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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 40

Deok Man cutting head in a one-time sabetan village, the village chief's body fell to the ground. All Deok Man shocked by the reaction. Sword Yu Shin Deok Man covered in blood and the sword dropped to the ground and left the place with a cold.

Kim Chun Chu amazed that his aunt could perform such acts. Deok Man tries to combat the ignorance of the people who do not want an independent with the knowledge and skills. He does not want to rule with an iron fist like Mi Shil, but apparently people do not understand what he meant. This is a kind of shock therapy for people who also have violated their promise and trust Deok Man. (Tirzah: well .. I cans understand her act).

Deok Man and his entourage left the fortress Gang An gloomily. Deok Man feeling uneasy and he remembered Mi Shil said that truth is too troublesome to understand, the hope beyond their capabilities to understand. The dialogue is too broad to narrow their minds and every freedom will make them hesitate. Deok Man remember back when he killed the village chief and he felt very sad. Kim Yu Shin looked at the stretcher and then to see Deok Deok Man Man to see her.

Yu Shin Kim Deok Man told he must believe that he was right and always believe in what he believes. All this will take him to the difficult path as the ruler and he can only continue the course. Deok Man bertanya2 what is enough. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man repeat that must have a sense of trust. Deok Man asked what he road on the right path and Yu Shin warned him to believe that he was doing this right now. With confidence, he will find the answers. Deok Man agrees it will seek its own.

Kim Chun Chu runs with Bi Dam after what they saw. Kim Chun Chu said that his aunt had a great benar2. Seol Won Shil that informs Mi Deok Man has to punish the village chief with his life. And now he was on his way to the palace. Mi Shil asked if Deok Man himself who took the life of that person, justified and Deok Won Seol Man offers low-interest loans. Mi Shil remember Deok man once said that there kata2 Mi Shil who left a strong impression on him. Mi Shil said that Deok Man must be very miserable now.

Mi Shil remember at the time of King Jinheung he had a similar experience while fighting in Maunryong. Seol Won remember that moment they were being chased by Goguryeo and had to retreat. Mi Shil said they were being chased by a 3000 army troops Goguryeo were they only amounted to 200 people. Mi Shil said it was the first experience of war. Seol Won said as a woman, Mi Shil laudable action. Mi Shil said at the time they lost the battle and the number of desertions very much. He must punish the deserter to death of 7 people themselves and between them there is a Nang Do that once saved his life.

Mi Shil remember he felt the dilemma, he owed his life on the man, but he disersi so as commander he should be punished so as not to adversely affect the other. Mi Shil must punish the man with his own hands. He felt sad and crying. He never hesitated to kill the enemy but then her hands tremble and he feared what he could use his sword properly. Mi Shil said after that he stopped shaking and then changed and he felt the transformation and become someone else. Mi Shil Deok Man also asked what would make that transformation.

Deok Man returned to the palace and is still troubled by events in An Gang, she remembers how people were begging to be forgiven his life. Bi Dam comes and tells Deok Man he does not need to follow langkah2 Mi Shil, Bi Dam said that without committed murder or engaged in debate, Deok Man will always look strong. Deok Man said that acting too hasty and very immature and can not wait to know the results. Deok Man said that the people had no previous knowledge about it so naturally if they act like that, they do not understand that owning land, working the land and probably will change their quality of life and can pass it on the next generation.

Bi Dam said that at least if Deok Man with him to be himself and then the heart began to pound Dam Bi (Tirzah: he .. he he's starting in love with Deok Man). Then Bi Dam change the subject that people will be pounding when Deok Man also make them aware Deok Man's good intentions for them, they will change when they can understand that fact. Bi Dam said to himself, who knows he may also be changed. Deok Man thanked Bi Dam to comforting.

The physicians came hurrying Jinpyeong King room. Queen said the king was sick and her lips are very pale and his heart sick. Doctor says there's nothing to worry about the condition of the king. The king said what's not, physicians can tell the truth about his illness. The physician said that King suffered an irregular heartbeat but they say that penykitnya not serious and they will prepare a medicine to drink. King knew he was seriously ill.

