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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 44

Bi Dam asked what the 9 versus 1 votes. Yeom Jong explains, there are 9 votes in favor, and 1 no. But the voting system on board the palace is the system of unanimity, so with the 1 votes just do not agree, then the bill can not be validated. Chun Chu surprised to learn that which voted in favor is the Se Jong, Jong Ha, Mi Saeng, .. Yeom Jong agreed. Bi Dam said that this work benar2 Mi Shil. He has estimated and set this up, he did not agree but will not if seen that it does not agree. So by using the system board of the palace, they thwart the bill.

Yeom Jong said now Princess Deok Man proposed changes to voting system on board the palace, Bi Dam said a majority vote. Yeom Jong doubt what this proposal will be approved. Kim Chun Chu said that might not be approved but this is not a bad strategy as well, Why is that? asked Bi Dam. That's because many nobles who would be disappointed with this incident and Bi Dam connect, the Prince can use to suppress their disappointment council palace.

Yeom Jong-think this idea is brilliant. Bi Dam said council members are set orang2 useless and very redundant and obsolete. Kim Chun Chu said they had to use it for council benar2 palace looks like the word Bi Dam.

Se Jong is trying to hold the vote again, now the results 8 votes rejected two opponents agree. So Princess rejected the proposal. Mi Shil smiled and Deok Man said on Mi Shil in the liver, what do you think this is a victory. Mi Shil looked at Deok Man: I just pay you back.

The nobles who feel disadvantaged by the Bill Prince, out of the courtroom in dismay. They exchanged their disappointment mengungungkapkan, then Mi Shil come and greet them.

Chung and Hwang Yun Deok arguing about their family-owned land. Deok Chung asked what was meant by Phil Dan. And Phil said he did not intend apa2, Deok Chung asked what is seen as a crime to possess large tracts of land or property lots. Baek ui tried to calm teman2nya. Deok Chung said that the reason his family owned land that much is because they have made a large contribution to the country so they have a lot of ground, what is a crime. Hwang Yun said that even with the ground a little too noble to have the same loyalty to the state. Deok Chung said all humans are different and asked whether they should separate the common ownership of land rights among orang2. Bum Seok asked what they ributkan.

King asked Kim Yong Chu, so Deok Man proposes changes to the voting system in the council's palace. Kim Yong Chu said, he and his nobles Kim Seo Hyun agreed but eight others are not. Queen know it's difficult to change a system that has lasted for more than 700 years. Kim Seo Hyun said the bill was rejected and noble Princess who benefited feel disappointed. King of the opinion seems Deok Man wants to show that the council already ancient palaces and excessively. Kim Yong Chu agreed. King said it is true that Deok Man has managed to show that ... tiba2 King and Queen hit by another attack baik2 just asked what her husband and asked the king to rest. But King said he baik2 only.

Princess and Mi Shil met in the corridor. Mi Shil asked her Man is not too upset because this is only the exchange of each other. Mi Shil said that the unanimous vote system has been practiced for 700 years, Deok Man said that the system is outdated and redundant and inconsistent with current political developments. Council of the palace is now visible only top level nobleman who did it all for the sake of their own. Mi Shil said was true, whether the Prince does not realize that the same system is also beneficial Deok Deok Man and Man did not catch Mi Shil. Mi Shil said what happened to the nobility let you stay in politics and decision making.

Mi Shil said that based on the majority system is only needed 6 votes to force Deok Man out of the political world but with the system of unanimity, even if only Kim Yong Chun and Kim Seo Hyun who supports, only the proposals are rejected Man Deok Deok Man but still can enjoy the status politikalnya. Mi Shil said that laws and institutions are always such a deadly double-edged sword and not just the enemies that terlukan but even the swing and holding the weapon also might get hurt.

Deok Man asked what use undang2 and institutions will be seen as an act that is not true. Mi Shil answered only to realize where the intended direction and he laughed ..

