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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 38

Bi Dam drive a dagger into the neck of Kim Chun Chu. Chu Chun smiled at him the question who is Bi Dam. Bi Dam bola2 see all the paper and very upset. Bi Dam ask how old Chun Chun, why he asked without manners. Bi dam and menancapkannya swung his dagger at the table. Bi Chun Chu Kim Dam interesting to bed, begging for Chu Chun Bi Dam to wait, but Dam Bi Chun Chu closed body with a blanket and beat him. Dam Bi Chun Chu Kim irritated nerve damage Noh Moon book.
Yeom Jong came in and tried to stop hitting Dam Bi Chun Chu but Bi Dam beat heartburn Yeom Yeom Jong Jong and fainted again. Kim Chun Chu must dismantle all the paper balls and arrange sheets of paper into the book back under the supervision of Bi Dam. Bi Dam asked who the Chun Chu. Yeom Jong tried to get up and want to explain when Bi Dam lifted his leg and asked Yeom Jong return to the starting position if you do not want to die. Yeom Jong is back on his knees.
Kim Chun Chu bloody nose and smiled at the Dam Bi .. smile back at him and said Chun Chu for doing well. Yeom Jong Dam Bi pulled out and asked who Kim Chun Chu. Yeom Jong said he was Chun Chu Kim Cheon Myeong girls. Bi Dam does not believe: Kim Chun Chu idiot ..? Yeom Jong also not so sure, but he knew that if Kim Chun Chu came from the royal family of Silla. Dam Bi showed his dagger at Yeom Jong, Yeom Jong what he wanted to believe that Kim Chun Chu is the mastermind behind the murder of his teacher Moon Noh.
Yeom Jong said a misunderstanding Dam Bi, Kim Chun Chu no relationship at all with the incident. Yeom Jong just give it to Chun Chu for discussions. Bi Dam asked what the reason Yeom Jong said he does not agree with Moon Noh. Yeom Jong said that the owner of this book is not really Kim Yu Shin but the child. Bi Dam back into the room and found Kim Chun Chu sleep. He woke Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu woke up and said he needed a nap.
Bi Dam took his book and Yeom Jong halaman2 apologize to Kim Chun Chu. Bi Dam just called out "hey" in Chun Chu, Yeom Jong Dam will remind Bi Chun status but Bi Dam does not bother with it. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong silent if still want to live. Bi Chun Chu Dam said on how he should arrange this kertas2 again. Kim Chun Chu said Bi Dam should be arranged in the order. Bi Dam surprised and asked what he remembered with Chun Chu sequence. Bi Dam aware of Kim Chun Chu has a photographic memory when he saw Kim Chun Chu lembaran2 arrange it with the correct sequence.
The books are arranged again. Bi Dam took over and directed the sword to Yeom Jong. He has to get his book and that he lived to do is kill Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong laughed and said what is fair. Bi Dam annoyed by his grin and Yeom Yeom Jong Jong continue to laugh and annoy benar2 Bi Dam. Bi Dam swung the knife and said he'll feel it, let's see what Yeom Jong still able to laugh with his head which has been separated from his neck.
Yeom Jong Dam Bi begged and told not to do this to him because they are a gang. Bi Dam does not understand how they could be a conspiracy. Yeom Moon Jong Noh will not die just by toxic secret weapon which he could not avoid. This is because he is being fought in fierce fighting with his students, that is why he could not turn away and die. (Tirzah: nih cunning people). Yeom Jong challenging Bi Dam to attack him and then kill himself because he also was the cause of death Noh Moon.
Yeom Jong asked Bi Dam to spare his life because they both can work together. Bi Dam to vent his anger by kicking Yeom Jong to the ground. Bi Dam asked 3 reasons why he should let go Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong said there is a need Bi Dam understand and know about books topography 3 countries, the book does not belong to Moon Noh. It's hers and Moon Noh. Yeom Moon Jong Noh asks where to get money for his trip to Goguryeo, Baekje, and Sui China several years ago. Who would finance it? What Moon Noh do it yourself, it is through Yeom Jong and business networks that make the Moon Noh can do it all. So he is also entitled to the book.