Kim Yu Shin Deok Man discussed the situation in An Gang. Yu Shin Deok Man know busy with tugas2 as Pungwolju, but he needs to oversee Kim Yu Shin Hwa Rang and cadre, put them in there and here and then send a supervisor and check the situation. Kim Yu Shin understood the situation but he also saw the hand Deok Man fidgeted and asked whether he was okay. Deok Man said no apa2, Yu Shin Kim Deok Man repeat what worries benar2 okay because he should be good. Deok Man said that he seems blessed with good fortune because it has such orang2 Kim Yu Shin by his side who always supported morally, and someone like Bi Dam, where he can find comfort that soothe and someone like Al Cheon who will protect him desperately. So why did he have to fear.

So Hwa ran in and said that Deok Man summoned to In Gang Jeon soon. (In Gang Jeon was the residence of King Jinpyeong.)

Myeong Man Princess visited the King and asked what he felt now. King honestly say this is not good and said to his sister that he was not feeling well or is more like it should. King said now more wisely if they begin to prepare to speed up marriage Deok Man. Queen Maya surprised when the King asked them to prepare the necessary for Deok Man get married. And must seek prospective Bu Ma (Prince companion) is suitable to ascend the throne. Queen Maya asked whether King would allow the throne left to the companion Puteri.

The king smiled, he did not have the Crown Prince to replace the alternative is to get a companion Princess to be appointed as the beneficiary. The king asked his wife and daughter Man Myeong to find a suitable candidate for a life partner Deok Man. King also will discuss this issue with the Ministers. Both understand. Deok Man came into the room and greeted his father and asked about his father's condition. King said he regretted his health condition deteriorated and he could not lead or attend the meeting for a few days.

King tells Deok Man that they must speed up the royal marriage because he needed to appoint a person becomes heir to the throne, it must be the husband Prince as a companion ruler to turn the throne. Queen Maya said that the King worried about this problem and asked what Deok Man already has someone.

Al Cheon discuss the health of the King with Yu Shin and his condition worsened tiba2 then questioned about the companion ruling to transition to the throne. Kim Yu Shin said that it would be in accordance with the plan Deok Cheon Man and Al states that ultimately will like it and will soon begin. Kim Yu Shin Mi Shil think what parties have started to move. Kim Yu Shin Kim Chun Chu asked what was always together Mi Cheon Saeng and Al said yes but was lucky enough to Bi Dam can control it but Chun Chu is still frequently played with Mi Saeng.

Kim Chun Chu still play dice Juryeonggu and Mi Saeng win. Mi Saeng said that bad things like wine and gambling is a common trap.

Kim Chun Chu said that the Mi-Saeng is very good in 3 evils. Mi Saeng laugh and he gives great tips on woman at his side. Kim Chun Chu said that snares them is that they become dependent was a crush of people. Mi Chu Chun Saeng said is true. Mi Saeng said if it is addicted to something will be very difficult to eliminate them and benar2 hard to escape from this addiction. Kim Chun Chu also win and Mi Saeng said what he wanted to try something that also can be addictive but not too bring suffering because they can escape easily.

Chun Chu asked what it was, which offers a pleasant thing but it's easy to run. Mi Saeng said it was the bond of marriage. Kim Chun Chu asked about marriage and Mi Saeng explains that the wedding was sweet as honey and charm can not be compared with home entertainment, in addition there will be children who can be added as a blessing from the sky that makes you feel flying in the sky. Then ask why Mi Chu Chun Saeng said that can easily escape. Mi Saeng said that after a year or 2 years, when the bond is to be boring and then will be foreign.

Kim Chun Chu asked is why Mi Saeng have a reason to get married 20 times and still find in his life. Mi Saeng confirmed it as fact. Mi Saeng Chu Chun then offers what might be interested in the marriage game.

King Jinpyeong met with Kim Seo Hyeon and Kim Yong Chun in 4 days, they will debate on marriage plans Deok Man and ask them to prepare all that is needed. King said he will announce that all classes of nobility can be selected to be a companion Princess will then be appointed as Bu Gun (heir to the throne other than the Crown Prince).

Seo Hyeon Kim say that the nobles already know the importance of marriage Kingdom, so they began to ask their man as candidate anak2 companion. Queen Maya said that the nobility in the Mi Shil will be tempted. King said it would and he ordered all nobles must register under the officer to make a small commission from the council of ministers to select potential candidates as a companion. Kim Yong Chun obey orders.