Mi Shil: More ... almost .. I'm about to tell you and show you the way to you! Ketulusanmu how sharp your thinking and that makes me almost once again fell in perangkapmu.

Mi Shil go.

San Tak Joo Bang mock court that the council reject the Bill Prince. Joo Bang said San Tak must realize that they are idiots. Joo Bang asked how much land the family owned San No, what he has more than 5000 seok? San was thinking and said if the bill is approved, then the family will have a better life. Joo Bang said San Tak benar2 idiot that he did not even realize that the bill would give the same advantages and benefits as other members of the regiment Yonghwa. San Tak started getting enlightenment and Joo Bang hit head San Tak. San Tak finally realizes the bill should be approved.

Bum Seok Hwa Rang and other captains began to think the bill again. They said after the bill retrospect not a bad thing and asked what Bum Seok it's true. Bum Seok upset. They wonder why Seok Bum angry, the captain of the others began to realize that if this passes they will receive benefits. Seok Bum said they were not aware of what these tactics Princess for stronghold Mi Shil lose. Another captain reminded that they had losses of wheat incidents that time.

Bum Seok berhati2 with kata2nya ask them, that they are now in this position and have the land because the generosity of Mi Shil and asked that they not forget that kindness. Bum Seok go.
Ha Jong said to her mother, since the day back to Seorabeol Deok Man, it's never quiet day. Ha Jong said today the nobles began to issue a complaint. Mi Shil said he could understand their reaction. Ha Jong said, but the system has been running for 700 years and why it seems Mi Shil want to approve it. Mi Shil said in the end it is true that the council was an ancient palace and excessive. Se Jong and Ha Jong surprised. Mi Shil said if he wanted to achieve his dream then the first thing he should do is remove the board of the palace but of course now is not the time and he was calm Se Jong.

Al Cheon shock, Kim Chun Chu want to do anything on the board of the palace? Kim Chun Chu asked what the problem is too early to talk about but eventually they have to get rid of all the palace council concept. Deok Man Chu Chun smiled when asked their opinion. Deok Man said he was having similar thoughts. Al Cheon: "But the council has to use the palace for 700 years and must be eliminated .."

Deok Man said their move from here until a later date will be burdened by the passion and excitement that is why they have to remove the board of the palace. Deok Man said that dozens of Silla require quick decision making and ability to implement quickly all the changes that will make them successful and unsuccessful.

Seol Won bring documents to Mi Shil. Seol Won said he did not sleep all night for this plan. Mi Shil read it and looked very pleased and said it cowardly and fraud benar2 and Seol Won admit it. Mi Shil said this must be more cowardly, do not care, and even cruel to do this scam. Seol Won agreed he would return to prepare and think about it anymore. Mi Shil burn plan and he ordered it be better if the plan is more vile and disgusting and if anyone who reads it will be surprised with kehinaannya. Ha Jong asked what it was. Se Jong asked what it is tomorrow or the day after. Mi Shil: "Tomorrow"

Mi Saeng in, he asked whether his brother should do it. Mi Mi Shil asked whether Saeng do not like. Mi Saeng laugh why he disagrees, he is confident will be successful but Mi Shil Shil Mi action can reduce the achievement that has been achieved Mi Shil. Mi Shil justify. Mi Shil feared by all but Mi Shil was never out of bounds. Mi Saeng still think what this act good for Mi Shil. Mi Shil stood up and said to her brother, that he was not ever going to come out of the boundary against prinsip2 truth.

Mi Shil called Sadaham he loved, that he loved her and she benar2 highly admired and Mi Shil want to let go of all to be together Sadaham but then it contradicts with the principle, and that's what motivates Mi Shil so he would not do it again. Mi Saeng then asked why his brother should do it now, Mi Shil said he now felt the same feelings that are similar and the same as those he had with Sadaham. Mi Saeng asked what it was? Mi Shil said that was enough for him to ignore his dreams and if he fails, he will leave this world with such greatness rays.

