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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 28

King Jinpyeong come and see Bi Dam. Mi Shil said this guy because he examines with a brash and disturbing the King Family. King ruled Mi Shil continue its investigation.
Seol Won Rang forward, Bi Dam causing public disorder and affecting peikiran trick people, Seol Won asked what the purpose Dam Bi. Bi Dam said he was here to express the will of heaven and do not intend to deceive. Seol Won did not want to accept it and say who the mastermind behind all this. Bi Dam said that this is the will of heaven. Bi Dam said he received a revelation during meditation.
Bi Dam said the will of the heavens will appear in the well Najeong and he must do it.
Mi Shil tiba2 realize that kata2 Bi Dam exactly what she was saying when expel people from Seorabeol style. Seol Won wanted to continue, but Mi Shil interrupted and asked whether Bi Dam know what it will of heaven. Bi Dam said he had communicated with the sky. Mi Shil asked whether Bi Dam knew that he would die. Dam Bi was silent.
Mi Shil asked why Bi Dam does not answer it. If the answer today, the Mi Shil will kill him tomorrow. If tomorrow, then today Dam Bi will be executed. Bi Dam said no one knows what will happen, how he knew about his death. Won Seol snapped Bi Dam and requested immediate answer. Bi Dam said that whenever she died, she was sure her life will be shorter than 3 days of King Jinpyeong. Mi Shil taxable skak this time with a sharpness of tongue Bi Dam.
Bi Dam = new Formula Mi Shil ha .. ha ..
Mi Shil silent. Mi Saeng know her sister lost with Bi Dam. Seol Mae said that it is such a threat, if the said Bi Dam will die means Jinpyeong aka King died 3 days later. Mi Shil back after his hit "throw a brick" by Bi Dam. Ha Jong asked for Bi Dam immediately killed it. Seol Won said not that easy. Because the King and all the people there and heard the statement bi Dam.
Mi Shil admitted he was defeated Bi Dam. Dam Bi Mi Shil praised smart and funny. Mi Shil said if Bi Dam said that he will die 3 days before the Mi-Shil dead then he would kill him on the spot, but dare to use King Dam Bi Jinpyeong. Mi Shil said Bi Dam benar2 smart, very smart. (Tirzah: who was dong maminya ...). Se Jong and Mi Saeng do not like seeing someone draw attention Mi Shil.
Deok Man said on Al Yu Shin Cheon and there will be no eclipse of the sun. Al Wyol Cheon Cheon said not to count for Deok Man. Deok Man said it was all a lie and apologized because he lied. Kim Yu Shin wants to know what to do. Deok Man said his attention is to be confused with Mi Shil said they were bluffing. Mi Shil will find out and wonder. So he will be confused.
Deok Man said, when the focus is on people around the Mi Shil. They will fear and doubt. There are said to be the eclipses, but some say no, they would argue, and he will trust Bi Dam.
Bi Dam is in jail and remember the words Deok Man. Deok Man said they were just bluffing. Mi Shil know Deok Cheon Man get Wyol and he was killed Seo Ri. So Dam Bi Mi Shil must make believe that there will be a solar eclipse.
Kim Yu Shin asked what he would do later, Deok Man said if successful fishing Dam Bi Mi Shil Mishil then will announce the occurrence of solar eclipse. But of course there will be no eclipse, it will lose faith in orang2 Mi Shil. What will catch the bait Mi Shil Shin Yu said. Deok Man feel, Mi Shil need for hard to think otherwise however Mi Mi Shil Shil human. Deok Man Mi Shil hoped would act as he thinks.
Bi Dam brought Mi Mi Shil and Saeng. Bo Jong gives barang2 Bi Dam. Mi Shil check, he found a magnifying glass. Mi Shil said Bi Dam benar2 fraudsters. Mi Shil asked about the stone that comes from wells Najeong, but Bi Dam said they would know because they are experts at it. Bi Dam wanted to talk privately with Mi Shil.
