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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 37

Deok Man met Mi Shil, he gave congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Shil said Kim Yu Mi Shin really want to begin immediately. Deok Man smiles, Kim Yu Shin had to endure. Mi Shil assured that he would give the greatest attention on Kim Yu Shin and will guide him into a Pungwolju the most trusted and respected. Deok Man said that Kim Yu Shin is a remarkable character both in his skills and temperament, it is no doubt. Mi Shil justify, but he also is not naive and think Kim Yu Shin will benar2 faithful to her. Deok Man said yes, they will be involved in the struggles over again in the future, Deok Man allows Mi Shil Kim Yu Shin pulled away from him.
Mi Shil like the choice kata2 Deok Man. Deok Man said they had no other choice. Mi Shil said this is the motto of his family to serve the ruler of this nation, he has taught since childhood and learned to serve men. Deok Man understands and he counted many of the start of King Jinheung, Crown Dong Nyun (Jinpyeong King's father), and King Jinji, Mi Shil has served them all, even for Se Jong and Seol Won Deok Man Rang and also heard there are some people again only he does not remember his name.
Mi Shil said that tempt men to join him quite easily managed and manipulated but Mi Shil remind Deok Man, because Deok Man Seonggol will not be like Mi Shil. Then Mi Shil think that is definitely very exciting for Deok Man if he can do it. Deok Man smiled, then expressed his gratitude to the advice Mi Shil.
Deok Man left the residence of Mi Shil with rushed and saw Yu Shin in the yard. Deok Man will go but were confronted by Yu Shin. Yu Shin wants to talk and explain to Deok Deok Man but Man cut it. Deok Man said Kim Yu Shin had taught him that protecting people is not easy task, Mi Shil hold refugee Style, satu2nya way is to accept Kim Yu Shin as a compromise. Deok Man said now his eyes open.
Deok Man asked whether there is really no other way to solve this problem. Kim Yu Shin admitted he did not know. But Yu Shin believe this country has never been united and he was captivated with the idea to unify the country. Kim Yu Shin said he wants to achieve big ambitions. Kim Yu Shin said that he would become a great military leader and set a better strategy is the best even better than Geochilbu duke, duke of Yi Sabu, or even duke Seol Won. So I hope my lady, you must be a great politician and the ruler who will exceed all of the King as King Jinheung or even Mi Shil. This is satu2nya way Deok Man and his will to fight and manage the same thing together.

Deok Man said to myself, then I am .. what about me .. what about my heart and my feelings. Deok Man moved and Kim Yu Shin calling: Trust between King / Ruler with his men .. more difficult to maintain than the love between two human beings. Kim Yu Shin said now they are walking through the hard way and trust they will be tested again. Deok Man really know that.
Yeom Moon Jong Noh still together and Bi Dam outside eavesdropping. Yeom Moon Jong Noh asked to make preparations. Yeom Jong understand and convince Moon Noh for tidakperlu anxious, Moon Noh grateful. Yeom Jong said he will talk about the development of Baekje and Goguryeo later. Yeom Moon Jong Noh take out. Bi Dam cepat2 hiding so that they are not caught. Meanwhile, Mi Chu Chun Saeng asked to wait, he brought home Seol Mi Saeng Won. Mi Rang Saeng Won Seol calls. Kim Chun Chu: so this was the residence of Seol Won Rang. Ryang Bo is busy dressing up and Seol Won Rang witness preparation grandson.
Bo Ryang: Son Jong Bo. Mi Cucu Shil and Seol Won
Mi Saeng came in and asked what all the preparations are finished. Seol Won said Mi Mi Shil confident in Saeng. Seol Won Ryang Bo wonders what really is the girl who liked Kim Chun Chu. Mi Saeng Won Seol annoyed that think like that. Won Seol not laugh so he says, he hesitated only because Bo Ryang was too young. Mi Saeng Won Seol assured not to worry. Bo Mi Ryang Saeng look makeup, then she said the make-up is wrong, the color does not match the face of Bo Ryang. Should blend with the color of apricots. Mi Saeng take the brush from the waiter and do it myself and started to make up Bo Ryang. After he finished, Saeng ask Bo Mi Ryang smiled, then Saeng teach Bo Mi Ryang for smiles with a soft and smooth like Mi Shil if he smiles. Ryang bo apology. Bo Mi Ryang Saeng tells what he knows how important this man must be met. Seol Won Rang already told his grandson.
