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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 19

Since when Kim Yu Shin know that I am a woman? Then Deok Man recalls a time when he had finished bathing, he came out and surprised to see Yu Shin. I'm just passing the word Yu Shin, fast asleep! Then Yu Shin passed. It was definitely Kim Yu Shin already knew that he was a woman.At the same time, Prince was also surprised to hear from Yu Shin. Joo Bang Shin Yu said benar2 protect Deok Man. Princess confirms once again and Kim Yu Shin apologized for hiding this to my lady. Cheon Myeong sure Deok Man is her twin sister. Prince said no one should know about this.
Yu Shin feels when they know the status Deok Man as Seonggol how they can let Deok Man becomes Nang Do. Prince asked why Yu Shin secrecy, he can just drive out Deok Man. I do not want to part with Deok Man (Tirzah: um .. hm ..). Cheon Myeong also felt the same. If the sexes Deok Man revealed he will be a damned by divination.
Deok Man Princess felt very miserable, and after being forced away from the palace into the distance, then back to the Silla after so long and know the identity, Deok Man will only deal with the fact that his destiny is to die.
Deok Man still think Kim Yu Shin. Princess looked Deok Man from far and feel very sad. Joo Bang went to see Kim Yu Shin only to see blank stares Yu Shin. He felt made the mistake of asking about sex Deok Man. Yu Joo Bang Shin asked how he knew and asked for this secrecy.
Kim Yu Shin Deok Man met. Deok Man saluted and Kim Yu Shin past (Tirzah: ok .. .. dipelankan camera and taken from several sides .. hihi). Deok Man turned around and asked why Yu Shin did not reveal the real sex if he already knew. Yu Shin Kim: And? Cheon Myeong you entrust to me regardless of your gender, what am I wrong?
Deok Kim Yu Shin Man feel should tell him if he knew. Yu Shin felt it was not his business. Deok Man pulled her and asked why Yu Shin always avoid confrontation with him. Yu Shin said he was not avoiding you, he just was not interested in the affairs Deok Man.
Deok Man insists, even if Yu Shin's not interested, he needs to hear it. Deok Man tells his journey across the Taklamakan Desert to the Gyerim and survive with all the suffering. Yu Shin Deok Man feel stupid go here looking for something that is uncertain. Identity can you create with your own hands. Yu Shin Deok Man felt his talk lightly. It said Yu Shin and he left. But Yu Shin Kim Deok Man benar2 sympathize.
Eul Jae also heard the true story of the birth of twin daughters of King Jinpyeong. Eul Jae surprised, how the King can do that and ruin the plan of King Jinheung grandfather (Tirzah: to unify the three countries Silla, Baekje, Goguryeo, intent Eul-jae know if there is forecast, it could replace the queen consort of King to be descendants laki2 and killed one daughter). King said they are flesh and blood, he does not have the heart to kill him. Eul Jae feel if So Hwa appears, the possibility of another lady who also appeared. If Mi Shil know it can be dangerous.
Yu Shin Kim, Deok Man, Cheon Myeong night pondering on the identity Deok Man.Mi Mi Shil met Saeng, he says Mi Saeng have a photographic memory (rich Joe Sandy), so Mi Saeng will remember with a woman if she ever met him. Mi Saeng boasted himself, because his memory that he had many wives and 100 children. Mi Mi Shil took Saeng see Chil Sook. Mi Sook Shil distract Chil. Mi So Saeng Hwa and he looked surprised.
Mi Shil persuade Chil So Hwa Sook to move into a better place, this place is not suitable for So Hwa. Mi Shil said goodbye and saw her sister's face looked shocked.Mi Mi Shil asked Saeng never met the woman. Mi Saeng Hwa mumble So it is a personal servant of King Jinpyeong who carried off the twin daughters. Mi Shil shocked. This is the first time frightened look in her eyes.
Cheon Myeong Deok Man does not feel safe in Seorabeol, Kim Yu Shin agrees. Deok Man getting closer to the identity of the danger he's real. Prince wanted to tell the truth on Deok Man, but Yu Shin was not wise to do that. They agreed to keep it from Deok Man for a while. Cheon Myeong will send Deok Ahn Jung Man to the temple to await orders there. Kim Yong Chu now know about So Hwa and plan to take from the hand So Hwa Mi Shil. Im Jong Jae Eul'm watching the Royal Celestial Shrine and report any strange things.