Mi Shil asked what the rock that appears at the well Najeong is false. Bi Dam does not deny it. Mi Saeng laugh why Bi Dam said it was the will of heaven. Saeng Mi Bi Dam ask how to do that trick. Bi Dam laugh he knew it was a hoax but Mi Shil will not be able to say that it was a hoax. Because if so then munculwaktu Buddha statue was also a hoax. Mi Saeng shock. Bi Dam said someone needs to use the will of heaven even if only slightly.
Mi Shil remember him saying the same thing in front of Man and Kim Deok Yu Shin. Bi Dam asked whether he was right. Mi Shil asked who actually Dam Bi. Bi Dam Deok Man ordered remember hati2 with Mi Shil because he could read the expression on his face and asked him not to underestimate Bi Mi Shil. Bi Dam then pulled off his mask and artificial wounds to show his face at Mi Shil. Mi Saeng frightened look attractive Bi Dam "hurt" her. Bi Dam said that's not fair if they did not see his face.
Bi Dam said that if she hid her face under the makeup, then Mi Shil will not be able to see his heart. Mi Shil looks like Bi Dam. Bi Dam issue a letter of Deok Man and asked if they would play this game. Mi Saeng feel bad.
People pray in front of the stone in the well Najeong. They ask what is the use of stone covered with a cloth if they already know his writing. They talk about stars who go to heaven Gaeyang representing Princess Cheon Myeong. So what does it mean Gaeyang star who will establish a new government. They wonder what Princess Cheon Myeong will rise from the dead.
Then Go Do come in and say they should pay attention to the previous forecast of Princess twin. Joo Bang come and say contradictions. Joo Bang said it's all nonsense, he said Mi Shil will come up with an answer. Joo Bang and Go Do be on the stage and make people start thinking. Deok Man, Al Cheon, and Kim Yu Shin watch from a distance.
Mi Shil Orang2 say how to become a demigod. Kim Yong Chu said that since the emergence of rock in the well trigger the sentiment among the public. Seol Won said he had ordered that the stone was in the guard but had already spread in the community. King motioned to Kim Seo Se-Hyeon to ask what Jong and Seol Won Mi Shil answers with this incident. Chu said Kim Mi Yong Shil must answer all of these. Se Jong Mi Shil agree and have to answer. now the ball is in the hands of Mi Shil.
Mi Shil read a letter given to her Dam Bi. Bi Dam asked whether Mi Shil had time to play around with it. Mi Shil shocked when Bi Dam said orang2 out there already anxious whether there will be a solar eclipse or not. Bi Dam asked Mi Shil immediately give an answer. Mi Shil asked whether the letter was written Wyol Cheon. Bi Dam do not know, he was just a courier from Kim Yu Shin and Princess Deok Man. The letter said that the solar eclipse will occur on the 15th around 11 am until 13 noon. Mi Shil asked what he should believe in it. Bi Dam laugh because they do not expect Mi Shil believe the letter.
Dam Bi Mi Shil challenging, what he will believe it or not. Bi Dam asked what was true or false. Mi Mi Saeng Shil stunned and took the letter and read it. Bi Dam said Shil should provide the answer.
Mi Saeng road back and forth nervously, he believes Deok Cheon Man clearance can Wyol. The letter was handwritten Wyol Cheon. Seol Mae said Wyol admitted Cheon difficult to calculate the solar eclipse. Not possible without Jeong Gwang Ryeol. Seol Mae said it might be false. Then Mi Saeng then ask them to do, if mi Shil said there was no eclipse, there is and how it turns out otherwise.
Mi Shil also wondered bullying or correct this. Mi Shil said if someone gamble, if they will bully, they always make a good show to fool the other players. Seol won and Se Jong come because there are crowds on the street. They seek Mi Shil to know about the solar eclipse. King also asked Shil said Ha Jong Mi, Mi Shil this makes surprise. Seol Won justify.
Seol Won Rang speak privately with Mi Shil, and said Bi Dam Deok Man's errand. Bi Dam is a warrior who fought with them in the district of Iseo. Mi Shil said baton has moved from Deok Cheon Myeong to Man. Mi Shil said he was not able to read minds Bi Dam. Bi Dam always look straight into the eyes of Mi Shil and strangely he could not see directly into the eyes of Bi Dam.
