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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 26

In the temple Deok Hwa, Wyol Ya and his men prepared to invade when stretcher Mi Shil Deok Hwa arrived at the temple. Seo Ji said stretcher out of the palace. Wyol Yes decided to wait. Saeng Mi Mi Shil and greet pastor Wyol Cheon. Mi Shil grateful for the efforts pastors are very nice. The priest said, So Hwa very difficult to recover. Mi Shil said he did not want to talk So Hwa. Mi Shil want to know when a solar eclipse will occur. Reverend Wyol Cheon Mi Shil said demand unreasonable. Mi Shil asked whether there will be a solar eclipse in the near future.
Wyol Cheon said that he is a mathematician and science who believe in formulas and mathematical theories. He's not a person who can predict what will soon be no eclipse. Mi Shil know it, but if they get a copy of Cheong Gwang Ryeol, there might be a chance to count the occurrence of eclipses. (Cheong Gwang Ryeol is the calendar system of the Northern Wei dynasty period 386-534M, based on the calculation of the sun the moon. Read more collapsible studied here.)
Mi Saeng Gwang Ryeol understand that Cheong is less accurate than Dae Myeong Ryeol. The priest agrees, but if the rotation of earth around the sun, Cheong Gwang Ryeol more accurate than Dae Myeong Ryeol. Mi Shil first heard about Cheong Gwang Ryeol.
Deok Man explains that the people of this nation believe in the myth and supernatural powers. Mi Shil can see it well and took the opportunity to use it gain strength. Deok Man said if it is not taken from Shil Mi, then Mi Shil will not be lost even if they have the military strength and nobility Council (Hwa Baek), the situation will not change. This is because the strength of Mi Shil comes from the people's trust him. They should lower the Mi Shil's reputation as a royal stamp guards and all myths about him, so the first thing to do is to lose Wyol Shil Mi Cheon.
Deok Kim Yu Shin Man asked to leave and continue his own life. Deok Man said he would not ask Yu Shin with him, although he thinks Yu Shin supposed to be together with him. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man ask the reason. Deok Man said he would lead the revolution against this country.
Deok Man said that his sister wanted him to live as an ordinary person but he decided to do otherwise, Deok Man does not want to take risks with drag Yu Shin in his way. Yu Shin Deok Man asks what will always be remembered by Cheon Myeong every time they saw each other one another so that he always felt sorry and guilty. More than that word Deok Man. Deok Man said every time he saw Yu Shin, he's probably not going to hold or contain her emotions and her heart will always want to go with Yu Shin and happy life. Every time he sees Yu Shin, his heart was always tempted to rely on Shin Yu for support and morale, making them hope to become an ordinary woman and live happily.
This is because Yu Shin always reminded to be ordinary people but circumstances did not allow it. It is difficult for someone with feelings like that to start a revolution against his country. Deok Man just want to keep that feeling in her heart to remind him that he is human. If Kim Yu Shin still want to be with, he will become only pawns in the chess being played Deok Man, this is very cruel for Yu Shin and made him sad. Deok Kim Yu Shin Man begged for release. Deok Man left with heavy hearts.
Deok Man back and said to Al Cheon and Bi Dam that they were going to the temple to seek Wyol Deok Hwa Cheon. Tonight, at the temple Deok Hwa, Mi Shil seen leaving the temple in the palanquin. Wyol Yes and his men checked and Seo Ji said that this is the best time to attack because the Mi Shil and his troops were gone. Wyol Yes command to move.
Joo Bang awakened by shouting, So Go Do Hwa and also asked what was wrong. Tiba2 all quiet. Go Do look out and be surprised by the scattered corpses. Seo Ji pointed a sword toward Wyol Cheon. Wyol Yes come and greet Wyol Cheon, had long since they are not met.
