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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 29

Deok Man: Mi Shil!Deok Man smiles at the gaping Mi Shil. Skak Mat!
Mi Shil shock with the emergence Deok Man and he felt manipulated. Queen Maya recognize Deok Man when King asked the truth. Princess Man Myeong stating that the person who will bring a new era in Gyerim none other than Deok Man as forecast. Queen Maya stated that it was his daughter Deok Man.
Mi Shil will look like a stroke when the sun shines perfect and the people cheered. Bi Dam thrilled to see Deok Man. Then Al Cheon and Kim Yu Shin Deok Man appears as a companion. Al Cheon and Kim Yu Shin stated that the person in front of them is who will bring a new era, people who have been foreseen by their ancestors, Gaeyang star. People cheered by this declaration and supported by Yonghwa Hyangdo and even Wyol yes and Seo Ji. while stronghold Mi Shil seem desperate. Mi Shil choked with anger.
Princess Man Myeong said he was right when he says Deok Man is predicted Gaeyang star and Queen Maya also justify it, that Deok Man is the star Seonggol Gaeyang and descendant of Silla. (Tirzah: I love u moms ..) Mi Shil know and do not believe have fallen in deceit Deok Man by using the solar eclipse. Mi Shil knees felt weak and numb, she was "scared". Mi Shil tried to get up but fell back in his chair and he slowly stood.
Seo Ji who was in the crowd asked the king to explain to them what actually happened when Princess King was born. What King really have twin daughters. Then add the current Joo Bang Big Dipper constellation split into 2, what is the birth of Princess twin in the palace and what it really Deok Man. Go Do shouted at King to answer people's questions and they move the masses to cry out to the King. (Tirzah: provocateur nich story ...). At that time, Mi Shil popularity has fallen. Bi Dam added that he also wanted to know.
Queen Maya took a chance and stand up to Deok Man. The king saw them. Queen Maya approached Deok Man with the warmth of a mother with clasped hands Deok Man with longing. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon feel good. Deok Man Queen Maya brought before the people. Queen said when Big Dipper Constellation to 8, the day broke into 2 Gaeyang star, she gave birth to daughter Cheon Myeong. A few moments later, he contracted again and gave birth to the younger daughter, Deok Man. It was forecast King Bakhyeokgeose incomplete so that they are afraid of losing her daughter and threatened loss of status as Queen, she also feared would harm the King. Finally he gave his daughter to the loyal servant to be saved. And because of his lack mengertian, he acted unfairly in her daughter. Finally he had lost his three sons and even daughters Cheon Myeong. Queen Maya fell because it was too sad and Deok Man hugging his mother.
People are very moved by the recognition of Queen Maya. They felt the Queen was suffering. Bi Dam smiling because they won the people. Ha Jong aware of her mother, what Mi Shil will only stand and said nothing. Mi Shil was silent. Se Jong also said they can not do apa2. Mi Saeng said, now they have admitted that they had been defeated. (Tirzah: well, at least Mi Saeng is honest.)
Queen Maya continued, as first lady she had sinned by deceiving the people, the Queen asked the people punished him so that all will be back to normal, making predictions about a new era will be met through Deok Man. Queen asked the people to receive Deok Man as Princess of Silla Kingdom. People approved the appointment Deok Man as a Princess and Queen sincere request. (Tirzah; wow .. if we have a first lady like Queen Maya ...)
King Jinpyeong decided to join with his wife and daughter to face the people. Bi Dam said he liked what he saw from Deok Man. People bowed when the King began to talk and ask people to forgive him and also the Queen because it is not wise. All the mistakes and ask the people forgave him. (Tirzah: sorry is kata2 which we rarely hear from the organizers of our country .. sigh ..) first King also apologized to her daughter, Deok Man. Deok Man saw his mother who nodded. Deok Man slowly extended his hand to King Jinpyeong and clasped his hand. For the first time the King felt the warmth of his daughter's hand.
Deok Man King raised his hand to proclaim the heavens and the earth and the entire nation that this is his daughter Deok Man, Daughter of the Kingdom of Silla. People cheered ..! Long live to Princess Deok Man, Dam Bi even cheered at the poles. Kim Seo-Hyeon, Princess Man and Kim Myeong Yong Chu also joined and cheered.
Al Cheon seemingly happy, but have lost benar2 Yu Shin Deok Man. Deok Man looks to Mi Shil and Deok Man smiles. Bum Seok disappointed with the result and are now worried because of their defeat. The holding hwarang So Hwa Hwa So now confused because the nanny will be officially Princess Deok Man. So Hwa had changed clothes and had his wound treated. So Hwa physician said his condition is not healthy. Physician will do our best. The Hwa Rang begged doctors do their best.
