportunity and the power they have. Mi Shil fact is more powerful than them but Mi Shil can not be divided into 2, no 2 Mi Shil. And again, we've got Kim Chun Chu is with us. Kim Chun Chu and I, both of us.
Shin Yu said Prince should not let emotion control, so his decision would be frivolous and for Deok Man patience. Deok Man repeat again, he can not stand and could accept what happened. Kim Yu Shin said as ruler deok Man must not act recklessly. Deok Man said he should and would. Shin Yu disagree. Deok Man asked again .. how many lives to be sacrificed for the sake of protecting him. Deok Man said they still have Kim Chun Chu and we are very lucky but Kim Yu Shin still think it's still very dangerous. Deok Man said he was conscious and she realized now. Nothing is more dangerous in life except survival itself. For Yu Shin, himself, and for others.
Se Jong received a report that the messenger of the Tang dynasty and what it will come true. Ha Jong justify, even they had reached the fort Dang Hang (now Hwa Seong in Gyeonggi Province)
Ha Jong said benar2 troublesome they come at a time like this. Mi Saeng said the Tang Dynasty was to unite all of China. Unification and its founding less than a decade. This is their first mission to his country and they will come with great curiosity. (Th Tang Dynasty 619 AD, 628 AD Seondeok cur th th ruled 632-647 AD, the Emperor of China at that time: Tang Tai Zong jd .. I remember a serial silat The Foundation / Pie se chien?, If any guns that time emperor of Tang Young Tai Zong-up to the recaps .. ok ..) Se Jong said this is a difficult situation for Mi Shil to receive the envoy Tang, especially at a time like this. Se Jong asked how we would accept them. Mi Saeng said, now Mi Shil focused his attention to the affairs of Princess Deok Man, so he did not dare say this to Mi Shil.
Ha Jong sighs, the messenger will arrive tomorrow morning. Ha Jong said that this issue be difficult to overcome. Se Jong said Silla is now in a state of emergency and a state of war, they must explain to the sincere and honest to the envoy Tang and ask them to understand. Mi Saeng said that they could do just to serve them. Currently, they better be passive and without complaint or disagreement is the best way to deal with them.
Deok Man also said the same in Yu Shin, according to Yeom Jong, from the Tang envoys will arrive tomorrow morning in the capital. Mi Shil will definitely accept it and he will say the state of emergency and a state of war and will show his power over the envoy Tang. Deok Man said it would happen tomorrow and ask Yu Shin ready. Kim Yu Shin: Your Honor ... but he did not go, well I'll be ready. Deok Man: Yu Shin, if by chance something happens, I trust Kim Chun Chu in lindunganmu. Kim Yu Shin: kelancanganku sorry, but I'll pretend not to hear. Nothing will happen to you, I'm not going to let it happen to you. Yu Shin Then go.
Chil informs Mi Sook Shil, Baek Eui already received a letter from Deok Man, he sure captain Hwarang others also have received. Deok Won Seol said: Man must use the same tactics for the nobles to gather support. If we let him then definitely there will be a nobleman who will react and support it. But they still could not find Deok Man. Chil asked what he thought Sook Mi Shil. Mi Shil: Deok Man must not enter the palace alive, he was the mastermind behind the rebellion, he will refuse to be arrested and would meet his death and would therefore have been killed in a bold experiment to fight, that's how history will record about it. (Tirzah: reality Bi Dam recorded like that.)
People gather and march. Ha Jong Mi Saeng and escort the group from the Tang to the Seorabeol. Tiba2 people shouted and pointed toward the sky, there is a kite flying in the sky with a sack. Layang2 Then it exploded and it flew, the paper contains a call to save the king. Ha Jong Mi Saeng and read it and panicked when he knew both the Tang envoy was also read.
Leaflets: For the People Silla a brave and faithful, we need your help, to say your suffering, and ketidakpuasanmu and to save Majesty the King at Seorabeol. Ruler Gaeyang star and son of Princess Deok Man Star Gaeyang Kim Chun Chu.
