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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 43

Kim Chun Chu did not believe this actually happened. Deok Man also misinterpreted Mi Shil. Kim Chun Chu said Mi Shil not Seongol and not the King family. But Deok Man Chun Chu cautioned that never offend Golpumjedo system weaknesses. Kim Chun Chu asked what Mi Shil have the right to ascend the throne. Deok Man said that Mi Shil been recognized or did not play a major role in memeimpin Silla.
Kim Chun Chu: What are we going to let this happen, why do not we just give it to Mi Shil.
Deok Man: No. .. Mi Shil may indeed be an expert. But then there is no progress in Silla. However, Mi Shil can not ignore his background as a nobleman. But when I came to the throne, I will stick akarku increasingly deep and far. Akarku are the people of this nation. I may be less if compared with Mi Shil but that's the reason why I wanted to ascend the throne. Why you and I, on behalf of the King family, Hwarang Yu Shin on behalf of the power of Hollywood, and regional power Hwarang Al Cheon, must unite as a whole. This is why I held out my hand to you. Now .. the choice is up to you to decide.
Ha Jong asked what her mother meant. Mi Shil once again confirms that for the King Jinji, Prince Baek Jeong, Se Jong, or even Kim Chun Chu, he would not promote anyone to the throne except give it to himself. Mi Shil kneel in front of them all and begged earnestly to help him gain the throne.
Kim Chun Chu reflect and digest all of which are disclosed Deok Man. Al Cheon asked what Deok Man Mi Shil desire is to gain the throne. Deok Man said from what he saw and thought. Kim Yu Shin asked about Kim Chun Chu. Man believed Kim Deok Chun Chu is an intelligent young man with critical thinking and high-power analysis and believe that Chun Chu wise to decide something. Deok Man Bidam asked how he knew Yeom Jong. Bi Dam: Yeom Jong several times to help my teacher for various affairs.
Deok Man Chun Chu asked what Yeom Jong familiar with when he returned to Silla, Bi Dam said that before he met with Yeom Jong both knew each other in China. Bi Dam said that Yeom Jong know the potential of Kim Chun Chu. Deok Man asked what was done for the Moon Yeom Jong Noh. Bi Dam said that Yeom Jong has a network that provides information and intelligence from Goguryeo, Baekje and China and Yeom Jong recognize nobility of the country. Deok Yeom Jong Man asked what could be trusted. Bi Dam shrugged his shoulders, Yeom Jong is a merchant. Bi Dam said during his lucrative business, they can trust Yeom Jong. Deok Man asked about eisiensi Yeom Jong. Bi Dam assured, Yeom Jong very good if not his teacher would not wear it. Deok Man see sharpness in Yeom Jong Shin Yu when asked his opinion. Al Cheon said that Deok Man must tell them about Mi Shil.
Deok Man said at the camp, that he and Kim Chun Chu Mi Shil has led to realize something and he wanted to take over the throne as well. Kim Yu Shin said what it is about the system Golpumjedo or gender issues. Deok Man confirms, that until now has not been self-proclaimed Mi Shil, but the winds of change are sweeping Silla today. Al Cheon said so Mi Shil will be developed as a potential ruler. Deok Man said if it's about good service, he has the support of public sentiment more than any other.
According to Yu Shin, Mi Shil had not even considered half-god and losing positions in the temple, but its influence is still strong in the council of ministers. Deok Man said until now Mi Shil still dominate the administration. Bi Dam said that the most important thing is that Mi Shil not let go of his dream, so if fate prevented the empress, he will be connecting sentence ... Deok Man Bi Dam: Queen.
Al Cheon said nothing surprised him but he was also quite able to emulate. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man said when self-proclaimed Queen, and sounding the "alarm" Mi Shil. Deok Man said if Mi Shil was dreaming of becoming Queen, it will not make it burdened and distracted. Deok Man said the problem is the decision to the throne Mi Shil Kim Chun Chu is a time that creates the conflict to divide the party and failed Shil Mi, Mi Shil has stepped forward and unite and Seol Won Jong Se Rang near-war.
Mi Saeng shocked when he learned of the Se Jong and Seol Won Mi Shil Rang that the intention of becoming Queen. Seol Won said he has been with Mi Shil's first since he had a dream. Seol Won said that the background is a trigger force from the beginning but since he stood beside the Mi Shil over the years, he knew that the dream they become one and the dream is a dream Mi Shil. Ha Jong still in doubt. Se Jong Mi Shil benar2 wicked how he wanted her more powerful than them. Se Jong said how they can call themselves men. Se Jong sigh, he will follow the wishes Mi Shil.
