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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 24

Deok Cheon Myeong Man and hugged tightly, they like not willing to separate. Nam Dae Bo knows Deok Man is in the cabin. Nam Dae Bo approached the cabin, as they drew nearer, Al Cheon opened the door and asked what it was Dae Nam Bo. Nam Dae Bo shocked. Cheon Myeong out of the hut and greeted Dae Nam Bo. Cheon Myeong Nam Dae Bo asks why come what want to take a walk. Nam Dae Bo agreed. What about the Princess, Cheon Myeong said he wanted to enjoy the view and ask Al Cheon to follow. Al Cheon Cheon Myeong and running with ease. Then Dae Nam Bo saw the smoke signal that leads to the village Yangji.
Nam Dae Bo decided to check and follow Cheon Myeong. Seok Bum said the whole mountain is full of people they are and no smoke signals. One cadre saw smoke and said they would have been found. Actually, that lit Dam Bi and disrupt their signals. Bi Dam find this a very enjoyable and want to do this a long time ago (he's crazy he .. he). One cadre of Al Cheon with him. Dam Bi's cadre always ask what to do activities like this, moving with a secret mission. Bi Dam asked why Deok Man and the others look sad and gloomy. Why Deok Man disguised as men. Nang Al Cheon do not say apa2 and invite Bi Dam go. Bi Dam asked why they were so stingy with information sharing.
Al Cheon guard and Dae Cheon Myeong Nam Bo followed them. Al Cheon Cheon Myeong and went into another hut. A moment later Dae Nam Bo like to see Al Cheon Cheon Myeong out of the hut. Nam Dae Bo suspicious and checked the cabin. Apparently there are in Prince and Al Cheon. They swap places with Yu Shin Deok Man who dressed women. Al Cheon Dae Nam Bo blocking but he lost and chasing Bo Nam Dae Deok Man and Yu Shin. Cheon Myeong Deok Man shouted warning. Deok Nam Dae Man Bo turned and tried to shoot arrows at them. Al Cheon hurled rocks at Nam Dae Bo, Yu Shin Deok Man avoid the arrows and falling down a cliff. Al Cheon Dae Nam Bo chase.
Jong Bo knows that the signal was false. Bi Dam to leave a message on the ground who say they are stupid. (Bener2 exactly Tiaw Tay Sin Hiap Yang Ko character). Bo Jong ordered his men to remain in place.
I love the way Al Cheon grabs her:)
Al Cheon Dae Nam Bo failed to pursue. Cheon Myeong trying to find Deok Man but slipped and Al Cheon pulled. Cheon Myeong Won Seol said now would know they swindled by false signals. Cheon Myeong insisted on looking Deok Cheon Man and Al stop it, he assured Princess will find Deok Man. Seol Won know that Bo Nam Dae Deok Man hunt. Nam Dae Deok Man Bo chase down to the temple. Deok Man tries to escape by posing as Cheon Myeong. Seol Won Baek Ho Bi wonder why Do cadre went to the temple. Seol Won immediately investigate.
Cheon Myeong and al-Yu Shin Cheon search. Yu Shin comes out of hiding. Cheon Myeong asked about Deok Man. Yu Shin asked them to follow. Deok Man, who had changed clothes to greet Cheon Myeong cadre uniform. Yu Shin asked about Dae Nam Bo. Al Cheon said Dae Nam Bo is gone but they must be vigilant because it seems he took poison dart Si Duk.
Kim Yu Shin said Bi Dam was waiting with a boat. Bi Dam restless and waiting on the boat, while Bi Dam to see the group, he shouted for them to hurry. Deok Cheon Myeong Man and ran to the boat. Deok Man looks at Cheon Cheon Myeong Myeong and asked him to hurry up and go. Cheon Myeong Man asked her to leave and forget Silla Silla, Yu Shin started living together happily, that's how Deok Man must live.
In my heart call Deok Cheon Myeong Man's brother. Man hugging Deok Cheon Myeong. Bi Dam shouted at them to hurry up and do not hug or cry on. (Tirzah: this guy is maybe a little bit rude, but he is right! If only the twin listen to Bi Dam ..). Cheon Myeong Deok Man drove up to the boat. Meanwhile, Dae Nam Bo find them and be ready with poisonous arrows. Nam Dae Bo still thinks Deok Cheon Myeong Man wearing clothes. Bi Dam Deok Man ordered to hurry.
