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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 22

Bi Dam against them and leave Deok Man to wonder who he is. (Tirzah: Bidam = son of King Jinji with Mi Shil). Dam Bi's men massacred mercilessly Kim Seo-Hyeon. Eventually they escaped. Dam Bi Yu Shin took the headband from their hands. Kim Yu Shin Deok man ran toward Bi Dam and saw a sword toward Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin misunderstand and attack Bi Dam. Yu Shin Deok Man asked to stop because Bi Dam had saved his life. Dam Bi Yu Shin restore headband. Shin Yu apologize with this misconception.
Yu Shin tried to take a headband and Bi Dam collect money for the chickens that he gave last night. Kim Yu Shin did not have it. Think Dam Bi Yu Shin kidding. Yu Shin eventually provide a shield skin for payment. Bi Dam kissing shield it and recognize the smell of cowhide. Bi Dam felt his clothes stained with blood and Noh Moon will surely punish him. Yu Shin asked where the origin of Bi Dam. Bi Dam said he did not have back home but now lives in the village Yangji. Bi Dam said he would be very grateful if could get Shin Se. Bi Dam restore headband and said Yu Shin Yu Shin swordsmanship so heavy and she felt funny.
Yu Shin Kim Deok Man invites left. Shin Yu said they should avoid all contact with anyone. Yu Shin Deok Man's arm like a child. Seo Hyun Kim knew his mission failed because Bi Dam. His men reported that Bi Dam has a very great swordsmanship. Kick his sword similar to the Ho Im Jong Guk Seon Do. Kim Seo Hyeon Im asking what it's cadre Jong. No, his sword moves faster than Im Jong. They also thought people were not telling Mi Shil.
Seol Won visited local officials Yangji village. Bo Jong requesting supplies. Seol Won asked whether there was any news of Bo Jong mata2 and promised to send word to his father. Bum Seok Won Seol ordered to examine the surrounding environment with full alert.
Deok Man asked about the purpose of Yu Shin's father. He knew Kim Seo-Hyeon who wanted to kill him, he knew one of the messengers. Kim Yu Shin did not answer it, but Deok Man shouted: "Everybody wants to kill me! All want me dead!" Shin Yu snapped back so as not to be stupid and do not think about it. Kim Yu Shin saw members of the Bo Jong nang do exist in the vicinity. Yu Shin Deok Man take away from the market. Yu Shin Deok Man dragged along road and Deok Man kept asking where they can go.
Yu Shin said they could not say anything because Deok Man will surely die. Yu Shin Deok Man to bring Yangji village where an outbreak, it is the safest place to hide. No one would come near the village with disease outbreaks. Yu Shin know everyone wants them, from King to Mi Shil. If they do not survive them will die. Yu Shin Deok Man convincing, he will not give up but if Deok Man surrender, then the burden becomes doubled. Yu Shin Deok Man begged for not giving up. Seo Kim Yu Shin Hyeon still track and get reports that Yu Shin toward Yangji village.
Kim Seo-Hyeon ordered his men not tergesa2 because Yu Shin Deok Man together. Seo Hyeon Kim knows her son is not the risk taker, so he ordered to supervise the village Yangji. Bi Dam knelt in front of the Moon Noh, he asked for forgiveness for not bringing Se Shin and his clothes stained with blood. Bi Dam said he saved a person who almost killed. Moon Noh asked what caused the death of the rescue of others? Moon Noh wanted to know what Bi Dam kill people. Bi Dam defend himself, he was just trying to save people. Moon Noh said Bi Dam not want to save but revenge. Moon Noh said that Bi Dam never forgive and show mercy to others and Bi Dam will kill because he can not hold his temper. Bi Dam said he saves someone. Moon Noh yelled at Bi Dam
That's when Yu Shin come and give greetings. Dam Bi was surprised to see it. (Tirzah: Gosh .. Man finally met Moon Deok Noh ...!)
Bi Dam said at the Moon Noh, they are people who save. Deok Man forward and justify Bi Dam. Moon Noh said the Bi Dam that the patients they multiply. If not immediately addressed, will spread the disease to other villages. Moon Noh asked Kim Yu Shin Deok Man to go because there is an outbreak in this village and not wise to stay here. Kim Yu Shin said they have reason to enter this village. Moon Noh looked at them.
Jong Won Seol and Bo find Deok Man and Yu Shin. They see the Dam Bi trying to find Se Shin, drug sellers said whatever Bi Dam gave a lot of money, he still can not obtain Shin Se. Bi Dam said that not only Yangji village but this outbreak would spread if it does not get the drug. Dam Bi was asked to leave.
