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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 39

Deok Man asked whether someone will be able to withstand the economic impact alone. Deok Man reminds Mi Shil had once said that this is what he is feeling the human heart naturally. Although Mi Shil said that the nobility would unite and stand the impact but probably Mi-Deok Man said Shil was the first person who wanted to immediately run to sell the grain reserves. Se Jong Ha Jong and unsettled start with kata2 Deok Man. Mi Shil was silent.

Deok Man left the meeting, Bi Dam greets him and Deok Man asked about the military reserve. Bi Dam reported that they began to release reserve military stocks in small quantities in the market. Prices began to drop dramatically after rumors that the military wheat stockpiles flooded the market. Current market turmoil with a dilemma whether they should sell or hold. Deok Man asked how many now priced in the market. Bi Dam said now about 15 nyang and probably will fall tomorrow. Deok Man ordered to repurchase the commodity at prices 10 nyang and asked Bi Dam to make a purchase in one transaction.

Deok Man feels confident he can win this fight. Ha Jong complained he bought wheat at a price four times the current price. Mi Saeng asks what all the fuss Ha Jong. Ha Jong immediately rushed to sell his grain reserves to reduce losses. Se Jong was also followed. Mi Saeng also felt dismayed by this situation, he went after them. Just stay Seol Won and Mi Shil, Mi Seol Won Shil asked to go and suppress the loss because now they are not able to prevent or control all the nobleman who wanted to sell their stock. They also have to sell it. Mi Shil upset defeat by Deok Man.

The captain said there was information that the Hwarang military reserves traded in the market and Im Jong never imagined this would happen. Others say how this happens without the knowledge of the other. Some complain that Baek Seok Bum and Ui is the first to sell their stock and make their panic, they can not stand by and shall notify the family masing2. Now the market is flooded with commodities from orang2 who will sell it and now traders refuse to buy because they are still a lot of stock.

Yeom Jong saw them from afar. Yeom Jong asked what the price now, traders say the price is now 13 nyang per sack. Yeom Jong said if the price reaches 10 nyang, they must buy it back. Ha Jong-panicky and screaming to bring all the stock and will release it before the price falls too far. Ha Jong Ho Jae visit after hearing the news from Seok Bum. Jae Ho asked whether they should accept all this. Se Jong said they could not do anything. Bum Seok feel they have to unite all the nobleman and filed an objection.

The captain Hwarang say that their families would support Se Jong. Mi Saeng also wanted them to be united and held a council meeting to ask Deok Man's palace to explain his actions. Ha Jong states they must move Deok Man of political territory. Se Jong ask them to send a letter to council members.

Mi Shil see Deok Man and ask what would happen if later the price moves up. What Deok Man will use solution to flood the market with stock from the military to suppress the price. Mi Shil said that Deok Man is very clumsy and he had to admit that his actions are very brave and stupid it will confuse everyone but Mi Shil warned that there would be a serious reaction from Deok Man this action. Deok Man said that the problem will not be solved by removing the military reserve, but the nobles would always think twice if you want to hoard, thinking about the brave and the foolish actions of Princess Silla to them in order to prevent the game on the market price.

Mi Shil admire the guts Deok Man, but realize it or not the nobles are the foundation of this nation and they are responsible for administrative affairs for collecting taxes and protection for their land. Mi Shil said he wanted to know how Deok Man will lead this country without the support of the nobility. Deok Man Mi Shil worried and hope he was successful and Mi Shil will go.

Before Mi Shil go, Deok Man ask a question, he wanted to know something which he had stored in his heart, he is suspicious since that time until now. Deok Man said Mi Shil always thoughtful and accurate assessment of leadership and smart and no one has been able to emulate the Mi Shil but why since the days of King Jinheung no progress in Silla and stagnant for a long time. Even with a master Mi Shil exceptional leadership talent. It is obvious that Mi Shil has a great talent and ability there should be a big improvement that can be seen in Silla, but Deok Man does not see any progress whatsoever.

Deok Man read reports that there is a dead end after the reign of King Jinheung and so on. Deok Man Mi Shil asking how to explain why. Mi Shil just looked, smiled, and walked away. Deok Man wondering what's the question affects the Mi Shil. Mi Shil walking in the corridor and looked annoyed, and he passed Kim Yu Shin who greets him.

