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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 20

Deok Man is surprised to see the arrival of Princess Cheon Myeong Kim Yu Shin who followed behind him. Yu Shin wait and watch outside allowing the mother and twin daughters to meet. Queen wonder how Prince knew he was here. Deok Man insisted on knowing the truth. Deok Man intends to show the dagger but are cut by Cheon Myeong.
Cheon Myeong: "It's mother's mother .. .. .. Deok Man is a woman .." Queen confusedCheon Myeong: "A woman .. women .. daughter .. she is your daughter, the younger twin brother twin sister .. who has been discarded and abandoned at birth ... .. twin brother twin sister ..."
Queen and Deok Man in shock. Man Deok Cheon Myeong feel angry because he did not follow his orders and deceived. Queen confirm the accuracy of information that Deok Man is a woman and a younger Cheon Myeong. Princess nodded and agreed. Cheon Myeong said that the stiletto king Jinheung and the person who submitted the petition, people who grow up and think that the ladies in the palace So Hwa is the biological mother is right Deok Man. Now Deok Man who stunned ..
Queen Maya directly Deok Man with clasped hands full of longing. Deok Man is now in a stage of denial. Deok Man said he would go to the temple Jung Ahn and left them. Queen called him and asked what his name Deok Man she remembered she had to name Deok Deok Man Man before it was taken from his hand. Deok Man feels the Queen one person and fled. Yu Shin Deok Man met who stood out but he ran past the Yu Shin.
Scream queen called him in desperation. Yu Shin Deok Man chase. Deok Man still deny everything that happened. Deok Man feels this is all just a tactic because Cheon Myeong Cheon Myeong know the goal to Gyerim to find Moon Noh and why he remains disguised as men and become Nang Do. Cheon Myeong definitely a trick. Kim Yu Shin Deok apologize to Man. Deok Man surprised. Yu Shin Deok Man understand feelings but he can not help him. Shin Yu said all looked like crap but it's true Deok Man's twin sister Princess Cheon Myeong. Deok Man can only sit and begin to digest it all.
Meanwhile, the Queen asked how the Prince could know about the truth. Prince talked about their first meeting and birthmarks Deok Man in exactly the same with him. Queen begged to bring Deok Cheon Myeong Man to him now. But Cheon Myeong feel for them giving time to Deok Man to accept all these facts and ask her to be patient. Cheon Myeong Deok Man will meet and talk with him. Queen crying lap Princess (Tirzah: love and honor your mother guys ... they're all the Same .. Their children love so much).
Man found Deok Cheon Myeong, Kim Yu Shin Deok Man standing guard. Deok Man crouched alongside a river. Cheon Myeong said during his life he never squatted like that because he was taught that a princess does not like it and Deok Man is not supposed to do that.
Deok Man asked why their parents throw it and why Mi Shil sent men to kill him. Cheon Myeong finally squatted beside Deok Man and told about an ancient prophecy which was inconvenient. Mi Shil want to expose this and get rid of their mother and raised her as Queen.
Deok Man asked why her father wanted to kill him when he submitted the petition. Deok Cheon Myeong convince the King of Man was not an order. Deok Man said he would go to Rome only to find Cartan and he left. Deok Man Yonghwa back to base and started packing up belongings. Yu Shin came in and tried to prevent it. Deok Man asked Kim Yu Shin let go and she screamed. Deok Man wakes all his friends. Kim Yu Shin asked all the empty barracks and out. Deok Man: "I'll go!" Yu Shin shouted for all out. Deok Man finally lamented and said that the tough journey so far in vain. He only returned to face the fact that she should not return. He was embarrassed and felt humiliated. Deok Man gone but Yu Shin held and even hugged him (Tirzah: Wow ..)Yu Shin: "Do not go! If you still want to go then I'll mengurungmu."
Yu Shin Deok Man brings to the mountain Yeoham to calm the mind. Yu Shin Deok Man does not know how to calm his mind but he asked her to Man stay here for awhile. (Tirzah: I'm sure Deok Man guns will pukulin stone to calm down). Yu Shin Deok Man left. Yu Shin Deok Man can be heard crying.
The next morning, King Jinpyeong asked where the Queen last night. Queen said nothing, just a family problem and Queen wanted to visit his father. At that time, Cheon Myeong also present. King left the room. Cheon Myeong asked why his mother did not tell his father. There is a difference between father and mother also between parents and authorities. When she gave birth Deok Cheon Myeong and Man, yet he could organize his breath, the king as a ruler has taken a decision. Queen also spoke about the Cheon Myeong So Hwa. Princess relieved to know So Hwa is in their hands now.
