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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 36

Deok Man knows this strategy Mi Shil. Kim Yu Shin said orang2 was only farmed the land owned by his family. What's wrong with letting them appreciate people grow crops for their food because their land was barren. Kim Yu Shin said that those who are less fortunate and in a situation that is unfair to death for looking for life that is regarded as a crime. Kim Yu Shin Won Seol told that this is only assumption that does not have strong evidence. Seol Won said there was no proof but he will check this. Kim Yu Shin Seol Won asked what he should do. Seol Won offered to help he will be working together so that Kim Yu Yu Shin Shin will become Pungwolju without hesitation.
Deok Man Mi Shil asked what the plan was to scuttle the appointment of Kim Yu Shin, whereas there was no evidence. Mi Shil said there is no smoke without fire. Mi Shil said Deok Man to prove that Kim Yu Shin has nothing to do with this problem. What Man can trust Deok Kim Yu Shin fully. Deok Man must see Kim Yu Shin not only as individuals but who he is, Kim Yu Shin is a descendant of style and he is the family leader. This proves the power of Kim Yu Shin but also weaknesses. Mi Shil Kim Yu Shin said not her but the power that surrounded him and to watch Deok Man. Mi Shil said this problem can not be separated with a clear line. Mi Shil reminded, like it or not Kim Yu Shin must bear the burden of the people of Hollywood on his shoulders. Kim Yu Shin can not remove them and he can take them into battle.
Deok Man asked what Mi Shil try to offer. Seol Won Kim Yu Shin asked to bring a leader Bo Gya Hoe, all suspicions will disappear. Kim Yu Shin asked how he knew who the leader Bo Gya Hoe. Seol Won said he might not know who the leader Bo Gya Hoe, but if Kim Yu Shin managed to catch it will be good as a service for Kim Yu Shin. This will help his appointment as Pungwolju.
Al greets Deok Cheon and Kim Man Yu Shin. Al Cheon Hwa Rang wonder why the council objected to the appointment of Kim Yu Shin as Pungwolju. Al Cheon said how orang2 who has seen it struggle in Bi Yu Shin Jae could do that. Even people like Bum Seok also did not protest. Kim Yu Shin said that this is due to issue its proposal usal as Hollywood. It's also about the transfer of refugees from Samnyangju style to land. This time they want Bo Gya Hoe. Al Cheon said, they also realized Bo Gya Hoe? Kim Yu Shin said they are familiar with Bo Gya Hoe. Deok Man understand this is their plan and the Deok Man is trapped.
Seol Won said that they would face a dilemma because his hands are tied. Shil said Kim Yu Mi Shin Bo should give the leader Gya Hoe to resolve this problem. Kim Yu Shin will lose the trust of the people of Hollywood. Won Seol said: If Kim Yu Shin unable to expel the suspicion of it then it will fail to be appointed as Pungwolju. Mi Shil agree, this will haunt Kim Yu Shin in her lifetime. Seol Won said the best strategy to take is to join the Shin Yu Mi Shil. But not sure when Seol Won Shin Yu will soon realize it. Mi Shil said they should at least be able to give evidence on this charge. Seol Won said he was putting people in the name Bangso Kim Seo-Hyeon. They always communicate with the carrier pigeon in Iseo. Mi Seol Won Shil asked what has put this person since Kim Seo Hyeon into Seorabeol?
Bangso reported on Seo Hyeon Kim Hwa Rang the council rejected the appointment of Kim Yu shin as Pungwolju. Seo Hyeon Kim asked what their reasons. Because they were suspicious of Kim Yu Shin involved with the group Bo Hoe Gya. Princess Man Myeong felt the name was familiar and Kim Seo-Hyeon cut his wife. He dismissed Bangso etc. After they left, Kim Seo Hyeon told his wife he was going to the palace. Seo Hyeon Kim asked his wife to save decree / agreement carefully. Seo Hyeon Kim insisted that all be done with caution. Kim Seo-Hyeon to the palace and asked his men to make preparations. He asked Bangso lived until he returned. Then Bangso see Princess Man Myeong save a box and he was suspicious.
Seo Ji met Yonghwa regiment and he still had business with Joo Bang. Wyol Yes come. Seo Ji announced this was the adopted son Kim Seo-Hyeon and ask them to give respect. All salute at Wyol Yes. Wyol Ya said when Kim Yu Shin was appointed as Pungwolju, he will replace Kim Yu Shin leading the regimental Yonghwa Hyangdo. He will help Kim Yu Shin makes this regiment became the best regiment in Seorabeol. Some of the cadre of the regiment Yonghwa said Kim Yu shin face obstacles to be elected as Pungwolju. They said Kim Yu Shin accused of having links with insurgents Bo Hoe Gya.
