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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 46

Kim Yu Shin fought desperately, Bo Nam Bo Dae Jong and can only shout to stop and detain Yu Shin. Won Seol came and angry why they just stood there and cried. Yu Shin Hwa Rang ask the captain to listen, Hwarang patron is Princess Deok Man and the Princess was forced to leave the palace because of her false accusations.
Incidents in Seon Yeol Gak is designed to harm the princess and no relationship at all with the Princess. Seol Won said Kim Yu Shin is a traitor, do not let kata2nya affect the valuation of the captain and against the royal command and what are you waiting for, quickly hold Kim Yu Shin. Dae nam Bo Bo Jong and following orders, Kim Yu Shin successfully overpowered. Seol Won rule: Open the gate and chased Princess Deok Man.
Joo Bang still get lost and fall into a place that turns learning room So Hwa Mi Shil and shocked to see it, let alone Joo Bang. So Hwa asked how Joo Bang can come here, through the wall. Joo Bang asked what is this place, So Hwa explain this study rooms Mi Shil. Joo Bang wonder, how Mi Shil can have a private basement room as fancy as this. So Hwa Joo Bang took out of it, So Hwa willing and he took command of King Jinheung and held it tightly and left. Joo Bang wonder why So Hwa very careful.
Mi Seol Won Shil upset that let Princess Kim Deok Man and Chu Chun away.
Mi Saeng do not understand what all the soldiers and the Hwa Rang it. Seol Won Bi Dam and reported that his men tiba2 come. Mi Mi Saeng Shil surprised and asked why Bi Dam still alive? Yeom Jong-Won Seol said would not carry out his orders. Saeng Mi Mi Shil was not asked to meet Yeom Jong and how Bi Dam could still be alive? Yeom Jong-Won Seol told not to go with Bi Dam, Yeom Jong betrayed them. Mi Aeng not understand, traveling? Mi Saeng asked his brother to explain what really happened. Is not Bi dam should be killed.
Mi Shil silent. Ha Jong came in a panic, how do they get Princess Deok Man. Now is precisely the situation is grave for them. Mi Shil looks very upset. Mi Shil said that this is his fault, but only one daughter deok Man who escaped and that's it. While in the palace there are Mi Shil and somehow all the power in his hand. Mi Shil said it is time to run the plan to-2. Ha Jong asked whether her mother wants to hold a hearing tomorrow morning. Mi Saeng also had summoned all governors.
Deok Man discusses the current status of Mi Shil. Mi Shil may only use this plan to gain the throne. Deok Man said no matter the situation, he remains the descendants of King Jinpyeong that's why he has the legitimacy to claim Mi Shil and potential power available to him.

Kim Chun Chu said that's why Kim Yu Shin Deok Man mentions that safety is their hope. Dam Bi was asked why deok Man said from now on his side time and Mi Shil said that from now time to leave him. If they fail to capture Deok Man immediately, then the Silla will split into two forces. Mi Shil said on Seol Chil Won Sook, they must mendpatkan Deok Man in any way if you do not want this country divided into 2 forces.
Yeom Jong said if so what they need to find a place to dock it is a good choice. Kim Chun Chu said that for the sake of future plans in the government, they must find a safe place as far as possible. Deok Man asked opinions Dam Bi, Bi Dam shook his head, Deok Yu Shin Man said but true departure from the palace is the best thing. Bi Dam said Shil precisely who feel irritated and annoyed. Mi Shil have designed all this and had arranged for Princess Deok Man accused of being traitors to take over the palace. Bi Dam said for the Mi Shil must hold Deok Man to justify his case in one attack.
Deok Man said Mi Shil failed to hold the opposition to rule over the throne failed and now the time sided with him. Kim Chun Chu was not too sure and he did not deny the fact that Mi Shil but do not lose anything and will use its power to find Deok Man as soon as possible, this is why they need to find a safer place and was not arrested and was accused by his political opponents.
Deok Man: I'll find a place. Mi Shil and I'll do this now or at the end .. .. Seorabeol help me.
