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Here is the "Deal Of The Day" for Oct 6, 2010:

Weight Loss Hypnosis CD - Hypnosis For Weight Loss Success
Hypnosis For Weight Loss Success

One of the most common issues for the use of hypnosis is weight loss. Hypnosis has been proven to be very effective when used for the purpose of losing weight. Are you tired of trying failed weight lost pills and diets? Use hypnosis!  We understand that weight loss can be powerfully obtained when working with the subconscious mind to create natural actions of shedding those extra pounds. So stop searching for the same old weight loss product with a new name. The true ability to lose weight resides within your thinking and the actions you take in response to your thinking.....and the power to activate this natural ability to lose weight is right here.

You can achieve your goal of losing weight very easily once you have aligned your thinking and your beliefs with what your body is naturally capable of doing.....which is creating a healthy functioning body system.

Ask Yourself.....

What kinds of food am I eating? Are these fatty, high calories foods causing my body to work even harder to eliminate extra body weight?

Am I eating past the point of satisfying my hunger? Is this causing my body to fall behind in the process of turning food into energy and causing my body to store that extra food as body fat?

Am I not getting enough active physical time in my everyday life? Is this telling my body that that I do not need as much energy in my day and causing my body to slow down my metabolism?

Am I constantly telling myself that I am overweight and when I look in the mirror, am I feeling disappointed in myself? Is this telling my subconscious mind that this is my true identity and is this giving my subconscious mind the goal to maintain this result?

This Can All Change For You

These questions are very important. By answering these questions, you have opened a new dialog with your mind and body to create some understanding as to what may be getting in the way of your goal to lose weight. Now, with hypnosis, we can speak directly to your subconscious mind and reverse the results you have been getting; and start seeing those extra pounds melt away.

Hypnosis CD Description

This Weight Loss Hypnosis CD is designed to create a mental desire to lose weight and produce natural bodily functions to lose weight. You will acknowledge the choices set out before you and choose a new direction that creates strong desire and dedication towards your goal of losing weight. You will be given suggestions for your unconscious mind to speed up your metabolism, to burn un-need fats and to produce more energy for you to be more active throughout your days. This hypnosis CD is intended to create a mind and body union with your goal to lose weight naturally.

Hypnosis Induction: Elman Style Rapid Hypnosis Induction

Hypnosis Techniques Used: Direct Suggestion, Indirect Suggestion, Visualization, Convincers

CD Track One: Intro To Hypnosis: 9 minutes 28 seconds
CD Track Two: Hypnosis Session: 35 minutes 28 seconds

What Previous Customers Have Said

Give it a chance to let it work. I did not believe the weight loss hypnosis CD worked until I realized that I had actually lost 14 lbs. I really did not put it all together until I saw the scale. I find that I watch what I eat automatically. Remember 14 lbs for just listening to a CD.   E. H. Johnstown, PA  USA

I've lost 5 lbs and it is much easier to stick to my diet. I have been telling everyone I know how the hypnosis CDs are working for me. That says it all because nothing else has worked. I've tried every manner of diet and so many diet pills, and none of them worked. Without trying, I just eat less. Its a miracle. I lost 5 lbs without even trying. I love these CDs.  P. M. Arcata, CA   USA

Wow! I am so amazed! I was recently planning for my wedding and wanted to lose 5 pounds. I used your weight loss hypnosis CD and not only reached my goal of losing 5 pounds, but have continued to lose pounds. This hypnosis really works! Thank you.  S. C. San Diego, CA   USA

Unbelievably great! I suffered hyperthyroidism for 5 years and there was no way I could lose weight despite of dieting. I was skeptical, but after listening to your weight loss hypnosis CD for 6 weeks, I managed to shed 8 pounds. Its really great.  K. R. Singapore

I now know how much control I have over my mind and body. Its a great way to lose weight.  L. C. Altoona, LA   USA

This weight loss hypnosis CD is an easy introduction to hypnosis, incorporating deep relaxation and all of the positive side effects that go with it...relaxation, focus and the added benefit of weight loss.  A. W. Warwickshire, Great Britain

Effective. No hype. No tears. Strangely powerful. One doesn't feel changed, and yet, one is. The person that started the session disappears and a new, better person is born. I have been losing weight and gaining confidence.  S. C. Coachella, CA  USA

The weight loss hypnosis CD has helped me a great deal. I am able to say no to food and am not feeling deprived. The amount of food I have eaten in the past 2 weeks has reduced considerably. I work in a place where there is always fattening foods and I have been able to stay completely away from it. I am thrilled with the product. I have been telling all of my friends and coworkers. I describe how I am now changing from the inside out about how I eat. Instead of the daily outward willpower struggle, my choices come from deep inside and change my actions almost automatically.  J. M. Santa Cruz, CA   USA

I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks without really trying. Better than I expected and well worth trying the weight loss hypnosis CD.   V. A. Canajoharie, NY   USA

I generally eat pretty healthy foods, but have a real weakness for candy and tend to use it as a "reward" for myself. After just listening to this weight loss hypnosis CD twice, I am already able, when I begin to think about having a treat, to say to myself "I don't really want to do that" and its EFFORTLESS!! It's not like I'm talking myself out of it. I WANT to make a different choice.  R. H. Wexford, PA   USA

I am experiencing decreased appetite and a more positive attitude in a very short time. I am so happy with the programs and their professionalism. I think your voice is soothing and comforting and easily followed. Thanks for the opportunity for the programs.  D. M. Lewisville, TX   USA

I must say that I used the  Weight Loss Hypnosis CD for the first time yesterday and I ended up doing it twice that day because the feeling when you are in a trance and when you come out of trance is one of the most amazing feelings of relaxation I have ever had. It could become addictive!! I noticed results just that night when I had dinner and I usually eat all of it but, last night I got 3/4 through my dinner and I was full. I work at a desk all day and I am continually snacking on biscuits, but today I didn't really want any of those, so I went to a health food shop and got some healthy alternatives. Thank you for your product, I will continue using it and have already recommended it to other people and will continue to do so.  J. H.   South Australia

List Price: $19.95

Today's Price: $9.98

You Save $9.97 (49.97%)

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