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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 31

Deok Man realized when he looked over at So Hwa Hwa So he was surprised to see him. Joo Bang and Go Do surprised to see So Hwa can escape. Deok Man muttered: Mother and stunned then sure if it was So Hwa and ran to meet him, they hugged and cried for joy and a deep longing. Deok Man wants So Hwa said that he benar2 So Hwa and asked where So Hwa during this and he thinks So Hwa's dead in the desert. So Hwa said he was not dead and managed to survive.
Joo Bang and Go Do fun to see So Hwa was able to talk now, she recovered from seeing Deok Man. Deok Man and So Hwa continues to embrace with joy. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon only look with wonder. Pung and Guk Dae San Heun who wanted to save So Hwa Hwa So glad it was safe. Pengejar2 So Hwa too late. So Hwa's gone with Deok Man. Chil Sook come and see So Hwa already met Deok Man. Moon Noh see them and believe that indeed Deok Man is destined benar2 child as opposed to Mi Shil it.
So Hwa Deok Man brings to his residence and wanted to know what happened so far. So Hwa just say how pretty Deok Man with daughter clothes. Deok Man insists So Hwa should tell you everything. So Hwa said another time. Deok Man said he saw Chil Sook in Seorabeol and asked what to get here So Hwa Sook together Chil. So Hwa did not answer it but divert attention by asking how Deok Man can restore its status. Deok Man still want answers. So finally admitted that Chil Sook Hwa save his life. Deok Man surprised. So maybe Chil Sook Hwa said saved him because of instinct. Deok Man still wanted to ask but So Hwa stop it. He was very happy to meet again with Deok Man. Deok Man hugging his mother and So Hwa promised to tell all when the time is right. Deok Man want to hear and understand So Hwa.
So Hwa came to King and Queen Maya. So Hwa King asked how to heal and to speak also capable of running from Mi Shil. Queen said she was looking all these places to find So Hwa, but he failed and was very sad at the Queen. So Hwa also appealed to the King and Queen to conceal that he had been kidnapped by Mi Shil from Deok Man. Queen Maya understand that So Hwa very concerned about the feelings and reactions Deok Man.
So Hwa said Deok Man is the daughter of King, how he was a lowly waiter simply to burden the mind Deok Man. So Hwa said that Deok Man spent his childhood just to worried about him. So Hwa said that although King Jinpyeong entrust Deok Man to be maintained by So Hwa, but actually Deok Manlah guarding So Hwa. Queen Maya said the opposite, because then the Princess Hwalah So now grown into an amazing person. Jinpyeong King expressed his gratitude for loyalty So Hwa and he will pay for all services So Hwa lifetime. King sincerely grateful.
Mi Shil received a report that So Hwa has met again with Princess Deok Man. Bo Jong agreed that problem. Mi Shil asked how Bo Jong let this incident occurred. Bo Jong said there are people who interfered, Chil Sook also confirmed that the man is Moon Noh. Mi Shil shock that the Moon Noh emerged. (Seems Mi Shil got a headache again .. he .. he)
So Hwa Deok Man pulled into her bed and asked what So Hwa knew she wanted to sleep with his mother again as time at the inn in the desert. So Hwa said they could not like it used to be because now Deok Man is the daughter of King and he is a minister of the palace. Deok Man does not want to know and insist that his mother accompanied him. So Hwa said he seemed to see the Moon Noh. Deok Man surprised. So Hwa said earlier he was in danger and it seems the man who saved him was the Moon Noh.
Moon Noh hear from Bi Dam Deok Man that took back its status by forging Bakhyeokgeose forecast. Bi Dam said that's why he wants his teachers to see Deok Man. Moon also asked whether true Noh Deok Man hiding facts about the solar eclipse of all people to memnipulasi Mi Shil. Bi Dam agreed. Moon Noh also asked about the intention of sharing knowledge Deok Man kalenderisasi system to the people with the aim of convincing Wyol Cheon to calculate the eclipse of the sun for him. Iya said Bi Dam. Deok Noh Moon Man will make a surprise because he wants to be Queen. Moon Noh Deok Man surprised to learn ambition to be Queen.