Deok Man looked at the pool and So Hwa approached him and called him. So Hwa said this is the way he should go through and ask what he already has a suitable candidate for running mate in his heart. Then So Hwa see Deok Man shaking hands and asking what he is not feeling well. Bi Dam came to them. Deok Man said it's okay, her hands trembling just a little. Bi Dam asked what was wrong with his hands Deok Man. Bi Dam approached and asked how often these symptoms occur. Deok Man denied. Bi Dam Deok Man holding hand and may feel that his hands trembled and said no way, your hands trembling benar2. Bi Dam asked whether the physician had examined her hands.

So Hwa shock to see the closeness Bi Dam Deok Man. Bi Dam to think what might be due to long-Deok Man does not hold the sword so that these symptoms appear. Bi Dam said that he should have delegated the task to Kim Yu Shin or Al Cheon and do not do it alone.

Deok Man then smiled and Bi Dam releases hand. Bi Dam wonder why Deok Man smiled at him, what was funny. Deok Man said that Bi Dam to act like someone he knew before. Bi Dam smile. Bi Dam said that he heard a discussion about Royal Wedding. Deok Man will justify it and now there is this tension that appears saat2. Bi Dam Deok Man still ask what would make his plans. Deok Man justify the course he will continue his plans. Deok Man said he would chose to remain in status is not married, then it will start. Seol Won Rang see Bi Dam Deok Man in a situation with a very warm and Bi Dam Deok Man still worried about the trembling hands and Bi Dam Deok Man convinced that he baik2 only.

Dam Bi insisted that he checked his hands before it becomes more severe. Bi Dam said that he was not supposed to do it themselves (the massacre in An Gang). Bi Dam tells how shocked Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon see Deok Man punish the villagers themselves. Deok Man still says he is okay. Bi Dam said that he had acupuncture skills he learned from the Moon Noh and will try it in the hands Deok Man. Deok Man smiled and said he's fine.

Seol Won Rang said that in 4 days will lead the meeting and attend the hearings with ministers and Mi Saeng said they know the agenda is about the Royal Wedding. Se Jong said that although they said he would discuss this but they will follow the wishes Deok Man. Seol Won said that Kim Yu Shin is married and will live Al Cheon who have provided the most appropriate for Deok Man. Mi Shil said it most likely. Mi Shil said that the background of Al Cheon not derived from 6 genera and have sufficient support, if for example it becomes companion, he will not threaten them. Mi Saeng said that he would take care of it. Mi Shil said that the father Hwarang Al Cheon, Duke Hyeon Gong really liked art, he asked Mi Saeng visit it and find some nice artwork to please the Lord that if you met him. Mi Saeng understand and will do so soon.

Mi Shil ask for Kim Yu Shin and Kim Chun Chu observed continued. All complied. They go and live Seol Won and Mi Shil alone. Mi Shil asked what was wrong. Seol Won asked about Bi Dam, Seol Won Dam Bi have reported that closeness with Deok Man. Mi Shil asked what was meant by Seol Won. Seol Won said there is a big chance that it could be Bi Dam Deok Man's companion. Mi Seol Won Shil justify Rang and he said benar2 Dam Bi son and true that he was a Jingol. Seol Won said they should open all opportunities for their interests. Mi Shil said he was a child who has been thrown. From then until now, he would never admit Bi Dam.

Yeongmo Kim Yu Shin and his wife received a visit from the Ha Jong and Se Jong. Ha Jong heard his daughter was not feeling well and he is worried what Mo Yeoung sick. Kim Yu Shin Yeong was also worried about Mo and asked whether he was sick. Yeong Mo said he baik2 only and actually she was pregnant. Se Jong Ha Jong and express their joy. Ha Jong delighted, he will become a grandfather. Se Jong said no news is more exciting than this. Ha Jong congratulate Kim Yu Shin on this double happiness. Double Happiness? Se Jong reported that as Pungwolju, Yu Shin Kim will be assigned to the Military Ministry. Ha Jong said to believe in them and they will enhance the position of Yu Shin. Ha Jong still do not believe her daughter was pregnant.

