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One Piece.

One Piece (ワンピース wanpīsu) is an anime and manga series about a group of pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy who went looking for a legendary treasure called One Piece.

One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda. Comic started in 1997 in Shonen Jump published by Shueisha and still continues. His TV version started in October 1999. Until 2009, more than 552 stories and 54 volumes of the manga versions have been published. In Indonesia Elex Media manga is published Komputindo and until now have reached the 54th volume. His TV version, produced by Toei, has reached 312 episodes in Japan. In addition, eight wide-screen movies have also been circulated. In Indonesia alone has aired in RCTI and is now aired on Global TV.

One Piece success story thanks to a strong, full of fantasy, the nuances of a typical humor, the characters are diverse, a tight battle between a strange figures, and figures described in depth. Shonen manga seems very rare that elevates the story about pirates. Its popularity in Japan has rival Dragon Ball. A few other manga that almost achieved success, such as One Piece is Inuyasha and Naruto.

In February 2005, One Piece scoring record in Japan as the fastest manga publication to reach 100 million copies.


One Piece manga began diserialisasikan in Shonen Jump magazine issue # 34 on August 4, 1997. Anime being produced by Toei Animation in Fuji TV on October 20, 1999.

At first, Eiichiro Oda One Piece plan will run about 5 years, and he has set ending. But he was too "enjoyed" the story and now he does not know when One Piece will end.

One Piece is a manga with the third highest sales (after Kochikame and Dragon Ball in the history of Shonen Jump. The manga is also a cause of total sales of Shonen Jump rise in the last 11 years. Volume 25 holds the record sales of manga in Japan, with 2.63 million units sold on a first printing. And the volume of 46 reached more than 140 million units sold and is the fastest manga to reach total sales of 100,000,000.


The popularity of One Piece in the Weekly Shonen Jump, Toei Animation decided to make the party make its anime series. Rating anime is very high and so far has released more than 400 episodes, 10 movies, and 1 OVA.

The beginning of the era of the anime One Piece is actually an OVA One Piece, namely One Piece: defeat the Pirate Ganzackt!, Published in 1997 and then followed weekly impressions per episode.

Until August 16 2010, total TV episode One Piece is Episode 462. From episode 207 onwards, One Piece aired in feature high-definition 1080i resolution. One Piece aired an average of 4 episodes per month.


Toei has made nine movies, and all are released each spring in Japan since 2000. All the movie worked with professionals, and with a higher level graph of weekly impressions usual. Movie will also have its own plot, and far from the actual flow of One Piece (non-canon), so in addition to any One Piece enthusiasts can follow this movie. The 9th movie, namely:

* One Piece: The Movie. First with the self titled movie, tells the adventure Straw Hat Pirate Group, (Sanji not logged in) to find treasure left behind by Wonan, legendary Pirate. But it must deal with El Drago Pirates who have fruit devil.
* One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure ins. Straw Hat Group Adventures on a mysterious island in East Blue namely Clockwork Island to pursue their ship stolen Brothers Card.

* One Piece: Chopper's Kingdom of the Strange Animal. The story centered on the Chopper that suddenly becomes a king of all animals.

* One Piece: Dead End Adventure: The story of a race boat racing followed Straw Hat because of lack of funds. But it turns out this game has been corrupted by the General Gasparade Pirates.

* One Piece: Curse of the Seven Star Sword. The story focuses Roronoa Zoro, told about the existence cursed sword, Sword of Seven Stars came over Zoro's childhood friend, Saga.
* One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
* One Piece: Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle. Tells of the existence of sophisticated island built Dr. Ratchet. The group aims to stop the Straw Hat Ratchet ambition to rule the world.
* Episodes of Arabasta: The Princess, Desert, and the Pirates, retelling the story entirely Arabasta (end of story Baroque Works).
* Episode of Chopper: Island of Perpetual Winter. Beyond the original timeline, retelling the story of Drum Kingdom (joining chopper) but with a crew that already includes Robin and Franky. Accompanied with several other adjustments to the story.

* Episode Strong World. One Piece is a series of recent movies currently released in December 2009 in Japan

Road Stories

900 years ago a world controlled by people who have the determination D, then a coup will be undertaken by the ancestors of the sky dragon. all those who have the initials D in Killing, the sky dragon want to change the existing history, but few people who survived the initials D was determined one day will return and reclaim the world from the hands of the dragon sky. They then lowered the history that happened in rio poneglyph which is divided into several sections throughout the grand line written in ancient languages, complete with weapon weapon that can be used to reclaim the world: plutons (arabasta), Poseidon (skypiea), Neptun. every island in the inherited poneglyph should keep it can be scaled to the proper owner of D determination. Overall poneglyph will lead people who could find it on the facts of history lost 900 years ago in which the final key at the end grandline raftel.

There is only one group that had reached the island a group of pirate roger. Gol D Roger who has read the entire poneglyph aware of the history of 900 years ago, but unfortunately he did not intend the word "master". finally he decided to wait for people who really deserve to get one piece.

Roger addition there has also been reached raftel rayleigh they are Silvers, Shanks, Buggy, and the whole crew roger, they know the facts of history but can not do much because they are not a D. roger was telling Whitebeard way to go towards Whitebeard raftel but unfortunately was not interested. World government said Roger as pirate king in because he is one who already knows the fact 900 years ago, on the grounds that government ordered the marine world to hunt down people who had the initials D. , Roger rush off after menyarahkan themselves on marine in exchange for his son's Gol D Ace can stay alive and he intends to make a winning Ace One Piece.