Bi Dam asked the following reasons. Yeom Moon Jong Noh buku2 want to give it to someone named Kim Yu Shin and Yeom Jong very upset, because he was not familiar with that person. He benar2 angry and upset. Bi Dam: then why the 3rd? He proceeded to attack Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong said he had a spy network in 3 states, if he dies then the networks will be destroyed but it can help to use this network for the benefit of Bi Dam. Bi Dam asked why Yeom Jong want to do it. Yeom Jong invites Bi Dam created the road becomes King shared that people like Bi Dam will have people seYeom Jong's like having the ability to choose a person to be King.
Yeom Jong said that the clown (Kim Chun Chu) in that even Mi Shil too. No doubt he will become ruler. Bi Dam realize Yeom Jong Noh know that the Moon will submit buku2 on Kim Yu Shin, that's what makes Bi Dam fought with his teacher. Yeom Jong said, Bi Dam would know how he felt. Bi Dam angry and scratched the Yeom Jong face. Yeom Jong screamed in pain. Yeom Jong Dam Bi reminded every time you look at cuts on your face, you should remember if you menghianatiku, you surely will die. If you run, you will die. Bi Dam said they would create the King together and will take him to the throne but not a comedian Kim Chun Chu was on the inside.
Bi Dam takes buku2nya and Yeom Jong is still in pain. Bi Dam thinks, Mi Shil Kim Chun Chu supports a comedian and did not understand what is being planned Mi Shil.
Kim Yu Shin read the decision to promote a cadre. He raised position and Seo Ji Joo Bang from Yonghwa as an Dae Nang Du (level-6 Nangdu, the middle class from Hwarang). Yang Gil from the regiment as an Dae Cheon Bi Do (the highest ranking of the cadre). Yes Wyol selected as Gam So that will help Al Cheon. So Gam is a Military Instructor rank 8. Wyol Ya take orders Pungwolju Kim Yu Shin.
Kim Yu Shin said that from now on there is a change in the palace guards. Kim Yu Shin will set back the level of the palace guards. Kim Yu Shin commissioned Wyol Yes to keep the King family. Yes Wyol Yonghwa call regiment to follow him.
Bum Seok Sook gave a report on Chil Wyol Yes is the child that one of the leaders in the castle Manno, then Kim Seo-Hyeon who became governor of Manno. And now become an adopted child Wyol Ya Kim Seo-Hyeon. Chil Sook said they've lost a lot of people and Mi Shil also has agreed to add troops. Seok Bum Chil asked what worried Sook Kim Yu Shin plan. San Not convincing for Chil Sook is not too worried because they will oversee all activities Nang Do. Chil Sook asked them to continue to report on the development and Hwa Rang Do to the Chil Sook Nang. Chil Sook asked about Bi Dam. Seok Bum said Bi Dam still do not have a happy and there is no suspicious activity he was doing (Tirzah: if he knows ...). Chil Sook understand.
Deok Man discuss with Kim Yong Chu why though King Jinpyeong already expanded the territory of Silla, why are they still face food shortages. Kim Yong Chu explains they may have large tracts of land but not fertile and not good for agriculture. Deok Man thinking about an infertile soil, Kim Yong Chu said the land is planted once a year, next year the land is not good anymore and not fertile.
Deok Man asked whether there are other industries that can be cultivated in the land. Kim Yong Chu shook his head. Deok Man review the mining of iron and he remembered with Cheon Wyol knowledge of production equipment in addition to iron to produce war equipment. Deok Man asked what farm equipment can also use an iron. Cheon Wyol justify, farm equipment is not as strong as a weapon so hard to menggemburkan soil.
Kim Yu Shin see Deok Man who was lost in thought, he asked what he thought Deok Man. Deok Man turned around and said he was awaiting response to Kim Yu Shin. Yu Shin surprise. Deok Man asked what they might melt the iron from the weapon to make agricultural equipment. Kim Yu Shin directly disagreed with the idea and Al Cheon said Yu Shin too quick to give answers. Kim Yu Shin asked, then I must answer. Yu Shin asked her Man looking at other options without having to disrupt the production of weapons. Kim Yu Shin excused himself because he had to train Kim Chun Chu. Al Cheon surprised with the responses Yu Shin Deok Man think again.