Cheon Myeong turned and Deok Cheon Myeong Man tried to call but ragu2 and climbed into the boat. Nam Dae Bo directing arrows and Cheon Myeong shot in the chest. Everything was shocked to see Cheon Myeong shot arrows and rushed to help him. Al Cheon and Yu Shin Deok Man helping daughter and looked around to find the culprit. Kim Yu shin scream back. there are other arrows attacked the ship, firing arrows Bi Dam to retaliate and hit Dae Nam Bo.Dam Bi Cheon Myeong ordered taken to the boat and they go.
Jinpyeong King and Queen Maya is very depressed with his bad dream and the King asked the Queen to calm down. Se Jong was also angry because they did not hear any news. Mi Shil also looked angry. Chil Sook ask yourself, if Mi Shil issued an order he will go down and solve the problem. Mi Shil said not necessary. He needs to Chil Sook at his side. Ha Jng nervous because tomorrow they have to attend a session of the Board of Nobility. Mi Shil want to send a message to Seol Won Rang.
Nam Dae Bo Dam Bi wounded by an arrow. Nam Dae Bo pulled the arrow from his body and he threw to destroy evidence. Seol Won Rang caught.
Cheon Myeong brought into the cave. Deok Man holding his hand when Cheon Myeong Cheon Myeong struggling between life and death. Bi Dam tried to take the arrow to operate Cheon Myeong. Bi Dam felt the tip of the arrow and know that it is poison. Bi dam spitting poison. Bi Dam said that poison Cho Oh.
Deok Man surprised to know that poisoned arrows. Bi Dam said the poison will flow through the bloodstream Cheon Myeong within 2 hours. Deok Man asked what should be done to save Cheon Myeong. Bi dam said they must look for Gam Cho and Bangpung (2 kinds of anti-toxins). Al Cheon said Cheon Myeong they must bring to the physician. Dam Bi Cheon Myeong prohibit moving, because the poison will be faster moving.
Yu Shin asked where they could get drugs. Deok Man decided to seek a cure, Cheon Myeong Deok Man wanted to stay by his side and heard the words of Cheon Myeong. Deok Man insists she will hear her sister after she came home with medication. For the first time Deok Cheon Myeong Man called brother. Deok Cheon Myeong Man will be heard after he saved him. Deok Man go. Kim Yu shin trying to call. Bi Dam Deok Man followed.
Kim Yu Shin Cheon Myeong request survive. Bi Dam Deok Man dragged to hurry to find a cure. Al Cheon asked what they need to find jeon Do Cho, too. Kim Yu Shin agree and will go with Al Cheon. But Yu Shin Cheon Myeong wish to remain in place. Al Cheon Shin Yu nodded and agreed to stay while he went in search of drugs as well. (Have mercy ripe deh .. org ditinggal2 wounds, one jagain atuh ..). Cheon Myeong said he felt he would die. Cheon Myeong kept muttering it feels weird. Yu Shin Cheon Myeong will assure that baik2 course, they will get the poison antidote.
Cheon Myeong Shin Yu asked her hand. Yu Shin holding it as instructed. Bi Dam Deok Man and ran to the market to seek a cure. Cheon Myeong said, the Palace had already prepared their wedding. All for political purposes and allies. That marriage only to strengthen the position of Hollywood. Cheon Myeong benar2 confessed that he liked the plan because he had put Kim Yu Shin in his heart for a long time, but now she realized she felt it was too late.
Deok Man Bi Dam and find a cure. They ran back to Cheon Myeong. Meanwhile, Cheon Myeong said although it was too late for him, but clearly different to Deok Man. Deok Man benar2 the poor child. He never lived in a real identity. Kim Yu Shin Cheon Myeong worried and asked to rest and do not talk too much, because the poison will spread quickly.
Cheon Myeong insisted to speak. Cheon Myeong Shin Yu wants to be nice to Deok Man and guard so he can live as a woman and have a normal life. Forget about the Silla and Mi Shil and go as far as possible and live as ordinary people. Kim Yu Shin had to do it for Cheon Myeong. Cheon Myeong Shin Yu want to hear the answer. Yu Shin to answer it. He promised to perform according to expectations and desires Cheon Myeong.
