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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 41

Deok Man left the courts of the palace with how your upset kim Chun Chu can do this. Al Cheon said he feels that Kim Chun Chu is a pawn in the strategy Mi Shil. Kim Yu Shin Kim Chun Chu says that not thinking about how his late mother Princess Cheon Myeong met his end and they could not prevent Chun Chu act like it. They can clearly stand here and see Kim Chun Chu manipulated by Mi Shil. Al Cheon questioned what the Bi Dam, is not he in charge with education Kim Chun Chu and asked what action unaware Dam Bi Kim Chun Chu. Man leaves and Kim Deok Chun Chu come out with Dae Nam Bo. Nephew and aunt were exchanged glances. Chun Chu approached her aunt and gave greetings.
Al Cheon asked why Kim Chun Chu can do this. Kim Yu Shin asked what Chun Chu knew what he was doing on the board of the palace, he must realize that he had used. Kim Chun Chu speaks directly to Deok Man and said that now Deok Man must realize what had happened and he must explain what will happen after this, what Deok Man can imagine what might happen. Man looking at Kim Deok Chun Chu Chun Chu Kim came over and said that he ... and whispered in his ear Deok Man and then he excused himself. Deok Man looks surprised.
Kim Seo-Hyeon confused how this could happen. This clearly shows that Kim Chun Chu is fired arrows Mi Shil. Princess Man Myeong Kim Chun Chu said that the need to realize what King Jinpyeong intentions but his actions can not be praised. Queen Maya said that Mi Shil benar2 scary. He manipulates the little boy, how he could do with a child Cheon Myeong. Queen felt hurt because Mi Chu Chun Shil manipulate. King asked why Kim Yong Chun said nothing. According to Kim Yong Chun, Kim Chun Chu's decision appeared as Bu Gun already has a better foundation.
Kim Yong Chu said, however, Kim Chun Chu is a descendant of Princess Cheon Myeong. They must give a chance to Kim Chun Chu for advanced as Bu Gun. Seo Hyeon Kim said that Kim Chun Chu seems to intend to marry Bo Ryang and if so would not only create a grandson-in-law of Mi Shil became ruler. Kim Yong Chun Chu chu said before going into the family Mi-Shil, was not he the grandson of King Jinpyeong benar2. Kim Seo Hyeon feel anxious and Kim Yong Chu begged the King to consider it wisely. Is it true Mi Shil who was behind this, but the appointment of Kim Chun Chu will benefit the King family. Perhaps through Kim Chun Chu then they can make peace with the Mi Shil.
Mi Shil Kim Chun Chu thoughtful statement about it deems Golpumjedo system is outdated and said that no country that uses such a system, not in China or in western countries. Mi Shil said to himself, that he Mi Shil never even imagine thinking to destroy the barriers of law Golpumjedo that it is not feasible. Then Mi Shil remember when Deok Man claiming to be a Bu Gun and not married. Mi Shil asked whether Deok Man never think about it, as a woman and dare to have that big dream ... became king and took the government, then he remembered Deok Man tells her that he was not a person entitled as owner of this city. Mi Shil asked what era Mi-Shil had passed before his eyes and saw Kim Deok Man and Chun Chu as the next ruler.
Man and Kim Deok Chun Chu had to be careful with his thinking, they will make Mi Shil conscious and gave him the idea that the Mi Shil also have the same quality as they were to ascend the throne. Man and Kim Deok Chun Chu different. Deok Man a woman and a descendant of Kim Chun Chu Jingol and Mi Shil is both.
Deok Man came to King. He almost announced his presence when he heard Kim Seo Hyeon Kim Yong Chu told how he dared to propose it. Deok Man prevent the ladies to announce his presence and hear their conversation. Kim Yong Chun Chu Kim Chu said clear descendant of King Jinpyeong and he is the son of Princess Cheon Myeong. Deok Man hran if the problem is precisely what leads to arguments Chun Chu is entitled to the throne or not. Kim Seo Hyeon Kim Yong Chu asked how to speak like that, and Kim Yong Chu was not guilty. Better to accept Kim Chun Chu as ruler rather than a woman ruling over them, this will also be accepted better by the people. Kim Yong Chu said he was the son of Princess Cheon Myeong satu2nya. Kim Seo Hyeon Kim Yong Chu said is true, but Kim Chun Chu is also the nephew of his, and if it was not a coincidence.