King received a report from Kim Seo-Hyeon and shocked. King asked what right has a relationship with Shin Yu Bo rebels Gya Hoe. Seo Hyeon Kim said this strategy is designed Mi Shil. King said that if they knew this would happen, is not it better they let Bo Jong as Pungwolju rather than allowing them to launch a better strategy.
Queen Maya see Deok Deok Man Man and see benar2 plagued with problems with Kim Yu Shin Mi Shil. Deok Man also saw his mother uneasy. Deok Man asked what was wrong, the Queen said Kim Chun Chu left the palace again. Deok Man said Kim Chun Chu did not live in the palace one day and refused to meet anyone. Queen said that they do not have to worry too much about Chun Chu, because he was very young. Empress Chun Chu was behaving like that because he missed his mother and he is also young so reaction to this rebellion can still be understood.
Mi Saeng introduce quality wines and aged in Chun Chu. He promotes that this wine is very good because it distils well but will not be intoxicating because of low content of alcohol and said that this is for long life and youthful.
Mi Saeng Cheongju introduced to Kim Chun Chu. Cheonju is the wine clear or transparent, such as sake. (Cur price is 33,000 won / bottle).
Mi Saeng asked how it feels. Kim Chun Chu taste the wine and said that when he felt the softness and strength of wine into the mouth and tongue with fragrant water. Mi glad because Saeng Kim Chun Chu aptly describes the feeling of the wine. Kim Chun Chu said when the wine is distilled must be mixed with flowers and rempah2 in the basic process. Kim Chun Chu guess it must honeysuckle and chrysanthemums. Saeng Mi wonder how children as young as Kim Chun Chu know about wine so accurately. Kim Chun Chu said that the Sui Dynasty of China distill anngurnya with bunga2.
Mi Saeng show fear because of this problem. Kim Chun Chu Mi Saeng realize fear and he asked what the Mi Saeng afraid of? Mi Saeng said, they had just met but already like old friends with the same pleasure. Mi Saeng said he heard Chun Chu could not ride a horse, he is also the same. But Mi Saeng said he has talent in other fields. Mi Saeng sip wine and describe it was like traveling between real life and Khayangan. Kim Chun Chu said that this is such a beautiful woman from a distant land who danced beautifully. Nam Dae Bo does not understand what was said by his father and Kim Chun Chu. Mi Saeng said that he had met his soul mate and invited Kim Chun Chu follow.
Mi Chu Chun Saeng invited to Gibang (a kind of entertainment). Mi know Saeng Kim Chun Chu wanted to play. Mi Chu Chun Saeng brought into a private room and she poured the wine for Chun Chu. Then Mi Saeng ordered the screen is opened. A woman came out and Mi Saeng asked the girl smiles and turns, and then asked what he thought Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu said that the proportion of body and face are not consistent. The point? Kim Chun Chu said rare beauty not to be found in something that is not symmetrical. Then the women into 2, Kim Chun Chu felt he was also the same. Mi Saeng can see what the purpose of Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu said she did not have a natural beauty. Mi Saeng said to ask the girl to-3. Mi Saeng asks what about him? Kim Chun Chu wanted the girl to-3 that showed his hand. Then Chun Chu asked him to spin.Kim Chun Chu: turn around and raise the hair on your neck.
Mi Saeng Kim Chun Chu thinking like this.
Kim Yu Shin met Moon Noh. Moon Noh wanted to hear the real thing from Kim Yu Shin. Moon Noh any promise that he would keep it secret. Moon Noh believe that if Kim Yu Shin became Pungwolju it will bring more benefits and also significant for the Hwa Rang but somehow Kim Yu Shin's relationship with Hollywood is a hindrance. It can not be viewed simply as giving land to grow crops for refugees Hollywood. Moon Noh was asked what style of refugees is on the ground in Amnyangju Shin Yu. Kim Yu Shin justify. Yu Shin Kim also promised not to raise taxes for them.