Bi Dam steal horses and bring Deok Man to quickly get to where Cheon Myeong. Cheon Myeong give his jade comb on request Yu Yu Shin and Shin Deok gave it to Man. Cheon Myeong Kim Chun Chu said her son, what would happen to him. Kim Chun Chu strong physically and very good-hearted but inexperienced. He was afraid that everyone will manipulate her son. What will happen to him. Cheon Myeong crying she wants to see Deok Man.
Deok Man Bi Dam and run their horses. Deok Man slipped while climbing into the cave, but he felt bad and rushed towards the cave. Then at the mouth of the cave, he saw Al Cheon Cho Jeon Do bringing herbal medicine drops to the ground. Deok Man asked why Al Cheon dropped the medicine. Al Cheon clenched his fists and silent. Deok Man yelling at Al Cheon: "What happened!" Deok Man realizes Cheon Myeong had died, but he deny it.
Deok Man ran toward the cave and see Cheon Myeong cloth-covered face. Deok Man does not believe in and drop the medicine. Yu Shin knelt near the body Cheon Myeong. Deok Man still asking what happened to the Cheon Myeong. Deok Man ran toward Cheon Myeong Shin Yu to stop him. Deok Man trying to escape and go to the nearby Cheon Myeong. Al Cheon and Bi Dam at the entrance. Deok Cheon Myeong Man holding hand but fell heavily. Deok Man uncover her face and sobbed see Cheon Myeong already lifeless. Even Dam Bi and Al Cheon not bear to see sadness Deok Man. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man tried to comfort him but shout for Yu Shin release. Man Deok Cheon Myeong mourn.
Seol Won Rang Nam Dae Bo asks who is to command. Seol Won impatient and direct the sword into the neck Dae Nam Bo. Seol Won Dae Nam Bo knows that does not take orders from Mi Shil. Mi Shil never gave orders that contradict each other. Nam Dae Bo finally says it all. Seo Ri and his father, who told him to kill Mi Saeng Deok Man. Nam Dae Deok Man Bo sure is dead.
Deok Man looking at his brother's body. Kim Yu Shin took the cloth to cover Cheon Myeong. Dam Bi and Al Cheon Cheon Myeong raise the corpse into the boat. Al Cheon said they could not leave the corpse Princess here for granted. He will return to Seorabeol with his body. Kim Yu Shin said he also had to go, but Al Cheon reminder message on the Yu Shin Princess. YU Shin asked what he would do Al Cheon. Al Cheon Cheon Myeong will bring the corpse to the palace and will give his testimony as the Hwarang as he had seen. Al Yu Shin Cheon said, maybe they will never meet again. Al Cheon embraced Yu Shin (Tirzah: Did I mention I like this guy before? He's definitely a loyal buddy.) Bi Dam began rowing boat.
Seol Won collect his men. They have identified the body Deok Man before returning to Seorabeol. Kim Seo-Hyeon Seol Won Rang resist. Kim Seo Hyeon said that the problem was over and they should stop the search. Seol Won felt did not understand. Kim Seo-Hyeon Seol said if the won continues to advance, it might be an incident.
Seol Won Seo Hyeon Kim asked aside. Both sides are ready to fight, when Im Cheon Jong saw Al walked over to the dancing of a wagon and approached them. Al Cheon said he had died. Nam Dae Bo thinks that the body is Deok Man and happy. Seol Won Rang asked who had died. Al Cheon: "Princess Cheon Myeong" seol Won Rang shocked and opened the drapes the body and shock because it is true it is Cheon Myeong!

Seo Hyeon Kim could not believe what happened. Seol Won Rang and his men kneel in front of Seo Cheon Myeong-Hyeon and Kim came over and knelt down as well. Im Bo Jong Jong and immediately mounted a horse and went to send news of the death of Cheon Myeong.
King Jinpyeong Eul Jae shocked when this news spread. King benar2 wrath and tried to calm Eul Jae King. The king looked at Im Jong and asked him to repeat his words. King grabbed the collar Im Jong and angry. Eul Jae pacify the king. King murmured in denial and he blames himself. Queen Maya heard about the death of Princess Man Cheon Myeong Myeong. Queen was certainly news that's wrong. Princess Man Cheon Myeong Myeong confirmed that was taken back to Seorabeol. Princess Man Myeong cry. Queen Maya fell unconscious.
