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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 30

Deok man smiling
Kim Yong Chu did not understand the desire Deok Man. Deok Man wants to let go and spread the heavenly authorities kalenderisasi system on the people. Kim Seo Hyeon said first authority in the hands of Mi Shil, Kim Yong Chu agrees, but at least the King family still have rights. Mi Shil have saved it for 20 years. Now they just want to express to the people.
Kim Seo Hyeon Deok Man knew Princess planning something but still he was worried. Chu Yong Kim Jong Im asking opinions. Im Jong said he was not in a position to give an opinion, but this will surely cause debate between Captain Hwarang.
Mi Shil to go but before he asked what was meant by the words Deok Man. Deok Man said Mi Shil hear what it is meant. Mi Shil surprised but he just thank Deok Man and regard it as a compliment and go.

Deok Man think of all the confrontation with Mi Shil, contrary Mi Shil also do the same. King said this may be very brave and is a big task to reveal a calendar system on the people. Princess Man Myeong said this during a calendar system is in power but because of ingenuity Mi Shil Deok Man, then this system and the authority to switch to Deok Man but now ... King said that even if the observatory will be built Cheomseongdae people to absorb knowledge. (Tirzah: bener, too, live sekota ama Boscha tp blom observatory ever or lazy? To it ..)
Queen Maya assured that Deok Man is a child who has a deep thinking and clever strategy, so he convinced Deok Man is not careless with his actions. But Queen is also ragu2. The king said what is acceptable or may protest the court, because even the government officials are not able to master this knowledge (That was so true .. it is governmental org2 hrsnya LBH dr clever people.)
Al Cheon not agree with the idea Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin (of course) defend the idea Deok Cheon Man and Al does not understand the main purpose Deok Man. Al Cheon said what they are difficult to reclaim the authority that had been in the hands of Mi Shil. Deok Man Should not use it for something noble. Kim Yu Shin argue, if he used it Deok Man is no different with Mi Shil. Al Cheon said politics can not walk with truth and justice as a partner.
While the 2nd guy we argue, Bi Dam playing with the flame of a candle. Kim Yu Shin Bi Dam asked what he thinks. Bi Dam said Deok Man is a genius, so they will not understand what he wants to do. Bi Dam walk away and wonder how tiba2 Deok Man could be so smart and wondered what he eats so that he could be so smart, Bi Dam wanted too. (He's hillarious ..) Bi Dam went out looking for a drink and think about the intention Deok Man.
Yonghwa Members also debated with the goal of building Cheomseongdae and keperluannya because they already have a temple palace. Joo Bang said that Deok Man needs a new building to prove the sky due to the mandate of the old buildings belonging to Mi Shil. Deok Man is not going to use 2 shrine because Deok Man demigod. Guk san Heun asked about the open knowledge of heaven and wonder what the sky is always open to them and whether it will ever cover for him, Joo Bang ask them to hear what he would explain, but stopped and said they will not understand with their IQ.
People also questioned the purpose of development Cheomseongdae. Al Cheon ask for Deok Man out of it. The problem is that the authority is Mi Shil was wrong and now because of who holds the authority are Deok Man it will be different and will become the property of the King Family. Deok Man said if he has the authority of heaven, one day there will be people who took it from him. Deok Man said that if such happens, then without the authority of the sky nothing can be done. That's why he wanted to end all conflicts on the authority of heaven.
Kim Yu Shin asked what was discussed when he persuaded Wyol Cheon. Deok Cheon Man said Wyol disappointed because people with science and mathematical intelligence are always exploited by politicians. Kim Yu Shin Deok said so this is why the man wanted to spread its authority on the people. Al Cheon insisted that the authority of the heavens shall become the property of the King family, how to separate them. Deok Man said that the authority of heaven do not belong to anyone.
Kim Yu Shin personally asked exactly when Deok Man first got this idea. Deok Man said he was embarrassed by the way Kim Yu Shin asked this problem. He's just trying to answer the problem Wyol Cheon. And this is the conclusion that he can get after thought. Kim Yu Shin Deok Man is brilliant. Deok Man does not understand. Kim Yu Shin said that when he received orders from Deok Man, reminded him of the story of Don Cha Yi.