Joo Bang and the other members of the regiment Yonghwa sneak out. Dae Pung said Wyol Ya ask them to gather around at the i-3 pm. Joo Bang felt really weird today. Is it true that they must practice on a day like this. Teman2 Joo Bang'm treated to drinking, they end up drinking in the tavern. Then they heard someone arguing with a merchant that price benar2 chaotic. Yesterday he can exchange 10 bales of cloth with 2 kg of wheat. How now the price could go up so high. Jo Bang et al saw a crowd of people. Traders also complain that prices keep rising, it became difficult to do business, there is also hunger everywhere and food stocks running low. Customers were asked if so what the merchant is stored in boks2 it. Traders said stocks in the kotak2 was already sold. The buyers begged to share a little with him because they would starve, but traders did not care and pushed to the ground.
Members Yonghwa really wonder what the price shot up so high. Guk San Heun said his mother also worried about rising prices. Joo Bang invite teman2nya go, he can not bear to see this sad fact. When they left, the buyer tiba2 attacking traders and merchants were dead. Joo Bang should report it.
Kim Yu Shin Chun Chu train. Chu Chun Yu Shin asked to shout every punch. Kim Chun Chu said he counted in the liver. Chu Chun Yu Shin asked to shout in order to stay focused. Kim Chun Chu said what he had to seberisik it to stay focused or there are other alternatives. Kim Yu Shin benar2 must be patient with this child. Joo Bang and Go Do ran away and reported the incident on the market. Chun Chu Kim Joo Bang recognize and avoid contacts. Joo Bang Shin Yu continued to ask to the market and see for yourself.
Kim Yu Shin will leave but Kim Chun Chu had escaped and disappeared from view Kim Yu Shin. Chun Chu Kim Dae Nam Bo met and asked that he take her away if not Kim Yu Shin will soon be looking for him. When Kim Chun Chu will leave, he walked closer to see Bi Dam. Kim Chun Chu immediately hide themselves. Nam Dae Bo asked what was wrong and Chun Chu said Bi Dam benar2 a scary character.
Kim Yu Shin arrived on the scene, the buyer is holding a child and brandishing weapons and threatening to kill anyone who approached. Bo gave an explanation on Kim Jong Yu Shin about what happened. Bo Seok Jong Bum and advanced first to draw attention, but the man threatened to kill the girl with a hatchet. Meanwhile, Kim Yu Shin managed to sneak and take a bamboo cane and crippling the man. Pung and Guk Dae San Heun tie.
In the investigation in front of Kim Seo Hyeon. The man and Joo Bang give testimony. It happened because the seller refused to sell wheat to him and he triggered his anger and kill the seller. Seo Hyeon Kim asked what really happens like that. The buyer agreed. This is because agricultural land was dry and he can not get anything from the land. No one can eat his family. Buyers please do not kill it because somehow he will die of starvation.
Yu Shin Kim Deok Man reported on about this bizarre incident. Why tiba2 price rises which makes the incident occurred. Al Cheon and Bi Dam was also surprised that people can kill because of the price of wheat. Kim Yu Shin reports that some day a bag of wheat was worth three nyangs but now risen to 15 nyangs. (Nyangs or Cheol Jeong is the currency of Silla)
Deok Man tiba2 think strange if prices rise sharply. Bi Dam offered to observe the activities of the merchant. Deok Man asked whether Bi Dam have contacts or acquaintances, Bi Dam answer if he had not he would find a way to get in contact and try it. Bi Dam Deok Man ordered to do so. Al Cheon also going undercover and investigate market activity. Deok Man also will check yourself.
Deok Man & So and So ordinary dress Hwa Hwa tried to buy barley but the salesman said they do not have it. Then it asks what So Hwa, there are a lot of barley stocks in his shop. But he said the stock had been sold. So Hwa Then go to another seller and try to buy barley in small quantities, all refused to sell it and reasoned already sold.
Then Deok Man gestured So Hwa to bid a high price. But still they refused. Al Cheon and his regiment can see there is something behind this movement of wheat. Deok Man asked who bought it. The seller had said what he would do if he knew who the buyers.
