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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 32

Moon Noh added, as the Hwarang what is the difference battlefield and everyday life. Bo Jong said he was taught to not tell the difference. Moon Noh then asked on the battlefield, what is considered by the commander. Bo Jong said he was never taught to focus only on one side but a few options and see the situation as a whole. Moon Noh asked again what is the reason why they should be seen as a whole. Jong Bo replied field soldiers who are unable to see around him is a dead soldier. But the squad leader who could not see around him will bring his troops into the slaughter. Moon Noh said that Bo Jong benar2 accurate answers and announce that the winner of the first phase is Bi Bo Jae Jong.
All the cadre began to make fun of because Bo Jong Yonghwa Regiment who won the stage I. Joo Bang said they have not lost in the first round, but will be a winner next two rounds. other cadre said they knew that the act 3 is the game defensively. But what do you guys know what the 2nd round. All had never seen Bo Jong Jae Bi failed in the match. They also said Kim Yu Shin had been lost with Seok Bum. But Joo Bang said it first.
Bang Joo Moon Noh annoyed with that seemed to give the wind on the Mi Shil. Bo Jong said it was too early to congratulate her. Im Jong Seok Bum asked admitted that there is no captain here who rival the Hwarang military capabilities but Im Bo Jong Jong Jong remember that Bo had experienced difficulties when facing Kim Yu shin on the Iseo district.
Bum Seok Jong Bo said the time was injured hand. Jong Bo do not agree, he knew Kim Yu Shin experiencing rapid progress with the science of his sword. When he later met Yu Shin in the final he will fight all out. Bum Seok Shin Yu has agreed to forward rapidly, but this time he pressed while now matches Bi Jong Jae and Bo never defeated before. Im Jong said however the winner will be caught.
Seol Won smiled, he knew this benar2 Moon Noh character. Seol Won Mi Shil asked what he remembered. Ha Jong remember what to ask? Mi Shil said this is the lesson provided by the late King Jinheung on them. Do not let the attention focus on just one but looking at the overall situation and then focus on the details. Se Jong Guk seon sure to be fair in this Jae Bi. Ha Jong said they knew the 3rd round of the martial arts, but what the 2nd round of exams? Mi Shil not answer it.
Bi Dam kept thinking about the words So Hwa that he did not allow it and not be married Bi Dam Deok Man because they know that children who Dam Bi. Bi Dam went to the Moon Noh. Moon Noh asked if anyone would like it to say. Bi Dam changed the question what the 2nd round of questions. Moon Noh Yu Shin Kim asked what sent him. No, he just wanted to know. Noh Moon Dam Bi warned not to try to help Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam agree and he will not do it. Bi Dam said in his heart he was never asked who their parents. Moon Noh see Bi Dam still stands alone. Bi Dam wanted to ask a child who he is. Moon Noh asked if there's more to say. Bi Dam said there was no nothing.
The next morning, Moon Noh announced Exam Round 2 to select Pungwolju to-15. Moon Noh said they all knew that Silla was founded by King Jijeung as yamg is a heavenly kingdom or the Heavenly Kingdom. (King Jijeung, King of the Silla-22, 503 M)
Moon Noh: Jinheung our glorious King said ... three things that represent the name of Silla Hwarang spirit is forming now ...Mi Shil surprised by the question.
Moon Noh: This is a question to test the 2nd round of Bi Jae. Moon Noh asked them to find 3 words that represent Silla. Moon Noh 3 days to give time to think.
Mi Shil not so calm and Deok Man confused. Deok Man Mi Shil and he was surprised that Mi Shil did not look confident.
Al Cheon guess it must have something to do with iron. Deok Man wonder, why iron. Kim Yu Shin explained that Seorabeol derived from the fields of iron (Swebeol). Relationship with iron, Al Cheon explained that Silla was founded on the Iron Age around th 57 BC in northern Manchuria and also sand iron and pig iron Gameunpo Dalcheon very famous from the Three Kingdoms of Korea.
