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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 21

Chil Sook recognize Deok Deok Man and was surprised how Man can be in Silla. At the intersection, Yu Shin tried to escape from pursuers. Al Cheon and Im Jong Shin Yu scatter search but failed. Yu Shin Deok Man walking with a guide horse. Deok Man does not understand why they chased. Shin Yu said they have to run first, then he will explain all.
Seo Ri Shil and ask to see Mi Sook Chil. All shocked to hear Chil Sook disappeared again. Bo entrance announcing the arrival of Chil Jong Sook. Chil Sook came in and said he had recovered. Mi Shil thrilled. But not long, hitting like Mi Sook Chil Shil with the next word, Chil Sook: "The first thing I saw when my vision is to recover the other twin daughter. He is still alive and is in the palace!"
Mi Sook Chil Saeng think making it up and ask for an explanation. Chil Sook sure the twins were there at the palace. Mi Shil thunderstruck. Mi Shil fear.Eul Jae got a report that Al Cheon and Im losing Yu Jong Deok Shin and Man. Im Jong said, Deok Man looks at the residence of the Princess. Eul Jae surprised and asked them to keep looking for them with a secret. Al Cheon still like to know what happened, but Eul Jae interrupted and said this for the sake of Silla. Discuss with Kim Jae Eul Yong Chu and wonder how Deok Man could get the dagger of King Jinheung.
Mi Shil still trying to digest the information he was hearing. Chil Sook said he had seen him in uniform Nang do, she initially thought the child was dead talah swallow the sand storm, but it turns out he was still alive. Chil Sook insists he can recognize it and he sure was right Deok Man. Another atomic bomb made Mi Shil and the gang .. Mi Saeng: "Deok Man ...??" His name Deok Man? Mi Shil only mumble .. Deok Deok Man Man .. .. Chil Sook so amazed with the expression of all people. (Tirzah: should be interesting to see Mi Shil Soak ...)
Mi Shil remember all about Deok Man, the question about the Moon Noh, reaction see "Parallel of lives", the Latin-speaking ability, Mi Shil aware Deok Man so close but so far with it. All concerned with this development. Seol Won convinced the King do not know about this. Seol Won Jong Bo ordered arrested Deok Man. But Chil Sook said Deok Man has gone with a Hwarang. Seol Won Mi Shil want to issue orders, but Mi Shil was "calm down". Mi Shil wanted peace he would like to think.
Queen waiting for Princess Cheon Myeong Hwa So that will take away. Apparently So Hwa disappeared. Eul Jae came up and asked what they were looking for So Hwa. Eul Jae've moved So Hwa. They must believe Eul Jae. Eul Jae do not care if his name bad in history but he will still protect the royal family of the late King Jinheung and expectations.
Kim Yu Shin Shi Yeol meet mom. Mrs. Shi Yeol Yu shin but was surprised to see very grateful to the kindness Yonghwa since her son died. Deok Man realized that this was best friends mother. Shin Yu for help for Mrs. Shi Yeol would submit his letter of Dea Pung and Guk San Heun, not to others. Mrs. Shi Yeol agree.
Eul Jae ordered Joo Bang and Go Do So Hwa smuggle out. Kim Yong Chu asked them where the dagger of King Jinheung. Joo Bang and Go Do not know. Eul Jae Deok informed that the first Moon Man also looking for Noh. Dae Pung got a visit from Ms. Shi Yeol who provide a letter from Kim Yu Shin. San Heun read Guk Dae Pung. They agreed to divide the tasks. Im Jong's men continued to supervise members Yonghwa.
Guk San Heun overlooking Princess and delivered a letter from the Yu Shin. But Guk San Eul Jae Heun intercepted and he must follow under the robbery sword Eul Jae Im Jong. Princess holding step Eul Jae. Myeong Cheon Guk San Heun want to follow, but Eul Jae asked Guk San Heun Kim Yu Shin read the letter in front of them all.
San Heun Guk Shin Yu read a letter. Yu Cheon Myeong Shin asked to be careful because Eul Jae Deok Man wanted to capture. Cheon Myeong shocked. Eul Jae confirms this all for the King family, that means King Jinpyeong, Queen Ma Ya, and himself. (There is an unwritten law among east Asian, Family first, then country. Setia should start a new family of nations.)