Bi Dam asked whether there may be a coup, Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon bertanya2 Mi Shil and they sure could do it. Deok Man said was impossible. Kim Yu Mi Shin said Shil penah do when King Jinji power. Deok Man said that Yi Sabu, Geo Chilbu, No thousand, even all won by Moon Noh Mi Shil, and he did so without any blood shed. Yu Shin added during the deployment of soldiers, he was still justified. Deok Man said not only that, Mi Shil use all orang2 jasa2nya to affect nearby for support.
Seol Won Mi Shil said the biggest advantage that he never lost an assessment of her many problems. Ha Jong Mi Shil asked whether council would take advantage of the trial court to run for queen. Saeng said Princess Mi-Deok Man has to do it, why Mi Shil can not do as well. If asked who is entitled to become Queen, her sister is definitely the first name called by the people. Ha Jong still meragukannya.Semua nobility Mi Shil not follow them because the royal family and nobles what if it does not support them. Mi Mi Shil Saeng asks what will do the same thing when he dropped King Jinji in overcoming King Jinpyeong.
Se Jong said that time they were justified because of the actions of King Jinji abusive and make people suffer. Seol Won confirmed, that the King that now is not like that. Then Mi Saeng suggest methods that do to the King Jinheung namely with murder and changing his will. Seol Won said it was probably because they were in King Jinheung circumference and Ha Jong said what they would do to bring success to this. Mi Saeng said the council's palace where Mi Shil will be able to launch the plan. Seol Won also had the same thought. But what the opinion said Ha Jong nobles.
Then Deok Man answered, the nobles will be divided loyalties. Shin Yu said, so the possibility of the nobles who used to support the Mi Shil will turn left. Al Cheon said it might be because no one nobleman was willing if Mi Shil became ruler. Bi Dam said then Princess Deok Man will be benefited. Deok Man it sure seems to be happening. Mi Shil decision will mark the downfall of his strength may be his weakness and he will fall. Bi Dam ponder on the word weakness. Deok Man Yu Shin was asked what to do instructions. Kim Yu Shin said there is anxiety in its preparation, and he asked if Deok Man will prepare an explanation. Deok Man said the time was right but there is little in the procedure that must be observed and requires preparation.
King asked about the problem of tax changes that he heard from Kim Yong Chun Deok Man that was counting and propose changes to the tax calculation to increase agricultural self-sufficiency, Princess Deok Man confirmed. King said that the nobles might not agree with his proposal. Deok Man know and the nobles will probably not agree and the proposal may be debated for bertahun2 between the King family and the nobility to realize and reap the fruit.
Kim Seo Hyeon Deok Man asked what the purpose of this proposed amendment. First, the King family must show the people that they do this to people. Second, Deok Man guess Mi Shil will ask themselves into authorities. All surprised. Seo Hyeon Kim say so is no longer ask Kim Chun Chu, but himself. Deok Man confirmed. King shocked by the news, Deok Man adds so this is the main reason of the amendment regarding the new tax rules to Shil Mi paralyzing political power and its allies and it will happen.
Deok Man out by pretending to tax issues. Seo Ji is being set up for land registration Silla and asked his staff did nothing wrong and did not miss a single detail kecilpun. Deok Seo Ji Man visit. Wyol Ya asked how the development of the problem. Al Cheon said the king has given his permission. Wyol Ya feel relieved. Deok Man asked where Bi Dam, Dam Bi Wyol Ya said in the next room he was checking the lineage of the nobility. Deok Man Bi Dam and asked to see its development.
Bi Dam said he had secured the royal genealogy records from Yeom Jong and number thousands. Deok Man wants to know not only the ownership of land, but also ties, connections and their allies. Even their relations with Baekje and Goguryeo should be recorded. Bi Dam said he was doing. Deok Man said this is not restricted to only the nobles but orang2 around it must also be examined. Bi Dam Deok Man convinced he was working on this problem and will take care of it. Deok Man said all this to do with the secret. Deok Man for help for Al Cheon and Yu Shin medical attention and food King Jinpyeong. Al Cheon asked why and Kim Yu Shin conclude their suspicions who knows Mi Shil do something and they have to prevent it. Kim Yu Shin understand and will do so.