Deok Man surprised when he knew that the father hwarang Phil Dan and Hwang Yun wanted to meet him. Kim Yu Shin said they both have land less than 5000 seok. Deok Man understand and happy to meet them. Deok Man meet Jujin nobleman (the father hwarang Phildan) and father hwarang Hwang Yun. Lord Jujin Yun Hwang and father both to thank them for thinking about their daughter. Deok Man said that the nobles as they should know that the system board of the palace is outdated. Jujin justify. Deok Man adds this can only be seen as a defense to a high level of nobility. Deok Man said he needed support from now on Yun Hwang's father and nobility Jujin. Both provide support for the Princess. Deok Man smiling on Yu Shin, but Lord Jujin a little suspicious.

Se Jong asked what was said at Jujin Deok Man. Jujin said daughter asked for their support. Se Jong: "Women want to change the board of the palace?" Jujin justify. Jujin said he was risking his life to this. Se Jong said no need, Jujin will be given the responsibility to secure the capital with his army and how it can be seen as breaking the rules. Jujin said he believed Se Jong.

Yeom Jong meet someone and wait while a stretcher come and look it turns out that .. Mi Shil. Yeom Jong surprised and he saluted. Yeom Jong surprise, he hoped to meet Mi-Saeng. Mi Shil said that this is the first time they met, but he had heard a lot about Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong said Mi Shil too praised. Mi Shil hoped they could establish cooperation in the future. Yeom Jong asked what he should do to Mi Shil. Mi Yeom Jong Shil heard close to the Bi Dam. Mi Yeom Jong Shil asked to bring Bi Dam and left the capital tomorrow morning and go for a few days. Yeom Jong Mi Shil did not understand orders. Mi Shil throw money for services Yeom Jong.

Mi Shil said to look for a nice location in the mountains and enjoy the water fresh and cool air, and then return. Yeom Jong asked if Bi Dam refused to go and what he should do. Mi Shil said: "You gotta do what you must do and if I have to drag Bi Dam to go to the mountain if he refused." Yeom Jong shock. (Love the mother of all time .. ha ha)

Won seol meet Kim Yong Chun. Kim Yong Chun surprised and asked what would seol won to his house, Seol Won said Kim Yong Chun see what was wrong after she guest why Kim Yong Chun allow cold outside. Kim Yong Chun suspicious, but eventually he took Seol Won inside.

Ha Jong Kim Seo Hyun took a drink as besan. They berbesanan, they should get rid of discomfort due to a dispute my lady and mother. Seo Hyeon Kim Jong Ha agrees and pour wine. Kim Seo-Hyeon and they're ignoring their family relationships. Yeong Mo signed to provide drinking and realize the presence of his father. Ha Jong asked her to sit. Yeong Mo asked what his goals came. Ha Jong said he wants to see father-in-Yeong Mo and of course with her husband and asked when she gave birth and asked what was wrong because her daughter looked pale.

Seol Won said Kim Chun Chu is the nephew of Kim Yong Chun-law and grandchildren as well. Kim Yong Chun appreciate the relationship Seol Won and Kim Chun Chu, but this makes it a little awkward with this situation. Seol Won said that although he had no selfish ambition but Se Jong did not believe him. Seol Won Kim Yong Chun asked believe that he tried to make Kim Chun Chu took the throne. Kim Yong Chun did not understand. Seol Won said although does not look like it, but they are in one boat.

Yeom Jong drag Bi Dam and he said they must speak. Bi Dam asked what it was, Yeom Jong ordered Bi Bi Dam Dam silent and asked what was wrong. Yeom Jong said this problem benar2 him crazy and said it will not work. Yeom Jong asked Bi Dam to go with it for one trip or keep drinking at the tavern. Bi Dam confused with words Yeom Jong. Bi Dam suspect with the intention Yeom Jong and he pulled out a dagger and say what Yeom Jong want to die or he must begin to say what was wrong. Yeom Jong said he was not thinking when he did not drink and invite Bi Dam drink, just one cup only.