Seol Won-rang to ask about Sadaham peach flowers, she would like to help Mi Shil. Mi Shil began to explain to Seol Won.
Queen was shocked when I heard from yu shin will not be a solar eclipse. Princess Man Myeong think what they should do. Shin Yu said that this is bait for Mi Shil. For he believes there will be a solar eclipse. If mi Shil wrong, then the reputation will decrease. Queen asked how Deok Man will take his status as a princess. If they recognize the eclipse of the sun, then the predictions will be valid so they have the power so there will be no protests against Deok Man. Princess Man Myeong understand but will be difficult to recognize Deok Man as Miss King. (Tirzah: Just what would become of the palace without ibu2 this .. i love u moms)
Shin Yu said his first priority was to destroy the reputation of Mi Shil. Queen Maya was angry. Seol Won Rang said this is a dangerous game and is very risky. Seol Won say what if any, will not affect the stronghold Deok Man but all that has been built Mishil will be destroyed. Mi Shil understand the risks. Seol Won Rang said during the military movements of all situations is the risk. Seol Won Mi Shil advised he would think about his strategy, so Mi Shil stay to do their part. Mi Shil smile. (Tirzah: Actually I love the chemistry Between these two .. ha ha)
Kim Yu Shin left the residence of the Queen, he recalled Deok Man gave him documents to be submitted to Mi Shil. Deok Man said this is a diagram of Jeong Gwang Ryeol. The goal is to convince Mi Shil that the solar eclipse will occur. Now Mi Shil do not know if he has a Jeong Gwang Ryeol. Mi Shil will change his mind as he knew. Yu Shin said they like begging for Mi Shil believe in them. An ordinary person might believe, but it Mi Shil strategist. (Tirzah; rich DM Shil guns deceiving Mi deh .. he seems to want to Mi Shil said there was no eclipse .. well let's see)
Bo Jong report, Kim Yu Shin wants to see Mi Shil. Mi Saeng surprised by the arrival of Shin Yu. Mi Saeng allowed in, but Shin Yu Mi Shil asked to leave. He can not think if you look at Kim Yu shin. Bo Yu Shin Jong asked to leave. Kim Yu shin ask for Bo Jong Deok Man submit a letter to Mi Shil. Bo Jong gave the letter to his mother. Mi Shil hesitated and asked Bo Jong burn it, but my curiosity makes him take the letter and read it.
Mi Shil see diagram and chart calculation and then he asked this on Seol Mae. Kim Yu Shin wait. Seol Mae confirmed that this diagram from Jeong Gwang Ryeol. Mi Saeng asked how they obtained Ryeol Gwang Jeong, Mi Saeng starting to believe Deok Man calculate eclipses the help Wyol Cheon. Disagreement occurred in the camp Mi Shil.
Mi Shil said enough with this debate and ask why seol Won nothing. Seol Won believe all the answers are in the hands Mi Shil, he knew the ability of Mi Shil see someone get to the heart.
Mi Seol Won Shil glad to give direction to address these problems and increase confidence. Mi Shil called Kim Yu shin. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man remember the advice for being herself and not avoid eye contact with the Mi Shil. Mi Shil asked what he would do shin Yu. Mi Shil said that because of failure to marry Yu Shin Cheon Myeong now he will receive Deok Man as Princess King and make the king a father-in-law and then in the depat, Kim Yu Shin will become the Crown Prince, whether he wants. Kim Yu Mi Shil Shin said how dare speculate with inconsequential.
Kim Yu Shin has given all he has to Puteri Deok Man. Mi Shil laughed at the mention Yu Shin Deok Man, Princess. Mi Shil ask when it will happen. Kim Yu Shin benar2 reckless in his decision. Kim Yu Shin had a responsibility to lead the people of style and respect for his family. Kim Yu Shin said he was not smart enough to understand what is going to Mi Shil did. Mi Cheon Wyol Shil asked what do the calculations for the solar eclipse. Shin Yu confirmed. What Yu Shin seen it or he heard it. Shin Yu said Princess Deok Man who said to him. Then Mi Shil asked what to do And Cheong Cheon Wyol nunnery (star observations).
