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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 33

Then Deok Man saw 4 calligraphy:
Deok (good / virtuous), EOP (enterprise / company / city), Il Shin (New Era), Mang Ra (develop), Sa Bang (4 corners of the compass of the world).Deok Man concludes bring a new era for the country that virtuous for developing to the 4 corners of the compass around the world.
Then they knew that the words taken from sentences Silla Shin (new) in Shin Deok Il EOP, in la (network) of Mang Sa Ra Bang. Kim Yu Shin said so this is certainly the intent of the meaning of the 3 Silla. Deok Man think what this sentence really means Silla. Then Kim Yu Shin found the calligraphy on the dagger: Sam Han Il means the 3 countries.
Deok Man shocked by this revelation, meant to unite the 3 countries Silla, Baekje, and Goguryeo under Silla. That is the meaning of the Silla-3.It was time they answer the questions Moon Noh. Seok Bum said they only found 2 meanings already known to everyone. Im Jong also said the same. Moon Noh open opportunity for everybody. Do anyone know the meaning of the 3rd. Deok Man at the look Mi Shil.
Mi Shil see there is no answer and said that for this round there is no winner. When Moon will announce Noh, Kim Yu Shin Il EOP read the sentence Deok Shin, Mang Sa Ra Bang. Deok Man saw the expression on Shin Yu Mi Shil while stating the sentence and look Mi Shil choked up and it proves that they are right. That is the meaning of the 3rd and Mi Shil know. Kim Yu Shin Shin, and He said in that sentence that make Silla.
Moon Noh said it is the correct answer, then what it means. Kim Yu Shin said to bring a new era of large unitary state that developed from the 4 corners of the earth in the world. Then Moon Shin Yu Noh asked more sense it. Kim Yu Shin looks ragu2. Moon Noh Yu Shin Kim urged for an answer. Kim Yu Shin withhold the truth about the unification plan and said that the sentence is true means as it is written. There is no other purpose. Moon Noh Deok man looks disappointed and saw the pale Mi Shil.
Moon Noh even a little disappointed to receive an explanation Yu Shin and Jae Bi said that in the lalu2, the Hwa Rang do duels and battles for honor and remember King Jinheung actual plan behind the establishment of Hwa Rang, and had been forgotten, so Moon Noh decided to asking that question in this time Jae Bi. It was fate and luck if Kim Yu Shin found the true meaning of Silla. Moon Noh announced that the third round will be held 10 days, let the meaning of Hwa Rang stored in the hearts and souls. Moon Noh Yu Shin Kim declared as the winner.
Joo Bang et al Yonghwa regiment had a chance to reply to other cadre. He even asked one of the cadre who called San Tan to change its name to Dak Chon (village people stupid) because they do not understand the meaning of the 3rd. However, they argue, Yu Shin Kim who won the second round.
Now position the same. The cadre mocking each other and one said Yu Shin apa2 do not know about the battle, he only knew the rock beat and so on. Go Do not ask Sam what he excess sensor that tastes sour. Sam was ill understood and Joo Bang mocked. They poke each other. Until Deok Man appears.
Joo Bang look at it and see Deok Man. Joo Bang said he was delighted Kim Yu Shin wins this round. Deok Man does not use the official phrase when talking with Joo Bang. So Hwa think do not deserve to talk like that. Joo Bang apa2 say no because they are near. Then Joo Bang divert attention So Hwa and was pleased to see So Hwa was able to speak and was very beautiful So Hwa. Deok Man smiles at Joo Bang So Hwa blushed. So Hwa see Joo Joo Bang Bang and thrill to hear So Hwa and other regiments Yonghwa be surprised to see Joo Bang for acting strange.
Ha Jong disappointed with the results of phase II. Mi Moon Saeng surprised to see an expression like he benar2 Noh do not know the meaning of the 3rd. Mi Saeng said, Moon Noh was an honest man and could not be immediately directing his intentions if he wants Kim Yu Shin Jae Bi win in this. Not the Moon Noh character. Se Jong Noh Moon benar2 say that to find meaning eluded. Mi Shil argue the reverse, and Princess Kim Yu Shin Deok Man now knows what it means. Mi Saeng ask if they know why they do not say it. Mi Shil remind them even if they know what they mean, they will not be able to say the answer. Bi said Ha Jong Jae benar2 complex.