Bi Dam still feel happy with the victory over Mi Shil Deok Man. Al Cheon admonished him for being polite and formal in Deok Man. Bi Dam said he would follow protocol when meeting again with Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin Deok Man does not tell the truth even at the Bi Dam. He wants to deceive Mi Shil, that's why he was deceiving them. Al Cheon praised the strategy Deok Man. Shin Yu Mi Shil said Deok Man fails to see is the originator of this strategy. Bi Dam Deok Man benar2 recognize great.
Queen helped Deok Man dressed and dress up as Princess. Deok Man admire the beauty queen. Queen Deok Man combing hair and said if Deok Man Cheon Myeong can grow together, they must be very close. But Cheon Myeong can not see it. Deok Man remembered the last time they met. Queen Maya Deok promised by grasping the hand of Man that he will give everything as Princess of Silla in Deok Man. Deok Man let go of his hand.
Deok Man called Queen Maya to call the Queen and said he returned to King's family not to live in luxury as the daughter of King or live happily as a woman. Deok Man has let it all before he came to the court. Man Deok Cheon Myeong swore at her sister. Queen Maya understood and nodded in agreement.
Deok Man came to King Jinpyeong and greeted by an official. The king asked him to sit down and he did not know what he would say when they met. The king said that he felt guilty and asked if Deok Man feels is unfair and blames himself. Deok Man to admit it, of course, King said. King asked Deok Man understood. Deok Man said he understood, because the King is the ruler. As ruler of the King must do what he did.
Deok Man know that for the sake of the throne, King is entitled to dispose of her own if necessary. That Deok Man understand, but that makes it angry and blamed the King for his sacrifice is the King did not do anything to strengthen his throne and his power. What makes Deok Man should lose her brother and she had thrown the second time. King said there are many things that made him feel remorse, even he never agreed to kill Deok Man. Deok Man said to the King, he was actually going to go from Silla but chose to return.
Deok Man: I will replace and take over the position to fight Mi Cheon Myeong Shil.
Mi Saeng "restore" the tragedy of the fall of his wounds on Mi Shil. Ha Jong restless and wanted to do a military coup. Se Jong said she also can collect yand people loyal to them to fight. Seol Won Rang said what if the nobles who supported them will actually fight. Se Jong sure it will not happen, Seol Won choose to be careful. If they send the troops, they like the look will rebel and now it's too late to do it. (Benar.. Treat wounds and attack again yes boss ..? Ha ha)
Ha Jong is very upset because the throne was so close to them. Yes, so close and so distant. Mi Shil asked to approve the appointment of Se Jong Deok Man Princess as Princess of Silla Kingdom. Se Jong surprised. Mi Se Jong Shil said must show the nobility of harmony that their generous with the King family to forgive mistakes. Mi Shil said that from now on they should know everything about the King Family. Mi Shil want to make revisions in the tax ratio of the nobles to increase their loyalty. Mi Seol Won Shil asked to investigate the opinions of other ministries.
Kim Yong Chu gave the board a list of ministers who receive and questionable appointment Deok Man as Princess of Silla. Seo Hyeon Kim said there is a possibility Mi Shil party would oppose the appointment Deok Man. King said Deok Man is her daughter missing and if the council does not approve the palace, he would be risking his throne for Deok Man appointed as the Princess. Se Jong come before.
King: Are you going to say now that it might raise Deok Man as Princess King?Se Jong: Instead Majesty, the Servant has ordered the appointment and the coronation of Princess Deok Man on the 5th of this month at 11:00 to 13:00 noon. (Tirzah: invitation to guns ...?)
King Se Jong surprised no protest but agree. Se Jong said that as the recognition of Queen Maya, the nobles feel angry then to soothe them, Se Jong ask for a tax cut as a barter.
Seol Won Deok Man reported that the appointment will be made tomorrow afternoon. Mi Shil not too happy with the details, Seol Won said, because they are still mourning the appointment Deok Man will take place simple. Seol Won Mi Shil apologized. Why the apology and expression of it? I was Mi Shil, I'm not going to fall just because of this small problem.