Bi Dam brought Seol Won. Bi Dam said he did not make mistakes. Seol Won asked what he Yangji population. Bi Dam said she and her teacher just passed by and stopped to help the villagers. Seol won praise teachers Bi Dam. Seol Won asked if there are 2 people with uniforms Hwa Rang, if Bi Dam brought Deok Man, then he will give what is desired if Bi Bi Dam Dam Deok Man brings him.
Bi Dam go and think about the offer Seol Won. Yu Shin Deok Man helped cut the wood. Yu Shin Deok Man asked to leave. Kim Yu Shin did not respond. Deok Yu Shin Man does not want to feud with his father. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man asked what was so precious. Now just Deok man has surrendered even if you do not know for what. Orang2 die because Deok Man. Deok Man feels not stand orang2 die because of him. He asked Kim Yu Shin left before it happened and he was not worth it. Kim Yu Shin said Deok Man stupid because he has chosen Deok man than his father. Deok Man shocked (Tirzah: wow .. wow .. what's this? Declaration of love Yu Shin Deok Man?)
Man leaves and Kim Deok Yu Shin vent anger on wood. Moon Noh come and watch. Moon Noh observing logs and Yu Shin apologized to the damage that he has made, he'll make it up later. Moon Noh asked who the name of Kim Yu Shin. Yu Shin was surprised to see Moon Noh examine his hand. Shin Yu hands blistered. Moon Noh asked whether he had a teacher. Moon Noh said that Yu Shin did not receive guidance from the experts and get stuck in a pointless exercise. It must be very hard to reach this level.
Kim Yu Shin did not understand what was meant by Moon Noh. Moon Shin Yu Noh asked what was involved in this akhir2 sword fighting. Moon Noh said that Yu Shin did not realize their own potential. Moon Noh Yu Kim went and thought about what was said Shin Moon Noh. Deok Man went to the drugstore and saw a bag of Bi Sang (Chinese white arsenic). Deok Man saw the bag and asked what he just vanished from this world.
Kim Seo-Hyeon Seol Won received a report that was also seen around here. Kim Seo Hyeon Deok Man said that should not fall into the hands of Mi Shil. Kim Seo Hyeon Deok Man would rather die than fall into the hands of Mi Shil. Bi Dam came home and saw Yu Shin Deok Man finished bersih2. Yu Shin asked what else he had to do. Bi Dam said that the straw in the prisons too much, he asked Yu Shin took a half for him. Yu Shin Yu Shin do and when in prison, Bi Dam closed its doors and shut Yu Shin.
Bi Dam brandishing a knife in the direction Deok Man and said he should be bound. Bi Dam Deok Man tied around the tree. Yu Shin cried out for explanation. Bi Dam apologize. Deok Man asked who ordered Bi Dam. Bi Dam do not know but that person wants Deok Man. Bi Dam said for Deok Man does not think this is unfair. He may be able to save the lives of 200 villagers. Deok Man think about this. Yu Shin asked her Man trying to flee.
Deok Man felt when she fell into the hands of Mi Shil, death will not be quick and probably will threaten the King and Princess Cheon Myeong. If you fall into the hands of the King, the death will be faster. Deok Man felt that if he survived so he only gave misfortune than good.
Yu Shin Deok Man asks to survive and not give up. Deok Man asked where he would have the power if their parents just wanted him dead. Deok Man does not want to hear anymore. Bi Dam to see Seol Won and said he got them and asked what Seol Won will keep that promise.
Seol Won whispered, they want to bring Deok Man hidup2 and make preparations. Bi Dam asked exactly who they are. Dam Bi Bo Jong thought rude and said Seol Won is the Minister of Defense Seorabeol. Seol Won convince Bi Bi Dam Dam so no need to suspect him. Bi Dam asked whether they have the medication he needed. Seol Won stressed when they get the Bi Dam Deok Man will get the medicine. Bi Dam go. Seol Won Jong Bo ruled this preaching on Mi Shil. Seol Won thrilled.
Mi Saeng preach that already have Deok Won Seol Man. Mi Shil thrilled. Mi Shil said this is when they prepare everything. Before leaving, Seo Ri expressed concern that Deok Man is a child with Gaeyang horoscope. Mi Shil remember about the letter Moon Noh. Mi Shil looked a little surprised. Ri Seo Deok Man worrisome predictions about, he argues Deok Man still must be killed for the good of them.