Moon Deok Noh said Man was a woman, she should have the desire to help their partner to gain the throne, because he is now back as a princess. Bi Dam said that Deok Man will be the Queen of Silla and services and discretion will determine the decisions and choices.
Mi Shil said on Seol Won Rang about yng Noh Moon reappeared. Seol Won also said that jurus2 Bi Dam truly remarkable and he has been asking Chil Sook investigate. And it is true, indeed Dam Bi student and even Moon Moon Noh Noh also always notice the movement Deok Man by sending his disciples. Seol Won said they should not underestimate this. Mi Shil think otherwise, if the Moon Noh Deok Man really want to help, so he stayed back to the Hwarang and using his position to help Deok Man and not as simple as Cheomseongdae development. Seol Won Cheomseongdae stated that the construction has already started, but he did not know when to completion.
Mi Shil think what would happen in if Guk Seon Hwa Rang Moon Noh will be back and active in the Hwa Rang. (In Hwa Rang is a senior top 2 positions, Pungwolju The first is now held by Jae Ho. Both are Guk Seon)
Seol Won asked to hold elections to find new Pungwolju, Jae Ho's time to end his post. Mi Bo Jong Shil sure will be the next Pungwolju.
Seol Won Hwa Rang ask Chil Sook entrusted to it. Mi Shil surprised by suggestions that raised Chil Seol Won Sook. Seol Won said as Minister of Defense, tugas2 ministry making it unable to monitor the movement of the Hwa war. Mi Shil said so if anyone Chil Sook, they can mobilize the strength and unity in the Hwa Rang through the Chil Sook. Won Seol Chil states that will be commensurate with Moon Sook Noh. Mi Shil said they should still hiding secrets that those who resist So Hwa. Mi Sook Shil ask Chil invoked.
So Hwa Sook Chil think and remember how his fears So Hwa view it and wonder what it is So Hwa feel about himself (Tirzah: Ooh ... Chil Sook is really in love ..). Bo asks Chil Jong Mi Sook facing Shil. Mi Shil designed the story, because now Princess Deok Man has been recognized, then the King had no reason to hurt So Hwa. King certainly will ask So Hwa serve Princess Deok Man. So instead of destiny Chil So Hwa Sook. Mi Shil said for Deok Man, Chil Sook surely bring bad memories for him. Mi Sook Chil Shil will defend in front of the King, is one of the King for hiding the twin daughters. Mi Shil offer Wonsanghwa position (highest position in the Hwa Rang) in Chil sook, but Chil Sook does not seem so happy.
Mi Sook Shil asks Chil active again in the Hwa Rang because it will be very beneficial to Silla and Deok Man will not be able to do anything on Chil Sook. Chil Sook said he would think and consider. Mi Shil said Moon Noh absence also affects the Hwa Rang and what one has not possessed Noh Moon Sook Chil. Mi Sook Shil Chil mind playing again. Chil Sook asked for time to think and do not know what Shil Mi Sook Chil eat his words or not. Chil Shil Mi Sook left the residence and called So Hwa.
So Hwa awakened like to feel there is a wake. So Hwa accompany Deok Man sleeping. He stroked the hair Deok Man who fell asleep and said to Deok Man beautiful dream and she will return to his place. (Tirzah: it's so sweet ..). When leaving the residence Deok Hwa So Man, Chil Sook be on your way out and call him, So surprised to see Chil Sook Hwa is on the outside malam2 and ran towards the Chil Sook So Hwa and stop it. Chil So Hwa Sook asked what already can speak and So Hwa said already. Chil So Hwa Sook called him but to flee, but So Hwa stop and remember that Chil Sook never asked him to go deep into the mountains and live together. Chil Sook told herself she did not understand why he was always thinking of So Hwa in his heart or what So Hwa would accept her feelings.
