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Proses Terjadinya Hujan

Two-thirds of our earth contains water and the rest is land. The water was stored in many containers, such as oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, up to the tub hehe ... eh do not forget our bodies also contains a lot of water you know. Well water in various containers such (but not including the bath) will experience evaporation or evaporation with the help of the sun. Anyway, do not forget also that there is water in the leaves of plants or soil surfaces. The process of evaporation of water from plants is called transpiration. Then the water vapors will experience the process of condensation or compaction that eventually become clouds. The clouds will move to a different place with the aid of wind either vertically or horizontally. Upward vertical wind movement causes the clouds gather. Wind movement causes the clouds getting bigger and mutual-overlapping bertindih. Finally made it to the atmosphere clouds the temperature is cooler. This is where the water droplets and ice begins to form. Gradually the wind can no longer support the weight of clouds and ultimately water-filled clouds that had experienced a fall of rain precipitation or process water, hail and so down to earth. Well, that's the rain. To understand it already! Trus do with the months-air akhirannya what? Oh yes, almost forgot. According to the science of geography, the season in Indonesia is divided into two: rainy and dry seasons. Each season lasts six months (semi-annual kayak aja nih). The dry season occurs from April to September. While the rainy season occurs from October through March. Logo of the month from October to March it is November, December, January and February, so many people who say that the suffix-ber months are rainy season months. Well, my friends are no longer wondering why the people who say so much about the rainy season. So, if there is not yet know about rain, you are all that must explain it. Apparently, the rain is derived from the Koran. Subhanallah, yes it is true that the Koran is the source of our knowledge. So we should never hesitate or lazy to study the Koran. Who knew so add smart, do not ya? Instead of you getting curious about my statement why do not you just continue reading my writing this. Because I quote a few paragraphs about the process under the rain like this: "He is Allah Who sends the winds, and the wind was moving the clouds and spread it in the sky by God as he likes, and make it lumpy, and then you see the rain out of the slit- Gap; then, when the rain came down on His servants who wants, suddenly they become excited "(Al Qur''an, 30:48)" Have you not seen that God mgarak clouds, then joins them together (the parts) , and then make bertindih-overlapping, then be seen by you rain out of the gaps and Allah (also) down (the grains) of ice from the sky, (ie) from (clouds like) mountains, then inflicted- His (the grains), ice it to whom He wills and deluded him from whom He wills. luster cloud lightning almost eliminate
(Al Qur''an, 24:43)

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