Mi Seol Won Shil ordered to withdraw recognition from Kim Seo Hyun, Kim Yong Chun, Kim Yu Shin and al daughter Deok Cheon on Man as the mastermind behind an assassination attempt Se Jong. Before the situation was under control. Mi Shil added, Yu Shin Kim and Al Cheon seems most know the existence of Prince, and he asked for Seol Won use all methods of torture for fishing information from both. Mi Sook Shil ruled Chil subordinates to torture a captured Bi Dam Deok Man where the likelihood is located. Chil Sook he also had planned. Mi Shil said he would use the stamp of the court to issue orders to capture the Princess and spread throughout the country.
Mi Shil said that during the process, Deok Man must die. Deok Man dies while fighting undang2, here's how Deok Man will end. San was reported that all prisoners are locked in a cell. Chil Sook said for keeping them baik2 and do as instructed. Chil Sook into the basement and found So Hwa is gone. Chil Sook upset.
Dae Pung, Guk San Heun and Go Do tortured and interrogated by Bum Suk. If they want to live, they must confess to follow commands Princess Deok Man to hold a rebellion. Bum Seok Go do interesting collar and said he was the guardian of the palace under the leadership of Princess Deok Man. Go Do What stabbed Se Jong Deok Man under the command daughter. Go Do say they are not ordered like that. Guk san Heun said they not received the order.
Dae Pun said the army blocked the road to the council meeting room palace. Al's cadre Cheon just ask him to kill him and end this problem. Seok Bum did not get anything from them. Bum Seok see how firmly with his tongue and he asked the interrogation continued, and they began to be tortured with hot iron, Go Do screamed in pain.
Meanwhile, Kim Yu Shin and AL Cheon forced to speak by Seol Won. Kim Yu Shin said what fraud is enough to make them confess. Al Cheon said that Seol Won is one of the members of the Hwa Rang how he engaged in deception tactics and actions like this. Seol Won agree that this benar2 seen as a fraud, but they are the same, namely to help a person to the throne.
Yu Won Shin said seol not need to preach about the theory but he had to practice for the sake of nation and state. This is the way he is going through. Seol Won laughed and he gave a sign to seal hot iron. Al Cheon branded hot iron. Kim Yu Shin: What are you doing?!! Seol Won wanted to know where the Princess. And if Yu Shin did not say that the Al Cheon would meet his death, Seol Won asked the guards to add a hot iron stamp on Al Cheon.
Yu Shin yell: Stop it ..! Just kill me ..!
Ha charge of interrogating Kim Jong Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chu. How could they have such a hard head and see the King has issued orders to detain Princess Deok Man. Kim Yong Chu said royal order was imposed on the king and he knew it. Then Ha Seo Hyeon Kim Jong face and called besan, that he did not want to see her daughter become a widow because her husband lost. If Kim Seo Hyun stubborn Yu Shin Kim certainly will die. Ha Jong will be losing a good law. Kim Yong Chun Ha Jong asked to shut up.
Ha patient enough to persuade Kim Jong-seo hyun and Kim Yong Chun, so they say this command princess and they do not care about the people and they are just pawns. Ha Jong said they just need to make that statement. Kim Seo hyun said that Ha Jong benar2 inappropriate behavior. Ha Jong getting mad why they can not think straight and he did not care anymore what they besan or family, this will lead to death and also to Kim Yu shin.
Princess Man Myeong Se Jong meet to seek help. How Se Jong let this happen and remind them still have family. Even Yeong Mo begged her grandfather for her husband should not be killed. Yeong Mo said he believes Kim Yu Shin would never do such acts. Se Jong said that Kim Seo Hyun, Kim Yu Shin, Kim Yong Chun and Al Cheon not need to die. They just need to leave the Princess Deok Man. Princess Man Myeong Se Jong surprised by the statement. Se Jong suggested that they risked their lives to convince Kim Se Hyun and Kim Yu Shin. Se Jong Myeong Man Princess asked what understand. Se Jong feel sick.
Kim Yu Shin tried to awaken Al Cheon, Yu Shin: Wake up ..! You're not allowed to die .. you should not be .. But Al Cheon fainted. Chil Sook said Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon not be effected if only tortured, put another way.
San Tak comes and informs that he has done exactly as the instructions Chil Sook. Chil Sook understand and ask San Tak continues to report to him. San Tak understand.