Yu Shin Kim came in and asked why Deok Man always provoked and angered Mi Shil. Deok Man did not catch Kim Yu Shin. What he meant Mi Shil. Deok Man said what looks like that, he was just asking an honest question of curiosity. Kim Yu Shin surprise. Deok Man asked is not now supposed to be there in the Silla rapid progress under the leadership of Mi Shil but why did not occur. Deok Man wants to know why and he did not want to repeat the same mistake and walk down the street.

Kim Yu Shin asked whether they can attract more military reserves who have traded in the market. Yeom Jong fill the grain in his store after buying at 10 nyang. Kim Chun Chu observe activities at the store and Yeom Yeom Jong Jong Chun Chu greets. Chun Chu asked what they would be able to attract the wheat from the market in one piece. Yeom Jong said when speculation occurs, it is very easy to influence the price to go down, the nobles forced to sell stocks in panic.

Kim Chun Chu admitted in Yeom Jong, he might be smart to comment on many things but Princess Deok Man know what it is trade and economics. Deok Man can sell wheat worth 20 nyang / sak and buy back $ 10 nyang / sacks. And doubling the advantage. Bi Dam listening to this conversation and Kim Chun Chu said that the family of King benar2 lack of funds. Yeom Jong did not understand, Kim Deok Man Chun Chu said the military was forced to use reserves to manipulate the nobility and end the speculation game Yeom Jong praise and look fascinated with the cleverness Kim Chun Chu and able to read the situation. Yeom Jong said that the royal family and their weak power like guards only.

Kim Chun Chu asked about the topography map 3 countries, Bi Dam sharpen his ears and Kim Chun Chu surprised to see Bi Dam. Yeom Jong Kim Chun Chu insisted that continue to finish his sentence and see Yeom Jong Dam Bi looking at them. Kim Chun Chu Yeom Jong hide behind when Bi Dam near Kim Chun Chu Chun Chu and asked why the interest in topography in 3 countries. Chun Chu said no and he buru2 apa2 away from Bi Dam. Yeom Jong Chun Chu follow but was stopped Bi Dam, Dam Bi Yeom Jong patted his shoulder and said he lives in Bi Dam debt.

Yeom Jong Dam Bi asked not to say anything about a book written by his teacher, and also Yeom Jong network which funded the book. Yeom Jong agreed. Bi Dam asked about the military reserve.

Deok Man reports to the board of the court that the military has recoverable reserves according to the amount initially. Mi Saeng said that the reserve stock of the palace is not a problem. Ha Jong said the problem is they are not told if the reserves were to be sold. Se Jong said there is a procedure in all actions. They want Deok Man explained to the board about his actions. Deok Man went on to explain that all who attended the council meeting today also guilty. Ha Jong Deok Man shocked by the allegations, how he was so brave in kata2nya.

Mi Saeng said, Deok Man may be a princess, but she can not use kata2 careless and talk like that in front of the council. Ha Jong Deok Man asked to explain his point. All agreed. Deok Man calmly take a document and read it in front of board members.

Nobility Se Jong, 1800 seom
Ha Jong nobility, 980 seom
Duke of Mi Saeng, 1280 seom
Nobility Seol Won, 320 seom
Bum Seok nobility, 850 seom
Nobility Yong Chun, 330 seom (seom = sacks, kira2 47 gallons)

Then several other board members and Ha Jong cut what this means, and Deok Man continue reading .. Indong nobility, 180 seom. Deok Man said this is the amount deposited by the nobility and members of the council which led to soaring commodity prices and speculation to manipulate the resulting suffering of the people, until they kill each other.

The members of the council was silent. This makes the incidence of crime, making people work hard for months will be meaningless because they can not afford to buy wheat. Deok Man asked what it was sufficient to prove them guilty. Ha Jong asked what he should be blamed for the rich, he is also concerned with the welfare of the people. Deok Man said he also did the same with the military reserve, by releasing reserves into the market to suppress prices, thus reducing the suffering of the people.

