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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 23

Seol Won Rang's men surrounded the three of them. Deok Man managed to free himself when Bi Dam and Kim Yu Shin fought for him. Yu Shin Deok threw the sword towards the Man, but Man is still stunned that Deok Yu Shin asked him to stay focused.Seol Won realize that jurus2 Dam Bi sword similar to the Moon Noh. Bum Seok Kim Yu Shin deal. First, Bum Seok easily beat Yu Shin, Yu Shin but now are better prepared and trained. Kim Yu Shin beat and Bo Seok Jong Bum. Seol Won Deok Man Rang and even surprised with the advancement of swordsmanship Yu Shin. Yu Shin Moon Noh remember all the instructions.
Seol Won summon more people. Bi Dam invite Yu Shin Deok Man run. Deok Man dragged by Shin Yu and Bi Dam. Bo Jong rule firing arrows at the foot but missed. They pushed and ran towards the cliff. Dam Bi and Yu Shin Deok man clutching the hand and jumped down into the water together. Bo Seok Jong Bum look down and lose them. Seol Won ordered to search until you find it.
Guk Dae Pung San Heun and report on Al Cheon that Kim Yu Shin Deok Man disappears. Similarly, Joo Bang and Go Do. They ask for directions Al Cheon. Dae Pung could feel something was wrong. Al Cheon said that this is not a problem to worry about and ask them again and waited. Princess Tiba2 Cheon Myeong entrance and surprise third. Al Cheon said Eul Jae and Kim Yong Chu is not here, but Cheon Myeong said he wanted to meet Al Cheon. Al Cheon request Guk Dae Pung San Heun and go.
Al Cheon asked what he wanted Princess. Cheon Myeong said he heard Al Cheon quite close to Kim Yu Shin and asked Al Cheon help him. Meanwhile, Bi Dam felt very excited after the jump and feel the freshness of the water. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man dragged to the edge of a river. Deok Man fainted and Kim Yu Shin did help with CPR (Tirza: he .. he).
Bi Dam still feel happy with the battle had just endured, Yu Shin Kim Deok Man tried hard to realize. Bi Dam Deok Man noticed that his chest bandaged and Kim Yu Shin yelled at for turning her Dam Bi (Tirzah: enjoy the scene guys ..). Deok Man began to realize and release the water from his stomach. Bi Dam Deok Man asks what it is female. Dam Bi was worth it because Deok Man does not have the energy to use his sword.
Bi Dam on the river to wash her face and realized that Deok Man tries to commit suicide. Yu Shin asked what that meant Bi Dam Deok Man has a dagger but not to break the string. Yu Shin Deok Man asked whether Bi Dam right, and Deok Man did not say anything so maybe true. He wanted to commit suicide.
Bo Jong and his men were unable to find the three. Seol Won ordered half of his men to the village of Bo Jong Yangji and examine the village. Seol Won said Bi Dam to live there so check as well.
Yu Shin Kim, Deok Man and Bi Dam found a cave and hide there. Shin Yu said Deok Man stupid because he wanted to commit suicide. Shin Yu said, how about trying to save himself that mati2an Deok Man, what about his mother who died in a sandstorm swallow, or how about the lady who thought salvation Deok Man. How Deok Man can be very selfish and forget orang2 are thinking about it. Deok Man stood up and asked what he should do now. Deok Shin Yu Man go and chase him. Bi Dam asked what happened so that you behave like this.
Kim Yu Shin said there was no way he can recommend that is going to leave the Silla together. Maybe it would be better if they are not in the Silla and the asking Deok Man to go with it. Deok Man asked why Yu Shin sacrifice for him and empathize with him. Man asks what Kim Deok Shin yu liked it. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man went silent and that reason does not make sense Yu Shin, Yu Shin never liked him anyway. Deok Man gone but Yu Shin held and said he never said that he did not like Deok Man. Deok Man realizes that Kim Yu Shin started to like it. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man go and follow him. Bi Dam to see them with curiosity.