Bi Dam Deok Man told how he could make this dangerous journey alone. Deok Man: Then follow me and risking your life for me. Man asked Yeom Jong Deok Chun Chu protect. What they all understand? They understand. Deok Man said if they do not hold the first act of the King family will be destroyed. Deok Man know it is not in accordance with prinsip2 Kim Chun Chu, but we now need is persistence and personal ownership and Deok Man. Kim Chun Chu agreed to implement the expectations Deok Man. Deok Man said Mi Shil was not afraid that he can not catch, but Mi Shil scared because there is the possibility of a reply from us. Deok Man asked for troops deployed under kepemimpinanya tonight and we must make sure that these troops are fit and ready to implement their plans.
Phil And get an arrow with a message. He read and gave it to her father. Deok Man sends a message to Im Jong, Baek Eui, then Deok Chung also get it.
Deok Man: I'm flesh and blood descendant of King Jinpyeong, Princess Deok Man, for all officials and people in the Silla know and hear my words. Because of rebellion and forced the King to make a full house arrest and with the royal seal master deception, ordered that the Se Ju Mi Shil detained.

kadorama-recapsLord Jujin there in his tent and Bi Dam casually went in and directing a dagger into the neck of Lord Jujin. Deok Man enters and greets Lord Jujin. Deok Man wants to know what the agreement made between Mi Shil with Jujin. Jujin said, have 5000 soldiers on the outside and when she screamed, they would not get out hidup2. Deok man smiled yes may be true but after your head rolled on the table after that maybe they were. (Tirzah: there is "madness" which is similar between Bi Dam Deok Man dg center in threatening people if he .. he ..)
Deok Man repeated his question, Lord Jujin not answered. Deok Man asked Bi dagger dam close to the neck Jujin nobility. (Tuh do ..) 10 000 seok said Lord Jujin land in Sangju and position as a member of the board. Deok Man smiles, that fringe benefits to help Mi Shil took the throne only the land and occupation. Lord Jujin surprised that Mi Shil want to ride throne. Deok Man confirmed. Lord Jujin Dam Bi looking at a nod.
Deok Man said Mi Shil has habis2an for the throne, should ask Lord Jujin bigger prize. Deok Man said if he Mi Shil, then the offer will be greater than those already existing. Deok Man said because it provides military support for Mi Shil, he should have obtained a much bigger prize. Deok Man said if the nobility Jujin not satisfied and not enough, why he did not give her opportunity to do business with that problem.
Jujin surprised that Deok Man came to do business with him. Bi Dam said Princess Deok Man is very clever in the trade. Deok Man asked Bi Dam hit Jujin for fainting. (Tirzah: ck .. ck They looked so enjoy doing .. That poor Jujin ..)
Deok Man went and returned to their hideout. Bi Dam sit with him and asked what he had to take risks to meet Jujin own. Deok Man tells the story of King Jinheung with a tiger. King of the time did not pull his hand but actually put his hands deeper into the throat of a tiger. Bi Dam added that pulled her hand from the tiger's mouth will cause a very severe wound, but by encouraging the entry it will kill the tiger. Deok Man said this is exactly the same with the situation. Deok Man Jujin not sure what is the throat Mi Shil but until he believes he will keep pushing until he found his throat.
Deok Man said Wyol Yes there is in hiding Bo Hoe Gya. He asked for Bi Dam diam2 to go there and make a plan to save Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon. Deok Man: If you go, take it with you Kim Chun Chu, "Bi Dam: Why do I have to bring Kim Chun Chu? Deok Man: Between Kim Chun Chu and I, one should remain alive. Bi Dam understand.
The Duke gathered in the palace of the call. Mi Shil imprint court decision in front of King Jinpyeong and handed it to King. Queen Maya say just kill them. Mi Shil said not yet. King asked what it wants Mi Shil. Mi Shil looked toward the throne and said he wanted the throne. King Jinpyeong laugh, he was waiting and now he is trying to gain the throne? Mi Shil surprised. King said that if Mi shi want the throne earlier, the king did not have to waste Deok Man or will lose Cheon Myeong. And Mi Shil not have had to remove the child laki2nya too, and now if Mi Shil rose Throne now, it's too late to do so.
Mi Shil agree it may be true it is too late. Jinpyeong King said this was not a dream forever Mi Shil, but now he plans to claim the dreams of others into her dreams. Batuk2 King and Queen approached the King.
Mi Shil out, what can he do what was my dream, Mi Shil wants to be Queen of this country.