So back to looking for Chil Hwa Sook but he was gone. Chil back to Mi Sook Shil and said he was willing to accept the offer Mi Shil. Mi Shil thrilled. Mi Shil promised he would appreciate the loyalty Chil Sook with high positions in the Hwa Rang to replace all Sook Chil suffering for 20 years. Chil sook not so sure. Chil Sook go and think what ultimately became the Mi Shil is his destiny, when he went So Hwa cut path. Chil Sook will go when So Hwa memanggilny and surprise him.
So Hwa Sook met diam2 Chil. So Hwa said he was a little afraid to see Chil Sook earlier. Chil So Hwa Sook asked what benar2 been able to speak. So Hwa nodded. Chil glad So Hwa Sook was healthy. Chil Hwa Sook So remember to ask what happened in the desert. So Hwa said she only remembered that Chil Sook is a person who had saved his life, drove him back to the Silla and he can finally be reunited with Deok Man. So Hwa very grateful and bow on Chil Sook. Chil Sook said they should return to the world that was theirs alone. So Hwa stated that he now serves Deok Man & King while Chil Shil Mi Sook again serve as knights. Benar2 sad to see the two lovers were separated and returned to his place masing2 while looking at each other.
Then the preparation is prepared for the appointment of Chil besar2an Sook as Wonsanghwa. Bum Seok Jae Ho and his regiment met and asked what she could to help. Ho Jae said everything was ready. The waiter asked about the position of chair and Ho Jae said let such a course. Seon Guk's chair. Captain Hwa Rang said that the chair was left empty to honor Guk Seon.
Suddenly there was commotion when Nang Do prohibits Moon Hwa Noh entered the war and said this is not the place for ordinary people it seems. Joo Bang and Go Do try to keep Moon Noh. Moon Noh know that and ask them to step aside. Joo Bang and Go do begin to say Moon Noh most just want to eat for free just inside, while others ask for Moon Noh go with a bang. Bang Joo Moon Noh tries to persuade to go and get rid Moon Go Do Noh, but Go Do not able to push the Moon Noh-even one inch.
One Nang Ho Jae Do report to anyone who tried to break through. Ho Seok Jae Bum upset and said he would try to resolve the problem. Before Ho Jae finished speaking, the gate is wide open and Joo Bang and Go Do fly through the gate. Hwa Rang troops wielding their swords. Joo Bang and Go Do not know what hit them. Al Cheon Moon Noh surprised to see that go into gracefully.
Mi Sook Chil Shil introduced at Deok Man, Man knows he knows Deok Chil Sook. Deok Man said yes they already know each other well and they liked the same things some time ago. Mi Shil said that if the King would open the birth of the twins, then the chase was unnecessary. Mi Shil said, Chil Sook will be appointed Wonsanghwa and Deok Man know. Deok Man said the ability to pursue Deok Chil Sook Man will indeed be more useful if used in the Hwa Rang. He believes Hwa Rang is greatly increased. Mi Shil have to force a smile between her teeth and Mi Shil asked what the ceremony was ready and asked to leave at Deok Man Jong Bo came in and reported that intruders.
Moon Jae Ho Noh entered and angry with the impertinence Moon Noh (Tirzah: Moon Noh has gone 20th, jd Jae Ho Moon had never seen the face of Noh, just his name. Ho was appointed as Yu Jae Shin Deok Man started to go into Seorabeol). Ho Jae Hwa Rang ask the captain to serve Moon Noh. The Hwarang formation and Moon Noh easily defeat them. Kim Yu Shin ran and asked what was wrong. Guk Dae Pung San Heun and say there are people who break through and the sciences great sword.