Mi Shil think, what Moon Noh tries to say something on Deok Man or he was trying to say that Deok Man does not qualify for that ambition and what he meant by the question that Moon Noh.
Deok Man met Moon Noh. Moon Noh asked the purpose of his arrival. Deok Man come and consult the problem sentence. Moon Noh silent. Seo Hyeon Kim Yu Shin surprised to know that sentence. Yu Shin Why not say it means. Shin Yu said he had no right to say it.
Moon Deok Noh Man to face objections on his appointment as the Queen of Silla may have big ambitions, he was able to implement it as a ruler. Moon Noh said that this is not a gender issue, Moon Noh'm sorry he believes women are also able to hold power well, Mi Shil example. (Tirzah: Woman power .. rocks!). Then Deok Man asked then what is the reason.
Moon Noh said they are now discussing about the great ambition and why Deok Man refers to his personal advantage.
Deok Man said when King Jinheung met his end, this ambition has made the King Jinheung deeply concerned over the future of his country, so he was sweating and shaking because his country will perish and disappear because of weak and helpless and he was afraid this nation will disappear from history. It is felt King Jinheung before his death. Deok Man said Mi Shil not going to sacrifice his personal benefit and risked everything for this great ambition to progress Silla's ambition is very improbable. This is because he has no blood Seonggol that will force him to take the challenge. Deok Man said he benar2 Seonggol and if it does not matter to Moon Noh, at least this is a stepping stone for him to achieve the vision that Moon Noh mean.
Deok Man said that the Moon Noh need to consider what he would do for the future of their nation. Does Moon Noh want a large royal authority, or be handed to the nobleman who will determine the future of this nation. Moon Noh said yes, of course, in the hands of royal authority but not the Queen. Meanwhile, Kim Yu Shin tells his parents that they must be a dragon claw. Kim Seo Hyeon asked whether they had determined the course, as did King Guhae (the last ruler Geumgwan Style, King of the 10th Daegaya. Guhae is the great-grandfather King Kim Yu Shin).
Kim Yu Shin said that they have to understand about the royal family of Silla Silla and all the others so that they can overcome them with patience and endurance. They have managed to reach the throne of Silla and lower their ambitions, as a result they will get a lot. Princess Man Yu Shin Myeong remind, that while serving Princess Yu Shin Deok Man he has a chance to become law of the King, he will have access to the throne. Kim Yu Shin said it will not happen. How does one style descent will be able to sit on the throne of Silla. Then all the nobleman Silla will support the Mi Shil and will rebel and they can trigger a war between Gaya and Silla. Kim Yu Shin said to his father, they should be risking his life, he would be willing to accept everything with all the risks but he has no reason to use a folk style as the stakes. satu2nya solution is right there beside them Deok Man & support for the throne. It's the only way for people to survive in the Silla style.
Kim Yu Shin said that the Silla throne will never be hers, but they can become leaders Silla unification. Kim Yu Shin wants to take an important role in the unification of Silla though he would not live to see what he has accomplished.
Debates between Man and the Moon Deok Noh continues.Moon Noh asked why Deok Man believed that women could be sovereign but there are no women in power before. (Tirzah: there loh .. Queen Jezebel of Babylon, continued to Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba from the South ... haha, hell born Moon Noh blom ..). Moon Noh asked why Deok Man believes that the King Nulji (19th King of Silla) made an order that the throne only to male offspring. This is to avoid more political conflict. Because if the woman who became Queen, there will be struggles between the nobility to become Prince Accompanying the Queen.
Moon Noh give an example, when Deok Man build Cheomseongdae with the purpose of observing the stars, the people came to ask for blessings, their wishes. Like the boy asked. Moon Deok Noh asked what this orang2 Man hoped would accept a woman ruler. Deok Man hopes to achieve big ambitions but will break up public sentiment and divide them what he felt this ambition can be achieved.
Moon Noh said today, they already have a female strategist who has never existed, namely Mi Shil, he is a candidate to achieve that ambition. Deok Man said Mi Shil can never achieve it, Moon Noh asked why, what for he was not Seonggol. Not that one, because Mi Shil did not have that ambition. Mi Shil may be qualified as a ruler but he never inspired the throne and that is why he will never be a ruler. Those who have the ambition to try to do everything to achieve that ambition does not care what will happen and will find a way to do it.