Kim Yu Shin hear it from his father. When the nobles at the temple to pray to the sky and against the teachings of Buddha, King Beopheung (514-540 AD) tried to make it a reality. But somehow the state religion and belief is something that can not be changed simply and worship in heaven is more powerful than Buddhism, this is a tactic used by Mi Shil over the years. Deok Man will study this issue more deeply and want to help Kim Yu Shin. (Ancient East Asians have always thought that the King is the reincarnation of the god. Yi Cha Don is a Buddhist monk who was martyred. To remember now built the Temple Jachusa Baeryulsa Temple in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do)
Deok Man said he was surprised by this baru2 conversation with Mi Shil. Kim Yu Mi Shin asked what threatens Shil Deok Man again. Deok Man smiling, instead he received many inquiries from Mi Shil but when Deok Man tries to answer, he amazed himself whether what he said was true and it seems he always has the answer was in his mind. Deok Man gives an answer she has long seemed to think it is not. This is what made him wonder himself.
Mi Shil benar2 think this kid is still green and childish in a sense. Seol Won Deok asked what he thought of man. Seol Won said when the heavens and the earth time, it is not possible. Mi Shil said Deok Man naive. Seol Won said King Beopheung try to bring the Buddhist religion and is almost 100 years, but people still worship the heaven and the ancestors and perform ritual2 to prosperity. Mi Shil said of course, people can not do it without fantasy and myth to survive. Seol Won agree. Mi Shil said but he had lost his authority and he is now equal to everyone. Seol Won Mi Shil ask why are not satisfied. Mi Shil said he was jealous. Seol Won Rang surprised by his statement.
Deok Man: Seju Mi Shil benar2 incredible .. when I was young I read a book Parallel lives by Plutarch. There are many characters in the book, he benar2 represents one of the characters in the book.Kim Yu Shin: Please excuse impoliteness servant for saying directly to you, the glorious you are in the process of becoming mature.
Deok Man: What?Kim Yu Shin: Opponents get you in the challenge, make you learn .. makes you analyze and make you see the problem with the idea that more open and spacious. Deok Man: Really?
Seol Won Rang do not understand why Mi Shil jealous of Deok Man.
Mi Shil: idealism made me feel jealous. Mi Shil I grew up in a comfortable environment Seorabeol, this is something I never thought. I really, jealous of youth. There are times where all the discoveries about religion, politics, and science will happen sooner or later and if that happens there is a lot to be prepared, and I'm Mi Shil will be too old to take the job, the three ... three ... (Tirzah : if I am allowed to advice, do your best in this era in our time of life, when we live. Maybe when there are flying cars we dah too old to climb, tp when we have our regular car car dg bertgjwb hrs.)
Seol Won: Seju ..?Mi Shil: Why I was not born a Seonggol? I always wanted to be Queen of this country, it seems I can not make it happen. Mi Shil I just had this dream and probably never had a chance to fulfill that dream.
Deok Man with Shin YuDeok Man: So I moved from there to here, do you know what I said on Mi Shil?Kim Yu Shin: What?Deok Man: Seju, I wish you long life. Mi Shil: Eh ...? What did you say?Deok Man: Exactly what you hear. It is thought that tiba2 appear. Mi Shil do not know what to say. Mi Shil: Yes, thank you.
Deok Won Seol surprised that the man wished Mi Shil longevity and laughed. Mi Shil said Deok Man has taken his authority, dropped it, and even Mi Shil really hate him, but he wanted to embrace. If it were not for Moon Noh took him away and if he is not the twins, it seems Mi Shil will adopt Deok Man.
Moon Noh read the announcement on the board, Ruler Gaeyang, daughter of the sky is the harmony of this nation. Moon Noh remember when he went to Hanju, China seek So Hwa and Deok Man. But so Hwa was gone by leaving a letter.
So Hwa: Mr. Gukseon, forgive this dumb waiter. I know you have great plans for this baby, but I received direct orders from the king to maintain this child in a normal environment for his survival, so what you mentioned about the fate of an enemy of Lady Mi Shil. This baby including me, will not be part of that plan, we better keep that problem. I do not want to make this child is in appalling conditions with conflict and intrigue. The waiter was really hoping your forgiveness.
