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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 18

Cheon Myeong sitting on the floor in Jeon Ju and felt panicked by the findings. I'm twins! Cheon Myeong remembered Deok Man also has the same birthmark. And all who have experienced Deok Man. Cheon Myeong the conclusion that its twin is Deok Man.Eul Jae Hwa Rang ordered to wipe out the people who will appear in the forest. Deok Man shocked with the order but moreover he must be disappointed. Deok Man to follow orders to take a position but because of many minds, Deok Man left the group. Tiba2 someone was pointing a sword and asked her to call Man's identity. Deok Man run. There were cries of his men had found. Eul Jae heard the news.
Deok Man trying to escape, Al Cheon felt people were not far away. Deok Man voiced that Al Cheon heard it, he asked her to Man out. Deok Man came out and attacked the Al Cheon, of course Deok Man is not the opponent Al Cheon and easily defeated. Al Cheon to unmask and was surprised to learn that it Deok Man. Deok Man asked Al Cheon reply budinya to help him. Al Cheon honor his promise and asked him to hide. Al Cheon pura2 caned and lose the guy. (This guy is so sweet ... haha)
Queen Cheon Myeong very surprised when asked about the possibility that he was twins. Cheon Myeong begged his mother. Queen Maya denied. Prince mentioned the phrase that he found in books. Prince also spoke of the Mi Shil whisper when she was 10 years old when he lost his younger brother. Queen Princess was not a convincing one is the guilty Cheon Myeong. Deok Man washing his face in the eyes of water to soothe his mind. Deok Man asks what he should do now.

Cheon Myeong asked what happened to his twin brother. Queen said the baby died after birth. The birth of twins should not be disclosed so that the death and burial are also kept secret. Cheon Myeong understand and he asked what was the younger twin. Queen said he was born some time after Cheon Myeong, he had a birthmark on the back of his ear. Is he male or female? Queen said Cheon Myeong .. she's like she's pretty and yes she was female. Cheon Myeong confused, setahunya Deok Man that boy, what honest mother or Deok Man who hid their gender.
Mi Cheon Myeong Shil visit. Mi Shil apologized for visiting too late, he was too happy. Mi Cheon Myeong Shil rewarded with a painting of King Jinheung and tigers. Mi Shil tells the story of King Jinheung hunt tigers. Mi Shil want Cheon Myeong inspired by his paintings, he says a leader who is believed by his followers will lead forever. Cheon Myeong know it kata2 King Jinheung. Mi Shil asked Cheon Myeong know the hearts and hopes of his followers such as Kim Yu Shin or Deok Man. Mi Shil know they are special, but they are young and inexperienced. Cheon Myeong said Mi Shil was always jealous of what he had. Princess asked Mi Shil go. Mi Shil finally gone.
When delivering Mi Shil, Cheon Myeong Jinheung King asked about the dagger. Mi Shil said Cheon Myeong've never seen it. Dagger save Cheon Myeong and King Jinheung. Deok Man back to base and remember Yonghwa Jae Eul orders to kill people in the woods. Deok Man wondering what she could trust the King or Princess Cheon Myeong. Cheon Myeong feel Deok Man conceal something from him. He remembers Deok Man has a dagger King Jinheung. Why Deok Man hiding something from him.Kim Yu Shin still practicing and remember the words of his father. He should give priority to people's styles. His mother also said Yu Shin must be reliable and to control his anger. Yu Shin continued his training as a therapy to overcome his emotions.
Yu Shin Deok Man met but ragu2 to close and leave. Meanwhile, Cheon Myeong Shin Yu also met but did not want to bother him and waited. Cheon Myeong find water to drink while waiting. Deok Man washing his face in the eyes water. Cheon Myeong Deok Man saw it and greeted him. Princess asked what Yu Shin Deok Man looking for? He asked what they were still friends. Deok Man to be the official and asked what the command Cheon Myeong. Why do you hide something from me? Even if you're hiding something, you live to explain it to me and everything will baik2 only. If anyone knows Deok Man has been deceived. Cheon Myeong still like to hear honest answers from Deok Man. Deok Man said he did not cheat Cheon Myeong.