Kim Yu Shin said that was the reason why the blacksmith Silla kingdom can not be matched by any time. Deok Man think about the fields of iron that make technological advances.
Deok Man give definite answers to military weapons which would be the answer to the first word of the founding of Hwa Rang.
Jong Bo and the gang are also thought of the answer. They saw scratches letters that form words Silla. Sil means cutting a tree with an ax. And it indicates a new discovery. He means form a unit or a network. Deok Man also discovered the same thing with them. Kim Yu Shin said it clearly has to do with the history of invention. Al Cheon said the head of six tribes that form the Silla has chosen a leader that is Hyeokgeose, a foreigner who brought new changes. Deok Man added that not only they accept someone who is not a member but also make him a ruler.
Head of 6 tribes: Lee Yangsan, Jung Goheo, Son Daesu, Jinji Choi, Bae Gari, Seol Style.
Kim Yu Shin said Silla leader not only good to strangers, even appreciate orang2 fugitives or refugees, the land of Silla was never against them. They receive all the new and good for them. Deok Man concluded Silla trying to absorb all the knowledge and develop strength with his new knowledge. So Silla stronger. Then with the help of an aristocrat is the answer at 2 in the Hwa Rang. Al Cheon said that when King Jinheung founded the Hwa Rang he chose someone like Moon Guk Seon Noh, Mi Shil, and Seol Won Rang. Seol Won Rang is a normal person, Moon Noh has no caste, and Mi Shil is a woman. Kim Yu Shin added by doing so, King Jinheung raised new forces and make them into orang2nya. Al Cheon said King Jinheung not see their backgrounds, but look at the skills and abilities and talents they have. King do that even for Hwa Rang palace where King often rely on them. Deok Man concluded that King Jinheung wanted to strengthen its military to lift this orang2 and hone their talents.
Bo Jong asked what the answer to 3. Bojong et al benar2 do not know.
Deok Man said if the military and developing new talent is 2 then what's the answer to 3. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon also think of an answer. Deok Man remember his conversation with Moon Noh. Deok Man think what might be the answer to 3 questions related to the Moon Noh him that time.
Mi Shil upset because he felt cheated Moon Noh. Now he feels fell into traps Moon Noh. Seol Won Mi Shil etc. asking why seemed annoyed. Ha Jong said his mother would not know the answer to the 3rd, he knew to 2 things and forming Silla Hwarang but doubt whether there is a third. Mi Shil said no one can answer that to-3. Seol Won Mi Shil wonder what purpose, if Bo Jong does not answer to the second round, then he would lose the Bi Jae. Mi Shil bekata, Jong Bo had won round I, phase II jd abstained, he will go straight to phase III in the form of martial arts, it is definitely Jong Bo would win. They should convince no one who will win the round so that Bo Jong II will definitely win.
Seol Won asked why Se Jong silent. Se Jong said he agreed with the decision Mi Shil. Se Jong looks nervous. At night, see Mi Se Jong Shil who also looked nervous. Mi Shil convince her husband for not nervous because only two of them who know what the meaning of the 3rd. Moon Noh did not know it so he did this simply by speculating with real answers. Mi Shil also think Deok Man is smart and talented, he will probably find the answer but if he knows, he probably also will not disclose it because he must realize the seriousness of this problem.
Se Jong nod because it was already mentioned by the father Se Jong, namely General Yi Sabu.
Yi Sabu is a smart major-general of the era of King Jinheung strategy. He helped King Jinheung controlled most of the Commonwealth of style become part of Silla, Yi sabu a witness at that time. Mi Shil Jinheung knew it from the King when King nearly died. It had been buried a long time and are not recorded. Se Jong feel uncomfortable with this problem.