Yeom Jong Dam Bi looking for the sleeping with closed face cloth. He woke Yeom Jong with a bang on the door. Bi Dam took the cloth from the face Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong frightened Bi Dam. Yeom Jong said since the incident that night, he was frightened by the appearance of a mysterious Dam Bi Bi Dam entrance and ask properly.
Bi Dam seek information from Yeom Jong about why the price of wheat soared and who manipulate the price and asked whether jangan2 Yeom Jong mastermind. Kim Yu shin back and report this in almost all markets do the same thing, they have stock but refused to sell and Deok Man said since all have been sold. Kim Yu Shin justify. Deok Man said he needed to investigate who is buying and holding grain. Deok Man said who should perform this task with a secret.
All look at each other and see So Hwa Joo Bang, then he raised his hand and be happy as an Dae new Du Nang will pull through this task. Man looks at the views Deok Joo Bang, he smiled and allow Joo Bang this task. So Hwa in no way interested in the views of Joo Bang. Then enter the house of a merchant Seol Won Rang and Joo Bang and Go Do watch later and Guk Dae Pung San Heun said the train load of wheat also went into the house Seok Bum. Joo Bang ask them to not call it official. Dae Pung corrected: they send grain to the house of a noble family. Joo Bang said that they should investigate other noble houses.
Bo Jong come out and inspect the goods and asked what everyone was here. Everything is there, not just rice, kacang2an, sorghum, or other biji2an all will not be found on the market. Bo Jong said they would pay with any major can be given merchant. Seol Won Jong Bo Rang out and reported that they had bought all the supplies of wheat available in the market. Seol Won Jong Bo asked to do as ordered. seol Won Kim Chun Chu asked what is in their house anymore.
Kim Chun Chu Ryang invite Bo Yeom Jong shopping at the store. Yeom Jong Ryang offer jewelry at Bo for a try. Bo Ryang asked for opinions and Chun Chu Chun Chu did not say anything, then take another jewelry and Kim Chun Chu said that the decoration does not fit a round face shape Bo Ryang. Then Chun Chu took the jewelry that is suitable for Bo and Bo Ryang pleased with the choice of Chun Chu. Yeom Jong Kim Chun Chu praised the taste of jewelry because it had just arrived from Persia.
Kim Chun Chu Ryang said Bo had a rare appearance, so he should avoid striking color. Kim Chun Chu gave some cloth to Bo Ryang. Bo Ryang said that if she sewed so he can wear it for Ga Bae festival (harvest festival)
Kim Chun Chu took the fragrant incense and Yeom Jong Chun Chu praised flair. Incense was from the royal family of the Chinese Sui. Kim Chun Chu saw it and said these fake products and Yeom Jong has been deceived. Yeom Jong said he was spending a lot of money to buy it. Then Chun Chu said that there are many statues of Buddha are taken out of clay from the rock Cheonbulsan because the clay is good for carving, so all the ceramics and carvings from the area Cheonbulsan only sent to the Sui court in China.
Yeom Jong grateful for the knowledge shared by Kim Chun Chu. Chun Chu seeing someone and he asked who it was. Bo Ryang saw it and said he was in hasanju Do Duk (as sheriff). Kim Chun Chu asked what he was governor Hansanju Kim Mun Ik.
Bo Chun Chu Kim Ryang rectify. Mun Ik Kim Seul Ha Ra was governor of Ju and the man was only subordinate to the name Yi Myeong ji. (Tirzah: Bo Ryang is smart as well, so it's useless ill son and grandson Bo Jong Won Seol. Kim Chun Chu smart he .. he choose a partner, may Chun Chu also want to pick something from Bo Ryang, who knows ..)
Kim Chun Chu said he has never heard the name. Bo Ryang remember he never mentions this in the Chun Chu in a variety of occasions. Yi Myeong Gi instrumental in the fight against Baekje and he promoted the ministries of defense. Both Bo Ryang benar2 fishing with military orang2 identity. Yeom Jong Chun Chu could not remember well. Chun Chu complained she was hard to memorize names and faces. Yeom Jong also, he did not even remember what he drank earlier. Seol Won and saw Kim Jong Chun Bo with Bo Chu Ryang seemed appropriate. Seol Won But not like the way they talked quite noisy.
