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History of Indonesian Independence

In 1944 Saipan fell into the hands sekutu.dengan Japanese forces in Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands, and the Marshall Islands who succeeded in at retreat by allied forces. In critical situations, on 1 March 1945 Lieutenant General Kumakici Harada, chairman of the Japanese occupation government in Java, investigators announced the establishment of preparatory efforts independence INDONESIA (Dokuritsu Junbi Cosakai). This board appointments were announced on 29 April 1945. dr. K. R. T. Radjiman Wediodiningrat appointed (Kaico), while sitting as chairman of the young (fuku kico) first by a Japanese officials, Shucokai cirebon named Icibangase. R. P. Suroso was appointed as head of the secretariat with the help of Toyohiti Masuda and Mr. A. G. Pringodigdo on 28 May 1945 dedication ceremony was held investigative agency Efforts independence preparation housed in the building CuO Sangi ins, street Pejambon (Now GedungDepartemen International Trade), Jakarta. inauguration ceremony was also attended by Japanese officials that two generals Itagaki (commander of the army to seven, based in Singapore) and lieutenant general of the Nagano (commander of the army of the new sixteen). On that occasion in kibarkan Japanese flag, Hinomaru by Mr.AG Pringgodigdo followed by red and white flag raising by toyohiko Masuda.

1. Formulation of the State of Indonesia

to formulate the Constitution begins with a discussion of the constitutional law of Indonesia Merdeka.

a. Mr formulation. Muh. Yamin

People who first had the opportunity to delivery of the formulation of the State of Indonesia Merdeka is Mr. Muh. Yamin suggested five "Ajas Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia" as follows:

1. fairy nationality

2. fairy kemusiaan

3. elf to-deity

4. periKerakyataan

5. Public welfare

b. The formulation of prof. Dr.. Mr. Soepomo

On 31 May 1945 prof. Dr.Mr Soepomo proposed Constitution of independent Indonesia is as follows:

1. Unity

2. Kinship

3. Balance

4. Discussion

5. Social justice

c. The formula Ir. Soekarno

On 1juni 1945 berlangsunglah last meeting in the first trial, that. On the occasion of his speech suggests that Ir Soekarno who later became known as "The Birth of Pancasila". In addition to containing basic views on the state of Indonesia Merdeka, privileges Ir Soekarno's speech also contains proposals on behalf of the state, the Pancasila, Trisila, or Ekasila. Furthermore, the court chose the name of Pancasila as the basis of the state name. The five basic state proposed by Ir Soekarno are as follows:

1. Indonesian Nationality

2. Or humanitarian internationalism

3. Consensus or democracy

4. Social welfare

5. Belief in God Almighty
b. Jakarta Charter

On 22 June 1945 BPUPKI form a small committee consisting of the 9orang. by because it, this committee also called as a committee of nine. Its members numbered 9orang, is as follows:

1. Ir.Soekarno

2. Drs.Moh. Thereupon

3. Mr. Muh. Yamin

4. Mr. Ahmad Soebardjo

5. Mr. A.A. Maramis

6. Abdul Kadir Muzakir

7. K. H. Wachid Hasjim

8. H. Agus Salim

9. Abikusno Tjokrosjoso

Mr. Muh. Yamin named the formulation of the charter of Jakarta or Jakarta Charter. formulation of the basic design of an independent Indonesia was as follows:

1. The deity, with the obligation to run as an adherent of Islamic Shari'a - adherents,

2. (According to) the basis of a just and civilized humanity

3. Unity of Indonesia

4. (And) Democracy, led by the wisdom of representative pemusyawaratan

5. (And with the realization of a) social justice for the populist Indonesia
c. Draft Constitution

On 10 July 1945 plan discussed the Constitution, including the matter of opening or preambule it by a drafting committee unanimously approved the constitution view the content of prembule (opening) is taken from the Jakarta Charter. Results formulation of this subcommittee later on perfected the language by language penghalus committee consisting of Husein Djaja Diningrat, H. Agus salim, and Prof. Dr. Mr. Soetomo.