Eul Jae Cheon Myeong know wanted to do something without the knowledge of the King. Eul Jae also say what Prince said all the King about Deok Man. The king was angry to see the Minister of hostile beliefs and daughter behind. King demanded an explanation from them.Mi Shil hands shook as pouring tea, she was nervous. Seol Won So Hwa's report that was hidden by Eul Jae at the Ministry of Administration. Now Mi Shil panic. He wants to take So Hwa Won Seol. Won Seol worried it would mess up the palace. Mi Shil did not care and want So Hwa. Mi Shil will reawaken the secret agent. Mi Shil want Deok Man brought to him somehow, only then they make plans.
Yu Shin Deok Man and rested. Deok Man said, the King of the chase. King does not covet his existence. Yu Shin said he was wrong, not a king but Eul Jae. For the sake of loyalty to the King family, Eul Jae doing it. Man Yu Shin asked her to learn more prudent than Cheon Myeong, Queen, and himself. Shin Yu said he had asked his father to help them. Because chased tiba2, Yu Shin fled without money.
Pung meet Kim Dae Seo Hyeon Shin Yu and deliver letters. Yu Shin asked Manno and his father went to meet him in the hut where they used to hunt. Kim Seo-Hyeon worried and asked what had happened. Dae Pung explains Kim Yu Shin Yeo Ham went into the mountains but takterlihat until now. Princess Man Yu Shin Myeong benar2 worrisome. Then came Kim Eul Jae Seo Hyeon.
Yu Shin Deok Man and entered a village stricken with a mysterious plague. Deok Man asked why residents laid in large pottery. Shin Yu said that villagers had no money to bury the dead family by the coffin, then they use the pottery for burial. Residents reported no outbreak in the village Yangji. Kim Yu Shin asked what the next village was also hit. Apparently not. The village was the place she promised to her father.
Kim Seo Hyeon Jae Eul know of that is Deok Man's twin daughters and now run by Kim Yu Shin. Eul Jae Shin Yu know in a hurry so he would ask his father for help. Eul Jae said if this issue revealed the King family in danger. What Eul Jae desired. Eul Jae wanted Kim Yu Shin Deok Man back and killed. Seo Hyeon Kim shocked. Eul Jae insists he will convince the King to give permission for the marriage with Princess Kim Yu Shin Cheon Myeong. They benar2 need an heir to the throne. Eul Jae Deok Man said that the head of the securities in lieu of marriage with Princess Cheon Myeong.
Eul Jae reported to the King. Kim Yu Shin have asked the help of his father. Eul Jae lied and said he asked Kim Seo Hyun Deok Man sent back to China. King of doubt with sincerity Eul Jae. Eul Jae King asked to leave. King crying he convinced himself that Eul Jae trustworthy. But she was sick since he knows Deok Man Eul Jae Deok Man would kill for the sake of continuity of the royal family. King honestly apologized because he was not a good parent to Deok Man, he could only give pain to Deok Man. King sobbed.
Im Jong Jae Eul facing, Seol Won and his troops went to their room and said that there are spies in the Baekje. Kim Yong Chu tries to prevent Seol Won. But Seol Won challenge. If Kim Yong Chu tried to stop it, then there will be bloodshed between the two ministries. Seol Won So finally go in and get along Joo Hwa Bang and Go Do. Eul Jae come and angry because Seol Won dare go in and screw up. So Hwa Won Seol reason is mata2 Baekje. Eul Jae unable to prevent it. (Tirzah: if Eul prevent Seol Won-jae, Eul-jae had to unlock the secrets So Hwa).Seol Won Mi Shil follow orders to put them in a temple priest Wyol Cheon.
Bo Jong keep all three. Go Do still trying to understand that Deok Man that woman. Joo bang tried friends with So Hwa. Joo Bang know if So Hwa is the mother Deok Man. Joo Bang asked Deok Man relationship with King. He promised to bring So Hwa with Deok Man.
One mata2 Mi Shil reported that they were going to the mountains during the early hours Deung mata2 but it does not know the exact destination. Seol Won Jong Bo ordered to spread the word by carrier pigeon. Seol Won Shil that informs Mi mata2nya have found Yu Shin Deok Man. Mi Shil did not want any mistakes. Seol Won asserted, because there is in force mata2nya Kim Seo-Hyeon.
Kim Seo Hyeon collect orang2nya and go. Seo Hyeon Kim will tell you the place if they arrive at the destination. Kim Yu Shin Deok Man resting in a cave. Kim Yu Shin went looking for food. Deok Man in doubt. Shin Yu said Deok Man does not have to think, just do it ordered. Her father will arrive tomorrow morning, until that time, Deok Man do not think anything. Tiba2 someone asked whether there are people in the cave. Yu Shin Deok Man alert. Apparently a man came out and saw them and even blinking an eye toward Deok Man! and go. He is Bi Dam.