Kim Chun Chu is the son of his late brother Kim Yong Su and if not for personal reasons this is Kim Yong Chu defend his nephew. Kim Yong Chu stood up and asked what Kim Seo Hyeon would accuse him of putting his personal interest in this problem. What Seo Hyeon Kim accused him selfish. Kim Seo-Hyeon then stood up and said Kim Yong Chu can not be understood. The king asked them to stop arguing and asked them to be quiet. Then Deok Man announced his arrival. Deok Man entered and greeted the King and sat down, he saw the expression on the face of Kim Seo-Hyeon and Kim Yong Chu after their hot arguments.
Bi Dam to see Yeom Jong and Yeom Jong said he benar2 not know what has been done Kim Chun Chu and swore and asked Bi Dam Yeom Jong believe he will not deny his word and also Kim Chun Chu did not visit it. Yeom Jong asked what happened because he could see this would happen and he was shocked. Yeom Jong asked Bi Dam looked into her eyes to see what he's lying or not, his eyes told the truth. Bi Dam Yeom Jong asked to do something without his knowledge. Yeom Jong said how he could do anything else, is not his life is in the hands Bi Dam. Bi Dam interesting Yeom Jong-collar shirt and told him that he knew none benar2 true or sincere about Yeom Jong (Tirzah: kalo tau knp so still left alive, Bi Dam? Arrgh ...). Yeom Jong asked why Bi Dam like that. Bi Dam said as he believes this is Yeom Jong. Before Yeom Jong meet with others who are far more frightening than Bi Dam, Dam Bi will not believe Yeom Jong menghianatinya.
Then throw Yeom Jong Dam Bi and be normal again and asked what they would do now. Yeom Jong assured that they have agreed to support Deok Man. Bi Dam said Yeom Jong will die quickly if called on the name Deok Man granted. Yeom Jong Dam Bi asked him to stop saying sarcastically. Yeom Jong Deok corrected and called Man with the Master's daughter, that Bi Dam will support him to the throne and Kim Chun Chu will be a threat to him.
Bi Dam not imagine that Kim Chun Chu would make a motion like this and so quickly. Yeom Jong Deok Man asked who got the victory from his nephew would be more beneficial for them or it is an opportunity to do so by Kim Chun Chu. Bi Dam see Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong said that the law to rule, never thinking about their blood relationship will not even recognize their parents, what else is only nephew and he knew that the child will become enemies to the throne.
Yeom Jong Deok Man is not going to worry about this problem. Bi Dam said that Yeom Jong Deok Man does not know at all, he is just guessing Deok Man character. Bi Dam said if Deok Man know Chun Chu is opposite to the throne, then he will not fight against it even though no small dispute. Bi Dam said that he would never deal with Kim Chun Chu.
Deok Man said to the King that he would not be getting into fights with Kim Chun Chu, he is not going to let that happen. (Tirzah: So .. Bi Dam has surely known her ... wow ..). King knew Deok Man heard the debate between them. King asked what Deok Man will let Mi Shil manipulate the situation. Seo Hyeon Kim said that this is clearly a strategy Mi Shil. Deok Man even know it's true, whether Deok Man let Mi Shil continue his plans. Deok Man asked what he hoped Mi Shil and Chun Chu Mi Shil will be fighting and who will benefit.
The king then asked what would Deok Man did. Deok Man said if the worst scenario would happen he would abandon his ambition. Deok Man said that he was concerned about the future benar2 Kim Chun Chu. King Jinpyeong say how Mi Shil can exploit someone who is very young and blind of the political world, how to use the Mi Shil Kim Chun Chu is very young.