Eul Jae Cheon message to Al last night missions should be kept secret. Al Cheon Jong Im and Jae Eul convincing. When Im gone Al Cheon Jong asked what crime the man? Eul Jae said the man would threaten and destroy the basis of Silla as a country. Al Cheon surprised to hear that.
Joo Bang was stealing something from Daehwajeon. Go Do feel bad because Deok Man already warned them. Joo Bang wanted to exchange it for Nul Jae Yol (ancient viagra from traditional Chinese herb.) Eul Jae Daehwajeon rebuke in a negligent guard. Eul Jae asked what is missing. Apparently the ink of jade has been missing since the incident.Jong Bo informs her mother about the mission and Al Cheon Jong Im. They are looking for the missing items from Daehwajeon. Mi Shil said the man did not mean to steal but to give something in Daehwajeon. Theft is only diversion.
Yu Shin Cheon Myeong wait. Kim Yu Shin surprised to know the Princess waited so long. Cheon Myeong remember when you first met Yu Yu Shin Shin until now remained pure and steadfast to its founding. Did you ever doubt the person you trust? Kim Yu Shin said he would not trust the people that he doubted but he did not doubt the people who he trusted.
After that, Yu Shin was visited again, Al Cheon. Al Cheon told last night that his secret mission to kill the person who put the petition in Daehwajeon. Al Cheon do not know why but people who should not they catch the other is Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin shock. Kim Yu Shin believe Deok Man is a victim of other people. Al Cheon said that he himself is caught Deok Man but he let go and leave this matter to the Yu Shin. But there is no next time if Al Cheon caught him again, there is no forgiveness for Deok Man.Im Jong has received information regarding a stolen jade inkwell. Im Jong suspect they are Nang Do. Kim Yu Shin asked what they were exchanged. Im Jong Yol feel embarrassed when I say Nul jae. Eul Jae continue to follow the development of this case.
Seorabeol locked. Nang Do all collected, they are looking for Nul Jae Yol. Jae Ho said all Nang Do be stripped off his clothes. Deok Man Go Do panic and fear because she hid Nul Jae Yol. Jae Ho Nang Do call 5 to open his clothing in front of Eul Jae and Kim Yong Chu. Cheon Ryeol In Do a turn first. Deok Man can see from the shadows of them that they must open the whole shirt. Guards check the Yonghwa and discover anything suspicious.
The king heard of the incident in Daehwajeon and angry because Eul Jae did not report directly to him. The king was impatient and would meet in Daehwaljeon Jae Eul. Deok Man increasingly concerned when his turn was coming. When Deok Man called him forward and Ho Jae ragu2 yelling calling them. Im Jong ask all open his superiors. All her clothes off but Deok Man does not. Im Jong Deok Man asked what the waiting. Eul Jae Deok Man's view, he still doubted the identity Deok Man. Kim Yong Deok Man Chu insisted should take her clothes off. At the critical moment, Kasim came and announced the arrival of King Jinpyeong in Daehwajeon and Eul-jae should be there to see the King. (Saved by the Daddy ..).
In the hall of King meets So Hwa. So Hwa approached and called the King. King recognizes So Hwa. The guard prevents So Hwa came and they took out his sword to prevent So Hwa. Seo Ri came and apologized for the waiter So Hwa mentally disturbed. So Hwa Seo Ri carry out and assured the King that this incident will not happen again. So Hwa King's departure followed with his eyes and Eul Jae arrived. So Hwa Jae Eul recognize and shocked by his presence. He knew So Hwa was once the servant King.
Queen told the Princess Daehwajeon incident. Cheon Myeong Queen asked what had information about the dagger. Cheon Myeong Deok Man conceal his suspicions on to his mother. Eul Jae said the King, is not it So Hwa. What really happened. Eul Jae King pleaded not hiding something from him. The king must believe in Eul Jae. Eul Jae wanted to know why So Hwa is still alive. King panicked look together So Hwa Seo Ri, he was arrested Shil Mi So Hwa. He had to save him.