Ha Jong put something in the drinks when Kim Seo Hyeon Kim Seo Hyun exit. When Seo Hyun Kim came back and apologized for any business, Ha Jong Kim praised the nobility of alcohol tolerance. Ha Jong boasted he was very strong drink, but apparently he had a rival. Ha Jong offer another drink and nobility Jong Ha Kim accepted the offer. Ha Jong: for prosperity of our families. Kim Seo Hyun Jong Ha drink and glanced at the corner of his eye.

Bum Seok shocked at what he heard. How he can do it. Se Jong said this is done for Mi Shil and this nation. Chil Sook said that Bum Seok skill with a sword no doubt. Se Jong said that's why they entrust this task to him. se Jong opened her robe and asked that he started. ragu2 and Se Bum Seok Jong: "What are you waiting for .. let's go"

See Mi Seol Won Shil. Seol Won said he had to do it. Mi Won Shil seol asked what had brought, Seol Won issued a letter and asked what the purpose of Mi Shil with this letter. Mi Shil only ask for the letter was handed to her. Seol Won said he always tried to help Mi Shil and so far he has done but this time he did not understand what the plan Mi Shil. Mi Shil said he just needed to get the trust Seol Won. Seol Won Mi Shil asked why he only asked for a letter now. Mi Shil said he wanted to eliminate his own anxiety. Seol Won asked what he meant, Mi Shil said whether it will be a failure for them. Seol Won Rang then said that this is for Bi Dam.

Mi Shil are designing additional plans if they happen to fail to gain the throne, at least in his dreams will be passed on to Bi Dam. Mi Shil said that tonight would be the longest night for him. Just like the night when he took the letter from the hands of Seol Won Rang. (When he decides to poison the King Jinheung)

The next morning, a cadre give a message to Princess Man Kim Myeong for duke's palace immediately attend council meetings because there is an emergency, he should meet directly with Kim Duke. Princess Man Myeong said her husband was still asleep because he was drunk last night with Ha Jong so he would receive his letter. Princess Man Myeong stempelnya and cadre put it away.

San No to see Se Jong he must provide a meeting invitation to Kim Yong Chun. Se Jong asked Kim Yong Chun accepted his invitation. San did not say no because Kim Yong Chun has not been awake for drunkenness. So the only document stamped by the staff Kim Yong Chun. Se Jong smiled and asked for proof of acceptance of meeting invitation. Se Jong picked it up and see it.

Princess Man Myeong trouble waking her husband. Seo Ji Deok Man gives a list of nobles who will support it. Deok Man said he had received support Jujin nobility. Wyol Ya said bangsawa Jujin is a leader in Sangju elite troops and close to Seorabeol. Wyol Ya said they must be sure that the noble Jujin will support their strength. Kim Chun Chu said Jujin may not nobleman nobleman's top level, but considering its relationship with Se Jong long they can not be too confident and it was too early to make sure. Deok Man said this is the reason why he would meet with Phil And also.

Princess asked Wyol Yes to consider regional security Gya Bo Hoe. Princess Man Myeong open documents received and surprise, she immediately called her husband. Kim Yong Chun meanwhile awakened from fainting. He also gets grapes that are mixed drugs by Seol Won Rang. He drank the water and see the documents and read them, Kim Yong Chun surprised by its contents. It contains a request Deok Man removed from politics.

Bi Dam seems too drugged by using wine, while Bi Dam woke up he was tied to a chair by Yeom Jong. Bi Dam trying to escape and Yeom Jong frightened to see it. Bi Dam asked why he was tied up and what Yeom Jong put drugs in her drink so that he fainted. Bi Dam Yeom Jong asked what had gone mad and want to die. Yeom Jong asked Bi Dam quiet because of this incident also made him mad. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong open the knot. Yeom Jong asked Bi Dam Yeom Jong calm down for a moment to think. Bi Dam can only release his frustration and said Yeom Jong benar2 crazy dare do this to him and tried to calm Bi Yeom Jong Dam. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong closer so he could hit him.