Mi Shil Jinheung remember when King was young, he told the minister Yi Sabu and NoRibu that the will and the testimony of King Beopheung given to him is the ambition that will not be affordable. Yi Sabu King asked what he knew what it was ambition. Yi Sabu said it was the name of Silla. The king understands that it is the name of Silla's ambition itself that has big ambitions. King agrees that the ambitions that could be achieved but requires many people to realize it. It is the duty of the King Jinheung and his descendants in the future.
Yi Sabu requested that the national history (Guksa) must be prepared. Yi Sabu said that Geochilbu can be trusted to do the preparation so that the next generation will understand what King's ambitions and will continue. King Jinheung nodded in agreement.
King said the nobleman Geochilbu that the ancestor has been established for over 500 years of Silla and asked to create a national history that can be told to future generations. King Jinheung gave it the name of history: Guksa
Then an incident when King Jinji who became king because the Mi-25 Shil ruler to Silla, damage Guksa. Nobility Geochilbu Noribu and found that several sheets Guksa ripped and burned. Mi Shil meet Noribu and asked what they would do. Noribu say this is the ambition of King Jinheung but authorities now do not want to follow it. Geochilbu say this problem seriously and have taken immediate action. Mi Shil pleased with the support of the 2nd battalion of ministers who make it prepares Kudan and troops. Mi Shil said he will meet King Jinji tomorrow morning.
Then Mi Shil to go with a Prince Hyeongjong (Bi Dam) to meet the King and asked what he would throw benar2 and their children. Events in episode 2. Until last Mi Shil leave Bi Dam on the floor and left.
Seol Won Noh Moon met for the answer. Moon Noh said Mi Shil can do what he sees good, he would not interfere this problem. Seol Won Moon Noh asked to join. Moon Noh said he would not do anything. Se Jong Mi Shil and report to the ministers about the opinions Yi Sabu. Se Jong said his father's illness so that he would only be moral support only. Seol Won said, Moon Noh refused to join them but he said that Mi Shil can do what needs to be done.
Then Mi Shil and Hwarang forced King Jinji abdicate the throne like in episode 2.
Yi sabu Geochilbu ill tell all these goals is to make Mi Shil became Queen. But Geochilbu said that this difficult situation. Yi Sabu say what they want is to be the Queen Mi Shil so if he is elected he will serve the King with all his strength. All acknowledge it. Yi Sabu ask Geochilbu supports Mi Shil. Geochilbu ragu2.
Then the episode when Queen Maya Moon Noh bring back.
Geochilbu with Mi Shil. Geochilbu asked what he would do Mi Shil with the return of Queen Maya. Geochilbu says already destiny Mi Shil, he will never become Queen. Mi Shil now asking what they should forget about this problem and carry out their purpose what is meant Geochilbu. Geochilbu agreed. Geochilbu ask them to keep a lower Guksa King Jinji and acknowledge the King Jinheung testament to everyone.
Mi Shil said King Jinheung desire will only strengthen the King's family, for what he did. Mi Shil said the war will only strengthen the ruling on the throne and to weaken the nobility and why they should do it. Then why the time of King Jinji Mi Shil lose? Mi Shil said that time he tried to become queen, when she became queen she would do what was ordered King Jinheung but he was not the Queen.
Mi Shil remind Geochilbu, if the King Family is strong, then the board of the palace will disappear. absolute power in the hands of the King. What Geochilbu wanted like that. Geochilbu said without the support of Mi Shil, he would still carry out the mandate of King Jinheung. Mi Shil want 3 things that exist in Silla. Only 2 are known. Geochilbu assured that he would not let him because history must be preached without reducing the historical facts. Mi Shil go then Geochilbu asked on the day King died Jinheung what the Mi Shil time. Geochilbu say that there is no evidence to support the claim the court physician, but in fact at the time of King Jinheung died, ornamental plants in addition to the King died.
Mi Shil Jinheung remember when King died and he brought the poison to the king and then he threw in the plant next to the King. Geochilbu asked about people who exist at that time who later disappeared without a trace tiba2 and military movements that occur. Mi Shil What can explain what happened during that night. Mi Shil remind Geochilbu to eliminate the suspicions, if he would survive.