Mi Shil tiba2 walk with the group when he almost fell and assisted. He said he did not apa2. Seol Won Mi Shil went away, and asked why he came here, the atmosphere in the palace benar2 not good. Mi Shil look blankly and said he only jalan2. Mi Shil asked himself, what he did during the time in his life. Seol Won Chun Chu asked if Kim Mi-Shil had requested an opinion when he said about the law Golpumjedo. Mi Shil only to ask himself what he was doing. Seol Won Mi Shil asked what was fine. Mi Shil then replied that he was slightly unwell he needs a break.
Yonghwa Regiment gathered around Joo Bang that he would meet Kim Chun chu. They feel everyone Joo Bang until Kim Chun Chu want to meet him. Joo Bang boasted that he and Chun Chu had a good relationship. Joo Bang said he was briefly met Kim Chun Chu, but he was already familiar with the character Kim Chun Chu. All started out his opinion and stopped when Kim Yu Shin entrance. They saluted Kim Yu Shin and Joo Bang complain that this makes no sense how Kim Chun Chu tries to be Bu Gun.
Kim Yu Shin said this will never happen. Yonghwa Regiment asked why. Kim Yu Shin stated that gaeyang star who returned to heaven is Princess Cheon Myeong Gaeyang Star guard is Princess Deok Man. It can be said that the dispute between Kim Deok Chun Chu and Man will be like a feud 2 stars Gaeyang and this will weaken their base if they clashed. It is to be achieved Mi Shil. Joo Bang mention that this is the excuse used by Mi Shil. He can just use someone else, why would he need to use child Princess Cheon Myeong, what no one else like Se Jong, Seol Won, and why not ..
Then Kim Yu Shin thinking about something that made him aware of the Se Jong Seol Won Rang. Joo Bang said that of all these men there are many ties that have many wives and sons that can be considered Mi Shil, and why he chose Kim Chun Chu. Joo Bang saw that Kim Yu Shin looked at him and asked why Yu Shin looked at him. Kim Yu Shin mumble that's why he did not think about it and then he was gone that made regimental Yonghwa astonished. Joo Bang wondered what he had given Kim Yu Shin ideas for free.
Deok Man gone and he recalled an argument between Kim seo hyeon and Kim Yong Chu. Deok Man wondering what is the desired Mi Shil, to divide them and asked what was the Mi Shil try to create divisions among them and he will laugh about this and humbled us.
See Se Jong Ha Jong benar2 and asked whether her mother had made a deal with Se Jong Mi Shil and will implement it. Jong-se was not at peace and he remembers when Mi Shil asked her to come last night, Mi Shil said conditions have changed because there is no male descendant seongol then there is a chance for them to become King. If Deok Man decided to get married, with whoever she will marry are descendants Jingol and Mi Shil said that they would manipulate the situation with the candidate's husband Prince in any way. But because Deok Man chose not to marry and will ascend the throne, the throne of the opportunity they will disappear.
Se Jong asked because of this the Mi Shil then decided to make Kim Chun Chu as Bu Gun. Mi Se Jong Shil asked to believe, he never changed his heart about the Se Jong. Se Jong bekata instead he did not understand the situation and he knows intentions but bagaimanapn Mi Mi Shil Shil must provide assurance to him. Mi Shil asked what kind of warranty. Se Jong Kim Chun Chu should not be allowed a wedding with family seol Won Rang, but Kim Chun Chu must be married with a family member Se Jong. Mi Shil said he would make a request Se Jong, he promises.
Ha Jong pleased that his mother promised to kata2nya own. se Jong said that the Mi Shil had promised but not written. Ha Jong disappointed not to have a written contract. Se Jong Ha Jong asked what doubt the sincerity of his mother. Ha Jong said he believes but is related to seol Won Rang, Ha Jong can not guess what is being planned by Seol Won Rang. What if Kim Chun Chu was able to ascend the throne and married Kim Chun Chu Bo Seol Won Ryang grandchildren, this will make Seol Won Rang become the Queen's grandfather and grandfather-in-law of King, he will get more power from them. How dad will face this, when things like that happen. Se Jong said that if this happens it will create a disaster for the entire family because Se Jong Mi Shil and will not live forever to see all this. Ha Jong said he would meet her and talk to him.