The story of East Blue

The beginning of this series is when Luffy looking for group members who want to sail with him. Named East Blue due to the background story of this story was in the waters east of East Blue, before entering the Grand Line, Luffy story of the past, where he met Shanks and Shanks promised to become a great pirate. '(Romance Dawn is the official title of the story of the past Luffy )

* Morgan's story 10 years later, Luffy sailed into pirate, to seek first the crew, he visited the naval base where Zoro held. But he must face Captain Morgan of the navy.
* Stories Buggy after Zoro joined, they were stranded in the city-controlled pirate Buggy, Luffy and Nami also met him a ship navigator. Luffy and Zoro have to face the Buggy to save the city.
* Story Kuro Luffy, Nami and Zoro went to a village and eventually they conflict with Kuro pirates. They also met a brave young man from the village, Usopp and Luffy asked her to join because it saw its ability to shoot.
* The story Baratie To find a chef, they decided to go to a restaurant floating Baratie. Apparently there is a big pirate Don Krieg who want to rob Baratie. Conflict occurred between the crew with crew Don Krieg. In the midst of battle, a pirate show that is Mihawk Shichibukai the eagle eye. On the other hand, Nami tried to run away and bring their boats ...
* Stories Arlong After finishing the battle in Baratie, they pursue vague Nami, they also managed to invite a chef named Sanji to join. Apparently Nami went to the islands and human-controlled Arlong other fish. And it turns out working for Arlong Nami. Luffy was angry after having learned that Arlong and Nami just tricked them into conflict with Arlong pirate group.
* Stories Roguetown after defeating Arlong, they headed last island in East Blue, Loguetown. Here they face a wide range of Buggy and Alvida enemy who wants revenge but also Captain Smoker Luffy helped by his father who turned out Monkey D. Dragon.
* 1000 Year of the Dragon Story (additional) extra in the TV series story. After leaving Loguetown, they meet Avis, a child of the owner of the power of fruit Hiso Hiso who asked them to save a dragon chased by a Navy officer, Nelson.

The story of Baroque Works

That is a story in which the group Straw Hat managed to enter the Grand Line, and by chance they had to rescue a princess royal, Nefertari Vivi and save the kingdom from the grip of criminal organizations who seek an ideal state called Baroque Works (BW).

* The story Laboon Held just after the crew entered the Grand Line, they entered the mouth of a giant whale named Laboon. This is where they learn about the enormity of the Grand Line and they also met members of the BW, that is Miss Wednesday and Mr.. 7 that want to kill for food Laboon townspeople Wishkey Peak.
* The story of Whiskey Peak The crew entered the first city in the Grand Line, Whiskey Peak. Here they were greeted by the residents and invited to a party. Apparently the city's residents are hunters who want a gift Luffy's head alone. Zoro aware of it and then directly involved fighting against all the bounty hunter who was a member of the BW. Apparently one member of BW, namely Miss Wednesday was the daughter of the crown that infiltrated into the body of the organization as a spy BW Kingdom Arabasta named Nefertari Vivi. At that moment Straw Hat Group are involved with criminal entities BW directly and save Vivi.
* Little Garden Stories Following the Log Pose, The Straw Hat Island to Little Garden, an island in Grand Line are still left in antiquity. Here they meet a giant who was fighting, Dorey and Broggy. But beyond that, Mr. Miss Golden Week 3 and is also partner Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine of Baroque Works planned to kill both the giant.
* The story Empire Drums After beating Mr. 3 and get a Log Pose to Arabasta, Nami suddenly fell ill. The situation increasingly dangerous with the emergence of pirate named Wapol. After leaving Wapol, they agreed to bring Nami to an island and the destination is the Island Drum. Here they should take Nami to the only doctor on the mountaintop, Doctor Kureha. While Wapol and his troops know is the King of the Drum Kingdom. They then fight Wapol with the help of Tony Tony Chopper, Doctor Kureha domesticated deer that eat the fruit Hito Hito and make Luffy interested to sign him.
* Story Kingdom Arabasta Straw Hat Pirates Arabasta finally arrived in the land, where they helped Vivi in order to maintain his kingdom from the threat of Baroque Works who want to overthrow the kingdom. Luffy had met with Ace at the beginning of the story that is pursuing a D. Marshall Teach (Blackbeard / Kurohige).

After successfully defeating the leadership BW, Crocodile, which is also one of the Shichibukai, Luffy et al. also continue the journey and Nico Robin, archaeologist and Crocodile right hand, to join him.