Eul Jae King asked for calm. Eul Jae feel this is the work of Mi Shil again. Kim Yong Hwa Chu reported that So was taken to the Royal Celestial Shrine and asked about the cadre. Eul Jae said nothing can be done with them. Disband it.
Mi Shil was surprised to hear So Hwa meets King. Ri seo feel for a hit by delusions like So Hwa's very surprising to see him like to know where he went. Seo Ri also remember the reaction when he saw the King So Hwa very strange. Chil So Hwa Sook said in very dangerous to go alone.
Mi Sook and Shil meet Chil Seo Ri said So Hwa even went to Daehwajeon. Chil Sook said that the name is Jung Yi So Hwa. Mi Shil said So Hwa takes time and not a drug so Chil Sook does not need to worry.
Mi Sook Chil Shil feel lied to him. Deok Man felt relieved but annoyed that Joo Bang Go Do already ate up his Jae-Yol Nul. Deok Man sitting on the floor because her knees weak and angry at Joo Bang because it makes them all experienced this. Joo Bang asked the guard what the thief was caught, they do not know. They return the box they found and said they did not take apa2.
Members Yonghwa feel curious and opened the box. Go Do say it belongs Deok Man. It contained records of menstruation Deok Man. Dae Pung recognize the fabric used as a pad like that of her younger sister. They wonder why this box is here. Joo Bang realize Deok Man actual sex. He remembers Deok Man is never piss with them, when his foot sprain Deok Joo Bang Man arms and he felt the breast Deok Man. Then doubts Deok Man to open the clothes.
Joo Bang felt he was very stupid when he was an expert in the matter of women. Joo Bang also feel strange because Deok Man shower alone do not always want with them, Deok Man always argued he had a terrible injury and he did not want people to see it. Joo Bang felt Kim Yu Shin Deok Man already know the gender. He went looking Deok Man.
Cheon Myeong met privately with Yu Shin. He recounted how he and Deok Man met. He never mentioned this in previous Shin Yu. They met while on his way to the temple to meet Moon Yeo Rae Noh. Cheon Myeong felt the meeting was destiny.
Deok man was walking aimlessly at Joo Bang Man found her and asked her to follow him and call him a brat. Yu Shin asked about the purpose Myeong Cheon, Cheon Myeong said when the star of the 6th Constellation Pirates split into 2, a pair of female twins born in the royal family. At that time, two daughters were born. But there are predictions if the family of King gave birth to twin daughters, they will eliminate Seonggol male descendants of the royal family. so that one of the twins should be taken out of the palace with daggers King Jinheung. Then the child who has the dagger back to the palace. The boy was looking for Moon Noh to know their origins. Children who have birthmarks exactly the same with me. All clues lead to Deok Man. But he hesitated, because being born is female is sure Deok Cheon Myeong Man is male.
Joo Bang pulse Deok Deok Man Man and withdrew his hand. I baik2 it! Deok Man Joo Bang sure a woman. Deok Man says Joo Bang nonsense. Yu Shin Kim choked up when he heard all the exposure Cheon Myeong.
Joo Bang waiting for an explanation Deok Man. Deok Man said nothing, so this confirmation. Joo Bang asked how he could hide their gender for so long. Deok Joo Bang Man begged not to say this to Kim Yu Shin, but said Kim Joo Bang Shin Yu already know. What do you say if having a terrible wound to her? Deok Man does not remember ever saying such Yu Shin.
Joo Bang said Kim Yu Shin told the members about the injury Yonghwa Deok Man and asked them not to interfere Deok Man. Deok Man shocked with the possibility Yu Shin know their gender.
Kim Yu Shin: "Princess Cheon Myeong ?.... Deok Deok Man's Man's ... it's true .. a woman."
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