Seol Won and Mi Shil stronghold also examine the lineage of the nobility. Ha Jong asked what they need to meet individually with them. Seol Won said they should do it. And find out the views and stand between Mi Shil and Princess Deok Man. Mi Saeng said that most of nobility lived in Hwang kyeong (adjacent house, the example Bukchon Hanok Village complex in Seoul), which has about 2000 homes already exist 35.
Ha Jong-view of all there are 25 who have become allies. Mi Saeng check again there are about 200 nobles who have 300 homes and 450 nobles who had 100 houses. And besides that still there are 200 more, there's too much but in their view that nobility will not be much noise. Seol Won said the nobles might provide troops for Mi Shil. Ha Jong said this is not a problem and Ha Jong count children who can be married with 8 people as an ally and asked how many children Mi Saeng that can be added. Mi Saeng thought for a moment and Ha Jong said his uncle benar2 smart but he did not know how many children are not married. (Tirzah: if guns either single Dae Nam Bo msh yah .. hmm ..). Mi Saeng said not that easy.
Ha Jong said a very wise if they give children the opportunity Mi Saeng to marry the nobleman, was the solution. Seol Won agree it is the best solution to make them allies. Ha Jong surprised that his thoughts are recognized. Mi Saeng said Ha Jong look at how happy that finally recognized cleverness.
Mi Shil thoughtfully and then asked what he thought Sook Chil. Although he is a person who heard the first time his intention, Chil Sook does not show a little reaksipun. Chil Sook said he was a follower of Mi Shil and she had no family or wealth to worry about and nothing to be achieved Mi Shil will be the goal. Mi Shil as he heard the hate he felt Chil sook. Chil Sook deny it. Shil said Mi Sook Chil hate it even though it did not help. Because of her many people suffer but he knew Chil Sook will remain faithful to follow him to the end. Mi Shil believe it's not too late and if he had thought about this for over a decade ago.
Seol Won in and submit the document. Seol Won said to begin with, they will see the reaction of the nobles in their activities. Mi Shil understand and won praise seol've done good in his decision. Mi Shil said he would not have time to compete but still it would be beneficial to them, he asked for Seol Won continued examination. Seol Won Kim asked what about Chun Chu. Mi Shil smile.
Yeom Jong Chun Chu explained at about tax accounting changes and proposed amendments Prince Deok man. He was gathering information from the nobility and landlords. Kim Chun Chu said her aunt tried to shadow step. Yeom Jong did not understand and Kim Chun Chu said not apa2. Kim Chun Chu asked Seol activity and Se Jong Won, Yeom Jong reported nothing unusual and Mi Shil? Yeom Jong said there is no apa2. Kim Chun Chu then go with haste. Yeom Jong felt he could never guess Kim Chun Chu. Chun Chu headed somewhere.
Jong Bo said that his mother asked them to carry out rencanyanya. Se Jong justify. Nam Dae Bo came in and said Kim Chun Chu is here. Mi Saeng: Let him go. Kim Chun Chu Mi Saeng entrance and greet with the official. Kim Chun Chu saluted and said they were all gathered here. Bo said they were looking for Kim Jong Chun Chu. Se Jong said no matter how young and naive Kim Chun Chu, he was the grandson of the King. He had held a wedding ceremony with the official. Mi Saeng said they should hold this ceremony in celebration of their family.
Kim Chun Chu wants to know where Mi Shil. He wanted to see Mi Shil. Kim Chun Chu met Mi Sook Chil Shil and saluted. Mi congratulated Shil Kim Chun Chu of marriage. Mi Shil said Cheon Myeong how happy daughter if she knew her son was married. Mi Shil said he and Kim Chun Chu has the same thing that they share a common history of his grandfather King Jinji that have been lowered, his father Kim Yong Su and her mother's daughter and Mi Cheon Myeong Shil Chun Chu came over and hugged and whispered in his ear: "I am who kill them all and asked why could that be, this is because of pride in their royal bloodline and they tried to kill him that makes the basic conflict. "
Mi Chu Chun Shil asked not to repeat their foolishness. Because he has given body and soul throughout his life to become empress that she cover it with strategy and ideas. Mi Shil said that if Chun Chu Chun Chu afraid of him then have his side and if he is here for revenge, then Kim Chun Chu had to fight and conquer as Princess Mi-Deok Man Shil. Because there are only 2 things that can be done Kim Chun Chu. He said the Chun Chu, bet your life against me or it will only be crushed and die. Kim Chun Chu Mi Shil surprised just give him a lesson about life.