Mi Mi Saeng asked what he had anticipated Shil Kim Chun Chu statement in front of the board which causes the face of King and Princess Deok Man offended, but then he mentioned Golpumjedo system, it also surprised him. Mi Saeng do not know what this is only for youth Chun Chu or indeed because of their education outside the palace but it will cut Shil ... Mi Mi Mi Saeng Saeng and ask and Seol Won out. They were shocked. Seol Won Mi Shil questioned about health, and Mi Shil apa2 convinced he did not just want to be alone and think.
So Hwa see Deok Man and asked what he would do, what he will go forward and compete with Kim Chun Chu. Deok Man said during a solar eclipse that he felt he won Mi Shil use them to fight in the open, but now he fears will take advantage of Mi Shil Kim Chun Chu. So Hwa said Kim Chun Chu although still young, but this can not be accepted as an excuse. Deok Man said this might be a price to pay because he was in conflict with Mi Shil. Deok Man benar2 bekata that he did not know what to do or act now.
Yu Shin Kim Deok Man announced his arrival and was willing to meet him. So Hwa farewell. Kim Yu Mi Shin said had long wanted to support Se Jong Shil to ascend the throne and also utilize Mi Se Jong Shil to make a ruling. But now Mi Shil this release and chose Kim Chun Chu and also pressing for Kim Chun Chu Ryang married to Bo, then how Se Jong can stand and see, and without doing anything. What Se Jong will accept this for granted. Mi Shil asleep and she remembers Kim Chun Chu said about .. Golpumjedo system is a system of ancient and outdated. Mi Shil opened his eyes and wake up later Mi Shil remember that Deok Man will be the Bu Gun and heir to the throne. Seol Won Rang see Mi Shil to worry about in the corridor.
Deok Man thinks that the Mi Shil intend to divide them. Kim Yu Shin said there are 2 possibilities. First build the division of their party and establish the division of powers between Kim Chun Chu with her only form of intrigue empty. Then Deok Man asked what was the second. Kim Yu Shin said that the latter might be something that does not make sense that he was not able to think that this munkin happen. Deok Man asked what it was. Kim Yu Shin began to explain.
Se Jong and Ha Jong Shil and ladies to see Mi Mi Mi Shil Shil said that already said he does not want to meet anyone. Ha Jong angry and said what he did not know who they are. Ha Jong encourage ladies Mi Shil and Seol Won-rang out in greeting. Ha Jong-Won Seol asked what has already met Mi Shil, Seol Won Mi Shil justify but then said he wanted to be alone. Ha Jong Seol Won Rang asked what was up to something behind them.
Seol Won Jong Ha did not catch. Ha Jong said that the Mi-Shil had promised orally with Se Jong overnight. Even if Seol Won Kim Chun Chu was eager to marry Bo Ryang, it will not happen and ask Seol Won Rang to stop dreaming. Seol Won clenched his fists and Se Jong Won Seol asked why did not immediately respond. Seol Won agree there will be no marriage between Kim Chun Chu and Bo Ryang. Seol Won Rang said he would follow a command Mi Shil. Ha Jong-Won Seol said that should do it. Se Jong and Ha Jong go.
King met with Kim Chun Chu and said do not care as young and as Chun Chu but hurry what she was doing benar2 irresponsible. King said he did not know what the response Deok Man with this problem but if the mother Chun chu know this, how sad and disappointed that he and his mother would cry. King said that no matter who, he will never lose command of political succession to the throne to the doll Mi Shil. The king will do their best and he is not going to let Kim Chun Chu gain the throne and ask for Kim Chun Chu to think about it anymore.
