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List of 10 tersensual female body part

List of 10 tersensual female body part. For men, women are the most beautiful creature, almost every inch of her body is very seductive and lust for men is always inviting. Banyk once part of the body of a woman who is very sensual and passionate cause for men. But it turns out according to the research, there are 10 the most sensual part of the entire female body. And it turns out female genitalia is not in the top 10 list, this may be due to female genitalia can not tempt a man, instead of that other part that feels sensual for men.
Here is a list of 10 sections of the most sensual woman's body:
1. Hair Keeping the hair still charming, is not the only reason why women so often go to the salon. The process of washing, cutting, coloring and styling can be a stress reliever for women. With stroked her hair is a great way to provide stimulation to the spinal cord. Do massage play with your fingers from the forehead to the nape of her neck, then he'll surrender in your hand.
2. The back of the neck Once you get to the back of his neck, gave some soft kisses in this section. In the long life of Japan, the back of the neck of the woman has always been attractive to men because it is one of the few body parts not covered by clothing. In modern times now, this part is often overlooked, but never underestimate the power of touch and gentle kiss from the base of the hair to his shoulders.
3. Collarbone Clavicle bone located between the shoulder and the chest, can look so sexy on women. Why not show your admiration on this section by touching and kissing? Look carefully at this section when he was still fully clothed. Open a few buttons on his shirt was enough to reveal his collarbone and do more than that. You can always come back to this section at a time when the clothes had disappeared, as well as to remind him that all the action starts from this section.
4. A small back The best way to guide you through the crowd she is by putting your hand on a small portion back. This will show your protective attitude but not too pushy like to hug her shoulders. When you two are alone, with kissing and licking the spine and then ends with a kiss on his back a small part will make the heart beat faster.
5. Armpit It was this organ is an organ that is somewhat ambiguous fatherly sort of sensual, people assume that the armpit is a sour smell organs, namuan in fact many men are very interested unutuk to touch the woman's armpit or just view it. And according to the men, women will be more challenging pose and look sexy when she showed her armpits.
6. Palm People often use their hands as a means to please her partner, but are rarely aware of the potential pleasure if stimulating the hand itself. By exploring the palm of his hand with your finger will give him a pleasant vibration and make you look sensitive and attentive.
7. Ear lobe Touching, kissing and even a gentle bite on the ear lobe will be your wife for her own pleasure. Lobes are so soft is very sensitive and most women enjoy it when there are lips to stimulate her man in this section. You can stimulate other point on the outside of the other ear, but not to clog the ear hole with your tongue.
8. Foot Massage on the feet can cause a sensation in itself. There are not many better ways to make them relax, in addition to massaging her feet. Especially if your wife has been working all day. Do it properly and use oil to massage. Do not forget to consider also the finger, wrist and leg side. Some women like her toes kissed by her husband, but there also thinks it's disgusting. So ask him first, before entering that part into your mouth.
9. The inside of the thigh By touching the inside of her thighs without involving the stimulation of her vagina would be perfect for him. Use your hands and your mouth to caress and kiss the inside of her thighs. Every now and then approached the main pleasure, but do not forget to get away ..
10. The pelvis Focusing on the flanks is a good idea, but most will remain resistant to go directly to the vagina when you suda very close. Like stimulate the inside of her thighs, with a sniff around the hips will stimulate and make going to ask kembali.Perpanjang sensation with any time to shift the focus to other body parts. ...
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