Kim Yu shin feels uncertain. Yu Shin Kim, could not answer. Mi Shil finally know that this is just bullying and believed he had captured their intent. Mi Shil ask something and Kim Yu Shin could not answer because mi know Shil Shin Yu benar2 honest person and unable to lie at all.
Mi Shil know this is a hoax and there will be no eclipse of the sun. This is all a hoax Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin did not understand and Shin Yu Mi Shil asked to leave because he had got what he wanted to read facial expressions Yu Shin. Before Yu Shin go, Mi Shil wish he acknowledges there will be an eclipse and the design failed.
Mi Shil said Deok Man still has to learn a lot in the matter of deceptive deceptive. Deok Man is still the basis of ability. How Deok Man can believe in the Yu Shin is very plain. Mae Seol Shin Yu asked what lie, but Shin Yu Mi Shil said not afraid of him, Mi Shil said if Deok Man inginmenipunya, the first thing to do is cheat Kim Yu Shin, Deok Man does not seem to do that.
Mi Saeng knows she can rely Mi Shil in judging people, but Mi Saeng afraid. Seol Mae also doubted what Cheon Wyol can calculate quickly even though he has a Jeong Gwang Ryeol. Mi Saeng still believes that the letter written Wyol Cheon is accurate. Then Mi Shil remember that Wyol Cheon said there is a difference today, it is not possible Wyol Cheon write the exact date and hour. Mi Shil believe the letter was fake. Moreover, the King family was always afraid if Mi Shil hold ritual, but this time the King asked him to provide answers.
Mi Saeng feel Deok Man just bluffing. Mi Shil want to confirm one more thing. Bi Dam in prison and was bored when someone says that Mi-Shil said there would be no eclipse of the sun. It's time for Bi Dam must accept the consequences. Bum Seok ordered the guards to give final food for Bi Dam because he will be executed. Bi Dam quick thinking how to escape. Bi Dam Deok Man knows not guarantee his safety.
Dam Bi was taken out, Bi Dam tried to run. Bo Seok Jong Bum and no match for Bi Dam but when they use the formation, Bi Dam trapped and caught. Mi Shil out. Bi Dam laughed and admitted he had been defeated. Mi Shil said there would be no eclipse of the sun. Bi Dam wonder how Mi Shil know this trick. Even if there is an eclipse, Bi Dam still going to die said Mi Shil. Mi Dam Bi Shil said tomorrow will be burned in front of everyone.
King received a report that there will be no eclipse of the sun. Queen said there would not say there will be an eclipse. Mi Shil asked how the Queen can be deceived by the actor who was undercover.
Mi Shil to go with full confidence because he has won against the King Family. Mi Shil make the announcement there will be no eclipse of the sun. Orang2 said Mi Shil had said there was no eclipse so obviously accurate. King, Queen and Princess Man Myeong look to the sky and wondered what there will be a solar eclipse or not. Meanwhile Deok Man drawing plans. Kim Yu Shin and Al Cheon come and Al Cheon said the sun was down and no sign will be no eclipse of the sun. Yu Shin Kim blames herself for damage to their bullying. Deok Man remained calm and he paints what is planned. Then he stood up and apologized to them and especially on the Bi Dam. (Tirzah: ha .. true khan ..?!)
Bi dams exist in the cell and waited for his death. The next morning, the pole and the stage to burn Bi dam was prepared. Mi Shil triumphantly. Dam Bi was taken and tied to the pole. Seol Won Dam Bi read crime. Seol Won asked what is the last word. Bi Dam struggled to escape from the rope. Seol Won waiting for the signal to start a fire. When the drums sounded, Seok Bum will light a fire when he was startled and looked at the sky. He saw a natural phenomenon in the sky, the sky becomes dark exactly at noon and a dark shadow slowly covering the sun. All surprised by the phenomenon that occurs. Solar eclipse!
King knew all look up and see a solar eclipse. Mi Mi Shil and Saeng benar2 shock. Queen Maya is very happy. People are very confused. Bi Dam took the opportunity to escape and he also saw the eclipse of the sun.