Deok Man said he would make the anger that exists in itself be a strength for him. Will be able to calm the anger that is pressed orang2 Mi Shil. Secondly, with blood Seonggolnya, he will be able to control the nobility. Moon Noh asked what the third? The third was Moon Noh own. Deok Man thanked 2 questions Moon Noh and said he had found his way and will continue his journey. Moon Noh asked what was possible.
Deok Man said that although it is an ambition that does not make sense but he will make it a dream Silla's ambition to achieve. He will change all the myths and legends that can not be compared with this ambition. Moon Noh asked what. Deok Man replied with expectations. Moon Noh surprised with the answers. Deok Man said, what are you people of Silla, or even the Hwa Rang warriors, there must be something that burns in your heart for a resolution that nothing can destroy it.
Deok Moon Man said whatever Noh said he could not reach it, Deok Man will make a big ambition to be an expectation of Silla. Kim Yu Shin said they have to believe that eventually they will unite the three kingdoms into one, it's the only way to bring salvation to his people style, to country Deok Man and Silla. Kim Seo-Hyeon nodded in agreement.
Man on the Moon Deok Noh said, that the unification of three kingdoms is hope for him, the nobles, and people. Expectations of large tracts of land that will make life better and brighter and the abundance of land united. Deok Man asks if it's true meaning of the EOP Deok-Il Shin, Mang Sa Ra Bang. Kim Yu Shin said to himself, he must be Pungwolju in any way.
Joo Bang playing around with the Go Do as he saw So Hwa outside Moon Noh. Go Do not ask him why Joo Bang, Bang Joo just mumbling, so Hwa look more beautiful now. Dae Pung warns that So is the nanny Princess Deok Hwa Man. Go Do Joo Bang strange to see the reaction, he never saw Joo Bang like this. (Tirzah: that's the call: love struck ..). Joo Bang courage and approached So Hwa and ragu2 speak. So Hwa thinks he wants to see Deok Man. When trying to talk to Joo Bang, Chil Sook came and went So Hwa, tiba2 looks like a love triangle.
So Hwa asked what was meant by the arrival of Chil Sook. Chil Sook said he would discuss the matter with Moon Noh Jae Bi. So Hwa said today with Moon Noh Deok Man. Moon noh understand and Deok Man leave his home. Deok Man Sook Chil. So Hwa may feel that the situation became tense and said what Deok Man wants to return to his residence. Deok Man said he was going to the temple of Princess Cheon Myeong. Deok Man just glanced at Chil Sook time passed. So Hwa turned and looked at someone. Bang Joo Hwa think So look at it, but in fact he saw Chil Sook. Joo Bang surprised by the views on So Hwa Sook Chil.
Man facing painting Deok Cheon Myeong Princess, pray for her brother who was missed and asking for support his brother what he can accomplish his task and will make it happen and ultimately to unify the three countries. Meanwhile, Dam Bi think the question of unification of the 3 countries and realize this is already prepared for this Moon Noh.
Bi Dam remember when he was young and asked what they were prepared to go to risky areas such as Goguryeo and Baekje even. Moon Noh said now is not time to express himself and he did this all in preparation for the Bi Dam and he just had to wait when it arrives. Dam Bi young can not understand the purpose of his teacher. Moon Noh said Bi Dam should continue to practice with his martial arts lessons and Noh Moon will not make it useless. Bi Dam said it all for him, Moon Noh said yes. Bi Dam asked what the book was hers, too, Moon Noh said yes. Moon Noh asked Bi Dam to study the book Wi Ryeong Gong Pyeon (15 kata2 sage Confucius on King or wei Ling Gao Yun Gong, an evil king)
Bi Dam study the book and the Moon Noh asked what it meant. Then a small wait Moon Dam Bi Noh at drinking places. Women guards there said Moon Noh is yet to come. Then Bi Dam will be backward. She asked if Bi Dam going backward why a package, Bi Dam said that this package contains a very valuable stuff for him. Some people hear it and wanted to steal the package Bi Dam. Bi Dam tried to keep the goods but lost.