Moon Noh Yu Shin surprised that did not get anything. Kim Yu Shin justify. Kim Yu Shin did to get loyalty and alliance with them. He will use the alliance to strengthen the Style in the number and then would affect the politician Silla. Kim Yu Shin knows that Hollywood will never be its own country and although it can not get any benefit. Kim Yu Shin believers to build a strong political force in Silla, as part of this country, they will help Silla's ambition is to unite the three countries with a plunge into battlefields. This is a way for Hollywood offspring to survive. Even if he is not likely to be Pungwolju, he would not betray the people of Hollywood.
Bi Dam remember Moon Noh said he was not required in Seorabeol and asked Bi Dam went with him and make preparations. Then Moon Noh said Bi Dam stupid, even though Bi Dam gave all his efforts, Moon Noh unsure Bi Dam to surpass Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam asked herself why she should go.
Moon Noh think Kim Yu Shin benar2 great person but it's too blunt, which will only lead to obstacles for him. Moon Noh think what he should do.
Bi Dam went to the temple Deok Il Sa. He goes to Moon Noh room and look for topographical maps, but he benar2 confused when the map was missing. He remembered the Moon Noh scold him when he knew Bi Dam went to this temple.
Wyol Yes and Seo Ji met Kim Yu Shin, they are worrisome objection to the appointment of Yu Shin as Pungwolju. Seo Ji said he was willing to be perceived as a leader Bo Gya Hoe. Wyol Ya said they had no choice. It's for the appointment of Kim Yu Shin. If Kim Yu Shin release it, he will be proven guilty with their allegations. Seo Kim Yu Shin Ji asked to make decisions and not think about it anymore.
Kim YU Shin asked why they react like desire Mi Shil. What's worth sacrificing one's clean up the mistake at the altar. Wyol Ya said they had no choice. If they are forced to give up something, at least they should cut his losses as little as possible. Kim Yu Shin asked what they should surrender to the greater force they do not realize that they need to unite to be strong and be the basis of their ambition. Seo Ji also know it but the condition is requested so. This satu2nya options they could take. Shin Yu Ya Wyol asked to think in broad scale. (Tirzah: its forex term, time-frames dg bigger he .. he)
Kim Yu Shin Mi see Deok Man Shil. He intends to withdraw from the race. Deok Man Mi Shil surprised and pleased. Kim Yu Shin said it will resolve all doubt. Mi Shil asked this only to offer Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin said that he believes will lift Bo Mi Jong Shil as Pungwolju but he wanted to know how many will accept that decision. Kim Yu Shin reminded that all witnessed what happened at the Bi Jae. Kim Yu Shin said he had obtained the right to shake Jae Bi Pungwolju of victory and then defeated by the aggravating circumstances and the decision of appointment. Kim Yu Shin asked how they would take care of it. Seol Won Deok Man Rang handed in a document that is written for Bo Yu Shin Kim Hoe Gya. Deok Man opened it and he was surprised. Mi Shil said that this document will explain the situation and evidence of any doubt.
Princess Man myeon told her husband that the document was missing. Seo Hyeon Kim: What do you mean the document was missing! Princess Man Myeong said about the documents concerning the land tax. Princess Man Myeong afraid to hide the documents in the house, so he hid in a room Mun Hee. (The first time Kim Mun Hee name called, he's younger sister Kim Yu Shin, will be married to Kim Chun Chu and the Queen Munmyeong)
Seo Hyeon Kim's men reported that one of their friends Bangso disappeared. Kim Seo Hyeon Myeong Man shocked and daughter asked what was checked dibagiannya. The man said, Bangso disappeared with all his closest friends.
Deok Man shocked with what he had read. Seol Won explained that the document is proof that Kim Yu Shin intentionally not collecting taxes on land Amnyangju. Seol Won said no matter how good the intentions Kim Yu Shin, but not this mean also funding Bo Hoe Gya. Shin Yu Mi Shil view with the view of winning.
Al Cheon asked how the document fell by the hands of Mi Shil. Kim Yu Shin suspect they had stolen from his family home. Al Cheon suspicious of their intentions, they should immediately arrest Kim Yu Shin to military and defense ministries. But why do they only show up at Yu Shin Deok Man. Deok Man said from the beginning they would not be caught Yu Shin. Kim Yu Mi Shil Shin remember no intention hostile to him. Al Cheon wonder, then what? Deok Man said Shil want Kim Yu Mi Shin. Al Cheon shock. Deok Man annoyed and said to myself, this is most irritated me. Deok Man and Yu Shin thinking. Moon Noh also seems to have made a decision and leave his residence.