Mi Sook Chil Shil meet and said he had found a suitable place for Chil Sook. Mi Sook Shil feel Chil been unfaithful to her again. Deok Man falls during exercise and Joo Bang trying to "help". Kim Yu Shin came and asked what he needed to ask Deok Man tied a bag of sand again. Princess came to see Deok Man. Cheon Myeong ruled Deok Man Ahn Jung went to the temple and waited there. Deok Man said Cheon Myeong not a good liar. There must be hidden.
Mi Shil Party also began to realize the existence of the Princess twins. Mi Shil feel they must separate Chil So Hwa Sook. Mi Shil not stand to see someone who used to be loyal to him began to leave because women of lower status. Mi Shil feel if they were separate So Hwa, they will be able to extract information about the other twin daughter. Seol Won Jong Bo will take care of this problem.Seol Won will act as if the King Jinpyeong who kidnap So Hwa. Mi Shil sure if So Hwa Sook separated Chil Chil Sook will again serve him.
Chil So Hwa Sook and leave the shrine. Im Jong continue to monitor and see Chil Sook with horses being So Hwa was in a stretcher. Jong Im ready. Seol Won Rang give an explanation on Bo Jong. Bo must divert attention Chil Jong Sook, but he must be careful because even though his eyesight is weak, Chil equivalent to Gukseon Moon Sook Noh.
Im Jong Jae Eul ordered to take the opportunity to kidnap So Hwa. When Bo attack Chil Jong Sook, stretcher bearers feigned defeat and flee. Chil Bo Sook Jong fishing with a horse, a horse and chase Sook Chil Bo orang2 So Hwa Jong flight stretcher. Im Jong saw everything. Im Jong orang2 attack that brought So Hwa. They benar2 run now. Funny thing is true orang2 King Jinpyeong who fled So Hwa just like the "scenario" Mi Shil.
Im Jong ask ladies changing clothes with uniforms Nang So Hwa Do. Deok Man returned to headquarters and feel exhausted. Yu Shin offers a bottle of drinking water. Yu Shin asked about the commands Princess. Deok Man said he was asked to wait to the temple Jung Ahn. Then why do not you go ask Yu Shin. Deok Man convinced Kim Yu Shin also hiding something. We all hide something Shin Yu said. According to Yu Shin what was then let go. The most important is the present and future. Deok Man annoyed that it did not matter already killed her mother. Deok Man asked if Kim Yu Shin want to remove it just remove him. If not, he will not leave Seorabeol.
Deok Man sobbed when Im Jong-in and carry So Hwa Do Nang is impersonating. So Hwa see Deok Man and recognize it. He wanted to call Deok Man but her voice did not come out. He tried to run after Deok Man but Im Jong's men hold and pulled him away. Deok Man turned and So Hwa's gone.
Chil Sook wrath. The waiter tried menenangkanya temple but Chil Sook want the door open because he had to find So Hwa. Chil Sook angry and destroyed the furniture room. Mi Shil looking for information about the existence So Hwa.
Mi Sook Shil meet Chil. Chil Sook insisted he should come out looking So Hwa. Seo Ri tried to block but encouraged. Mi Sook Chil Shil draw swords and put a dagger in the neck Chil Sook (great, too ..), then return it and ask for Chil Sook beat him and left. Chil knees and begged Sook Mi Shil allow him to leave. Mi Shil So Hwa asked about the identity of the real. Mi Shil know he is the King So Hwa personal maid. Mi Sook Shil toying Chil mind, might just want to kill King Jinpyeong satu2nya witness the birth of twin daughters.
Mi Shil said, So Hwa is one of the most dangerous for the King Jinpyeong. Mi Shil said, he needs to protect So Hwa because he needed a witness who saw the birth of twin daughters. With dramatic acting, Mi Sook Shil said if Chil faithful to her Mi Shil will bless him. Mi Shil back to the group and said according to Chil Sook, twin daughter died because of a sandstorm. So Hwa experiencing stress due to loss Deok Man and he took So Hwa instead. Mi Shil received a report regarding the movement of Im Jong.Seol Won said all the above commands Jae Eul. So Hwa Mi Shil request immediately found.