Se Jong Ha Jong and back to where Mi Shil. Se Jong Ha Jong warned that Seol Won unlike his son was thinking. But Ha Jong said that the Mi-Shil had ordered there should be no visitors, why Seol Won still roam the palace Mi Shil. Ha Jong said they should not be underestimated Won Seol, they must make preparations. Se Jong Jae Ho asked, Phil Dan, Wang Yun, and Jong Ha must do our best to invite them. Ha Jong convince his father he can control them. Se Jong Ha Jong ask them if it is right to invite him to control them.
Kim Chun Chu left the residence of the King and Kim Yong Chu approached. Kim Yong Chu asked her niece to explain what he was doing at the council meeting of the palace. Kim Chun Chu asked what should not be doing it. Kim Yong Chun Chu Chu asked what to know how his mother died. Mi Shil manipulate and Kim Chun Chu Chun Chu said that the King had made the decision, he would not have ordered the turn of the throne to someone who is a doll Mi Shil. Kim Yong Chu said that this is understandable.
Then Kim Chun Chu asked if Kim Yong Chu opinion about this that made his uncle surprised. Kim Chun Chu said that one can not predict or see the future, but Kim Chun Chu knew he was young and he would beat Mi Shil in terms of age. Kim Yong Chu Shocked. Kim Chun Chu asked his uncle to support them to become Bu Gun, then Kim Chun Chu promised to make the King family to get his glory back. Kim Chun Chu asked if Kim Yong Chu decision, what he enjoys the support of his uncle.
Seol Won told Bo that Ha Jong Jong very disturbed with this problem. Seol Won said Mi Shil was ordered to forbid anyone to visit him and now is resting and sleeping. Jong Bo said at a time like this, it would be nice if Mi Se Jong Shil convince party not to worry. Seol Won Se Jong spoke the truth looks worried but this is not helpful to them, but Seol Won Rang feel there is something frightening to them.
Bi Dam came and called Deok Man, but he was deep in thought to notice the presence of Bi Dam, and the new Bi Dam Deok Man calling again unconsciously. Bi Dam Deok Man confused asked whether Kim Chun chu want to fight or not. Deok Man said that Kim Chun Chu shall not engage in political disputes with him. Deok Man can also see clearly that the Mi Shil tries to divide them. Kim Yong Chun has begun to change but there is something strange, namely Mi Shil very quiet and not moving. This makes Deok Man a little worried.
Deok Man asked what might kata2 Kim Yu shin on the possibility of the 2 is true. Bi Dam asked what it was, remember kata2 Kim Deok Man yu shin. Bi Dam asked what it is and Deok Man just mumble .. Mi Shil.
Kim Chun Chu visiting Seol Won. Kim wanted to meet Bo Chun Chu Ryang, Seol Won Ryang said Bo was not feeling well and had gone for treatment. Kim Chun Chu looked concerned and asked whether a serious illness. Seol Won Rang said, is not seriously ill but Bo Ryang does have a weak immune system and easy to get sick. Kim Chun Chu understand and ask Seol Won Ryang told Bo that he's here and very worried. Seol Won said he would do it. Kim Chun Chu went.
Jae Ho betemu Phil Dan. Jae Ho said he was called Se Jong with this brief message, Wang Yun was also asked what Phil and receive the same message. Phil And justify. Jae Ho said that they need to find out. Seok Bum and San No to see them come into the house Se Jong. Seol Jae Won surprised that Ho, Yun Wang and Phil Dan Se Jong seen entering the house. Bum Seok asked what their destination. Jong Bo asks what he needs to find Phil Dan and Wang Yun to discuss this issue. Seol Won said no need, they should call Baek Eui, Deok Chung, seon Yeol soon. seol Won Rang said there he had to talk with them. Bo Jong understand. (Tirzah; well, now gets 25% of each section he .. he Hwarang Chun Chu was brilliant.)
Kim Yong Chun discuss this issue with Im Jong. Kim Yong Chun has decided to support Kim Chun Chu, not by blood but instead ruled Seonggol woman she felt better a man and people Jingol psti also agree. Im Jong Deok Man said that already announced to be Bu gun. If Kim Yong Chun does the opposite of what would happen next. Kim Yong Chun said Deok Man will not conflict with kim chun Chu. Deok Man has to make wise decisions. So they will not be broken down by Mi Shil. Kim Yong Chun Jong Im asking is not affected by any Hwarang and just hearing. Im Jong menyanggupinya.