Ha Jong said this is the problem of rotation of the military reserve, this is usually discussed in board meetings. Deok Man said that the main priority of the palace is to free people from hunger. Deok Man questioned the council's palace so this goal is to manage the affairs of this country and why the council was formed. Se Jong confirmed, but the problem and Deok Man cut it, they can not ignore the hunger that afflicts only people with the problem of administrative stuff.

Seo Hyeon Kim said that if they do not immediately control public sentiment, then the situation will become increasingly dangerous and may be turned into a riot and people would probably revolt. Mi Saeng said that as secretary of defense, how can he be so arrogant after removing the military reserves to the market. Ha Jong then submitted a proposal to unite and ask Deok Man in order not to speak again in the council's palace. The ministers agreed to a vote.

Deok Man said there is a way to make it not going to argue in court and will go with pleasure. All saw it. Deok Man asked for a law banning speculation and price manipulation legalized. Deok Man challenged the board members to do so if they agree, he will be happy to leave the board and this case.

Mi Saeng said does not make sense Act like it pass. Ha Jong also said he had no right to spend his own money. Kim Yong Chun said so because of their greed, the people suffer. Ha Jong Kim Yong Chu accused, he also did hoarding but only a little because he is on the daughter so he must have been aware of information that Deok Man will sell the wheat. Ha also accuses Kim Jong Seo Hyeon not buy one bag of wheat was, he would conspire. Eventually they were noisy and almost a fight. Mi Shil just see this scene with blank stares and Deok Man is on the wind.

Princess Man Myeong surprised that the council did not impose sanctions or court issued a Deok Man and end the meeting without any decision. Kim Seo-Hyeon reported that all the nobleman believed that the board of the palace to make something that will spread to their province. The king smiled just to hear it all. Kim Seo Hyeon said Ha Jong could not control himself with his emotions. Queen said Ha Jong occasionally useful as well with his emotions in a situation like this. The king said, Ha Jong probably frightened by the reality that brought Deok Man. King felt the pain and discomfort.

Ha Jong-ballistic ballistic and cried like a child and he said this problem benar2 upset him. Mi Shil tells his son to come forward and forget their defeat. He reminded them already reap many benefits from the past. Ha Jong complain, how they can ignore it. Seol Won reminded that the harvest season will soon arrive, Mi Saeng said if the harvest comes, they should bring the tax. Seol Won said as withdrawn tax would be no problem anymore. Seol Won said, should they persist in the defeat against Deok Man until then.

Mi Saeng agree with Seol Won. Ha Jong asked why they both agree. Ha Jong-Won Seol accused not to hoard a lot because he knew the information. Ha Jong-Won Seol asked to stop arguing. Se Jong Deok Man they can fight it later, but they will not allow Princess Deok Man take care of the problem state.

Mi Shil said Deok Man is very different from the King Jinpyeong when he was young or even Princess Cheon Myeong. Mi Shil said whatever Deok Man does not work in accordance with the rules of the palace household in the minds and actions, but Deok Man made Mi Shil feel a bit invincible.

Deok Man checking documentation and Shin Yu Bi Dam also came compliment. He has been successful in meeting the board but still learning. Deok Man greets them and Yu Shin asked her Man take this opportunity to enjoy his victory and reduce the stress and pressure because of this confrontation. Deok Man said: There's the old saying "see what is said by-law" with a situation like this. Bi Dam does not understand what was meant by Deok Man.

Deok Man said as long as he was a cadre, Yu Shin Kim had never given a second chance to rest and even for herself. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man leveraging shame because their memories of it. Bi Dam upset because he has no memory that can be shared Deok Man. Bi Dam asked about the profit they already have, would be invested where. Deok Man said that's why he called Bi Dam and Kim Yu Shin. He wanted to ask their opinion. Kim Man Yu Shin asked her to explain his plan and they will hear it. Deok Man shows his plan documents on Kim Yu shin. And Bi Dam slightly marginalized. Deok Man wants to use the iron used in weaponry for agricultural equipment. Bi Dam can only be a listener only.

Mi Shil also read books and Deok Man's words haunt him about the progress of Silla. Won Seol came in and saw Mi Shil, he said, wanted to tie Kim Chun Chu in the marriage bond. Mi Shil said to take care of it. Seol Won Mi Shil see a little restless and something on his mind. Mi Shil said he was slightly unwell. Seol Won asked Mi Shil break. Mi Shil said he would baik2 Seol Won only and asked to leave. Mi Shil actually feel a little insecure because Deok Man.