Moon Noh Mi Shil meet on a matter of Act II to Bi Jae. What is the purpose of Moon Noh. Moon Noh said that the King Jijeung is the first announced to 3 contained the meaning of Silla to tell everyone. But Mi Shil said enough 2 are distributed to everyone. And who the 3rd person remains an open question. Moon Noh added under the command of King Jinheung, Geochilbu must complete Guksa. Moon Noh asked not mean that the 3rd is in Guksa. Mi Shil said it must be left behind. Moon Noh said that among the 48 chapters in Guksa, only the first chapter of the history of King Jijeung which was rewritten by Se Jong, and original manuscripts were burned during the reign of King Jinji. Mi Shil asked whether Moon Noh wanted to say he was involved in determining the state of recording history. Moon Noh said that Geochilbu was also met his end.
Mi Se Jong Shil remember him do not be disappointed because there is always a way to become Queen. All messed up with the sudden appearance of Queen Maya. Then Mi Se Jong Shil said should be Sangdaedeung Orrishin (council leader's palace).
Se Jong wonder, Mi Se Jong Shil said was her husband, so it is best to Se Jong must act. People like Geochilbu with great suspicion and sensitive. Later when Queen Maya gave birth, Geochilbu pacing and he called Moon Noh. Moon Noh came to see father-in-law. Geochilbu provide a letter on the Moon Noh and asked him to give the King Jinpyeong from him. Moon Noh comply.
Moon Noh came to King Jinpyeong and waiter said King is in the delivery room. Moon Noh wonder the Queen was about to give birth. Moon Noh provide a letter from his father-in-law and ask the waiter to give to the King.
Moon Noh returned to his father-in-law but he found the father-in-law lay still in bed. Moon Noh check-in-law and father in surprise. Father-in-law died. Mi Shil laughed and asked what Noh Moon suspect. Mi Shil said Geochilbu help. Mi Shil said King Jijeung who first mentioned his ambition and this is why King Jinheung wanted to fulfill his dream. Mi Shil asked whether he knew the contents of the big ambition. Moon Noh do not know. Moon Noh only ask because the third case, called the King Jijeung not in Guksa, so he hopes the younger generation now orang2 intelligence to uncover what's behind it all. Mi Shil said Moon was just thinking noh. What Mi Shil know the answer. Mi Shil not deny but also no answer.
Yonghwa Regiment racked his brains to find out answers to questions Moon Noh. Joo Bang trying to find the answer and other members feel they already know the answer.
Bum Seok Jong Bo and seek answers to the library and Al Yu Shin Kim Cheon together late. They are like students who want mid semester exams:) As they were reading dokumen2, Seol Won Rang to come and ask for Bo and Seok Jong Bum follow. Bo Jong said he had to learn catatan2 and Seol Won see chapter I of the written Guksa Se Jong. He said for Bo Jong releasing it and pass it to Al Cheon, and Yu Shin. Bo Jong wonder and finally they followed Seol Won. Seol Won Jong told Bo does not need to seek answers. Both were surprised. Seol Won said this command Seju Mi Shil. The answer will not be found in the Guksa.
Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon read Guksa, Al Cheon said as he expected, he did not find any. When recast Guksa, Kim Yu Shin saw that the stamp in different Guksa with covers. Al Cheon also see it. Al Cheon said Guksa chapter I shall be stamped by the Ministry of Religious Affairs but the seal of King Jijeung different notes. Looks like the Ministry has two ministers and the chapter I only have one stamp.
Deok Man came in and asked what they find something. Kim Yu Shin did not find anything in it but there was something odd about the cover of the book. Deok Man what a strange question.
Deok Man met King Jinpyeong to ask. King explained that the fire destroyed Parts I and then compiled and rewritten, that's the reason why stempelnya different. Deok Man suspected in fire. King Jinpyeong explained that after the Queen gave birth to his Myeong Cheon, King received a letter from Geochilbu then after that Geochilbu met his end and Se Jong Geochilbu take a position on the board of the palace.