Then Deok Man, Mi Sook arrived Shil and Chil. Kim Yu Shin and regiment Yonghwa greets Deok Man. Mi Shil ask the gate opened and Yu Shin ordered the gates opened. Deok Man came in and view the Moon noh standing in the middle of the field with the Hwarang who rolled around. Moon Noh turn around and show themselves. Deok Man and Kim Yu Shin recognize it as a healer in the village Yangji. Deok Kim Yu Shin Man asked what it really convince physicians that time.
One captain reported to the Mi Hwa Rang Shil, the man who has screwed up. Moon Noh Mi Shil approaching and facing the Moon Noh and said so long not seen Guk Seon. Deok Man and others are surprised because it turns out that person is Guk Seon Moon Noh. Moon Noh Mi Shil returned the greeting. Mi Shil said how glad they got a visit from Guk Seon Moon Noh. Moon Noh said he was just passing and heard about the appointment ceremony Wonsanghwa. Moon Noh said he was relieved that still have seats in Hwa war.
Moon Noh Mi Shil convincing, that he would get a seat because they always wait kehdiran Moon Noh. Moon Noh said the Mi-Shil had been so long they do not meet. Mi Shil ask the purpose of Moon Noh.
Mi Shil said under King Jinheung they've set the foundation Hwa together now and do not forget the Moon Noh regarding the events of King Jinji. Mi Shil also designed the familial bond between the Moon with his cousin, Lady Yoon Noh makes Moon Noh Jingol status granted.
Moon Noh confirmed that he had a relationship with Princess Style and became Jingol. she was grateful to Mi Shil. Then why Moon Noh do that, that is to let the King Jinpyeong run twin daughters and why now return to the Moon Noh Seorabeol, just as the twin daughters get his status back. Moon Noh did not answer.
(Moon Noh, born in 538 AD, son of Princess Mun Hwa of the Royal Family dae Style - Hwarang Aspects)
Joo Bang and Go do realize that this man is Guk Seon. They have deceived many people by the name Moon Noh. All cadre and Hwarang discuss Moon Noh. Dae Pung asked what happens if the Moon meets Noh Mi Shil. What joo said Bang. Dae Pung justify, now meet Moon Noh Mi Shil.
Moon Noh said that Lady Yoon's father was General Geochilbu highly admire and respect and he is also his spiritual mentor. Moon Noh said when he was just plain Hwarang, at the time of King Jinji. Father-in-law once asked what Moon Noh Mi Shil did not follow it. But then, Lady Maya again and was appointed Queen and create Mi Shil was eliminated with the ambition to be Queen. Mi Shil asked about the purpose Moon Noh. Moon Noh said when Gaeyang star's twins were born, the father-in-law died. Mi Shil asked whether Moon Noh suspect. Moon Noh just confused with all the events and he decided to leave the palace.
Moon Noh said he would be the assessor Pungwolju election.
Deok Man spotted So avoid Moon Hwa Noh. So Hwa said that the Moon Noh asked him to wait in Hangju because he will meet So Hwa. But even bring Deok Hwa So Man to the desert. Deok Man asked why So Hwa do that. So Hwa Deok Man did not want to go back to the Silla. The king asked him to keep Deok Man alive and maintain Deok Man as his own daughter.
So remember Deok Hwa Man never mentions the Moon Noh and ask students what it's called Bi Dam. Deok Man So Hwa justify and turned pale. Deok Man asked why So Hwa like that when I heard Bi Dam. So Hwa said not apa2. He remembers when a small caress Bi Dam Deok Man in infancy. Moon Noh called Bi Dam and asked what according to Bi Dam Deok Man that little funny. Moon Noh said Princess may one day be a friend of his life. So Hwa Moon Noh surprised by the proposal. Moon Noh said this incident may be coincidence, Moon Noh think this is his calling, So Hwa want to ask for an explanation. Moon Noh explained sky entrust this child to him who has the character of Mi Shil and will change the princess became Queen of the fair and wise and will stand beside the lineage of King Jinji, Bi Dam and will lead him into Wang Jae.