When the Moon Noh come, tavern owner told the incident and he said that Bi Dam looking orang2 who have taken the goods. Moon Noh said how the woman could give orang2 place it on the Bi Dam. She said Bi Dam will exchange it for food so he thinks they will not hurt Bi Dam. Orang2 Moon Noh said what it will take for granted, only with food. Moon Noh asked where they were hiding.
Moon Noh looking for Bi Dam and came to a cave. He saw orang2 lying and dying wail. He saw a small Dam Bi lay unconscious. Moon Noh bring Bi Dam came out and asked what he baik2 only. Bi Dam began to realize and said he'd kill them all. Moon Noh shocked especially when Bi Dam said she put poison in food Chu Do them and poisoned them all.
Small Dam Bi said that the Moon Noh said no one should see this stuff. Moon Noh shock benar2 Dam Bi and ask what their poison with poison. Bi Dam said they attacked him and beat him and stole their belongings and not allowed to view its contents so they must be killed. Bi Dam said as he gave them food and ate it quickly without suspicion and did not know the food is toxic. Moon Noh look into the cave and the landscape like a massacre besar2an. The contents of the package is a topographic map and area 3 Kingdom. Bi Dam saw the book and laughed.
Back to the present, go to the temple Bi Dam Deok Il Sa and meet monks. Bi Dam said his teacher asked him to take a book from this temple. Moon Noh ragu2 because monks will not allow anyone into the room. Bi Dam excuse that his teacher was busy with affairs of state in the palace and not free to come. Bi Dam added that his teacher wanted to give that book to King Jinpyeong and Bi Dam was sent to retrieve it. The monk thought for a moment, then allow Bi Dam entrance.
Bi Dam into the room, and knew what he was looking for. Bi Dam opened the book and pulled out his map and the topography of 3 countries, chapters I and Bi Dam read the entire page. Bi Dam realize that this is what Moon Noh prepared to unite the 3 kingdom and told his teacher he done for his sake? Then when she saw again, he found 2 envelope and opened it with the name In Myeong or date of birth.
In Myeong is the name given to Deok Man at birth, and date of birth was in the year 602 AD Water Dog, month Shimmyo or February of 14 calendar months (or 15 AD) at 9-11 hours a night.
Bi Dam read it and wondered who In Myeong, then opened the envelope with the name Hyeongjong.
Hyeongjong is the name of Bi Dam as Prince. Born in the year 584 AD, the first year Geon Bok, the 7th month of the calendar month 7 (Chil Seok), at 11:00 p.m. to 01:00. (Tirzah: there are discrepancies here, if true means the difference Deokman ama Bi Dam 18 th, there is a scene knp Bidam a toddler stroking Deokman still a baby? Hrsnya Bidam 18th, Deokman new born ... confuse mode on ..)
Bi Dam read the birth date and asked who and he remembers Hyeongjong So Hwa once said can not be allowed to marry Bi Dam Deok Man because they know the child who is Bi Dam it.
Bo Jong was practicing and rest when Seok Bum came in and asked what he thinks. Kim Yu Mi Shin surprise visit Shil and he greets Mi Shil. Mi Shil said tomorrow is the final Bi Jae. Bum Seok asked what incidents in the district of Bo Jong Iseo still disturbing. Seok Bum said not to worry because at that time he was injured. Bo Jong watched his hands and think what might defeat this time because his hands.
Kim Yu Mi Shil Shin surprise that advise him. Shin Yu Mi Shil asked earnestly, because 10 people will face a person as their rivals. They not only risked his life to a man's life and death battle. But if a man is facing 10 people opposed to the situation will be different, this is a call for him to maintain his life in order to survive for reasons no one except the man to deal with opponents that much and it will make a huge difference for that person. For those who win will give great confidence and certainty to win again face the opponent.
Bo Bum Seok Jong tells about events in the ditrik Iseo that it is important not to lose or win, but Bo Jong defeated because he did not have a purpose and a desire to maintain his life as Kim Yu Shin. Mi Shil said that was the situation of the human heart. Mi Bo Jong Shil said that however is a weak opponent, it does not mean he is not invincible and strong, so he advised Yu Shin not to falter in its purpose.
