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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 25

Deok Man go. Yu Shin asked what he would do if she refused his late sister's wishes. Kim Yu Shin said Cheon Myeong worrying Deok Man until his last breath. Deok Man shouting, this is the reason why he can not follow the message of his brother. Because of his concern, then Cheon Myeong replace dead. (Tirzah: Concerns .. will not add a single hour to your life path.) How am I able to fulfill his wish and live happily. Happiness was ended with Cheon Myeong. It is finished for me.
Kim Yu Shin benar2 injured by kata2 Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin said this incident is not one Deok Man. Deok Man said, not one Yu Shin also. But Deok Man now not able to look at the eyes of Kim Yu Shin without feeling guilty, as well as Shin Yu will not be able to stare into my eyes.
Deok Man said although this was not their fault, they can not be together. Kim Yu Shin for the first time broken heart and cry that their love would be like this. (Tirzah: it's so sad watching uterus cried like That ..)
Cheon Myeong got last respects. Silla society come saluted and knelt in front of his casket. Seol Won Rang, Kim Seo Hyeon, Alcheon vigil. All the people wept Cheon Myeong.
Mi Shil and his entourage met Queen Maya in the corridor. Queen Maya is very weak so that the arm is sustained by her ladies. Mi Shil greeted the Queen and express his grief. Queen release his anger. Queen's wrath. And began cursing Mi Shil with power. The Queen shouted at Mi Shil.
Queen: You wretched girl!
All shocked. Ha Jong asked how the Queen can be so rough on Mi Shil.
Queen: Women, you too will die. All that you have will be taken from you, and your reputation will be destroyed and die horribly and alone, that's what you'll see ajalmu. Mi Shil benar2 shock with the curse of Queen Maya.
Queen: You can not sleep. When you try to eat, you can not. When you try to live, you can not. And you'll live like a zombie without a soul. Even when you try to scream, you're not going to issue a single word. That's how you're going to see death. You will not have a tomb with the name, there will be no grave for the thrown and will disappear from history without a trace, you wretched woman! Just wait for that in the history of your name will not be recorded. There will be found one karakterpun in buku2.
Queen fainted. Se Jong come check out the Queen, Mi Shil seen benar2 plagued with the curse of the Queen.
Yu Shin Kim Deok Man meet and said he was right. However he still insisted that Silla Deok Man leave for security reasons. Deok Man said he would not leave the Silla and he will stay in Silla. Deok Man may be dead in Silla. Deok man said, he would find a way so he would not die in Silla. Kim Yu Shin asked what he would do.
Deok Man: ".. I will master Silla Silla."
Deok Man says Mi Shil is the focus. He'll beat Mi Mi Shil Shil own way. Deok Man continues berpikirkeras and Yu Shin sat nearby. Kim Yu Shin fell asleep and when I woke up Deok Man does not exist.
Deok Man walking and Bi Dam followed. Bi Dam asked what his plans. Deok Man said he would go to Seorabeol. Bi Dam Deok Man detained. Everything is on Seorabeol looking for, why you would want to go there? Deok Man Dam Bi asked what would go with him and do the adventure with him. It makes Bi Dam interested. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man looking for and remembered by Deok Man's desire to master the Silla. And Bi Dam Deok Man laughing with the plan, he felt Deok Man joking.
Deok Man said, if Bi Dam interested meet me at the drink in the market Gwonwon, east of the city. Bi Dam Deok Man knows that serious. If Bi Dam is not willing, then their friendship ends up here.
Bi Dam hears political gossip in the market. Orang2 said since the death of Princess Cheon Myeong, benar2 King family in danger, because the King has no heir. Those entitled to the throne was the husband Mi Se Jong Shil. If that is true, then Mi Shil was behind the death of Cheon Myeong. One says it's nonsense and do not carelessly, will be damned. They also heard that the queen condemns Mi Shil. Bi Dam join and say it's true, even her own watch. Moon Noh through and called Bi Dam.
Moon Noh asked what happened to the ship which prompted her Dam Bi. Moon Noh feel Bi Dam tried to lie to him. Bi Dam said this time he wanted to help orang2 benar2 it. Moon Noh asked what sincere Dam Bi, Bi Dam agreed. Moon Noh said, they would leave, he asked Bi Dam prepared.