(Wangjae is a companion Prince Queen. So it looks like Bi Dam will be a companion when Prince Princess Deok Man became Queen)
So Hwa said that Bi Dam is the son of Mi Shil. Moon Noh defend that Dam Bi is a child who dumped Mi Shil. King Jinji had asked Moon Noh to guard it. Moon Noh promised he would raise Bi Dam to meet the ambitions of King Jinheung that has not been achieved. Moon Noh said should like it because it was written in the stars and destiny of this anak2.
So Hwa then asked what Deok Man Bi Dam it. Deok Man asked why So Hwa want to know about Bi Dam. So Hwa said, not because Bi Dam apa2 seem unpredictable. So Hwa asked whether Bi Dam Deok Man does not care about status as a princess when they meet and Deok Man confirmed. Even when he knows the truth, he was not too surprised by that fact.
Seol Won Moon Noh surprised with the demand as a jury in a match for the position Pungwolju Jae Bi. In accordance with tradition, Bo Jong who will be Pungwolju because of his position now is a deputy in the Hwa Rang, but because Princess Deok Hwa Rang Man is the master, it would seem controversial but because the Moon Noh who want to test it then they should not worry because this is Guk Seon and others also had no reason to protest. Mi Shil asked Seol Won also advised to follow the Bi Bo Jong Jae due to the skill he will certainly win. Mi Shil know Gukseon will not commit fraud. Seol Won agree, Moon Noh is not someone who likes to cheat (they are rich.) Mi Shil said in this way, all the chaos caused by the Moon Noh will be resolved.
Moon Noh see Mi Mi Shil Shil and asked what agrees with his suggestion. Moon Noh promised to be fair. Mi Shil believe. Moon Noh Mi Shil will go and call him back but then cancel it and ask for Moon Noh go. Won Seol came up and asked why Mi Shil did not ask about Prince Hyeongjong who guarded Moon Noh. (Prince Hyeongjong Dam Bi is the official name as Prince).
Mi Shil said he had thrown the child and not interested. Seol Won Mi Rang asked what concerned Shil kid named Bi Dam and what they need to check it out. Shil said Seol Won Mi do not need to take care of minor problems and just concentrate on the Bi Jae.
The announcement about the Bi Jae already issued. They must choose Pungwolju to-15. Bi Jae will be judged by Moon Noh Seon Guk. Bi-jae will be divided into 3 parts, and the first 3 days will be held again in the Hall Yeon Seon. Mi Shil hope all Hwarang do our best to Bi Jae. (The hall was established by Mi Seon Yeon Shil)
The Captain Hwarang surprised by this decision. Why Moon Guk Seon Hwa Won Noh and not who will assess Bi jae.
Seok Bum said not a problem because the results are already known even before the Bi Jae. Seok Jong Bum said Bo never defeated in Bi Jae. Al Cheon said no one knows the outcome. Al Cheon said, Bo Jong has never been confronted with Kim Yu Shin. Bo Yu Shin Kim Jong face and said they should work out a deal between them. He hopes to fight with Kim Yu Shin. They looked at each other sharply.
Joo Bang feel shaky to see confrontation Bo Jong and Kim Yu shin. Others suggest that the ability of Kim Yu Shin still under Bo Jong and feel is not very interesting because it will be one-sided views.
Noh Deok Moon Man met and he said he came from looking at Gyerim Taklamakan desert and now they finally met. Moon Deok Noh wonder Gyerim Man went to look for it. Deok Man smiles when he thinks is his father's Moon Noh. Deok Man said that although he knew now that it's not true but he still felt he had finally met also with his father that he missed, he felt safe.
Moon Noh asked why Deok Man challenging and despise Mi Shil and then took back its status as the daughter of King by manipulating the forecast. Deok Man, could not answer. Moon Noh know Deok Man insisted with Cheomseongdae development. Moon Noh asked what the definition of being a leader in mind Deok Man and what is believed to Deok Man on the big ambitions of Silla.