Mi Saeng Kim Chun Chu stressed very important and smile Bo Ryang is the key and ask what Ryang Bo and he must clearly understand and to understand their duties. Bo heard that Kim Jong Chun Chu will not do anything without a purpose. Nam Dae Bo also said that Kim Chun Chu was incredible. Bo Ryang looks worried.
Bo Ryang displays his skills to play musical instruments Gayageum. Kim Chun Chu seemed to enjoy the game. Mi Saeng looks happy. After his appearance, Saeng asks Bo Mi Ryang sit with them and ask how the appearance Saeng Mi Bo Ryang. Kim Chun Chu acknowledged expert Bo Ryang indeed play music. Bo Jong said his daughter would not be able to compete with Mi Saeng. Seol Won Rang connecting it does not need to be called again. Mi Saeng said they only just flattering.
Kim Chun Chu Bo Ryang look interested and he noticed her gaze Chun Chu. Mi Saeng overjoyed that perjodohannya success. Seol Won Chun Chu Rang invited to come to his residence as often as possible. Jong Bo also said he was delighted to hear the experiences that Chun Sui-chu in Chinese. Kim Chun Chu said he was willing to go but he hesitated to say what his experience valuable. Seol Won said he would always welcome here. Mi Chu Chun Saeng said should come and tell Bo Ryang circumstances in the outside world. Kim Chun Chu said that he will come. Mi Saeng praised his nephew grandson looks elegant today.
Moon noh go to the temple and Bi Dam wanted to see him. The guard who escorted the Moon Noh stop Bi Dam. Moon Dam Bi noh see it so he asked them to let Bi Dam. They spoke alone. Bi Dam knelt and told his teacher he knew he had many shortcomings. He knew his teacher was disappointed with it. Bi Dam convince Moon noh from now, he'll do the best she can do, such as the Moon noh expect. Moon Noh asked Bi Dam do and the best not only for herself Bi Dam but would also do their best.
Bi Dam and ask buku2nya returned. Noh Moon Dam Bi reminded that they must leave this place and forget about everything and everything and go to the Moon Noh. Bi Dam stood up and asked why the recipients should Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam said that the Moon Noh told him that the larger and longer than the King of the dynasty that bekuasa that Moon noh already mentioned it to him and Bi Dam holds the key to that ambition.
Moon Noh remember when he spoke at the Dam Bi little about his role in the future. Dam Bi was asked what such a thing existed. Moon Noh added that rulers ruled only one country but conquerors have to finish and become a unifying unity of the 3 kingdom. Bi Dam surprised by pooling the 3 kingdom.
Bi Dam asked what was the result of his teacher's words and whether the teacher realized what effect these words for him that was a small child. This is why he killed many people to protect the book. This is because the Moon Noh had told him and because the Moon Noh said the book was hers. All this because he also wanted to gain recognition Moon Noh but why now it belongs to Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam asked why not a person who has served throughout his life but Moon Noh Yu Kim Shin who had just met Moon Noh.
Moon Noh snapped Bi Dam because it is niatmu early and easily Bi Dam thinks that to please the Moon Noh is to kill people. For Bi Dam was not a problem, because that's what he ... like Mi Shil. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Moon Noh make all clear for Bi Dam and directly say that the book would never be his. Moon Noh ordered the guards to forbid anyone to enter this place. Moon Noh entered the study room. Bi Dam wander aimlessly and without mercy killing a wild bird.
King Jinpyeong asked Seo Hyeon Kim and his wife what is satu2nya way. Kim Seo Hyeon benar2 sorry that they do not have roads and Princess Man Myeong ask the King to consider their current situation. King said it is impossible not to understand their difficulties and also Deok Man now more introspection. Seo Hyeon Kim say they may be bound rope royal family with Jong Se but did not change their allegiance to the King.