Se Jong and Ha Jong Mi Saeng entered and asked what news there is why they are smiling broadly. Mi Shil asked what was wrong. Se Jong convince Mi Shil not have to worry about Yu Shin, and Jong Ha Yeong Mo mother that their child is pregnant. Mi Shil glad to hear it. Mi Saeng said compared with what he thinks about Kim Yu Shin, Yu Shin quite able to adapt.

Mi Shil said they do not have to worry about Kim Yu shin, then how about Kim Chun Chu. Seol Won Kim Chun Chu said that often met with Bo Ryang. Mi Saeng said he was almost certain that there will be a marriage with Chun Chu Kim but Kim Yu Shin tries to avoid the anger of King Jinpyeong and he avoided questions about the wedding. Seol Won said he would take care of this problem and asked Mi Shil relax. Mi Shil satisfied and he asked about the nobility. Mi Shil said tomorrow the King will talk about the turn of the throne by announcing companion Ruler but whoever he should be in their control.

Ha Jong said that they have got Kim Yu Shin, Al Cheon, and even Kim Chun Chu in their hands, anyone that they can always adjust them according to their position. Mi Shil said that tomorrow morning is to begin tomorrow morning and the King family would need an heir to the throne.

King announced that they already know that he has no descendants Seongol man to replace him, that's why he has a plan to regulate marriage with the Princess Royal to marry Deok Man and will tell their partners to succeed to the throne and will stabilize the turnover of power in Silla in the future. King asked the question whether they have a suitable candidate for husband Prince Deok Man. Then the ministers propose their candidates. Then Mi Shil's daughter spoke up and said Deok Man may have their own opinions on this issue.

Deok Man announced his arrival at the meeting. All minister saluted him. Deok Man salute to the King, he glanced Mi Shil and took his seat. Mi Shil said that the meeting is now being discussed about the plans for the Royal Wedding Deok Man. Mi Shil had asked the king that they should at least ask the opinion of Man and Puteri Deok Deok Man will respect the wishes in this matter. Mi Shil asked if Deok Man already has a candidate for marriage. Deok Man said he was not going to get married. All Deok Man shocked with the statement.

Deok Man: I, Princess Deok Man is not going to get married ...
All look at him.
Deok Man: I hope to become and continue the throne as a ruler as Bu Gun
All shock and Mi Shil open.
Deok Man: That's why, please forward this issue in the courts of the palace.
Deok Man smiled at Mi Shil.

Seol Won Rang went to Mi Shil who saw in the distance and asked what was Deok Man has decided that he wanted to be heir to the throne. Mi Shil silent and Seol Won Mi Shil curious of what is right and asked what it baik2 Mi Shil and called Mi Shil. Mi Shil turned toward seol Won and apologized, he wanted some time alone, just a minute. Seol Won understand and go but look again toward Mi Shil who looked very disturbed.

Mi Shil with thoughts that Deok Deok Man's Man's hope ... .. hope to explain about that makes overcoming anxiety, and pain, dreams and aspirations of the people of this nation that he will share, creating new Silla. Mi Shil said that Deok Man has plans to become ruler of the time .. if that .. that he realized a dream to become ruler .. .. It's not been from the beginning that he was dreaming and wanted to be a Ruler. Flashback, Deok Man now understand why no progress since the reign of King Jinheung. This is because the Mi Shil not the owner of this nation.

Mi Shil said that he has no aspirations because he was not the owner of the city, what is this for that reason, from the beginning he did not mean to be a person like Mi Shil because he has a dream.

Seol Won Jong Bo was thinking while back. Jong Bo asked what he meant was, if daughter wanted to be a strange heir to the throne. Seol Won said he also recently heard. Bo Mi Jong Shil asked what's still here, seol asked her son not to interfere Won Mi Shil first. Bo Jong thinks this is nonsense. Seol Won said may or may not have the Queen as Lord is not their problem. The most important is this incident has affected Mi Shil. Jong Bo knows this will make her shock but this is still only proposals. Seol Won say not so, Mi Shil only saw him to obtain the throne through marriage with the King. But he never dreamed of being Queen of the Ruling.

This is something that is beyond thinking Mi Shil. Seol Won said they can only hope that the Mi Shil to overcome stress. Bo Rang Seol Won Jong and can only wait for Mi Shil recover.