Deok Man met Kim Yu Shin. Deok Man said they must hand over as leader Bo Seo Ji Hoe Gya. Kim Yu Shin refused. Deok Man said they had no other choice. Kim Yu Shin said, once they submit Seo Ji, Mi Shil will then ask the others and will continue until all their wishes fulfilled. Deok Man said it should be done.
Kim Yu Shin asked what Deok Man know what that means, if they submit Seo Ji then it will prove that the refugees involved with Bo Gya Style Hoe and if Kim Yu Shin still failed to convince them, then they will ask orang2 in Amnyangju, one by one would be accused of rebellion . Bi Dam and Moon Noh overheard their conversation. If he continues to refuse, then one by one orang2nya be slaughtered. Kim Yu Shin asked her to realize that orang2 Style Man Kim Yu Shin is part of Silla's orang2 Deok Man. Yu Shin Deok Man asks what will get rid of them? Deok Man asked what he had to let go of Kim Yu Shin. Deok Man said just because he never told Kim Yu Shin, Yu Shin Kim what he thought had no feelings about it.
Kim Yu Shin explained that this trip is something that should be decided Deok Man. What became Queen is easy. Kim Yu Shin asked him to keep his people wisely and not just with an iron fist. Kim Yu Shin said the people must be protected and it is expected that the people in the ruling, which protected their lives and to achieve that, then he should do it and he hoped Deok Man will do the same. Deok Man asked then what about me. Kim Yu Shin gives reality, this is the way to go Deok Man himself.
Moon Deok Noh Man go and meet with Kim Yu Shin. Moon Noh said he had heard their conversation by chance. Moon Noh asked what they need to get people's hearts to reach the world. This is because the rulers need to have a foundation of people who support them. People are not born as a hero, but formed by orang2 disekitarnya.Moon Noh said what he said to the Princess Deok Man probably will not make her happy. Being a ruler is not easy. Then Moon Noh asked about other options that say Princess Deok Man.
Deok Man Dam Bi weeping and come and see him cry. Bi Dam tried to ask what was wrong (even though she already knew). Deok Man mumbled he was not the same as Mi Shil and vowed never to become like Mi Shil. Bi Dam Deok Man does not understand the words. Bi Dam Deok Man asked to explain his point. Deok Man confessed that he could never let go of Kim Yu Shin but he could not admit the fact that he likes Kim Yu Shin and had to let it all happen. Bi Dam Deok Man tries to entertain but he hesitated, but eventually he holds shoulder Deok Deok Man Man and soothe a crying.
Moon Noh asked what was planned Kim Yu Shin and what he can do it. Kim Yu Shin said she had to do this. Kim Yu Shin bowed and left. Bi Dam Deok Man left the residence. Moon Deok Noh think what benar2 Man has the will of heaven or he is wrong to judge from the beginning that the sky had other plans. Moon Noh asked whether it is Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam to see Moon Noh. Moon Noh asked what he thought of Bi Dam with this problem. Bi Dam just ask her book. Moon Noh asked what went into the temple Bi Dam Deok Il Sa again. Bi Dam said the book was hers or not. Moon Noh said Bi Da benar2 stupid and how he could turn into the case, then Moon Noh way through it.
Ha Jong asked for clarification of what really Jong Bo Mi Saeng benar2 say that. Bo Jong agreed. Shil Mi Mi asked what was said Saeng. Se Jong Kim seems like Bo Chun Chu Ryang. Mi Saeng've asked and Seol Won Jong Bo Rang to arrange their meeting. (Bo Bo Jong Ryang is the daughter and Princess Yang Myeong)
Seol Won surprisingly interested in Bo Chun Chu Ryang. Bo Jong justify it. Ha Jong Bo asks why should Ryang, he also had a beautiful daughter to be introduced. Mi Shil said was true and asked where Mi Saeng now. Bo Jong said he was gone again by Kim Chun Chu. Mi Shil Kim Chun Chu asked what was really pleased with the Mi-Saeng. Bo Jong said, according to Nam Dae Bo they called each other as friends forever. Mi Shil laugh.