Go Do hit the door asking for their issuance. Go Do Joo Bang suggest to break the door because the guards were dead. Go Do be ready to break when the door opened easily. So Hwa Joo Bang invites out. Jong Bo's men discovered the body at the temple. Joo Bang found the key to their handcuffs. Jong Bo's men saw Joo Bang, Go Do So Hwa escape and chase them. So Hwa not to run again. Joo Bang hiding. One of a cadre fired an arrow in the direction So Hwa. So Hwa was shot and crashed into a cliff. Then they realized that they should not kill So Hwa.
Deok Man's men up to the temple and realized that they were late. Man Deok Cheon Wyol into the room and found a diagram on bintang2. Deok Man check all the documents on the table. Bi Dam asked what it was. Deok Man said this room Wyol Cheon. Al Cheon see the dagger with a note, when opened it turns out Yui Gwi Ran, a secret organization style. Al Cheon said Styles was attacked first. If the organization is already taking Wyol Cheon, then who will get their turn later is Yu Shin Kim family. While the Bi Dam to ask something that is not also addressed.
Mi Shil received a report that Wyol Cheon kidnapped. Gya Bo Hoe Palakunya is because they leave at the shrine a symbol of style Deok Hwa. If the organization kidnap Wyol Bo Hoe Cheon Gya, what to do. Mi Hwa Saeng asked about So. Bo Jong said they escaped. Joo Bang and Go Do not get caught, but So Hwa captured and wounded so they treat it first. Mi Bo Gya Saeng Hoe group felt disrupt their plans.
Se Jong Seo ri received a report that was dead. Wyol Cheon Mi Shil was also kidnapped and deploy as many troops to search for it. Se Jong suspect something is wrong. Ha Jong said the court was too quiet and he was uneasy with silence. se Jong said the court did not have a router, this is a good time to apply for this problem. se Jong said he would not sit silent, he will move.
King got the information from the Queen Maya that Deok Man appears in court, the queen met her at the temple. King asked why he did that, what if he is caught. Queen said he believed the reason Deok Man and also help the assessment that is why the Queen's daughter. King said the problem is they can not predict what will be his daughter. What will be done Deok Man probably will fail. If he wants to get his status as a princess, then they must reveal the birth of twin daughters and his predictions. Queen said she was a mother who has lost three sons and one daughter and she will not lose her only child if she could help him.
Kim Seo Hyun Deok Man said that would threaten the royal family with his presence. Kim Yong Chu reported that since the death of Cheon Myeong there are rumors among the people that public sentiment increases. Also group Gya Bo Hoe. King knew this was a result of people moving into Samyang Style ju, this is a mistake.
Kim Seo-Hyeon came home and found Kim Yu Shin at the front door. Kim Yu Shin greets his father. Shin Yu said he baik2 only. Seo Kim Deok-Hyeon asked about Man. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man calls with His Majesty. Kim Seo Hyeon Deok Man does not recognize as a princess. Kim Seo Hyeon not want to hear a word about Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin Deok Man will take back their status and hope all recognize and welcome him. Kim Seo Hyeon surprised what is possible. If he wants to be recognized, then the existence of twin daughters should be disclosed. If this was revealed the Queen Maya and Deok Man would be removed. How Deok Man can be recognized by all the contradictory things about it.
Kim Seo Hyeon said that the family was in danger. He showed a letter from Bo Yu Shin Hoe Gya. Kim Yu Shin asked why their families are targeted. This is because the style of the people expelled from Seorabeol to Samyang Ju. Gya Bo Hoe see Seo Hyeon Kim family is a traitor. In moments of crisis like this, if Yu Shin feelings and emotions controlled by the personal and family safety is not thinking about benar2 stupid. Kim Yu Shin go.
Kim Yu Shin went to the mountain to a rock beat (Tirzah: Kim Yu Shin's anger management). Yu Shin decides to prove his father wrong. Deok Man saw from afar and see the Yu Shin pemukulnya replace wood. Deok Yu Shin Man said to contain her emotions and survive. Kim Yu Shin admits that his father is right and if the birth of twin daughters are not recognized, then Deok Man will not get the status even if Yu's daughter left the family's Shin, Yu Shin still can not help Deok Man, when he turned again to the big stone, split stone into 2, making the Yu Shin shocked. Yu Shin examine it again and feel things that are not likely to happen. (Tirzah: If you believe, it will from Happen to you.)