Yeom Jong Won Seol view and said he did not like the merchant. Bo Jong said Yeom Jong is a trader who frequently visit the Mi-Saeng. Bo Jong said he had come here to buy something. Seol Won Jong Bo warned not to let just anyone enter without their identity checked. Jong Bo Mi Saeng convince his father that knows Yeom Jong and his father not to worry. Seol Won Kim Chun Chu asked what came to their house every day. Bo Jong confirmed and he was sure it must be because Bo Ryang who captivate Chun Chu. Bo Jong added that they might hear about the wedding soon.
Ha Jong surprised with the prices go up high. Prices yesterday why today 14 nyang nyang 20. Even the seller said, now to 22 nyang. Ha Jong pay well and ask the merchant to buy all the commodities in the market. Joo Bang and Go Do check the residence and they see Jong Ha Ha Jong storing grain in the warehouse. Joo Bang said that the nobility to buy all the commodities. Go Do ask what they are hungry, upset and beat Joo bang Go head Do. He said for Go Do not think with his stomach, he was no longer a Go Do that before but he is the right hand Dae Joo Bang Nang Du, so Go Do have to be smarter.
Joo Bang reports on Kim Yu Shin but when he saw So Hwa, he became more serious and official attitude. Deok Man asked what was found Joo Bang. Joo Bang said that the nobility buying and hoarding of wheat and all commodities. Bum Seok, Ha Jong, Seol Won Rang, and Bo Jong and all the other nobles. They buy in very high prices.
Deok Man tells the nobles do activities Jeom Mae Mae Suk (holding commodity for speculation and manipulate the price of wheat). Joo Bang said that obviously, they buy at high prices and hope for benar2 prices skyrocketed because of high demand. Kim Yu Shin said they did it to get a quick profit without regard to people's suffering. Deok Man said he knew it but he still doubted anything.
King Jinpyeong asked what makes Deok Man hesitated. Deok Man said that during the reign of King Jinheung people also suffer from hunger, but the price of wheat does not rise, in the reign of King Jinji, there are also starving but stable grain price. King Jinpyeong say they can not compare them because once the soil is very fertile. The king felt it his fault that they face difficulties and crisis. Deok Man said this is not one of his father, but he was suspicious of price speculation by the nobility. King said no crime if the market price speculation. King said there is no control of how the nobility used their money. King said if that happens, then the King and the nobles will donate wheat to the people.
King said some time ago, Mi Shil provide larger quantities of the royal family of the people. That's what makes Deok Man accounts, if they have to donate for free why they buy what is the reason the price is very high. Kings and Deok Man are both thinking about it.
Kim Chun Chu sneak back and look for Kim Yu Shin Kim Yu Shin but the room is empty. How Pungwolju to leave office. Kim Chun Chu and Kim Yu Shin sat in and gave greetings. Kim Chun Chu: You're late! Kim Yu Shin said that Deok Man is ordered to replace the teacher Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu surprised and said that Kim Yu Shin does not quickly adapt to the person himself and not as smart as appropriate. Kim Chun Chu asked who would become his teacher. Kim Yu Shin Bi Dam called and asked why he had not yet entered the room. Bi Dam appeared in front of Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu could only gawk.
Bi Dam greets Kim Chun Chu as his new teacher. Kim Chun Chu trembled as Kim Yu Shin Bi Dam as disciples introduce Gukseon Moon Noh and captain of the regiment Hwarang Myeong Ji Mu Do. Kim Chun Yu Shin Chu tried to persuade to take it back and said they would not have fit in and liked each other and Kim Yu Shin still could teach him many things. Dam Bi thin smile (if not exactly grinning .. ha ha). Kim Yu Shin Kim Chun Chu handed in Bi Dam and Dam Bi Yu Shin convinced he will do best in a lesson Kim Chun Chu. Kim Yu Shin Kim Chun Chu went and tried to hold Yu Shin.