Yonghwa Regiment was training and asked what right Go Do Kim Yu Shin Deok Man's throw away. Guk San Heun asked how this could happen but they never wanted to run away together. Dae Pung sigh Deok Man will baik2 just with this incident. Joo Bang said he began to see Kim Yu Shin with a new perspective. One of these nango said Joo Bag treason but says that's not what he meant. Kim Yu Shin must get rid of all this hassle to take a better path for him more than his personal problems. This is supposed to be a man. Joo Bang said that no matter what, Kim Yu Shin will become a great person. (Tirzah, now i know why Chun Chu trust this guy, he .. he). Go Do still do not like it. Joo Bang asked what traders from the West had reached the Kotaraja. Joo Bang Go Do ask follow.
Seo Ji shock and awe over the decision on the case of Kim Yu Shin Wyol Yes. Who would have thought Kim Yu Shin will do this. Wyol Ya said this is part of the political strategy of Kim Yu Shin. Whatever it is, Kim Yu Shin had to defend and protect refugees from all the doom style. Although he had joined the Mi Shil, does not inflict damage on us. Seo Ji said even so, Kim Yu Shin and Princess Deok Man has a close relationship and this incident will make him sad. Wyol Yes reminded no matter what happens, Seo Ji must entrust his life on Kim Yu Shin (Tirzah; wow .. this guy is a rock!) Seo Ji agreed and are willing to give up his life if necessary. (Tirzah, the sacrifice of the leader will make his men were willing to lose his life,)
Queen Maya visit Deok Man is busy with all the papers. Queen Maya asked her son not too busy. Deok Man cut and told her mother that Kim Chun Chu worried. Kim Chun Chu was never in court and he received a report that Chun Chu never attended class. Queen justify, even since the Sui China, he never showed an interest and will always ask for a new book to be read before completing the old. Deok Man said he would see it for yourself and leave his residence.
Kim Chun Chu flipping through books and Al Cheon who became his teacher. Chun Chu looked bored and Al Cheon looked disturbed. Kim Chun Chu asked for another book. Al Cheon will give another book when she saw Kim Chun Chu makes a ball of paper from lembaran2 book. Al Cheon said that when young she had always liked to play but this has gone too far. Al Chu Chun Cheon asked his mother thought of the late Princess Cheon Myeong and how he could tarnish his mother's memories. Then Chun Chu issued a paper ball again from the drawer and ask what is similar Juryeonggu dice, and he threw it into the air. Al Chu Chun Cheon ask how can act like this. No time to act childish infantile. Man enters when Kim Deok Chun Chu threw paper balls and Al Cheon greeting. Kim Chun Chu stop main2nya.
Deok Man talking to Chun Chu. Chun Chu once said that the right to inherit all her majesty is not Man but Kim Deok Chun Chu. How do people ever say that to act like this. Kim Deok Man Chun Chu stop. Deok Man is wasting her time here and what he did was his business and asked her to Man to stop acting like she is his mother. Kim Chun Chu went.
Joo Bang peek Deok Man's residence and saw So Hwa outside. He asked for Go Do So to ask what there is time to see Joo Hwa Bang and told him that Joo Bang Like So Hwa. So Hwa surprised at Joo Bang stop Go Do. Joo Bang come and hope to see Deok Man. So Hwa said the man is now being shared Deok Kim Chun Chu. So bang Joo Hwa asked to wait because he would announce his arrival. Joo Bang stop and give-shaped wooden statue of the Roman people.
Joo Bang said that when he first met Deok Man, Deok Man wearing a hat and outfit. So Hwa confirmed that people from the West to wear clothes like that. Joo Bang also said that when Deok Man is still a cadre, he had told them that her happiest moment was when in the wilderness. So Hwa confirmed. Joo Bang said Deok Man certainly now very sad because Kim Yu Shin. So he brought this wooden doll to comfort her.
Joo Bang malu2'm So Hwa gave it to Deok Man. So Hwa thanked Joo Bang. So Hwa remember when they were arrested, Bang Joo Hwa So always pay attention and have not responded. So Hwa said at Joo Bang that he really people with warm hearts. Joo Bang thrilled and embarrassed by praise So Hwa.
So Hwa see Deok Man, he sees Deok Man daydreaming and wiping her eyes. So Hwa said that the cadre Joo Bang give it to her wooden dolls. Deok Man doll was immediately recognized. So Hwa mimicked accent Cartan and say long not seen, Deok Man said that Uncle Cartan. So Hwa continue Deok Man now Princess Silla and vowed that he would become a hero and show courage. This benar2 pity because the hero is a lonely person. Deok Man became sad. Deok Man So Hwa asked at once to call his name only. So Hwa call: Deok Man. Deok Man: Mother and said he benar2 have no hope and very sad that tomorrow is their wedding. So Hwa hug Deok Man.