Story Skypiea

Story after they toppled Baroque Works and turned toward them menunuju Log Pose toward the sky. Straw Hat group tried to find information towards the sky islands. And after they got to the island named Skypiea sky, they are required to deal with the god, God Enel and rescuing people from the cruelty of God Enel sky. Luffy wants to save Nami brought by Enel together with his ship Maxim, there engaged in combat Luffy vs Enel assisted by Nami, Enel was defeated and went to the land where dreams god named Fairy Vearth (actually Fairy Vearth's "moon")

* Jaya Island Story

This story happened on the island of Jaya, the island is not covered by the law. In this place a lot of roaming criminals and gambling spree after a trip to find the treasure. Initially Luffy and Roronoa Zoro down to find information on this island Nami has promised not to fight, because Nami was worried in case the noise then they will not be able to get the information they crave. As a result Luffy, Zoro, and Nami instead ridiculed and humiliated by all the criminals in a bar because listening Nami questions about how to go to Sky Island. What's worse, Luffy and Zoro di beat-out by Bellamy the hyena of the pirate Bellamy. After returning to the Going Merry, Robin returned with information that they should meet someone named Montblank Cricket is believed to store information on how to be able to go to the Island of Sky. Luffy and his crew met with the Alliance of Human Montblank Cricket and monkey to ask how to how to go to Sky Island. They believe that Montblank Cricket can provide the right information because Montblank Montblank Cricket is a descendant of the Liar Norland. Many events that occurred in this island. Among Luffy battle against Bellamy the Hyena from The Pirate Bellamy, meeting with prospective Sichibukai Luffy, Marshall D. Teach, better known by the name Kurohige, as well as birds Southbird Search by Luffy and his crew. With the help of the Alliance of Cricket and Monkey Man, the Straw Hat Pirates find Knock Up Stream, the ocean waves that rise into the sky and believed to be the way to go to Sky Island.

* Stories Skypiea

With the knock up stream, Straw Hats finally arrive at the White White Sea, before finally reaching Skypiea. Here they met with residents Skypiea, Conis and Pagaya. The story continues as Luffy's crew tried to rescue her from the hands of another clergyman clergyman Skypiea. After one by one pastor Skypiea defeated, Luffy was forced to deal with God Enel.

Davy Back Fight Story

The crew set sail again and then met with Foxy pirates who took them to play in the game Davy Back Fight, and who became the winner is Straw Hat Pirate Group. Arrive at Long Island (Longring Longland), Straw Hat cs, met with Tonjit and his horse which is the local residents, but their meeting interrupted by Foxy Pirates who challenged them complain "Davy Back Fight", where the Straw Hat crew is divided into 3 groups and Foxy groups fought in 3 battles that eventually won by Straw Hat. after this story SH crew met with the admiral who had fought hardest aokiji.musuh luffy.aokiji want to catch nico robin, but the blocking by the SH crew who lain.karena aokiji too strong, Luffy finally decided to 1 versus a denganya.meskipun Luffy defeated , but aokiji membiarkanya still alive because he felt indebted to Luffy, because it has completed the problem Crocodile.

Water Acts Seven / Ennies Lobby

crew sailed back to the city of Water 7 to fix the Going Merry. Gold which they brought from the Island of Sky, they change with the money amounting to 300 million Berry, but the way their money stolen by the Frank Family. Here they face many problems, the biggest problem is vilified as masterminds of the attempted murder of the Mayor of Water 7, Iceburg, and was the mastermind behind it all is the agent of World Government, CP9, in addition to Nico Robin was also abducted by the World Government, CP9. Straw Hat group decided to declare war with the World Government and beat all the members of CP9. Because of this incident, the prey of this group increased rapidly.

* Water Seven Stories

Straw Hat arrived at Water Seven Going Merry to fix severe damage, where they met with the shipyard Galley La Company, led by Iceburg. No warning, according to Kaku, one carpenter in the Galley La, ship Going Merry will not be repaired, and suggested to buy new ships. This situation makes the occurrence of a dispute between Luffy with Usopp, which ended with a duel between Luffy vs Usopp Going Merry in front of the ship. Luffy win the battle with difficulty and decided to leave their Usopp Going Merry. Usopp is 'officially' out of the straw hat crew. Problems continued with the shooting incident Iceberg by Robin and one of the CP9 members without the knowledge of SH crew that eventually the error also in the casts to the SH crew. Once sought by the entire population of the city, the problem returned again when CP9 iceburg reveal themselves and went back to take the blueprint of the legendary ship, Pluton.Kaku, friendly carpenter who had mentioned above, it turns out that one member of CP9. When CP9 Iceburg finally realized that they have not realized there and people who might know about the blueprint it, and it was owned by Cuttyflam or now known as Franky. The fact was finally revealed that the Iceburg and Franky was a disciple of the famous shipbuilder, Tom, who is the creator of the ship the previous pirate king, Gol D. Roger. Franky and Usopp meet had been a brawl. Frank told me that the Going Merry was not possible to sail back and immediately throw it into a big ditch. Usopp get mad but CP9 appeared and arrested both. They were caught (along with Robin of course) and brought to the Island Court, Enies Lobby. Knowing this, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and Chopper with the immediate pursuit of CP9. Thanks to the help of Iceburg and Grandma Kokoro (former secretary Tom), SH crew was chasing CP9 using water rail is overlooked, Rocketman.