Queen Maya worried Deok Man. Cheon Myeong said he had ordered Deok Man hiding in a safe place. Queen asks Cheon Myeong Hwa So secretive existence, especially in Deok Man. Kim Eul Jae Yong Chu and watching So So Hwa Hwa and sure not the one who sneaked in Daehwaljeon. Bum Seok received information about where the ink is stolen and exchanged for Nul Jae Yol (tonic), traders said they group to-2 that asks.
Seol Won Jae Rang Eul wonder why not stop the search and continue looking for a thief. Bo Jong said they stopped the search because it was called by the king. Bum Seok carry traders who sell Jae Yol Nul to recognize Nang Do. Seol Won Bum Seok Rang told him to headquarters Nang Do.
At the headquarters Nang do, Al Cheon was training Nang do it. Bum Seok divert attention by challenging Al Cheon Cheon ryeon In a duel against the Do-it. Traders were given a chance watch the Nang Do. But nil. Then to where Im Jong, also nil. Bum Seok bring it into Yonghwa hyangdo merchant. Incidentally Princess Cheon Myeong ladies come and search for Kim Yu Shin Deok Man. But they were not in place, so he asked one of them went with him to explain to the lady. Joo Bang went because he wanted to get acquainted with ladies Princess. Then Seok Bum and traders arrived.
Cheon Myeong waited and got a report from Joo Bang and Go Do that Kim Yu Shin Deok Man fight last night and went into the mountains Yeoham. Bum Seok leave Yonghwa. One of his Myeong Cheon Nang Do recognize at the entrance. Bum Seok wonder what the Princess here. Precisely identify the merchant Joo Bang who was talking with Prince as a person who buys Jae Yol Nul.
Deok Man is reflected in the mountain Yeoham. Kim Yu Shin guard. Cheon Myeong come and ask about the circumstances Deok Man. Keaadaannya not easy for anyone Shin Yu said. Kim Yu Shin asked what they had to send Deok Man go once again? Cheon Myeong feel should Deok Man Ahn Jung went to the temple once while he was thinking. Cheon Myeong grateful for Yu Shin remain with them. Princess was not possible to face them with courage if Yu Shin does not exist. Princess asked Yu Shin always by his side. Deok Man continues to hold the dagger of King Jinheung.
Joo Bang will BAB, suddenly he was kidnapped. Joo Bang was abducted by men Seok Bum. Go Do realize Joo Bang missing so she went to the base Al Cheon to ask for help. Al Cheon wonder, why do they report to him, what did Kim Yu Shin. They said Kim Yu Shin does not exist. Al Cheon still feel Joo Bang just toying with them. Go Do insist Joo Bang kidnapped, because he was not there last night. Joo Bang severely beaten, he begged not to be hit again.
Im Jong Yol know that sellers have identified Nul Jae Joo Bang as the buyers. Bum and Deok Seok Chung conducting the investigation. Im Jong wonder, why did they investigate cases that have been closed. Joo Bang ask what they want. Seol Won-rang in and threatened him with Wyoldo. Seol Won Joo Bang asked what the purpose of sneaking into Daehwajeaon. Eul Jae wonder why the case was reopened. Al Cheon reported that Joo Bang and Go Do is Nang Do leaks into Daehwajeon.
Joo Bang finally answer, he slipped into Daehwajeon to deliver a petition to the King but Joo Bang did not know its contents. Eul Jae asked where the location of the interrogation. Joo Bang benar2 do not know the contents of the petition, he did not lie. Then Seol Won asked who ordered Joo Bang. Is Princess or Kim Seo-Hyeon. Deok Man! Bang Joo said, he mentioned it for granted. Tirzah: I'm sure Joo Bang was forced to, he's afraid to die. Seol Won felt strange how an ordinary Do Nang to ask him to do that. Seol Won asked who ordered Deok Man, Joo Bang do not know. Bang Joo Won seol rule is executed.
Chu Yong Kim, Eul Jae, and Kim Seo-Hyeon came. Eul Jae said if Seol Won Rang want to punish thieves in Daehwajeon, he should be told because this was not the authority of Seol Won Rang but its authority as the Nyae Seong. after debate, Eul Jae Im asking and Al Cheon Jong Joo Bang to bring with them. Seol Won Rang Seo Hyeon Kim asked where his loyalty in the military or elsewhere. Seo Hyeon Kim did not answer it. Joo Bang also got the same question from Eul Jae. He also gave the same answer: Deok Man.
