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Queen Seondeok Synopsis Episode 17

Cheon Myeong Hwa asked who the So and So Hwa realize that the girl was not Deok Man and escape. Mi Shil also asked Deok Cheon Myeong Man told to leave, if not Kim Yu Shin and even Deok Man would accept the consequences.
Mi Shil also convey a message to Kim Yu Shin, the more he refused, the more bloodshed of the people of Hollywood. Man Mi Shil asked her to say what their answers. Deok Man tried to release the grip Mi Shil, but Mi Shil continue gripping the hand Deok Man.
So Hwa Cheon Myeong follow, and the palace servants found So Hwa and wonder for people who are mentally disturbed, So Hwa benar2 expert escape. Princess Kim Yu Shin remember reports that there is a secret passageway to the east. There is no door on it but Prince felt no wind blows from the walls. Prince tried to push the wall.
Command Palace for the people out of style as far as 200 li Seorabeol to Samyang ju. Then all the holy temples will be demolished and built Gaya Buddhist Temple. The Captain Hwarang also debating style problem because land that must be addressed by the folk style is a barren land unsuitable for agriculture. Al Cheon defend the people Hollywood. Seok Bum as usual is on the Mi Shil. King Jinpyeong upset because they feel cornered.
Ha Jong thrilled with the tension on the part of Kim Seo-Hyeon. Mi Saeng said he already did that have to do now is up and Seol Won Jong Se Rang to clean up the rest. Mi Shil said they had tried to persuade Her Majesty Man Ho to order the marriage between two families. Ha Jong shocked and thought her mother would take her husband again. Mi Shil did not say anything to her son that "smart" and recommend whether the daughter or daughter Ha Jong Kim will be paired with the family.
Ha Jong protest, after what they did .. she proposes marriage? Ha Mi Shil view and insisted that Kim Jong Seo Hyeon choose his side or against it. Kim Seo-Hyeon not have a relationship with Silla, when he joined the Mi Kim Seo Hyeon Shil then will have the opportunity to re-establish Hollywood, Kim Seo Hyeon must have had thoughts like that. Ha Jong asked what right had to sacrifice his daughter because her daughter was a child.
Deok Man met Prince and said Mi Shil already know all their plans. Meanwhile, Seo Mi-Hyeon Shil visit Kim and his wife. Praise Shil Kim Yu Mi Shin and asks Kim Seo Hyeon Kim Yu shin provide for a child fruit Mi Shil. Mi Shil convince them if they agree, then Kim Yu Shin will become Hwarang Pungwolju, then he suggested that Kim Yu Shin to marry his daughter. Cheon Myeong Deok Man shocked by the report.
Man Myeong said Princess Mi Shil wants to hold a wedding for fellowship. Yu Shin Kim kneeling in front of his parents and he refused to desire Mi Shil. Princess Man Myeong comfort. Shin Yu Mi Shil feel is the person who caused the people driven out of Seorabeol style, how he can propose marriage. Seo Hyeon Kim Yu Shin calm, nothing can be resolved if we are emotionally, if they immediately reject and throw it Mi Shil can do other things with Peach Flowers Sadahamnya. Then what will happen with their families.
Kim Yu Shin feel anger is the main thing when faced with Mi Shil. If not, they will only be a puppet Mi Shil only. His father asked what he would give up everything and die. Yu Shin willing if necessary. Then people would not believe if Mi Shil demigod but a person who can bring disaster to the whole nation for their own interests. Seo Kim Yu Shin Hyeon feel too hasty. Yu Shin go and take his horse. He met Princess Cheon Myeong.
Yu Shin asked what politics is very important to her, what they need to design strategies and for political intrigue. Yu Shin asked Man Deok Cheon Myeong and what they can face their fears. Are they right to resist Mi Shil. Kim Yu Shin benar2 angry, he said the plan Mi Shil and all fear. Deok Cheon Myeong Man and thoughtful.
Folk Style expelled from Seorabeol brutally. Princess, Deok Man and Kim Yu Shin seen from afar. Deok Man kneeling on Kim Yu Shin and said if he is wrong and Yu Shin true. He asked Yu Shin did not leave and also Princess Cheon Myeong. Prince held out his hand as a sign of an oath, Yu Shin lay hands on daughter's hand, then put his hand above Deok Man Yu Shin hand. They pledge allegiance. Cheon Myeong said three of them joined by destiny. No matter whatever they will do as much together, no matter in heaven, earth or hell, they will be together.
Yu Shin practice sword. Deok Man is thoughtful when Al Cheon came, he asked what he thought Deok Man. Al Yu Shin Cheon looking for treated drinking. Man said Shin Deok Yu will not be entertained by drinking. Al Cheon wonder why Deok Man always be under the radar Kim Yu Shin. Al Cheon explained dasar2 as Hwarang, they must serve their masters like heaven but nangdonya is like the earth. If Hwarang not be strong on the earth, so his master could not stand on the foundation. Al advised Deok Cheon Man to do your best and do not cause misunderstanding. Deok Man understood. Then ask what Al Cheon not be mentraktirnya drink. Al Cheon: You should ask more than that. (I like uterus he .. he)
Deok Man visited Mi Shil who is finishing his paintings. Mi Shil was finishing the painting of King Jinheung with tigers. Deok Man shocked to see the man in the painting holding a dagger. He began to panic. (Often very panicked child nih ..). Mi Shil saw it and asked what the answer Deok Man. Deok Man also refuses Mi Shil, but he was more concerned with painting the King Jinheung. Mi Shil decided to explain the man in the painting and all the stories tiger hunt with the little dagger. Mi Shil spread threats again, but Deok Man go. Mi Shil was not happy.