Mi Shil entered the courtroom and the noblemen saluted him. Mi Shil read the royal command.
Mi Shil: After we finished checking Pungwolju, we find that the Princess Deok Man is the mastermind of the murder conspiracy against Sangdaedeung Se Jong. Therefore, His Majesty the King issued an order condemning strongly all the rebellion that shook the country on the basis of this nation, so not only we will try to catch Mr. Puteri, but any and all officials who support Mr. Puteri will be derived from office. So from now on will be established Ministry of Emergencies.
The nobles was surprised that the Ministry of Emergencies was formed to rule the country. Mi Shil said that the Department was composed of Se Jong, Seol Won Rang, and he himself Se Ju Mi Shil. To all three will be directly under the "command" King Jinpyeong and will be above board palaces. In addition, this council will investigate all things that might threaten national stability. While the king was ill, so the Military Governor will be appointed to act on behalf of the king who will implement the rules and orders of the King, Mi Shil will take that position.
Lord Jujin know that he actually remembers kata2 Deok Man. Another nobleman said Mi Shil been planning this since the beginning. One of a nobleman (Hwang Yun Hwa Rang father) asked the Mi Shil, how they can know the King of pain and whether the order was benar2 written by King, continue Mi Shil said, it is true that the letter was stamped King, but Princess Deok Man is his descendant King satu2 , and he also satu2nya Seonggol. Mi Shil benar2 upset when he mentions the word Seonggol. Mi Shil signaled to the direct Jong Bo nobleman with a sword slashing and fell dead on the floor.
Mi Shil and sat on the throne and said he apologized for this incident and he would speak frankly what really happened. Mi Shil in disgust saying that so far Mi Shil has taken responsibility for the country's problems while the nobles are only concerned with themselves and accumulate wealth alone, and he has served under three Kings and has been maintaining the security of this country. Mi Shil asked whether satu2nya descendant of King Jinpyeong, satu2nya Seonggol, Princess Deok man has done something for this country's security. No! Mi Shil who serve this nation with his heart and soul. Mi Shil challenge them to say the opposite if the brave but silent if not better. Mi Shil said if there is no longer an opinion, he was Military Governor of the Emergency Board.
Mi Shil: Seju Mi Shil Military Governor of the Emergency Council, said the state was in danger on behalf of the King .. undang2 military to all people. Mi Shil said banned meetings of more than 5 people in Seorabeol, except military personnel, and should not be carrying weapons. Mi Shil ask what it obvious?
Then there is the announcement posted in the country. People read and confused because last night there was also the announcement of Princess Mi-Deok Man to capture Shil, now there is an announcement from Mi Shil to capture the princess, which one is correct.
Soldiers came and arrested them, because they are clustered more than 5 people, what they do not read the announcement and that they violated military law, then it dragged orang2. Bum Seok Won Seol met and Baek Eui and said he was offered a position at the Ministry of Defence on them.
Bum Seok Won Seol thank Rang. From now said Seol Won, Seok Bum will govern the movement of troops and reviewing all official. Baek Eui agreed. Seol Won asked whether there is unusual activity in the Hwa Rang, Seok Bum said no one should be reported. Seol Won said they must continue to monitor the diam2 and if one is not satisfied they should immediately report. Bum Seok agreed. Baek Eui wonder why they should check with the official secrets, what Jinpyeong King issued an order like that. Bum Seok Mi Shil says that command and she has never issued an order beyond the limits of truth and justice.
Hwarang Hwang Yun, son of nobles who were killed earlier, was surprised and asked what happened to his father. Im Jong said that he hears. Phil Dan said Hwang Yun's father joined the meeting and that's how his death. Im Jong said he did not know the details but Hwang Yun had to go make sure. Hwang Yun go. There is something wrong Hwarang other words, Phil, and asked what he meant. Is not your father's nobility Jujin also deploy troops to the capital, Phil And defend her father. His father was only in charge of securing the capital.
Deok Chung asked what Phil And be sure that they deploy their troops after the incident or move before the incident? Phil And annoyed, why Deok Chung doubt this problem. Phil Dan said his father was also a board member of the board of the palace. Deok Chung said Phil And dad did not seem to know what happened. Im Jong asked what happened ... what happened to you also receive a message containing arrows?