* Stories Enies Lobby

CP9 managed to bring Robin, Usopp and Franky, using water rail (Puffing Tom) into Enies Lobby. Without them knowing it Sanji managed to go into Puffing Tom and started looking for Robin to save him. With his ability he managed to beat every leader freed the train carriages and Franky and Usopp. After that the three tried to rescue Robin, but apparently they still lost the ability Blueno, fruit-eating members of CP9 Prayer, which could create a door in the place he wants, including in the air, to take Robin back. Lobby Enies Once they met with the other CP9 members, namely Fukurou, Jyabura, and Kumadori, and their leader Spandam. On the other hand, Luffy and the other members who followed into Enies Lobby Sanji meet in the middle of the sea and together toward Enies Lobby.Masih want to go, Usopp looking for ways to join and eventually he was wearing a mask and disguised as SogeKing (stupidly, only Luffy and Chopper are deceived.) With the help of pets and teman2 Franky, Luffy and kawan2 Ennies finally able to enter the Lobby and meet with CP9. At the beginning of the meeting Luffy met with Blueno that could easily be defeated by Luffy. After that the battle between CP9 and Luffy et al .. Rob Lucci vs. Luffy, Nami vs. Califa, Zoro vs Kaku, Fukurou vs. Franky, SogeKing vs. Jyabura (SogeKing nearly lost, luck came Sanji) and Chopper vs. Kumadori. Chopper had time to go into fashion Rampage and uncontrollable when he ate 3 Rumble Ball in a row, but finally made aware by Franky. Finally, to all members of CP9 can be defeated by Luffy et al. and Robin was saved. Lobby Enies navy was destroyed by the Buster Call, a technique of mass destruction that have also devastated the former Robin's hometown, the island of Ohara. Of interest in this story is, all members of the SH crew out new tactics to defeat a member of CP9! In fact, SogeKing to shoot down Spandam from a distance that is very very very much! because this is the shot carried off Robin Spandam failed.

Story of Thriller Bark

Straw Hat crew set sail once again managed to escape from Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp (Grandfather Luffy) and Admiral Aokiji. They met with Brook, the skull is known to live again because of the strength Yomi Yomi fruit, Luffy wants Brooke to be members. Brook was actually also want to be a member of the Straw Hats, but because his shadow has been stolen, Brook can not get out of Floriant Triangle, if he's Brook sunlight will burn or die.

Then, they were trapped in a giant ship called Thriller Bark, which is the largest pirate ship artificial gecko Moria. After Nami, Usopp, and Chopper held hostage, Luffy even casual. They meet a lot of Zombies in Thriller Bark. They met Dr. Hogback, a doctor who was known already made a large contribution in the world of surgery, Perona zombie princess surprises. And finally they know if all the zombies in Thriller Bark is the creation of Dr. Hogback with the help Geckou Moria, one of the Shichibukai who have the power to control fruit Kage Kage human shadow and the shadow was used as activator Zombie. Straw Hat members that are dispersed one by one to face the men Geckou Moria. Odz Meanwhile, the giant devil 500 years ago, will be revived by Moria with Luffy's shadow.

Ozd also successfully raised by Moria, which is ultimately at the opponent by all the SH crew except Luffy who was chasing Moria. In the midst of battle Sichibukai Kuma the Tyrant came as ordered lasung from marine to help Moria. Because marine afraid to lose one more reply Sichibukai.

Strength SH crew has not been balanced with Odz. But on the way, Luffy was blocked by a shadow group of people who have also been taken of Moria, and they want to help Luffy by including 100 shadows into Luffy's body. That way Luffy strength equivalent to the power of 100 people, but with Luffy will also feel the effects of fatigue were 100 people. Although it is not enough to beat Ozd. But all the SH crew got up again and finally beat Ozd.

The problem was not completed until here, because the master image or Moria has not been defeated. Moria finally got up and fought with kekuatanya own. By using the shadow jutsu Asgard, namely by entering 1000 into his own shadow. But even his body out of control and eventually defeated by Luffy.

And once again the problem has not been completed. Because when all is exhausted and almost been unable to fight, Kuma comes with the duty to take all the straw hat pirates etc. Which ultimately occurred battle Zoro vs Kuma. And finally, won a landslide victory by Kuma. And Zoro wanted him to replace the head of Luffy. But Kuma kindly and said if you want to replace Luffy Zoro then Zoro should receive all the pain and fatigue experienced by Luffy, Zoro and finally approved.

At the end of the story Kuma says something about the Dragon. And appeared some possibility that Kuma was the son of Dragon fruit or a friend!

Story Shabondy Archipelago

* Stories riders flying fish

After leaving the Florian Triangle and Brook joined the crew of the 8th SH crew, Luffy went to Island Fish Man, in the middle of the journey, across the Red Line, they met Caimie, a mermaid who asked for help to save Hatchan, hatchan was Arlong's men who managed to escape and open a store takoyaki.tapi now he was kidnapped by the Flying Fish Riders. Meanwhile, the leader of the Flying Fish Riders Duval memiiki revenge on Sanji. in because the image is used for government bounty sngat Sanji's a picture similar to Duval.keributan between Duval and also in mulai.dengan kick Sanji Sanji kicks in on purpose to change the bone structure of Duval.

* Towards Shabondy Archipelago

After saving Hatchan, they are advised to Shabondy Islands, in order to obtain coating or a coating on the boat for the island of Man to Fish (diving). when they're on their way to Shabondy archipelago, hordes Duval came over to thank them for the purpose because the changes in bone structure created by Sanji, Duval turned into a handsome face and do not like Duval yang dulu.dan they gave her no den den Mushi to facilitate the SH crew if their request assistance while Shabondy is terrible sights as met by the kidnapper, criminals and pirates of high grade, and Tenryuubito, the descendant of Kings founder of the World Government who regard themselves as holy. No one dared to oppose them. If anyone dared injure Tenryuubito, navy admiral will come with an army brigadier to punish the perpetrators. There is also a gathering place for 11 people a new pirate game with the highest price including Luffy's group, The 11 Supernova.Mereka All are people who want to New World.dan one another, Shabondy adjacent to the JOA marie!

