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KH. A Shohibulwafa Tajul Arifin

KH. A Shohibulwafa Tajul Arifin known as Abah Anom, Suryalaya was born on January 1, 1915. He was the fifth son of Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Nur, founder of Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya mothers named Hj Juhriyah. At the age of eight years of Abah Anom entry Primary School (Verfolg School) in Ciamis between the years 1923-1928. Then he entered high school in Ciawi semacan Tsanawiyah Tasikmalaya. In 1930 Abah Anom begin the journey to study the Islamic religion is more special. He studied fiqh from a well-known in the Pesantren Kyai Cicariang Cianjur, then learn the science of fiqh, nahwu, sorof and balaghah to Jambudipa Pesantren Kyai famous in Cianjur. After about two years at boarding school Jambudipa, he went to boarding school Gentur, Cianjur who was raised by Ajengan Syatibi.

Two years later (1935-1937) Abah Anom Cireungas continue studying at boarding school, Cimelati Sukabumi. Pesantren is very famous especially in the leadership Ajengan Aceng Mumu wisdom and martial arts expert. From this Pesatren Abah Anom, many gain experience in many ways, including how to manage and lead a boarding school. He has been employed under the Islamic religious sciences. Therefore, it deserves if he has been tried in a young age to become Vice Talqin Abah Sepuh. This experiment also seems to be a square off for the preparation of acquiring knowledge and experience as religious in the future. His love of playing silat and depth of religious feeling deepened again in Pesantren Citengah, Panjalu, led by H. Junaedi renowned as an expert tool, martial arts champion, and expert wisdom.
After the age of twenty-three years, Abah Anom is married to Siti Euis Ru'yanah. Once married, then he made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. On his return from Mecca, after living about seven months (1939), Abah Anom has certainly had a lot of knowledge and a deep religious experience. His knowledge includes commentary, hadith, fiqh, kalam, and Sufism which is the core of religious knowledge. Hence, no wonder if he speaks fluent Arabic and fluent speech, both in Indonesian and Sundanese, so listeners receive it in the deepest heart of hearts. He is also very scholars in cultural and literary scholar Sundanese equivalent intelligence expert in the application of philosophy Sundanese ethnic Kesundaan, to strengthen tariqah Qadiriyah Naqsabandiyah. Baliaupun even sometimes speak in Javanese well.
When Abah Sepuh Deceased, in 1956, Abah Anom must be fully independent in leading boarding. With a sense of sincere and full ketauladan, Abah Anom persistent spread of Islamic teachings. Suryalaya Boarding School, with the leadership of Abah Anom, appearing as a pioneer of community economic development through the construction of irrigation to improve agriculture, making waterwheel for power generation, and others. On his way, Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya remain consistent to Tanbih, Abah Sepuh testament that among its contents are obedient to the commands of religion and state. So Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya continue to support the legitimate government and is always in the back.
In addition to preserving and spreading Islamic teachings through Naqsabandiyah Qadiriyah tariqah method. Abah Anom's also very consistent on the development and needs of the community. And since 1961 the Foundation was established with various institutions Multipurpose Bakti it includes formal education began kindergarten, junior Islam, SMU, SMK, Madrasah Tsanawiyah, Madrasah Aliyah, Madrasah Aliyah Religious, Higher Education (IAILM) and Higher School of Economics and Cottage Youth Mubarokiyah Latifah Inabah rehab centers. Teen Boarding establishment Inabah rehab centers as a form of attention to the needs of the people of Abah Anom being stricken. Teen Boarding establishment Inabah rehab centers bring wisdom, among them a golden bridge to attract the general public, experts health sciences, education, sociology, and psychology, even religious scientists began to believe that the religion of Islam with various disciplines of science including Sufism and tariqa capable of rehabilitating mental damage and establish a strong deterrent power through consolidation of faith and devotion to the practice of tariqah Qadiriyah Naqsabandiyah. In carrying out everyday tasks, Abah Anom appoint three managers, namely KH. Noor Anom Mubarok BA, KH. Zaenal Abidin Anwar, and H. Dudun Nursaiduddin.
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