Moon Noh wonder what really happened. How is the princess returned to Silla. Bi Dam come and say hello Moon Noh. Bi Dam asked what his teacher watching the solar eclipse. Moon Noh see it. Bi Dam said the younger twin daughter was appointed and he will reveal kalenderisasi system on people's knowledge of the sky and announce to the people. Moon Noh asked why Bi Dam is very interested in this problem. Bi Dam asked his teacher to give permission to him, this time he appeared on the world. Bi Dam said he hoped to serve my lady. Moon Noh surprised. Moon Noh asked if Prince had received ministry.
Bi Dam said that it was the Princess's cadre who had come to the village Yangju. Bi Dam now serve him. Moon Deok Man Noh realize who remember the incident now and then. Moon Noh wanted to confirm that it indeed Deok Man. Bi Dam justify it.
Deok Man met King Jinpyeong to ask for approval. King did not see a problem in the development Cheomseongdae, but what will be said after the construction it is a problem. Deok Man will separate religion and politics as two entities institutions. King asked what masak2 consider Deok Man has, since that time the authority is in the hands Mi Shil, but then back into the hands of the palace. But if the authority was removed, and the power of the palace will be weakened, it will be done Deok Man.

Deok man saying directly to his father that it was the wrong argument and ancient, thought that the heavenly powers to strengthen the power of the palace. If they need the authority of the power of the palace. they have to embrace Buddhism. Deok Man wants Budhism disseminated to the people and taught to change the worship of the sky. They may not use logic and science to religious authorities and their profits.
Moon Noh said the Bi Dam whether children with uniform cadre that is Princess twin. Bi Dam agreed. Moon Noh said first Bi Dam wanted to help him because of pity. Is he still feel sorry for the Princess's. Bi Dam said he did not feel sorry for him now. That's because he now is the Princess? Moon said Noh. Instead, said Bi Dam because Princess Silla Kingdom was the boy so he will serve him wholeheartedly and strength. Because he has the same dream with the Princess's. Bi Dam said that knowledge is very exclusive only to the Palace and religious leaders but not to the people who manage the land, sky menimpan sign of the changing seasons. It should be known by the people and they will be able to absorb that knowledge so that they can raise. It is the purpose built Cheomseongdae. That's better than kalendarisasi system which is written on leather or artificial person.
Deok Man went to the courts of the Palace, now they will give an opinion about Cheomseongdae. The nobles greet Deok Man and Se Jong announced today that the meeting agenda. The nobles gave their opinions. Deok Man Mi Shil and see each other and try to read minds masing2. Then Se Jong announced the results.
Apparently the nobles approved by a majority vote Cheomseongdae development. Some disagree, but Se Jong considers the most votes wins. This is surprising Deok Man. Mi Shil and Deok Man returned to the palace masing2. Deok Man said hard to read what the motive Mi Shil by agreeing Cheomseongdae. Mi Shil said he does have plans on these issues. Deok Man said Mi Shil had no interests to pass Cheomseongdae. Mi Shil said was true, he does not have interests also agree not approve the construction. Deok Man tries to guess the thoughts Mi Shil.
Se said that Kim Jong Seo Hyeon and Kim Yong Chu definitely shocked because the plan could pass. Mi Saeng said he can guess, that they choose to reject. Ha Jong've done that ruled her mother, but she did not understand. Seol Won said there was nothing unusual with the construction of the building, what matters is what will happen after Cheomseongdae built. Mi Cheomseongdae Saeng said it was only symbolic, whether the people are illiterate and simple to master that knowledge. Ha Jong said they oppose it not be better since the beginning.
Mi Shil said that Princess Deok Man has used a solar eclipse to take from their heavenly authority, and will use that authority to propose the construction of the building. It is a matter of heavenly authority which he believed. Seol Won said, this is a dilemma. Mi Shil said, Deok Man will construct the building, and then what. What he can get away from the hole he dug himself. What will happen next. Mi Shil benar2 curious.