Parties Mi Shil also discuss this. Mi Saeng feel there is a rule Deok Man. But according to Mi Shil, it is definitely not a Princess Cheon Myeong. If that lady, then it should Cheon Myeong Princess who ruled Joo Bang put petitions. Eul-jae is not because he is leading the investigation. Nor is Kim Yu Shin. Mi Shil: Deok Man do it yourself. Tirzah: Mi Shil emang more experienced. Mi Shil was not prepared with the motive Deok Man and felt disturbed.
Cheon Myeong see Deok Man and ask what he thinks. Deok Man does not know. Deok Man feel, as she as the daughter of the mother that she felt awkward smart and wonderful. Then when he knew the truth, honestly she just had tears. Deok Man will return to the desert because there are tears will dry quickly. Cheon Myeong assert they are brothers, they can fight together as a unity Mi Shil. Deok Man: "What about people who should not have to be your brother and help you?" Cheon Myeong asked Deok Man believed him.
Cheon Myeong Shin Yu begged to keep Deok Man because he could not bear to send Deok Man go. Because Deok man was he able to stand and fight Mi Shil. Kim Yu Shin said they could not provide the desired Deok Man. They can not restore the status Deok Man. Shin Yu said Deok Man has self-esteem and high confidence that made him strong. And Gyerim already took it from him. Cheon Myeong feel helpless and cry. Yu Shin ragu2 to calm him down. But then he was calm Cheon Myeong with a touch of his hand.
Then see Deok Man Yu Shin, Deok Man said if they lost to Mi Shil, he invited Yu Shin to the Taklamakan desert. Shin Yu Yonghwa ask what has meaning for Deok Man. Shin Yu Yonghwa name nang do one at a later whether Kim Yu Shin has a meaning to Deok Man. Deok Man to answer all of them were friends including Kim Yu Shin. Then Kim Yu Shin honestly say he never wanted Deok Man to be my lady, she wanted to stay Deok Man to Do his Nang. He could not help past Deok Man but he can help future Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin hope sincerity make Deok Man lived.
King received a report that Deok Man is the one who put the petition in Daehwajeon. King wondered how the boy knew the King Jinheung dagger. Princess attend. Eul Jae said the Princess that Deok Man is a person who breaks into Daehwajeon and put a petition on a tray. Cheon Myeong not know. Eul Jae said, he must find Deok Man to be asked. Eul Jae was not wise to hide So Hwa at the palace. Queen asked then where should So Hwa hidden. So Hwa Jae Eul proposed to be brought out of Gyerim. Reverend Wyol Cheon treating eye and bandaged eyes Chil Chil Sook Sook. Chil Sook must remain bandaged for 7 days. Chil want to see Mi Sook Shil because of worry So Hwa.
Man Deok Cheon Myeong meet. Deok Man said he would to the temple Jung Ahn, Deok Cheon Myeong wonder Man decided to stay in Gyerim.Im Jong Deok Man reports that there is in mountain Yeoham and Kim Yu Shin also not found. This is strange. Cheon Myeong pleased Deok Man decides to stay, but he should immediately go for the King and Mi Shil know he who put the petition. Cheon Myeong apologize because he looked like a cast Deok Man. Eul Jae Shin and ask to see Yu Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin said Deok Man workout. Eul Jae Deok Man feel involved in a big conspiracy. He asked Kim Yu Shin Deok Man brought to him immediately.
Eul Jae Im asking and Al Cheon Jong Deok Man detained for her. It's for the King of Silla and the Family. Eul Jae asked them to follow Kim Yu Shin and they will find Deok Man. Al Cheon his doubts. Kim Yu Shin decided to solve their own problem. Deok Man left the residence of the Prince. Yu Shin Kim Deok Man pulled his hand and ran. Shin Yu has a horse near the temple and asked her to follow her man.
Al Cheon hesitant because they have to cheat Yu Shin. Im Jong said, they only follow orders and do not judge. Im Jong and Al Cheon see Yu Shin Deok Man riding a horse together. Jong Im trying to stop them and al-Yu Shin Cheon call names, but Kim Yu Shin past them.
Im Cheon Jong, and Al pursue them. Chil Sook out of the temple and opened his eyes in bandages. His vision began to clear. Suddenly, Yu Shin Kim Deok Man passes. Chil Deok Man Sook recognize that there is on horseback.
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