Kim Yu shin into the cave and Deok Man said on Yu Shin he finally knew the real reason, namely Kim Yu Shin must have felt sorry for him (Tirzah: girl, he's in love with u, not feel sorry for u, it's different ..) . Deok Man will do the same on Yu Yu Shin Shin if there is in position. Bi Dam in and go listen to their conversation. Yu Shin Deok Man asked to withdraw loyal oath.
Kim Yu Shin said that he had chosen and he will go with Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin said that while in the cell, he felt he was going crazy at the sight Deok Man taken away. He felt he was useless and wanted to commit suicide. Yu Shin Kim promised she would not allow incidents like this happen again and without his permission no one can hurt Deok Deok Man Man did not even own. Dam Bi Yu Shin Kim felt very mellow with a statement of his love. Meanwhile, the men won seol started down the mountain.
Al's cadre collect Bi Cheon Cheon Ji Do and Yonghwa at night. They will go to the village to save Geumak Yu Shin Deok Man. Al Cheon Cheon Myeong Geumak went to the village. Queen to report to the King that the Princess Cheon Myeong left the palace. Queen said Putri most likely go with Al Cheon. King felt the behavior was not dapt Cheon Myeong benar2 suspected. Queen also asked how Kim Seo Hyeon Myeong Man on Princess, but the answer has been no news.
Kim Yong Chu and Eul Jae Cheon Myeong also reported the departure of Seorabeol. Kim Yong Chu worry if Cheon Myeong Deok Man arrested with it could be a big problem. Asked where Kim Eul Jae Seo Hyeon. Turns out there in the village Geumak. Kim Yong Chu king reigned for Im Jong send to the village and seek Cheon Myeong soon. The king also ordered that Im Jong and his cadre and also protect Deok Kim Man Yu Shin.
Ha Jong-Won Seol disappointed losing track Deok Man. Se Jong Won Seol angry because not also bring Deok Man, they've sparked the war by holding a meeting of the Board. If Seol Won Deok Man fails to bring then they will take the consequences. Though there is So Hwa Sook Chil they need is proof of the existence Deok Man. Mi Shil said they need proof. Because Chil So Hwa Sook believe there is in the hands of the King. If Chil So Hwa Sook know that there is in them, Mi Shil do not know how to react Sook Chil. Mi Saeng angry because Seol Won Deok Man fails to grasp. Seo Ri said that is why they should kill Deok Man alone. Chil So Hwa Sook feel should be immediately found.
Reverend Wyol Cheon pulse So Hwa and Joo Bang begging the priest that they benar2 do not know what happened because they were only lowly employee. Reverend Wyol Cheon also said he was only an astronomer and physician and Joo Bang pleading for their release. Joo Bang stole keys from Wyol Cheon, but the key does not fit with their handcuffs.
Reverend see Mi Shil and said not the same So Hwa Sook Chil. Treatment more difficult. Mi Shil want Reverend try hard because there is something very urgent. Reverend Wyol Cheon go into his room and found the arrow and the message attached. Reverend Wyol Cheon read it and realized this from orang2 Hollywood. Mi Shil's men came and asked what was wrong, the Reverend said is not apa2. (Tirzah: hmm ... interesting)
Cheon Myeong Seo Hyeon Kim met and asked what he was doing the command Eul Jae? Cheon Myeong say whatever it is, there will be no marriage between him and Kim Yu Shin. Cheon Myeong-Hyeon Kim Seo threatened that any number of styles in Seorabeol not be able to occupy the capital. Cheon Myeong said Kim Seo Hyeon not consider the feelings of the King and he is no different from Mi Shil. Seo Hyeon Kim apologized to the Princess. Cheon Myeong-Hyeon Kim Seo requested help Deok Man. Kim Seo-Hyeon comply.
Deok Man staring daggers King Jinheung and remember the words of Yu Shin. Deok Man asked what he had to do this right. Kim Yu Shin also drowned in his own mind. Dam Bi returned from collecting firewood and asked what Yu Shin will go from Silla or not. Bi Yu Shin Kim Dam hug and asked what Yu Shin likes Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin still not friendly to Bi Dam but he will try to tolerance and ordered Bi Dam go.