Shil said Seo Mi-ri too believe the nonsense that prediction. Ri Seo Mi Shil said he was worried because the Supreme Pastor and work hard. Seo Ri did not seem like it because now Mi Shil not really believe in heaven but the intervention of Mi Shil only believes in himself. Mi Shil said he was the one who can ask for rain and the eclipse of the moon, what does it mean that horoscope. Mi Mi Shil said he was Shil. Seo Ri does not like the kearoganan Mi Shil.
Eul Jae came to King and said that the Mi Shil also already know about the existence Deok Man. To accomplish this there is only one way, which held a marriage alliance between Prince Cheon Myeong Kim Yu Shin. King of the proposed marriage. Eul Jae said if the successor of the kingdom it is definitely the party Mi Shil will not be able to do anything. Eul Jae need to strengthen the position of Kim Seo-Hyeon. Princess does not agree with the proposal Eul Jae Deok Man and the neglect of safety. Eul-jae said that if Kim Yu Shin into law the kingdom so he can act as Crown Prince, then the problem of lack of successor to the throne of Seonggol will disappear.
Queen Maya apologize for imposing wedding Cheon Myeong this ally. Cheon Myeong said if it happened with Royal Wedding Style lineage then they will be able to renew their power base and again they do not know what to do with the Mi Shil. Princess said rather than just sit better from now on they are getting ready. Im Jong facing and preach about the meeting of the nobles.
Se Jong opened the meeting and said they were concerned that the offspring Seonggol be extinct. King, Queen, Princess Mi Cheon Myeong Shil also present. Se Jong mention of the birth of twin daughters. Eul-jae denied and asked for proof. Se Jong Mi Saeng incoming request. Mi Sook Saeng in with Chil behind. Chil Sook greets members of the Board. All surprised to see Chil Sook. Se Jong Sook allow Chil speak in this meeting. All agree Chil Sook speaks. Chil Sook finally spoke. Yll 20 years, Queen Maya gave birth to twin daughters. The king gave his daughter in So Hwa servants and sent them away. He ruled after them. He was not able to catch it, but when he arrived in Silla, he recognized that women who have returned to Seorabeol. The king looked at the Mi Shil who looked at him with a smile. "Checkmate!"
Bi Dam serve them a meal. Kim Yu Shin did not like and throw it. Yu Shin Bi Dam will not forgive. Bi Dam Deok Man is bound to meet, he said Deok Man also definitely do not want to eat. He muttered that people from the Ministry of Defense who want it. Bi Dam will again bring food. Deok Man grateful. Bi Dam wonder, he would sell Deok Man but he was not angry even thank him. Bi Dam Deok Man feel crazy.
Mi Shil see Cheon Myeong. Mi Shil confirm that knows about Deok Cheon Myeong Man. Cheon Myeong said that Mi Shil Deok Man only thinks it is his twin brother when Deok Man that guy. Mi Shil threatening what was taken later after Deok Man discovered he needed to be stripped for sex. Mi Shil said he has Chil Sook So Hwa. So when Princess Deok Man brought home he would show signs of the birth. So the Queen and Princess have both responsible for the disappearance of male offspring Seonggol. Prince said he would do so if they can bring Deok Man before the Board. Mi Shil insisted that Deok Man will be brought before them. Cheon Myeong said if Mi Shil fails, then he will be accused of insulting the royal family and had to give an accountable in front of Silla society.
Mi Shil go and Cheon Myeong said although Mi Shil speaks as if he has the power and generosity of the sky but got it all will soon be gone before he knows it.
Princess Man Myeong convince the King should not be too worried because her husband had gone there before Mi Shil and will get Deok Man. Eul-jae is also comforting that Deok Man with Kim Yu Shin. Mi Shil will not get Deok Man. King said it benar2 tragedy. As a father he has abandoned his son and now he can not even protect her.
Eul Jae Myeong meet Princess Man. Eul Jae said is very important to the family of Kim Seo-Hyeon to implement their plans. Eul Jae said he had to kill Deok Man without a trace. This is only way to preserve family satu2nya King and Princess Man Myeong family. Princess Man Myong worried about her husband and son.
Yu Shin trying to find a way to escape. Deok Man: "If successful, then what?" Shin Yu will not let Mi Shil bring Deok Man. Deok Man know, if he falls into the hands of the King Jinpyeong Mi Shil will be threatened and Queen Princess also will be lowered. Deok Man feels better does he just disappeared. Yu Shin Deok Man felt very stupid. Shin Yu Man asked her to think clearly and do not think stupid.