Princess Man Myeong surprised to learn her husband drove their son. Seo Hyeon Kim said he had no choice, he wanted Yu Shin conscious. Kim Yu Shin came and knelt in front of their parents. Yu Shin said his father was right, but what they have to destroy Bo Hoe Gya, if so they also must face the anger of the people who were expelled from Seorabeol style. Kim Yu Shin said, because they are leaders of Hollywood, then the King Jinpyeong benar2 need their strength which is why Mi Shil try to persuade them to become allies. So if they lose their strength so their families will end. Kim Yu Shin said they should bet. The stakes are his own. Kim Yu Shin pleaded with their parents willing to bet they trust him. Kim Yu shin go, her mother is very worried.
Seo Hyeon Kim say they have to put everything and trust the Yu Shin. Tiba2 an arrow shot toward Kim Seo-Hyeon. Kim Yu Shin mngejarnya. There was a message: Must kill Kim Seo-Hyeon and Kim Yu Shin.
Kim Yu Shin facing snipers, people were attacking Yu Shin. Yu Shin defeat him and asked what he was from Bo Gya Hoe, then there are some people came and said Kim Yu shin can not survive with a charming one of them alone, he would be killed as well. Yu Shin pushed him and said he did not take it as a prisoner and if they want to fight it go ahead. Gya bo hoe formation but was defeated by Yu Shin and directs the sword into the group's leader. Kim Yu Shin uses parts that are not sharp sword against them, menunjukka generosity. The leader asked what he wanted Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin asked them to take him to the rebel leader. Kim Yu Shin said that he is a descendant of the 2nd General Mul Yeop Kim and he is the Yu Shin Kim who will they kill so why do they hesitate. They brought Kim Yu shin with his eyes closed and attached to the headquarters of Bo Gya Hoe.
Seo Ji said on Wyol Yes that Kim Seo Hyeon Style trusted and respected by the people because of his promise that he can protect the people of Hollywood. Seo Ji asked why during the war with Baekje, they let Kim Seo Hyeon lives. So people who saved Kim Seo Hyeon time which I think is the Moon Noh Bo Gya Hoe. Now proven, Kim Seo Hyeon unable to fulfill his promise. Seo Ji wanted to fight with Silla. They must kill the first son of Kim Seo Hyeon Kim Yu Shin. then someone reported that Kim Yu Shin is here with his own. Wyol Ya wonder.
Se Jong spread the news about the existence of twin daughters. Gazette news to the Joo Bang and Go Do. Joo Bang thinking So Hwa. The next morning the people gathered near a poster that tells about the birth of twin daughters 20 years ago. Twin sister Princess Cheon Myeong now in Seorabeol. It is said that Queen cyberspace should be reduced. Palace guards came and tore it up. King read it and asked Kim Yong Chu's what happened. King wanted to know who spread this news. King believes, Mi Shil was behind him.
King asked for this matter is ended. Mi Shil If not then who did it. King wondered what might Deok Man. Chu said Kim Yong Deok Man with the title Princess, the King asked Kim Yong Chu careful with his words. King asked what might Deok Man wants to create a whole family of the King to death because they throw it away and now he is taking revenge on them.
Bo Jong show flyers on Mi Shil. Mi Shil did not like. Se Jong said is not that good for them, Mi Shil and Seol Won Jong Ha look at it and suspicious actions. Ha Jong asked why they were staring at him. Seol Won said they must solve this problem carefully. Se Jong and Ha Jong was won by the news. If sympathy for Cheon Myeong tenteng ended the news of the twins will reappear. They should replace the Queen who gave birth to twins. Se Jong Ha Jong ask conceal this problem.