* Chaos in Shabondy Archipelago

Shabondy Islands still keeps black history past, namely discrimination on the men fish and mermaid (regarded as a fish, not humans). Result in Shabondy, Fish and Mermaid Man is free to be arrested and sold as slaves. Caimie captured and sold at a slave auction, and purchased by one of Tenryuubito, Charlos. Luffy finally hit the big angry Charlos unconscious. The situation also dipertegang with the fact that the Navy decided to cut off the Ace, which means a declaration of war to the group Pirates Whitebeard.Tidak soon ambushed Navy and the Slave Auction place awaiting the arrival of an admiral laut.Merekapun forces with a naval battle that has been entered, and seek to liberate their camie.Tapi mengetaui that the body Camie ratai which could explode at any sajapun into the middle of confusion munculah bingung.Di The Legendary Pirate "Dark King Silver Rayliegh" which turned out to be the first crew at the same time right-hand Pirate King " Gold D Roger ". Rayliegh then use the mysterious power and blow up the chain in the body without injuring Camie.Luffy Camie asking Rayliegh to coat the boat to be able to dive to the bottom of the sea and onto the New World in the request to wait for 3 hari.Luffy who can not wait to walk krunya.Di-road with the way they meet one Pacifista the px-4 (cyborg who made similar crocus and called Pacifista). On the other hand the other Supernova lost against one of Admiral Anggkatan Sea "Kizaru" which has the power of the devil fruit Pika Pika which means cahaya.Setelah beat Pacifista px-4 come again another Pacifista with Sentomaru and then followed Kizaru.saat Zorro was not anything else and lost only by one stroke by the time all scared because kizaru.dan can not save Zorro and Zorro could only see death, the dark king came and rescued zorro.pertarungan rayleigh rayleigh vs Kizaru began. SH crew but still faces problems because they were tired and had to fight the PX-1 and sentoumaru.choper become uncontrollable when he saw Luffy defeated by Sentoumaru and immediately takes 3 Rumble ball and a giant (the same as in the case enies lobby). Zorro, Sanji, Brook , and Usopp were defeated by the PX-1, and when all will be killed by the PX-1, come kuma.dan SH rescue crew to fly them all with his DF ability.

Stories Island of Woman (Kuja)

Once exposed to stance crocus, Luffy was thrown and fly to the sky for days and hari.Lalu Luffypun woman stranded on the island on the island was no man equal sekali.Luffy stranded for days to feel hungry and eat just about anything that saw . Until Luffy eating fungus that can make the mushrooms grow in your body pemakan.Luffy whose body has been filled with mushrooms in rescued by one of the residents of the island population itu.Ketika realize that Luffy is the man they Luffy thrown into prison. Then when the troops arrived on the island, Luffy is attacked suddenly tiba.Luffypun blurred until the abyss. In the midst of battle, the queen of the island had arrived. Empress Boa Hancock's name was later known that he was one of Shichibukai. Hancock is aware of the existence of Luffy told her two younger brothers fought with the second Luffy.Tetapi Luffy.Hancock Hancock defeated by her past finally told that he was a slave sky dragon (dragon sky) but Luffy and will not despise. Hancok fell in love with Luffy luffy.Ketika mengetaui that Ace will be executed again in 1 week he was asked who is a Shichibukai Hancock helped to infiltrate the Impel Down.Hancock who fell in love with Luffy complied, and they went to Impel Down to save Ace.

Straw Hat Crew Story

* The story of Zoro

Zoro thrown by Kuma Kuraigana landed on the island - Ruins Kingdom Shikkearu - which is also occupied by Perona which is also thrown by Kuma di Thriller Bark. Zoro then treated by Perona.

* Story of Nami

Nami thrown by Kuma arrived on the Island Sky Weatheria place in which scientists learn how to create weather.

* Acts Usopp

Usoop thrown by Kuma Boin arrived on the island where the only flowers blooming in the sea. There is described Usopp eat a lot so that his body be tall and fat.

* Acts Sanji

Sanji thrown by Kuma arrived at the island which is the Kingdom Kamabakka Momorio (lit. transvetites / bencong) considers that he is in hell. but whether there are any last Sanji di describe a sissy too.

* Acts Chooper

Chooper which was thrown by Kuma was in South Blue at Treasure Island where the birds ruled the kingdom of humans called Torino.

* The Story Robin

Robin thrown by Kuma was in the State Bridgetop "Tequila Wolf" and become slaves to build a bridge that has lasted seven centuries. And finally rescued by Robin at the revolutionary forces that attacked the area.

* Acts Franky

Franky who was thrown by Kuma stranded on the island of the Kingdom of the Future Snow Barjimoa which also is home to Dr. Franky Vegapunk.terakhir seen in front of the house of Dr.. Vegapunk

* Story Brook

Brook which was thrown by Kuma fell right in the fireplace in the Land of Poverty Herahettania Namakura Island who were conducting a ritual summon Satan for revenge against the tribe long hand. Seen last time that Brook signed a deal to help restore a woman who was kidnapped Herahettania Long Hand Tribe.

