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Pengertian Internet (inter-network)

UNDERSTANDING THE INTERNET Internet (inter-network) can mean extensive computer network that connects computer users a single computer with other computers and may be associated with a computer from country to country around the world, in which there are many different kinds of information service facilities or surf the Internet Browsing Namely activities of "surfing" on the Internet. These activities may in analogy like a walk in the mall, looking into shop-tokotanpa buy anything. Electronic mail (E-mail) facility is used to send letters / with other orajng, without knowing the limits, time, space and even bureaucratic Searching Namely search activity data or specific information on the internet Catting this facility is used to communicate directly with other people on the internet . in general, these facilities are often used for conversation or chatting in the internet world wide web (WWW) with the world wide web (WWW) is you can take, formatting, and display information (including text, audio, graphics and video) using hypertekxt links Mailing list facility is used to discuss electronically by using E-mail.mailing this list is used to exchange information, opinions and so forth. Newsgroups Fasilitad is used to berkoferensi distance, so you dapatmenyampaikan opinions and responses on the internet. Download is the process of taking files from other computers via the Internet to our computer. Upload is the process of putting the files from our computer to another computer over the Internet file transfer protocol (FTP) facility is used to perform retrieval elektroniok archives or files or transfer files from one computer to another computer on the Internet. Some of the internet has available a file or dokumentyang ready [to copied by others for free. Telnet facility is used to log into a particular computer system and work on other computer systems. Ghoper facility was used to locate information stored on Internet servers using a hierarchy and you can take that information

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