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nara shikamaru

Shikamaru Nara (奈良 シカ マル) is one of the protagonists in manga and anime series Naruto. "Shika" means deer and "maru" could mean "circle" or "progressing well" but commonly used as the name of the boy. Nara is also one of the prefecture and city names in Japan who has a garden with lots of deer.

The details

Shikamaru Nara
(奈良 シカ マル)

Nara Shikamaru

Debut manga chapter 34
anime episode 1
(Japanese version) Shotaro Morikubo
Nobutoshi Canna (eps 141 and up)
Age 12-13 (Before Time Jump)
15 (After Time Jump)
Date of birth 22 September
Village of Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village)
Blood type AB
Black eye color
Hair Color Black
Height 152.1 cm
Weight 42.9 kg
Partners Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, Asuma Sarutobi, Choji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka
Genin Level (first)

Chuunin (now)
Jutsu / kekkei genkai

Kagemane no Jutsu, Kageshibari no Jutsu


Shikamaru is a son of Nara clan is contemporary with naruto. He is very lazy, easygoing, and kind. He is with Naruto, Kiba, and Chouji are often subject to spray by the teacher Iruka. Actually he is a smart kid, his IQ is only reached 200, it's just that he'd rather nap than practicing staring at clouds. Chouji Shikamaru could even say that it exceeds sasuke. After graduating from the academy, he was one group together under the guidance ino Chouji and Asuma. He referred to himself as "cowardly number one" and "the most good at running away", but he just did not want to use its power and lazy to deal with people, let alone risked their lives. Shikamaru does not have high ideals, he just wants to be a regular ninja. Married with a woman who was not beautiful but not ugly, have two children. The first child is female, the second child is male. And once married to her first child, she will retire from the ninja and farming. But, it looks like it will not happen.

In the Chuunin Exam, he met with Temari, who is not in harmony with himself. Even so, it seems strange relationship exists between them. Although now he's also close to Ino, his team-mates. As team leader, he is very suitable because it can think quickly and logically. The surplus of this one often save himself and his friends from death. He was also very fond of shogi, and often win playing against Asuma. He is the only shinobi who rose to Chuunin exam at this time.


Shikamaru hair straight and tied up, like a samurai. Her hair was black and the left forehead terbuka.memakai earrings in both ears. Protective head mounted on his left inner arm. Her face is very characteristic of him, lazy and ignorant. After the Chuunin exams, he was wearing a protective jacket of the village as a substitute for a long jacket. She was wearing pants 3 / 4 green. After naruto II, he wore long sleeves and black pants. He was not so high, almost like naruto.


Shikamaru has advantages in the areas of strategy and tactics. This is none other than because he has an IQ above 200 (genius). Intelligence can only be exceeded by Kakashi. Even Kakashi was surprised with the speed made in formulating the strategy. Shikamaru proved his genius when he managed to trap Temari, Tayuya, even Akatsuki members of the famous great and cruel. Although the power / chakra he has not as strong as his friends, but with his intelligence he can turn any situation became precarious as a glorious victory. It also supported the ability of his clan that controls the shadows. With this ability he can trap the enemy into the trap with his intelligence. It's just that he's not practicing, rather lazy, so the ability as a shinobi was not as good as Naruto or Neji, it's just that, he always set his strategy skills through Shogi, or Japanese chess with Asuma who claimed to always lose, even though at this time Shikamarubermain with Shikaku, his father .
Caution: The following sections may Plot or ending details follow.

Part IUjian Chuunin

Shikamaru and his team mate carrying out this examination with a calm, until finally entered the next round. In the jungle, they just menghidar and away from other teams. But they are less fortunate, they met with the team Tray of Sunagakure. Fortunately, they managed to escape because Kankuro prevent gaara kill them. Having made it to the tower, they were confronted with random battles against each other. Shikamaru gets against Kin Tsuchi of Oto village and beat him with a clever and shows the ability of his brain.