Man holding comb Deok Cheon Myeong like a talisman. Queen came and told about his appointment and requested Deok Man resting. They will hold the appointment with the simple. Deok Man feels no problem with that, because he wanted to be appointed as soon as possible. Queen asked her Man breaks and leave. Man asked Deok Cheon Myeong accompanies battles with Mi Shil and pray for Cheon Myeong help. Brother, we have to start .. please help me ... I benar2 fear (Tirzah: do not pray to spirits of the dead. Never ever ..)
Rapture Deok Man as The Princess and Mi Shil there at his residence. Mi Shil start playing gelas2 crystals to calm his nerves. Meanwhile, Deok Man dressed for ceremony. Tiba2 Mi Shil break a crystal glass and into a rage, he broke all the glass.
Deok Man attacked by nervous again when Kim Yu Shin came to see him and see Deok Man a little nervous. Kim Yu Shin asked why Deok Man trembled with fear. Kim Yu Shin said that the person standing next to him is the Princess who had been defeated Mi Shil and asked him to calm down. (Tirzah: just hold her hand, Shin Yu Rang .. oh .. please ..)
Deok Man convinced himself in the glass. Mi Shil powdering her face in front of the glass. Won Seol came in and saw pieces of crystal on the floor. Mi Shil said with a calm, they have to see Prince the King on the first day of appointment. Then asked what he looked beautiful. Mi Shil look a little less insane. Seol Won Mi Shil answer of course beautiful and wonder why such acts Sil Mi.
When Deok Man walking in the corridor, he met Mi Shil. They saluted each other. Mi congratulated Shil over the appointment of Prince. Deok Man thanked for Mi Shil was the one who lets it all happen. Mi Shil wonder why he is. Deok Man said when they designed to deceive Mi Shil, Mi Shil is a tutor for Deok Man. Deok Man learned a lot from him and eventually he can get his status back as a princess. Mi Shil can see Deok Man trembled with fear. Mi Shil took his hand and tried to calm Deok Deok Man Man as older people. Mi Shil said Deok Man has shown his fears. Then Deok Man began to master him.
Deok Man: You're so sassy!
Mi Shil Deok Man shocked with anger. Deok Man spoke in a tone more superior than Mi Shil showing the actual position. Seol Won and all see it.
Deok Man: How can you be so rude and disrespectful to touch the hands of a Seonggol?
Deok Man pulled her hand from Mi Shil, then went and passed Mi Shil with cold and almost swept the Mi Shil of his ways and do not show respect to Mi Shil. Mi Shil Jinpyeong remembered that the King has expressed Deok Man as his daughter Princess King of Silla. People who cheer for him. Mi Shil feel he trampled by Deok Man.
Pungwolju (hwarang leader) announced the presence of the Lord of Hwarang, namely Deok Man. Hwarang Pungwolju and the captain declared loyalty to the Princess Deok Man when he gave the flag to Deok Hwa Rang Man. Deok Man received its flag and declare as ruler Hwa war. Bo Seok Jong Bum look unhappy. Deok Man said all will be judged the same cadre, and they will be tested in "Bijae" to be decided.
Hwarang have to build enthusiasm and strength to continue to grow. Deok Man claimed that Al Cheon and Bi Cheon Ji Do regiment will be guardians of His palace. Al Cheon gladly accepted Hwa Rang flag and pledge allegiance to Deok Man. Bo Jong removed. Im Jong and Kim Yu Shin happy to see everything.
Mi Shil returned to his residence and took out his anger and hurt his finger. Seol Won Mi Rang tried to stop him and ask Seol Won Shil to go and find Wyol Cheon in any way. Mi Shil said that whatever was done would involve Al Wyol Cheon Cheon and Kim Yu Shin. Mi Shil have them followed. Seol Won understand and asked Mi Shil treat the wound. Mi Shil not worry about his injury and if Wyol Cheon rule can not be captured then he should be killed, because he did not want to use Wyol Cheon who had defected to Deok Man.
Bi Dam came to the Hwa Rang and admire the decor. Bi Dam said that 10 Hwarang captain sat on the round table (Tirzah: like Arthur and his 10 warriors he .. he). Bi Dam praised Deok Man is perfect princess dress. Al Dam Bi Cheon rebuke that look directly into the eyes Deok Man. Bi Dam said he benar2 fooled by Deok Man and extraordinary strategy. Al Cheon remind Bi Dam. Deok Man apologies to Bi Dam. For the sake of deceiving Mi Shil, he had no choice but to do it. Bi Dam also admitted that he had done what he should do and he also lost Mi Shil ... Al Cheon but he glared at Dam Bi and Bi Dam Deok Man went on he lied, and after all that's great. Bi Dam Deok Man believes he can do it and thank him and regret what he has done.