Bi Dam casually shut the door and smiled at the frightened Kim Chun Chu. Bi Dam emphasized that during the lessons there are 3 things to watch, no folded paper from his book and Kim Chun Chu noted everything. Kim Chun Chu asked why Bi Dam not authorized to speak with him. Bi Dam: So ..? I do not even speak officially with Princess Deok Man. Dam Bi Chun Chu asked to write the rules of the 5th but he did not want to remember what way.
Kim Chun Chu asked about the investigation into Princess Deok Man on rising commodity prices and ask how its development. Dam Bi Chun Chu asked why no mention Princess Deok Man with the official, is it not his aunt. Chun Chu said the same as the ordinary Bi Dam of Princess. Bi Dam justify with delight. Bi Dam asked about the nobility who manipulate prices and why they do it. Kim Chun Chu smiled.
Deok Man see Mi Shil. Mi Shil feel Deok Man came suddenly. Deok Man confessed that he had the best explanation of Mi Shil. Deok Man said his curiosity that made him look Mi Shil because only he has the answers in this Seorabeol. Deok Man Mi Shil asked what the objection and he should go? Mi Shil said okay and asked what he wanted to know Deok Man. Deok Man asked the nobles who bought commodities to speculate but if there is famine, they must contribute to the people for free. Are not they supposed to get a big profit if prices skyrocket why they share for free. They could suffer big losses. Mi Shil justify that practice. Deok Man also asked when people starve why the nobles do market speculation.
Mi Shil asked why people suffer.
Meanwhile, Dam Bi Chun Chu Kim waiting for a response. Of course, to take advantage Chun Chu said. But Bi Dam'm sure there are other reasons and saw something suspicious that benefit only the small things are not going to explain what that big. Bi Dam quit because they do not know the answer. Chun Chu said Bi Dam just think its assets alone. So he will not find the answer. Bi Dam asked what was meant by Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu calculate if the accident was the result of earth, iron or gold can only make a profit.
Deok man said that because of speculation, the price soared, the people can not afford to buy wheat, so they can not stand it that makes them suffer because of this situation. Then Mi Shil asked what should be done by people who suffer from it. Deok Man, could not answer, Mi Shil explained that among the people there are land owners (landlords) and land owners of the land they lease for the undertaking, what they would do. Deok Man think of an answer.
Deok Man back to his room and Kim Yu Shin was waiting. Deok man sat down and seek information from books, Yu Shin asked what he was looking for. Deok man to find it. Incidence occurred in the reign of King Jinji-2. Famine struck the country and then for 7 months next year. Later during the year to-2 Geonbok then followed years and years-13-28. There was a famine and there is increasing amount of land and slavery by the nobility. (Year Geonbok is the 6th year of King Jinpyeong until year-2 Queen Seondeok, 584-633M)
Kim Yu Shin said this would make the owners of small and medium-sized land will be lost. Deok Man confirmed. If the nobility to hold grain so that small landowners will not be able to pay its debts and they will lose their land. They will be the tenant and ultimately will become slaves to the landlord or the nobility. This is the way the aristocracy expand their land area. Shin Yu said since the reign of King Jinji, the nobility always pressing small landowners whenever there is a hunger to improve their land ownership. So they get the taxes from people who work on their lands and this led to acceptance of Finance Kingdom of tax decreasing.
So says Deok Man, to gain the sympathy of the people, the nobility would give them for free wheat. Yu Shin Kim Deok man asked how to find these facts, Deok Man said Mi Shil who lead it actually finds this conclusion and make him understand the whole situation. Kim Yu Shin Deok Man surprised by the statement.
HA Jong and Se Jong Deok Man shocked to see Mi Shil. What Mi Shil open them all at Deok Man. Mi Shil said he did not answer but instead asked in return. Mi Saeng ask what if questions Deok Man Mi Shil guide found the answer. Mi Shil sure Deok Man will find the answer, but what can he do. Ha Jong said he was hoarding commodities with his own money, there is no law against it. Mi Mi Shil Saeng asks what to do this on purpose and wanted to see what will be done Deok man. Mi Shil smile confirms.