Im Jong Deok Chun asked also accept it? Im Jong confirmed, also all the captains Hwarang. Deok Chung said he never saw Mi Shil act outside the boundaries of justice and truth but about the attempted murder Se Jong, he was sure it was a tactic for the board of the palace issued a Princess Deok Man from state affairs and politics. But something was wrong, not just what happened to Yun Hwang's father but it seems a lot of events that can not be explained this akhir2. Chung Deok Seon Yeol expressed in Gak riot and attempted murder Se Jong's all there is no clear evidence to explain what happened. Jae Ho still has not returned to Seorabeol.
Phil And say this time he really expect the holding of a debate or argument of this issue to explain what happened.
Jae Ho met his father Governor in Yanju Jeon. Her father said it had sent Mi Shil for him, Ho Jae reading, Deok Man Princess arrest warrant. Jae Ho's father said, at the same time he also received a letter from the Princess Ho Jae Deok Man and read it: warrant arrest ju Se Mi Shil. So the two letters opposing. Jae Ho's father confused he asked his son what he should do. Jae Ho wonder how this could happen. Her father did not know. Jae Ho held the second letter.
Mi Shil thank the Lord Jujin, if it were not for U.S. military aid would harm the party princess Se Jong. Jujin being polite he is just protecting the palace alone. Seol Won Jujin said board members will be promoted to the palace and will be based in Seorabeol. Jujin said, but his command was in Sangju jeong. Mi Shil said not all the nobleman so, they have a power base in the area but based in Seorabeol. Jujin doubt but Seol Won Jujin already set up the appointment immediately.
Phil And met his father. Jujin said he had just been promoted to the palace council member, Phil And surprise, so dad will move to Seorabeol? what about the troops in Sangju jeong. Jujin said Seorabeol already issued a military undang2 and prohibit possession or use of weapons. His army will definitely return to Sangju jeong. Phil And say not this means the father in paralyzing their military power? Lord Jujin kata2 Deok Man remembered that Mi Shil will do anything to ascend the throne. Jujin humming: Princess Deok Man ..
Mi Seol Won Shil said, they should withdraw all military forces to join the military nobility in Seorabeol under their command. Seol Won said they need to decide on relations with the royal army. Mi Shil said no matter what will follow all this they must continue to force the king handed over his throne.
Mi Shil said now the problem is with Deok Man ... satu2nya problem is Deok Man. Seol Won said just calm down, Chil Sook has found the ideas to solve it, we just wait for the result only.
Officers throw and throw mayat2 into mass graves. One of them is a child Yeom Jong-conscious and slipped away when he thought it was safe. He was observed by San Tak and Chil Sook. What is the one asked Chil Sook, correctly answered the San do not. That man is a child Yeom Jong who fainted when checked and Chil Sook tells us pura2 thought he was dead, and toss together with other bodies, if he is aware, we live to follow them.
Sook asked whether people were suspicious? San no convince that he has done seteliti possible. Chil Sook and San do not follow the man, who met Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong Cheon Gi surprised. Cheon Gi is not strong anymore, and he fell unconscious. Yeom Yeom Jong Jong help but ask them out to see what there is to follow. Nothing they said. San no and Chil Sook escaping through the roof.
Seo Ji and Wyol Ya think what no other alternatives other than prison break and save them, but they also risk a big help. Wyol Ya said they should save and Al Cheon Shin Yu whatever the risk.
Child fruit Wyol Ya hear noise. Apparently Joo Bang, Bang Joo they know and love. So Hwa Joo Bang call to exit. Wyol Ya see Joo Bang and see So Hwa. At headquarters, Joo Bang eat with gusto once (so sorry ama Go Do .. he must be hungry .. .. hiks hiks). So Hwa holding a letter which he took from the room to learn Mi Shil. Dam Bi and Kim Chun Hwa Chu and So is asked where Princess Deok Man. Kim Chun Chu smiled and asked for So Hwa eat then Bi Dam will take on Princess So Hwa Deok Man. Bi Dam So Hwa ask for food. So Hwa Dam Bi seen holding a letter in her hand very tightly as he ate and wonder what it is.
Deok Man glad to see So Hwa, Mom! Deok Man asked how and where His Majesty the King. So Hwa said the King ..