Kim Yu Shin view orang2 Seol Won and attractive Bi Dam to hide. Bi Dam said they like the blood thirsty. Kim Yu Shin said they should leave. Bi Dam said this place is safe. Bi Dam first ask them to stay here, he'll go and look for boats Yangji village. Bi Dam just need to appeal to the teacher. Kim Yu shin want to come to the village of Bi Dam Yangji but said it is dangerous because he had told his residence on Seol Won. Dam Bi Yu Shin asked to believe, he would go and ask them to wait. Kim Yu Shin Bi Dam hug and asked that he be careful. Yu Shin Message for Bi Dam avoid orang2 with uniform like them mainly in red and purple. Bi Dam understand.
Cheon Myeong says his secret to the Al Cheon. Al Cheon surprised. Cheon Myeong said not many who know this secret but the reason tells Al Cheon Cheon Myeong because now Al Cheon had risked their lives and without knowing the reason, Al Cheon be risked their lives in vain. Al Cheon apologized and never thought to hear and would remove from his memory. Al Cheon said he had owed his life to Deok Man and friends with Yu Shin, then he feels has sufficient reason for risking his life to them. (Tirzah: What a man .. a great man, an Honorable one). Kim Seo-Hyeon Seol Won and reported that orang2nya Yangji moving toward the village and said Cheon Myeong that the village was hit by plague. Kim Yu Shin possibility is there.
Seo Won examine the village, Seok Bum bring Seol Won overlooking the village head and asked about orang2 with uniform cadre. Bekata village heads, village hit by outbreak, what's cadre in this place. Seol Won asked about the existence of the physician, the head of the village do not know, because the physician was gone.
Seo Ri prayed and received revelation about the star that was divided between the constellations Gemini and Pisces. Seo Ri see Mi Shil and said they should kill Deok Man rather than catch it. If Deok Man alive she would destroy the plan Mi Shil. Ri Seo Mi Shil was already getting old and asked him to leave. Seo Mi Ri wonder why Shil wants to be Queen, not Mi Shil already has everything. Mi Shil said he already had everything including the will of heaven, so what would be the twin daughter and predictions about it.
Seo Mi Ri told Saeng, he wanted to kill Deok Man without knowledge Mi Shil. Seo Ri said he had to act fast because it breaks down the Gemini constellation Pisces constellation. Mi Saeng conscious, Pisces constellation is the star of his brother. Seo Ri said constellation Gemini is the twins Princess constellations. Mi Saeng remember that it is a bad forecast for Mi Shil. That is why Deok Man must be killed. Saeng believe in Seo Mi Ri. He met Dae Nam Bo and provide a mission to kill Deok Man using poisoned arrows. Nam Dae Mi Bo said Shil want Deok Man alive, but cut that Ri Seo Deok Man is a person who akanmenghancurkan power Mi Shil.
Won Seol still checking Yangji village. But nil. Seol Won ordered people to oversee the village. Bi Dam oversee orang2 Seol Won and relieved when they left. A resident asked whether they could meet Moon Noh, Bi Dam asked to wait, then Bi Dam saw him wearing a shield Yu Shin. Bi Dam asked him not to wear it. The villagers took off shield Yu Shin.
Kim Seo Hyeon Cheon Myeong informs that the Yu Shin Deok Man Yangji not yet reached the village. Seol Won had already left the village but left two guards in the village. Cheon Myeong now feel restless where Deok Man. Cheon Myeong Kim asked what convinced Deok Seo Hyeon Shin Yu Man and there. Kim Seo Hyeon sure, they were there a few days ago and the help of a physician. Cheon Myeong asked about the doctor. Kim Seo-Hyeon said that physicians seem to hide at the sight of troops Seol Won Rang. Cheon Myeong know, tomorrow, Won Seol besar2an would deploy troops to check the whole place. Cheon Myeong-Hyeon Kim Seo asked to send a message to the palace to send aid as soon as possible.