Deok Man asked about Se Jong and King responded he did not know the details, but it is the same time when Guksa King Jijeung fire. Se Jong participate rewriting Chapter I Guksa. Deok Man asked about the meaning of Silla. King said the family knew that the King's palace Jijeung provide 3 things about the meaning of Silla, but the meaning is not written in the 3rd Guksa Guksa was revealed. Deok Man said there was no written record of it. King said Guksa written Geochilbu only contains 2 meanings but then the Moon Noh question. What Moon Noh realized something.
Deok Man asked what he could see the letters of nobility Geochilbu. King asked for the letter was taken. King gave the letter to Deok Man.
Geochilbu: Your Honor, this useless servant who is very concerned about the fate of heavy and trouble will befall the King family and the threats that make our country gone Silla. Please Baginda to keep this nation that they are not divided and support your throne.
King said Geochilbu only mention a sense of concern about the royal family and the future of our country. No one else in his letter.
(In the original text, the last sentence when read from right to left will be the name of King Jinheung dagger. Chinese characters are read from left to right and from top to bottom. When the camera moves, see if Mark wants viewers catch the point.)
Kim Yu Shin Se Jong was surprised that rewrote Guksa. Deok Man said they had found the original manuscript. Deok man asked Al Cheon and Kim Yu Shin find the answer and it will do its part with the Palace archives.
Al Cheon meet with Kim Yong Chu about Geochilbu. Geochilbu serve the King Jinheung and spread Buddhism as state religion. Im Jong said Geochilbu very famous for its military capability. He fought in the war with King Jinheung Maunryeong. (Maunryeong now Hamgyeong Province in North Korea)
Kim Yu Shin her father to look up information about Geochilbu. Kim Seo Hyeon said Geochilbu is great general with a lot of talent, especially talent and history of law reform. When preparing Guksa Geochilbu he led 20 undergraduate and took over the Temple Heungnyunsa to work.
Deok Man met Prince and Princess Man Man Myeong Myeong said that Geochilbu almost the same as Mi Saeng which administers the rules and regulations. Mi Saeng have a lot of talent and genius with intelligence benar2 art, music, and even train Uruk (Uruk is the creator of the style of music that creates Gayatgo or Gayageum).
Queen Maya said everyone knows that Geochilbu scholar who is so genius. Princess Man Myeong said the opposite of the outward appearance, Geochilbu also found Juryeonggu dice (dice with 14 sides, commonly used in drinking games Silla dynasty)
Princess Man Myeong said Geochilbu also very good at mengukir.Dia carve wood and stone as well. Princess Man Myeong said, when he was young, Geochilbu gave her wooden doll with writing on it. But his writing is very complicated so it is not possible legible. It was Princess Man Myeong still young and his eyesight is still good but now she doubted whether she could read it.
Deok Man went back to Al Cheon and Kim Yu Shin. They reported the man Deok oddity that occurred while in the library. Won Seol go in and ask for Bo Jong gave this book to them. Deok man feel weird. Al Cheon also said since then, Jong Bo never returned to the library. Then Deok Man Mi Shil remember the anxious expression when Moon Noh announced about round II. Deok Man said, anything is possible Mi Shil know the answer. Kim Yu Shin said that if Mi Shil know, he will notify the Bo Jong. Deok Man asked then to what Moon Noh repot2 ask.
Kim Yu Mi Shil Shin said that despite knowing the answer but he could not reveal the answer. Deok Man said it may be because the answer involves Mi Shil in it. Deok Man said they had to go to temple Heungnyunsa.