Bi Dam orang2 out to meet it. Bi Dam meet orang2 seeking medicinal plants for him. Shin Sae Dam Bi looking (wild ginger), a drug that can be used for food or medicine. Shin Sae hard to find because many people looking after the outbreak of disease. Bi Dam said he would be punished by his teacher if you do not get it. Bi Dam get a chicken. Kim Yu Shin Bi Dam came and asked for some food. He will pay tomorrow.
Bi Dam said he could not share it, because he did not have enough food. Then Bi Dam leaves and throwing chicken bones and then to throw some chicken at high speed towards Deok Man who was arrested by Shin Yu. Bi Dam smile, he tested the Yu Shin. Bi Dam asked for a guarantee of payment by Shin Yu headband. Yu Shin tossed to the direction of Bi Dam. Bi Dam go. Shin Yu said he could lose patience with Bi Dam, if meet again he will fight it. Shin Yu said Deok Man should be more alert. It's past Deok Man said. Deok Man began to eat but then she sobbed again.
Bi Dam back to the village and met his teacher who is none other than .. Gukseon Moon Noh. Without saying anything, Noh Moon Dam Bi hit with a broom. Bi Dam punished and knelt in front of the Moon Noh. Moon Noh asked whether Bi Dam eat meat. Bi Dam apologize. Moon Noh asked about drugs but acquired tidk get it because pencegahnya and Bi Dam is not a cure. Moon Noh asked Bi Dam exit
Kim Yu Shin Deok remember when Man became Nang Donya, when Deok Man should wear bags of sand. Initially disliked Yu Shin Deok Deok Man Man, but the characters who never gave up making Yu Shin lama2 start like it. What Deok Man still can be there without anger, sadness and back like Deok Man at a time when it is. So Yu Shin believes he can form a Deok Man. Deok Man hopes he can be as expected by Yu Shin but with all these events, it's better if he disappeared.
Seo Hyeon Kim say they have arrested Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin will meet him here, and its fruit Seo Hyeon Kim Deok Man will attack the course alone. They should bring Deok Man to Wo San Guk (120 km from Korea, East Sea near Japan) and killed him. Kim Yu Shin are not allowed to know and just run the plan if Deok Man alone.
Seo Hyeon Kim Yu Shin asked to bring Deok Man to the hut and go back to him. Yu Shin convincing if he came alone. His father said he came up with a trusted representative only. Meanwhile, mata2 Mi Shil send news with pigeons. Yu Shin Deok Man brought to the cottage and said after the repair, this cozy cottage is occupied. Man Yu Shin asked her in to rest. Kim Yu Shin said the village will meet with local officials, and will look for something in the market at home. Man Yu Shin asked her not to think too much.
Deok Man look around and check the cabin. Won Seol get pigeon and informs Mi Shil. Mi Shil want Deok Man arrested alive. Seol Won Mi Shil convincing. (Tirzah: confusing .. which should be good leaders even wanted to kill, Deok Man villain want to live ... dilemma)Seo Hyun Kim's men down the field outside the cottage. Tiba2 Bi Dam emerge and surprise them. Orang2 Seo Hyun Kim asked him to leave, Bi Dam by acting like fools walked away. Then the men see Kim Seo Hyun Shin Yu headband in basket Bi Dam. They think Dam Bi stole it. They beat Bi Dam.
Yu Shin is shocked when she heard her father and this plan for Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin could not believe what his father had done. He's gone. Kim Seo-Hyeon stop his son with his sword. Seo Hyun Kim said this was her way of maintaining their families and Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin asked his father beat him because he kept going. Seo Hyeon Kim say it's useless to go to the cabin. Deok Man may be dead.
Deok Man out of the hut and Kim Seo-Hyeon besieged troops. They asked her to follow her man. Seol Won Yi Sui spurred his horse into the Gun. (Tirzah: Come on .. oom Seol Won ... this time I ngedukung Seol Won). Deok Man drew his sword. Seo Hyeon Kim's men got their orders to kill Deok Man if she resisted. Deok Man asked by order of who they come to kill him. Kim Seo-Hyeon or King Jinpyeong, but they do not answer it. They keep asking Deok Deok Man Man participate but refused. They were preparing to attack when Deok Man Bi Dam suddenly appeared and called them.
A left facing Bi Dam and ends into mincemeat in the hands of Bi Dam. (Tirzah: Moon Noh students so you know ...) Then Bi Dam attacking troops with Kim Seo Hyeon swordsmanship, fast and cool ... Bi Dam attacked mercilessly. Bi Dam said he would kill them all. Bi Dam makes Deok Man stunned.
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