Yeom Jong gives a plan for Wyol Yes and asked what if this what this is going to succeed. Wyol Yes read it and felt good enough to be implemented. Well said Wyol Yes, they will do it tonight. Wyol Yes and Seo Ji went but was observed by Chil Sook and San Tak. Wyol Yes and Seo Ji pura2 dead. San Tak asked what they were doing. Officers arrived to bury the corpse, Wyol Ya get up and kill the guard and pura2 into them. San Tak asked whether they would act now. Chil Sook San Tak hold him and asked to wait and observe what they would do. Wyol yes and his men bring the corpse back stretcher to jail.
Chil informs Mi Sook Mi Shil Shil and shocked that Wyol Yes and his men managed to enter and intend to release Al Cheon, and Yu Shin. Chil Sook said that their officers disguised as corpses. Mi Shil asked how many people, there are 6 people Chil Sook said. Mi Shil Kim Yu Shin will let loose and become bait. Chil Sook understand.
The guards came and took out Kim Yu Shin, Yu Shin glanced at Al Cheon who fainted (hiks.. Al Cheon ..). One cadre eventually die and they shouted something to die here. Then Yu Shin thrown back in jail in a state of collapse. Go Do crying and asked what Shin Yu is still alive and they shouted something to die here. The guard was angry and asked them to be quiet. The guard called "officer" to check whether the right is dead. Seo Ji enter the cell Go Do to examine the corpse. Then pat Dae Pung who upset but then recognize the eyes Seo Ji, Go Do, too. Seo Ji asked them to be quiet. Seo Ji shouted someone die here. The guards ordered that all the bodies included in the train. Wyol Yes entrance and all cadre recognize it. Wyol Yes ask them calm.
Yeom Jong come and report to Prince, that Wyol Ya and his men managed to get into the prison. Deok Man understood. Seo Ji told the officer to check mayat2. The officer saw Kim Yu shin and see the reaction Wyol Yes and seoji and ask the train was taken away. Wyol Yes and Seo Ji Shin Yu cart.
When they leave prison. The guards arrest them and asked what was in the train. Seo Ji said that the bodies of soldiers and officers saw him and felt disgusted and let them pass as quickly as possible. Chil Sook observe everything. San Tak and his men all set up the attack with Yu Shin as bait to find Princess Deok Man. Chil Sook San Tak motioned to move. San and his men did not follow Wyol Yes. Wyol Yes and Seo Ji Yu Shin brought to safety and try to bring Yu Shin, Yu Shin began to realize, and they bring Yu Shin go. Kim Yu Shin was able to ride his own horse. San Tak and his men laid siege to their hideout. What they will pursue Yu Shin. Chil Sook rule not to share power, the main target is the Princess Deok Man. Chil Sook ordered San No to surround their hideout. San Tak understand.
Shin Yu Ya Wyol support and went to see Princess Deok Man. Deok Man benar2 Yu Shin shock to see the conditions. Kim Yu Shin greet Princess. Then there was shouting and the alarm sounds. Attacked their hideout. Deok Man knows their hiding known. Chil Sook took over the headquarters easily and she entered. Then a wounded soldier who reported that they had ruled and died after reporting.
Deok Man felt nervous but then he strengthened his heart with courage.
Mi Shil sat quietly at his residence.
Mi Shil: Your Honor. Let us end this once and for all.

Personal opinion:
There is an interesting one for me, namely Yeong Mo. Evidently she was so sad, noble families of children like Se Jong etc, only used as a tool for political purposes ortunya. Must be married for political purposes dg previously unknown husband, as she began to love with her husband in fact her husband had to fight against his family. Kira2 what is felt Yeong Mo ya .. when are pregnant. Same thing with Bo Ryang, Ryang Bo just had met with Kim Chun Chu. Just so my concern is what Chun Chu benar2 love with Bo Ryang or just to camouflage it? Chun Chu save hatred dg Mi Shil family. Pity they are ...
kadorama-recapskadorama-recapsIf you see the character Yu Shin, he certainly would not throw away although Yeong Mo punish Ha Jong Shin Yu, Mi Saeng, and Bo Jong later. After all Yeong Mo wife and he was not wrong, just because the victim was born in a family with high level political agenda.
Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 46 Reviewed by frank ucup on 2:43:00 AM Rating: 5

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