Kim Chun Chu went and he knows what he'll do. Deok Man sitting in the temple of Princess Cheon Myeong. Chun Chu in and he sees Deok Man praying, he would go but Deok Man called him and he was happy to see Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu turn around and give greetings. He will go. Deok Man stood up and asked why he went so fast. Kim Chun Chu asked what he was trying to spread disunity and shadow step Chun Chu. Deok Man claims he learned it from Kim Chun Chu and also Mi Shil. Deok Man said paralyze the enemy without damaging the principle of benevolence. Kim Chun Chu wonder who will win eventually. Kim Deok Chun Chu went and Chu Chun Man asked to help. Chun Deok Man Chu asked what he was trying to undo his decision. No, but you never asked what my goal coming into Seorabeol.
Deok Man said, he came not only to Mi Shil, but also to King Jinpyeong and their country will become victims of this ridiculous from his anger and he told Chun that he could no longer trust anyone in this world not even the King Jinpyeong, or Queen Maya or even Kim Yu Shin and no one would believe with his heart and this is in his heart now.
Deok Man said that the pride and resentment over his soul, his mind is trapped by all the victims of revenge and the same as Kim Chun Chu also has feelings and thoughts. Deok Man said however he can not do that, if he does not believe one then there is nothing he could begin. Man invites Kim Deok Chun Chu to begin with. Kim Chun Chu smiled.
Kim Yu Shin and So Hwa went to the clinic palace. Kim Yu Shin announced that starting today So Hwa, nanny Princess Deok Man will oversee the drug to be taken King Jinpyeong. So Hwa said at their clinic staff must record the drugs are eaten by the King. All complied. Kim Yu Shin Hwa said that So the King will oversee drug. Queen agrees that So Hwa who will be watching, Yu Shin Kim asked her mother watched the King food. Princess Man Myeong menyanggupinya.
Kim Yu Shin Myeong Princess Man reminded that not only oversee the raw material but also any product consumed by the King. Princess Man Yu Shin Myeong convincing. Kim Yu Shin said, before the food or drug is presented to the King, they have to taste it first, both menyanggupinya.
Kim Yu Shin So Hwa reminded that his job overseeing the treatment to the King. Seo Hyeon Kim said he had to deploy more security guards to the palace. Queen Maya grateful to Yu Shin Deok Man for their accuracy. Kim Yu Shin see Deok Man and he reported that Dam Bi and Al Cheon had gone to perform their duties. Yu Shin Kim who will accompany him out. Yu Shin Deok Man does not look too good, Deok Man said he spoke with Chun Chu. Kim Yu Shin asked her to wait for an answer Chun Man Chu. Deok Man with Bi Dam, Al Cheon, Yu Shin and Wyol Yes (or other times kusingkat Deok Man F4 aja ya ..), separating dokumen2. Deok Man asked about Duke Ugwang, Dam Bi looking for and informs that he is governor Gyeonseong (cur Pocheon city, Gyeonggi province) and he was the duke's brother-in-law and he has a 3400 Doyong quasi ground. (1 seok = 15 m square)
Al Cheon said that according to their findings, the nobleman who has 3000 seok top soil. Wyol Ya asked what they would limit seok in 3000 as the standard. Deok Man said they might not understand. 3000 Land seok is not enough and maybe not. Yu Shin asked why. Kim Chun Chu went into the room and said to set a limit, it is impossible to make them want to do divisions among the nobility. All surprised by the arrival of Chun Chu tiba2, Kim Chun Chu added, the number of nobles who owned land is plentiful but the nobility with the rank of governor of less than 6. Kim Chun Chu felt that they should have the support of nobles with this level, but they also must create a boundary whether it will nobles against or neutral. Is not this the reason they need to secure the effect as soon as possible after Princess Deok Man. Deok Man smiles, Kim Chun Chu already shared his thoughts on them. Kim Chun Chu is ready to welcome the hand deok Man.