The Captain Hwarang others also got the same flyer and read it a gang. Deok Chung read the flyer, he repeated the save Majesty the King. Phil And asked what she meant Save Our Majesty the King. Baek Eui asked whether this meant the King Jinpyeong is under house arrest in Seorabeol? Ho Jae said, more so Princess Deok Man has not been arrested. Then the Captains Hwarang Jae Ho asked the opinion of what will happen. Ho said Prince Jae Deok Man accused of holding the rebellion but strangely a lot of evidence to the contrary.
Bum Seok also there and asked what evidence shows otherwise. Jae Ho said there are so many rumors circulating, and create confusion. Im Jong adds there is mentioned "Save Majesty the King" and not that is a call to Hwarang from Princess. Seok Bum reminded that they do not speak macam2 because of the danger. Im Jong Seok Bum reminded that the Princess Deok Man is responsible Bum Seok Hwa Rang but said the person in charge has been rebelling against the state.

kadorama-recapsDeok Chung said it still has not been checked and verified. Is that true and too quick to say it. Seok Bum said they all act suspicious. Bum Seok asked whether they had forgotten what had Mi Shil do for them and whether there is no benefit from Mi Shil. Deok Chung confirmed, that all had received kindness Mi Shil, but why are they so far believe Mi Shil never violated the limits of truth and justice. Phil confirmed that the Hwa Rang Dan will not follow if Mi Mi Shil Shil enter personal interest in agenda. This is because Se Jong had done nothing wrong and Mi Shil know it. Bum Seok know the Hwarang start doubting Mi Shil.
One board member, nobility Sueulbu read leaflets. Lord Jujin Sueulbu entered and asked what had read leaflets. Sueulbu out flyers and asked what this leaflet. This issue has reached this stage, Mi Shil must be very stressful, it has not apa2 Jujin say, this message directly down to the people and the middle group of envoys from the Tang, they even knew. Sueulbu said the palace has been turbulent, Sueulbu say they can not explain it but there will be a nobleman who support and certainly no small amount. Jujin asked what he would say Sueulbu on other nobility. Sueulbu would say they exist in a state of emergency and war. They must hati2. Jujin say yes to be that way and they laughed.
Mi Shil squeezed leaflets from Deok Man and asked how far it had spread leaflets. Mi Saeng answer when envoys from the Tang entered, these leaflets fell from the sky, although they tried to collect them again, but rumors have spread so far away until over the country. Mi Shil asked whether the envoy had read its contents, Mi Saeng said that not only look and read but they also heard a version of the chatter from the people. Mi Saeng said they had explained clearly that the state of emergency and Princess Deok Man has entered into rebellion but with this leaflet Mi Shil will not believe how topsy-turvy to everyone.
Mi Shil asked where they are now, Mi Saeng said they were in the Jo Won Jeon. What Mi Shil will go and meet them. Mi Shil justify. When they leave, remind her sister Mi Saeng now the political situation in the Silla uproar and many violations and incitement in the trial. Mi Shil last question? Mi Mi Shil Saeng asked to provide whatever is required envoy Tang for them to leave. If they lose, they'll get it back later and ask for her sister to understand.
Mi Saeng speak in Mandarin introduced as Se Ju Mi Shil and now is the military governor of the state of emergency. Mi Tang emissary said Shil famous even in China and they felt honored to meet him. Saeng translate and Mi Mi Shil said he worried that a simple background that might tarnish the good name of Silla. Tang envoy said Mi Shil too polite. Mi Shil said, envoy Tang had come jauh2 and he invited them to talk about it further.
Tang and Mi Shil envoy was speaking in private. Mi Saeng wonder, sorry not mean to rude, but what you just said? Envoy Tang said: 1000 gold guan (Guan = currency Tang, 1 Guan = 100 nyang Silla).