Story Impel Down

* Search Ace

Hancock and Luffy who hide behind the cloak Hancock, which arrived at Impel Down laut.Sebelum welcome by force into the dungeon, Hanconk required to perform the examination. When examined Hancock coughing up guards and cameras and then Luffy out and hide in the sky-langit.Lalu Luffy into the prison level 1 and find the path to where the middle Ace.Di search Luffy met kabur.Luffy Buggy being beat up all the guards, and Buggy go with Luffy to level 2 level 2.Di they met with Mr.3.Buggy and Mr.3 who intend to leave Luffy and fled down to level 3 because the prison floor runtuh.Di level 3 they met with Mr.2. after face numerous obstacles monster guards, Luffy and Mr.2 (who willingly help Luffy to go to level 5) arrived at level 4, along with Buggy and Mr.3 who accidentally come down to level 4. there they were immediately confronted by the head guard Impel Down, Magellan.

Luffy also failed against Magellan and Magellan finally exposed to toxins. Luffy was taken to a Level 5 "Freezing Hell". At that time, Bon-clay go save Luffy even attacked a bunch of wolves. Luffy protected from wolves by Mr.2, when Mr.2 was not able to serve these wolves, appears one of the messengers, "Miracle Worker" Emporio Ivankov. Emporio Ivankov is a queen Royal Kamabakka where Sanji fell by Kuma. When there are people who attacked Ivankov he issued a stance "DEATH WASH". Then the person is exposed to Female Hormones stance that made him a woman. Luffy also was locked up in a place for healing the effects of hormones given Ivankov worked to heal toxins from Magellan and also to restore power Luffy. All members of the Kama Land supports Luffy for not giving up by the pain that moment. Luffy shouted "Eat" when hitting the cover of the prison, which indicates he was strong.

At Level 6 Ace and Jimbei "knight of the sea" The Shicibukai awaiting execution time. Luffy stood by the food that was given Ivankov. At that time he thanked for having saved him Ivankov also Bon Clay. Ivankov was shocked when Luffy Dragon admitted that he was a child of the revolutionary. Apparently Ivankov is the crew / Dragon and his men were asked about their children. He also helped rescue Luffy Ace with Inazuma.

They go where Level 6 Ace is located. The guards Impel Down and Magellan guard prison guard in front of Ace also get ready to bring ace to marineford.tempat the Marine HQ. Luffy who reached the level 6 "Infinity hell" was surprised to see Ace was not in jail. Then they met Jimbei, one Sichibukai who also was arrested along with Ace. Jimbei tells Luffy that Ace will be brought to Marineford. He soon leaves but ladder is locked so that Luffy can not get to Level 1. Inazuma use its power of "scissors" to cut the cage it. They also met the Crocodile, who had defeated Luffy. Crocodile offered to help Luffy meet Ace. Luffy was finally willing to accept the Crocodile to help him. Jimbei also offered to help Luffy. Inazuma freeing them from prison.

Luffy's straw hat, Inazuma the revolutionary, the queen royal Kamabakka Ivankov, Jimbei the Sichibukai, also ex Sichibukai Crocodile ready to save Ace in 1 team. Shortly way out started to be found. Unfortunately danger emerged and many of the problems facing Luffy and the prisoners. In addition, the prisoners in Impel Down has been released by the Buggy. We're heading out the door was Kurohige also being against Magellan. Kurohige who successfully cheat Magellan, managed to go to the left a little message to Luffy.

When meeting with the prisoners, met Mr.1 Crocodile Bones aka Dazz that used to be subordinates. Dazz Bones also help Luffy and his friends. When nearing the exit, Luffy met by Magellan. Apparently when Magellan attacked Luffy with racunya, Mr.3 Magellan succeeded in stopping the attacks and make Luffy and his friends out of Impel Down. At that time, Jimbei, Crocodile, and Mr.1 going to take the ship.

With the power of the ruler Jimbei ocean, they can take the boat with the help of the whale shark is called Jimbei. Unfortunately when Luffy and his friends went from Impel Down, Mr.2 should stay against Magellan alone. Luffy who can shout aloud to pass the sea say thank you to Mr.2. They were finally made it through the gates of justice. Meanwhile, the remaining time ace live 3 hours exploited people around the world to see Ace 2 Whitebeard division commanders were executed, including the admiral Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru and the Sichibukai. Shortly before the execution Sengoku asked who his parents names and Ace replied that his parents were Whitebeard, Sengoku Ace angry and told something very important about him is he not the son of Whitebeard. Ace was born in South Blue by a woman named Portgas D. Rouge, his mother died instantly when Ace was born. And a very surprising Ace is the son of the king's pirate Gol D. Roger! Because her mother died Roger entrust to Garp Ace Luffy's grandfather.