The next morning, Mi Shil visit the palace library and find Deok Man asleep on a pile of books that he read and learned. Mi Shil see Deok Man who was fast asleep and he also saw Deok Man has learned many things all night and will begin to conduct their own research as Kim Chun Chu and Bi Dam entrance. They see Mi Shil and greet, Mi Shil reply to their greetings. Kim Chun Chu asked why Mi Shil pagi2 already in the library.

Deok Man woke up and Mi Shil said he had read a few things. Deok Man greets Mi Mi Shil Shil and asked when to come. Mi Shil said Deok Man looks tired and slept soundly. He did not dare wake him. Deok Man Chun Chu also asked what would be reading something, he said yes. Kim Chun Chu thanked the Mi Shil about the painting that he send via Bo Ryang.

Mi Mi Shil hear from Saeng that Kim Chun Chu pleased with the art. Bi Dam Deok Man told not to worry about with Kim Chun Chu. He is making progress under the training of Bi Dam. Dam Bi Chun Chu added that also assist in problem incidents price speculation. Kim Chun Chu denied it and when it helps. Bi Dam said that Kim Chun Chu was the person who explains why the nobility manipulate the price and said that the wealth of the palace is weak. Deok Chun Chu Man glad to know what's going on around him. Kim Chun Chu said Bi Dam only just flattering. Kim Chun Chu bowed to them and leave the library. Deok Man called him, when So Hwa came in and said King called Princess Deok Man. Deok Man went out.

Stay Dam Bi and Mi Shil both in the library. Greets Dam Bi Mi Shil and go, Mi Shil said that Bi Dam was given the task by Man to teach Kim Deok Chun Chu. Bi Dam said on the contrary, he is always learning from Kim Chun Chu. Bi Dam said nobody bothered to teach him the things about the royal family since she was born until now. Bi Dam bowed and left the library. Mi Shil continue to read but the words Bi Dam little effect.

Deok Man King read the proposal and asked what he benar2 want to do this. King asked whether his proposal to increase the number of owners of land to cultivate their land. Deok Man sure. King asked her to Man continues his plans. Deok Man wonder, her father immediately gave the green light but King said that it's not as easy as imagined Deok Man, but he should try it. Deok Man thanked his father. King asked what Deok Man will use its trading profits to finance this project. Deok Man said they need the funds to run it. King understood and asked her to Man did.

Deok Man kerajaa visited a weapons factory. Al Cheon ask all saluted. Deok Man ordered that temporarily halted production of weapons and will proceed with the manufacture of agricultural equipment. They are confused because they do not make it plain, ordinary blacksmith who likes making equipment. Deok Man said blacksmith usually wear low-quality iron Deok Man wants to wear high quality iron for making agricultural tools.

Bi Dam said iron it is worth it to make weapons. Deok Man will invest the profits for the manufacture of agricultural alat2. He ordered them to make it. Deok Man see the manufacturing process. Dam Bi was very exciting and heart pounding, Deok Man also felt the same. Deok Man said to himself, and on Kim Yu shin in his heart that at last he held something that may be displacing the power and authority Mi Shil.

There is a riot occurred at the border An Gang where several troops preparing for an angry mob. They want to see the governor. Troops to prevent them and eventually they can not hold it anymore and angry mobs entered the fort. Then someone menantarkan message to Seorabeol.

King received a report that there is a rebellion occurred in the fortress An Gang. Queen knew that An Gang under the jurisdiction of Se Jong how he let this happen. Kim Seo Hyeon says farmers suffer because of their farms and their pests of crop failure. They were only able to save 500 sacks of wheat. Princess Man Myeong said this does not justify their actions and hold the Governor. Kim Yong Chun said that the problem Ha Jong refused to lower taxes and force them to pay the same amount as if the harvest is successful. Seo Hyeon Kim say they only harvest half but still want Jong Ha 500 sacks of grain as taxes and Deok Man said it would make them do not have food supplies. Ha Jong take all of their harvest as taxes.