Kim Yu Shin asked what the purpose of Mi Shil advise him. Mi Shil not like to see everything that one-sided. If Yu Shin lose then he would be upset because he was hoping to see desperately battles and cruel. Another reason was that he did not mean enmity with Kim Yu Shin. Mi Shil go after they finish talking. Bo Jong said that for the first time in his life he will gamble everything to win in Bi Jae. Seok Bum nodded.
Kim Yu Shin practice hitting while Wyol O and Seo Ji Hwa Rang come dressed. Wyol Shin Yu Ya said after helping a foster child his father Kim Seo Hyeon, he also became Hwa Rang. Kim Yu Shin said now they are brothers.
Wyol Ya said now he is entering Seorabeol and therefore will win the Bi Yu Shin Jae and become Pungwolju then they can add strength. Kim Yu Shin said it was too fast. Shin Yu Ya Wyol advise for binding marriage with Princess Deok Man and won the crown of Silla with the road as the law of the King, is not that reason helps Deok Man Yu Shin became Queen. Kim Yu Shin said he did not intend to do it. Wyol Ya said yes he knew Yu Shin did not intend to do that, but he will provide support to the Yu Shin if necessary because of their compatriots. No matter, the crown will fall into the hands of Shin or Yu himself, he is not the problem of origin is the descendants sitting on the throne of Silla style, so Kim Yu Shin Pungwolju must win and be in the interest of Hollywood. Wyol Ya go.
Yu Shin Deok Man saw a train from a distance and then Bi Dam sneak behind him and asked whether Kim will win the Bi Yu Jae Shin, Deok Man looked back. Bi Dam Deok Man convincing if confronted Bo Yu Shin Jong as the last time in the district of Iseo then do not worry, there is no apa2nya Jong Bo. Deok Man said this is different because Bi Jae. Benar2 situation is different with time in the district of Iseo. Jong Bo never lost before. Deok Man said Kim Yu Shin should be Pungwolju.
Seol Won Rang to come and see Bi Dam which gives interest to Deok Man. Deok Man asks to what the flower. Bi Dam asked is not it Deok Man's birthday so he picked his way here. Bi Dam said that usually women like flowers. Deok Man said to what interest (well.. Deok man was Grown up in a desert, and spent most of her time as a boy .. Bi Dam). Deok Man asked what is done with interest. Bi Dam said that this flower can be eaten (BWA ha ha .. but it is also true papaya flower rich so ya ..) or used as decoration clothes. Deok Man grateful after all and say this is not a birthday.
Deok Man says he was born the 14th day of February Jeongchuk. Bi Dam remembered with a letter that he found (smart.). Bi Dam said he thought today was the birthday Deok Man and said he was stupid. Deok Man said she was wearing men's clothes for so long and she never felt as a woman but benar2 Dam Bi revive him. Bi Dam Deok Man whispered that he needs to learn to like Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon and asked her man to allow for study in the library of the palace because he wanted to learn. Deok Man agrees and Bi Dam anxious to learn. Deok Man and his entourage left. Seol Won witnessed both from a distance.
Bi Dam Deok Man brings to the library. Deok Man had left word with the guard so he said to the Bi Dam, the Dam Bi free to read all the books. Deok Man go. Bi Dam goes through the rack. Then Bi Dam find Guksa reign of King Jinji, then read it. He found in the first year Geonbok (584 M), Chil Seok 7 on 7 months calendar months, a prince born to King Jinji and Mi Shil, called Hyeongjong. Bi Dam Hyeongjong on a paper track name and save it. Then return the book back to the shelf and go. Seol Won Rang then go to the library and check, he discovered the book was returned on the shelf with the wrong composition and Seol Won Rang saw the book was abused and she checked each page and find the column that contains Hyeongjong.
Bi Dam met Mi Shil. Mi Shil When she asked him what his name passed Bi Dam and he was a student of Noh Moon. Bi Dam justify. Mi Shil said Moon Dam Bi Noh had taught it well, he was fast and smart. Bi Da said he was still less than Mi Shil. Mi Shil asked what he made comparisons with it. Bi Dam laughed and asked memangnya should not compare ourselves. Bi Dam said his teacher was never benar2 liked by his deeds and see him as a brat and said he was cold hearted and without ragu2 will kill if teprovokasi. Dam Bi has been told he has a tendency similar to the Mi Shil. Mi Shil asked whether it is true that the Bi Dam can kill just like that. Bi Dam said he did not know but every she killed, her grief turned into a smile and he asked what it meant Mi Shil. Mi Shil asked him not laugh but a little smile is enough. This will make you appear stronger. Dam Bi showed a little smile on his lips and asked what it meant Mi Shil. Mi Shil benar2 go but her expression is disrupted.