King Jinpyeong rushing to see So Hwa. So Hwa suffered severe trauma. So Hwa recognize the King and begged for mercy. The king calmed her down and told all his fault. So Hwa tried to speak but her voice did not come out. So Hwa Jae Eul said could not speak. (Tirzah: gemes euy .. try it .. there are guns that think ama ink onto paper ngasi So Hwa. Doi his palace ladies, can certainly write .. or her hand is too stiff?)
Deok Man decided to go to the temple Jung Ahn. Kim Yu Shin asked Guk Dae Pung San Heun and to accompany him. So now I have to be guarded? Kim Man Yu Shin asked her calm because she's going there too. Deok Man intends to meet with Prince to leave. The king said to Queen Maya if So Hwa found. Queen wants to see So Hwa. Queen to call names and ask what So Hwa So Hwa recognize it. So Hwa Queen hug and apologize. He asked about what her twin daughter is still alive. So Hwa nodded. So Hwa unable to say where but he gave no sign that the princess in this country. Queen want to know the name given to her daughter but So Hwa Hwa So can not say anything (paper, please ...).
Deok Man meet Prince. Queen Maya out of the room So Hwa and fell due to shock. Cheon Myeong said there is a lot to say on Deok Man. Deok Man Princess ask for help to meet the King. Cheon Myeong refused. When Deok Man insists, Cheon Myeong reprimand because it was not polite as Nang Do. Cheon Myeong asked her to immediately leave Seorabeol Man. Queen Maya came and Cheon Myeong said the meeting had finished.
Deok Man saw the Queen and then leave. Deok Man gives King Jinheung dagger sheath and told he would wait in Daehwajeon. Queen told the Princess that her sister was still alive. Princess shocked and asked how the Queen knows that. Queen was also surprised by his own daughter Cheon Myeong already know first. Queen want to know more but Prince said the timing is not right. Cheon Myeong also do not know if they find her twin sister, what to do. The palace is full of orang2 Mi Shil. Cheon myeon asked her patient, she had a plan.
Dayang Queen thought Deok Man tried to "tease", he gave the dagger scabbard on Princess Cheonmyeong ladies. Queen Cheon Myeong ladies came out while frantically to restore the dagger into the Queen's ladies. Queen asked what was wrong. Dayang Queen issued a dagger scabbard. Queen in shock to see it.
Deok Man waiting in front Daehwajeon. The guard tried to throw him out, but he insisted because he was sure would be invoked. Dayang Queen came running and asked her to Man facing Queen at the palace. Queen met Deok Man. Queen asked how Deok Man has a dagger scabbard. Queen said that the owner of this dagger and sheath is a woman. Deok Man confirmed. Do you know who owns it? I know the word Deok Man. Then Deok Man go.
Guk Dae Pung San Heun and Deok Man treated at a drinking place and they were drunk. Deok Man apologize and get ready to go. He asked for medication from Joo Bang to make them sleep. Mi Shil get info if styled Queen's palace at night. So Hwa Won Seol felt there. Mi Shil ask orang2nya watching the Queen's palace.
Yu Shin Kim received a report from Nang Do it if Deok Man disappears. Deok Man back to Seorabeol. Queen prepares his residence for a secret meeting. Yu Shin visited the Princess and said Cheon Myeong Deok Man meghilang. Cheon Myeong said that the Queen had left his residence during the night. Kim Yu Shin feel if Deok Man will meet Queen Maya. Prince said that the residence of the Queen also prepared tonight.
Yu Shin felt Deok Man uses strategies Gyeok Seong Dong Si (Tirzah: Create a trap to the east and attack in the west, commanders know how to attack that makes the enemy do not know where to stand. Strategies No 6 of 36 strategies)Cheon Myeong know this strategy Deok Man meets Queen Maya and she knows where they will meet. Cheon Myeong immediately go to that place. That is the pavilion where she and Deok Man had often met. Bo Jong stop litter Queen on the grounds check mata2 Baekje. But did not find anyone except the lady queen. Bo Jong fooled.
Deok Man approached the meeting place and was shocked to see Queen Maya came to see him. He thinks he will meet King Jinpyeong. Cheon Myeong Kim Yu Shin rushed to prevent the meeting. Queen saw the second twin daughters.
Queen: "I've done what you ordered. I've been breaking all the attention of people and come alone. Where the owner of the dagger Soyeobdo, where the girl?"
Deok Man will say something on there that surprised him.
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