Al Cheon Won Seol got a report that was gone from the clinic physician. Guk Dae Pung San Heun and came and reported that the doctor came and went like the wind and no one knows its existence. Residents also said the physician was not the type to leave her patients for granted.Al Cheon saw a suspicious woman take the baby past them and Cheon Myeong asked what was wrong. Al Cheon go check and asked members to keep Cheon Myeong Yonghwa. Bi Dam recognized the woman. That wife Sang Chui. Bi Dam saw no reason to leave the patient teacher. Bi Dam followed the woman and she knew she was followed by Al Cheon. Bi Dam bertanya2 who they were, he remembers Yu Shin ordered hati2 with red and purple uniforms but this orang2 wearing yellow. Bi Dam said he would follow Al Cheon.
Women ran carrying her baby. Al Cheon realize they were followed, Al Cheon ambushed Bi Dam and asked who he was. Bi Dam asked who Al Cheon. Al Cheon check Bi Dam and found the shield used by Shin Yu Bi Dam. Al Cheon ask where Bi Dam got this shield. Bi Dam said he replaced it with chicken. Bi Dam asked if there are so many colors of their uniforms because Yu Shin only mention of purple and red. But it was not yellow. Al Cheon not understand, what was meant by Bi Dam. Bi Dam said Yu Shin wearing a blue uniform. They realized that uniform Yonghwa. Al Cheon Kim Yu Shin asked what the request Bi Dam careful. Bi Dam said person's name is Kim Yu Shin.
Al Cheon asked what Yu Shin with a cadre. Bi Dam Deok Man asked the male or female. Al Cheon asked where they were. Dam Bi was not sure they are friend or foe. Al Cheon said they would help the Yu Shin. Bi Dam ask how he can trust Al Cheon. Cheon Myeong came and asked what was wrong. Bi Dam Yonghwa see a blue uniform and remember that uniform similar to the Shin Deok Man and Yu. Bi Dam sure their friends. Bi Dam brought Al Cheon Cheon Myeong, at the mouth of the cave, snatched the sword Dam Bi Guk Dae San Heun and Pung. Al Cheon: "What are you doing?!" Bi Dam still do not trust Al Cheon. Bi Dam asked Guk Dae Pung San Heun and chanted their names.
Deok Man Guk San Heun heard his name. Yu Shin Deok Man wakes and says he heard Guk San Heun. and Dae Pung Yu Shin chanted his name and hear it, too. Deok Man felt they would come for him. Deok Man will come out but Yu Shin Deok Man stop and ask to be careful. Cheon Myeong asked what the Bi Dam. Their cries will attract attention of other groups. Cheon Myeong convinced them here to help Kim Yu Shin.
Kim Yu Shin Cheon Myeong greet and Bi Dam lowered his sword. Kim Yu Shin Deok Cheon Myeong Man greet. Deok Man greets his sister and hugged Deok Cheon Myeong Man. Dam Bi Cheon Myeong aware that a Princess. Nam Dae Bo reports on Seol Won. Seol Won think Mi Shil send Dae Nam Bo. Seol Won confirmed they had arrested Deok Man hidup2. They will mobilize people to seek Deok Man. Bum Seok Jong Bo and agreed orders, while Dae Nam Bo had another agenda. Nam Dae Bo his ruling cadre to prepare Si Duk poisoned arrows.Nam Dae Bo said Nangdonya must follow his orders to kill Deok Man without anyone knowing.
Al Cheon collect his cadre and ordered them to check around the mountain and watching the movement of other groups. Kim Yu Shin guard, while Cheon Myeong and Deok Man talking. Deok Cheon Myeong Man asks why go looking for it. Cheon Myeong Man asked her to leave the Silla. Prince said the father, mother and also she wanted to help but not helpless. They have no political power.
Cheon Myeong said the situation so heavy that they do not even have time to feel a brother and sister, they have never been a fight over clothes or try to ring as is done gadis2 another. They have not even been a fight or argue because hal2 small. Man Deok Cheon Myeong sure would give everything for him. Deok Man said he would only pout and ask for this and that. Man asked Deok Cheon Myeong unnecessary grief and guilt. Cheon Myeong already doing everything he can do. Cheon Myeong sobbing.