Mi Shil sat at his residence and who can feel the truth and he Bi Dam shock. Bi Dam saw and said so it is indeed Mi Shil. Seol Won Rang meet Bi Bi Dam Dam and greet. Bi Dam to see Moon Noh who was furious with the behavior of Bi Dam. Bi Dam reminded his teacher that the book was hers. Is not the teacher had said it all for himself. If true, why Bi Dam should not be seen. Moon Noh benar2 angry but Bi Dam cut him off and said he would follow the Bi Jae tomorrow. Moon Noh Jae Bi wonder why participate. If he enters Bi jae, then the Moon Noh will repel and not to admit Dam Bi Bi Dam as his disciple. Bi Dam said memangnya Moon Noh never regard it as a student, if he never picked it up as a student, then the Moon Noh also can not remove it. Is this because of incidents that time, it was because I was a kid said Bi Dam. Moon Noh said to myself, just because you were a kid and do something like that, then the Moon Noh do not know how to educate Bi Dam.
Bi Dam said that since the incident, he only pupil in his skin alone but Moon Noh never showed the warmth of a teacher on his students. People who have it considered as a father has suddenly become a stranger to him. At least Moon Noh can say what his mistake. Bi Dam Moon Noh just want to praise him. Moon Noh asked whether Bi Dam is only concerned with the responses Moon Noh rather than feel remorse or mercy. Bi Dam to ask what is reason of since and until now that the Moon Noh his fear in Bi Dam. Bi Dam to ask what on earth is a teacher is afraid of his own student. Bi Dam go and remind Moon Noh that he was only a child, Noh Moon at least once and went to hug him. Moon Noh shouts calling and he sat back in his chair.
Bi Dam sprint then broke down crying (oh my ...). Then Bi Dam Princess ran to the temple seeking Deok Cheon Myeong Man. Deok Man asked what was wrong. Bi Dam said that he would participate Bi Jae tomorrow. Deok Man asks what is Bi Dam. Bi Dam said he would make Kim Yu Shin became Pungwolju.
The next day, Ho Jae Jae Bi announced will be held at 11:00 to 13:00 noon. Will be given special wooden sword from the Ministry of Defence. If there is a fall and unable to stand will be lost to Jae Bi. If there are 2 winners will be awarded on the Moon Sook Noh and Chil to decide who the winner. Bi Jae will choose a new Pungwolju and not only to the Hwa Rang in Hwa Rang Seorabeol but all can participate.
Chil awake when Ho Sook Jae Sook announced to honor as Wonsanghwa Chil. Bi Bi Dam towards Jae. Deok Man burned incense to pray for Cheon Myeong. Deok Man said that the son of Kim Chun Cheon Myeong Chu will soon arrive at Seorabeol. Deok Man said he was a little scared and worried and asked what he would baik2 only. Deok Man also said today is the Bi Jae round III. They hope Kim Yu Shin will become Pungwolju. Bi Dam Deok Man remember and it also hopes to convince him that Kim Yu Shin became Pungwolju.
The Hwa Rang took the sweepstakes. Seok Bum got No.31, and Yu Shin invoked. Kim Yu Shin got no.1. Al Cheon said Kim Yu Shin Baek Eui will meet for the first round. Bo Yu Shin Kim Jong hope will meet in the final. Bum Seok Kim Yu Shin mocking what can survive until the final. Bo tells Kim Jong Yu Shin to make to the final then they will determine who will win between them. Then Bi Dam Hwa Rang through the gate and entered as its own.
Guk San Heun ran Deok Man and asked him to come to the Bi Jae because something has happened. Meanwhile, Jae Ho asked what he wanted with Bi Dam appears here without being invited. Bi Dam announced that he participated in the Bi Jae. Deok Man shocked to see Bi Bi Jae Dam on site and wonder what will be done Bi Dam
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