Jong Bo asked her father who would dare to do this, whether Deok Man. Seol Won said this act of Ha Jong (Tirzah: this guy is brilliant .. ha .. ha). Seol Won Ha Jong may feel that impatience, he knows his father is entitled to the throne. Seol Won Mi Shil sure already know about it. Seol Won said they should wait. If there is something, then Se Jong who will be responsible. Bo Jong admire the ingenuity parents. Seol Won said he was not good but he knows to read the expression Mi Shil.
Bi Dam asked about Bo Gya Hoe on Deok Man. Al Cheon explained after the style of fall, there is an underground network of Gya Bo Hoe. The goal is to build back style. Why should kidnap Wyol Cheon? Al Cheon said they might want to take revenge for him because Wyol Cheon is the style that works with Silla. Deok Man deep in thought, Al Cheon asked what she was thinking Deok Man, Bi Dam said they should find out where Bo Gya confine Wyol Hoe Cheon, Bi Dam Deok Man asked to give orders. Al Dam Bi Cheon warned not to be rude to Deok Man, because he daughter of King.
Bi Dam said he had received permission to be informal. Deok Man asked, If he wants Mi Shil, what will he do. Bi Dam heard the name Mi Shil for the first time. Mi Shil also must seek Wyol Cheon. Al Cheon also think.
Meanwhile, Kim Yu Shin met Seo Ji. Seo Ji said they would kill Kim Yu Shin, Yu Shin knows that. Then why did he come here. Yu Shin Kim wanted to meet Bo leader Gya Hoe. Seo Ji said he was the leader. Then Kim Yu Shin Seo Ji asked the name and style of which part of the alliance itself. Seo Ji said Yu Shin no right to ask. Kim Yu Shin said if so he was wrong to come here because he came to answer his own question about them. Seo Kim Yu Shin Ji feel proud.
Seo Ji Yu Shin Kim blames families for joining up with Silla. Seo Ji said Yu Shin promised to protect the style but failed, many people suffer Style and expelled from the land. Anak2 and women die of hunger. Kim Yu Shin said it is a natural law that people who lose will suffer and in torment. Seo Ri wrath and directs the sword to Yu Shin Kim. Kim Yu Shin said that the fall of Gaya is due to the fault of the 6 states Raja2 style that can not be united. Yu Shin asked me what style will end up fighting each other in the purpose of revenge. If they would kill him then what, killed the entire royal family of Silla, then what. What would do if Seo Ji Seo Ji became ruler of Silla. Silla king will surely destroy the entire population of Hollywood.
What's great from Bo Gya Hoe if they then other people will be slaughtered. Kim Yu Shin asked what they would do to the people of Hollywood. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man remembers asking Al Yu Shin Cheon and find ways to survive the war with Baekje time. Kim Yu Shin uses the same philosophy to Seo Ji. Seo Ji benar2 angry and will attack the Yu Shin, when Wyol Ya ordered him to stop and meet with Yu Shin.
Wyol Ya Shin Yu asked whether risking his life just to say filosopinya it. Kim Yu Shin asked identity Wyol Yes. Wyol Ya said he was from Daegaya. If Yu Shin know who he is, he will be killed. Finally Wyol Ya said he was from the family of King Dae Gaya, the last crown prince, the eldest son of Crown Prince Gwang Wyol, Wyol yes. He is the leader Bo Gya Hoe.
Al Cheon said Mi Shil will plan the spy network and may seek information Wyol Cheon. Deok Man said to have mata2 network will not be enough for Bo Gya Hoe. Mi Shil would have used a faster way. Bi Dam said, he did not know Mi Shil. But if he wants to know the information then he will collect a traitor Style and force them to say really. Kill them one by one until they told the truth. (Tirzah: gee, Bi Dam inherit cruelty Mi Shil). Al Cheon said it is not possible, the people of Style for information only. Bi Dam said Shil may do so.