Wedding Kim Yu Shin. Taking place just magnificent Yu Shin Kim faces away from the face of a happy groom.

Deok Man visited the farm in Amnyangju with Wyol Yes, Seo Ji, and Al Cheon. Deok Man asked whether they realize what the Kim Yu Shin to protect the people in Amnyangju. They really understand because Kim Yu Shin gave this land to them and bury their own desire to provide their food with this land. Seo Ji asked what hope for them. Yes Wyol said they all will follow the orders and instructions Kim Yu Shin in all things, whether agricultural, military training or even keep a secret and they will support and abide by Kim Yu Shin to the end. Wyol Yes convince Deok Man.
The next morning, the wife of Kim Yu Shin helped him get dressed. Bi Dam burn wild birds and he sat remembering her conversation with Moon Noh. Although Bi Dam spend all his ability, what he can surpass Kim Yu Shin. Moon Noh was not sure. Tiba2 Dam Bi food falls into the fire and burns.

Moon Noh was carrying when Bi Dam buku2 see him. Bi Dam looked annoyed and view parcel in the hands of Moon Noh. Bi Dam asked what his teacher has completed his book. Moon Noh said it does not concern Bi Dam and he should forget it. Bi Dam asked whether Moon Noh buku2 benar2 will submit it to Kim Yu Shin. Moon Noh silent. So Bi Dam said that if the Moon Noh Noh Moon will do it then had to step over corpses Bi Dam first. Moon Noh shock. Bi Dam said buku2 were his and if not for her then no one else should have them. Moon Noh said that Bi Dam had crossed the line Moon Noh patience. Moon Noh said that people like Bi Dam does not have the rights to this buku2. Bi Dam hak2 asked is not it possible by teaching the teacher.
Moon Noh said what he had taught Bi Dam to kill. Moon Noh asked Bi Dam aside. Bi Dam refused and Moon Noh asked Bi Bi Dam Dam gave way and snapped back he would not budge. Moon Noh know that Bi Dam will always be a cutter knife without a handle and if there are people trying to use the knife it will hurt. Moon Noh get your hopes up on someone. If anyone should do so only Moon Noh who must destroy the knife with his own hands. Moon Noh asked what was the Bi Dam expect. Noh Moon Dam Bi challenged to come and destroy the knife like a Moon Dam Bi Noh said and drew his sword in anger. Bi Dam thanked the Moon Noh for all teaching and he will not forget. (Tirzah: This sentence Mi Shil time in front of the corpse of King Jinheung ... exactly ..)
Moon Noh buku2 put it and get ready to fight with Bi Dam. When they fight, all the tricks and scratches they are very deadly sword. Both high-level swordsman, only ... Moon Noh is old and Bi Dam is still strong and young. Moon Noh use jurus2 tai chi, Moon Noh able to read every movement Dam Bi and break every jurusnya. Then .. when they fight someone fired a secret weapon in the neck and Moon Moon Noh Noh fell because of the poison. Bi Dam near Moon Noh and he saw the shadow of those who fled. Moon Noh fainted.
The attacker was reported he was doing his job on Yeom Jong. Bi Dam carrying Noh Moon seek treatment. Bi Dam buku2 forget it and Yeom Jong took it and ran away. Noh Moon Dam Bi carrying on his back and fled, he slipped and dropped the Moon Noh on the ground and he picked it up again to the back. Moon Noh was already too late for him whisper. Bi Dam refused to accept the fact and he continued to seek help for his teacher. Moon Noh with his last breath to ask why Bi Dam buku2 it does not take but just hold him. Bi Dam said he still may seek help for Moon Noh. Moon Noh said he was not a good teacher for Bi Dam. Bi Dam shook his head, Moon Noh said Bi dam may be true, he was afraid of the Bi Dam. Moon Noh said he did not give more to the character of Bi Dam or try to improve and guide him for the better.