Mi Chu Chun Saeng said that there are some things that can be compared with women and wine, but if they seek pleasure, it can not be compared. Kim Chun Chu asked what it was. Mi Saeng said he would show it. Meanwhile, following the Moon Dam Bi Noh then he saw Mi Saeng Kim Chun Chu invites to places of entertainment. Mi Saeng pay an entrance fee and took Chun Chu in, but he was arrested for Mi Saeng only pay for one person. Mi Saeng angry, how could he ask Chun Chu's pay. Mi Saeng show his power. Finally, they allow the Mi Saeng Kim and Chun Chu entrance. Mi Saeng looks familiar with all the staff, seemed to invite Chun Chu Mi-Saeng to the casino Silla. Bi Dam trying to sneak into the casino through a water wheel and managed to enter.
Mi Saeng Kim Chun Chu explained that the game really easy. They play Juryeonggu dice, dice 14 side, with no 1-7 are carved on both sides. There are 2 dice in a bowl.
Kim Chun Chu felt he knew how to play, he must bet between the No. 2 through 14. Mi Chu Chun Saeng praise of intelligence. Mi Saeng said they were perfect. Mi Saeng Kim Chun Chu asked to try to bet. Chun Chu said he would vote no.5
After the dice shaken and opened, it turns out no 4 and 1, number 5. Mi Saeng pleased and said Chun Chu benar2 lucky. Saeng Mi Chun Chu asked what the next bet. Kim Chun Chu asked no9. Mi Saeng said he would bet on No. 8 for Chun Chu. When the dice shaken, look no 4 and 5, jmlnya 9. Mi benar2 Saeng said so good luck there on Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu bet no 12. Mi Saeng asks where Yeom Jong. He answered to the port. Yeom Jong Mi Saeng like airports subscription. Mi Saeng seems deliberately arranged for Chu Chun wins.
Bandar was said not to worry Saeng Mi, Mi Saeng Kim Chun Chu pointed, a young man with thick eyebrows that it must win and hold in any way. Bandar understood. When the dice shaken, exit number 5 and 7 jmlnya 12. Mi Saeng once pretended to be surprised with the victory Chun Chu. Mi Saeng then tried to bet no 12. Bi Dam entered the casino and wonder what the Moon Noh here. Kim Chun Chu wins and now has attracted many people to see. Bi Dam tried to attract attention when Mi Chu Chun Saeng distract. Bi Dam tried not to look Mi Saeng. Bi Dam then tried Chun Chu signaled that this game is set up, and Kim Chun Chu said he already knew. (Tirzah: wow .. this cutie pie is indeed a genius and smart) Bi Dam went with a smile.
Mi Seol Won Shil asked what the Kim Yu Shin. Seol Won said, good and Princess Kim Yu Shin Deok Man is on his residence masing2. Mi Shil said he has not heard it. Mi Shil said what was said Kim Yu Shin accurate. If they suspend the appointment of Yu Shin then they should announce to the public on this document. If they do, they will never get Kim Yu Shin, Won Seol said. Mi Shil remember that Shin Yu Mi Shil never said if he wanted it would only get his corpse. This can only be offered at Mi Shil Shin Yu, Yu Shin will not go to Mi Shil hidup2.
Princess Man Myeong Shin Yu said they were forced to join. Shin Yu said he knew exactly what they mean. Kim Seo Hyeon Shin Yu said because already know they will not ask anything from her son. Kim Yu Shin's parents showed confidence in their son, Yu Shin definitely be able to decide the issue.
So Hwa entertaining Deok Man, Deok Man told me everything that is said Kim Yu Shin on So Hwa. This is a great choice Deok Man take, even if it is beyond his will. Kim Yu Shin true. Deok Man said if she wanted to have Kim Yu Shin himself, then he will lose and get rid of so many people and even if Deok Man do it to have Kim Yu Shin, Yu Shin Kim will then leave it because it Deok Man action. He knew it. So Hwa advises Deok Man that he should let her heart lead, what his heart saw and heard, and saw it again. It seems So Hwa talking to himself about Chil Sook. A servant of Princess Deok Man asked what he needed to announce the arrival of Kim Yu Shin because he has been long established here. Kim Yu Shin said no need and leave.
(The residence is the location of the park Deok Man Dae Jang Geum)
Kim Yu Shin sat down to think about what he would do. (Kim Yu Shin jumped from park Dae Jang Geum in Yangju, near Seoul to the Shilla Millennium Park in Gyeongju he .. he)
Seol Won Kim Yu Shin meet and ask what is the purpose of arrival Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin said she had met Mi Shil. Seol Won Yu Shin Kim asked what had made the decision. Meanwhile, Deok Man got a report that Kim Yu Shin was standing outside his residence and he was gone. So Hwa wonder why he did not announce his arrival. The waiter said Kim Yu Shin forbade him to announce his arrival but he stood for a long time and then immediately left. Deok Man realizes in his heart what he would do Kim Yu Shin and it hurt, then he left his residence. So Hwa follow Deok Man.