BPUPKI 2nd trial carried on 14 July 1945 in order to receive the report the committee drafting the Constitution. Ir. Soekarno as ketui penitia reported 3 results are:

1. Statement of independent Indonesia

2. Constitution Preamble

3. Constitution (torso)
2.Reaksi GolongonMuda

A. Youth Congress All Java

on 16 May 1945 in Bandung all youth congress was held in Java that Indonesian colt initiate force. Congress youth dihadirin by over 100 youth. The congress called on the youth in Java should unite and prepare to implement the proclamation kemerdkaan. apostles, the congress lasted 3 days, finally decided 2 pieces of resolution, namely:
1) all segments of Indonesia, especially in youth groups united and in one round under national leadership.
2) accelerated implementation of the declaration of independence of Indonesia.

B. formation Baroe Indonesian Armed Movement

youth congress declaration on all Java does not satisfy some youth leaders who attended. They were determined to express a more radical youth movement. held a secret meeting in jakerta weeks to form a committee kusus in to reap by B. M. Diah. resulting in the formation of the armed movement ascertain Indonesia for example:

1. achieve a compact unity among all segments of society Indonesia

2. inculcate the spirit of the revolutionary period on the basis of their consciousness as a sovereign people

3. form a unitary republic of Indonesia

4. shoulder-shoulder with Japan to unite Indonesia, but if need be included to achieve independence by its own power.

C. ascertain the formation popular movement.

is to ascertain the people's movements in the form based on the results of the 8th session of CuO sangiin. The composition of the central committee of this organization consists of 80 people. member consists of indigenous peoples of Indonesia and china japan classes, Arabic classes, and class Peranakan europe.
3. formation PPKI

On 7 August 1945 BPUPKI in dispersed as the successor government formed PPKI Japanese occupation. Ir. Sukarno to as chairman PPKI and Drs. Muh hata wikil appointed as chairman, while Mr.Ahmad Soerbadjo appointed as advisors

4. Rengasdengklok events

Moh Hatta promised to ask it to Gunsekanbu. Once convinced that Japan has submitted to the allies Moh. Hatta mengabil decision to immediately leave the member PPKI. Chairul meeting led by Saleh's decision produced "Indonesia's independence is a matter of right and Indonesia alone, nobody can rely on those and other countries
5. Formulation of the text of the proclamation

Before they began merumskan manuscript proclamation. The first sentence of the text of the proclamation is a suggestion from Mr.Ahmad Soebardjo BPUPKI taken from the formulation, while the last sentence is the contributions of Drs. Moh. Hatta.
6.pelaksana proclamation of independence

Leadership indonesiia nation has come to hold the current street East. The composition of the events that have been prepared are:
1) reading the proclamation

2) raising a red flag white

3) the mayor's remarks and dr.Muwardi Soewirjo
7.penyebaran proclamation news

News of the proclamation which was widespread throughout jakarta distributed throughout Indonesia. In addition to the radio, the news of the proclamation was also broadcast via the press and pamphlet
People against the proclamation of independence 8.Reaksi
Reaction of various regions in Indonesia against the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia is the change of power, either by force or by negotiation.

B pembentukaan Indonesian government
1. Pembentukaan completion state
a.) PPKI hearing on 18 August 1945
1) discussion and pengesahaan Constitution

2) change the Constitution in the meeting date 18agustus 1945 PPKI

3) is the president and vice president penmgangkatan

4) establishment of national committees
b) the trial PPKI the 19th of August 1945

1) pembagia Indonesian territory into 8 provinces and the Governor

2) establishment of committees Nasionol

3) set the 12 ministries
c) PPKI trial date 22 August 1945

1) establishment of national committees

2) the establishment of the Indonesian national party

3) the establishment of security bsdan Rakyat (BKR)

d) meeting a giant in the field ikada
2.perubahan KNIP authority and independence of the presidency at the beginning
a) The first presidential kebinet

b) government edict no.x tgl 16 oktobor 1945
3. government's announcement on 3 November 1945
Government 4.maklumat tgl 14 november 1945
C.penyusunan security defense forces
1) formation BKR

2) formation of national army

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