Moon Noh yll remember the incident 20 years, when he saved a baby So Hwa and Deokman. Moon Noh So Hwa gave instructions on what to do. So Hwa comply. Moon Noh also said this baby will return to Silla to do great things. Moon Noh said King Jinpyeong not understand what he has seen. Together Moon Noh is a toddler, it is a small Dam Bi. Bi Dam Deok Man stroked his head. Moon Noh smiled and said Bi Dam likes Deok Man.
Moon Noh asked what he thought of Bi Dam. Bi Dam wanted to help people with that cadre uniform (Deok Man). Benar2 Bi Dam said he wanted to help him. Moon Noh know Bi Dam sincere and sunguh2. Bi Dam ask permission and Moon Moon Noh Noh meluluskannya. Moon Noh said, he would write a letter AHM Yeo. (AHM Yeo, a letter with a secret code, which is rich in The DaVinci Code)
Al Cheon do Nangjang with some Nangdonya in Daehwajeon. Pung and Guk Dae San Heun from Yonghwa also participate. They knelt down and yelled at the Council of the Kingdom to investigate the death of Cheon Myeong. The king who was to accompany Queen Kim Yong Chu received a report about Al Cheon. Seol Won blocking access to another. Se Jong held a meeting with the King. King, Eul Jae, Kim Yong Chu, Jong Ha, Se Jong, and Mi Shil met to discuss the application of Al Cheon. Mi Shil acting as if he was innocent of the death Cheon Myeong. Mi Shil blame Eul Jae Deok Man who wanted to kill. Mi Shil said they had to answer the desire Hwarang.
Hwarang another Captain Al Cheon feel action is useless. Bum Seok revealed that in fact that twin Cheon Myeong Prince and Princess were there to rescue her twin sister. Bo Jong said that they are there likely to kill Cheon Myeong twin sister and asked whether he was right. Im Jong silent.
Se Jong Cheon Myeong ask for a secret mission. Kim Yong Chu tried to cover it. Seo Hyeon Kim Yu Shin also defended. Seol Won said as Princess Cheon Myeong died, he got a report that Kim Yu Shin, Deok Cheon Man and Al exist together. Se Jong Deok Man wanted them to bring Eul Jae hidup2 but instead want him dead. Mi Shil asked the King what would you have done. Mi Shil said he may try to find the culprit but Cheon Myeong died protecting her twin sister. If Your Majesty let this problem, they will forget, too. King forced himself to declare that the Princess Cheon Myeong died in an accident. This will end the strife of the 2nd camp. Mi Shil also had no choice but to let the matter pass.
Seol Won Rang convey the King's decision on al-Cheon. No one would reveal this problem so if Al Cheon continue the petition will be regarded as rebellion. Al Cheon unable to accept the decision that the Princess Cheon Myeong died in an accident.
Mi Shil looks stricken when Seol Won said that it is difficult but they have to cut the losses and build again with another opportunity. Mi Nam Dae Shil asks Bo. Seol Won told him to China to bring back Kim Chun Chu.
Mi Shil bind and direct the sword on Mi Saeng. Mi Mi Shil gave poison at Saeng and ask him to drink it. Mi Saeng: "How could you do this, I'm your sister?" Mi Shil said: I even get rid of my flesh and blood (Bi Dam) itself and what it means siblings? Mi Shil will get rid of people who are useless and do not obey him. Mi Saeng begged her brother to give him another chance. Mi Ri Seo Saeng said the request to do this. Mi Shil not understand why Mi Ri Seo Saeng believe in a low position. Saeng said Seo Mi Ri found that Pisces will collide with the Gemini. (Tirzah; expression when Mi Saeng will be asked to drink poison so funny ..)
Mi Shil angry and said how Seo Ri Mi Shil can think that would be destroyed, Mi Shil said is nonsense. Do you know what opportunities are lost with the death of Cheon Myeong?
Mi Saeng with intelegensianya said on Mi Shil, there is no other way, they should pursue a solar eclipse. Reverend Wyol Cheon solar eclipse will perform calculations. Mi Mi Saeng said Shil should take this opportunity. Mi Shil know hard to predict eclipses of the sun. Saeng persuade Mi Mi Shil, he benar2 requires cleverness and without Seo Ri or without Mi Mi Shil Saeng how to run the plan. Mi Mi Shil Saeng begged forgive just this once and he will not repeat his mistake again, he promised.