Bi Dam went to Mi Shil. Mi Shil waiter said was in no mood to meet anyone. Bi Dam said he would go if Mi Shil want him to go but let's say the Mi Shil that he was here. The waiter said today Mi Shil was sleeping and he can not deliver messages Dam Bi. Bi Dam said he would wait for Mi Shil.
Kim Chun Chu see Yeom Jong. Kim Chun Chu praised the tea that is served Yeom Jong and asked where they come from. Yeom Jong said this is gong yeong tea from china. Yeom Jong said there is the rumor that plans to pit Mi Shil and Kim Deok Man Chun Chu. Yeom Jong know for sure that Kim Chun Chu know what to do. Kim Chun Chu smiled, he was relieved that Yeom Jong-minded. Yeom Jong Chun Chu surprised by the statement. Kim Chun Chu asked whether Bi Dam came here this akhir2. Yeom Jong said that Bi Dam Deok Man has said that will not be involved in political disputes with Kim Chun Chu, he's worried, and go.
Yeom Jong Chun Chu asked what had another agenda. Yeom Kim Jong Chun Chu asked to do something for him. Yeom Jong asked what it was. Kim Chun Chu drank his tea and gave the order to Yeom Jong. Seol Won Baek Eui call, Deok Chung, and Seon Yeol. Although they were close friends but masalh Jong Bo is different, Seol Won asked whether they would help him in the future. Bum Seok said when he first became Hwa Rang Seorabeol, he had sworn loyalty to Seol Won-rang, he would follow his orders without hesitation. Deok Chung said they would follow his orders, if it were not for Seol Won Rang then they will not become part of the Hwa Rang Seorabeol because their background is inadequate. Baek Eui Won Seol Rang request issued orders. Seol Yeol said no matter whatever command they will follow. Bo Jong sure they have the support Baek Eui, Deok Chung, and Seon Yeol.
At the residence of Se Jong, it is also common. Se Jong heard Ho was promoted as an Dae Sa Jae (Director) in Jo Bu (dept. Treasury) to collect taxes. Se Jong congratulated. Jae Ho grateful because it is antuan Se Jong and Jong Ha. Ha Jong said it was not apa2 and poured drinks for Ho Jae. Se Jong Wang Yun asked about the condition of his father. Wang Yun said his father is grateful for financial assistance Se Jong overcome them because the problem of wheat at that time. Ha Jong said if they need assistance, Wang Yun will definitely help. Wang Yun confirmed it. Se Jong said to Phil, and that in fact he wants to hunt with his father, it's just Phil Dan's father served in the Ju Jeong (one of the provinces of Silla) so it does not have the time.
Phil And smiled. Jong Ha Sang Ju Jeong said that is the largest military base closest to the Seorabeol with more than 3000 soldiers of Silla best, certainly his father is very busy. And Phil said that even now the number has reached 5000 people. Is it true that many, Se Jong pura2 surprised. Ha Jong Jong Danse'm looking for what information can be given the Hwarang, they do penyeldikan undetected. se Jong said he wanted to send a letter to Phil Dan's father and asked him to drive her.
Bo Ryang and teman2nya are playing Gayageum, Yeom Jong Ryang see Bo. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man informs that Ho Jae, Yun Wang and Phil Dan gathered at the residence and al Cheon Jong Se added at the same time Bo Jong, Seok Bum, Baek Eui, Deok Chung and Seol Yeol gathered at the residence of Seol Won Rang . Deok Jong Man said se and Seol Won Rang met with the captains Hwarang in 2 different meetings. Kim Yu Shin said between the two of them who feel unsafe are Se Jong. If Kim Chun Chu was going to marry Bo Se Jong Ryang then how shall dwell alone and not do anything. If that happens then there is the possibility that they are now fighting his own. They gather support from the captains Hwarang. Al Cheon said its development is very strange. Deok Man Mi Shil's name because he thought this idea Mi Shil. Kim Yu Shin Kim Yong Chun said that already talking privately with Chun Chu. Deok Man said that the opposite of chaos is actually happening is between Se Jong Seol Won Rang. But he wondered why Mi Shil did not do anything and he reportedly was sleeping.