Deok Man said the procedure would not occur if there is crop failure, then they should send a petition to request a tax cut. King said that Ha Jong made his situation worse. King asked management Fortress An Alley in Ha Jong and Se Jong. Ha Jong said he did as usual. Se Jong said that they collect taxes and share 50% with palace rules. Ha Jong asked whether the court would hand over their section, if the court agrees, then Ha Jong will return the 250 sacks of wheat to them. Ha Jong whine that the last incident that made Deok Man has made a big loss. So the court must take responsibility to alleviate the suffering of the people, so they can be free from their land and became slaves. Deok Man and the King only to see Ha Jong annoying.

Kim Yu Shin said the Bi Dam, if the court agreed to give up its share of the tax, then the court will be financially weak, Bi Dam adds Ha Jong will take his share of taxes, and he did not lose. Kim Yu Shin and Bi Dam agree this is exactly as before, the Palace must issue a grain reserve to be distributed to the people. Even with the marah2 Jong Ha, Deok Man can not ignore the circumstances of the people and must do something.

Bi Dam said the nobility seems too controlling state administration. Ha Jong Mi Shil boasted on how he makes Deok Man like comedian and Ha Jong Deok Man pressed and can not answer. Mi Shil asked Deok Man has additional plans to address this. Ha Jong doubt it, he said Deok Man becomes pale face. Se Jong Deok Man can not do anything about it, unless the court agreed to give up its share of taxes. Ha Jong agree, how dare Deok Man decide what they should do. Mi Shil said that business Deok Man always turned prevented and when Deok Man will wake up and see reality.

Kim Chun Chu Juryeonggu play games and win. Mi Saeng come and give greetings to Kim Chun Chu. Mi Saeng said something nice happened today at the office. Chun Chu asked what happened. Mi Saeng said there was mutiny in the fortress An Gang. Kim Chun Chu shocked when called no uprising. Mi Deok Man Saeng said the strategy makes them have to swallow the bitter pill, it's time for them to return what they had done Deok Man on them. Kim Chun Chu asked how they would do it. Mi Saeng said their crops failed due to pests, and Ha Jong collect taxes with the same amount. Do you think the little people that shall dwell alone, this will bring unrest and then Ha Jong refused to give the tax and ask the court that releases only a part.

Joo Bang tried to explain the political situation in the fortress An Gamng on So Hwa simply. So Hwa said he understood the explanation Joo Bang. Joo Bang said he could read when she was 3 years ago Go Do said when he was 3 years old, he could lift the beams. So Hwa worried Deok Man and Joo Hwa Bang'm So do not be too worried, he must maintain his health.

Al Cheon tells Kim Yu Shin and Bi Dam that Deok Man headed to the castle An Gang to see his own condition. Bi Dam said that Deok Man will examine the rebellion itself. Al Cheon said Kim Yu Shin must prepare the way and wanted to Kim Yu Shin to bring the rebel chief before Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin surprised by his request. Bi Dam Deok wonder what Man has a plan.

Queen Maya worried what they can manage this problem that way. Princess Man Myeong stated that it was beyond the ability Deok Man. Queen said that if this is successful then the court can beat the nobleman with the collection of taxes and will increase the number of owners of land to till their land. Princess Man Myeong said ultimately the common people will be able to grow crops on land they own and do not be a tenant. Queen Maya worried, what would be the solution. King said he and Princess Cheon Myeong had a confrontation with the Mi-Shil on many occasions and never beat Mi Shil. But every time Mi Shil defeated by them, he seemed to get a conviction come back and never doubted but now when other successful Deok Man then beat Mi Shil nobility upset and cause chaos. King believes the valuation Deok Man.

Mi Shil surprised to hear Deok Man went to the fortress An Gang. Jong Deok Bo said that Man had sent Kim Yu Shin to prepare the way and Deok Man has reached the fortress An Gang. Se Jong Deok Man how would negotiate with the rebels directly. Seol Won Mi Saeng asked what plans Deok Man with this problem.

Mi Saeng think that Deok Man will go and will try to reduce the anger of the people. Ha Jong Deok Man will laugh how to calm them by asking them to pay taxes. Mi Saeng feel this is not to be laughed at. Mi Shil tersenyun and he thought Deok Man benar2 chaotic.