Shil visit Seo Mi Ri. Seo Mi Ri said Shil changed and became arrogant and against the will of heaven. Shil said Seo Mi-Ri was the one who said that he has the will of heaven. Seo Ri confirmed, but the sky will not always be at someone, generosity of the sky can be taken from that person. Not always someone get God's mercy. Mi Shil not like what he heard, he also remembered the words of Cheon Myeong him. Ri seo sincerely say for Mi Shil not underestimate what can be done sky. Mi Shil understand, but Mi Shil offers poison on Seo Ri to diinum. Seo Ri raise an eyebrow to hear kata2 Mi Shil. (Waves the former will be rolled by the waves that come later)
Al Cheon felt hurt and go into the forest. He can not seek justice for Cheon Myeong. Al Cheon kneel and worship at the sky and he knelt to perform ritual suicide (Tirzah: like a samurai who committed seppuku). Al Cheon getting stuck a short sword into his stomach when someone comes and surprise Al Cheon.
Parties Mi Seol Won Shil blame for failing to bring Deok Man. Ha Jong-Won Seol asked what do it intentionally. They argued and Mi Shil come. Mi Shil said that they do not suspect each other. Mi Shil believe that the views of the character Deok Man, he would appear to Seorabeol. Deok Man himself would reveal the existence of the twins, Mi Shil wait Deok Man appears in Seorabeol.
Deok Man came to stop Al Cheon. Al Cheon surprised but he asked her to Man aside. Deok Man said Al Cheon benar2 not respect him. Deok Man said Mi Shil not even admit it, the King family also denied its existence, he asked whether Al Cheon admitted. Al Cheon tells Deok Man that would be very dangerous if Deok Man remains in Silla. Al Cheon asked what he was worried about Deok Man or Silla as a nation. Deok Man said he would not run. Deok Man swears he will continue his life and became Princess Princess Silla and became the ruler of the Hwa Rang. Deok Man ordered Al Cheon to stay alive. Al Cheon feel very guilty about failing to protect Cheon Myeong. She felt ashamed.
Deok Cheon Man asked Al to come to terms with her guilt, because he also was at peace with his guilt, if Al Cheon want to die, live with the guilt that you should stay and make peace or accept all the blame and despair in your heart. Deok Man as ruler of Al Cheon Hwa Rang ordered to make peace with himself.
Al Cheon vowed that he and his regiment admitted Deok Hwa Rang Man as ruler and will respect and obey his orders. Deok Man clenching his hand with confidence and he's already a step forward. Queen is still sick, the King begged his wife to sober up and be with him because she felt lonely. Eul Jae and Kim Yong Chu came to. Eul Jae came to advise the King that the King had to be strong for the sake of the nation. The most important thing is they need to immediately strengthen the King Family. King was not so concerned with words Eul Jae. Eul Jae said they should appoint Kim Chun Chu as the heir to the throne. This is to make Cheon Myeong death not in vain.
Eul Jae King sacked from the position of minister. King was never doubted the loyalty Eul Jae on even the King of the King family has never asked his secret mission without consulting with the King. King followed all the advice Eul Jae, but King does not stand to see Eul Jae. Eul Jae tried to explain, but the King for the first time to show his anger, the king did not want to hear one because he and his family who had to suffer for the sake of continuity of the King Family. King could not even protect her own children, his wife Queen Maya was seriously ill. King asked Eul Jae away from him.
(Eul Jae will be dismissed from the office of the ministry, later revealed to all the positions and status, aristocrats become an ordinary person)
Kim Yong Chu asked the King to forgive Eul Jae. Eul Jae honor King and go without defending himself. Eul Jae apologized to the late King Jinheung because he can not fulfill his last request. Eul Jae King Jipyeong apologized for not being able to serve him anymore because of all the shortcomings and hope for the King a long life. King saw from a distance when Eul-jae left the palace.