Moon Noh know Deok Man mourns the death of Cheon Myeong but leaders should not attempt revenge. Deok Man asked what was meant by Moon Noh. Moon Noh do not agree with the intention Deok Man became Queen of Silla. Moon Noh said there are many reasons, but that has been diutarakannya earlier is one of them. That's why Moon Noh Deok Man can not support. So if Deok Man insists, he must prove that he is better than Mi Shil.
Moon noh go and he meets So Hwa. Moon So Hwa Noh asked how to run away and avoid them. Moon Noh said how much the plan failed because of the departure So Hwa. So Hwa asked what he meant was an arranged marriage Noh Deok Moon Man. So Hwa disagree Deok Man should not be with that person, because they both know the son who she was. So Hwa did not agree how they can be paired. At that Bi Dam approached and heard their conversation. So Hwa said he might be stupid, but this can not be denied. So Hwa said the King had ordered him to leave the Palace for Deok Man can live and far from the palace intrigue and a normal life. How So Hwa to allow Deok Man married with Bi Dam.
Dam Bi was surprised to hear them calling marriage between Deok Man with him. So Hwa asked about Moon Noh still have the same vision as before. Moon Noh can not say for sure but he felt their destiny is to unite and he thinks it is the duties and responsibilities. Moon Noh said that because of what is done So Hwa, he did not raise Bi Dam Deok Man and not be what he expected. Bi Dam walks away and asked it is because what has happened so Moon Noh still remember the incident.
At that time, Moon Noh seeking Bi Bi Dam Dam and found unconscious in a cave full of people dying. Moon Noh Bi Dam brought out and asked what was not apa2 Dam Bi and no injuries. Bi Dam said that he had killed all those people. Moon Noh shock.
Bi Dam Deok thinking about the design of her wedding with Man and asked who she really was. And if so means he has the rights to the throne of Silla.
Deok Moon Man also considered the question noh. Moon Noh think what might Deok Man is here only for revenge and it does not make a ruling.
Queen Maya came to see Deok Man and ask what he was thinking Deok Man. Deok Man said not apa2. Deok Man asks when her niece Kim Chun Chu will come. Queen Maya was also nervous because of Kim Chun Chu and asked what Deok Man benar2 wanted to meet him. Deok Man wants to ask for Kim Chun Chu forgive him. Deok Man feels guilty for the death of Cheon Myeong, so Kim Chun Chu lost her mother. Queen entertaining Deok Man that is not too worried.
Princess Man Myeong meet her son and asked what he thought Kim Yu Shin. Yu Shin said not apa2. Princess Man Myeong know tomorrow is the first game Jae Bi. Princess Man Myeong say one phrase: Jin Myeong Cheon Dae In sa, do your best and submit to the will of God.
The first game to choose Pungwolju, and all captains Hwarang set up nangdonya. Moon has arrived in the Hall Noh Seon Yeol. Kim Yu Shin surprise, and Bo Bum Seok Jong Seon Yeol immediately to the Hall.
In Seon Yeol Hall,All sit. Jae Ho Seon Guk stand and will announce the rules and format of the game. Then Ho-jae announced that the final game is the game defensively. Moon Noh will provide questions for the first part.
Moon Noh: You all must pass through the gate Hwa war before arriving here.Bo Jong: YesAll: Yes
Moon Noh: Well then, you all must have seen it.All wonder what he meant and what they are supposed to see.
Moon Noh: When you go into the Hall of Seon Yeol, how many of those who were not dressed in uniform Hwarang's cadre correctly.All thinking.
Bo Jong: There are a total of 6 people who are not dressed properly. 2 of them do not have the equipment that belongs Hwarang hair. 3 people do not dress uniform standard cadre. The rest do not carry a weapon is the standard Hwarang.
Moon Noh: Yes .. This question is for elections Pungwolju first question.Mi Bo Jong Shil smiled as very confident. Deok man saw Mi Shil.
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