Bi Dam Moon Noh asked who their parents. Noh Moon Dam Bi surprised by the question. Bi Dam feel they must have a reason throw it away. Moon Noh asked why now. (Tirzah: wealth of all missing children asked Moon Noh Deok Man deh ... first, cur Dam Bi ..) Moon Noh asked why tiba2 want to know. Bi Dam So Hwa remember saying that he could not be married to Deok Man. But then Bi Dam to divert attention and said he wanted to be a Hwa Rang. Moon Noh increasingly wonder. Bi Dam said that if he wanted to serve the Princess Deok Man so it's better he serves as the Hwa Rang Princess as Kim Yu Shin but he wanted to know whether the offspring and their background will be accepted and make it into Hwa Rang. Bi Dam asked what kind of person his father was.
Deok Man and his entourage arrived at the temple Heungnyunsa. (Heungnyunsa Temple in Gyeongju and its ruins are now living. There are only a sign of the location of the temple)
Deok Man greets monks and escorted to classrooms where Geochilbu arrange Guksa temple. Pastor said that they did not make any changes and let as before. Deok Man attention to borders and asked what it was. Al Cheon explained if the public in any way the character was still a sense of depth.
Kim Yu Shin Il Gwang Myeong reading means sunshine blessed the day then il Cheon Myeong the sun shining on the sky. Then Gwang Myeong In sunlight shining on the people. That is not going to change even read in any way. Your call Pastor Jin Bang Cha Ma. Read from any direction the same. Geochilbu create kata2 game is to relax the nerves. Deok Man asked what the materials used to construct Guksa still there. The priest said that all important documents are stored in the palace library. The rest is in his study for reference only. Deok Man bahan2 ask to see it and the pastor led them. Deok Man, Al Cheon, and Kim Yu Shin read all the literature.
King asked what was meant by the question Noh Moon. What meant to say Moon Noh Mi Shil know what it means and what Mi Shil change Guksa for its own interests. Mi Shil said they would not know, because only he and Se Jong knows. The truth will be brought to death. Mi Shil said only if they open their mouths. Deok Man can just go to the temple Heungnyunsa and search for all books and documents. It will not change anything, for the sake of this country, let it remain a secret.
Deok Kim Yu Shin Man and read all the books in the temple and did not find apa2 Heungnyunsa. Kim Man Yu Shin asked her a break, he will continue looking. Kim Yu Jae Shin said that for the election of a Bi Pungwolju, this is not to Deok Man but he must find the answers. Deok Man insists he must also know the answer. This is because the Moon Noh think she became Princess King of Silla with the intention of reaching the throne without any knowledge about the capabilities and Silla. Deok Man Moon Noh claimed that true and he did not know anything about Silla. So he must know why. Deok Man said himself, Mi Shil had destroyed all the evidence and take all people to hide the answer. Kim Yu Shin home. Deok Man Geochilbu read a letter to the King once again.
Princess Man Myeong provide Geochilbu carved wooden doll for her as a gift. He gave it to Yu Shin who knows can help. Kim Yu Shin read the calligraphy on the back of the doll and the Princess said Yu Shin still good eyesight so he could still read the fine print that. Yu Shin realizes something and go. Princess Man Yu Shin Myeong puzzled look left in a hurry.
Deok Man aware that the letter in the mail can be read in thy Geochilbu cha Ma Jin Bang, from all directions. Deok Man left his room and Kim Yu Shin Deok Man ran to the place. He sees Deok Man does not dikamarnya and saw the letter and realized where Deok Man go. Deok Man back into the study at the temple and see the whole record. Yu Shin Deok Man met who said calligraphic techniques in wood sculpture is also using the Mu Jin Bang Cha Ma.
Deok Man said Geochilbu really a genius with that technique. The letter provided Geochilbu before his death rather than a simple letter. Deok Man show last sentence from right to left is written: So Do Seong Yeop. Deok Man realized it relates to King Jinheung dagger that belonged to him. Deok Man it out. Kim Yu Shin mini calligraphy felt there must be hidden in the dagger.
So Do Seong Yeop is the dagger of King Jinheung
Deok Man issued a magnifying glass and read the small engraving on the dagger.
There are 4 characters that make Deok Man surprised.
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