Queen Maya was surprised that kata2 Deok Man can remove it. Kim Yong Chun said that's impossible. The king was silent. Queen Maya said that the revelation of multiple births has not been long gone and Deok Man is recognized as a princess, how she could react like this that caused chaos in the King Family. King pleaded for this problem is appreciated and wise choice of tactics Deok Man (Tirzah: nah .. now I started to like ama King, so dong ..). Wonder Queen Maya and Kim Yong Chun asked what was meant by the King. King Jinpyeong said that Silla is a country that adheres to the division of caste (Golpumjedo).

So Golpumjedo is the basis and roots of this nation. Why should there Seongol ruler who must master the throne. Seongol Deok Man has said privately that he would ascend the throne, who would dare oppose it and voice their protest over the decision. Maya Queen was reminded that Deok Man woman. King told authorities she had never existed but somehow it Seonggol Deok Man. Mi Shil never be against the limits of the system Golpumjedo and will not suppress this system, and now the system is advantageous Deok Man. Kim Yong Chu, and King still says anxiety Jinpyeong ask them to remember why someone like him who do not understand relitas world of politics and governance, a weak body and mind can ascend the throne in a very young age. It is a fact and reason that the King Jinpyeong is a Seonggol.

King Jinpyeong said that Deok Man will try to use that fact as an advantage. This is the most powerful weapon which makes going to work against Mi Shil, is the identity and background as Seonggol.

Mi Shil walking in the hallway when Bi Dam stood beside and greets later confirmed that this is a reality that can not be denied Mi Shil and can not be avoided. Mi Shil turned and asked what was meant by Bi Dam with reality that can not be avoided. Bi Dam said that the dreams and aspirations Mi Shil different to begin, as a result, this is why he can not avoid this reality. Mi Shil said what a delayed dream. Bi Mi Shil Dam ask how to dream this dream. Mi Shil asked whether Bi Dam waiting for him to say this to him. Bi Dam Deok Man said that his daughter before entering the palace without status in its name he already has aspirations to become ruler. Mi Shil wonder Bi Dam using kata2 property (deok her man.) Bi Dam said that this choice is that he has chosen Deok Man, that's why he refers to his daughter Deok Man. Bi Dam excused himself and left. Then Bi Dam Mi Shil see again.

Bum Seok Deok Man benar2 laugh that has the ability to create a surprise. Captain Hwarang others say they do not understand. They do not understand, Royal Wedding is an easy thing, why did he make it seem complicated. Negri with the leadership of the Queen, was unprecedented. What is seen in development Cheomseongdae, Deok Man benar2 other and unusual. The Hwarang say that indeed the fact he is satu2nya Seonggol descendants today. What does it mean, is not Bu Gun sought to ascend the throne, what problems must be recognized.

Seok Bum said that perhaps because Deok Man never lived as a family of the King so he was always a surprise to turn the atmosphere and create chaos. Im Jong said he would face strong resistance from what he was doing. Im Jong himself did not know what's going to react. They call about an incident at the military reserve and asked why Deok Man always like this that make everyone shocked.

Yonghwa Regiment also debated what would be Deok Man benar2 Bu Gun. They know what they mean but they questioned the gender-Deok Man. Joo Bang thinks Guk Dae Pung San Heun and already one hears, the right Deok Man must search for her husband's companion and later that would ascend the throne. Guk San Heun insisted they were not wrong and now the palace were in turmoil. Joo Bang felt this nonsense. all so do not believe Guk San Heun. Guk San Heun so doubt what he is right or wrong.

Chil Sook was training with wooden sculptures. Seok Bum and San was facing Chil Sook and submit documents about the new cadre and their family backgrounds. Chil Dam Bi Sook asked what was in sight. Seok Bum said that Bi Dam does not perform any movement and does not train or participate in activities hwarang. Chil Sook asked about the background Wyol Yes. San Tak said he was the son of one of the leaders Castle Manno, and Bum Seok Seo Hyeon Kim say seems to lift him as a child. Now Wyol Ya took over and entrusted to take care of Yonghwa. Chil Sook insist they should continue to monitor them and report any suspicious actions on Chil Sook soon.