Kim Yu Shin concerned because there was nothing they could do with this. They also can not stop the nobility not to hoard and buy goods from their own money. Deok Man agrees, this problem will not be solved by law. Deok Man suggested that they would fight this speculation with manipulation of their own in a trade war. Deok Man says he grew up in the middle of a big trade in the Taklamakan desert and there is the gathering place and a great big traders from all over the world. Silla may begin to do trades but when compared to the Taklamakan desert, this is nothing. Deok Man will jump in commercial trade war.
Deok Man came to King. King said there is no way to stop the nobility of speculation and price manipulation. Seo Hyeon Kim say they can not do it because they use their own money. (Tirzah: import only think .. if there is then the supply price must come down .. .. market law), Daughter of Man Myeong said this already a long tradition. Deok man advised them to stop the aristocracy with royal finance. Kim Yong Chu wonder, and the Queen asked how. Deok Man asked the King gave this problem to him and gave him full powers to resolve this problem without the constraints in the short and long term.
Kim Seo Hyeon and Kim Yong Chu see Deok Deok Man and said man would have faced great opposition to the idea. Kim Yong Chu admitted, he was also hoarding but not for this reason he did not agree. But anticipation of protests of the nobility who may be bigger than Deok Man imagine. Seo Hyeon Kim say wiser distribute free grain. Deok Man said although the division of wheat will reduce hunger but people will tend to leave their land and become tenants of land and then will lose its independence. Man begged Kim Deok-Hyeon Seo and Kim Chun Chu for help.
Kim Seo Hyeon said that the Minister is not likely to engage in commercial trade and they need someone who can be trusted in this regard. Deok Man said he already had one. Yeom Jong Dam Bi meet again and asked what Yeom Jong has benefited from his business lately. Yeom Jong argued that the maid did not clean up properly. Yeom Jong Dam Bi asked what was a ghost, once when a light step came in and asked Bi Dam voiced if it snaps into place. Yeom Jong said business deteriorated lately.
Bi Dam asked for Yeom Jong doing something very secret and ask Yeom Jong gather some people who fit with this mission. Yeom Jong Dam Bi asked to do as soon as possible. Yeom Jong go and offer wheat for sale.
The seller was very pleased and grateful that Yeom Jong can sell the grain it is difficult to find. Traders were asked where Yeom Jong get this stock. Yeom Jong said the merchant's business. Yeom Jong promises there will be a lot of things to come. Traders were pleased that the nobility would pay any price. Bi Dam supervise and Yeom Jong went to sell wheat at all merchants. The merchant pays wheat and Yeom Yeom Jong Jong happy. He passed Bi Dam and smiled at him because they plan a success.
Se Jong and Ha Jong said rumors in the market will increase the price becomes very high. Seok Bum and some cadre came to report on strangeness in the market. Ha Jong asked what the price goes up again. The Hwarang captain said instead that there is a surplus of grain that flooded the market. Bum Seok asked whether Se Jong know this. Se Jong surprised to hear it and ask what might spare the kingdom issued. Se Jong wonder how the royal reserve issued without his knowledge. Ha Jong said that the reserves of the kingdom will be distributed to the people how to be sold in the market. Se Jong convince them there's nothing to worry about.
Ha Jong saw that there was a surplus commodity in the market and if they keep buying at high prices so now the price is doubled. Ha Jong asked whether they still need to buy with prices now.
Deok Man asked about his progress. Bi Dam said they have issued a 1000 seom wheat and will issue another 1000 in anticipation of demand. Kim Yu Shin said that prices have not stabilized simply by issuing stock. Al Cheon asked how long the nobles will continue buying them. Deok man said that if they want to reap the benefits they have to stop the purchase, but they wanted the land, then they will continue to purchase and then they will realize that they bought too high.
Kim Yu Shin called by Mi Shil. Ha Jong Deok Man Princess asked whether to sell grain from the reserves of the Kingdom. There seems to be a surplus of wheat in the market. Kim Yu Shin gave a direct answer, since the prices are not stable it can be very lucrative financial empire. Mi Shil and his team shocked by this news. Seol Won confirmed that the Royal Family to use this opportunity to take profits by selling reserves in the market. Seol Won said this benar2 nonsense.