King fell because of all the load. Then he saw Al Cheon. King approached Al Cheon who are in the main hall entrance. Al Cheon greet the King. When King asked Al Cheon gave a letter to the King. Al Cheon said he had orders to convey this letter to the king. King Jinpyeong read the letter. It was from Deok Man.
Deok Man: His Majesty, Prince of the 2nd you, Princess of this country, Deok Man ...
King was very surprised to receive the letter. Al Cheon also came to see Queen Maya. Personal Dayang said the Queen Queen is sick it is impossible to see Al Cheon. Al Cheon insisted to meet Queen Maya.
Kim Yu Shin Guk meet San Heun and asked whether he saw Al Cheon. Al Cheon ran to him and asked what Al Yu Shin Deok Cheon met Man. Deok Man're starting something, and she must find her. Meanwhile, Deok Man asked whether Bi Dam will join his regiment. Bi Dam wanted to know what the plan Deok Man before he decided to join. Deok Man said that Bi Dam Dam Bi benar2 rough and should be respected. Bi Dam asked whether he should follow the protocol rules. Deok Man said he might seem strange but she was still Princess Silla king of the city, whether Bi Dam can not tell the difference. Dam Bi was never concerned with the politics of this nation. Even if the King himself standing in front of him, he still did not know how to react and no matter what it is king and country. Deok Man said no matter who stands in front of Bi Dam is still not afraid. Bi Dam said that fear does not exist in my dictionary.
Deok Man said Bi Dam confident and able to release feelings. Bi Dam felt he did not even know how she feels and who would be interested in what he felt. Deok Man said until she said it, Bi Dam does not have to follow the protocol to him. They can talk to normal as usual. Bi Dam said that it is not hard to do. Deok Man asked what he was so confident, so do not be afraid of anything. Dam Bi Yu Shin Kim agreed to break through into the room with a bit annoyed and then dragged Deok Man out.
Kim Yu Shin asked what was being done Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin said no matter in life or death, he will be with Deok Man and he wanted to know what is planned Deok Man. What he wants to try to kill Mi Shil, or try to obtain its position as the daughter of King or Deok Man wants to take revenge on Silla who have throw it away. In fact, if it's true, fixed Seorabeol hazardous to Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin wanted to take her out when Deok Man said, he benar2 not know what he had to enter Yu Shin Kim in his plan, he did not know. Kim Yu Shin said no matter what's going to be like, he will always be with him.
Deok Man said that his spirit will be weakened if he and Kim Yu Shin. Deok Man said from now onwards, Kim Yu Shin would never be able to stroke his hair, will not be able to call his name, will never be able to hug him or not be able to hold her hand. Kim Yu Shin release the grip on the hand and Deok Deok Man Man Yu Shin Kim left a desperate behind. Deok Man said to himself that the best just keep Kim Yu Shin in his heart only. (Tirzah: really good song ... it fit the scene)
King visited the Mayan Queen who had regained consciousness but was still sick and with the ladies will visit the temple palace. King does not agree to leave because his wife just recovering. Queen insists he must pray at the temple because he did not attend the funeral Cheon Myeong, at least he can pray for Cheon Myeong. King finally gave his consent, provided that the Queen can feel better just do it.
In the Temple, Queen Maya asked about the Supreme Pastor Seo Ri but Shrine waitress said Seo Ri sick and unable to face the Queen. Queen Maya understood and he was alone praying for Cheon Myeong and asked that no one entered the Temple, he just asked a waitress to accompany him. When the Queen entered the Temple, only one person who followed the Queen's ladies in the back. Queen knelt at the altar. Queen Maya asks why he returned. Dayang is Deok Man. Deok Man heard the Queen was very ill. Queen Maya call Deok Man as his beloved. When the Queen heard the news from Al Cheon, he immediately realized and recovered from his illness.
Queen Maya asked what the goals are in Seorabeol Deok Man. Deok Man wants to go to the basement at the temple that has been found Cheon Myeong. Queen Maya does not understand, why Deok Man wants to get there, what he planned. Deok Man said he needed to find something. Queen was afraid he might lose Deok Man with all these adventures. Queen Maya asked what they expect to Deok Man.