Deok Man met with Bi Dam, Dam Bi greeting.Deok Man: You're hereBi Dam: Are you able to beat Mi Shil? Deok Man wonder, why are you tiba2 speaks so polite?
Bi Dam: I asked first, so His Majesty, pertama2 please answer it .. Can you beat Mi Shil?Deok Man: Mi Shil? I've thought about it, what I can win against him? In what ways can I do? Mi Shil truth is the greatest enemy to deal with but somehow there is something that is not owned Mi Shil but I've set it up.
Bi Dam: What is it?Deok Man: I have a Mi Shil as my enemy. (Tirzah: from the enemy, we can learn many things, I get it.) Bi Dam: Eh?
Deok Man: I have a very powerful Mi Shil and incredible as my opponent would kepandaianku and sharpen my skills. Mi Shil since King Jinheung until the 20th until now had to face many enemies. When I challenged the Mi Shil intelligence collide, my perspective will also be more extensive. When I converse with Mi Shil, I learned that the Mi Shil not afraid of the sky but on the contrary he was afraid of the people, so listen to the voice of the people is fear. And I was never afraid to hear the voice of the people. No matter how many of their questions, that question will determine who I am.
Bi Dam: Is this the reason you were able to persuade Wyol Cheon into your party?Deok Man: Yes .. honest moment, I do not know what benar2 this is the best way to overcome the problem, but for the sake of persuading Wyol Cheon, to make him understand, I've made a lot of questions about Wyol Cheon and I found the answer. I'm not afraid to hear people's questions, I will hear and answer them as best as possible. With this belief, this way I will fight Mi Shil.
Bi Dam smile. Deok Man: Well, it's your turn, why tiba2 speaks so polite to me?Bi Dam: I have 2 reasons, His Majesty first .. see how you solve this problem, gave me a servant of enlightenment that makes a bit low, it makes me speak politely to you. Deok Man smiles.
Bi Dam: Also second ... from now onwards, till death picked me up I'll swear to serve you faithfully all my life as penguasaku. Deok Man shocked with Bi Dam oath of allegiance and declarations. Why? asked Deok Man
Bi Dam: That's because the last time His Majesty lied to me ... I do not wish to be your enemy.Deok Man: I'm also the same, do not want to be my enemy. Bi Dam Deok Man kneeling in front.Bi Dam: Dam Bi ... servant status that is not Bi Dam ... salute to the ruler Highness Princess Bi Dam Deok Man. Deok Man thought for a moment and smiled.
Bi Dam Deok Man glad that have received the oath of loyal then remembered her conversation with Moon Noh. Bi Dam will wait and see, they will challenge the world.
Then Chil Sook come and test the expertise of Bi Dam play sword. Chil see similarities with the Moon Sook Noh. Chil Sook said he tested the Bi Dam and go, Bi Dam go but lost Chil Sook and wonder how quickly Chil Sook. Seol Won Sook met Chil Chil Sook and ask opinions about Bi Dam. Chil Sook said it was true sword used Noh Moon Dam Bi. Bi Dam show moves and tactics to survive the same with Noh Moon Guk Seon. Chil Sook asked who Dam Bi and Seol Won also not sure who he is. Seol Won Moon Noh wonder what's around here somewhere. Chil Sook said he would investigate and follow Bi Dam, Seol Won agree.
Later that night, facing Kim Yu Shin Deok Man in the study room and saw he had started his research and Yu Shin apologized for being late. Deok Man said he was not too late. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man asks what will stay up because of this. Deok Man show on Kim Yu Shin findings. Kim Yu Shin asked what makes Deok Man is so busy. Deok Man wants to know about how orang2 pay taxes. Deok Man found many things in the Treasure Kingdom but too many to be arranged. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man look at that busy.
Queen Maya went into the room and asked why Deok Deok Man Man has not come back to rest. Dayang palace said Princess Deok Man has a lot of things that must be taken care of. Queen Maya is very concerned with the preoccupations.