Kim Seo Hyun upset when she read the papers. Princess Man Myeong said they held a special meeting to discuss this. Kim Seo Hyun said in their presence in the palace council, what they would do this. He asked that his clothes be prepared. Princess Man and the duke of Kim Myeong prepare to read it again.

Dae Pung report that will be held at the Princess's palace council meeting and its purpose is to remove Princess from politics. Seo Ji asked how they could do that. Dae Pung said the members of the council (daedeung) are gathered to discuss it. Wyol Ya said after the board voted unanimously palace using the system, so if Duke Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun did not agree they can not apa2. Seo Ji said was true, but how they can do when Prince was outside the palace. Kim Chun Chu felt this was odd.

Se Jong opened the meeting and saw that Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun absent. One board member said they were still absent. Ha Jong said because Sangdaedeung here, ari we just start. One of the council said that the meeting should be attended by 10 members. Se Jong said already there were 8 members present and that was enough to take a vote. One of the council are still in doubt, others are saying and what they should delay a decision simply because there are colleagues who are not present. Ha Jong said they have received the meeting invitation. Se Jong said from now on they will use a unanimous vote. Ha Jong said why they have to defer to those who can not timely. Mi Saeng said there is no rule that they must attend all, but that there is a unanimous vote to support or reject something. All finally agreed.

Kasim whispered something to the palace servants. Yu Shin wonder how the council members to a meeting only with 8 people. Guk San Heun report on Al Cheon Yu Shin and that now they're starting the meeting. Guk San Heun asked what further action. Al Cheon angry, how they do it without the presence of Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun. Kim Yu Shin saw singularity. Al Cheon said last night he got the reports Kim Seo Hyun Jong Ha drinking together at YU Shin and asked what was so. Shin Yu wondering what this is deliberately done so that they can not attend the meeting. Al Cheon said this benar2 orang2 illegal and how it can do that and they admitted that they were from Hwarang, benar2 embarrass Hwarang. Kim Yu Shin asked where his father and Kim Yong Chun now.

Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun ran to the palace. Bi Dam: "Mi Shil ask you to take me out as far as 100 ri from the capital?" (1 ri / li in china = 392.72 meters)

This is what I try to explain, Mi Shil asked to withhold Bi Dam from the capital until tomorrow or the day after. Bi Dam asked why they did not go and actually tied it on a chair and asked Yeom Jong answered and asked what plans Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong said Bi Dam is here because he could not think of any plans and he can not make the wrong decision. Keputusn what should be taken Yeom Jong? Yeom Jong asked no one and most important who the Bi Dam is actually why he made Mi Shil interested.

Yeom Jong said he never received a job like this before but this is the first time Mi Shil come himself and give orders. Then the second, Mi Shil calls mngenai today and tomorrow morning, to be sure something will happen and what it is. Bi Dam aware of, "Is he benar2 will do it?" Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong release. Yeom Jong said it was easy. Come on! Let me go!, Yeom Jong said that this almost hysterical benar2 him crazy, binding Bi Dam here was endangering his life, but he took off Bi Dam means against Mi Shil. Bi Dam asked whether Yeom Jong want to break away from the problem now, then Yeom Jong should take it off. Yeom Jong Dam Bi interesting collar and asked him to convince him and why he must take off Bi Dam and into the enemy Mi Shil. Yeom Jong Dam Bi looking at that look of fear.