The story of the Navy Headquarters

* Rescue Ace and Whitebeard Attacks

Upon hearing the shocking news that Ace became silent. It's just that time there is news from one of the naval officers that the group Whitebeard Pirates attack Navy Headquarters immediately. Hearing the news of the naval Ace also looked at the sea and turned pirate ship fleet Whitebeard very much for coming. And at the port of the main ship, Moby Dick, where the leader Whitebeard, Edward Newgates, finally emerged from the sea. Large ship was boarded by the pirate group leader Whitebeard The Yonkou. Whitebeard who appeared on the bow of the ship directly speak to save Ace. And finally a big attack was greeted by 5 Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma, Boa Hancock, Donquixote Doflamingo, Gecko Moria, and Mihawk.

In addition, the stage is protected by the 10 giant naval officer. Above, three admirals protect the joint Sengoku Ace. At that time Ace was thinking about his past. Ace who has aspirations to be a pirate and then to travel and managed to collect friends. Ace pirate groups that engage in activities that make Ace became famous. News about Ace heard by Whitebeard. It was going to invade Whitebeard pirate group Ace. Ace that was lost, forcing Whitebeard to kill him. But, Whitebeard who turned out to not want to kill Ace has another purpose. He wanted to take Ace to join him and make him as his son. Ace had to go with Whitebeard because they do not want to die. Every time the guard on board Whitebeard, Ace tries to attack him. Unfortunately not, because Whitebeard is very strong. But then, Ace asked that she not be fed. But the commander of Division 1, Marco, says that Whitebeard and his men were very pleased with the arrival of Ace. Ace Ace conscious and that's when the new state that only one parent is Whitebeard. Unfortunately, the events of the murder of Commander Division 4, Satch, create ace looking Teach and finally he had captured the headquarters of the navy.

Whitebeard attack was launched with the arrival of the tsunami. But Admiral Aokiji, Ice Age and perform tricks to make it into ice tsunami. The attack was repeated by Whitebeard by simply moving his hands. The attack was carried out by the squad leader Whitebeard pirates. The attack was countered with an attack five vice admirals. Eagle eye Mihawk Juraquille the attempt to invade Whitebeard, he said, wanted to see how far the difference in power between him and Whitebeard. But the attack was again opposed by the defense commander of Division 3, Diamond Joz who have the power of the devil fruit in the form of diamond. Kizaru which began to attack was also opposed by the Commander of Division 1, Marco, which is protected by a blue flame and prove that Whitebeard will not be touched only in a single attack, warns Kizaru how horrible Group Whitebeard Pirates.

Marco the devil fruit-eating animals Zoan phoenix legend type, type devil fruit Zoan a very rare form of the legendary mythological animal. However Kizaru Marco always attack the body back into shape, as the phoenix can regenerate his own body (the same as Kurohige, namely that resembles a logia type paramecia but it resembles Zoan logia), Marco was also able to master the intellectual property rights, because it can be seen that he could kick Kizaru logia ability, they fought in the air for a moment and then Kizaru fell to the ground but his form back to the original. Kizaru ordered his troops to attack the giants. Joz meanwhile mengangakat boulder of mountain ice and threw it towards the ice naval forces.

At the armed forces of the Sea began to panic, last admiral Akainu (Sakazuki) looks cool in his chair and said "no one to protect the headquarters if they run away from battle. Admiral Akainu the man magma destroy ice cubes with a great moment Eruption. That resulted in severe damage Moby Dick on the aircraft carrier Whitebeard. And when the giants of naval attack, release Little Oars Whitebeard jr and directly attacked the ranks of vice admiral. It seems little Oars are descendants of Oz and Moria really want his body. Boa Hancock then attacked the pirates with the power fruit smoking smoking and turning them into rock and destroy it but he did not just attack the pirates but also the navy. Little Oars rampage and destroy naval ships but Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma the little attacking stance Ursus Oars with shock and followed by successive shots of the navy. Ace who saw it told little Oars to stop because with his size a big naval forces would be easy to get him, but little Oars keep trying to save ace despite breaking his right leg due to be cut by Donquixote Doflamingo. Ace who saw it very sad and to remember his past with little Oars. Little Oars eventually dies in front of Ace.

Then Luffy and his friends came by way of falling from the sky. Crocodile who was going to attack Whitebeard prevented by Luffy because he is a man who was much admired by Ace. Luffy started to attack but was stopped by Ace who did not want to see Luffy's death, when the zombies attack, Jimbei help by spraying sea water into the zombies. Luffy yelled Ace will save even be at risk to die there. Seeing the spirit of Luffy Whitebeard ask marco to protect Luffy and given no mercy when it comes to Luffy death.

Finally, Ace could be released. But death by Admiral Ace Akainu. After that it turns out pirate Blackbeard suddenly appeared in place of the death penalty and kill Whitebeard. Then Whitebeard even died while standing without a single scar on his back due to escape and was utilized by the body Whitebeard Kurohige to terrorize the world by sucking the devil fruit power quake Whitebeard. Strength Kurohige terrorize the world with the power of the earthquake is taken from Whitebeard. Jimbei who tried to protect Luffy with all his strength ultimately defeated by the forces of Admiral Akainu, when it came to Trafalgar Law's trying to save Luffy.

Coby is very sad because of the many marine and pirates who were killed trying to block the Akainu and finish a war that he thought it useless. Shanks and his group came to trying to finish this war. Seeing Red-haired come Mihawk go because he only participated in the war with Whitebeard pirate group. Then after arriving Sengoku Shanks by Shanks who was forced to end the war is declared the war had ended and all the pirates leave the place under the supervision of Shanks and his group. On the other hand the world has changed due to death and the words Whitebeard pirates of the new seedlings appeared accompanied by the collapse of the entire area of authority Whitebeard pirates.