Seo Ri held the poison that must be drunk when he heard the commotion, then a servant entered the palace and turned it Deok Man! Seo Ri shocked. Deok Man pointing a knife toward Seo Ri. Seo Ri angry, how dare Deok Man appears here. Deok Man said, Seo Ri is the servant of God but in the Temple of the palace there is a secret room and use a trick to deceive orang2 and said that it was the will of heaven. Deok Man said they have manipulated the will of heaven to keep people scared, so he does not deserve to serve heaven. Ri Seo Deok Man asked what would kill him. Deok Man said that killing people does not seem worthwhile.
Then Seo Ri had a vision, he sees Deok Man wearing a crown of the Silla Kingdom and he was surprised. Deok Man asked who the people behind the ritual Dae Ri Seo Myeong Ryeol but still feel shocked by what he saw. Seo Ri muttering about whether Gaeyang Deok Man is the star. Deok Man does not understand what Gaeyang star. Ri Seo was still muttering, right Deok Man is the one. Tiba2 no sound open door, Seo Ri changed his heart and asked her to Man hiding behind the screen. Deok Man in hiding right now Mi Shil came into the room to ask one last time whether Seo Ri would obey and give loyalty to Mi Shil. Seo Ri otherwise give final advice on Mi Shil, if Mi Shil catch Deok Man, he must soon kill him.
Mi Shil did not catch Seo Ri. Deok Man holding a knife with a hug. Ri Seo Mi-Shil said not destiny to become Queen of this country. Mi Shil annoyed with the words Seo Ri. Seo Ri sighed he has no right and God's mercy is over for Shil but Seo Mi Ri does not want to watch when that day comes. Ri seo taking poison and drank it and with his last breath Seo Mi Ri shouted at the Shil, actually to Deok Man, that man behind the ritual is a priest Dae Myeong Ryeol Wyol Deok Hwa Cheon of the temple.
Mi Shil wonder what is meant Seo Ri. Deok Man heard. Seo Ri died. Saeng Mi Seo Ri came in and saw the deceased. Mi Ri Seo Saeng said no what to do Mi Shil. Mi Shil just came out, Mi Saeng chasing his sister. Mi Shil said they should make a plan involving a solar eclipse.
Mi Cheon Wyol Shil visiting pastor to determine the date and day of the eclipse of the sun and asked his brother to follow him. Deok Man comes out of hiding and looking at the corpse Seo Ri and thinking how bad Mi Shil on his men. Al Cheon and Kim Yu Shin walking in the crowd when they realized had been followed. They managed to outwit penguntitnya. Apparently their subordinates Jong Bo, Bo Jong said, they were captain Hwarang so if you want to follow them, you must use other tactics.
Deok Man collecting orang2nya. Deok Man said they had to go to temple Deok Hwa. Dam Bi and Kim Yu Shin asked for anything in there. They should get someone in there. In the meantime, the temples Deok Hwa, a group of people surrounded the temple. Its leader named Wyol Yes and gave them the command will move toward the temple at night. The person who else is Seo Ji leader of the rebel in Hollywood. They also want Wyol Cheon.
So Hwa Cheon Wyol treat and Joo Bang and Go Do Wyol Cheon continue begging for release. Go Do want to go to the palace because Princess Cheon Myeong died. Bang Joo Hwa said: So apparently did not improve. Kim Yu Shin surprised to know they have kidnapped the priest Wyol Cheon. Deok Man wants to get rid of the ability of heavenly Mi Shil. Kim Yu Shin asked what he wanted to achieve Deok Man with all this. Deok Man recalls his letter to King Jinpyeong.
Deok Man: Your Honor, daughter of the 2nd you, my lady of this nation, Deok Man ... no one in Silla including King Jinpyeong welcomed my presence, so I will try to reach my status, as the son of King Jinpyeong, Princess of this country, descendants Seonggol in this nation.
Deok Man says his plan to his mother. Deok Man wants to obtain the right to live in Gyerim without reason, it will allow Deok Man to life as the son of Queen Maya.
Then Bi Dam Deok Man asked what the plan and he wanted to go with him.
Deok Man: I will rule Silla
Then when Kim Yu Shin asked his purpose, Deok Man with a cold reply,
Deok Man: Throne .. I will become ruler of Silla, in the same manner used Mi Shil to take and master of this nation.
All surprised by the intentions Deok Man.
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