Bi Dam come and hear their conversation. Yu Shin Deok Man who called silent. Deok Man thought, he would leave without regret, but to Kim Yu Shin separated from it will cause a big regret. Yu Shin did not like this silence and asked her to Man talk. Deok Man will not let Mi Shil get his wish. Bi Dam asked who the people referred to Deok Man. Deok Man said there is a very special person. Dam Bi Yu Shin throwing food.
Deok Man asked about drugs, Bi Dam said he would get it after he gave Deok Man on them. The next morning, Dam Bi Shin Yu said, he will bring Deok Man on Seol Won Rang. Kim Yu Shin shouted that Bi Dam should not be doing it and tried to open the prison door. Bi Dam bring Man and Yu Shin Deok Deok Man shouted. Bi Dam Deok Man carrying away. Bi Dam said Deok Man will not be harmed. Kim Yu Shin angry and said if he could get out of here, he would seek Bi Dam for what he did.
Deok Man Yu Shin thank for everything. Kim Yu Shin continued to yell at Deok Man and wrath. As they walked, Bi Dam said he will release Yu Shin after this is completed. Then Bi Dam find the dagger of King Jinheung of arms Deok Man and wonder during this Deok Man has a dagger why he did not break away. Bi Dam Deok Man wants to get the medicine for the villagers to 200 lives could be saved. Bi Dam to restore the dagger at Deok Man. Bi Dam Deok Man carry on Seol Won Rang. Bi Dam asked Se Won Seol Shin and show merchandise. Bi Dam to see how many things that Shin Se, but it is hard to find.
Seol Won asked Deok Man handed to her. Bo Seok Jong Bum escort Deok Man on Seol Won. Seol Won Deok Man saluted and called her Princess. Deok Man does not intend to help Seol Won. Bi Dam takes Se Shinnya and see Deok Man once again. Kim Yu Shin tried to run him but failed. He remembered the words Bi Dam on the heavy sword of science. Then Yu Shin began hitting the door with a stick pemukulnya.
Moon Noh shocked by deeds Dam Bi, Bi Dam sells for Se Shin Deok Man. Moon Noh punish Bi Dam. Bi Dam said that the choice between one person with 200 people. Moon Noh scold, how dare Bi Dam toying with the value of a human. Whatever the reason one should never underestimate the human life-even. Bi Dam Deok Man then remember saying that he would not meet the wishes Won Seol, he remembered Deok Man had a dagger but do not use it so that he could obtain the drug. Noh Moon Dam Bi wrath but escaped and said he had no urgent business.
Bi Dam returned to the meeting but was silent. Kim Yu Shin kept hitting the cell door. Seol Won brings Deok Deok Man and Man decided leash. Yu Shin eventually can destroy the cell door and find Deok Man. Bi Dam also ran after the group Seol Won Rang. (Tirzah: Bi Dam go .. he .. he .. this guy is really crazy but cute!)
Deok Man managed to cut the rope and show his dagger in every person. Deok Man threatened to kill himself. Jong Bo tries to stop it but be struck by the dagger Deok Man. Bum Seok crippling Seol Won Deok Man and ask for Deok Man gagged. Bum Seok Jong Bo asked what hurt. Then Bi Dam come. Seol Won say they have nothing to do anymore with Bi Dam. Bi Dam said he changed his mind, method of payment is not true. Bi Dam Deok Man must bring home. (Tirzah: Bi Dam is similar blend of Western Poison Auwyang Hong and Sintiaw Tayhiap Yang Ko in serial Tiaw Sin Hiap Lu, evil and good with a little crazy and ambitious.)
Seok Bum said Bi Dam crazy (emang!) if requested Deok Man from them. Jong Bo Dam Bi will face but saw Bo Seok Jong Bum injured he approached Bi Dam and sent him away. Bi Dam began to fight and put himself in front Deok Man and release the blockages of his mouth. Deok Man asked why he returned. Bi Dam said do not underestimate someone's life, even if only one. Orang2 Seol Won Rang come more and more.
Deok Man asked what he would do Bi Dam. Bi Dam said he had to kill a lot of people today and will be punished for it. Kim Yu Shin came to hitting everyone. Deok Man shocked with the arrival of Kim Yu Shin. Dam Bi was surprised how Kim Yu Shin to get out of his cell. Kim Yu Shin coming toward Deok Man and said to Bi Dam after all is finished he will kill Bi Dam. Bi Dam said: "We talk about this after all is finished." Bi Dam and ready to fight with Shin Yu Seol Won Rang to Deok Man.
Bi Dam: "Come on, if you touch this child all of you will die."
Kim Yu Shin: "Anyone who approached Deok Man will face me ... Attack!"
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