Bo Jong Cheon Myeong death convey information on Mi Shil. All shocked. Bo said that the Princess Cheon Jong Myeong Iseo met his end in the district. His body was taken home to Seorabeol. Bo Jong said they should wait for more details Seol Won Rang.
Mi Shil said that they just can not say anything. Incidents like this has ever happened sebeumnya. There will be a disaster on their side. Mi Shil show fear on his face.
Seo Ri surprised to know precisely Cheon Myeong the dead. Mi Saeng come and complain what they should do now. Mi Saeng can not accept that the deceased was Cheon Myeong.
In the temple Wyol Cheon, Hwa Rang to obtain any information that the Princess Cheon Myeong died. They all do not believe and go back to Seorabeol. Joo Bang and Go Do hear that Cheon Myeong died. So Hwa react to the news.
Eul Jae Kim Yong Chu found crying. Eul Jae blamed himself for this tragedy. He will take all responsibility for the death of Princess. Eul Jae Kim Yong Chu requested to send the news to the Sui (China) to call Kim Chun Chu to Silla. Eul-jae said he would take full responsibility but now he has to send a message to Kim Chun Chu.
Mi Shil stop all their activities. Se Jong said the Council would suspend all affairs because the court mourning. Ha Jong said they could be responsible or let alone Seol Won Rang is responsible for this incident. Se Jong stared at her son, Jong Ha asked me if I wrong?
Mi Shil stop all their talks. Now they must survive and make sure everything is silent. Mi Ha Jong Shil warned to act in hati2 and correct. Saeng Mi Mi Shil asked to prepare a burial ceremony for Cheon Myeong correctly and hati2. There should be no mistake. Mi Shil said they should convey a message to Kim Chun Chu. Why us? said Ha Jong. Mi Shil said, they are the ones who have to deliver this news to Kim Chun Chu. Bo Jong willing to go to deliver the news. Mi Nam Bo Dae Saeng ask just who went.
Mi Shil in his Myeong Cheon acknowledges that the family finally managed to rescue the King. Cheon Myeong Mi Shil had won and conceded defeat.
Bi Dam make food and offers the Yu Shin. Yu Shin had to eat. Bi Dam offers meals at Deok Man but looking strangely in Deok Man. Deok Man shivering. Bi Dam called and said Shin Deok Yu Man looks weird. Kim Yu Shin view and realize Deok Deok Man Man fever. Yu Shin opened his shirt and wrapped Deok Man by his shirt. He asked Bi Dam gives her clothes as well. Yu Shin asked Bi Dam in search of water. Kim Yu Shin hugged Deok Deok Man Man to make warm.

Seorabeol prepare the funeral. Queen Maya fell ill. King accompanied the Queen. Queen blame the King. Had King not a member of the Kingdom then they will definitely be happy with their twin daughters. This results from the other she threw her daughter and finally Cheon Myeong who must pay all their sins. If the king handed over the throne and Silla in the hands of Mi Shil then everything will baik2 only. Queen Maya asked what they get from all these fights and battles. This is all to protect the Queen Maya of the plan Mi Shil. Queen understand it but from now on the King would not be able to protect him. King knew he had failed.
Yu Shin Kim Deok Man caring, but he overslept. When awakened Yu Shin did not find Deok Man. Yu Shin Deok Man seeking. Deok Man sitting near a waterfall. Kim Yu Shin relieved to see him, he walked over and held the forehead Deok Man and his fever down. Deok Man been sick for 3 days. For Yu Shin one day like 100 years. Kim Yu Shin convey messages to Deok Cheon Myeong Man. Cheon Myeong Deok Man disappointed because when it does not nearby. Kim Yu Shin Deok Cheon Myeong comb Man. Deok Man did not take it, but Kim Yu Shin put the comb in hand Deok Man. Cheon Myeong Deok Man wants to live like women and people in general. Deok Man should forget Silla and Mi Shil and go away and live happily. Kim Yu Shin said Deok Man must respect the wishes and the last message Cheon Myeong.
Kim Yu Shin: "Deok Man?"
Deok Man: "I can not meet his demands."
I was not able to meet and follow the brother's last wish. Deokman? Why can not I call her brother before?
Deok Man stood up and break the combs into 2 and threw it into the water. Kim Yu Shin was surprised to see it. Why are you acting like that? Last message .. I'm not going to fulfill it .. not .. I refused to follow him.
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