Deok Man apologize, she said Kim Yu Shin've done in accordance with expectations. He apologized for true solar eclipse will occur as written. Al Cheon and Yu Shin confused.
Deok Cheon Man know Wyol've written about Dae Myong and concluded there is a difference 24 hours, but not less than 48 hours, there will be a solar eclipse. Wyol Cheon Dae Myong Ryeol explained using the latest edition, and with the addition formula of Jeong Gwang Ryeol then he believes the difference is between 24 to 48 hours. This is the most accurate that he can provide. Deok Man tells solar eclipse will occur after the date 15. Wyol Cheon said that it will happen on June 15 or the next day. Deok Man asked what is certain. Wyol Cheon who had called Princess in Deok Man, confirmed.
When the sun eaten almost half of Mi Shil surprised. Deok Man said to deceive Mi Shil, the first thing he should do is give the wrong information on Dam Bi and Kim Yu shin. With the aim of making Mi Shil believe they have menggertaknya. He apologized for tricks and Al Cheon was amazed with the strategy Deok Man.
When the sky became dark, Dam Bi realized he had been lied to by Deok Man in order to deceive Mi Shil. Deok Man said he believes wholeheartedly Bi Dam to deceive Mi Shil. Deok Man actually believe Mi Shil and not Bi Dam. That ego Mi Shil and cleverness will be his opponent's own. Mi Shil bait Deok Man because Mi Shil will be able to read the expression Bi Dam. Bi Dam laughing and amazed with the plan Deok Man.

Kim Yu Shin asks why he needs to meet Mi Shil. Deok Man said because Kim Yu Shin Yu Shin is too honest and not to hide his face when lying. Make Deok Man can read faces Kim Yu shin. Yu Shin Deok man asked how to persuade Wyol Cheon.
Man recalls Wyol Deok Cheon very pleased when Deok Man revealed plans to build what is now Cheomseongdae (ancient observatory) and he promised he would build this observatory to satisfy the desire Wyol Cheon studying astronomy. Deok man promised to use astronomy for good. Wyol praised Deok Cheon Man with discretion.
(Cheomseongdae, national treasure of South Korea-31 is the oldest observatory in East Asia, was built in 647 during the reign of Queen Seon-Deok from Silla and used as an astronomical observatory. Shaped cylinder composed of 362 stones and 27 levels.)
When the eclipse becomes total solar eclipse, people knelt and prayed for the sun to restore the light. Bi Dam shout forecast Eochul Ssangsaeng Seonggol Game Yang Gwi Nam Jin Cheon; Il Shik Yu Ji; ago when the darkness passed and the sun shining again, Bi Dam said Yang Ja Game Rip; Gyerim Myeong Cheon, Mi Shil shocked by kata2 Bi Dam, Queen Maya very happy. When Bi Dam said Cheon Do Rae Shin, Deok Man appears in front of people in bright sunlight. Along with the sun shining brightly, they see Deok Man from the inside.
Deok Man: "Mi Shil!"
Bingo ...!!

Private Opinion:
Deok Man benar2 smart, he knows basically Bi Dam is hard to believe, he knew Mi Shil Bi Dam also would think it would cheater so he just told the truth on Mi Shil. Not because Deok Man sure can be deceiving Dam Bi Mi Shil, but because of his intelligence Mi Shil be eaten alone. Mi Shil definitely will not be convinced by Bi Dam. More Bi Dam said there will be an eclipse, Mi Shil sure there will be no. Because the letter was brought Bi Dam.
Different from when Kim Yu Shin Deok Man delivered a letter with a diagram Jeong Gwang Ryeol. Shin Yu basically honest. Mi Shil would believe him. So Deok Shin Yu Man must lie. Deok Man said there was no eclipse. Shin Yu's face shows no eclipse, although he said there was a plus diagram. So Mi Shil sure there is no eclipse. Brilliant ..!
Precisely Mi Saeng who actually do not be fooled, because he knew Wyol Cheon. Know the writing and characters Wyol Cheon. Usually fellow scientists have a different sense of acknowledgment.
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