Deok Man and his entourage came to An Gang. Deok Man looks worried. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man welcomed and greeted. Deok Man asked its development. Kim Yu Shin've got the village head and she waited Deok Man. What about the Governor? Still on hold in the fort. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man asked what would meet his own. Deok Man said yes, they went into the tent. Village heads were tied and he was threatened if they do not release it in 4 hours, then the Governor will die.

Kim Yu Shin said he was wrong to think they can threaten Deok Man. Village Head said they were treated unfairly by the nobility. Their fields attacked by pests and they can only harvest half, but the nobles still collect taxes according to the normal amount. Deok Man asked how a mayor can design a rebellion against the government. It can be classified as insurrection and would risk their lives all. Village Head said that they've brought all our crops. It's already brought death to them because they do not have anything to survive.

Village Head said because of this protest a child dies, when they will meet the Governor, one young man dead. Then what is our choice. Village Head said, Kim Yu Shin said that the Princess Deok Man came to open the bids for them and give them a chance to survive, this is the reason why he would risk his life to hear what the Princess said.

Deok Man asked if he gave the option for them, what they will do according to his expectations? Village Chief said he would hold the responsibility of the uprising and begged forgiveness Deok Man lives of villagers and give them a chance to survive. Other villagers who accompanied the mayor is also standing and begging the Princess. Al Cheon drew his sword and asked them to sit.

Deok Man asked Al Cheon Deok Man retreated and said he would return the 250 sacks of wheat to the villagers from the tax. Village Chief asked why Deok Man will do that, Deok Man ordered to continue her gift of land for every one area of 3 Gyeol (1 Gyeol = 2000 square meters) and good agricultural equipment to begin farming again. Village Chief asked what this is all true, they'll get the grain back, as well as land and even farm equipment. Deok Man said that there would be little interest loans. The villagers said that this is not charity. Deok Man shows calculations, taxes attributable to them at 250 seom, so if they add 50 seom to the cost of cultivation there will be 300 seom.

Village Head was surprised by the number and Deok Man said if they could harvest more than 50 seom from their land, the remainder will be theirs. If they successfully make this land fertile agricultural land which they will have this land. Village Head to repeat again the statement Deok Deok Man Man and justify.

Villagers say that Deok Man must return the 250 sacks of wheat had on them. Deok Man convincing if they start working the land, then the next year and again next year, they will be able to get a lot of crops. Villagers are more interested in getting wheat back and Deok Man added he would provide agricultural equipment and land for the undertaking, it is his promise as Princess of Silla to them. The village head and then pledged to carry out orders and hope Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin feel suspicious about them, there is the possibility of changing them loyal.

After they left, Al Cheon said they should be punished and Kim Yu Shin agree with him, orang2 is responsible for the insurgency but Deok Man has granted them land and agricultural equipment and punishment for them is another. Deok Man said that the village head risking his life for the sake of the villagers. Kim Yu Shin insisted that the village head and bring about a revolution should be punished for his crimes.

Deok Man thought for a moment and then he went to the village chief to say that what he did violated the law and he should be punished. The village head to understand his mistakes and willing to be responsible. The village head begged forgiveness Deok Man villagers. Deok Man then forgive the village head and let live. Al Cheon protest and happy village head because he was still alive. Deok Man said if they can pursue their land then they will have the land and not be enslaved by the nobility again. The village head said that if they are forgiven, then they will do their best according to expectations Deok Man.

Deok Man said that he would give amnesty to those mistakes, Al Cheon protest once again with the decision Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin say this can not be permitted. Deok Man later said he was Prince Raja and he has issued orders and none of them may say otherwise. Kim Yu Shin sorry but he still protests and Deok Man said anything that he commanded was representing the court's decision and the court of Silla and above all else. Deok Man said if the villagers to follow his advice then they will survive and have a better life. But if not, he would take their own lives. Deok Man asked whether they are aware of the consequences. Mayor promised that they would do such expectations Deok Man after he forgave them their lives and thanked him.

Deok Man and his entourage left. Al Cheon said that Yu Shin Deok Man wants to stop at the fort Gahye, Kim Yu Shin agreed.

Se Jong Deok man asked what had reached the palace. Ha Jong Deok Man once said that success in the fortress An Gang now look around the castle Gahye.
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