Kim Deok Chun Chu asked what Man is ready to accept it with all the blame and bitterness that exists in his heart. Deok Man said Kim Chun Chu not only alone, but everyone who joined him. With bitterness, dreams, and hope .. he should be able to embrace them all and this will be the basis. If Chun Chu Kim Deok Man felt shade too small for his dreams, then Kim Chun Chu-free at any time to go.
kadorama-recapsKim Deok Man Chun Chu looked and asked what he could beat Mi Shil and Kim Chun Chu crying because she remembered her mother and asked what Deok Man also tears of himself to his mother. Kim Deok Chun Chu Man hugging a crying. Kim Chun Chu joined the meeting. Kim Yu Shin said they would determine the limit to 5000 seok as standard. Deok Man looking at Chun Chu. Chun Chu agreed. Wyol Ya say definitely so. Deok Man smiled at her niece. Bi Dam said now living announce the changes. Deok Man said he would report to the council tomorrow at the palace.
The duke heard about changes in the tax calculation that caused uproar in the council meeting. Deok Man said all the land that has been bestowed on King Jinheung ... all regional heads and orang2nya now in the hands of the nobility and not in line with expectations the previous rulers, who wanted to expand the area and as a result is further impoverishing the people and collect the amount of tax paktek same is dirty and not clear. Deok Man said with a limit of 5000 seok as a standard for the tax increase and for anyone who has a land area of 5000-7000 seok will be recommended six things (1 case = 1 / 10)
Then Deok Man announced the changes, which owns the land seok 7000-9000 will be charged 7 things, 9000-12000 seok will be charged 8 things, all the nobleman was surprised how could be so high. Deok Man says those who own the land under the 5000 seok, tax will be reduced from 5 to 3 things matter. And farmers who own land will be levied 500-5000 seok 2 things. Farmers with land less than 500 seok will pay for 1 thing. Mi Saeng says what it means taxes for low-level nobles will be compensated by charging a higher royalty rate is greater. Deok Man confirmed. King stated that this tax change will be proposed as legislation. King wanted the council to court immediately passed this law. The nobles noisy, some happy and others upset. Deok Man smiling in Mi Shil.
Joo Bang around town and announced to the public about changes in tax regulations. People happy because there are tax reductions for those with little land. Joo Bang said Prince was trying to get this bill could be approved by the board of the palace. People doubt what they want because most members of the council is of nobility. Others say this is not endorsed or give them a little relief to improve their lives, and how glad they were because Princess Deok Man provide a way out of their suffering and make their hopes for the future and others celebrate the Bill Deok Man who led Joo Bang. Orang2 said Joo Bang and the other came from the palace that means they are responsible for protecting Princess.
Joo Bang while eating said yes. Orang2 asking them to serve and protect the Princess Deok Man. Joo Bang orang2 assured that they will do it. Go Do very pleased with the dream as the guardian of the palace, it was the best decision. Guk Dae Pung San Heun and also agree. San Tak came and as usual poke each other with Joo Bang.
Mi Saeng upset because the nobility was a mess. Nobility low level cheered, but otherwise noble high-level upset. Ha Jong asked whether he was insane propose such legislation. Seol Won said, no. He creates separation among the nobility. Seol Won said they should think about it further, whether this bill would break the low-level and high nobility. Mi Saeng said it exactly as Kim Chun Chu Bo marry that makes Se Jong Ryang and Seol Won Rang almost clashed. Seol Won justify, Prince wants to try to break the nobility. Seol Won said Princess Deok Man has grown wiser with time.
Bo Jong Hwa Rang and the captains were not satisfied with this treatment. But others say the law that is fair enough, because the land is much too have to pay a lot, otherwise a little bit mambayar. Bum Seok even benefited from this law but not the tax changes he explained the discussion topic. Jong Bo had seen a split in the body Hwarang.
Some asked Jae Ho, Jae Ho did not know the results of this problem. Jae Ho also hope that this bill be passed, but he wondered what the board of the palace will be passing. Jae Ho asked what opinion Wyol Ya Ya Princess and Wyol answered that the Princess is very confident with this. Jae Ho said his father came to Seorabeol and hope to see Se Jong. Phil And they will participate. Im Jong said he had to meet with Kim Yong Chun, too. Jae Ho went, Wyol Ya also want to go but he was held by Phil Dan. Phil And want to talk to Wyol Yes.
See Se Jong Jae Ho and said that they supported the bill changes the tax computation Princess Deok Man. Se Jong shocked. Ha Jong upset, they must have been crazy. And Phil said that his father asked him to express himself to the Se Jong on this issue. All the other nobles who also say they provide support for the Se Jong long time, if Se Jong refused to eat the bill they will lose the support of all the nobles in attendance. Jae Ho said this is a sincere request.