Deok Man recalls Samyang Style Ju where people are placed. He will seek Wyol Cheon there. Deok Man ordered to send a spy into Samyang Ju. Bi Dam happy taking orders. Kim Yu shin provide documentation of land owned by his family on Wyol Yes. Land Anyang Ju. The land was not very fertile but the people of Hollywood will be able to live and continue the tradition. The land was owned by his family. Kim Yu Shin said he wanted to ask for their loyalty in return. Seo Ji thought that Kim Yu Shin crazy request.
Kim Yu Shin said Wyol Ya need the land, and Kim Yu Shin Bo Gya require Hoe. Kim Yu Shin said he risked everything to come here. if he wants to see his cards, then Wyol Ya must be balanced with it.
Bo Jong Bum Seok Ju Samyang locate information. Bum Seok directing style sword in population and killed one resident. Jong Bo Bo wants to know where Gya Hoe hiding. Dam Bi and Al Cheon's men saw them and said he was right, the Mi Shil seeking information from residents. Then they will slaughter a child, when her mother said they were in the district Dagi. Bum Seok-threatening if the information is wrong, then they will destroy the entire village. Son of Al Cheon said fruit is on Dagi, but Bi Dam said no, orang2 is not afraid to die. Bi Dam to see it in their eyes. They really hate Silla. Bi Dam said that if you have hate, you will not be defeated by fear. They lied. Bi Dam said they should wait. (Benar2 similar, Mi Shil and Bi Dam)
Bi Dam following a suspicious. They confront him and ask he will go anywhere. Bi Dam said they would help, they are not from the Bo Jong. Al Cheon's men checked him and found a letter with the code secret. Bi Dam read it and see it as it is commonly written teacher. Bi Dam knew that Bo was in the district Gya Hoe nolbang. Residents were shocked, because they can read it.
Bi Dam gave the letter to Deok Man. Al Cheon asked how Bi Dam know read the letter. Bi Dam said she and her teacher used to use a secret letter like that. Deok Man Dam Bi teacher asked whether there is a relationship with Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam said he had heard that his teacher had come from Hollywood. Al Cheon Cheon Ji Bi regiment deployed do it. Deok Man said they will immediately attack. Al Cheon said his troops a little. They should get Wyol Cheon soon. Deok Man does not want any conflict with Bo Gya Hoe, so they must move with the secret.
Deok Man said they should get moving. Deok Man and his troops headed to the district Nolbang. Dam Bi has a hobby of picking your nose:) and Al Cheon had to force Bi Dam hiding and not stand alone and picking his nose. Bi Dam is always slower. Gya bo hoe has an alarm. The alarm sounds and they are surrounded. Seo Ji came and asked what had happened. Seo Ji asked them to throw away his sword. Bi Dam began directing his sword. Wyol Yes and Kim Yu shin out and ask them to stop.
Deok Man shocked to see Kim Yu Shin was there. Similarly, Dam Bi and Al Cheon. Kim Yu Shin Deok man approached and stood nearby. Wyol Ya Shin Yu asked what was involved with them. Yu Shin justify and asked them to store weapons. Wyol Ya want to know why Yu Shin wanted to join him. Deok Man is the answer. Deok Man confused.
Deok Man: Yu Shin Hwa Rang?
Kim Yu Shin: This princess is here, people who I choose to be ruler
Deok Man shocked by the recognition of Kim Yu shin. Hwarang Yu Shin, how are you ..? Kim Yu shin forward. From now onwards you are penguasaku.
Yu Shin Kim Deok Man kneeling in front of a sign of loyalty to him. Kim Yu Shin view Wyol Yes, "You have to declare your loyalty to the ruler of our alliance"
Wyol Yes: "This is the master of our cooperation, all worship and give honor to him."
Yes Wyol Deok Man kneeling in front of and follow all Gya Bo Hoe. Seo Ji was the last to kneel. Al Cheon knees then Bi Dam. Deok Man shocked with all the men around him who gave loyal oath, and Kim Yu Shin releasing her love to support the people he loved become ruler.
Deok Man entered the stage of the 2nd to the throne as Queen of Silla
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