All that is Moon Noh do is suppress. Moon Noh holds lovingly Dam Bi's face and apologize to him. Moon Noh said he finally understood what he felt in his heart but has terlamabt and somehow he remains grateful. Moon Noh issued a letter and gave it to Bi Dam and ask him to Seorabeol to be a war and then follow Kim Hwa Yu Shin lead and support the Puteri Deok Man and gently holding Dam Bi's face no matter what other people say, Bi Dam was a pupil Moon Noh and Moon Noh .. last breath in the arms of Bi Dam.
Bi Dam tried to call his teacher but no reply and body shaking his teacher to open her eyes and wept at the departure of his teacher.
Kim Yu Shin Kim Chun Chu teaching practice sword. Of course, our young master reluctantly. Kim Yu Shin shows several ways to hold the sword, that this way will only hurt his wrist and hand and does not provide the strength in his hand and use gentle pressure only. Kim Chun Chu said it is very difficult and he wanted a break. Kim Chun Chu back seat and Kim Yu Shin said he was not only just begun. If Kim Chun Chu could not ride a horse or a sword, how she can protect herself. Kim Chun chu give an idea, if someone climbed up high trees just waiting for death if you fall. Swing and use the sword like a knight with a sword and you will find your death. (Tirzah; Oya .. it is written: He who uses the sword shall perish by the sword, meaning Chun Chu never heard of this .. Could Be ..)
Kim Yu Shin said die by the sword is an honor for Hwarang. Kim Chun Chu said that benar2 fool if he believes to have the honor only to the services on the battlefield. Kim Chun Chu said he did not see there will be a war and see no reason to learn this. Kim Yu Shin said that if there is an enemy that will attack on Kim Chun Chu Chun Chu battlefield what would be silent. Dan said the assailant that he could not fight an enemy and beg for forgiveness. How could he be considered a real man. Kim Yu Shin gave the sword to the Chun Chu for practice. Kim Chun Chu rid of the sword and stand.
Kim Chun Chu said he heard Kim Yu Shin there when his mother died. There are also rumors that Kim Yu Shin actually be paired with her mother. But after marriage the Kingdom fails, then Kim Yu Shin tries to be son-kingdom by marrying Princess Deok Man, but even so it does not work, and eventually married to Mi Shil's family and join him. Kim Yu Shin said that this is not like a man. Kim Chun Chu said and what can be done for someone to have power if not by marriage ties and connections. Kim Yu Shin asked what was meant by Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu said people such as Kim Yu shin like a fish in murky waters. What show in the Yu Shin Kim Jae benar2 Bi Yu Shin Kim's biggest weapon.
Yu Shin remember the words of Princess Cheon Myeong while still young, when he first met her. Kim Yu Shin Kim Chun Chu recalled that similar ways of speech and expression by Cheon Kim Yu Shin Myeong and smile knowing it.
Kim Chun Chu asked what the deficiency that brought the hearts of the Yu Shin. Cheon Myeong also the same. Kim Chun Chu asked if it was his plan to stay in Seorabeol. Cheon Myeong young guessing that it is Shin Yu plans to create awe nangdonya. Kim Chun Chu felt strange to see Kim Yu shin just look and smile at him. Kim Yu Shin Cheon Myeong Princess remembered. Kim Yu Shin said he knew someone who said exactly the same thing to him.
Kim Yu Shin Hwa Rang prepare for the festival Ga Bae. (Mid-autumn festival), Kim Yu Shin choose Hwarang from each province to be introduced in Seorabeol. Bo Jong said that this is a tradition in the Hwa Rang. But Yu Shin Kim will increase the number of Hwarang selected from the previous two times. Another Captain Shin Yu dubious decision. Bum Seok Hwarangnya said that if the number increases, then they will lose from them, then what's so special about 10 elite troops hwarang in Seorabeol. Kim Yu Shin said he also would allow the number of Hwarang in Seorabeol.
Many are complaining Hwarang captain was not satisfied. Bum Seok Kim Yu Shin said did not care. What about the salary, allowances, and weapons for such a huge amount. Deok Man said they would be supported by the Kingdom. Deok Man gave this task to the Chil Sook for selecting people with the best ability. Chil Sook comply. Chil Sook said that Gukseon go again. Deok Noh Moon Man saw an empty seat. Deok Man said Chil Sook also need to replace tugas2 Gukseon. Deok Man believed Chil Sook able to do it. Suddenly Bi Dam signed with uniform Hwarang. All the captain asked what the Hwarang Bi Dam here. Bi Dam knelt before the princess and greet, introduce myself: I Bi Dam of Ji Do Munmyeong regiment saluted the Princess. Deok Man asked Bi Dam explains.