Saeng said the Mi Mi Shil, Tang asked for 1000 gold guan. Tang envoys said they would take that amount as a token of friendship between the Tang and Gyerim. Mi Shil asked if they gave gold Guan 1000, what will be given by Tang, Tang Dynasty, will provide unity persaudaran. Mi Saeng whispered to approve it. Mi Saeng said that the 1000 guan gold very much and exceeds the national product of this country. Mi Shil said he was sorry that the 1000 guan gold can not be implemented. Mi Saeng remind her sister to budge. Tang envoy said on his way to the palace embuat they see something they want to know, they show flyers from Deok Man and Mi Saeng shocked and tried to say that Silla was in an emergency. Mishil say that our domestic problems. Tang envoy said that this is indeed the domestic affairs of Silla, but what they do not need help from their friendly countries.
Mi Shil know envoy Tang understand the language of Silla and unlike his friend, then he said he would speak personally with him. Saeng Mi Mi asked what he planned Shil. Tang envoy was speaking in the language of Silla and asked what would be discussed Mi Shil. Tang envoy whispered to his friend and his friend out. Mi Saeng also have to go and worry about what will be done Mi Shil.
Envoy Tang and Mi Shil looked at each other, envoy said on flyers, what this means King Jinpyeong there under house arrest and Princess Deok Man facing false accusations as a rebel and asked whether this is true. Mi Shil asked if he admit it? Tang envoy said this meant the seizure of power or coup. Mi Shil then asked the Tang Dynasty Emperor would not also do the same? He seized the throne of the Sui? (This is an important external factor in the unification of Silla and Silla is the country's most clever and fortunate to perform unification.)
Tang envoy was very angry because the Mi Shil so open and rough. In view of the Sui imperial family they will mention that the Tang dynasty seized the throne. Mi Shil said whether or not they lead the emperor of this dynasty will depend on its own merits. So Mi Shil said he still has not finished with the course. Tang emissary told how the small country of northern dare discuss the Tang Dynasty, which has a mandate from heaven with great ambition and what Mi Shil know what he ocehkan. Mi Shil only a woman and inappropriate to discuss with him.
Mi Shil Tang said that the envoy was not qualified to argue with him. If they need to discuss it, at least they have to bring Li Shi Min to talk to him. (Li Shi Min is the first name of Tang Tai Zong emperor, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty-2 626-649 AD)
Tang emissary very upset with the word Mi Shil. The envoy threatened what he wanted to see the troops go into Gyerim Tang to make it conscious. Mi Shil asked whether the envoy Tang came to Gyerim as an enemy to threaten military invasions and Mi Shil will hold a discussion about the war with one another. Tang envoy should be aware if the two countries will be war, then that should be done is to cut off the heads of people like you and ask your friends to bring her back, how about that. The messenger was shocked. Then he laughed he would tell the Emperor, that the far east of the sea where Gyerim located, there is a remarkable woman who deserves to be friendly and good relations by Tang state. The messenger went and apologized if it offended kata2nya Mi Shil. He asked Mi Shil forgive him. Mi Shil thanked the delegates were pleased.
Mi Saeng hear the debate between Mi Shil and envoy Tang and praised the ability to negotiate his brother. Deok Man disguised as one of the guards and called Mi Shil but he did not hear it. Mi Mi Shil Saeng said what do not know how gelishnya himself. Deok Man summoned again and Mi Mi Shil Shil did not hear it. Mi Mi Saeng Shil asked what was so hard, why until now they have not found Deok Man. Mi Mi Shil asked to call Saeng Won Seol. Mi Saeng agreed. Deok Man pushing potted plants to attract the attention of Mi Shil and pot it fell heavily. Deok Man shouted Mi Shil. Mi Saeng asks what there is commotion, the guards began their sword. Deok Man came out and appeared in front of Mi Shil.
Deok Man with a smile on his face, right at the front door of Mi Shil with envoys from the Tang as witnesses. Mi Saeng Deok Man shocked by the appearance, as well as other council members. Deok Man surrender. Deok Man smiled with satisfaction. Mi Shil shock.
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