Bi Dam Deok Man surprised to apologize. Then Bi Dam Deok Man wants to know how to persuade Wyol Cheon. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon also want to know.
Deok Man said the main agenda is Al Cheon and Kim Yu Shin Cheon Wyol must take into Seorabeol. They complied and sent a message to Bo Gya Hoe. As they go, living alone with Bi Dam Deok Man. Bi Dam said that people in power do not need to say thank you and sorry to anyone with ease. Deok Man smiled as Bi Dam go.
Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon collect Yonghwa Hyangdo in secret missions, and as always being followed by Bo and Seok Jong Bum. Deok Man expressed his ideas on King Jinpyeong who say it can not be accepted. Seo Hyeon Kim asked how he could release his heavenly powers after he won it from Mi Shil. King wants to know why Deok Man. It's for Silla said Deok Man. King wonder what is planned Deok Man.
Queen Maya was also surprised but Princess Man Myeong benar2 convinced that he intends to let go of his authority. Queen Maya does not understand because Deok Man get his authority with great difficulty from Mi Shil. Princess Man Myeong asked whether because Deok man has lived too long with an ordinary person so he can not think for the sake of the King Family. Meanwhile, Cheon Wyol very happy because he had completed the requested architectural design drawings Deok Man.
While in transit, Joo Bang ask permission to urinate and Yu Shin allowed. Joo Bang and Go Do go and was caught by orang2 Bo Jong and tied. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon waiting for them, eventually Yu Shin et al suspiciously and finally found the two tied. Yu Shin Cheon Wyol aware of danger. This strategy provoked the tiger down from the mountain (the strategy of the 15th of 36 strategies). It aims to divert attention.
Al Yu Shin Cheon and ran to where Wyol Cheon. Bo Seok Jong Bum came first and brought Wyol Cheon. Cheon Wyol surprised to see them. As they dragged Wyol Cheon, Cheon Wyol draft left on the table. Al Cheon and Kim Yu Shin arrived on time. They engaged in combat. As they fought, Bo Seok Jong Bum carried off Wyol Cheon. Yu Shin saw it and chased them.
Kim Yu Shin arrest them and to challenge a duel, but direct Bum Seok Wyol sword to Yu Shin Cheon and asked to surrender. Shin Yu threw his sword, while Jong Bo approached. Yu Shin grabbed his sword again and fight with Bo Jong. Bo Yu Jong Shin past. Yu Shin Seok Bum face, breaking his sword and asked Seok Bum lowered his sword. Bum Seok Shin Yu challenge to kill him. Bo Jong directs sword towards Shin and Kim Yu Mi Shil said this command. Kim Yu Shin said this command Deok Man Princess, Kim Yu Shin warn them if they do not surrender, he will consider them against the word of Princess Deok Man. One of the Hwarang code of ethics is respect for the Lord of the Hwa Rang Princess Mi-Deok Man and not Shil. Bo Yu Shin Jong said that already started a big head after winning her time in the district of Iseo. Jong Bo invites the duel, now who will win.
Al Cheon and everything after and say how they dare to do this. Kim Yu Shin said they obeyed orders Princess Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin said that the winner in sight. Bo Jong feel defeated and enter again his sword. Al Cheon Cheon Wyol escort. Bo Jong said, no matter where they would hide Wyol Cheon, Jong Bo will come when going to kill him.
Man Deok Cheon Wyol see architectural design that will be Cheomseongdae observatory. Deok Man said to himself, that he should build it. Deok Man remembered when he assured Wyol Cheon that time was the last time he used a solar eclipse calculation for their own interests. Cheon Wyol trust and he has promised.
Deok Man held a hearing for Mi Shil and Ministers. Mi Shil asked why hold a hearing. Deok Man said that the first thing that was his job is that he needs to reveal something in this trial.
Deok Man: Now, I'm Princess Deok Man will release otoritasku associated with heaven who were with me then I will remove all the positions to worship at the temple and will pass it and will continue and will expand the knowledge for all people. Mi Shil Deok Man shocked with the statement. Deok Cheon Man called Reverend Wyol into the courtroom and Mi Shil shock to see Wyol Cheon robes entered the courtroom with his greatness with architectural design Cheomseongdae escorted by Kim Yu Shin. Mi Cheon Saeng surprised to see Wyol appear in court. Wyol greets Deok Cheon Man and submit a plan to Deok Man.
Deok Man opened it and put the blueprint to the board for all to see. Mi Shil benar2 do not know how to anticipate them.