Kim Yu Seon Guk Shin asked what there is. Bi Dam said his teacher had returned to Taebaeksan. Bi Dam menmberikan letter from Moon Nh and give it to Chil Sook, who gave it to Deok Man. Deok Man read and Bi Dam said that his teacher had to admit it officially as the beneficiary that is why he returned to Seorabeol and will perform the task of the teacher. Deok Moon man gave a letter to the Chil Sook Noh. Bo Jong said Bi Dam does not have a cadre or a subordinate. Bi Dam said he would build a cadre. Bum Seok asked what the letter was genuine and truthful writing Moon Noh. Bum Seok Dam Bi'm not degrading the name and reputation of his teacher.
Mi Shil received a report from the Chil Sook that Bi Dam brought a letter from the Moon Noh who recognize Bi Dam as the Hwarang. Chil Sook said it would no doubt indeed handwriting Moon Noh. Seol Won Rang to ask then what happens with the Moon Noh. Chil Sook said he returned to Taebaeksan. Mi Shil said Moon Noh has returned to Taebaeksan and he only sends Bi Dam but he was not there.
Yeom Jong glad he got a book Moon Noh and she covered her face with a cloth as Bi Dam comes with blood-stained sword. Yeom Jong heard footsteps and asked who it is and want nothing. Bi Dam silent and kicked a chair, Yeom Jong asked what was wrong and there is no answer, then Yeom Jong open cloth from her face and sat down when he saw Bi Dam with blood-stained clothes and sword. Yeom Jong asked who the Bi Dam and how he could enter. Bi Dam changed a bit crazy and want Yeom Jong guess, blood on his hands was not hers, Bi Dam asked about whom the blood is yes ..
Yeom Jong shouted at orang2 and ask for help but no reply. Bi Dam said Yeom Jong true calling him names, because their blood is on his hands. Yeom Jong running scared. Dam Bi's easy to catch and showed blood-stained sword and said that knowing the location of the temple and find out the contents of the book there are only 2 people of them. Then Bi Dam said that the man who killed his teacher is not himself, so it must Yeom Jong, what is it?
Yeom Jong laughed and asked why he came to intervene in the affairs of people and mass murder, just for the book or to avenge the death of his teacher. Bi Dam answer for both. Yeom Jong said would kill him if Bi Dam, Dam Bi will not find the book, but it seems he does not care one bit, even if Bi Dam could not find the book, he has enjoyed the pleasure of killing Yeom Jong.
Bi Dam interesting collar Yeom Jong and will cut the throat when Yeom Yeom Jong Jong laugh that if Bi Dam hopes will be able to satisfy the desires of revenge, but not the later Bi Dam itself can be accused of killing Moon Noh and then what difference does it make them both. Yeom Jong said, why they do not sit down and discuss about the book. Yeom Jong Dam Bi urged to take the book and Yeom Jong asked why he kept pushing. Bi Dam remains urgent and direct the blade to the throat Yeom Jong anytime. Yeom Jong laughs to distract Bi Dam. Bi Dam said do not act stupid or try to flee.
Yeom Jong laugh after what he witnessed anyone who would mess with Bi Dam. Jong Yeon Bi Dam led to the corridor and said the book is here. Then Bi Dam saw the ball of paper out of a room and Bi Dam aghast. Yeom Jong said that Bi Dam too scary something that does not mean. Bi Dam picked up the ball of paper and opened it, she was shocked, it is a page from the 3 countries that are prepared topography Noh Moon, Yeom Jong with his crippling blow to the stomach.
Bi Dam went into the room and throw the ball hit the paper and see someone wearing earrings, then she saw a table full of paper balls made from the book Moon Noh. Then he remembered there was someone who had come looking Yeom Yeom Jong and Jong showed earrings. Bi Dam issue a knife and pointed it at Kim Chun Chu covering his face with a sheet of paper from the book Moon Noh and Bi Dam stops.
Kim Chun Chu lowered the paper and asked what it's kertas2 Bi Bi Dam Dam and directs the knife into the neck Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu smiled at Bi Dam.
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