Deok Man puzzled look daggers King Jinheung similar to hers. What the King family relationship with him. Wyol Sook Cheon check Chil eye, and said Chil Sook very lucky. Membrane eyes were not damaged so with proper treatment, the eye will heal Sook Chil. Seo Hwa Ri report that So always run away and do not want to eat. Wyol So Hwa Cheon said that disease comes from the heart. If he found what he was looking for then he would recover. So Hwa avoid the view with Mi Shil.
Man Deok Cheon Myeong visit and said they should gather people to be on their side. Cheon Myeong said that the Royal Celestial Shrine had a secret passageway. Deok Man mentioned the dagger of King Jinheung. Cheon Myeong new hearing. Deok Man looks at the painting Mi Shil. If it belongs to the King it must exist in the treasury of the palace, the Princess promised to find out.
Wonder Queen when Prince asks the King Jinheung dagger. Queen tells of the incident when he was nearly killed and Moon Noh Mi Shil. Princess shocked to hear that, what about the dagger, what is the Moon Noh. Not the Queen said. Dagger is missing. Cheon Myeong not understand, if a dagger had saved his life how it can just disappear.
King was also shocked when Prince asked about the dagger. King Jinpyeong said he gave it to Moon Noh. Cheon Myeong feel their parents conceal things because they are not the same answer. When Prince was gone, Eul-jae said that the dagger buried with the other twin daughter. King recalled the painful memories and Eul Jae apologize.Man Deok Cheon Myeong wait. When the Prince arrived, he said about the King and Queen of suspicious. Cheon Myeong reaffirm Deok Man's mother's name is So Hwa. But Deok Man says Princess would not have investigated the data of the kingdom and did not find anything. Deok Man go and insisted on going to find out.
Cheon Myeong ladies ordered the trust to investigate the name of the book So Hwa in royal administration. Deok Man asking for help Joo Bang and Go Do to put something in Daehwajeon (where a petition to the King), he paid with gold giving Mi Saeng. Joo Bang and Go Do be willing to do it. The next day, Eul Jae Hwa Rang giving rebuke a petition in the wet state, the petition is to read the King, so be extra careful. Then see Eul Jae Deok Man petitions and see the painting of King Jinheung dagger. He was shocked.Cheon Myeong Hwa received a report regarding So, it's true So Hwa a palace ladies. Even his personal maid King. Cheon Myeong very shocked. Especially when knowing So Hwa missing on the day he was born. Cheon Myeong Kim Yong Chu asked for help to find out about and Moon Sook Noh Chil. When did they disappear and vanish tiba2. Chu Yong Kim Cheon Myeong surprised but this confirms touch with Mi Shil.
Eul Jae asked who gave this petition. Eul Jae Deok Man began to investigate the petition. Eul Jae Deok Man have read that the King Jinheung dagger. If King Jinpyeong want the dagger he had to see him back in the woods Song Gyeong in the early morning. Eul-jae remembered Princess asked about the dagger. (Cur Gyeong Song Forest is a small forest in Gyeongju National Park).King and Queen of talk about the Princess who tiba2 ask dagger. Eul Jae facing but not so. Kim yng Chu reported the findings. Chil and Moon Sook Noh Cheon Myeong disappeared right at birth.
Deok Man went to visit Yu Shin and he knows he has to do with the King family. Cheon Myeong combine all the findings. Im Jong Jae Eul ordered to collect 20 Nang do for a secret mission. Im Jong recommend Al Cheon and his regiment. Al Cheon will side with the King Jinpyeong and convinced that Al Cheon can be trusted. Eul Jae said they had arrested someone who tried to threaten the King and be done with a secret.Asked Al Cheon Jong Im ready for secret missions. Bo Jong reported that Kim Mi Yong Shil Chu started to find out about Chil Sook. Mi Shil was surprised and asked Bo Jong investigate the secret.
Cheon Myeong went to Jeon Ju (such as the Palace Library). He checked the horoscopes hijackers happened when he was born. Then he found out about Eochul Ssangsaeng Seonggol Nam Jin is the royal family will not have any male offspring if the princess gave birth to twins. Cheon Myeong reminded of Queen Maya blames himself after losing his son to-3nya. Mi Shil who said his brother died for his mistake. Deok Man remembered the birthmark similar to her. Chil Sook sent to kill Deok Man.Cheon Myeong Deok Man came to the conclusion whether there is a relationship with him. Al Cheon said people should arrive early in the morning around 1-3 o'clock in the morning. Deok Man joined the regiment in Al Cheon.
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