Deok Man asked to hold a ceremony to launch construction of Cheomseongdae. Deok Cheon Man said that Wyol will provide the appropriate day to hold a ritual ceremony. Al Cheon comply with the order. Deok Man also said, they have to keep in contact with Wyo. Cheon during the development process. Deok Kim Yu Shin Man ordered to organize and strengthen the military power of style in Ju Amnyang. Shin Yu said that in the development. Deok Man said the military is now controlled by Seol Won Rang and Kim Seo-Hyeon also controls much but too weak. They can not say that the two groups exist in the same side when the time comes, Kim Yu Shin assured that he will build a military force that can fight and ready to be loyal to them.
Deok Man asks Wyol O and Seo Ji was called to Seorabeol. Al Cheon asked how he could ask it to Seorabeol orang2. Deok Man said that the soldiers in Amnyangju will be better under the control of Kim Yu Shin, if they were here they would be able to match with Kim Yu shin exercises. Also Wyol Yes and Seo Ji is orang2 high risk, if they are too long in Amnyang Ju, then maybe they will change forces loyal if not addressed. Al Cheon Deok Man smiling with an explanation, so the details and plans covering all sides.
Deok Man said if Wyol O and Seo Ji rejected in Seorabeol, Deok Man asked Al Yu Shin Cheon and find ways for them to be accepted. Kim Yu Shin comply with the order. Yes Wyol Seo Ji and was practicing as Kim Yu Shin comes and greets Wyol Ya Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin said she had important things to be delivered to them.
Mi Shil and Seol Won Rang were enjoying tea when Bo Jong Deok Man said that the Princess is in his study all night for work. Mi Shil heard it and said to Seol won if there are 10 people in court who like Deok Man, is not that good. Seol Won said perhaps Prince too excited with the development Cheomseongdae. Mi Shil asked when the ceremony for the construction? Bo Jong said that day has not been determined. Its location is on facing Banwyolseong Northeast. Mi Shil understand and ask for Bo Jong go.
Bo Jong Deok Cheon also asks that came to him and asked what to do with So Hwa. Mi Shil asked how it is. Jong Bo said that his wound had healed, only he was still not conscious. Mi Shil said he does not need anymore So Hwa. Chil Bo Sook Jong worrying. But Seol Won Jong for stopping Bo do not talk anymore. Bo Jong understand and leave.
So Hwa regained consciousness and began to remember what happened. When he was buried alive in sand, Chil Sook who care for her, she stood up and began to focus. The king is sad, Queen Maya who hugged him and said he was very sorry. So Hwa as a quick look at Deok Man and not to mention his name. So Hwa seems already aware.
Deok Cheon came and asked what the command Mi Shil. Bo Jong Hwa So they do not need anymore. Deok Cheon understand. So Hwa aware Deok Man is on Silla, then the door opened and So Hwa pura2 sleep when the palace ladies brought him food and leave. So Hwa sobbed.
Pung and Guk Dae San Heun follow Deok Cheon and Bak Il see both in and out around this place. Bak Il're just talking about the intention of Princess Deok Man build Cheomseongdae. The cadre also complained that the problem was of no concern to them, even now he does not believe that's cadre of Yonghwa Deok Man is a true princess.
So Hwa heard that Deok Man called Prince and he took something sharp. Dayang palace entrance to take a tray of food. So Hwa seated and ready with sharp objects. When the palace ladies masukdan surprised to see So Hwa already aware and ready to attack. San Guk Dae Pung and Heun is still investigating the place. So Hwa had ladies dressed in uniforms and left the cabin when the cadre asked what it takes So Hwa Hwa food and So to answer yes and go unnoticed.
Bak Il Hwa So ask when will speak. So Hwa leave, although they see So Hwa left with little cepat2, they do not much notice.
Noh Moon Dam Bi and Bi Dam was walking and said to his teacher what a wonderful and great Deok Man. Chil Sook trailing Bi Dam. Bo Jong Deok Man reports that go to make the construction ceremony. Mi Saeng said this is the first official event Deok Man after his appointment, the situation should not biasa2. Ha Jong said the higher their expectations, the more disappointed they will be. Looks like Mi Shil plan to boycott the event Deok Man.