Entering the main round, he fought against Temari. He had difficulty with the wind from the fan invasion. Shikamaru then hiding behind trees and first strategies. at first he would wait for the sun sets and shadows lengthen. Temari who knows this retreat, but were surprised by Shikamaru-made parachute which could lengthen his shadow again. Temari then retreated again, but behind it there is a hole which Shikamaru used to trap him with kagemane no jutsu. but surprisingly he withdrew from the fight because he thought he was thinking about 200 steps to the front and still not found a gap to beat Temari. Despite losing he got thunderous applause from the audience.

When Suna shinobi start penyerbuaan, Shikamaru gaara and sasuke was tasked to pursue accompanied pakkun, naruto, and sakura. He then became bait to inhibit ninjaoto who pursue them. He binds all but one person who hid in a tree. When Shikamaru would be killed, Asuma came to save his life and kill all enemies in an instant.

The chase Sasuke

After the commotion is finished, as he Chuunin newly appointed team leader for the hunt group that led sasuke Orochimaru hideout. He then look for other team members who all Genin. He then get Choji, Kiba, Naruto, and Neji. After that they got together and got a brief briefieng from Shikamaru. Shikamaru again showed his intelligence by adjusting the strategy of the team that obtained at random. Team Shikamaru and went chasing bib village troupe.

After going through various things, Shikamaru then against one ninja bibs, namely Tayuya. This girl is capable of giving an illusion genjutsu to anyone who heard the sound of the flute. Tayuya Shikamaru started to attack, but ayuya issue 3 Summoning the spirits to eat. Shikamaru managed to overcome them by using flashbang and lengthen his shadow until you reach the third Summoning. But then call back a third Tayuya Summoning them. Shikamaru is not desperate, she then approached and trap fishing Tayuya with kagemane, kageshibari no jutsu. They both tried hard, but Shikamaru finally ran out of chakra and when it will be killed, Temari came to help. Tayuya then fled, but Temari Summoning kill him with his own.

Once the mission is completed, he then regretted her own because her friends were injured. Although his ability as a team leader is no longer in doubt, he still insists he does not deserve to be Chuunin. But Tsunade told him even if the mission failed, he was brought back safely colleagues, and that's all that matters. Shikamaru cried and promised to be a better president next time.

Part II

Confrontation Akatsuki

After Hidan and Kakuzu infiltrate into Konoha and killed one of the temple officials there, and then forming Niju Shoutai Tsunade (二十 小队) or twelve troops to protect the village. Shikamaru, Izumo, Kotetsu and Asuma was assigned to find and capture or kill if necessary two Akatsuki are already screwed up in Konoha. They managed to find two men and began to attack him. Shikamaru had Hidan menjeak in kagemane no jutsunya and forced him out of the magic circle. Hidan's head and cut, but surprisingly he was still alive. When team members were surprised Asuma, Hidan start "ritual" again and stabbed himself and cause severe injury Asuma. Luckily Choji, Ino and the others came and helped the team Asuma. Both members of akatsuki then backed off. But life has not helped Asuma, hujanpun take his departure. Shikamaru then lit a cigarette last for Asuma and himself.

Shikamaru's Revenge

After the confrontation Akatsuki, Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino will avenge Asuma cardiovascular death. Tsunade forbid it, but beyond expectations, kakashi help Shikamaru. The foursome then left to pursue Kakuzu and Hidan. They then fight fiercely. Alone against Hidan Shikamaru, Choji, Ino and Kakashi against Kakuzu. Shikamaru pretended affected property jashin Hidan jutsu, though, blood is used Hidan is his own blood, so Kakuzu lost 1 of his heart (Kakuzu has 5 heart). After that, Shikamaru Hidan bind together hundreds of paper and buried after detonates explosives papers. Hidan yelled and cursed Shikamaru. But Shikamaru coldly said he only believes in "Faith of Fire" that sustains Konoha. Meanwhile, the difficulty against Kakuzu Kakashi helped by Naruto who had perfected his Rasengan.

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