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Nico Robin

Nico Robin is the name of a fictional character from the anime and manga series One Piece. He is an expert archaeologist and history of the Straw Hat Pirate Group. He was a quiet woman and very elegant, but also like fashion like Nami and the second person in Straw Hat's most frequently change her clothes after Nami. Habit is wearing a hat, and has a body that is ideal. Weight 48 pounds and her height 182 cm. Take them with a straw hat crew greatest height after Brook and Franky.


* Robin In Solitude

Robin is an orphan who was born in Ohara, her mother, Nico Olvia go to study when she was little. Robin is very long for love because all this until the age of 8 years she was ill-treated arbitrarily by her aunt, Roji. Robin always doing housework at home Roji, also with a little food rations. Outside too, Robin shunned by his peers because he has a devil fruit power. He was dubbed "monster girl". His friend is a book that he borrowed from the library of the Tree of Knowledge. He also interact with researchers in the history of Ohara and familiar with them. One day, Robin was appointed to be one of them, but after he finds out that Robin could read ancient history Poneglyph, they warn Robin so as not to relate to Poneglyph. Robin's dream when it is met her mother, like other children who are happy with their Parents.

* Saulo and Olvia

One day, Robin meets a giant who washed up on shore Ohara. Then Robin helped by showing the source water. Robin finally become familiar with the giant named Jaguar D. It Saulo, Saulo Robin taught about the power of laughter. "If you laugh, you'll feel happy." Saulo and Robin also shared a fascination with history "emptiness century." A few days after that, the mother of Robin, Nico Olvia back from his research (which was run from the naval base with Saulo) and intends to tell his fellow researchers if Ohara be attacked by the government. On the other hand, Saulo just realizes that the island is disinggahinya Ohara, and finally he let on Robin if she would have to go home and if the island of Ohara is in danger.

Robin ran to the Tree of Knowledge without realizing that he was at odds with Olvia way that will strike some members of the government. On the Tree of Knowledge, Robin asks where her mother now. But the archaeologists to give advice if Robin should hide and run from the government do not let them know if Robin could read Poneglyph. Finally, when the archaeologists were arrested, came Olvia captured by Spandine. When will be taken, Robin realized that she was her own mother. And called his mother several times. Originally Olvia not want to admit for the sake of safety Robin. Then after Spandine activate Buster Call attack to Ohara. Spandine vague and leave Olvia. This is where Robin meets Olvia, arm in arm off amid turmoil miss Buster Call. After that comes Saulo will save Robin, Olvia already understand and then he entrusted the safety of Robin on Saulo, although Robin would like to continue with her mother. Here Olvia shouting at Robin to stay alive, and then he went to the Tree of Knowledge to save the book. Sepetinya Olvia forget what to say on the Robin as the mother in the last minute.

Saulo continue to save Robin until the end against Kuzan, (admiral Aokiji) after losing Saulo, Robin is not allowed into the evacuation ship saw Saulo will be frozen by Kuzan. Prior to being frozen, Saulo told Robin that someday he would find friends who believe in and protect them. Saulo then froze with a smile on his face.

Robin helped by the confusion then Kuzan. Kuzan help him because it is the principle of fairness. Kuzan give Robin Robin road that leads to the nearest island to save themselves. Before leaving, Robin had asked her mother on Kuzan but Kuzan replied with "there will be no survivors."

Robin finally went, carrying Saulo advice, that he should laugh at any moment. But eventually he kept crying on the raft was made Saulo.

Devil of Ohara

After that, Robin became a fugitive worth 79 million Berry because he was a devil last from Ohara, children known to have been able to read ancient history Poneglyph. Because the government can not mention the actual crimes committed Nico Robin, the government include the reason that Robin had blown six naval vessels.

Robin lives with a move to move to seek protection. To earn money he worked occasionally in person, but apparently these people have cooperated with the government to capture Robin. Luckily, Robin was always alert and managed to escape.

Robin finally decided to work with the same crime as a fugitive, for example with the pirates. But Robin's goal is just to survive, so when Robin does not need them anymore, Robin betrayed them because he was worried in case his friend's betrayal first. This is a growing dark side of Robin, that take advantage of those willing to accept it and then leave them with destruction, but he himself survived. That is to say Aokiji. He continued to live like that while looking for Poneglyph in the world, then when their teens he was called by Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai to join him in the organization Baroque Works, because he can read Poneglyph (reasonable if the Crocodile know about the original crime Robin, because he is a member government).

Miss All Sunday

Robin's debut in the series is when he became a member Baroque Works as Miss All Sunday, the second most powerful person in this group as well as partners Crocodile. But he kept his nature as "the devil". Robin met Straw Hat Pirate Group on cactus island Whiskey Peak. Robin offers them so they stay away from Alabasta by passing an empty island (Nanimonai) while providing an eternal pose. But Luffy destroy Eternal Pose, saying if it was not Robin who has the right to determine their route. After that Robin left. At that time, Luffy and Nami Robin considered as a good person, and this is referring when he was a member of straw hat next.

Robin came back to escort the Crocodile when the Straw Hat Pirate Group cooped up in Rainbase, Arabasta. He managed to beat Pell, soldiers Arabasta easily then kidnap Vivi. Here, he looks very similar and harmonious with the Crocodile.

In the Baroque Works, Robin is the same as in other organizations, not considering the existence and treason. He helped Luffy while the sand will fall into the hole made by Crocodile, he also tried to lie to him when explaining the existence of an ancient weapon in Poneglyph plutons, but he defeated Crocodile after he knew that Robin was lying last time he saved Luffy back by giving the antitoxin because of toxins from the Crocodile .

After the destruction of BW, Robin slipped quietly (he saved Luffy from the dead) on board the Going Merry. Then he told Luffy that she will join the group. Luffy just answered "Yes" while the other friends who refuse to upset because they still suspect because he was a member of BW, except for Sanji.

Robin and Straw Hat

* Personality and Relationships

Robin is a very intelligent woman and woke up his emotions, he was always quiet and read a book from the crew, other crews are very much embarrassed. He was first seen will be seen Jutek and Judes but it turns out he was an adult woman who rarely pay attention to issues surrounding people. He is close friends with Nami ship and often teach him something. Robin will be very suitable when traveling with Chopper because they are the same hobby, namely reading the book. Robin is the people who prefer living in various situations and remain calm and cool thinking. Robin was also described as the owner of "dark side", because the shadows of her past who has no friends. The past itself is something that most dreaded, because who has claimed everything until he became a darkness. Like when I met Robin Aokiji a calm personality became very panicked, and when he was exploited by CP9 on the past because of fears Buster Call.Robin also the kind of woman who likes to treason if there is anything that might harm her friends, she was willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of her friends .

* Strength and Expertise

Robin is an expert in Archaeology, History, Geology and Ancient Languages. In the field of ancient languages he could read the ancient Letter Poneglyph scattered across the world. Robin studied at the library tree in Ohara. Robin is the owner of the power of the devil Hana Hana fruit and he ate as a child. His strength is made to develop his limbs like a flower (hana). Make it act as a reliable long-distance attackers. Robin too lazy to move in a fight, toying with his enemies with long-range attacks such as bone breaks arm, leg or finger (Seis stance fleur, clutch). The downside of this power is also joined Robin felt the "pain" if the body which disebarnya also take a hit.

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