Bi Dam following the Moon Noh, when some traders go back and guard salute. The merchant, Yeon Jong asked what there is to be reported. The guard said, Moon Noh here. Bi Dam sharpens hearing. Yeom Jong enter the casino. Bi Dam followed her into a room where the Moon Noh wait. He apologized for Moon Noh have waited a long time. Moon Noh Gaeunpo hear it from the harbor (now Ulsan).
Yeom Jung Pil Seon said that just returned from Goguryeo and he brings new information and asked him what he needs to tell the Moon Noh. Moon Noh said he would listen to the information later but first they must complement the topography and geography of the 3 kingdoms. Dam Bi was surprised when I heard topography 3 kingdom. Yeom Jong surprised that they have to complete it. Moon Noh said he had to immediately finish the last chapter and complete topography. Yeom Moon Jong Noh never say that it must wait for the right time to complete. Moon Noh said the owner of this book has appeared.
Yeom Jung surprised that there are owners of this book, not the Moon Noh constitute it, how can some of this buku2 owner. What people can be trusted to have this buku2. Yeom Jong reminds businesses that have been issued to compile this book and now the Moon Noh will give it to someone else. Moon Noh explained that the man is the most honest people. Bi Dam guess of what the man described Yeom Moon Jong Noh. But Moon Noh said no. Moon Noh said the person can move and touch people's hearts. Moon Noh said for the sake of his pride, his own greatness, and the profits he turned his back from the world to escape from reality. But these people do not like him. What's he like, said Yeom Jong. Moon Noh said that even if this person drowned in the dirt, he will remain determined to protect their families and their nation.
Bi Dam surprise, he realized that the Moon Noh speaks about Kim Yu Shin. Yeom Jong asked what this person is trustworthy that Moon Noh trust him. Moon Noh Yu Shin met and asked what more could be done Kim Yu Shin on this issue. Kim Yu Shin: I will kneel before them, and not only that, I will humble myself if they ask, I will crawl on them if they ask, even if they want me to lick their feet, I'll do it. All this does not mean contempt for him. (Tirzah: sigh .. that's how Kim Yu Shin Deok Man and his people love him ... great benar2 General)
Kim Yu Mi Shil Shin met in the corridor and Deok Man also reached the corridors. Yu Shin Kim kneeling in front of Mi Shil who make Deok Man shocked, he almost fell and So Hwa held. Meanwhile Yeom Moon Jong Noh told that he decided to bet on after seeing Kim Yu Shin Yu Shin Kim's decision. Moon Noh said from the beginning this is not something he imagined. Bi Dam benar2 looks upset because he was defeated by Kim Yu Shin Moon Noh as an option.
Mi Shil who saw how blow Deok Man saw this, with mild to ask, what was meant by Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin said he was here on his knees to beg Mi Shil rescue. Mi Shil do not know what it means to save Kim Yu Shin. Mi Shil Kim Yu Shin reminded that once said if he hopes to get loyalty Yu Shin, Mi Shil will only get his body. Kim Yu Shin said he still believed it. Mi Shil then ask then what is this. Kim Yu Mi Shil Shin said that when people drive into Samnyangju Style, and now he will accuse them of crimes which will lead to death. Mi Shil admitted he could and it seems he will do it. Kim Yu Shin said today he can accept his own death but he would never accept the sacrifice of innocent lives for their interests. Mi Shil Kim Yu Shin asked what came to him to save his life.
Kim Yu Shin confirmed that he is now ready to accept and acknowledge where he stands and anything that does not belong to him, he plans to leave, that's why Kim Yu Shin hoping to join the Mi Shil.
Mi Shil Kim Yu Shin laugh that wanted to come up in his arms. Mi Shil: my arms into my arms ..? Mi Shil brag on Deok Kim Yu Shin Man that wants to come to embrace Mi Shil. Mi Shil admit, when he was young he hoped to have Kim Yu Shin for himself, but unfortunately he is old. Mi Shil suggested as a symbol of joining Shil Kim Yu Mi Shin, Yu Shin Kim asked him to marry her family: Yeong Mo
Kim Yu Shin: Yes, I'll do it
Deok Man shocked with the answer given.
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