Cheon Myeong provide packages for Deok Man. Deok Man opened it and found the woman's dress. Prince said this dress was made by the Queen to Deok Man. Since the Queen had never seen Deok Man, he makes it exactly like that of Cheon Myeong. Queen asked to give it to Deok Cheon Myeong Man. Cheon Myeong Man asked her to try it. Deok Man touched the shirt material.
Cheon Myeong out. Kim Yu Shin greeting. Cheon Myeong Deok Man had asked to leave the Silla. Cheon Myeong felt sick and wanted to see the end of the Mi Shil. Cheon Myeong Shin Yu turned on. Yu Shin Cheon Myeong kneeling in front. Yu Shin begged forgiveness for not being able to keep loyal oath. He's not going to be on the side of Cheon Myeong. Kim Yu Shin said she would go with Deok Man and will protect it and keep Deok Man. Cheon Myeong surprised to hear it (Tirzah: I Heard a broken heart)

Deok Man came out awkwardly. He was wearing women's clothes but still wearing men's headband. Kim Yu Shin quickly stood up and saw Deok Man. Man Deok Cheon Myeong said beautiful woman with clothes, but your hair? Cheon Myeong go to take a comb. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man look from head to toe. Deok Man said she always wore men's clothes, so a bit awkward with women's clothes. Kim Yu Shin said he confessed to the Cheon Myeong that he would go with Deok Man. Deok Man said Cheon Myeong definitely sad. Deok Kim Yu Shin Man feels not know, but Cheon Myeong feel confident because Kim Yu Shin.

Cheon Myeong Deok Man's hair. Deok Cheon Myeong say what Man can call her brother only once. Deok Man tried but ragu2 and said he would call another time brother. (Tirzah: DM, Should you call her unnie .. There Will Be No Next time).

Deok Man: "I know how much it meant to you and Kim Yu Shin also Silla, just until I get out of Silla, after I got out of Silla, I do not own anything. Now I just feel sad and lonely, but I'll baik2 only. Cheon Myeong palace would have been very lonely for him. That is why I have to restore Kim Yu Shin to you as soon as possible. "
Cheon Myeong Deok Man clasped hands and said he did not have Kim Yu Shin, so Deok Man to go with it and build a family together. Cheon Myeong ask for Deok Man forget all about Silla and live a normal life like other women. Cheon Myeong want to say something but ragu2, just say for Deok Man happy and she should be happy. Deok Man said to himself, what does not apa2 if he went with Kim Yu Shin.

Al Cheon saw from afar two daughters. Yu Shin approached and asked Al Cheon keep her daughter because she would leave the Silla with Deok Man. Al Cheon: "Before we come here, the court has decided your marriage with Princess Cheon Myeong." Because Yu Shin had said he would go, then do not tell Cheon Myeong Shin Yu.
Al Cheon asked Kim Yu Shin Cheon Myeong Princess consider the feelings. Kim Yu Shin know this is an agreement between Eul Jae with his father. Al Cheon said that although this agreement, but Kim Yu Shin can not deny feeling Cheon Myeong Kim Yu Shin. (Tirzah: Al Cheon is really sweet). Yu Shin understand but what Al Cheon know his feelings now. Yu Shin said he was not the kind of people who act according to his feelings. Bi Dam watching the two sisters and see Cheon Myeong ruffled his hair Deok Man.
Bo Jong Deok Man and continue the search for Yu Shin. Guk Dae Pung San Heun and (wealth of the most clever in Yonghwa Hyangdo he .. he) also kissed the trail Bo Jong. They report that people Seol Won has expanded its search area. Deok Man has changed his clothes again. Kim Yu Shin will use rabbit droppings (like charcoal) to create the smoke and gave the signal. Guk San Heun said Bi Dam has been suggested that the best route is through water. This forest was dark, so it will not easily find them. Cheon Myeong ask the boat prepared. Al Cheon already making preparations.
Cheon Myeong ask Guk San Heun and Bo Jong Dae Pung block. Cheon Myeong said they should prevent Seol Won find Deok Man. Cheon Myeong see Deok Man clothes folded on the table. Nam Dae Bo and nangdonya have found their location. Deok Cheon Myeong Man hug and say good bye.
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