Kim Yong Chu said opposition both aristocratic class began to appear. King said the bill is seen as possible and direct but the debate has begun to be heard in the corridor council palace. King said Deok Man does not expect his bill passed in the council's palace. Queen asked what other, Kim Yong Chun said that it will not escape because there were 8 votes against 2 votes belong to them. But if this bill is rejected then you will hear the sound noble suffer from low levels. King said this exercise will show and decide who is against reform. Queen added also will show the nation what the Board of the palace.
Kim Yu Shin met Wyol Yes and Phil Dan. Words Wyol Yes, Phil wants to meet Yu Dan Shin. Phil Dan said he had a letter from his father to Princess Deok Man, he handed the letter to Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin report to the Princess, that the lower nobility began to react to the bill, Al Cheon also said his father had also sent a letter and said he would attend the council meeting palace. Deok Man glad this happened. Then Yu Shin remember he brought a letter from Phil's father Dan. Deok Man read it and he said Phil And Lord Jujin father wanted to meet him.
Al Cheon said if Jujin join, he is the best ally because he has a 5000 warrior elite and is located closest to Seorabeol. Yu Shin added that there are an increasing number of nobles who wanted bepartisipasi in their bill and showed great interest. Deok Man smiles that his bill began to have an impact.
Mi Shil sit down and upset with the proposed bill Deok Man. Saeng complained Mi and Ha Jong said low-level nobility began to make trouble with this problem, Se Jong jelas2 agree they have shown their opposition to the camp. All are happy and even pressing the courts of the palace to pass the bill as law. Mi Shil smile, Deok Man benar2 expert and knows how to adapt to the situation and take a chance when the road was leading him. Mi Seol Won Shil asked what has already met with the nobility that he mentioned. Seol Won've met them, but their views have started to shift. Ha Jong said if so, then the support of the nobility in them will disappear.
Mi Shil silent and Ha Jong pleaded with her mother replied. Mi Shil said if this continues then they will be the intruder and the target of anger and dissatisfaction. Mi Shil agree that they should not let this happen and do not need to create unrest in their camp and asked council to approve the bill. Mi Saeng surprised that her brother asked them to approve it. Se Jong and HA Jong asked what the reason. Mi Shil gestured for them to submit his letter, Se Jong Seol must provide a letter to Mom, Seol Won to Jinju, Mi Saeng to Duke Bo Shim and Sung Ha Shin Jong for the duke. They must provide a letter Mi Shil on everyone personally met them and must give an answer tomorrow. "Let's wait no more .."
Deok Man look at all the preparatory meeting and said tomorrow is the day. Then the next day the trial began. All board members salute him. Deok Man came in and glanced at Mi Shil, who salute him. Se Jong opened the session with an agenda to decide the bill changes the tax computation. And they will do the debate and take decisions. Se Jong ask them to make decisions without hesitation and delay. He asked the Lord to give voice to agree or not for this bill. Then the nobles took their decision. His voice is 9 agree and 1 refused. Kim Seo Hyeon wonder, Al Cheon feel it strange that all council members voted in favor of 9 (majority) and smelled something was wrong. Kim Yu Mi Shin said Shil tries to avoid creating unrest among the nobility by approving the bill. Deok Man Mi Shil, he did not expect a result like this.
Deok Man stood up and announced he also had another proposal. Se Jong warned there was no further debate when votes are taken and the results are published in accordance with the traditions of the board of the palace. Deok Man said he did not argue but suggested. Deok Man said that he proposed that the decisions taken by majority vote rather than unanimous council palace. Se Jong said this is a long tradition and asked if Deok Man wants to change the core of their country roots. Deok Man said on board Silla palace still using systems based on a unanimous vote in which the other. Only in the palace council voted unanimously to use, and if there is a proposal that is not approved Sangdaedeung, it will not qualify as hukun and this is not only slow the progress of the country, but only visible to protect the interests of upper class nobles who sat in the council. Deok Man proposes to replace the voting system in which the nobles who sat as a witness to give their votes to make changes to the voting system in the council's palace.
Nobility began to say Deok Man right in his proposal and Mi Saeng and Se Jong looked uneasy and fidgety.
Deok Man sat down and smiled that she will obtain promising results. Mi Shil and Deok Man looked at each other with each other. Deok Man smiling in Mi Shil.
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