Deok Man said that the observatory will record all the important phenomena of the temple and built for all people to orang2 can observe the sky. He intends to build the observatory was to create kalenderisasi system. Deok Man to name the building was Cheomseongdae (Tower to see the stars) for that purpose. Man chose Wyol Deok Cheon as the architect of this observatory.
Wyol Cheon explained to the 24 stone at the first level of 12 large stones placed in a box shape as 12 months in a year. The tower consists of 365 granite stones representing the 365 days in a year. The top, there are 8 square stone set in 2 represents a quarter of the day who will represent the number of days a year. In the tower there is a window in the middle with 12 stairs up and down means 12 months of the 24 seasons in the calendar month. (Tirzah: confusing ..)
Actually there are only 362 stone in Cheomseongdae. The window facing south appropriate, make the sun reflected off right at the bottom Cheomseongdae in spring and autumn and disappear in winter and summer.
Deok Man said to the observatory he will spread the knowledge on the people of Silla, and for no one to take advantage of this astronomical knowledge and to spread fear. Deok Man smiled and looked Mi Shil.
Mi Shil met privately with Deok Man. Mi Shil think Deok Man stupid and think that kata2 divided into vertical and horizontal. Mi Shil explain the division of Korea into 3 countries Baekje, Goguryeo, and Silla Silla then there are parts Deok Man and Mi Shil. they divide the world into 2 horizontal ruler and the people. So Deok Man and Mi Shil exist in the same position because they were in power. If Deok Man took from him the divine authority Deok Man should keep it. Deok Man said that there are times where his power will also be taken by others.
Mi Shil asked Deok Man let go for fear of the possibility. Deok man said, not from fear but he will return all rights to the people. Mi Shil said it remains the same by removing his authority, how he can govern if he is throwing his authority. Mi Shil teach Deok Man of political warfare that has its own rules. Deok Man looked doubtful. Mi Shil ask what is the basis to be applied Deok man to govern his country. Mi Shil resume throwing questions and Deok Man continues to search for answers themselves. Mi Shil Deok Man wants an answer and answer it with truth and sincerity. Mi Shil laugh and what the purpose Deok Man with the truth.
Mi Shil said that the people live in their imagination. What is the truth will be given Deok Man on the people. Mi Shil said that he in fact did not have a mystical power, what is the purpose of truth called Deok Man. Deok Man said that science is the basis of logical facts and formulated to have a logical truth as an answer. Deok Man said Mi Shil using science and mathematics knowledge and make it a mystical fantasy that you have the will of heaven. Mi Shil said people want a mystical fantasy. Mi seseoramg Shil said they wanted a superior, so he stayed because they raised the demand of drought and floods, this is why he can master them.
Deok Man said he would not do it. He will give hope to the people. Mi Shil doubt called hope.
Mi Shil: "Your honor, what do you know how frightened people?"Deok Man: "Mena .. scary?"
Mi Shil: People and inspiration benar2 nightmare. Do you know how scary it?Deok Man: No, I do not have that fear. People who have hope of a better livelihood, the food is better, it is the hope and not the fantasies and dreams.
Mi Shil: People do not want to know the reason why there is no rain. People do not want to understand why there is the phenomenon of solar eclipse. They just hope someone else do it for them to give rain and prevent the eclipse of the sun. Is this stupid idea benar2 beyond their capabilities.Deok Man: It's because they do not have the knowledge to understand.
Mi Shil: yes, they do not understand and do not want to understand. They do not even know what they want for themselves.Deok Man: People need to understand the calendar system. They will understand the season and will be able to grow in accordance with the seasons. If this is done, they probably do not know why the rain but they could use the rain to grow crops. Langkah2 small forward is the hope for them.
Mi Shil: As you know, to get intelligence, it is not easy and brings suffering, so for them to achieve this knowledge will prove difficult for the people.Deok Man: Hope is able to overcome obstacles and difficulties so that they will be grateful and the people will have the inspiration and Silla going strong. Me and teman2ku will create a new era for Silla.
Deok Man: What I'm saying now is true or false?Mi Shil: Your Honor. Mi Shil I talked about the will of the people of mystical fantasy and you talk about the reach of hope but hope nevertheless called ... called ... the truth is a fantasy dream of cruel to be achieved. His Majesty when compared with this Mi Shil more have a strategy.
Deok Man said to myself: Yes, it may be true maybe I should have .. but anyway ...
Deok Man and Mi Shil at each other.
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