Deok Man Says if Mi Shil Kim Chun Chu want to use then it should be take care of everything and consider before acting, but why he was absent and instead choose to sleep and not do anything with the situation that is happening. Deok Man asked what was throwing Mi Se Jong Shil. Kim Yu Mi Shil Shin said could not do so because Se Jong istana.Jika control board there is a problem, then Se Jong will have the right to take over the government and state affairs. Deok Jong Man agrees and as also will become heir to the heir to the throne if all else fails to gain the throne. Al Cheon said Mi Shil will be very hard to get rid of someone like Se Jong. Deok Man said if Mi Se Jong Shil intend to dispose of the Mi Shil not be lazy and would kill Se Jong, but there is no possibility of this masalh then Deok 2nd man asked about the possibility of Kim Yu Shin will become reality and Deok Man doubted if this happens, it's beyond what they think and he thought Mi Shil would be brave enough to do it.
Mi Shil wake up and call the servants. Mi Shil asked what time it is. The waiter said around 5 pm. Mi Shil asked for water. When the waiter poured water into the cup, he said that the Bi Dam was waiting outside to meet her and she kept waiting to meet him. Mi Shil Dam Bi surprised when the name is called. The waiter asked him what the dam Bi Mi Shil want to go. Mi Shil said for Bi Dam was told to enter.
Seol Won Ryang received a report that Bo was kidnapped. Some people quickly bring Bo Ryang. Seol Won say no guards. The waiter said no but it orang2 lightning attack and the guards did not react and take Bo Ryang quickly. Jong Bo came in and asked what he meant Bo Ryang kidnapped. Bo Jong conclude what this is doing Se Jong. seol won ask waiter left them.
Bo said that if Kim Jong Chun Chu and Bo Ryang married, then the strength of Se Jong will be destroyed, that is why he tried to get rid of all obstacles. Se Jong Won Seol said will not do it. Bo Jong agree but what about the Ha Jong.
Bo Ryang tied and terrified. He looked around. Then the door opened and Kim Chun Chu and Yeom Jong entrance. Bo Ryang Kim Chun Chu was surprised to see standing in front of him. Kim Chun Chu picked it up and opened the knot. He asked whether this incident makes Bo Ryang fear. Bo Ryang said that he was scared to death and asked what happened.
Kim Chun Chu Ryang convince Bo that there is nothing to be scared and hugged Bo sekarng Ryang and said not to worry, everything will baik2 only. Bo Ryang feel calm in the arms of Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu signaled Yeom Jong.
Dam Bi was brought in and Mi Shil said he was told that the Bi Dam has been a long wait outside to meet him. He asked what is necessary. Dam Bi Mi Shil advised that the design will not succeed easily. Princess Deok Man is not going to quarrel with Kim Chun Chu for whatever reason. At worst is the Princess deok Man will throw cita2nya gain the throne but Deok Man is a person who has high intelligence, then he also said that Kim Chun chu not the person who is easily manipulated.
Mi Shil said what brings Bi dam here. Bi Dam said Shil could not stay in the house and sleep all day. Bi Dam asked why Mi Shil choose a break at times like this. Mi Shil asked whether Bi Dam Deok Man sent to find out why. Mi Shil asked that Deok Man needs to know and understand why Mi Shil act like this. Mi Shil then say this is probably the Bi Dam alone who want to know the answer. Bi Dam smile because Mi Shil right to guess. Bi Dam then asked why Mi Shil spent absent from all the events and the rest at his residence. Mi Shil said he just felt a bit tired and sleepy. Bi Dam could not understand. Mi Dam Bi Shil then invited to accompany him for a walk.
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