Bum Seok Sook asked what Chil've heard that Deok Man wants to be Bu Gun and Chil Sook said he had heard it. Chil Sook Hwa Rang asked about the reaction of this problem. All said, this does not make sense. Chil Sook remember Deok Man teenagers who deal with Chinese authorities and to remember his words about the ruler who did not have time to listen to people ... have no right to sit on the throne. Chil Sook smiles as she remembers and makes wonder Seok Bum and San Not because Chil Sook never seen smiling.

Mi Saeng see Kim Chun Chu Ryang spending time with Bo and he helped her apply makeup and Ryang Bo asks what color he likes to brush and Bo Ryang looked at the glass and said he liked the color. (Tirzah: .. oh no another guy who knows the make-up More Than me ... sigh)

Nam Dae Bo went to his father and asked what she had heard was true. Mi Saeng sighed and asked what everyone in the Hwa Rang also have heard it and asked what they think. Nam Dae Bo said that this was correct and agreed that Mi Saeng Deok Man wants to be Queen of the throne and asked whether this is possible. Kim Chun Chu hear him and he paused, Bo Ryang asked why he stopped and Chun Chu said nothing.

Yu Shin Kim Deok Man greets and he asked about his progress. Kim Yu Shin report that people in the fortress An Gang began to work the land and no one is running away again. Deok Man said to see the village chief was executed in front of their eyes have made them tremble and fear, now the next step, he will make them see what it is hope. Deok Man ordered to help people who agree to work unconditionally. Kim Yu Shin perform the command. Deok Man said that An Gang is just the beginning. If the fortress An Gang successful then later they will do the same in other places.

Bi Dam came in and said to Deok Man does she know that the atmosphere in the palace is now an uproar. Deok Man said that certainly many people who think it is confusing to the statement. Bi Dam said that is because something like this has never happened before so they can not anticipate. Al Cheon said anyone else who dared to think about things like that. Deok Man asked whether this would make it difficult for people to accept this problem. Kim Yu Shin said that after all this is the first time in history. Deok Man said that they needed time to digest this. Deok Man asked on what Dam Bi Chun Chu Kim has heard of this problem yet. Al Cheon said that this incident spread like wildfire, it is difficult to know. Kim Chun Chu would have been aware of this problem. Bi Dam said he would meet with Chun Chu minute. If he had not heard Bi Dam will say so and ask what he thinks.

Man recalls Kim Deok Chun Chu told him as he was, he heard Deok Man also came from distant lands to come to Seorabeol. Kim Chun Chu asked what he felt feelings that made him go to Seorabeol and over again what his intentions and feelings that brought Chun Chu also come here.

Kim Yu shin with Wyol O and Seo Ji as he explains when he called the first time that he has chosen Deok Man as ruler and king. Seo Ji kata2 think it's just figurative only. Seo Ji said that initially estimated that Kim Yu Shin and Princess Deok Man will perform the marriage bond. By becoming husband and daughter then eventually he will succeed to gain the throne of Silla. Kim Yu Shin said it exactly as he put it, he would support the daughter as ruler of Silla. It means exactly that.

Wyol Ya said is not important, no matter what it was like as a woman or Jingol use support style to support it be Lord, is not that the truth which they already agree. Kim Yu Shin said they would have been misunderstood by the agreement. Their agreement was that they would support the ruler who will recognize descent style as the subject of this nation.

Yes Wyol Deok Man asks what will guarantee that he will recognize descent Hollywood. Seo Ji insisted that they made a deal with Kim Yu shin and not the Princess Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin said that the Princess Deok Man will make his descendants as a sincere style. Wyol Ya Shin Yu said that the current Miss Deok Man is sincere but he cautioned that the ruler of Silla always torture them, just always use the folk style and then stabbed him from behind and intimidate the people of style and develop a fear that people will not rebel style. Wyol Deok Man Ya asked what would be different with the previous leader. Kim Yu Shin tries to prove but Wyol Yes stop it that he insisted that the ruler should be from the lineage of Style to solve this problem, only the Lord of descent will force them to admit.

Wyol Deok Man Ya said that would not be different from the others and ask for Kim Yu Shin did not waste time to persuade them to receive Deok Man. Seo Ji Kim Yu Shin said how can people risking life style with trusting one person. Kim Yu Shin said that not just one person who he believes but the fact that Princess Deok Man will be a new sign of Silla, in this case Wyol O and Seo Ji would become the founder of this great plan.

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