Bum Seok Deok Man shocked that sell wheat of the Kingdom reserves and there are rumors that Deok man may sell all of them. Seok Bum said if like this, then the price will suddenly fall. (Jelas.. Laws of the market man ..). The captain Hwarang others began to panic and said they must release their grain so that they still have the opportunity to make a profit. Others said if they were forced off the price will go down benar2 (Tirzah: free fall .. if I have a sell position in the high price of wow .. nice profit.) Some agree that they should hold, but if they resist then they will be a big loss (ha.. Ha could get a margin call, then heart attack ..). Seok Bum said they would persist with this situation because they are rich, but to Seok Bum will be a disaster if wheat prices fall because he needs to get his land. The captain hwarang realize that they must hold the wheat above their limit to get their land but then jiak doubt they will lose more. The Hwarang captain decided to sell to reduce losses.
Kim Yu Shin said that the nobility began to sell their stock. Al Cheon said that prices began to fall. Deok Man said this is good and asked Bi Dam helped Kim Seo-Hyeon to make their plans further. Deok Man will play a role. Deok Man held a meeting and said he acted on behalf of King Jinpyeong about the problem and ask the royal reserve of the nobility issued his opinion on this issue. Se Jong Deok man asked what might open back up the kingdom. Deok man justify it. Ha Jong Deok Man does not share with the people but instead sold it at market for profit. Mi Shil said that with a very high price, Deok Man sells wheat to the free market he was disappointed with that Deok Deok Man and Man too humble calculations. Seol Won asked how the royal family uses public welfare to seek monetary gain. Se Jong said that this is not clear, and Deok benar2 Man using wheat aid to the people during the hunger for profit and commerce.
Deok Man said that he had other alternatives to buy back all he had to sell. Mi Shil surprised. Bum Seok sell his grain. Traders said that he could not accept a price first, now the price has dropped. Traders showed an abundant stock. The captain asked the price of wheat and the Hwarang who had now costs 25 to 15 nyang nyang. It's also been great. They benar2 shock, they bought with a price of 20 nyang from the same person just a while ago and now only 15 nyang. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon observe that Hwarang captain.
Deok Man told them this is the principle of the commercial trade. King family sold grain reserves at current high prices but as prices fall, they'll buy it back at a price much cheaper and will reap benefits from trade purchases and sales. (Tirzah: Buy Low Sell High ... make money .. ha ha). Because there are a lot of inventory and Mi Shil adding that prices have definitely come down and the market will stabilize. Mi Shil asked if the buyer refused to sell wheat and unite what would Deok Man did.
Deok Man'm sure they will not be able to hold their wheat stock much longer. Deok Man plans to issue all the royal reserves into the market and even the military reserve will be released to the market and said Kim Seo Hyeon already do this when they speak. Se Jong said how they could sell the military reserve and it's nonsense. Mi Shil said that as prices continue to soar, Deok Man took advantage to sell all the royal and military reserve and asked what Deok Man will benar2 believe that this will solve the problem. Seol Won said no one ever made a mistake like this.
Deok Man asked whether the scarcity of bogus stock was made for fluctuations in market price or the nobles was a tactic to get ownership of land from small landowners to force them to end. Deok Man said he did not take advantage of his people but he was traded to the cost of the nobility entirely. Seol Won-rang to ask what useful military reserve for national security is used to trade and what Deok Man will be able to take responsibility for this problem if in case they attacked Baekje came today. Deok Man said actually he probably also does not sell or reserve military. Mi Shil Deok Man surprised by the answer.
Deok Man simply said he would do it. Ha Jong said that this is just an announcement. Deok Man asked why the price of wheat goes up, the reason is not because of lack of supply but because of speculation that makes the fear so that people compete to buy more, this is one of the principle that without benar2 sell military reserve but just mention it, it makes people sell sell reserves of wheat and eventually prices will come down drastically. Mi Shil said that if the nobles refused to sell its reserves, the price will go down. Deok Man doubt that they will be able to hold it and stay with the temptation to not sell. Deok Man wondering what people who hold high price of wheat will be able to hold it. (Deok Man would've learned of Adam Smith's economic prinsip2 ha .. ha ..)
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