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prince of persia forgoten sand

In-Game MenuYou can pause the gameplay at any time bypressing the ESC button. This will of bring upFollowing the screen:• Continue: Resume gameplay.• Combo List: Access the combo list anddescription.• Options: Access the Options menu toVarious adjust settings.• Map: Access to map parts, visited mapparts, the Prince, location and objectives.• Quit: Quit your current game and return to the Main Menu.In Game MapWhen playing, by pressing TAB you cans viewvisited map parts, the Prince's location andobjectives.SavingAt specific points in the game (waterFountains) you will from be prompted to save yourgame.Game OverIf the Prince dies in the course of gameplay, this earnest Following bring up the screen:• Retry: Resume the game from the most recent checkpoint.• Quit: Quit your current game and return to the Main Menu.LoadingPreviously to continue a saved game, chooseLoad saved game from the main menuPress the ENTER button to reach the Main Menu.Main MenuUse the movement keys (W. A. S. D bydefault) to move Among the Following options;then press ENTER to select. Press ESC to goback to the previous menu screen.• Start new game: Start a new game.• Load saved game: Resume a Previouslysaved games.• Extra features: Access the bonuses.• Change profile: Switch from one profileto another.• Options: Access the Options menu to adjust Various settings.Options MenuAt this screen, you adjust cans Various settingsfor the game.• Sound: Adjust the balance of music,voices, and sound effects.• Graphics: Customise your graphicssettings.Lowering the settings May result in highergame performance.• Game:Tutorials: tutorials messages Turn On / Off.Blood: Blood Turn to Sand On / Off.Slow motion cam: Determine the frequency of slow motion cam During occurringfighting sequences. Choose from Never, Seldom, Normal, Often• Control: customize the keyboard / joypad and mouse controls.4 5
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