Deok Cheong back and asked what the command Bak Il Mi Shil. Deok Cheong want to dissolve the guard and said they do not need So Hwa again, so just kill So Hwa. Deok Cheong said this should be done in secret without the knowledge of others. Deok Il Cheong and Bak in and will kill So Hwa when they opened the blanket and found the maid had bound with his mouth gagged. So Hwa had fled and they should soon catch up.
So Hwa ran down the hill. Deok Cheon So Hwa ordered to find and arrest him again. Dae Pung and Guk Hwa San Heun follow So, So Hwa went to the site of a ceremony Cheomseongdae development. Deok Man went to the location on a stretcher greatness and the entourage of guards. Joo Bang and Go Do to secure the situation. Cheon Wyol walked behind the palace ladies.
Dam Bi showed Deok Noh Man on the Moon. Moon Noh glanced at Deok Man. Bi Dam said Deok Noh Moon Man wants to meet and ask the teacher to follow. Moon Sook Noh follow and Chil chasing behind. Deok Man arrived and saw that not many in attendance. Kim Yu Shin said there was no representation from the government. Bi Dam came and said he brought his teacher later saw that the Moon Noh was gone.
Joo Bang and Go Do ask why there are few people who attend because they hope that comes a lot. Joo Bang said that nobody even nobility of the present administration. Deok Man out of the litter and found that that comes very little but there is a group of people who seek healing. Kim Yu Shin asked orang2 to honor Princess Deok Man and orang2 Deok Man kneeling in front.
Joo Bang trying to say that the ritual should be done with fewer people to appease the gods. Go Do adding that too many people will ruin the atmosphere. Deok Man looked around. So Hwa ran and chased by Deok Cheon and they were followed by San Guk Dae Pung and Heun. Deok Man decided to return to the palace. When he would go there is a group of people who make noise, Deok Man to see what happens.
A woman pleaded for Deok Man gives her son, she would pray in the building every day. Another came with his mother who was seriously ill and wanted to ask for healing. Then a mother brought her son who was wounded in his eyes and asked for medicine. Joo Bang said in orang2 it that this building was not built for it, but this is the astronomical observatory, but it did not understand what orang2 Cheomseongdae intent.
Kim Yu shin asked orang2 went and asked her to immediately go to the palanquin Man. Moon Noh watch from a distance and he went, after he had enough to see it. So Hwa running toward Deok Man. Moon Noh know he followed. So Hwa arrived on the scene when the stretcher Deok Man and his entourage departed. So Hwa shouted Deok Man. Deok Man heard So Hwa. Chil Sook and Deok Cheon also hear it. So Hwa Deok Man tries to catch up and yelled at him once again. Deok Man realized he heard a very familiar voice.
Chil release Moon Sook Noh and ran toward So Hwa. Deok Man asked palanquin to stop and he looked around. Meanwhile Chil So Hwa Sook shout. so see Chil Sook Hwa and running scared. Deok Man looked around and did not find anyone and asked to continue the journey.
So Hwa intercepted Deok Cheon and closed her mouth and dragged away. Moon Noh see and follow. Deok Man felt something strange and asked his entourage to return to the location he remembered hearing the sound So Hwa. So Hwa Cheon Dae dragged into the desert and will kill So when Moon Hwa Noh come. Moon Noh fought with Deok Cheon and Bak Il is of course no match Seon Guk. Chil Sook see Deok Cheon Il Bak run and he sought So Hwa. He saw the approaching Moon So Hwa Noh and helped her up. So Hwa Moon Noh recognize more and more surprised when Chil sook came and handed his sword to the Moon Noh. As they fight, they began to recognize who his opponent. (Tirzah: because already 20 years old, so easy on the old and changed her face, tp skillnya guns) Chil So Hwa Sook saw already disappeared again.
Deok Man and his entourage returned to Cheomseongdae. Deok Man get out of the palanquin looking for something.Al Cheon: What's Your Majesty?Deok Man: I heard a strange sound.Al Cheon: Sounds like what? Deok Man looked around and modest run and see Deok Hwa Man and glad to see that it was indeed Deok Man.
So Hwa: Deok Man! Deok Man looking for a familiar voice but did not see So Hwa.So Hwa: Deok Man! Deok Man's conscious and he looked over at So Hwa and Deok Man shocked.
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