The main character in this series focused on Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirate Group.

Which plays into the "bad guys" in this series range from the other pirates to members of government (World governtment). But that act as the enemy of the outline is the navy (marine).

For more details about the main character details, see the explanation below the character.

Monkey D. The Straw Hat Luffy, Position: Captain, Bounty: 300,000,000

Main character who aspires to be a pirate king, amazing contortionist. After Shanks redhead stopover on the island of his birth, Fusha Village, he was given 'straw hat' to him so he would have to return it if it meets again. This straw hat that became his trademark. Gomu-Gomu fruit eaters (meaning rubber), so that he can make all the body stretched like rubber, not the bullet penetrated and anti-electricity, but very weak against sharp weapons. besides Luffy also has a very great hakki, people call it "hakki king" even though luffi himself did not realize it. Candidate pirate king who will open a new era.

The pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro, Position: Seaman First (First Member), Combat Division Bounty: 120,000,000

A third wing warrior sword (santoryuu) who dreams of becoming the greatest swordsman Mihawk by beating Juraquile one Shicibukai and is the number one swordsman.

Nami The Cat Thief, Position: Navigator, Bounty: 16,000,000

Navigator powerful tool that can sense weather changes with his body, he is also a thief even after joining Luffy is still commonly used capabilities. Aspires to draw a map of the world. Nami also can fight using the Perfect Clima Tact (Perfect Weather Staff) made Usopp.

Usopp / SOGESOL was serv King Si King gunman Ulung, Position: Sniper, Bounty: 30,000,000

Snipers in the straw hat pirates. Dreams of becoming a brave warrior around the ocean and wanted to go to Pulau Elbaf. His father, Yasopp, was a sniper in the group Pirate Shanks. Very fond of lying, and telling excessive.

The Black Leg Sanji, Position: Chef, Bounty: 77,000,000

Chef who aspires to find the legendary ocean where all sources of food ingredients derived, All Blue. Is a lover of women. He also was a disciple of Zeff the Red Leg, reliable chef of Restaurant Baratie former pirates. Sanji uses his legs to fight and never use his hands because he thought, the hand is a treasure trove for a chef.

Tony Tony Chopper The cotton candy lovers, Occupation: Doctor, Bounty: 50

Doctors tangible reindeer memppunyai super seven form changes, blue-nosed and assumed the desire of the world's greatest doctor Doctor Hiluluk, which aspires to cure all diseases in the world. He was eating fruit-Hito Hito so it can speak like a human. Rumble Ball Chopper use when fighting.

Nico Robin The Boy Devil, Position: Expert Archaeology, Bounty: 80,000,000

Archaeologists only one in the world is left of the island of Ohara which examines the origins of persons with the initials D through the mungungkapkan Poneglyph actual events in the history of 100 years lost (the Lost Ages). It is the most wanted fugitive by the governments of the world as it is considered as a demon that could disrupt world peace. This is evidenced by the game at age 8 years is very high. Hana hana fruit-eaters that can double limbs anywhere (but more often doubling his hand.

Franky / Cutty Flam The Cyborg, Position: Expert Ship, Bounty: 44,000,000

Cyborg carpenter who once aspired to build a dream ship, the ship that can sail throughout the oceans as ships Pirate King Gold D. Roger, the Oro Jackson. He also assumed the ideals of Tom the greatest shipbuilder. Franky fight with weapons hidden all over his body.

Brook The humming, Occupation: Musician, Bounty: 33,000,000

Afro-haired human skull and also a musician who was recruited after the Thriller Bark. He is a pirate who promised in a whale named Laboon and aspires to continue the journey until Rafftell, the island end of the world and promised to return again to see Laboon. Fighting with a sword is great enough and the violin as a musical accompaniment. Yomi Yomi fruit-eater, which means life again. Actually he was long dead, but because of the power of this devil fruit its late again and found his body who has been living bones.

Initial D.

1.Monkey D. Luffy], captain of the Straw Hat Pirates that include The Eleven Supernovas (Pirates prey value above 100 million), and aspiring pirate king.

2.Monkey D. Dragon /], "The Revolutionary", father of Monkey D. Luffy. Having hunted value above 800 million. The man most wanted by the navy.

3.Monkey D. Garp, a Vice-Admiral / Vice Admiral ('Chuujo') in the Navy. It is the grandfather of Monkey D. D. Luffy and Portgas Ace (adoptive grandfather), was also caring for them as a child.

4.Gol D. Roger / Gold Roger, "Pirate King", Father Portgas D. Ace and husband of Portgas D. Rogue. Dead executed 22 years ago.

5.Portgas D. Ace, foster brother of Monkey D. Luffy. Gol D. Child Roger and Portgas D. Rogue.

6.Portgas D. Rouge, the capital Portgas D. Ace, from Baterilla Island in the South Blue. Ace died after giving birth.

7.Jaguar D. Saul (Haguar D. Sauro), which helped Nico Robin as a kid, Ohara Incident. Initially he served as a rear admiral in the Navy. Then desertion for the sake of liberating Olvia Nico, Nico Robin's mother.

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