Kim Yeol Seo Hyun arrived in the council convened seon Gak but guarded. He wanted to go but the guards close guard. Seo Hyun Kim tries to force through but the guards refused to step aside. Kim Yong Chun also came and asked what was wrong, and the guards hold them for not passing. Kim Yong Chun said that they deliberately prevent us to go so they can simply approve it without us. Seo Hyun Kim also sure would like that. They must stop it. Kim Yong Chun said how they can design something that is against the law like this. They ordered the guards to step aside and try his best to enter.

Kim Yu Shin asked whether orang2 gathered here, Al Cheon confirmed. Joo Bang asked what was Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun made drunk by their stronghold Mi Shil be unable to attend, Joo Bang surprised by their behavior. Then and Guk Dae Pung San Heun came to report that the duke of Kim and Kim Yong Chun arrived in the courtroom but denied entry. Al Cheon said their guards and Shin Yu asked what they would allow this to happen and just looking at it. Is there a justice under this sky?

Kim Yu Shin Joo Bang rule and Go do go to report to the Prince and Princess wait command. They left. Kim Yu Shin ruled Wi Bu shi (dept household palace guard) to keep up. Al Cheon Shin Yu asked them to follow.

Wyol Ya said their behavior is very strange, how Kim Se Hyun and Kim Yong Chun refused to enter the courtroom, they are not members of the council. Deok Man also do not believe, this must plan Mi Shil. How Mi Shil to humble himself and set the cheap tactics like this. Kim Chun Chu said that ultimately this is what can be done Mi Shil. Princess too high rate Mi Shil. Seo Ji said then what they should do. Conversely said Kim Cun Cu they do not need to do anything. Deok Man and Wyol Yes not sure of the statement Chun Cu.

Kim Chun Chu said Bill Prince has provoked a public reaction, if they take the fight that they are insulted because of the council meeting, what will probably happen later. Wyol Yes agree, even if members of the council passing, this will make a lot of opposition to their decision. Kim Chun Chu said that the Mi Shil always emphasize truth and justice in all his actions but Mi Shil's only human like everyone is anxious and annoyed. Deok Man said this could not happen Mi Shil should not be this low, which would jeopardize the status and reputation and will cause him to fall.

Se Jong read "error" Princess Deok Man, al, on sales of stocks of wheat without the knowledge of the military council, the injustice of tax bill, etc. and he hopes the council issued a Princess Deok Man of political status and power for decision making. Princess is only allowed to take care of household affairs palace. Se Jong asked council members take a vote.

Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun still trying to enter. Kim Yu Shin arrived with his troops. Al Cheon and his men begin their sword and ordered the guards to knock out of the courtroom. Bi Dam said Yeom Jong, Princess Deok Man may be in danger. Yeom Jong asked Bi Dam explains why the Princess is in danger. Bi Dam: No time to explain I got to go, in a situation like this, only I can fix it. Just me.

Yeom Jong wonder, when Bi Dam said Kim Yu Shin, Al Cheon and Kim Chun Chu may have been duped by Mi Shil, which is why Bi Dam must soon leave. Yeom Jong still insists that Bi Dam assured and this is the fastest and what is trying to do and what Shil Mi Bi Dam relationship with Mi Shil. Bi Dam: Quick disconnect me! I've got to go!

Shin Yu's men beat down the guards and they entered the courtroom. Kim Yu Shin guard the father and Kim Yong Chun-to-door session, when the nobility and troops entered Jujin Seorabeol. Deok Man shocked when receiving the report. Wyol Ya said nobleman Jujin not supervise many of the troops and why he tiba2 his troops. Deok Man still can not believe Lord Jujin may be .. Seo Ji came and reported that Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon made it into the courtroom by force. Deok Man and Chun Chu shocked. Deok Man said this should not happen, and they must immediately stop.

Bi Dam said Yeom Jong Mi Shil now understand the plan right? Bi Dam said Shil was a coup. Yeom Jong shock when Bi Dam repeat: Mi Shil rebellion was a coup .. .. .. Bi Dam revolution had told them that this will happen but they do not trust him and how they can be so stupid. Yeom Jong still shocked benar2 Bi Dam said he was sure and ask Yeom Jong remove it. Yeom Jong .. mumble ... rebellion ... huruhara coup. Yeom Jong came to report that troops from Sangju already deployed and this is true. Bi Dam shouted: Let me ... fast ..!!!

Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun arrived in the courtroom just in time to vote against them. Ha Jong and Mi Saeng shocked. Se Jong Shin Yu and turned to Al Cheon why they dare to enter the courtroom with his sword unsheathed. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon realize they carried weapons. Ha Jong stand up and accuse them dare enter the courtroom with armed and this seemed as severe threats to Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon.

Meanwhile, Kim Deok Man and Chun Chu rushed to the palace. Jong Bo informs her mother that the daughter had just entered the palace. Mi Shil understand and they will start the game.

Seol Won and his army marched toward the courtroom to take over the situation. Se Jong said no one dares to enter this sacred space with a gun before, even a traitor Gil seon also not against the rules of the board of the palace. (Gil Seon, Silla officials who conducted the coup and fled to the Baekje)

Mi Saeng said, how dare Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon entered the trial with weapons and forced their way into Seon Yeol Gak. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon sheathed their swords again, Al Cheon explained that the troops outside the ban Kim Seo Hyun and Kim Yong Chun entered the courtroom. Ha Jong deny, what they see troops carrying weapons with them. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon realize their mistake and come face Seol Won Cheon Al troops, Seol Won ordered them is a traitor who violated Seon Yeol Gak with guns and ordered them to renounce their weapons immediately.

The outgoing board members and Al Cheon asked his men to lower the weapon. Kim Yu Shin Won Seol convinced that now looks like confrontation and ask Seol Won reduce tension. Man and Kim Deok Chun Chu are on the way back to the palace, Kim Yu Shin said that he will be responsible for all of them if there is an error when they try to enter the courtroom. But they have to calm down.

Seol Won Kim Yu Shin asked how dare speak like a man of honor after what he did, wielding weapons and entered the courtroom. Kim Yu Shin said he would accept any punishment but Seol Won should resign as well with him and let the members of the council out of here safely.

Al Cheon ordered his men to retreat. Al Cheon's men retreated and lay down their arms to the ground. Seol Won ordered his men to do the same. Seol Won asked council members to leave the location, and Kim Yu Shin asked them to leave. Se Jong led council members to go when one of the cadre of the roof pointing arrow and about a soldier and Bum Seok drew his sword and his men also took their swords and fight when the board is in the middle of battle. Yu Shin shouted for them to stop. But nobody heard it and Seol Won asked his men to protect members of the board.

Bum Seok Sejong guard and he took out a dagger from his belt and then flashback: Chil Bum Seok Sook show where he must attack the Se Jong. Right between the ribs to the 8th and the 9th Se Jong, and warned that tikamannya should not be too deep. Bum Seok understand. Bum Seok stabbed on the appropriate point and Se Jong fall. Ha Jong shouted at the father (bleh. ..) then shouted that there was an assassination attempt against Sangdaedeung Se Jong and he fell and someone tries to kill him.

The prime minister was wounded and shouted Bum Seok to cause unrest. Deok Man back in a hurry when he heard shouts that the Se Jong was attacked and stabbed. Deok Man wants to get confirmation of what he had just heard .. Kim Chun Chu said they say that Se Jong stabbed.

Beyond tembol Seorabeol, nobility Jujin said to his men, the honorable prime minister Se Jong has been stabbed and there was an assassination attempt against him in Seorabeol and this is a rebellion. Lord Jujin said they were called to prevent further rebellion. He ordered his troops to march toward Seorabeol it is their duty to protect the country. Jujin noble troops marched into Seorabeol.

Deok Man Chun Chu Kim's hand and said to him ..

Deok Man: This is a coup ... Mi Shil revolt.

Troops marched to the palace led by Mi Shil.
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